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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> a lot of stuff happening. this one, i need to hear what people have to say about this. >> you will not believe it. explain it, aling. >> forget getting revenge, apparently women, oh, remember this, apparently women don't seem to be that concerned about inch fed he will at this. apparently more wives are letting their husbands cheat. we have to talk about why. >> i dot not -- are you one of these wives? >> not one second. >> tweet us. >> yes, if you're okay with me cheating, give me a tweet. >> we need to talk to your fiancee about that one. >> immediately. >> then empire last night. this was an episode t got emotional. so what about the moments, though, between tianah, and laura? >> n what's going on here with hakeem? seriously. >> tell you what, got very serious like you said, heavy, heavy moments. >> oh, well, yes, lucious, but talking about hakeem here. >> tell this too, i like this john cena guy. i want to be him. >> who doesn't want to be him?
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>> he's hosting show tonight called american grit, why this new project tougher than his day job as a wrestler. >> i actually want to see this one, i think will be fun. >> i do too. >> new study we found, men may be called babies every now and then, oh, switch being such a baby. you're a grown man there is new article appearing in cosmo, matter of fact, you know i love my cosmo every month. men really are like babies. >> there are some other reasons why men are being compared to babies, for instance, when you don't give them enough attention, the article says, they throw his i fit. >> try sending a text, if they don't get right back to them they get all upset. >> if i text you, i want a text back in 15 minute. too sick to take a sick day.
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guys call out sick more than women do . >> if there is a woman in a house with me ... i've even resorted to using a bell! >> no. you have not. you have not. >> if she gave you a bell -- or you took it upon yourself? >> she wouldn't respond to it. >> ya. >> quit ring that bell. >> who did you do that with? i don't believe that. >> oh, ya. oh, ya. it wasn't shedla. it was tamara, you know, the
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woman i should have -- >> don't say that. >> do anything remotely well, now i have done this, too like hung pictures, just perfect. >> oh, what a good job, mike. >> you're so talented. >> also men, spec your cooking to be just like your mother. >> my mom. >> my mom was a great cook, matter of fact. >> you're a restaurant ether-outer, but it happens all the time, especially with sauce and gravy y are you shaking a lollipop? >> you never explained. >> let me tell you, i didn't have any orange for flyers, right, anyway, so i run down to 7-eleven, over at thirds and market, and i needed something orange. so this is still on a shelf. they have a little section of stuff they that they couldn't sell. now how old can this thing be? it has to be from october, right? >> right. >> i flipped around the back. it was actually package in the july. so it's been sitting at a 7-eleven since july.
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coming up on a year. >> hard candy, maybe last as long time? >> probably k you know this dude? he charge me a dollar for t aren't you just going to give it to me? >> 99 cents, and he made me pay it. 99 cents. the thing is almost a year old. >> but still on the shelf. clearly they still want money for it. >> orange and the black. >> yep. go flyers. okay, let's move onto this. ladies and gentlemen, do we you you want to talk about the baby thing with q, is he standing by? >> oh, ya. >> what? >> q and jen. i know quincy has some stuff to say about this. >> look, jen shows up too. >> let's start with you, do you act like a baby? >> no, no, i don't act like a baby, just too much stuff going on in my life. but i do think if i do something new around the house then my wife should, you know, acknowledge it and say wow amazing father and provider for us, you hung that picture up real well. >> sure. >> yes, i think that's okay.
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i think when we do get sick, i kind of agree, when we do get sick, you know, it is the end of the world. dow believe women are tougher, they're mothers, they have to provide, you know, take care of the kids, when they're significant, when i'm sick i don't want it take cash of anybody. i agree. common. >> jen, are you married to a baby? >> ya, and i tell him when you're sick go home to your mom. i work with two guys, mike g, jared, both of them say for the most part the write nerve this one got it right on. one thing they both talk about is one of the items was when you get a new gadget, you like go in your room for like an hour a day and a half. you play with your little toy just like toddler would. >> i do have it call in sick if my throat hurts. and quince say baby too. give me a break. she has to gave you a sticker because you hung something? >> ya. >> she is doing laundry. she is taking kids to school. >> no, no, no i do the laundry.
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i do the laundry and i cook about three days a week. i wash all of the clothes in my house, literally i have a load waiting for me when i get home to fold. >> oh, a sticker then. let's get you a sticker. >> i lover the sticker idea. >> ya. >> more women in 2016 are letting their husbands cheat with another woman, and say it is okay. >> the key is coming to an agreement. how it is all going to work. understanding the terms of this relationship. >> i don't believe this. consider new marriage contract of sorts, for example, the husband agrees, they can have a fifth child, while the wife concepts to an infidelity clause, allowing him to cheat with other women, al next. >> the more to make compromises, more than ooh% of marriages, survive infidelity.
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>> jen, would you ever put up with steve being with another woman? >> let me say this, you guys red that like it was such an academic article. here is what it is, it is a voo-doo mind trick that women have been doing for years. when you tell the guy he can cheat he's not going to cheat. you just gave him permission. >> he's going to be like this is a dirty or naughty, i'm allowed to do, that it is boring. you tell your husband he can cheat, i guarantee he'll be home doing the laundry, he knows it is a voo-doo minds trick. >> q, your turn? >> listen, if you tell a guy he can cheat. he's going cheat. liz's be honest there is isn't after school special. if you tell a guy he is cheat. he'll cheat. the issue is a lot of women now, they're married. it is not perfect. you think it will be perfect. it is not perfect. they have this girlfriends or have girlfriends who are lonely, do i want to be lonely or work through this issue?
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go ahead, do your thing. but just don't disrespect the household. i don't think you're sitting there saying i'm going to have a fifth kid, you'll go out eight times a year and you will be able to do. >> this i think it is happening. women are just let's get through this. i don't want to have to go back and explain this to my mom because she didn't like you, all of that kind of jazz. >> wow. >> mine would nef go for this. >> please. >> can i tell you something about jennifer lopez? she was kind of opening up yesterday. j-lo says it was not easy to find forgiveness when she split up with mark anthony. remember, her husband? >> of course, always comes out from w magazine, it sounded very difficult to find peace in the wake of the divorce. she says, you know, know, not the dream she hoped for and making things right with mark was the hardest work she's ever had to do. but do you have do it because she has the kids and so that's where they are right now. this person is stuck in your life for the rest of your life. >> so what was the solution to ease her pain?
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go out with a very young man. >> casper. >> who is a dancer, right. >> apparently now actor, in a move. >> i are they still together? >> ya, still together. she showed up at the premiere and everything, the movie, the perfect match. >> casper? >> casper smart. >> casper the friendly ghost ♪ >> wow. >> seems like it would be real difficult to do. but you have to. >> back to the cheating thing again. if you open and let your man step out there, then you will lose him. if you open up the door too much, you can't say yes. i think that's the problem with j-lo too. you think they would step out? >> you can keep a man. you can keep your man. >> you know how this is, you get bus which your kids and everything, i don't pay enough attention to my husband, like, it's been a minute. >> ya, where is he right now? >> it's been a minute? >> well -- he can probably tell you the exact amount of days. like it's been about time. can i squeeze something in?
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it's got to come up this week end. >> you have a calendar in the bathroom where he checks off days? >> whatever. >> eighteen days. >> ya? >> well, one of my friends, and i think they were engaged at this point, but she just told herman, look, i understand you may think that you want to go out here and have your fun, but go out there. go ahead, get yourself another woman. i guarantee you she won't be anything like me. so you can go have your little fun, but you'll be back, that's what she said to him. and then he was like oh, well that's true, you are the best thing, that kind of thing. so just kind of made all of the other women he was thinking about, not such a big thing. >> if you cheat on my i'm never talking to you again. that's it. over. >> even if you're married? >> heck no. it is over. that's it. >> but does it work the other way around for you? >> of course. if i stray she should dump me. >> but no? >> what? >> that's what you think but that's not the truth. you were not 100% true blue. >> all right, let's experiment. >> oh, no.
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>> if you want to get it on. hit me on twitter. >> no. >> where is this going? >> and i'll tell shelda about it, it is a social experiment. i'm here for the people. >> uh-huh. >> cory says, if more women are cheating than men anyway. >> what? more women? >> yes. >> i think women are just better at it. >> that's probably good. >> you got to pay attention to the details. >> see whether guys cheat they tell all their friends, look oh, what i did, then the word spreads. you were probably told at least once when were you a child to give your grandmother a kiss. common. give grandma kiss for your aunt. oh, geez. big red lips. >> one expert says you should not do that to your children. >> the reason, it has to do with body ought ton any and confidence, you need your child to be able to say no or stop when someone touches them in a way they don't like. but you as a parent also need to be able to explain to the
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other adult why you're not making your child hug or kiss them. >> even your grandma? >> instead offer alternatives like shaking hands, offer high five. >> i get un comfortable when i'm around kids and oh, come on, give micah hug. don't tell them to do. that will i don't need a hug. >> well, think depends on who it is, when it comes to close family relatives, grandmom, grandpop, people are nicer to kids who are nice, if you're a sour pus bratty kid and you can't give your aunts, uncles a kiss or hug, then set up the he can peck takes, you do need a hug. >> i don't know, ya, when you come in, you should acknowledge them, just little high five just seems weird for grandmother or grand pa? no, give them a hug. >> what if grandma stinks, smells or something? >> respect thing. you got to get through it. >> get through it? >> you know what's interesting, where the wild things are, you know the book, the night that max wore his wolf suit, that's actually about hugging and kissing your
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relatives, relatives are the wild things, that was like the olds aunts with little, you know -- >> chin hairs and everything like that, those wild creatures were actually the relatives. when max was miss behaving so badly. >> i just think like do you have do it. i don't know. just weird. >> did i mention, boy, that door looks good. i got to tell you. >> people are saying different. just kidding. >> people hate the door. i'm trying it make them look the door. >> what's the point of the door? judge are we talking about this? >> it is our 20th birthday. oh, my god. what happened? >> oh, camera. oh, no. >> okay, looks like it is dry. so tell people about our birthday. >> this is where you read the copy. >> okay, well, we are celebrating 20 years of good day philly. and so we want to take a trip down memory lane. >> all right i. >> remember, halloween of course always big show for us, everybody dresses up, but remember when we all showed up dressed up as the same person?
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>> yes. >> elsa, he will ails, elsa. >> oh, hated this! >> ♪ >> is it cold outside, will submit awe sweater. give it up for sue serio! give it up for alex holley. oh, no. give it up for quincy harris. here comes quincy. >> awe. >> seriously? really? >> oh, no! oh, my gosh. >> this is ridiculous. you new i was going to be elsa. i never should have told you. >> i was the ugliest elsa ever. >> but the best part, chris murphy is oleff. >> wandering around?
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>> and oh, no. >> really, chris murphy, do we still have that costume. >> oh, yes, it is up in the office. >> any day i'm not feeling well, just put chris murphy in a old over costume. it is great. >> did you see this one? my wife is fine with me having a sexual relationship with someone other than her. i'm 36. she's 41, how much, i love her, she's all i want. >> dang. >> does she get to do that too if he is doing it. >> you almost have to have that agreement. >> someone else says because more women are cheating. >> ya, then there are people who have open relationships. isn't it basically like an open relationship then? everybody has that? is that what you mean, pike? >> yes, sir, it is what i need. >> well, if you talked about that with your fiancee. >> come on over, i'll paint your door. >> oh, my goodness, talk about the fighting phils. >> so they won last night. and for some people the better news is two little girls will have a new pet. did you see this sign? take a look.
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>> you hope they win. that's awfully big promise to make. and the phillies make it game three of this four-game series. >> well, somebody's going home, especially happy. >> they look so excited you. >> guys know i don't have any kids, but isn't it always risky? sometimes parent say oh, well if you do this, get anything, it won't happen. >> i one time left horse basketball with my daughter jessica. and she wasn't very good. she sent it in high school. she want add car. >> no. >> ya. ya. >> so -- >> i said if you beat me at horse,. >> she said no way there is going to beat me. we'll get that you car. old beat up used car. she beat me. >> so did you get the car? >> yep. >> you got to do it. >> can't not follow through.
9:17 am
>> crappy old car, but ya, she got the car. >> karen, have you ever done something like that, if you do this? >> well, there is always bribing but never done something, because you know -- he had to know waist going to get her a car, going to get a puppy, maybe if you're really good empty the dishwasher we can do if. >> you guys want to see a weaner? there is the cutest little weiner dog out on the patio. >> oh. >> yes, fox fursday. >> sue? >> lots of dogs out here this morning, in fact, pet palooza there is saturday in pottstown. and we will take a real big bite out of cancer, this is great event, here to tell us about it, sue, so, this is called bash for life correct, americans cancer society bark for life. it is fun raising event that honors or k9 companions as well as support the life saving mission of the american cancer society.
9:18 am
>> all internationally, also, there are some bark events, in canada, in africa, australia, and the uk. >> so great. so we show up pottstown, where saturday? >> at memorial park. >> okay. >> at 9:00. 9:00 a.m. >> great forecast. >> i know, i'm so excited. so excited about the weather. >> a look at grooming. >> yes. >> and we are so fortunate to have a community around pottstown, that really support the event. many of our vets are support i have, and limerick vet -- >> there will be grooming available, and we also do dog washes throughout the year. >> oh, look who is getting the bath bath look how cute this is. weiner dog that mike likes. do you know the weiner dog's name? >> what's his name? >> dexter. >> and who is the other dog?
9:19 am
>> peachy. >> peachy and dexter and emily sniffing around making sure. now you also play games? >> yes, have kitty corner, so there are games available there. >> this year, for the first year, we're doing selfies along the walk. happens to be the event starts with an opening ceremony. and then we do 1 mile walk after the is her moan. >> i with your dog. >> with your dog of course, of course. >> we invite any rescues to come, and bring dogs along with them, so that they, too, can be a k9 companion to someone. so this is phoenix animal rescue, and they'll be at bark for life on saturday with these very dogs. they need homes. please come. >> , look. >> and adopt. >> twiggy, okay, you know what? if you fall in love with one every these dogs, i'll have their information and all of
9:20 am
the links on my facebook page, and on you're going have bright sunny day. you'll help, what did you say? >> we're going to bark back at cancer? barking back at cans they are saturday in pottstown. more details at guys? >> this is fun. >> adorable. looks like he has a beard. that's cute! >> adorable. >> karen, could you tell who is coming up next on good day philadelphia? >> john cena. he's hungy, hot human, that's important to me, but he's got new tv show, host that show. >> is that a question? have you ever seen this guy in a suit anti? >> i don't know that i have. >> he has one on, i saw him on the satelite feed. >> ooohh! i have to tell you, i'm heterosexual, but he's hot.
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>> they have never face add challenge like. >> this will be led by true american heroes. >> find your spot. find your stroke. >> stop at nothing to make sure it comes from their ranks. will not end until one of you gives up. >> no, no. >> that was a clip from a show i'm going to watch tonight. because it is called american grit. i would not have a shot at this show. >> i wouldn't either. >> who would? these are some pretty tough guys. >> i know perfect host for this, john cena. john, welcome to fill. >> i thank you for having me, i appreciate you saying the show is very challenging, also inspirational. i think you both would do just fine. >> oh, no, no, no. >> someone has to believe in us, mike. >> because he can't see us. >> how does this work then? >> there are four military leaders, that take 16 civilians, put them on this challenge of team building. and basically, this is the reason why i said i think you both would do fine. this show, allows you to go as far as your resolve will let you. it is not biggest, fastest, strongest win, strongest of
9:25 am
will, will survive. >> oh? >> so like one of those mind over matter things, following your ned. >> truely essentially boiles down to that. that really is the back bone of the united states military. that's why we were so bless today have such qualified military leaders on the show. and may casino every instill that sense of discipline, and teamwork, into these civilians. i pretty much got them on the ground floor of this thing, i'm hon it, i get to host t i also got to produce it, very proud of it, and i hope everybody enjoys it tonight. >> and then win money, flight. >> that's the thing like if your resolve is strong enough, you make it to the end yes you're competing for a prize, great news is if you can make it to the end as a team, entire team can win up to a million bucks. >> guess what's sitting right in front of me, john? action figure of you. >> you look good in plastic. listen to this. do you actually have your house any of these little
9:26 am
action figures? >> be honest. >> i do not. honestly dow not. >> we have producer here shall her name tracey, she has seven year olson, he has little question he put on tape. listen. >> hi, i'm seven years old, and which one is tougher, being a wrestler or or doing a movie script? >> i love being a wwe superstar because the energy of the audience inspires me to achieve more, but i will say winning american grit is probably going to be the toughest, one of the toughest things i've ever witnessed, truly takes mental capacity that very few can imagine, and very few can reach. so i would say winning american grit is a lot tougher than ac wwe. >> you had shoulder surgery, flight. >> yes, they basically reconstructed my shoulder without replacing it, recovery doing very well. i hope to be back to wwe ring soon. >> impressive video on twitter, you are working it. >> thank you for checking me out on social.
9:27 am
speaking of social, that was accomplishment for me, and i use the hashtag show your grit. we're encouraging people around the world to tell me what inspired you, that's what american grit is all b it is aspiration, inspiration, hashtag show your grit. tell me what you drive toward and what, who or what, inspires you. >> by the way, i've never seen you in a suit, you look good. >> oh, thank you very much. i don't dress myself. thank you. >> prep any pink. >> sure. >> john, congratulations we will be watching you tonight. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, john. >> i don't understand how they don't get hurt. they jump, land on the floor. >> the only thing tougher than john are these guys, only guys crazier are these guys, at the magnolia fountain, called what are these guys doing? what are they about to do? first in america, in philadelphia and on fox 29 after the break. i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change.
9:28 am
we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with president obama and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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look at that, yes, do it again. >> that is a a gorilla that is housed at a zoo, in england, and pretty graceful, um. >> yes, it is. >> amazing how gorillas are watching, her or his fingers. i will will say hers just because i am. >> it is a lot of elegance there. >> yes. >> have you ever heard of something called, alex, karen, the philadelphia international festival of the arts.
9:32 am
>> i have, it goes on for weeks. >> pifa. >> yes. >> so they have a new thing, a group called aqua accoustic. >> it is combining water in fountains around philadelphia a, and they play the water. they play fountains. so it is music and water combined. chris murphy is over near fourth and locust, magnolia park, hi there, chris. >> i have never seen magnolia park. this is a little oasis and hear a beautiful sound in just a minute. this right here, this is, jon philip. you are with aquaa cues particular. this is your first trip to the u.s. welcome to philadelphia a. >> this is our first time in the u.s. very glad to be here. >> what are you doing in the fountain. >> we will prepare a concert. >> is it cold in there. >> quite, quite, quite. >> now tell me what you do, you will have performances this week in philadelphia. it will be friday, saturday,
9:33 am
sunday. friday, tomorrow you will be right here. >> we will be right here tomorrow, perform three times in the day. >> and then saturday at rodan museum. >> yes. >> he is a frenchman. >> and then in the u penn campus on sunday. >> yes. >> all right. so here's the thing this water is freezing. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> this is crazy. why fountains real quick before you get you playing, why fountains. >> well, fountains is a place where we can find water in town. we play in water but we play in different types of environment, we can play lakes, rivers, yeah, sea, we have been playing the sea you will play a concerto and s-e -a and something we have composed. >> we will put a link to our web site fox where you can see these guys this weekend in philadelphia guys, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> let's hear it. >> ♪
9:34 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> guy is playing a watering can. >> i like the sound, is is like steel drums, remind me of the highlands and you can do it anywhere. >> you know in trinidad they call it steel pan instead of drums. >> this is really cool. you happen upon to this it is neat, beautiful. >> i like it too. >> can you imagine. >> bunch of french guys playing watering cans. >> you know what would be cool if they did under the sea, in the water do that, little mermaid action. >> we could be quiet. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think it is kind of cool. it will be all over the place.
9:35 am
>> what is that. >> he is playing water bottles. >> yes. >> so much fun. >> yes. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> obviously and now it will warm up, it will be great. >> you know what bob's doing right now. >> what he does best. >> eating breakfast. >> and yelling at people. >> good morning, everybody. we are coming to you live from the high spot in west philadelphia, breakfast with the senator, i guess we could call this segment but take a look at the great food lined up, cedar park cafe, oh, and good morning, everybody when we come right back. we will be eating good.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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boom, good morning, everybody. you know what i love to do on a thursday, go for breakfast. say hello, everybody. we are coming to you live this morning from cedar park cafe, right on that dividing line of southwest philadelphia a and west philadelphia. one of the hot spots, of a great local spot in the neighborhood. i walk in the door and look who he is here we will rename this breakfast with the senator. senator anthony williams thanks so much for being on tv. this is your go to spot. >> i'm glad you are here because it highlights what we have, people southwest philadelphia, actually has a place with great home cooking, and it is opened to everybody. this is one of the most diverse places in the city of philadelphia. i have my downtown friend who is it next to me every month and have breakfast with me which is great.
9:40 am
>> your man next to you is west philadelphia right on that line, right. >> yes, easy, to say, west and southwest philadelphia. >> i grew up in the neighborhood. >> i grew up here. >> so one block makes a difference either way. >> you guys have been fun. everybody is here, he's right home cooking and that is why i'm's here. that is what the e-mail says. your name, tiara. >> all dressed up, ready to go. lets run down items. nobody is talking because they are all eating good. >> we have number eight special, beef stake and home fries with fried onions and peppers, eggs and cheese, and french toast. >> what is this contraption. >> that is scrambled, for vegetarian. >> cool. >> what is that. >> chicken and waffles. >> chicken and waffles for breakfast. >> number one seller. >> eggs bendik with home fries and green peppers. >> is that one order of the home fries right there. >> yes. >> and what do we have here. >> we have the veggie home
9:41 am
fries, and, eggs over medium and pancake, also number eight. >> look at the butter melting out of there. i'll tell you what, this is fantastic. we are right here on baltimore avenue, in west philadelphia, southwest philadelphia, depending upon what side of the street. southwest. >> southwest. >> west philly. >> west philly in the house. southwest in the house. if you had a's like me to come to your neighborhood just hit me up on facebook or twitter and you know it, every thursday, we will jump in the news van and go eat in the different neighborhood. back to you in the the studio. >> all right, thanks so much, bob. >> time has come for our empire wrap. i am will's ready to go. we have discuss biggest moment. tweet me alex holley at fox 29. let's discuss next.
9:42 am
the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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well, it is another week in the empire hakim's empire. that logo has not changed. we will bring in our guest for our empire wrap, joining me we have, of course, miss berry, yaz the greatest mother. torey williams and quincy harris. are you ready to discuss. >> let's discuss. >> we have big moment. we know yaz is still in control of the empire but he has tiana on one side and he has laura and on tour together and it toss than the seem like it is going too well. >> nobody gave me special treatment when we were dating.
9:45 am
we always kept it professional >> one extra tonight because smaller cities. >> really. >> you don't think i got your back. you are going to be a star, baby. >> okay. >> so what do you think is really going on here because wait for it, after to this, someone peeking behind that door. is tiana. >> she's feeling her feelings but hakim is trying to accommodate both of them. so they are bet good artists but he is in love with the other one he is accommodating. >> yes. >> but i thought that he showed, that he could be a boss, because he approached his conversations with bolt of them, very professionally, but tiana wants him back. >> yes. >> doing some stuff taking too much time on stage.
9:46 am
>> but she has feelings. >> oh, yeah. >> he necessary how to play them. he is playing them well. he is playing it really good. he is learning from luscious. >> but, what are you dogging. >> because, he wants to lock her down. >> he loves her. >> he really loves her. >> i don't think he knows what he is getting into. >> i think the family structure, he fell in love with her because of the family structure that this woman has. he likes her. then he willow owe he loves her. >> he loves her. >> okay. >> but marriage is very hard. >> oh, whatever. >> but they keep turning to tiana,. >> no, i think she wants him back and she will cause some issues. >> we will see. >> aubrey. >> lets get to luscious. things got heavy and emotional a. i always call luscious lion luscious. we will see more about why he is the way he is. he has seen's been through tough things like this emotional moment about his mother.
9:47 am
>> what else did she do for you. >> tell me, luscious. >> this moment really touched me. i have to admit it change how i feel about luscious and the way he does things, did you feel that way. >> it was a powerful scene. he admits that his mother committed suicide, in front of him, so i mean it kind of shows you why he cost certain things. it gives you a little will insight on how, you know, how he reacts and malicious he is and empire is all he has to hold on to because he didn't have a strong family life. it was tough. >> it humanized him and i remember empire started taraji said his character was like tony soprano where you hated him but then moments in the the show where you are like i'm rooting for him and i want
9:48 am
him to do a good job. that scene made me feel like oh, luscious, made me feel for him and the fact that he is the devil. >> and it is also explaining why he treated, why andre went to school, and because he just wanted him to be so much different then his mom, because he knew. he is better another way. >> yes, yes. >> we will talk about that part later too. but i think it was also interesting this that it also showed his will to fight for what he wants. he said he was out in the street. he had to survive on his own. that is where it all started. >> very young age. >> so then, it brings us to the next moment, one person hoist feeling for him was cookie. and she reveals, she wanted to more than just make music with him, she wants to love him. >> you are falling for him
9:49 am
again. >> you don't understand, what me and your father got, you just don't throw that way because of a few misunderstandings. >> more than a few. >> here's my question for you, do you think, let me know, there is always something there but can we see them getting back together. can they be that happy family. >> for a little bit. >> for a little bit. >> they have a long, long, long history. >> that doesn't mean they should be together. >> no but the love that they have, that eternal love that they have is something that is unbreakable. >> they will be loyal to each other. >> exactly. >> we follow that. >> they will always be loyal to one another. they had three kid. as much as she hates him at times, of course, it is love/hate relationship. >> it is a love/hate relationship. they will always fight but they will love each other. >> birthdays and holidays are always a special time. our senior producer, jessica roomberg it is her birthday today. >> yes, happy birth the day
9:50 am
good i said that is what happens around, me certain times. >> yes. >> reality hit, a few episode right now. >> yes. >> but you see the way he looks at cookie, he was at the set, like woman, i love you. >> yes. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> it is a hard to believe when i was watching all this happened and we have not gotten to cookie's party yet. i necessity there is something for cookie's party. cookie thinks it is a good idea to show luscious new music video to the entire family, including andre. >> andre, what are you doing. >> was my grandmother bipolar. >> i don't know, i ain't no
9:51 am
doctor. >> i can't believe luscious response to that. it made me feel for andre all this time he a has been on island all by himself, why didn't luscious just tell him. what do you think that was. >> you know, a little feelings. >> you know, you have to understand it is very hard for luscious himself. he hasn't really dealt with it. >> he can't. >> so, he cannot help himself yet. you know, he dealt with it because the best way he knew how to do it because in one does that. >> but also in that scene, episode we talk about him and his mom, so in this episode we go back to kind of liking him and then right there where he talks to andre you go back to hating him and realizing how horrible a person he is. >> that is the thing about luscious in this character he is fighting himself and demons. >> he just opens up as fat are a and son, and they can work through it. >> andre, part of his problem is the way the family is handling it. >> yes, but mental wound, when
9:52 am
you have mental disorder, you don't necessity how to do things the right way all the time. luscious has mental disorder. it is in the family. so you have to understand, he has those issues. >> yes. >> it is all in the video what was she thinking in showing video. >> some people like drama when things are like that, you have to have that family drama. >> unyou had aible. >> okay. >> we have family members like this especially on my wife's side of the family. >> okay, thank you so much so much. great panel. you can tweet me alex holley fox 29 because conversation will be continuing. thanks so much. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i love you. >> yes, yaz, yes, hang in there. >> thank you so much. >> all right. 9:52. jennifer lopez like you have never heard her before, her dramatic reading of a sir mix a lot classic. is there only one, right.
9:53 am
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hey, it is four minutes before wendy williams. j lo's back side, can somebody do this for me, j lo's back side has been one of her defining feature, asset so to speak. >> why it the makes since she did a dramatic reading of a particular song. >> from her butt. >> play that hard role and tell you that the butt ain't goal so they toss it and lead it and i pull it quick to retrieve it. so cosmo says you are fat, i ain't down with that. >> dramatic reading of baby got back. >> so she said they have to love their own butts. >> yes, it is a hot cover by the way. >> nicely done. >> cuba libre did you go last night. >> i did, they had a big anniversary 15th anniversary. there is larry, the chef, from
9:57 am
cuba and there is barry, great time, champagne glasses up. they have been here 15 years. >> mike, you could not make it. >> no, i was at a big charity event. >> guess who is in town. >> that is momma holley. >> and. >> they had this cool car a ford fair line 1956 outside. they told to us get in, it was great and she let me drive. thanks for spending time with me. thanks, for these beautiful photos. >> last night i was at a lobby bar, julianne lindsey they are nurses visiting from indianapolis, indiana they have been watching the show and they love it. >> welshing hello. >> happy birthday to jessica kline, kitkat kline. >> happy birthday kitkat kline. >> forty is a big one. >> stop it. >> he's evil, not enclose. >> and hamburgerlar is with her. >> happy birthday, jessica, kitkat kline.
9:58 am
>> right across the street, baby. >> right now. >> seewe you tomorrow. at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! hello.


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