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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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of those watch your back situations. well now some extra set of eyes are coming your way, we will tell you, who is planning to watch. you say who. i say lou, lou. you know why, i'm going to lou, lou country club to go golfing. >> yes. >> i hope it is a perfect day. >> sue did call it, i'll say it is a fantastic friday. >> in my punch line for alliteration, yeah. will you put up with a nine out of ten, chris murphy. >> owe baby. >> do you think you can deal with that. >> i will get a nine on the first hole. >> let's hope not. >> quadruple boeingy let's hope you can do better than. that it would be a ten if it wasn't for this pesky frost advisory in effect this morning until 8:00 o'clock. it is another cold start to the day, but it is quiet, it is tranquil, it is 41 degrees. 6:23 is your sunrise time. we will have 38 degrees in allentown. thirty-five in pottstown.
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thirty-six in lancaster. we are looking at only 33 in atlantic city and right at freezing in millville, 39 in wilmington as you walk out the door. wind are not an issue at all today so that is a good thing. today's high 65. sunny skies, there it is, fantastic friday, and, tonight, it is still chilly, with a low of 43 degrees, and those clear skies, and wait until you see warm up we had in store for the weekend, coming up. wait until you hear, bob kelly's voice this morning. >> you know what, this weekend, we will be outside, we will take your allergy medicine because i didn't. well, actually i did but when we get to the beginning of the season, lauren, maybe you at home too, beginning of the sees than is just tough with the allergies and it goes right to my voice. i'm ready to do my barry white, karaoke there later on tonight. here's a live at spring garden street. they have put down new pavement. they have white lines there. this is an example of the one of the many paving projects
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that are out in the city on the overnight. the pennsylvania turnpike, left over work right here near fort washington, otherwise, we're in good shape on the northeast extension. in problems on the schuylkill, through the weekend, we have a couple of regattas in town, it will be super nice out, folks will try to hit kelly and martin lieutenant are king drive. watch for pavement project with that uneven surface and manhole covers are sticking out there. folks are hitting them at too high rate of speed there and knocking their front end out. we had five cars with flat tires, yesterday, during the evening rush hour. city hall they are doing that paving right the there on broad street, and, as northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, watch for an accident up there at exit number eight. mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back over to you. philadelphia police are looking for person responsible for, the stabbing of the man in the chest overnight. this happened in the southwest part of the philadelphia, on the 6500 block of dicks avenue just after 2:00 a.m. the victim was taken to penn
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presbyterian hospital and is expect to survive. no description of the suspect at this point. one person taken to the hospital after a late night fire that happened just after 11:00 last night on north marvine street. in the city's logan section. several nearby homes were also damage. person was transported to the hospital, with a few doors down and had minor smoke inhalation. anecdote the for heroin is easier to get. >> evidently there is no longer a prescription needed for this. lets go to steve keeley for more on this steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is spread ago cross the country and it is a good thing because heroin is a real bad thing. the number of people dying, let me give so stats, easy to under to stan stats, number of people that die from heroin overdoseness 2011, more than doubled by 2014, and it is probably going to double in 2016 from just the 2014 numbers. that is how bad this problem is going and it is getting so bad that now the heroin anecdote is a veilable without a prescription over the counter, a at the major drugstore chains.
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we're in front of the walgreens here on broad street because walgreens pharmacies in pennsylvania are joining the push to have this heroin anecdote commonly called narcan sold over the counter, no prescription necessary, and it is a life safer. it is with most police and fire departments and if they did not keep witt all their staff in recent years the number of heroin overdose deaths already sky rocketing, would be even way more staggering. 2 million americans are now estimated to be addicted to heroin or prescription pain kills that heroin addiction and one addict dies in this country every 24 minutes. walgreens now sells narcan in 35 states and washington d.c., we don't know the price walgreens is going to charge, however, chris and lauren, i have an update since our first three hits on this. cvs also sells narcan in the same 35 states allowed by law without a prescription and they did tell us their price, 40 to 50 bucks at cvs and you get two doses so you can save the same life twice or two
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different lives. again, the number in 2014, 47,055 people, died from drug overdose. that is enough to fill the wells fargo center at other end of the broad street more than twice. >> that is so shocking. philadelphia police investigating the shooting death of the elderly woman in east germantown. thirty-eight year-old had two gunshot wound to the chest. this happened at a home 40900 block of cosgrove street just before 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. she was taken to einstein hospital where she was pronounced dead. neighbors were shocked by the death -- by news of her death. >> caring, loving person, very caring and loving person. you know, it saddens me. it really does. >> a gun was recover at the scene. police will continue to investigate. tears to remember a young man gunned down in the middle of the street. someone shot 23 year-old kyle royal in the shoulder sunday 56 noon on the 6,000 block of north american street. he later died from his
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injuries. last night, dozens of people from the area gathered to honor his memory and to ask that anyone with any information, please to come forward. runners, walkers, cyclist you will soon have some extra eyes watching as you run a long the schuylkill river trail. >> it is all about keeping you safe. dave kinchen is right there where this new crime watch might go into effect, dave. >> reporter: some of the people using this trail every day, and especially in the evening hours, after work, and, they are finally getting together to deal with some of the dangers that are here on the schuylkill river trail, especially a at night and recent months there have have been numerous reports of the runners being held up, robbed, sexually assaulted on the trail and it has prompted run tours ban together and create the schuylkill trail watch. tell it like your neighborhood town watch. head of the group run 215 said that they will begin training volunteers, made up of fellow runners and bike tours keep alert, report suspicious activity and help calm fears many tell us that they have. >> as we said earlier when we
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were walking in the dark we talked to each other like it is so scary that it is dark around here. we just started speed walking. >> we assessed the problem and said we need better lighting on the trail. we need clearly defined trail markers, integrated commercial systems and basically prioritized improvements that need to be done to create a safer environment. >> reporter: well, run 215 has held meetings with city council members, streets department, philadelphia police and other agencies and with the weather getting warmer the groups want to trade about 150 trail watch, volunteers by summer and first meeting is on april 27th. if you are interested in attend ago this meeting you can get information on our web site at fox and aside from some really dimly lit streetlights and our camera light it is pretty dark at this hour. so a lot of people have to use extra caution. >> exactly. run in pairs for sure. >> yep. mr. kinchen, thank you, sir. a pennsauken mom wants to
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necessity how her child was able to walk out of the camden charter school, unnoticed. ann martinez got a call an hour after she dropped off her seven year-old son, jerry at camden community charter school monday morning. martinez says they were a few minutes late that day and she says her son went to the office to get the a pass but that is where the story gets a little confusing. school officials told her that her son left, someone noticed him and then called police. he was found 2 miles away in a busy admiral wilson boulevard. officers brought him back to the school. >> he told the lady at the school he left some books home and she told him to go ahead and go get them. to me it was a miscommunication where she may have been talking to someone else but he was still able to leave the school. >> it was a gaza tend ant at speed way gas station that noticed jer approached him and then called police. martinez is upset because she said the school didn't know he was gone until police contacted her.
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school officials declined to talk on camera but told her over the phone that they tell us that they are reviewing their procedure. they declined to say how the second grader was able to simply walk out, unnoticed. >> authorities in new jersey investigating a woman's claim that her son was beaten by an aid at her school in atco. fifteen year-old jordan, attend archway lower school, his mother, says he came home wednesday with cuts, bruises and possible broken nose. when she asked him what happened, she says that jordan told her his school aid took him to the closet and beat him. school administrators confirmed this to her. >> she actually observed what was going on and she said protocol was just to remove the student to make sure that he was safe, and then called. i asked if police were called and she said no. >> reporter: the school would not comment on what happened to jordan but issued the following statement. safety of our students is and always will be our top priority. we immediately reported the incident to the new jersey institutional abuse investigation unit and are
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cooperating full which our investigation as well as that of the water ford township police. the we are fully committed to providing a safe, secure environment for those in our care. what the areford township police department say they are now handling this case. delaware senate has passed legislation overhauling the way state serves students with autism spectrum disorders. one of the two bills passed survived the delaware autism program to make better use of local programs and to expand parental input. it also authorize new training specialist to help teachers and other school staff working with autistic students. the bill requires at least one training specialist for every 100 students classified with autism spectrum disorder. 5:10. still ahead a developing story for you, north korea attempts but fails at another missle launch. the alarming location that could be capable of reaching the united states one day. a showdown in brooklyn between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. why sanders is confident
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clinton can't bring change in the america. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security...
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...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, we did good this week yesterday at the old ballpark. we have a phillies forecast for today but it is an evening game so washington nationals coming to town and it looks like the weather will be absolutely perfect. a great night at the ballpark, please recommend a jacket or sweater because we will start off in the upper 50's when
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first pitch is tossed at 7:05 and it will get cooler from thereafter dark. which is about officially, 7:30ish, so, here's the new weather pattern. it is not that new because it has been in place a couple of days. each day is milder then the day before, and that is the pattern we expect to continue with high pressure in control, summer-lake set up with that bermuda high, bringing in the southeasterly wind and making it feel a little bit warmer each day. we have a disturbance to our south and southwest but none of that is expect to make its way here, thanks to that high pressure system, we just showed you, so that should keep all rain away, and here you see it dry in philadelphia right now. it is 41 degrees and chilly. thirty-five in pottstown. thirty-nine in wilmington. down in millville, new jersey, 32 degrees, and 37 in trenton and 38 in reading. that is where we are right now, we will get back before we look ahead, we have had that cold weekend with only 43 .
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we will manage 50 on sunday. last saturday we had snow. not the case tomorrow. today 56 degrees, tomorrow, mid to up are 60's, 07's show on sunday, maybe even touching, 80 by monday. that is when the warming trend end but with the cold front coming through, monday night into tuesday, inn temperatures after that, and cooler and very pleasant. upper 60's and mid 70's by thursday. looking good there. now not so good there. >> yes, it will be great, i feel great just when i open my how the and start talking i'm ready to sing, barry white or rupaul record here, put a dj up in the sound booth. good morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems coming in or out of the city at least at the moment. kind of quiet for a friday morning. we will take it, looking good on the ben franklin bridge, too coming into philadelphia in problems or chase at all.
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busy weekend in south philadelphia, we have a phillies home stand as sue just mentioned, great weather, friday night, saturday night phillies at 7:05. sunday, jammo, 1:05 for the phillies and soul coming in across the street for a 4:00 o'clock game, again, with the weekends now you will see action on the kelly drive, martin luther king drive, so a lot of traffic in and out of the city with a lot of events as well. a long with that septa over the weekend on the west trenton line, they will use shuttle buses, in the first three stations west trenton down to woodbourne, we will be using shuttle buses so they can do some track work. right now only real incident is north bound on the new jersey turnpike, an accident at exit number eight, to look out for, no problems on the pennsy turnpike and 55 and 42 looking g lauren, back over to you. thanks very much, bob. developing this morning north korea missle will launch appears to have failed. officials say mid range missle could one day be capable of reaching u.s. military bases in asia.
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north has filed a slew of missiles and artillery shells in the sea begins u.s. drills in the south. u.s. state department is closely monitoring the situation and calling on north korea to refrain from raising tensionness that region. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits south japan hours after the quake hit, crews could be seen rescuing an eight month-old baby from the ruble from the collapsed house. japanese officials say 1600 soldiers have been deployed to help with the rescue and clean up effort authorities say is there no risk of a tsunami. at least nine people died. presidential candidates vying for last minute votes ahead of tuesday's new york pivotal primary will real quickly lets take a look at this new "fox news" poll. if you are a democrat do you want hillary clinton or bernie sanders, right now it is a toss up, as two points, differential there with hillary clinton just ahead of the bernie sanders, monk primary voters. taking their gloves off
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sanders continued to hammer key messages saying clinton is too connected to wall street and big corporations. >> we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she's going to bring change in america when she is so dependent on big money interests? i don't think so. >> first face-to-face match up since sanders said clinton was unqualified to be president. >> president obama had a super pa ac when he ran. president obama took tens of millions of dollars from contributors. and president obama was not at all influenced when he made the decision to pass and sign dod/frank for public regulations on wall street. >> president obama beats clinton in 2008, in the democratic primary, as we all remember that, polls in new york have clinton leading by ten points. the she's also ahead here in pennsylvania, lauren. happening today democratic party planning to file a lawsuit over voting problems in the state of arizona move comes after long lines, during
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last month's primary election. some voters waited as long as five hours to vote. mari thecopa county cut number of polling places by 85 percent since 2008. it will seek changes on how polling locations and ballots are select. bernie sanders and hillary clinton's campaign will also join that suit. donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted for grabbing a reporter. march 8th incident at a florida campaign rally was caught on camera. michelle fields a former reporter for brightbart said corry lewandowski grabbed her and almost made her fall over. she said she suffered a bruised arm but prosecutors say there is just not enough evidence to warrant charges against that campaign manager. still ahead, the flyers playoff push begins, game one didn't go as planned, missed opportunities and tough game with the capitols. plus day eagles fans have been waiting for, the schedule is out, we break it down, mark your calendar to get ready.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare.
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any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. the flyers opening up against the best team in hockey washington capitol are a very good hockey team. scored to win and flyers didn't light lamp. lets go to washington flyers down one to nothing in the third, um-hmm, the turnover by jay voracek, johann son with the pass, the flyers lose two to nothing with the caps, next game is saturday in washington. another terrific game by phillies starter vincent velasquez, he wasn't scored on in his first game and wasn't in san diego. bad team but he had 16 strike outs, three hits, no walks, phillies win it three to nothing. cliff lee last start tore strike out 16. phillies, and that was back in 2011. pete mackanin never expect this. >> how much fun was that to watch. this guy. you know, his actions speak for himself. i don't have anything to say. he over matched that team today. >> he did have something to say. eagles opening up the season on 9/11 against cleveland in
5:24 am
philadelphia. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. howard just mentioned one of the biggest daises when that schedule comes out and it did yesterday. >> lets take a a look. our season opener, at home against cleveland september 11th, and then next week, away, chicago on monday night, eagles have have a very early bye week this comes in week number 46789 we like bye weeks later in the year so people will be all right. >> second part of the feature monday night game at dallas, on october 30th. and follow it up on the road verse the giants. on april the fifth, and seattle, november 20th on a monday night after the link verse packers. >> eagles finish at home for three of the last four games, and that is a huge, to have home field advantage, so late in the season. division opponents, a thursday night begins giants, dallas finish the season on new years day. >> that will be fun. >> absolutely. >> especially for all these cowboys fans. no matter what city you
5:25 am
get to in this country is there a form of it somewhere. >> let's hope that doug peterson has a good first year as eagles first year coach. former quarterback himself from back in the day. >> people on twitter are laughing and saying what have you been drink to go day, because i had a moment, if you guys weren't with us in the 4:00 o'clock hour. >> we were talking about some story about. >> fast food. >> the plastic. >> you know, from the glove. >> that is right. >> and so in your ear, the director tim at the time. >> he was talking to me because sometimes i have my tupperware and i have to go up to our cafeteria and warm it up in the microwave. >> you said, cafeteria. >> he said no, no it is a bistro. >> this is why it cracked you up, there is the bistro here at fox 29. >> yes. >> there is no servicer. >> no. >> and there is very little warmth, it doesn't look like a bistro, does it. >> is the coffee machine
5:26 am
working. >> they relocated the coffee machine right there in the corner. >> yes, there it is. >> we have a keurig down there we don't need coffee. you don't like it because it is not as strong as the coffee in the bistro. >> but he is over here a lot. >> with that said lets get back to that story, the thing that triggered the tears, it is a another just story that has to do with chemicals in food. we will tell but that and your fast food warning coming up after the break from shay 29. and also, a seven year-old, waking up, with a new title. how the mount holly police department is making this kid, happy. i'm terrible at golf.
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he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can.
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good morning at 5:30 this morning helping heroin addicts how getting your hand on the life saving drug business to get a whole lot easier. it could be, a move forward, it could be in bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case what a judge is expected to weigh in on today. >> weigh in right now. phillies are looking good. >> that is good. >> is that because we didn't go to opening day. >> we jinked them. >> it is friday, april 15th, 2015.
5:30 am
usually tax day but people get a few minister days this weekend to get your receipts together. >> figure it all out. >> you know my tax guy, my accountant, his birthday is april 16th. how sweet is that? he has worked all year, turned everything in and then can celebrate. >> but not this year. burning midnight oil for those clients it sound like. bus stop buddy all phillyed up. hi sue serio. >> it is almost a shame, that it will be just a beautiful weekend because anybody you know hoist an accountant will be inside and busy a all weekend. we are off to a cold start this morning. we went with the nice warm fleece for bus stop buddy today. temperatures are in the 30's and the 40's and there is a a frost advisory in effect, once again, for this morning, until 8:00 o'clock. we have 41 degrees, calm wind, sunrise time is 6:23. days continue to get warmer. this wouldn't be cold to start if it was january but it is april and to be in the 30's like this, and it is the
5:31 am
growing season has already started and it is too cold. 39 degrees in wilmington. thirty-two in millville. we're all in agreement, it is still too coal. wind speeds are not an issue. we don't have a wind chill and look at what we're getting to day. 65 degrees later on, a fantastic friday and tonight we're down to about 43 in the city. more 30's in the suburbs. but this warming trend will continue, we will show you how high the temperatures will go, coming up in the seven day forecast, so, friday morning, weekend ahead and bob kelly, what is the matter. >> the allergies, my allergies are driving me crazy, i know folks are home, they are texting, tweeting, and facebook and they are going through the same thing. allergies are just driving us crazy. i'm taking my medicine but that beginning of the season that gets my voicing here. we will try to get through it together 5:31, live look at route one in delaware county between saint david, villanova
5:32 am
down to i-95. no problems or delays just yet, vine street expressway opened for business, they were supposed to close it last week, every night? the beams didn't show up in time, but they are in town and every night next week the vine street expressway will be closed from 10:00 at night to about 5:00 the following morning. the just keep that in mind for early risers with the gang working that second or third shift. ninety-five looking good as we go for a ride, no problems out of northeast philadelphia, heading in the betsy ross bridge through the weekend, watch for construction crews, this nice weather, they are loving it, construction guys. they will try to get caught up, in any spots, they got pushed behind there with the rain through the last week or so. new jersey turnpike, north bound, accident at exit number eight, to look out for and through this gorgeous weekend that is ahead, watch out for paving project on the kelly drive. we have a couple of regattas, folks will get out there with the bikes, roller blading, construction guys will be out
5:33 am
there as well. mass transit, looking good chris and lauren, back to you. okay. we will see what is going on. >> boom. >> megan? >> yes. >> philadelphia police make an arrest in the deadly hit and run 35 year-old tommy dunbar junior was killed wednesday night when hit and dragged more than 200 feet, in the city's port richmond section. suv police say hit dunbar was found just minutes away and yesterday afternoon the driver was arrested. his name has not been released at this time. police are testing the suv, for dna. the at cueser of bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case here in philadelphia wants the judge to void the secrecy clause surrounding their 2006 settlement. today's federal court hearing is set to weigh that issue and, filed begins accuser andrea conn stan. her mother and her lawyer. the cosby's lawyer says, constand has violated the secrecy pack by cooperating with officials to reopen her
5:34 am
police complaint, last year. keep an eye on that. 5:34. new jersey assembly committee has approved a measure that gives cash, strapped the atlantic city, some help with its financing. the plan would set bench marks to reach within two years, if they are not reached then a take over would happen. governor chris christie said doors always opened to ideas but he has within vocal before in supporting a total state take over to get back on its feet. one hundred people taking to the streets, rallying support and union rights increasing minimum wage to $15 in philadelphia. the group tied up rush hour traffic as they marched down broad street from north philadelphia into center city. at the same time group calling themselves the stadium, protesting around temple university. they say a stadium will raise property taxes and commission all to cover costs. temple announced it hired a architect to oversee stadium construction. plus a local, seven year-old is waking up this
5:35 am
morning with a new title, how the mount holly police department is recognizing his bravery. hi, lauren. >> hi.
5:36 am
nexium 24hr is the #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn.
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that's nexium level protection. how about some burger, fries and chemical on the side. >> burger, fries and chemicals, in food packaging and the vinyl gloves restaurant workers wear. they are banned from children's toys, baby bottles,
5:38 am
and over concerns that they may affect development in male reproductive symptoms ape lead to behavioral issues. now researchers at george washington university say the levels in the urine of heavy, fast food eaters is as much as 40 percent higher then those who don't eat a lot of take out. >> i hope it raises public awareness about this problem, this greater problem, you know, our society being exposed to industrial chemicals through our food supplies. >> researchers say that they based what they are calling fast food on the cdc's definition which includes basically anything you buy that is not served on a plate. they are the chemical that make plastic kind of soft. >> gotcha. >> here's something you do not hear every day, an airline eliminating within of the most hated fees. delta airlines will not charge customers to speak with the actual human while booking your flight. in the past they charged travelers $25, per ticket, for
5:39 am
booking over the phone, 35 when you are at the airport. airlines have been tacking on fees to ticket prices to help boost their revenue. phone reservations have been a top complaint from travelers. if you are going to the movies, amc theater, they are considering allowing people to test, and text during the movie. it is to attract more millennials. head of the company says you you cannot tell a 22-year old to turn i have off their phone. the that is not how they live. many disapprove of that idea but in the end certain theaters, or sections could be designated as, texting friendly. so i was trying to give you an example. you gave me a face like girl, stop. but think about this, what if you and say mike, your bromance check out barber shop two today, right. >> yes. >> at some point, maybe jack's school is trying to get in touch with you. if your phonies off or in your pocket you cannot get in touch but maybe your wife text and
5:40 am
you need to see, oh, i got the to go. >> two things, jack's school is always trying to get in touch with me. that is a whole separate issue. i'm golfing to bay today is a nine. and three, millennials, please, leave your phone, for at least two hours, off. can you go two hours and enjoy it. you want to get engrossed in the film. >> ceo gets it. good thing you are not ceo of amc. lets talk about this, extra eyes will be watching long schuylkill river trail. >> surge in crimes has led to extra security and concerns. dave kinchen live along the river with more on this, dave. >> big concern for people, even some who are just now getting out at this early hour on the schuykill river trail, and, dealing with the potential dangers, lurking in the dark here n recent months there have been reports of runners being held up, and robbed, and sexually harassed on the trail and it has prompted run tours launch the schuylkill trail watch, and head of the group, run 215
5:41 am
says they will begin training volunteers made up of fellow runners and bikers to keep watch and report suspicious activity and help calm fears that many tell us about. >> it is not that much but right here, it is kind of like bad, not at the part where trail is but where we run. so they need to do something good we want people to be engaged and to be a set of eyes and ears on the trail. we want people to use the trail. we want everybody from skateboarders, cyclist, to walkers and runners, and we will train them with town watch services. >> well, run 215 has held meetings with city council members, streets department, philadelphia police and other agencies and with the weather getting warmer the group wants to train 150 volunteers by summer, the first training session, is on april 27th. if you want to join our web site iron a, we have been saying with the exception of
5:42 am
our camera light and street the lights whiz have been kind of dim, it seems dark out at this hour, so no wonder people are concerned about potential dangers out here. >> scary. >> absolutely. >> still ahead the flyers, they are playoff push started last night, game one didn't go quite as plan, big daddy gram, joins us to break down the missed opportunities against the capitals.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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we're rocking out. >> that is a cool song. >> we're using this song super man by way of the segway to this next story. >> it is because a young boy from new jersey has a new title, mount holy police recognizing his bravery by making him an honorary cop. >> seven year-old kid, his name is darren, and he had two emergency surgeries last summer to remove a life threatening brain tumor. he is a big fan of super heroes and considers his local heroes the biggest super heros of all. >> he made them all special key chains. so today officers, it was yesterday. the officer made him an honorary officer super hero but he already knows he is a super hero. listen to this. >> because i have been through a lot. >> what did you beat. >> i beat a brain tumor.
5:46 am
>> we enjoyed his presence here, he brings light to us. we laugh, we have so much fun. >> he is, you know why chris murphy. >> they keep his little neighborhood in mount holly, safe. >> mount holly will be pretty today sue serio with that weather, bought full day on tap. >> absolutely, whatever you you didn't get a chance to do last week even, go on outside and have some fun, including tonight's phillies game, the washington nationals, come to town tonight, and the game starts at 7:05. it will be 58 degrees when that happens. jacket, sweater a good idea. sunset happens soon after that but all and all, great night at the ballpark. here's that weather pattern right now with the jet stream to the north, we're on the warm side of. that we have high pressure in control, almost like summertime when we talk about that bermuda high where we have day after day after warm weather and we don't see any precipitation? well, that is the case for next couple days. disturbance down to the southwest, nothing to do with
5:47 am
us. it will in the come here. here in philadelphia it is tranquil, dry and nice but it is coal. it is 41 in the city. thirty-six in lancaster. thirty-five in dover. thirty-six in wildwood right now. so right now make sure you have warm enough coat on for this morning. we will see if we can beat yesterday's high of 63 degrees as our temperature continues to go up. we will go for 65 for today. sixty-eight for tomorrow, and in the 70's by the time we get to sunday and then maybe touching 80 degrees on monday, cold front, means that things cool off after that but still very, very pleasant through the middle of next week, bob kelly. >> sound good, sue, 5:47. good morning. we're in good shape on the major roadways, live look at the schuylkill expressway, upper even right here near 202, i know i sound crazy, it is allergies, everybody is going through it, it is that first beginning of the allergy season, and it always hit my voice, first time around, 42,
5:48 am
starting to see some will volume, coming in toward philadelphia, the pocket of headlines heading in toward i295, or wise we're in good shape off to a nice quiet start. good morning to saint david, villanova, team waking up, going to class today, schuylkill expressway behaving this morning no problems at all. i-95 southbound starting to see volume poppas you work your way in the construction zone here at cottman avenue, throughout the weekend they will work at cottman, betsy, and also down near girard. now we had that nasty accident yesterday on the way home, on the new jersey turnpike, and this morning, another accident, this one is north bound though, up near exit number eight and mass transit, looking good, buses, trains, trolleys running with no delays, chris and lauren, back over to you. it was in the playoff start the flyers needed to have. >> i mean lah for under dogs going in and it is on their ice, down in washington. we will lose the game two to nothing. big daddy graham looking at how we look in the first
5:49 am
round. >> well, last night was a game that got away, that is what it was. they had four power plays early on in the game and they did not capitalize on any of them. that set the tone and made big difference. despite all that it is nothing, nothing going into the second period when the capitals scored on a very bizarre play that you could not blame steve mason on who was brilliant again. this guy is really having a year, super year and then second goal. >> same type it was jake voracek with a bad, bad turn over. you will see him right here, boom right there. and four seconds later in the net it goes for the capitals. it was those four power play that is really set the tone. you have is to score on one of them. in particular when the game is
5:50 am
one to nothing. >> we got nothing last night. >> yeah, we did not. we did not. bad news is that sean couturier is, might be out for the series. it is looking like he will be and flyers record without him is really bad. they have a better record without claude giroux their captain then they do without contact tore use so that is a big, big loss. we have real good news and that is vince velasquez what a young arm he has. >> sixteen strike outs. this is last one here. okay, in the yet. what a performance. my goodness good they are five-five. >> they are 500, padres stink but phillies were supposed to stink. >> right. >> you know what i like about them, their pharmacist tells these young kid are good. >> he is like 23 years old. they played ten games.
5:51 am
nine quality starts. in fact, quality would not be the word, they are even better than quality. they had one bad performance from the starting pitching. that is it, out of ten games. >> who was pitcher yesterday got suspended for performance enhancing drugs. >> he was a minor leaguer he is not up to the big club yet. >> yes, you you know, paid no attention to the ped stuff. you need a score card, too much, i don't bother. eagles schedule came out and i'm telling you, it is pretty good schedule. >> the browns at home we should beat them up in the opening game. >> we should but again i would like the schedule with you i don't think all that much of our division. >> what about the biz week. >> that is bizarre but some teams got to be hit. that is when they start byes, week number four. i hate the bye but you have to have it. you cannot. but that is really early on. i don't like it that early. there is brutal part of the
5:52 am
schedule, seattle, green bay, followed up next game, cincinnati. this that is tough three. >> three of the last four at home is good. >> but home is not what it used to be down there at the link. it has never been, in the like the vet. the vet was an overwhelming home field advantage for the eagles. the link is not. i don't buy into home and away that much with them but do i like the schedule. i do. it is no the that difficult of the schedule. i like it. >> what are you looking at me like that. >> he is giving you you a stair. >> you want nick fels or what. >> i was going to ask you, interesting to see. >> what l.a. did. >> yes. >> all about sam bradford. >> l.a. did everything that they could that they don't go in the next season with nick foles as their starting quarterback. they trade the world with the number one pick. i don't think i agree witt. >> we got the guy that was their franchise in sam
5:53 am
bradford. >> i'm still not nuts about that. will you tell him to stop with the bradford nonsense. >> we have an experience, every tuesday at pj wheelihans, every wednesday, at champs of king of prussia. >> still a head an eight year-old endorsement the is turning some head. how he is not letting a major disability get in his way.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
it is 5:55. just 41 degrees. the beautiful a little later on as we look at the philadelphia, pennsylvania sky line. the ever changing sky line at that. it is an eight year-old boy in georgia inspiring an entire community doing what may seem impossible, gabe sanders was born without legs, but is always on the go. he was adopted from an orphanage in china and at first his family says he didn't move around much but now gabe competeness 5k races and battle frog challenges. the his family, set up an obstacle court for gabe's training. >> well, my first one i like is when we made a big puddle of mud. >> i want tone courage people it nights as scary as it seems. >> gabe says people do scare but he is okay with that. he says there is nothing he won't try. what i great attitude. how much fun this is that? next on good day pet peeves at movie theaters, this
5:57 am
morning why you may want to stay at home if you feel like, you know, watching big screen and not the small screen. schuylkill river trail is spokedded to be a place for everyone to enjoy but there is a security concern how you might be able to help out straight ahead on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
6:00 am
this was the best part of the game last night. yes, rough start. flyers fall. the rough start for playoffs for orange and the black. how they can bounce back. i say they can bounce back against the caps. and then there is this... >> clearly defined trail markers, and commercial systems. >> good news schuylkill river trail is get something big help, new eyes and ears for one of the best known urban trails in the country. plus, it is an effort to reach, the cool kid. are you one of the cool kids? why local movie theaters are looking to allow, the biggest annoyance to occur during films. is this going to hurt them or help them? we're talking about texting? there will be allowed in movie theaters. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> april 15th, normally april 15th, doom, gloom. >> not this time. >> nope. >> so you don't have that until


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