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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  April 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on "good day." a developing story. a firefighter killed in the line of duty, but not while battling flames? what police say led to the man's death. >> plus, this video has been seen millions of times. it's a five-year-old little boy crying because he's about to be spanked. why the person who is dolg out this punishment is sparking a nationwide debate. >> a disabled man abandoned in a park. a year later family and friends are honoring the good samaritan. and good saturday from the control room. we just got the signal we are on
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air and we are bringing you the saturday morning, entertainment, news and weather for this day. i'm karen hepp. >> the last two weekends we had rain and snow. we deserve that. >> how about a little route 66. >> i did the same thing. sunshine this morning we are looking at a great start. just a little chill in the air right now. a lot happening though, let's check in with weekend wendy. >> the super billiards expo. a great time for anybody who loves the sport of pool. an amateur player's championship
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that anybody can get involved in. so today's hours are 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. dave, this is your cue. >> cue? thank you sue. ultimate doppler nothing happening here. looking pretty good this morning. no rain or snow moving into the area. in fact not only the philadelphia area looks good, but look at how clear we are in the eastern united states of the this is a weather pattern, we are blocked. that means storms go to the north and to the south. we have more of the same weather. you have these patterns that go day after day. with the sunshine we'll bump the temperatures up a few degrees each days until about wednesday. so enjoy this weather for the next few days at least. 41 right now, a little chill in the air. humidity at 79%. 40s and 30s. so it is a little chilly and it
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did drop down below freezing this morning briefly but we'll quickly warm up with the sunshine. we are pushing into the 50s and 60s. look at these numbers right in philadelphia, 66. colder breeze down the shower, 60 north and west. let's check in with bob kelly and see what traffic issues we have today. >> good morning, everybody. look out for today if you're coming in or out of the city they've got a pavement project going on around city hall. they're also repaving portions of the kelly drive. we have a regatta in town. a lot of folks will be using that schuykill expressway. enjoy the rest of the weekend i'll see you bright and early right here tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia weekend." this morning we're following a
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developing story out of maryland. one firefighter is dead and another in serious condition after police say they were shot while making a welfare check. it happened in temple hill. the firefighters were responding to a relative's call expressing concern about the occupant of the home. investigators say when no one answered the door, the firefighters tried to open it and that's when the person inside fired several shots. the shooter is in plus custody. >> officials in japan say at least 32 people have been killed, 1,500 injured, after two powerful earthquakes shook the southwest part of that country. a 7.3 quake hit early yesterday and on thursday there was a 6.2 quake in the same region. heavy rains are a concern for possible mud slides. dozens of people are still buried. the red cross is working to help all of those affected. here some of the other top stories. there's a man in stable
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condition after police say he was shot several times it happened right there in north philadelphia. it happened just about five hours ago. there is no word that there have been any arrests. >> and the s.w.a.t. team had to be called out to a home overnight. this after a woman barricaded herself inside the home. police say she was pointing a knife at her daughter when officers arrived the woman wouldn't open the door. eventually the situation was put under control and thankfully no one was hurt. >> could the la shawn mccoy case be getting a second look? there was a letter that was signed by the newly appointed solicitor general that reads in part that the law, quote, does provide a mechanism for a judge to overturn a district attorney's decision and apoirnt the attorney general to a case.
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we're reviewing the law in that area now, end quote. two off duty officers were injured. williams says there's not enough evidence prosecute because he can't determine who started the fight allegedly over a bottle of champagne. the decision was a cause of preferential treatment towards a well-known athlete. they're going to review the case to look at whether there was abuse. >> a warning for some south philadelphia residents. someone seems to be making the rounds swiping packages from your door steps. now that this story and the surveillance video hit social media, more videos are coming forward. in one case a box with 40
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phillies tickets was swiped. residents clearly are not happy. >> i was so mad that i went into work and i put it on facebook and said i want to know who this a few other words is. can we help us out. >> as for those stolen phillies tickets, that victim told us he contacted the box office which voided the tickets and reissued new ones. >> a very sad turn of events for a southwest philadelphia man who saved a life last year. you'll remember the story. yesterday loved ones released balloons into the sky. it was last year that he discovered a severely disabled man in the woods after his mother allegedly left him there to die so she could go spend time with the boyfriend. anderson saved that man's life but he discovered he mad cancer. he is being remembered as a man
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who lived to make people happy. >> he would take four, five, six, kids and take them to the corner store, buy them candy. >> his funeral was set for later today. there's a zoo keeper in florida that was attacked and killed by a tiger. officials at the palm beach zoo say she was killed by a 13-year-old tiger. this all happened in an area where the animals are fed and sleep so there were no visitors in the area to witness the mauling. it didn't appear she did anything out of the norm. guests were told to evacuate the zoo and it was shut down for the rest of the day and after. >> students and teachers at a high school in california got a huge surprise. look at this. when a mountain lion showed up on campus. officials tried to capture the animal. the big cat jumped a wall and
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ventured into a nearby yard. police eventually captured the animal safely and returned it to the wild. check out this video from russia. emergency officials work to rescue 11 ostriches from a farm as flood waters rose. the truck was placed on a special vehicle in order to get the birds to safety. >> in philadelphia a much needed spring cleaning today. people across the city are urged to help pick up the trash and make our city beautiful. let's gout on to jenny joyce. we've both got our flyers orange on. good morning, jenny jenny. >> reporter: of course. it's the ninth annual philly spring cleanup. i was on the website a little while ago. i don't think it's too late if
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you want to go to their website and check it out and maybe you can participate. it's going on from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. we were there, we have some video of the mayor making that official announcement with the city streets department. he was rallying residents to pick it up and sign up for today's cleanup. it's happening from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. last year there were more than 14,000 volunteers citywide. the hope is that the turnout will be great this year to help revitalize sections of the city that are in desperate need. mayor kenny is expected at this site around 9:00 this morning. here they plan to remove litter and debris, fix the basketball court lights and replace basket rims. then they'll celebrate the work with a community basketball game, karen and bill. >> how many people are looking for a new job? you want to relocate? how about a new job in paradise?
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hawaii is hiring. it's your chance to move to the island but it's not all life on the beach. coming up, we'll tell you the job you'll be asked to do and why many people don't want to do it. and here's one for karen. tim tebow is not playing football right now. he could have another calling but we'll tell you about a move he could make. >> we would like to hear from you. we like when you show what's happening in your lives. i think it's also national pajama day or something? >> wear your pajamas to workday. >> now you tell us. >> if you're at home in your pajamas, snap a picture. keep it clean. use our hashtag #fox29goodday.
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hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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faced charges for creating traffic jams for political retribution. >> political news right now.
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the pennsylvania primary just about a week away. things very much heating up in the key stone state. hillary clinton is going to be campaigning in our area. clinton will discuss plans to raise incomes for families and break down the barriers that hold people back. bernie sanders says he met with the pope this morning. sanders and his wife stayed overnight in the pope's residence on the same floor. sanders is in rome to attend the conference on economic climate and equality and climate change. >> dave says we're starting at the bottom, but we are climbing. a little chilly this morning. everything looks good. it's going to get better all day. >> we are working our way up all
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day. >> we're at the coldest we'll be all weekend right now and a lot better than last weekend. we had some opening day little leagues that were postponed because of the snow. they had to push it back to today. >> hi, dave, everyone. last week we had to push back our opening day to this saturday due to the snow. so. >> how is our weather going to be? >> perfect today. you've got to warm up for the parade, play ball around noon. about 3:00 we'll be up to 62 degrees. great looking day today just a light breeze. don't worry about any rain or snow. it's a little cool this morning. we see a lot of the suburbs down to the mid to low 30s. could see frost developing if
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there's a light breeze. it should be the last of it. ilts chilly atlantic city down to 31 degrees. mid 30s in delaware. doppler is all clear, the area looking pretty good here. no real rain or snow moving in, we're starting off fairly clear. no real frost here in the city, still cool. we'll get a lot warmer today and we have plenty of sunshine coming our way, just kind of stuck in this weather pattern. we'll start to see things getting better here. 40s now, a light breeze about 7 miles per hour. humidity is at 79%. temperatures are climbing from 10:00 into the 50s, 60 by 2:00, mid 60s by 4:00, but we quickly drop. 50s and 40s by 11:00 tonight. so we get the nice warm-up but it quickly drops overnight tonight. the weather pattern does eventually change. it's in the 7-day forecast i'll
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have the details coming up a little bit later. >> do you know a teacher? i have to call my sister-in-law right now. how quickly would you pack up your life and move to hawaii? you could, if you're a teacher. >> hawaii's education department says it's short about 1,600 teachers for the next year. they're sending teachers to the mainland looking for educators. specifically they need special ed as well as high school math and science teachers. but one expert says hawaii has problems retaining teachers because new recruits are sent to the rural areas where they have to face the state's cost of liifg. >> one of the most expensive places and one of the most beautiful places. >> i think i could live there. you've got to figure that living
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modestly in hawaii is a little bit different than living modestly here. i could always get to the beach and go and chill. plus i get to feel good about teaching people. >> it's a video that's been seen millions of times. what do you think? there's a five-year-old boy who paddled. you can hear him crying and whining. why the mother says she gave permission for her son to be paddled. >> we're told to eat our fruit and vegetables, yes they're good for us, but they can be really unhealthy. why you want to make sure you're really washing your produce. >> oh, look your tweets are coming in from all over. we've got one coming in from philadelphia. no snow please.
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>> and this one, so you're seeing all the comments but you're also seeing this. see that map, that map is showing the hot spots, all the places where people are tweeting us. so wherever you are, send us your tweets but we also want to see your area of the city or the area light up. that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for,
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we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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take a look out in old city. everything looks good as the music is going to get you up and motivated. a great transition into talking about someone karen just loves. >> if i need some motivation take a look at tim tebow. reportedly he's thinking about getting into politics. a house seat is opening up in florida and he lives in that district and he is considering running for the position. one communication strategist says he would be a shoe-in for the job if he decides to run. >> good morning, i'm sean bell.
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the flyers were happy to get into the playoffs but it can be a very short-lived one if they don't get it done in game 2. they can't go down two games because the capitals are just too good and we need to talk about what they need to do. >> we try to force things but i expect to settle down a little more in a second game and be more careful, not careful, but be better with the puck. >> you're not going to get a lot of opportunities against this team. they're excellent defensively. but we have to work to generate one or two more opportunities and at the end of the day we find a way to capitalize. >> to basketball, the phillies three-game winning streak comes down to a screeching halt.
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phils loose.
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i don't think i have ever heard this song before. do you know this? >> "when doves fly "?
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>> that's no prince. i know when doves cry. >> did you hear what happened to prince? >> hopefully he's doing okay. getting back to the news of the day, let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories. police are trying to track down two men who they say robbed a college student at gunpoint. it happened last weekend near the intersection of west main street and sought baldy street. the two men hit the victim in the head with a gun and took his backpack. the men got away in a white
7:30 am
volvo. >> this is a mult million complex. >> if you're like me, you haven't followed your taxes yet. it's actually due april 18th, which is monday, not april 15th which was yesterday this year. the reason yesterday was a holiday in washington, d.c. it was emancipation day. tomorrow morning on "good day" we will have tips to help boost your refound. >> weekend wendy says it's time to spruce up your wardrobe for the spring at the city kids consignment sail. it happens every year in the
7:31 am
auditorium in south philadelphia. the hours are 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 this afternoon. the best part is admission is free but you better bring lots of cash because they have kids clothes up to size 12, toys, strollers, all kinds of gear for babies and toddlers and maternity stuff as well. that is happening today. what's the weather dave? >> it looks good you want to get there early because by the afternoon everything has been picked through. things are looking good on ultimate doppler. not much happening here giant hole in the radar. nothing happening underneath this area of high pressure. but this weather pattern is stuck. these storms go to the north and to the south. it's kind of a block that we call this and that means we have more of the same, day after day, with the bright sunshine we'll push it up a few degrees warmer each day, climbing into the sixes, heading for the 70s. today we've got to get above 60. to warm things up right now there's a light breeze, we're at
7:32 am
41 degrees in the city and the temperatures by this afternoon will be into the 60s. just a little cooler down the shore. so those numbers in the 7-day forecast are coming up a little bit later. >> okay. it's time now, as we do every saturday morning, to take you in focus. karen, you've heard of a lumber jack, yes? >> yes. >> have you heard of a lumber jill? >> i have not. >> lumber jill, female wood chooper. >> our photo journalist bill rohr apparently found one. >> not that i try to make them look bad, but i like to make them nervous may be much .
7:33 am
a man lost his toe. it was pretty nasty. i drapd it over and underneath my foot. everything is a little bit dangerous. i try to be careful and when when i'm up there chopping i don't think about it. >> reporter: martha is the world champion in her favorite event her underhand chop and she was picked by the u.s. national team competing all over the world. >> sometimes you get trophies, winning, prize money. >> reporter: her team won the ipt national relay in sidney, australia. i surprise them. it's not a typical sport for a
7:34 am
woman to do but if you love it, why not pursue it? >> whoa. >> i would think there's a sport for everybody. who knew. >> i had no idea there was a national wood chopping team. >> if you're trying to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, listen up. the environmental working group has released its annual list warning consumers about potentially harmful pesticides. pesticide residue was found in about 98% of strawberry samples tested by federal officials. >> just wash your fruit. rounding up the top five are apples. also nectarines, peaches and
7:35 am
celery. >> the cleanest, avocado, corn and pine apple. it makes sense. we needed a study for that? the stuff that's wrapped and you have to cut in to get it, it's probably cleaner. >> do you ever wonder what your significant other could look like as you age over the years? there's a makeup artist showing couples what they can expect in the future.
7:37 am
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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do you ever wonder what your significant other will look like down the road? >> no. but a make-up artist from
7:39 am
brooklyn advanced the clock for three couples. their reactions to each other were recorded. >> that third couple completely didn't mean it. he was like you look good. she looks good too. >> they don't even look old. they look the same with like a wig on. they were asked will you still love each other when you're older and they all said yes. >> they're going home with that person. no, you're busted, i'm out. who's going to do that? >> they put on like the extra
7:40 am
moles and make the ears longer. >> you can see your husband 50 years from now, are you in? >> my husband works hard and i love him. >> he works hard? >> he works out. >> he's earned it. >> of course. absolutely. >> 50 years from now i'll probably long gone. >> i'll be 90. >> that's what my husband said. we're going through a tough thing and he says you're lucky i love those kids. that's what keeps us together. >> i would never say such a thing like that. >> change gears at 7:40. >> there's a murder that prosecutors thought they solved but it's a cold case
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> welcome back. are you familiar with "game of thrones "? >> a lot of good looking people on that show. >> it's an incredibly popular show but it is fictional. >> there is a local restaurant aiming to bring it to reality. mike jerrick says you've got to try it.
7:45 am
>> look at this spread. it's an orgy, well, of food. it's basically a party tomorrow night at 5:00 here at the hotel. so my "game of thrones" expert is sue serio. and also you're the "game of thrones" gal and the food orgy guy is chris murphy. >> why is it such a spread? do they just overeat? >> it's very rustic and medieval. i feel like the mother of dragons. >> did you see this room? what do the flags mean? >> all the different families who are important to the series. >> let's bring in the chef who
7:46 am
put this whole thing together. >> sue told me they don't have utensils on game of thrones, you just dig? >> you would do whatever you would like because it's up to
7:47 am
you. >> is there going to be booze? so dan here is the beverage guy. >> absolutely. and we partnered with a brewery who has done collaboration beers. we're featuring three beers for our dinner. the iron throne. >> does that make sense? >> totally. game of thrones. i get it. enjoy. everything is 99 slars. >> tax, gratuity included as
7:48 am
well. >> mr. eat with your hands and knock down your beer. >> trenton, gorgeous out there. i would like to suggest a 10. >> we do a scale. >> how about a number. >> a 10. >> good choice. >> but look at the gold dome out that there's a little distracting this morning. looking pretty good out there but there's a lot going on this weekend. some things were pose point. this is an event we have coming
7:49 am
in from new jersey. >> the students will put their skills to the test. before they hit the pool, how's the weather? >> sunscreen, yes. you'll need that. temperatures climbing into the 50s and 60. maybe not the 70s yet. here's our scale and we're off to a great section today maybe dropping a little bit tomorrow morning, a little chill in the air. phillies games this weekend. looking pretty good no weather issues there as far as the wind or rain. 30s now. a little chill in the air when you step outside but it's quickly warming up. it might be a little breezy right along the coast. that will keep the temperatures down later today still it looks pretty good. ultimate doppler clear. wider view shows not much happening. there's some rain in the midwest, but here across much of the eastern united states, we are clear. and we do put a number there in
7:50 am
the 7-day forecast. a little cool this morning but look at that temperature monday up to 80 degrees. it will get a little cooler, weather pattern breaks down just a little bit. we can't continue this warming trend. we're back into the 60s. we'll get a little warmer by the end of the week and there's the first chance of rain, not until friday, the end of the week. >> i'll take it. any time you can look down there and see 70s on the scale, i'm good with it. >> pretty much everyone across the globe knows the american flag, right? 13 stripes, 50 stars. >> let me tell you something pretty phenomenal. this one is considerably rarer and would be illegal today. isn't that cool looking? the story behind the flag and the symbolism a philadelphia man tried to invoke. >> and math users, beware, your
7:51 am
computers can be hit by a virus.
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7:53 am
wilmington, delaware looks great.
7:54 am
it's a beautiful day. of course you're doing the right thing starting inside watching "good day philadelphia." it's time to introduce you to one of the fox 29 athletes of the week. we're taking you to delaware county where one field hockey player faces some tough competition on the field. a sibling rivalry is keeping everyone on their toes. >> reporter: it says it all for lacrosse players sisters. >> athletic and determined. >> and she certainly is.
7:55 am
she didn't even think she would make the team. >> on the freshman year i made the freshman team and i made and started all of my high school. no one expected it. >> megan is starting a whole new chapter, her younger sister is trying to live up to her legacy. >> she plays with such grit and intensity that i aspire to be like her when i'm a senior. >> reporter: and even when she's gone megan knows her sister rachel will make her proud. >> i love playing with my sister because we're both competitive and she's always pushing me and i'm pushing her and i'm leaving her next year but i'm sure she'll be a good leader on the team and continue to push everybody to do their best. >> so do you have someone you would like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week? you can post it on our fox 29
7:56 am
facebook page use our hashtag #fox29goodday. >> coming up cold case, new evidence that prosecutors say led them to release the man from prison after being wrongfully convicted of a murder that took place 60 years ago. >> you're traveling to a foreign country, you don't speak the language, we've got help from you. a new invention that travelers came up with that will help you communicate anywhere on the planet. >> or make you look like the biggest dork of all time. >> that's communication as well. >> some of the comments. derrick, thumbs up for the wood chopper girl. >> i agree. >> picture of the sunrise along 295 this morning. it's a beautiful shot. thank you for that. and bigfoot. good morning. look at this. everybody is getting out enjoying themselves, having some fun. all good. we're happy you're sharing it with us.
7:57 am
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro.
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i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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weekend wendy is so excited because it is time for sesame street live. the theme this year is let's dance. so you can get dancing, three different shows today. 10:30 this morning, two this afternoon and 5:30 this afternoon as well. wendy, make sure you tell elmo
8:01 am
that i said hi. >> get outside and enjoy the sunshine. you need coats this morning you have the chill in the air. it was in the 30s, jumped up into the 40s this last hour. these numbers come in every hour and now we are warming up nicely. what will not be in here not only across the philadelphia area, in a huge region where nothing is happen, any type of rain or snow. this is a blocking pattern where storms go north and to the south so we are blocked here. we're right if the middle of a stagnant weather pattern. a few degrees warmer each day. everything starts to change by tuesday or wednesday. we have another day of sunshine and warmer temperatures. 46 right now. another 20 degrees to go should be into the 60s by this afternoon. just a little cooler down the shore with a light breeze out of the northeast at 52 degrees. could we hit 70 or 80 in the 7-day forecast?
8:02 am
i'll show you coming up later. >> we know that one firefighter has been killed, another in serious condition after police say those firefighters were shot while they were making a welfare check. the firefighters were responding to a relative's call expressing concern about the occupant of the house. when no one answered the door firefighters tried to open it and the person inside fired several shots. the shooter is in police custody. officialness japan say at least 32 people have been killed and 1,500 injured after two very powerful earthquakes have shaken the southwest part of that country. now they're worried about heavy rains and possible mud slides. there are so many people who are still buried under the rubble and debris.
8:03 am
the red cross is working to help all of those affected. >> at 8:02, a man is in stable condition after police say he was shot several times overnight in north philadelphia. officers say it happened just fewer hours ago on the 2400 block of germantown avenue. there's no word on any arrests. and the s.w.a.t. team had to be called out to a home overnight. this after a woman barricaded herself inside the home. police say she was pointing a knife at her daughter when officers arrived. the woman wouldn't open the door. eventually the situation was put under control and thankfully no one was hurt. >> philadelphia police officer suffered some minor injuries after a crash. this happened in west philadelphia. police say the air bag did deploy. the officer took her to the hospital as a precaution. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is expected to sign a bill
8:04 am
to legalize medical marijuana tomorrow. this has been more than 18 months since the senate approved a medical marijuana bill back in 2014 and the house has approved the bill by 149-46. the law will make pennsylvania the 24ths state to legalize a medical marijuana program. >> and a 76-year-old man who prosecutors say was wrongly convicted more than half a century ago is now out of jail. another review of the case shows he wasn't there when rudolph dies. he was out of town trying to enlist in the air force. the murder is considered a cold case once again.
8:05 am
>> all the water troubles in flint, michigan. this calls for the replacement of all underground lead service pipes in michigan and utility testing in all schools, day care centers and nursing homes. not just people's houses. he wants to lower the limit for lead in the drinks water to 10 parts per billion. no costs have been set for the changes and it still needs to be approved by the michigan leth sla tour. >> nasa released new video showing activity on the sun. it comes from the earth orbiting solar dynamic observatory. these arches that you're seeing are magnetic fields that tower over the sun's edge. they were colorized in gold in this video. scientists use video like this to learn more about what causes activity on the sun.
8:06 am
philadelphia does need some much needed spring cleaning today. >> love it when everyone gets out there and picks up the stuff and the whole city gets nicer. people are doing that today and jenny joyce is live right now in the strawberry mansion section. >> good morning. and they're getting ready here at 31st and york streets for the spring philly cleanup. here they plan to beautify and repair basketball courts, fix the lights and replace rims. we have video of mayor kenney formally announcing this event. it's happening from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. last year there were more than 14,000 volunteers and roughly 700 cleanup sites city-wide. the hope is the turnout will be just as great if not greater during the year to help revitalize the sections of the city that are in desperate near.
8:07 am
the mayor is expected at this site at about 9:00 a.m. i think you can still sign up. going on from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. citywide and after the cleanup here at this site there will be a community basketball game, karen and bill. >> thank you very much. >> we've been talking about this. it's a video that's been seen millions of times. so many people are talking about it. >> a five-year-old, look at how small he is. being paddled. that's the principal right there. getting out an old wood paddle. the mom gave permission for her son to have that happen. >> the democratic national convention just 100 days away, senator bernie sanders is releasing his tax returns. coming up why he says nothing to see here. my tax returns are boring. but some say not so much. >> and also some of your comments are coming in. good morning. have a good day. going to hit some yard sales.
8:08 am
what a great thing to do. looking for new projects. >> love the yard sales. maybe i'll join him. i have stuff to sell. let's do it.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
welcome back as we take a look out in reading, pennsylvania. a little chilly to start today. everything looks good. we're glad you started your day with us here on "good day philadelphia." fox 29 helping you decide this presidential election year. with the pennsylvania primary a little more than a week away things are starting to heat up in the key stone state. hillary clinton will campaign next week. she will be in town wednesday. the where and when hasn't been announced. clinton will discuss plans to break down the barriers that hold pennsylvanians back. the forms show he and his wife earned about 200 $6,000, most of that money coming from sanders' senate salary. sanders campaign says show he's among the poor members of the senate. he is in rome and met with pope
8:12 am
francis this morning. regardless of how things turn out, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and thousands of other democrats will be in town in exactly 100 days. that's when the democratic national convention will kick off. today organizer are throwing a block party to get people excited about the convention and joining us this morning the ceo of the democratic national convention. welcome back. good to see you. >> thanks for having me back. >> so a hundred days out. >> a hundred days. >> what are we celebrating today? >> in just 100 days democrats and folks from around the world will be coming from philadelphia to help us nominate the 45th president of the united states. we're counting down, we're in the final sprint toward july 25th. >> we had you in before as we were getting set up for things. now with 100 days out, what's in place already, you have the workers you need, you have the volunteers you need, everything is set now or we still need more? >> we still need more.
8:13 am
we've housed delegates we know where they're going to be staying. we need a little over 10,000 and we hope the bulk will come from right here in philadelphia. >> i can help you out. you don't need space for 20,000 members of the media. you need five. if you're interested if you've got time to come on in, sign up and you'll be surprised at the
8:14 am
kinds of things you'll be able to do but it's important folks get involved. >> we're going put that link up on our website. we want our viewers to volunteer as well. this past week we had security concerns, a lot of different areas, not related to the convention, but a lot of different areas that had people asking questions. we can expect protests during the convention. how are we preparing for that? >> the democratic party is the big tent party which means we are the home of diversity and diverse opinion so we welcome people to come and express theptions and to share their thoughts on a variety of issue. of course the convention is a national security event, as is the republican convention as is the super bowl. the secret service takes the lead in the security. we want to make sure everyone is coming can share their thoughts in a safe way. >> the block party, they're going to be partying, it's going
8:15 am
to be music and food and you brought us. >> i brought us a little something. we invite all of philadelphia to come down to the constitution center. we've got folks all over philadelphia, celebrities they were made by whipped bakery right here in philadelphia. >> thank you so much. >> skom on down to the constitution center 1:00 today. come to the block party. >> no cookies for you. >> there's four there. >> i only see three. >> i took note of that. >> international airport if you want to step outside got a flight? don't worry. things are moving along as scheduled. the last two weekends no luck with the rain and the snow, but
8:16 am
today it is perfect. >> good morning, dave and bill and karen and everyone else at fox 29. friday was a spectacular day. what's saturday going to be like? >> bright sunshine, up into the 60s. we'll call it a great day today and we will continue to get warmer. weather pattern not changing much, we earned it though after the last two weekends of rain and snow. we'll quickly warm up into the 50s and 60s. warm up quickly with the sunshine just a little chill in the air this morning.
8:17 am
so just be patient. the next hour or so we'll see that quick warm-up. we will not see any rain or snow out there. the temperatures are down, a little cool but we're a little warmer this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. we've got the ben franklin bridge in the background. temperatures are into the 40s now. 50s in no time. there's just a light breeze. maybe a little stronger breeze closer to the coast but that will be the only issue we have today. we'll go from the 40s to the 50s to the 60s. but if you're out tonight, quick drop. 59 by 8:00. 49 by 11:00. so there's a little chill in the air. the big temperature range from the 60s down into the 40s overnight tonight. by tomorrow the numbers get a little higher. upper 60s, we'll try to get closer to 70 degrees. it is there in the 7-day forecast and maybe even touching 80. i'll show you which day will be the warmest when i come back a little bit later. >> thanks so much. when you run into me and i don't
8:18 am
have my makeup on. sometimes you want to look at the very least presentable. jenn fred has tips. >> if you're a mom you know how this is. you want to look presentable but you don't have any time. >> you know what? i just want to get moisture tint, it's fool proof, you can do it with your hands. a little bit of blush. and lipstick. you always want a colored lipstick. it goes from 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s
8:19 am
and up and every concern is different. in your 30s you start to slowly lose the coloring in your skin. you want to have a quick color to throw on. >> i love it. i like the moisturizer one. it will add some color to your face. here's a question for you that we have now. what's your favorite place to shop for groceries? the new store that's taking the top spot as america's favorite supermarket. find out if it's your favorite place. >> plus apple users, listen up. your computer could now be attacked by a virus. that's been a selling point for
8:20 am
apple for years. when we come back we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your machine and your information safe.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
thank you for joining us. we do appreciate it. it is so beautiful and sunny down the shore.
8:24 am
we always call it maternity leave but that could be a thing of the past because companies are adopting policies that will allow for dads to take a leave as well. >> great idea. starting july 1st mothers and fathers would be eligible for 16 weeks paid time off after the birth or adoption of a child at ernst and young. just the latest in a string of companies changing its policy. facebook, etsy, all recently announced paid family leave for men with netflix offering up to a year of paid family leave for men. new york state passed a gender neutral paid leave law.
8:25 am
>> that's what the standard is. >> it's not a privilege for me to go and not get paid for 12 weeks. it's almost called being unemployed. >> that's what women have been complaining about. thank you. >> i on like the one year paid leave for men. >> there's good news for contact lens weariers. one of the largest companies is drastically dropping its prices. coming up, we'll tell you how you can save some money on your next order. >> plus we all know the american flag. that's not our current american flag. this is so cool and there's so many amazing flags that we're going to tell you some of the symbolism in our area for major
8:26 am
event that is happening today. >> stay tuned. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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8:28 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
8:29 am
>> another child and they said that hey, i guess he missed but
8:30 am
he tried to hit him and he tried to run around the bus line and they were all trying to stop him and he spit on something. >> it is not a crime in georgia to have corporal punishment. the school has a policy for corporal punishment. i know a good way to get kids not to hit. let's hit them. >> temperatures which are into the 40s now. it was off to a chilly start this morning. some areas were down below freezing but warming up nicely with the sunshine. get some of the warmer air to work its way down from the south. this trend continues, rain stays to the west, clearing to the east. high pressure in control. not much changing with this weather pattern we are blocked. so we see more of the same day after day with each day we're
8:31 am
getting just a few degrees warmer. the pattern will start to break down but that's not until wednesday. if you like the sunshine got a few more days of it. right now there's plenty of sun out there. north and west not a bad day there. we'll see if we touch 80 in the 7-day forecast. that is coming up. >> have some bad news for apple users. mac computers can now be attacked by viruses too. this is new because it used to just be pcs that could be attacked. what can you do to protect yourself? let's find out in tech tank. >> apple users, you guys have been bragging for years. guess what, welcome to our club.
8:32 am
earlier this month basically to download illegal software went on their computer apple users need to beware, watch out for the software that you download and free is not always free. reach out to us, and we'll continue the conversation online. >> the united states has a new favorite supermarket. wegmans has been named the top grocery store chain in the country, that's according to market force information's annual grocery industry study. they beat out trader joe's.
8:33 am
>> the philadelphia antique and art show is under way down at the navy yard this morning. >> would it be a problem if i drop this? >> maybe. >> okay. explain why this one is so historic. >> many people don't know that there was no official star pattern for the stars and stripes until 1912. >> wow. >> for most of its history, for the first 135 years there's no official pattern. this design was made by a man named wayne whipple from
8:34 am
philadelphia. >> let's take a look at this flag. lincoln and hamilton. why is it so important? >> these three flags are from the 1860 campaign. when lincoln ran against three others. a northern democrat, a southern democrat and john bell who was an independent and got about 10% of the vote. >> how much do these flags cost? >> this one is $42,000. they're expensive things. the one in the middle is 40 and the one on the end is $28,000. what makes them so valuable because they're so rare or well preserved or a combination?
8:35 am
>> rarity or collectability. in the 19th century you could print on the flag for advertising purposes. i like this one on the end because the star is on the shield. a pentagon with a star below it. and there are some shield and the one in the middle is shield-shaped. if people want to come down, can they actually buy these flags there? >> yes, these are all for sale at the philadelphia antique show. right here at philadelphia at the navy yard 10:00 to 8:00 today and 11:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. thank you for coming in and
8:36 am
bringing these treasures with you here as well. and admission about $20 well worth it and tomorrow from 11:00 to 5:00 and you can check it out today. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> ben franklin parkway area. do you wear contacts? >> i do. >> i got some news for you. dave warren do you wear contacts? >> of course i do. >> it turns out johnson & johnson has dropped its minimum pricing requirements. now, previously that actually set a floor which they would not let discount retailers from selling lenses for less money for whatever that floor levels was. now they say they're going to have a rewards program so patients can use this. so if you buy your lenses from your doctors and not your discount retailers, you could even pay less. >> how do i sign up for this rewards program? >> go to your doctor.
8:40 am
>> there's a fairly low tech way of communicating across the globe in any language. >> those are all icons here. when you don't know how to say what you need, you can just point to the rest room icon. and the shirt was thought up by three people from switzerland who say in their travels who say icons were the only way they could easily communicate. they sell for 30 bucks. >> just wear a t-shirt that says i am a dork tourist. i traveled to germany. i learned how to say "i'm an ignorant american. police forgive me." why don't we use flash cards or
8:41 am
something. you could do that on a card as opposed to wearing a t-shirt. >> carry around a pad and if you don't have the answer, just hold up. >> then you have to write it in german. >> valid point. would you wear a shirt like this after we just trashed it when you travel? you can vote on twitter. you all know it. darth vader, one of the most iconic villains in history. how much would that costume cost for real?
8:42 am
>> if more kids feared being paddled, there would be less people. >> gangs of kids that were attacking people in the streets of west philly. >> love you guys. get out and enjoy this glorious weekend. we plan to. going right up the street to the block party right after the show. we will see you there.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
this is when i point out that i haven't seen that shot before and you tell me it's the camera that just zoomed in. we show it every single week. jaky robinson broke the color barrier in baseball back on april 15, 1947. 60 years later the phillies marking the milestone. >> let's keep the sports talk going. the flyers getting set for game
8:46 am
2 tonight. the team fell to the capitals 2-0 but they're hoping to tie the series tonight in dc. this is going to be tough. joining us this morning, sean brace. >> we went to win it for ed to win one for ed. >> they looked like they had a shot to win. they were in it. >> first period. there was three power plays. you felt like the momentum right there started gaining some speed for the capitals. the confidence factor, the home ice. as well as not miss this. the refs they were really slanted towards the capitals. but that's what comes with home ice. they need to win today. they have to win today. the series is over if they don't. possibly.
8:47 am
>> let's talk about our fighting phils for a second. >> we saturday here last saturday and i said it's going to be a long one guys and you get this starting pitching out of now where. how about vinny from philly. 16 strikeouts. that's probably going to be the best pitching performance this year in p major league baseball. it looks like they're going to be an exciting team. we don't expect them to compete but it does look like we could have some fun following a team that plays hard and works hard. >> you want to be entertained on the field. but the people that are really die-hards, they want to dig deep. they look at the decisions that the general manager is making right now.
8:48 am
there's certain things you've got to look at. you've got to look at next year. it's going to be a tough season but you want to be entertained as long as you get starting pitching. >> it's a nice day to go to the ballpark. you go out and enjoy a nice day. how many games are they going to win this year? >> i'll go 70-plus. i'll go 74, 75. why not. you never know. >> we'll mark it down. >> eagles draft right around the corner. april 28th, thursday. watch out now. the general manager from the titans came out this week and said that the eagles were trying to get the number one overall pick which means a quarterback. >> and number two now is possible. >> absolutely it is. the rumors are howard eskin saying -- i believe goff should
8:49 am
still be there at 2. who knows. exciting time in philadelphia sports. >> all the women are who's better looking. >> one's from california and one's from north dakota. >> save me from the attractive quarterback talk. >> that would be attractive weatherman talk. myself transition. pocono mountains, beautiful shot there this morning. the clear blue sky that we have. from the poconos we are talking about the weather down the shore there's a lot happening this weekend. here's an event from ocean city. >> hi everybody at fox 29 good day. i'm martin and we're getting ready for the annual doodah parade at noon saturday in ocean city, new jersey. it looks like we'll have sun.
8:50 am
but i want to know we're looking cool and windy at the shore for the parade. >> that was a very animated. >> i love the doo-dah parade. it's a classic. >> we love it. >> today is a great day to go down there. one little issue is the winds. maybe about 20 miles per hour out of the northeast. could continue to gust a little higher maybe and that will make it just a little cooler along the coast. temperatures are into the upper 40s but dropped into the 30s this morning but we see a nice warming-up happening thanks to the sunshine. we get a warm up to the south where it is chilly in atlantic city. we're headed for the 50s today. ultimate doppler is clear. a warmer afternoon and we have plenty of sunshine.
8:51 am
this weather pattern will continue today so we'll start with temperatures which are into the 40s. we're headed for the 60s today. got a 20-degree jump from where we are right now to 66. 72 up to 80 on sunday and monday it gets a little cooler on tuesday and wednesday. the pattern starts to break down just a little bit. we'll bring in a few more clouds on thursday and we are at 70 on friday with a little bit of rain back in the forecast on day number 7. bill and karen? >> thank you very much. i see 80s, i see 70s. i love it. he's one of the most iconic villains in history. if darth vader was spending money in a galaxy far, far away, it's a pretty hefty bill. >> how much would it cost to the empire. the website tried to figure it out. >> let's start off with the arms and legs, those are going to run about $180,000. but they're going to come with
8:52 am
maintenance and medical bills, about $5.4 million over his lifetime just for maintenance. >> and the voice, bill, do it. [ breathing ] >> obviously there's some kind of voice changing technology there. that will cost you about a thousand bucks. and that breathing apparatus, 45 grand. >> i could do it for free. his vision provides augmented reality. that's 600 grand. but the big cost the suit. nasa space suits cost $12 million. all told darth vader's suit costs more than $18 million. wow. >> reporter: time for today's around the house. >> you're working on another project, you're making another baby. this is baby hudson's room. you put it together in a week on a budget. what did you do? >> what didn't we do.
8:53 am
first we started with the walls. an easy way to update your home is to put a coat of paint on the walls. we chose white to brighten it up. and we actually chose to do a mural. we took wallpaper as inspiration for cheaper, on a budget, more friendly way. i painted it myself. i made the stencils and anyone could do this. >> instead of doing mexican i chose more of an aztec feeling which can go hand in hand without all the bright colors. i wanted to do the aztec theme because it's so in right now and you can get so many pieces everywhere if you're doing a statement piece or simply buying cactuses from your local stores, hardware stores. >> i like this piece of
8:54 am
furniture. you just had a regular piece of furniture. what did you do with it? >> it wasn't finished at all. so we bought some stain of our preference, we chose gray. and also it's a pretty hot color nowadays. we painted up and we made a pattern, an aztec pattern using geometric shapes and then added some knobs and we made it super fun. >> i wouldn't think to do black and white for a kids' room. >> exactly. i always tend to do things a little more edgier when it comes to myself. also my husband is a taurus so i wanted to incorporate the whole bull slash cow feeling. >> what do you think it cost to put together something like in? >> $800 to $1,000. pretty much everything was diy.
8:55 am
the only thing we spent a little money on was the shelves. >> amazing things. if you want more information about your work we'll put it right there on our website and you can tweet us your home ideas. use our hashtag #fox29goodday. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:56 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people.
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american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. >> thank you for spending your
8:58 am
saturday morning with us. let's go flyers!
8:59 am
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alex: coming next, helping rescued animals find a new home. it's a learning experience for all ages. and helping a sick reptile. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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