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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> mike: glover changed everything after the phil davis fight. training in his hometown of danbury, connecticut. >> joe: outstanding performance by davis and disappointing for glover. completely controlled by davis. but one of the best performances of his career. >> mike: glover said he was travelling around looking for different places. obviously spent a lot of time at the pit. now he's comfortable with his team n., looking for the victory over rashad. >> joe: the left hand, then the right. >> mike: this is our main event. glover teixeira in the dark trunks, rashad evans in the white trunks. xwoold to have you here -- good to have you here on fox. >> joe: the question is whether rashad chooses to take glover to the ground, trying to land a big shot on his feet. swung and missed, big right
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hand. like the one that knocked godell out. >> mike: the signature moment of evans' career, even considering that he defeated to become the champ. movement, athleticism. and rashard, he got that. >> joe: that's it! >> mike: it's all over just like that. glover teixeira, wow! >> joe: wow. >> mike: his 20th first round finish. >> joe: one of the things that we have said, rashad isn't sure what happened. he just said what happened, what did i get hit with. herb dean told him he got hit with a punch. perfectly placed shot. glover has that kind of power.
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the ability to u789 shu the lights out with one shot. take a look at it, move of the fight, sponsored by metropcs. the left. >> joe: a perfectly placed left hook. he was stunned before that. then he gets tagged again and goes out. herb dean rescued him. look at it again. here, boom, that left hand, boom, then the right, that's it. bam, right on the chin. >> joe: i mean glover has brutal knockout power. you talk to john hackleman he said he never had anybody hit pads harder than glover teixeira. he said it hurts you through the pads. >> mike: glover teixeira, first round knockout. we will be back after these messages.
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oh why am i a fan of applebee's fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo. woah. mind blown. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. >> mike: knockout, teixeira, 25ed career win. to make it official, bruce buffer. >> ladies and gentlemen, herb dean called a stop to the contest at 1:48 of the very
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first round. to claim the winner by knockout, glover teixeira! [cheers and applause] >> joe: with the winner, glover teixeira, congratulations on a spectacular first round knockout. what did you expect coming in to the fight? was there anything unexpected about your performance? >> i expect rashad coming in, i want to thank him for the opportunity, i mean this fight was like, a special fight, he ak epted the five rounds of the fight. i'm glad, i'm here to fight. i fight three rounds, i fight five rounds, i fight to finish. no time limit, i'm a fighter, i don't care. >> joe: you caught him with a beautiful left hand, you caught him with a couple of shots before that but this was the big one right on the point of the chin.
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you are known for your murderous power. it was evidenced right there. >> you know, man, i go to the guys, i go finish. this fight is five rounds. i didn't want to come over here and step into foot work. my way is fight to finish. take care of business, like mike tyson. just have to keep going. i know i hurt him with the left hand, i feel my hand is going to be sore. i didn't know it was a left hook. >> joe: this is three big wins in a row for you. and moves you to the very top of the heap. ovince st. preux fighting jon jones and cormier waiting in the wings. give us your thought about where you fipt in the big picture? >> i fit at the top. i mean, rambo johnson, he's waited around for jones and cormier. he don't want to white around. -- don't want to wait around.
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let's dance, let's make some money. >> joe: sounds like a fantastic fight. look forward to seeing you soon. >> listen, i have a lot of respect for rambo johnson. but we're here to do business, let's do business. >> joe: i like how you say it. glover teixeira. >> mike: congratulations to the brazilian, glover teixeira. chris, brian and dominic will take us home right here on fox. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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why am i a fan fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo. woah. mind blown. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. >> what a finish to fox ufc fight night. welcome back here inside the arena. you guys, take a look at the main event. i think a lot of people thought that teixeira could win this fight.
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but this quickly with that big knockout, did hah surprise you? >> i can't say it surprised me, he hah that kind of power. but i saw more of a war, going 3 or 4 rounds. glover teixeira, he has massive hands. when you shake them, feels like you're shaking the hands of a big brick. when you have power like that, this can happen at any given fight. like i said earlier, he just seems to get a little better each and every fight. specifically not just his offense, though, his defense. he's harder to hit and harder to take down. that's the key to his continued progression in the light heavy weight division. >> 25 victories, 23 come with finishes, only the second time evans has ever been finished. once by machida in 2009, first time he has been finished in the first round. great night for glover teixeira. what stood out for you on the entire card? >> for me it was khabib nurmagomedov. a lot of peep same he didn't
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face tony ferguson, but only one loss on his record, not on the ufc card, he isn't known, but he controlled the position. all after a two-year layoff, not an easy path. you have to take that into account how hard that is. he did it and he did it with flying colors. >> you were impressed with nurmagomedov, you were impressed with teixeira, light heavyweight. next week we'll see another premium light heavyweight contest for a title. >> jon jones. >> he's the best pound for pound fighter in the sport. >> a legend. >> the guys thought i was trying to get a pass. >> on a new level. ♪ i'm on a new level. ♪ i'm on a new level. ♪
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>> jon jones returns to the octagon next week. ufc fight night post show returns to fs1 right now. tune over there for a recap of this evening's action. coming up on fox, late local news everywhere except the west coast. for brian, dominic and the rest of the ufc fight night crowd, i'm kurt menafeee, so long.
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♪ >> coming up next shot is fired a4-year-old girl is dead. who police say pulled the trigger. plus weather gets warmer clothes get stim eighty three. the warning 1da has for women. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds.
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♪ happening right now, tragedy strikes in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. a four-year-old little girl is dead after being shot this afternoon. it appears the shooting was accidental. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. police just releasing new information about who pulled the trigger. let's get straight out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose who has been in kensington since this story broke. heartbreaking, sabina. >> reporter: absolutely, dawn. police are confirming this little girl's five-year-old brother who pulled the trigger and they're saying that the gun belonged to the mother's boyfriend.
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>> crystal gutted by grieve hearing her godson's four-year-old sister was shot to death inside family's kensington home saturday afternoon. >> she was just and outgoing little girl. she just wanted -- she loved barbie dolls, coloring. >> reporter: crime scene investigators and homicide detectives collect evidence at the row home on the 200 block of east mayfield street. they tell fox 29 a 20-year-old father and his five-year-old son were visiting the home when the five-year-old somehow got a hold of a loaded gun. shooting the four-year-old once in the chest. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the girl came from a big family. one of seven kids. her mom and dad were very protective. >> want to bring kids out? new york i'm not bringing these kids out here with all these trouble f he ain't watching them she is.
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>> the father of the little boy took his scene and left the seen minutes after it happened. authorities did recover a weapon at the scene. neighbors say the girl's mother and pre teen sister left the house with police. >> they just took her out and she didn't look good. she was a sweet loving little girl. she was full of life. >> reporter: and tonight we are with holding the identity of this little girl until police release it. so far no arrests have been made and we're told no one is in custody. dawn, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. we're following breaking news out of camden county. flames shooting out of an apartment building along the 200 block of west branch avenue this is in pine hill at the mansion apartments. you can see the flames there. a viewer shared this video of firefighters on the scene trying to get the flames under control. crews arriving on the scene just after 9:30 and as you can see, from this video, still fighting the fire. no word if anyone has been hurt. meanwhile, in west kensington, a somber memorial
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service is held for two-year-old who was killed in the hit-and-run crash a year ago. the family of david alicia released balloons in his honor tonight. back on april 13th of last year the boy and his mother were hit trying to crash mascher street. the mom survived and the driver was arrested and charged five months later. police are looking for a gunman who shot a man several times on a north philadelphia street. it happened along the 2400 block of germantown avenue early this morning. police say the 23-year-old victim was shot all over his body. police rushed the man to the hospital after responding to the scene. the victim is in stable condition and no arrests have been made. it was an absolutely perfect day to get outside and get started on those spring chores or splash in the water at dilworth park. either way lots of people out and about enjoying this gorgeous day. temperatures are still in the 60s to night as we take live look at wilmington, delaware, and more good news on the way.
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meteorologist mass mike masco in tonight to fill us in. mike? >> let keep this going. 70 degrees in parts of the delaware valley. we were just a shade below that. 67 in town. much cooler along the jersey shore front. 57 degrees in wildwood, dover at 63. temperatures right now at 10:00 o'clock are into the 50's in most spots feeling really good out there. a little cooler along the atlantic city boardwalk, and this is an area as you get into the pine barrens of new jersey where we could see and pick up a little patchy frost from the lehigh valley right down into central and south jersey watch out for some of that patchy frost bring in some of the tender vegetation the overnight hours. otherwise all about this area of high pressure that is going to lock in the sun for tomorrow. beautiful tomorrow morning, 48 degrees. pushing 60 at lunch time. call it perfect at 4:00 o'clock. a shade below 70. one caveat along the new jersey coastline, we can be talking about temperatures into the 50s. little bit cooler. do you like the warmth? do you like the heat? we're going to bring you 80 degrees let you
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know when coming up in just a little bit. dawn. >> sounds good to me, thanks. developing to night in ecuador a powerful earthquake strikes that country 7.8 shaking the central coast of the nation. buildings and homes rattled as far away as the capital city. at least one overpass collapsed in the affected areas so far no reports of any deaths. closer to home a police officer is okay tonight after a car accident in west philadelphia. it happened this morning on wyalusing avenue the officer was actually injured when his air bag deployed but his injuries are not serious. officials say the officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. well, 35 exotic parrots are removed from bucks county home today acting on a tip spca agents used a warrant to get no a home in kitnersville described as unsanitary. officials say the birds were found in breeding pairs. they're now being cared for by
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the spca in quakertown. officials are requesting bird supplies such as perches and monetary donations to help care for those parrots. it was a hockey night in philadelphia and in honor of the play off game the south street bridge as you can see right here all lit up in orange for the flyers. the display including special let's go flyers graphics that move across the bridge. well the flyers were looking for a little pay back tonight in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. the flyers lost on thursday to the washington capitals two to nothing. tonight they hope to tie the series before returning home to the wells fargo center on mond monday. and sean bell is in the newsroom with more on the big game and how it went, sean. >> dawn, it's already desperation mode for the flyers. you can't go down two games to the capitals. they're too good, too talented too great to come back from an zero-two hole plus you don't have home ice. you have to get one in washington yesterday they talk about taking advantage of the few chances they got.
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tonight they didn't really get many. second period power play for the capitals. nicholas, look at this, you can't leave the best player in the game. that wide open. he cashes in. the caps three-one lead. washington takes care of home home wins four-one. a two-zero series leave. the flyers have to come back home, regroup and within two games. game three on monday. more on this game plus the phillies taking on the nationals. >> everyone was rooterring for the flyers including lucy here the one-year-old was baptized earlier today wearing her orange flyers jersey. clearly she was born to be a broad street bully. love it. you decide, ted cruz picks up a victory out west. meanwhile vermont senator basketballs gets a key meeting at the vatican.
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fox's mike emmanuel as the latest tonight from the campaign trail. >> reporter: ted cruz does not like you and he does not like new york. >> he's also in third place. >> strong words from donald trump today as he stumps hard in his home state of new york. trump is rejecting the talk of contested convention saying he's the only candidate who can walk away with the nomination. >> he no longer has a road to the nomination. he will no longer after this weekend. i'm sorry, folks, you only got trump. >> kasich is the other other republican in new york today and picked up a key endorsement from nevada governor criss-crossing the state hoping to pick up as many delegates as possible. >> i think we'll have momentum coming out of new york. >> on the democratic side of the aisle hillary clinton is in california today stomping at a college after a fundraiser and turning her sights on the republican candidates. >> everything i will do as your president is exactly the opposite of what they say and
10:22 pm
how they treat people and what they want to see happen in our country. >> reporter: meanwhile bernie sanders picked up 15 more delegates from colorado today. he's back in new york after wrapping up a trip to the vatican that include add brief private meeting with pope francis this morning. >> seeing him up close was a wonderful experience. it was just an honor to speak to him for little while. >> ted cruz the the only candidate to stump in why only dag winning all 14 delegates at stake here. >> we're in all likelihood going to have a battle in cleveland to determine if the nominee is. if we come together and unite we'll win this nomination. >> today' victory for cruz comes on the heels of his win last weekend in colorado doing much better than donald trump who struggled out here in the west. in casper, wyoming, mike emmanuel, fox news. top democratic party officials are focused on final preparations ahead of party's convention this summer in philadelphia. national party leaders johning mayor kenney and former mayor ed
10:23 pm
rendell to mark the final 100 days before the big event. mayor says the city knows how to be a successful host. >> we had the pope here last year. so we've had a really large scale event much larger than what is expected in july. even though i am lasalle alum, um, we have three days to plan the villanova parade and brought 60,000 people to downtown. >> the democratic national convention is july 25th through the 28th at the convention center. caught on camera, a man getting out of his car when a massive tree falls swallowing him up and his car. the out come of this story might surprise you. the warmer weather means more revealing clothing. what one district attorney wants all women to be aware the next time they go out with skirts. plus, in a race against time. a local teenager in desperate need of a life-saving transpla
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transplant. the surprise hero who stepped forward and the beautiful way he let her know that they were a perfect match. ♪ that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs.
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just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ we are just about two weeks away from the pennsylvania primary, and bernie sanders campaign were trying sure up support for the democrats today in callowhill neighbor. congressman held the event to specifically address veterans issues. it was a perfect day to do a little spring cleaning. mayor jim kenney and philadelphia streets department getting in on the action today. they rolled up their sleeves for
10:26 pm
the ninth annual philly subpoenaing clue clean up and jennifer joyce was there for all the fun. >> we don't have that we'll try to get you that story. dozens of people seeing that video marching through philadelphia today to stop the violence. commissioner ross joined the group one day at a time on the march to city hall. the group says its notion work together with police to show people they care. there was a hacker thon in camden. help works in partner partnered to work on ways for camden no non-profits to better utilize technology through the use of hands on workshops. a 28-year-old delaware county man about to give his
10:27 pm
teenaged cousin a gift that will change her life forever. tonight why this young man says he feels it was destiny. ♪ >> i remember very clear. >> kate moran knew this day would eventually come her 16-year-old daughter day lee is in kidney failure and leaves a life saving transplant. doctors giving the family the bad news last august. >> it was scary. >> her kidneys have been function at 30% since she was a child. she was diagnosed at 10 days old with a metabolic disorder mma. her body lacks an enzyme that breaks down proteins and fats which can result in organ failure or death. >> children with this disease it, um, did affect any of the their organs. for kay'lee it was her kidneys. >> she fed a special formula through g tube three times a day to make sure she's getting the proper nutrients. she's often tired, nauseous and has no appetite but always been
10:28 pm
upbeat. she says the news she needed a kidney broke her emotionally and she couldn't help but think the worst. >> when i first find out i was very scared. if we don't find a donor. what if this happens, what if we wait too long. like worrying about what if, what if, what if. >> her mom and dad decided to send out an e-mail to close family and friends asking if anyone would consider being a donor. acknowledged it's a huge decision and one which would save kay'lee's life. the response was overwhelming. >> i was wondering in the back of my head what if -- will i be able to help out. >> meet her 28-year-old cousin michael. he needly filled out the donor form to see if he might be possibly be in the a match. >> i fill out when i -- felt like when i fill out the paper work originally it was going to be me. >> six weeks later michael got the phone call and the news that he knew that his heart he was a
10:29 pm
match. it was a few days before christmas so on christmas eve morning michael gave kay'lee a christmas present she'll never forget. >> i found a teddy bear that actually said it's a kidney on it. so i wrapped that up way little card. >> christmas card said merry christmas, i'm your match. love michael. >> a lot of emotions. i was overwhelmed. i was excited. >> she can now look forward to being like other 16-year-olds. >> being able to like be a normal kid. >> michael comes from big supportive family. he's the youngest of six and his brothers and sister couldn't be prouder. >> he's truly one of the nicest people and i think what he's doing is one of the nicest things anyone could do for someone else. >> her family couldn't agree more. >> $3,360. >> it means that kay'lee will be able to live in a way she has never known. there are no adequate words to
10:30 pm
tell him just how grateful i am. how much it means to me that he's done this. >> kay'lee loves michael with all her heart. he's not only her cousin, he's her angel her hero. >> like a treasure almost. >> i don't think too much of it i kind of feel like kay'lee needed something to stay alive. i have had that something. i don't need it. why not give it to her. >> the gift of life that will connect kay'lee and her cousin kay'lee is very blessed to have a part of him in her. not only his kidney but his goodness. >> the transplant surgery was scheduled for this tuesday at children's hospital of philadelphia but unfortunately it had to be postponed for some unforeseen medical reasons. we will keep kay'lee and michael in our prayers. fox 29 is a proud sponsor of the 21st annual gift of life donor
10:31 pm
dash tomorrow at the philadelphia art museum. her family has a team called cousins strong and they've raised $5,000 already. i will be at the walk tomorrow as well as a whole crew from fox 29 hope to see you there. well, it is never a good idea to sleep on the job especially when you work around airplanes. wait until you hear where one fed ex employee recently awoke to find himself. the list of performers canceling shows in north carolina over the highly contentious bathroom bill continues to grow. who is the latest to say no to performing in that state. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. brought to you bytitude escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville. paradise could be yours in an instant.
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keep on scratchin' ♪ one firefighter is dead and another in critical condition after they were shot while makinmaking a welfare check in maryland. the two firefighters were called to a home in a washington, d.c. suburb when they arrived friday evening the homeowner didn't an the door. they forced their way in to help and that's when police say the homeowner opened fire hitting the two firefighters and the person who made the call. the firefighter who was killed was a 13-year veteran of the department. >> the people of prince george's county and let them know that we lost another one of our brave firefighters doing what they do every day. >> police say the man accused of firing those shots is apparently cooperating with authorities. in miami police find two
10:35 pm
small children in an apartment left in deplorable conditions. place was covered in trash and human waste. police say the mother who had been severely beaten ran out of the apartment to flag down an officer. as police looked for the man who beat her that's when they discover the children. >> the neighbors over here told us that the door was completely locked when they found them. >> how did they know they were in there. >> they heard them screaming. >> the apartment building has no power or water and was being gutted ahead of its demolition next week. investigation is now underway into why the family was in the unit in the first place. another entertainment act is boycotting performing in north carolina because of the state's new law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their birth certificates. circ-du-soleil says it is canceling shows in greensboro, charlotte and raleigh over the state's law. but it says is discriminatory. they are the latest group to
10:36 pm
take a stance against north carolina's house bill two. circ-du-soleil calls the move quote a regression to ensuring human rights for all. former beatles drummer ringo star and rock star bruce springsteen also have canceled concerts there in protest. gone are the days of false bottom suitcases. the great lengths drug smugglers are going to sneak drug into the country. >> she found her daughter's lifeless battle. >> mike? >> pretty mild across the east coast at this hour but look at the warmth building back across the south and to the west. i'm meteorologist mike masco we got a great stretch of weather and flirting with 80 degrees. we'll have those details coming up.
10:37 pm
this change in attitude brought to you by escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville. paradise could be yours in an instant. keep on scratchin'
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ >> happening right now at 10:30-a4-year-old little girl is dead after police say she was shot by her five-year-old brother this afternoon. the tragedy happened in kensington row home on may feel street. police say the gun belonged to the mother's boyfriend and officers are still looking for that man. u.s. customs and border protection officers are waging a deadly battle against drug mules trying to conceal their illicit cargo. fox's laura inn gill with the story for us. >> here at jfk we see everything. >> reporter: illegal drugs stuffed in suitcase walls cocaine filled handrails inside the suitcases. even pressed between the cardboard and cover of children's books. at new york's jfk airport, where they've seen up tick in smuggling this customs agents say they've just about scene it all. >> has anything surprised you? >> a number of things that have surprised me. individuals who have surgically implanted narcotic noose their bodies.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: us customs and border protection ages say it's a constant game of cat and mouse looking for illegal contraband. pots and pans, pastries and other food items have been the vehicles of drug smugglers lately. over 14 million passengers come through jfk's terminals every year making it one of the highest volume hubs in the nation. >> jfk receives direct flights from every part of the world. sets us a part from all the other international airports in the united states. >> reporter: craig chief of customs enforcement at jfk says agents use a multi layered process to catch illegal activity every day. >> what we're looking for is a needle in had haystack. we'll beginning by looking anomalies in travel. >> reporter: the screening process are international passengers actually begins 72 hours before they board a flight. u.s. customs and border protect officers given information on where passenger begins their trip, how many stops they make, and how the ticket was paid for.
10:42 pm
anyone of those things could trigger questioning and a search here at jfk. from the immigration booth to baggage claim to passenger analysis unit units and enforcet teams are positioned to move in on any suspicious activity any time. >> you can try but sooner or later we're going to get you. >> reporter: in new york, laura ingle, fox news. taking live look at allentown tonight. still feeling pretty good after out absolutely gorgeous day and the forecast only gets better, mike masco here to tell us more about this. >> we hit the jackpot with this. allentown actually hit 70 today. >> wow. >> i think a lot of places will go for 70 but if you're watching us down the shore -- >> little colder. >> what are you talking about it's freezing down here. we'll do it again. 50's once again. i'll talk more about that in a second. beautiful shot downtown hanging on to 54 degrees. nice calm wind. central pressure up at 30-inches that's an indication of fair weather beautiful weather with great visibility out there.
10:43 pm
so it's a stunning sunday that's what we're advertising across the delaware valley. it is cooler along our shore front and then we're also going to be pushing 80 degrees as we get into monday. 44 in town. 40s north and west and now as you get down towards new jersey and the pine barrens falling back into the low 40s. pottstown downingtown 48 degrees another spot that could pick up some patchy frost for the overnight hours this is going to be through sunday morning so if you do have tender vegetation out bring it in or throw a blanket on it as we can see temperatures falling back into the 30s. meanwhile high pressure in control that is going to lock in a lot of sunshine. big storms as you get into texas traveling towards dallas just know that you are going to to check with your carrier because there is rough weather and denver picking up snow. so all the nasty weather well out towards the west. otherwise high pressure, low pressure across the central atlantic. that is going to bring in northeasterly wind flow so again
10:44 pm
along our shore points we will be advertising 50s. 52, 55 degrees. that will be a cool common number along the beach while you go inland around 20, 30 miles it will get into the upper 60s to around 70. so tomorrow morning is looking good. 30s and 40 toss quickly to 70 degrees again caveat along the shore points and look what happens by monday. pushing 80 degrees forecasting 80 on the nose at the airport and even the beaches will get into some nice warmth. forecast for tonight, 42 in the city. 30s in the suburbs. clear and cool with patchy frost that's north and west even into the pine barrens of new jersey. 69 around 70 degrees it's going to be beautiful day. cooler along the shore points look at the seven day forecast. sunny and mild we go from 69 to 80 degrees. could be a sprinkle by tuesday. that will basically take temperatures down. go from 80 to 72. tad cooler on wednesday. but one thing the temperatures just, they don't go back down
10:45 pm
last saturday wind chill and snow. i don't think we'll see that again until next year. >> good. we're holding to you that, mike. >> knock on some wood. >> all right. thanks, mike. it was a pefect day to do a little spring cleaning. mayor jim kenney and philadelphia streets department getting in on the action they rolled up that you are sleeves for the ninth annual philly spring cleanup and our jennifer joyce was there. >> reporter: littering the ground block after block reason enough for 63-year-old robert to pick up a shovel and partake in the city's ninth annual philly spring clean up. >> somebody owns this property but they don't come and attend to their property. >> reporter: he's the only volunteer on this north philadelphia street but citywide more than 900 locations thousands of people who care about their neighborhoods are getting their hands dirty to beautify their block. philadelphia police officers included. out with the old, lacing up
10:46 pm
brand new nets at these recently revitalized basketball courts at 31st and york streets in strawberry mansion. mayor jim can't ooh stopped by to applaud the projects many which are happening in one under served neighborhoods. >> it shouldn't matter what your neighbors look like or what the opportunities are. >> 8 million piles of trash more work needs to be done for the strawberry mansion phil cleanup day is a family affair. >> mom rosland says she and her husband get involved every year. >> this is our dumping ground. >> reporter: it's important for their children to pitch in. >> it's important for them to know to keep their neighborhood clean and be proud of where you are and where you live at. >> reporter: she says it feels good to help transform abandoned breeding ground for garbage into good looking green space. >> i like to live in a nice place just like anybody else. no matter where i live whether it's here in the suburbs or
10:47 pm
wherever i want it to be clean and nice and look good. >> reporter: picking it up throwing it out person by person broom by broom to make these city neighborhoods nice sr. for families, brighter community, to call home. in strawberry mansion, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. the only thing keeping her daughter alive to save her unborn baby. >> the paper is unheard of it's a pain i don't think i've ever imagined. >> how local woman two week battle with heroin changed her baby's life. don't let dust and allergies get between you
10:48 pm
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. ♪ a local mom says heroin tour their family apart when they are daughter's secret turned to trap gee. she's now left to raise the children her daughter left behind. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the emotional story of a mother kept alive after overdosing all to try and save her unborn child. ♪ >> i was a sappy person. i cried at stupid things on the regular. now i cried at even stupid eighty three things. >> life as dory porter knew a year ago has been turned upside
10:51 pm
down. >> i became a single parent of three small children all of a sudden. >> reporter: meet her grandchildren, four-year-old, a three-year-old and the youngest eight months old. she has custody and is raising them with the help of her 16-year-old daughter. >> the weakest thing is sleep. i don't get any. >> reporter: dory emotional roller coaster doesn't quite explain it. it's more like a whirlwind tragic events that begin with her old defendant daughter raven the children's mother. >> she was a mother who was embraced her children. >> on january 26th of last year raven stopped breathing. she would spend the following five months on live support because she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. >> the baby became the patient. my daughter was nothing more than a vessel to keep her there. >> reporter: dory recalls that snowy january night in the
10:52 pm
easton home they all shared. raven went into the bathroom after getting her children ready for bed but she never came out. >> i said what are you doing, camping out in there? >> there was no response. i popped the lock on the door and when i opened the door she was sitting on the toilet and she was not breathing. >> reporter: the paramedic arrived and moved her daughter's lifeless body and ugly secret was revealed. >> i was shocked. i had no clue. >> reporter: they found heroin packets. at five months pregnant, raven had used and overdose the on heroin. >> i was shocked. i really was. >> reporter: but then dory begins to tell me her daughter had a history of drug use but not heroin she says. and not when she was pregnant with her first two children. >> at 15 it was just smoking weed as far as i know. >> reporter: she says eventua eventually herl daughter progressed to pills xanax,
10:53 pm
percocet and others. >> this was her normal, healthy. then this one over here with both of the kids that's her using. >> reporter: the pills dory says were raven's biggest battle. >> taking pills and was sleeping through the night. the kids could build a house on top of her before she woke up. >> looking at pictures of her daughter she recalls how raven would somehow manage to always get back on track. >> she was two weeks away from get are her ged. >> reporter: dory believes when raven overdosed she had just started you're heroin. a few months prior she served jail time for stealing gyre when she last replaced. >> she was also going for a break. >> she used heroin two weeks rocks from what i can gather. she was on parole. she was having drug tests. right before christmas the baby's father, said he was leaving. he was going to start seeing his
10:54 pm
other children's mother. i knew. i knew that that was a trigger. >> reporter: again, dory started looking for signs. >> i didn't see any. i thought, oh, maybe we are past, you know, maybe we're getting through this. >> reporter: but she was wrong and this time it wasn't pills raven turned to but heroin. >> i truly don't think that she set out to harm her child. >> reporter: raven was kept alive on live support for months at lehigh valley hospital until doctors delivered the baby by c second. >> the baby was supposed to be delivered june 12th. they deliver the baby june 9t june 9th. her body was starting to be distressed. she had developed a staff infection. they were worried that that would be passed to the baby. she had started to spike a fever, possible pneumonia and at that point they felt it was best
10:55 pm
to deliver the baby. >> this is the baby today and adorable eight month old and miracle baby but her tiny body is now forced to battle addiction. >> she was born addicted not to her row went because it had been so long the heroin obviously was out of the her system but she was addicted to phenobarbital and the dye as is he pram that used to control her seizures when she on live support. she had to go through methadone and adderall to go through the withdrawal from that. >> doctors say the mri showed a perfectly normal looking brain but dory feels her granddaughter in some ways may be developmentally delayed. >> still worry about if there's any damage. >> reporter: the neck thing she did was say goodbye to her daughter raven was taken off life support june 11th. two days after her baby girl was born. >> the neurologist at lehigh valley said, she's there and you
10:56 pm
have -- you can see her and he said but the best way to describe it her internal life isn't there any more. >> reporter: family and friends held a vigil for raven but for dory there was no time to grieve. she now had three young children to care for. and a 16-year-old of her own whose life would also change forever. >> i was kind of like i don't tie to socialize. with three kids my mom is zen gel mom typically. >> robbed of being a typical teen she's consumed with worry about her mom and her nieces and nephew who she helps with all the week. she's alone with them on weekends wielder row works two, 16 hour days. >> i worry about her stress, her health. i worry about the kids growing up and having like a terrible feeling about their mother because of her decisions. >> reporter: and then there's
10:57 pm
the emotional weight of the loss of her older sister who she loved and desperately wanted to get better. but in an odd way, she says the children have become her comfort filling the void of raven. >> zia. >> yes. >> what happened? >> at first i did not want to do this at all but now i couldn't really see my live without them. >> reporter: her tears tell the tragic tale of heroin ends more life than the ones who uses it dory says it's strong enough to cut through a mother's live and protect of her children. but wants others to know heroin had taken over the person her daughter really was. >> biggest thing i've heard from so many families, if she loved her kids, she'll stop. that is not a logical sentence for an addiction. it's not. they can have all the love in
10:58 pm
the world. what it does to your family is unheard of. it's a pain that i don't think i ever imagine. >> reporter: in easton, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. those children have their grant mother fortunately and their i wasn't. if you know if someone dealing with addiction we have emery sources on our website. you can find a link to a gofundme page for raven's children just head to for a list. in new york city authorities are warning women about creeps who look under women's skirts. new ads are actually popping up on social media urging victims of up skirting to call police. officials also mapped out areas where police get the most reports like subway stations, for example. women walking upstairs standing on platforms or sitting on benches can be targets of sneaky peepers with cameras.
10:59 pm
authorities say you have the power to take action if you see something like this happening to you. >> summer a, try and take a photo of him that would be the best evidence a photo of someone who took a photo of them and also look for the police much it is a felony and you have to register as sex offender as well. so it has a lot of collateral consequences. >> smart phones made up skirting easier and offender offenders ar about hiding cams rays in other items like books or backpacks. >> a man is getting out of his car when a massive tree swallows him up and his car but the out come of this story might actually surprise you. before we take a break, we leave you were it this life look at new jersey capital city, beautiful spring night out there. pretty picture and there's more great weather on the way. mike masco will have all the details for you coming up in in just a minute.
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