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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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happening right now, the investigation into what went down in a philadelphia neighborhood that left three people dead. stand-off with swat played out. i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. it began when the suspect shooter called 911. fox 29 jennifer has more. >> reporter: a shotgun among the evidence removed at 637 east westmoreland street in kensington. three people found shot to death after an hour's long standoff barricaded inside. fourth shook victim wall able to escape. he was found a block away and transported to temple hospital. >> my wife knocked on door and
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stay inside the house they're looking for somebody with a shotgun. >> reporter: this neighbor said police lights were shining brightlily inside his went after 4:00 a.m. when police declared a barricade situation. police say the suspect himself called 911 and said there may be casualties inside his home. he wanted to turn himself in but wasn't ready. swat team members swarmed the perimeter. according to police the swat team members climbed on to the roof of the property. the suspect tired several shots a short time later he walked out front and surrounded. this neighbor says she talked to the suspect regularly and was surprised and saddened by the news. she says the man lived alone. very rarely had company. yesterday, was an exception. >> yesterday he had a visitor. >>. >> reporter: when detectives entered the home they found one man dead in the living room, one on the dining room floor an female ununresponsive on the kitchen floor all three shot in the head with a shotgun. why is the the question.
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violence was a disturbing scene overnight. a total of ten people were shot. one of those shootings happened less than two miles from the triple homicide at 9th and sedgleyly. there, three men were shot all are if stable condition at temple hospital. these investigations continue. in kensington jennifer joyce fox 29 news. victory from harrisburg for medical marijuana advocates. governor wolf signed the bill. the governor was surrounded by supporters. this afternoon at the state capitol. it allows patients to take it in the for the purpose of a pill, they are not allowed to smoke or grow it. >> we're not responding to a special interest here. we're not responding to somebody who makes a campaign contributions. we're responding to people telling us that there's a real human need in pennsylvania and we responded to that. i want to thank you the
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advocates. >> it could take two years to write regulations and get retailers open. medical marijuana. several people out of their apartments massive flames ripped through the complex in pine hill new jersey late last night. the fire destroyed eight apartments. >> the fire marshalls trying to figure out what started the fire. brad sattin following the investigation tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, no official word on the cause, we're hearing there's a possibility that smoking on a first floor apartment may be behind this but nothing official yet. in background, we still are hearing a smoke direct going out of as i step out of the way, you'll see what's left behind this fence act big mess this building on the 200 block of west branch avenue. witnesses telling me it is amazing that everyone survived. >> with explosions like it was a lot of fire, flames. >> reporter: what witnesses say began as a first floor fire at the mission apartments quickly
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turned into an inferno, flames high in the sky. empty bumpers blowing in the wind. >> it was raining fire. i didn't know what to do. i grabbed two pieces of clothing. >> the guy had a oxygen tank in his house. when it exploded. the kids, everybody was screaming. >> reporter: eight apartments destroyed, some occupied by elderlily or disabled tenants who needed help getting out when the fire first broke out around 9:00 last night. >> a lady was crying looking for her dog. >> reporter: fast thinking witnesses likely saved lives. steve smith one of the them helping those on their second floor balconies two afraid to leap from windows. >> there was a guy standing there. i coached him down. >> the guy was like in the window. i'm like it's a guy in the window with a dog. he's like i need to get out. he helped him on the side of the building. >> it was guy on it balcony. he was concerned about his dog. in the apartment.
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but there was flames just coming out of the apartment. i was like you got to jump man. >> reporter: risking his own safety to alert others. >> i started banging on doors and tried to get everybody out. >> reporter: several were taken to the hospital but miraculously no one seriously hurt. >> one man coming back a short time ago with a broken right leg. both he and his dog suffering broken right legs. quite a scene as that guy mentioned a little while ago. we can tell you there are reports of doing cpr on cats. >> thank you. it was an absolutely perfect weekend to spend some to him outside. maybe have a little rugby in west philadelphia. >> what a difference a week makes. we take a live look at reading, last week we were talking about snow. that thing called windchill. now, we might feel 80 degrees tomorrow. all the wonderful warm details. here's meteorologist kathy orr.
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>> it's a little slice of heaven. today's high temperature running at least five to ten degrees above normal. how about allentown? the warm spot at 77. reading we just saw that beautiful picture 76. high in philadelphia 73, wilmington 72. shore, cooler, atlantic city 65. good day to be on it board. high pressure sprawling the whole eastern half of the nation. and that means dry for miles and planet of sunshine. right now, we're still in the 70's through most of the area. millville cooler at 63. dover 66. look at that owing breeze in atlantic city 58 this is to to to at the airport. in wildwood cool at vechl. this evening by 7:00 p.m., still beautiful, sunny and 70 by 9:00 p.m. 65, by 11 cooler at 59. coming up we'll talk about that 80 degree temperature we are waiting for. then a brief cool down before our next storm chance. we'll talk more about that with
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the seven-day is later in the broadcast. for now focus on this. >> i will. one person is dead after a crash in west philadelphia. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. near the intersection of couldn't cord street and memorial hall drive. a motorcycle an bus collided. no word on what led to the crash. in cumberland county. robbery suspects trying to out run police when shots erupted. not one of those men is dead. >> police looking for the second guy. sabina kuriakose is following this police investigation tonight. sabina. >> reporter: iain, it was here at the corner of east and almond where police shot and kill suspect. he has now been identified as 31-year-old ridge barge of bridgeton. >> the cumberland county prosecutor's office vineland police were responding to gunshots blocks away about 1 this morning. suspect had fled and police were
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chasing them on foot when they allege that bar's opened fire on an officer. that's when the officer shot back killing the alleged robbery suspect. >> we spoke with witnesses at the scene who tell us it started when the alleged robbery victim was leaving a small family run restaurant after helping his friend close up. they tell us the two suspects pistol whipped the victim and shot at his friend when he ran to help. she co owns the business and says it was her husband closing up when the alleged armed men struck. >> they pull him out of the -- they want money. he didn't want to give up his wallet. they were hitting him with the gun, whatever they got. >> reporter: the prosecutor's office is investigating yesterday's incident. vineland are not involved in the investigation. the prosecutor's office is also investigating an incident that happened a year ago. involving the department. suspect phillip white died in
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vineland police custody last april. attorney for the officers claim white i was on drugs at the time of the arrest. nearby bridgeton 36-year-old reid was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop. sparking protests two years ago. those men along with the suspect killed this morning are all african-american. and back out here live now, we're told that officer who fired the fatal shot is on administrative leave as is parole. tonight one suspect in robbery remains at large. back to you. thank you. new developments in tragic shooting death of a four-year-old philadelphia girl. police now say the girl's father or stepfather killed her. police say at first they heard that the girl's 5-year-old brother shot her yesterday afternoon at a home in kensington. they say man later confessed to accidently shooting her and turned himself in. charges are pending. equador is for you in a state of emergency this evening after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake
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left at least 233 people dead almost 600 injured. >> reporter: the death toll continues to sky rock after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck equador, the strong of the to hit that decade. buckled highways and ravaged towns. he's sent 10,000 members of the military and thousands of police officers to the hardest hit areas. land slides are keeping many first responders from getting to the epicenter. >> we ask for calm and please be alert of official channels. there is no tsunami alert. within the substance we're living i ask citizens to remain calm. >> survivors say homes were flattened like pan cakes. they say there's simply nothing they can do. many say they're in desperate
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need of earth moving machines and reenforcements to describe after manual as pure chaos. there have been more than 100 after shocks and will most likely be many more in the dayses to come. this comes after two earthquakes hit japan in recent days, at least 41 people were killed in those quakes. will carr fox news. factory in michigan went on lock down after a former employee stormed it with a gun. what workers there did that police say stopped the guy in his tracks. despite objections of ill elite republicans, donald trump continues to lead in the race for the gop nomination. what makes him so appealing to those who are voting for him? charlie leduff went to find out. why one couple could end up were any whole lot more reading time on their hands and jail for what they did not do at a library. let's just say this has a little something to do with dr. suess.
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flyers trying to beat the washington capitols but standing behind their goal tender and phillies did something they have not done all year. that willing coming up in sports.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. baseball stadium once seen as a beacon of redevelopment in camden will be mostly empty this season after the river sharks
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folded. county officials have been null find another team in time for the season, say they're working to try to bring in another major league affiliated team. campbell's field opened 15 years ago. tensions are rising in the race for the white house, both democrats and republicans are hitting campaign trail hard. it's ahead of new york's state primary. fox's brian llenas has the latest. >> reporter: tensions rising ahead of tuesday's all important new york state primary. this as both democrats and republicans brace for a possible contested convention. >> we're going to make our delegates fairly easily and i think we're going to be fine. i think the convention will be unit. >> i've been little bit tired of being beaten up by the negativity of campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton still unable to quell bernie sanders' moment tum. he picked up 15 more delegates from colorado saturday and hopes to extend his hot streak in new york. >> here in new york state, there
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will be more delegates up than in any other race. any other contest up to this point: . >> it's not just a vote for me that i'm asking for. i'm asking for you to be part of what i do as president. >> reporter: as for the republicans, ted cruz remains on front runner's donald trump's tail. cruz trying to keep trump from securing the nomination has won all 14 delegates in wyoming this weekend. trump remains confident. >> when i get the nomination we're going to come together and win new york. >> reporter: both trump and clinton have maintained strong leads in new york. >> new york values are at the core of america. >> here's the beautiful thing we're new yorkers, smart have new york values. >> reporter: tuesday new york primary awards 95 republican and 247 democrat pledged delegates. in new york, brian llenas fox news. a associated press shows
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most americans are happy when it comes to their home and work life. but when it comes to the federal government, almost 80 percent of those polled say they are disaster or angry. the survey also found registered republicans are far more likely to be angry about government than democrats or independents. in oil rich they goses after it began, the nations involved say they need more time before they grey to a production freeze. 18 countries were involved but opec member i ran did in the attend. pledged to keep increasing it's production to presanction levels after the nuclear deal with would recall powers. a sealed answers pay hold answers on who financed the 911 terror attacks. >> phone call put reports from washington, dc. >> this is a relationship that could soon become a lot more complicated. this week, president obama will travel to saudi arabia for a key sum mi with arab leaders,
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hanging over are new threats from the key u.s. ally originating from the 911 terrorist attacks. fox news learned this week, the obama straying is expected to decide in the next 60 days if it will declassify 28 pages of sealed documents from the 911 commissions investigation. many believe those documents contain evidence that agent of the saudi government provided aid and support to the 911 terrorists. that's despite the 911 commission stating it found, quote, no evidence that the saudi government sarn institution or senior saudi officials individually funded the organization. there's no growing with part ten is an pressure on the white house. something president obama has wise promised he would do. >> it allows the saudis to continue feeling there's no sanction against them to fund terrorist activities and to train the next generation of terrorists in mosque and schools
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that are financed by saudi arabia. >> reporter: at the same time, the white house is increasing pressure on members of congress to block approached bill that would allow the saudi government to be held responsible in u.s. courts for any role it played in the september 11th attacks. now saudi arabia has responded to that proposed legislation by threatening to sell off hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets in the u.s. if the bill is passed. a move that could have devastating economic consequences here at home and in saudi arabia. in washington, i'm gar re tenney, fox news. it doesn't feel like sunday out football. so this threw around the pig skin on this beautiful day. officer scott heard made the day better because he gave tell me free coupon they can use at 7-eleven. >> who doesn't love that on days like this? kathy orr was among the crowd. kathy was walking with -- there
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you are. hi five. teams raised around the art museum to raise awareness because organ and tissue donations. quite a few of our fox 29 team took part today. we're proud sponsor of the walk. beyonce always has a way of keeping her fans wanting more. what she just did that has the eyes buzzing. >> you have to be alert for foul balls in baseball game but this fan was behind protective netting. how did she wind up in the hospital? what the ballpark is changing how to. flu
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. twice now, in a week, in the u.s. militarily selling russian jet maneuvers erratic and aggressive. this is the first incident in the balance tick sea where two russian fighter jets, days later u.s. maryland officials say a russian jet flew within vest feet of an air force plane even doing a barrel roll. show an increasingly aggressive russian tactic in the balerch tic. the united states protesting both incident. the zoo in florida will remain closed today, 38-year-old stacy was killed friday.
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officials say she was tending to 13-year-old tiger when the animal turned on her. emergency crews trang quickly lized the tiger. she was air lifted to the hospital in critical condition where she died. the incident happened within the secure enclosure and no guess wherever at a risk. in detroit quick actions likely prevented what could have been a 59 outcome. >> police say employees tackle add former worker. that person showed up yesterday possibly to hurt his girlfriend who still works at the plant. the man got through an unsecured area but a plant spokesperson says a group of employees quickly pounced on him. wrestled the gun from him and helped until police arrived. >> he along with seven of his co-workers subdued the individual. gained control of the weapon. he was taken into custody by the union stewards waiting for our arrival. this is a great example of
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people working together. heroic. >> that happened hours after another man made violent threats against that plan. police say the two incidents are not related. less than a month after president obama historic visit. cuban president castro warning his people to be where of the united states. castro says while he doesn't want to undermine the recent strides, he does have concerns and says cuba sham reannounce the principles of revolution. the one party system was the greatest defense about what he sees as an negligent to bring about political change. over the years, the phones and computers have gone down. so why are we paying more than ever to rent a cable box? the president of the united states now wants to do something about it. despite objections of some elite republicans, donald trump continues to lead. what makes him appealing to those who are voting for him?
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>> reporter: we have been in this blocking pattern that has given us beautiful weather. we call it an omega block because it represents the symbol but it's about to break down. does that mean the end of the weather? we'll talk about that in the seven-day when we come back.
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the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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. the cable box you're probably using to watch us right now is now a priority for the white house, president obama formal formal formally. >> some believe this is a classic case of overreach and president obama should just tune out. >> it's been tide to the provider and you rented and
6:30 pm
consumerers spend billers every single year. >> reporter: chances are you never thought of your cable boss as a symbol of corporate power. today, using the box as an example, he issued an executive order calling on the fcc to open up the set top box business to to competition. u.s. consumer also typically pay $231 a year to rent cable boxes. according to one analysis their cost nearly tripled since 1994, while the cost of computers, televisions and mobile phones have all fallen sharply. >> the potential is for cheaper more effective services that are provided and this is just one example of what we can do all across the economy. >> the question here is whether or not we're going to do more to empower customers and give them a choice. >> reporter: the president's executive order directing 12 agencies to look for ways to increase competition and invasion and sets into motion a 60-day clock at the end of which
6:31 pm
agencies must report their findings. some industry groups call president's plan a gross overreach. warning it can actually lead to higher prices and weaken the independence of agency charged with industry oversight. senior executive vice president of at&t tweeted. white house seems unconcerned with the precedent it is setting or damage it is doing to the fcc added. the administration's disregard for the integrity of the rule making process is appalling. experts acknowledge the president's move might ab subtle election year nod to his party's ways which could have lasting applications well beyond his presence. >> this is unprecedented and needs more attention, what kind of precedent we are setting. >> reporter: of course this saw playing out within the broader context of executive action. and speaking of, on monday, the supreme court is scheduled to hear the latest arguments in the president's deferred action immigration policy.
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that, of course, also brought on by executive action. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. how about this? folks in colorado were digging out today after late season storm dumped about a foot of snow over the state on saturday. that snow tide up traffic on the roads. airlines cancelleded more than 800 flights at denver international. the winter weather does have a big benefits. all this snow brought a month's worth of water to the area. that was a wonderful thing. >> most of the problem here is we take a live look in center city, beautiful perfect spring day for events taking place. that mercury is going to continue to climb. so meteorologist kathy orr, i'm going to think we can plant now. >> it's time. there's going to be tomato implies involved and strawberry limbs. we're waiting for your blue berries. >> bring on the golf.
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right. >> i hope you got a chance to enjoy. take a look outside our studios. right outside our window here, at 4th and market, is this what it looks like. people are out enjoying the day, why not? it is just -- almost feels like a friday, but it's a sunday. forget you have to work tomorrow. temperatures comfortable. 73 in philadelphia, that's the high for the day. winds out of the south southeast at about five miles an hour. when you look at the national temperatures that, this may come as a surprise, philadelphia 73, pittsburgh 80, there is our weather for tomorrow moving in from the west. to the south you can see warm but look what's happening out west. colorado springs 42. rapid city 37 and 49 degrees in new mexico. that is cold. we are under this blocking pattern. we call an omega block. you can see the greek symbol omega being formed by high and low pressure. all you have to know is low pressure is cool. that's where the snow is to the west. all those cool temperatures this is a big ridge of high pressure
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bringing the warmth up from the south. that's why we've been enjoying these mild temperatures out over ocean you have another area of low pressure. we'll stay in this aaron, nice sweet spot for us for the next 24 hours. to 48 hours and then the pattern is going to start to break. we'll see colder air moving in with a back-door front and temperatures will be changing. for now, however, look at this, rain estimates for the next three days, nothing for us, but out west, they're going to be seeing a surge of moisture, dallas in the houston area, 48 inches of rain, through oklahoma city all the way up to the dakotas, three to five inches of rain, flood concerns here, we stay on the dry and warm side. at least for now. you can see temperatures sky rocket well above average during the day on monday. still below normal for tuesday. that blocking pattern begins to break on wednesday. little bit cooler still below normal and thursday we warm it up again. overnight, 53 in the city. 49 in the suburb, sunset not until 7:45, clear and mild.
6:35 pm
during the day tomorrow. there is an area of high pressure, one to the north, one to the south. wall-to-wall sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. low humid. temperature, 80. it's going to feel nice, summer-like, winds becoming northwest. as you plan your day, breakfast temperature? 54. we jump 20 degrees to 74 by lunch. afternoon activities around 80, a little hot for the kids, make sure they packet sun screen and then by dinner at 75 degrees on the exclusive fox 29 weather authority, seven-day forecast, 70's are wild. tuesday, cooler wednesday, 72 thursday. a chance of showers maybe a few afternoon storms friday. we dip down saturday, rebound for a super sunday next week. >> great forecast. >> have you guys ever seen a whale up close and personal? >> i have. >> cape cod. >> nice. >> i want you to take a look at
6:36 pm
this, it was a surprise for a kayaker in vancouver. check it out. >> my goodness. you can see it like this? he went right under him. >> this is video posted by youtube by johnny. hump back right next to a kayaker. the whale had been under water some time when it suddenly went, wow, made itself known. i love it. i love it when they fluke like that. isn't that nice. >> he seem pretty calm. >> he did seem calm. big smile. beyonce has a way a of keeping her fans wanting more. what she just did. >> one couple facing jail time and it's dr. suess's fault. flu
6:37 pm
and it's dr. suess's fault. flu an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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. a couple in michigan can spend three months in jail over a dr. suess book. >> couple owes fees and fines to their local library for failing to return books. prosecutors charge them with failure to return rented
6:40 pm
properties. they knew what happened. they sent late fees, but they're refusing to pay additional court costs. the prosecutor aren't backing down. >> i'm willing to pay the fine that the library and promise i won't ever come back there no more. >> i'll never go to that library again. probably never any other library again. >> two books and jail time. couple also had to pay $100 bond to avoid going to jail friday when the police served them with arrest warrants. beyonce fans are buzzing about a mysterious new tease for her latest project. >> very mysterious. called lemonade, beyonce is not saying exactly what the special is about but it will air a few days before the start of her formation tour. the special airs next saturday at 9:00 p.m. scary moments at the pam
6:41 pm
tampa bay baseball game friday. a foul ball got through the netting behind home plate and hit a fan. the fan in stable condition after paramedics took her out on a stretcher. crews put up more netting to cover the gap where the ball is believed to have gotten through. despite objections of some elite republicans, donald trump continues to lead in the race for the gop nomination. what makes him appealing to those voting for him? charlie leduff went to find out. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation
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now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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. republican senator ted cruz picked up another 14 delegates in wyoming. meanwhile, bernie sanders picked up 15 more delegates from colorado. now, plenty of eyes are on the hotly contested state of new york. folks prepare to head to the polls tuesday with the empire state primary next week. many believe the republican will do anything they can to stop the nomination of donald trump. >> charlie leduff went to speak to people who support the billionaire. >> we've become weak. >> reporter: there is a class among the republicans in an at
6:45 pm
me to explain appear of trump the manhattan billionaire who lives in a golden sky scraper. elite republican magazines have been mocking the working class white man named mike. comes from a real-life upstate new york ham let. they describe mike as a typical trump voter. an out of work welfare. high on oxi. moved to a place where there's work. the truth about these dysfunctionnal down scale communities is they deserve to die. economically. morally indefensible. big talk behind the keyboard. we decided to physically go to new york to find mike since working class white people like
6:46 pm
white are halfly republican voters. first, it's hard enough finding garbet. do you know named mike, what they need around here is real opportunity which means they need real changes mean they need uly haul. if you want to live get out of garbet. >> i say what are they talking abou about? >> reporter: once you find the cross roads about 20 miles south of rochester. you quickly realized there is no mike from garbet. >> i don't know if there is a mike. >> no mike. >> no mike. >> reporter: there's a kevin whose dad's name is mike but no mike. let's settle for kevin. >> are you miserable? >> in the really. >> i'm a nurse myself.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: you actually work. >> i actually used to work for general motors before that. >> reporter: he works two nursing jobs but earns less than he did at gm where he made windshield workers like his father did and his grandfather before him. there's a lot of struggling people like kevin in new york. a state that's lost hundreds of thousands of good paying factory jobs oversees. xerox, gm, corning, to name a few. good thing there's cheap imports at wal-mart because kevin can't afford anything else. >> it's probably nice shirt. it's probably made in china. vietnam. everything is. >> where are your shoes made? >> probably china.
6:48 pm
endonesia. seems to be the place. >> when i was a kid a lot of people used to hunt out here. they won't hunt anymore. >> reporter: despite what the round shoulders write about write people people in their own parties. kevin says world trade and wall street have done nothing to improve his life, so he looks for something new. >> i'm voting for trump you know what i mean? >> reporter: how come. >> he's hitting the right spots except for when he screws up. we need jobs. they got to be back here. in the united states. kodec fell apart.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: kevin doesn't draw a government check, doesn't do drugs doesn't even keep beer. he is, however a single parent raising a teenage son and the son named junior will graduate next year and join the army. >> what do you want to do. >> serve my country. many people plan on doing that. >> if he wasn't sitting here what would you tell me. >> he's a hard worker. he was going for nursing and working at a factory. that was hard. i love you and i look up to you. raising me as a single parent. wasn't easy. >> i'd rather you go to college for a year or two and go that route. >> reporter: town, country family. that's how it goes in places like garbutt new york and it
6:50 pm
would do the political establishment some good to get out oh of the office towers and visit places instead of mocking a man only exists in their imagination. >> what have the republicans done for you? >> i don't really know, to be honest with you. being a republican? no ri no, really can't answer that. >> reporter: belittle a man, you lose him. you lose his son. and you lose your party. new york city's primary is tuesday, of course, we'll keep you posted with those results. howard eskin. how are you doing? >> never had bad day in my life. >> that's true. >> the flyers after another loss to washington, a standing behind
6:51 pm
their goal tender after a very ugly goal last night. and the phillies, how about them, they did something today for the first time this season, the highlights and all the sports coming up. this is one of the jobs where t. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
. flyers played play tomorrow night here but the flyers are in the hole after losing first two games after the series in washington. now they've come home and obviously have to win both games here to have a real chance in the series. flyers also need to score on it power play. they've been 0 for five in two games. let's go to washington. take a look at what this might be the worst goal you will ever see scored against the goal tender. puck just sliding down the ice. i could have stopped this. steve mason did not. my gosh. how embarrassing is that more than anything else. you can say i didn't mean anything but it put the cap up 2-0.
6:54 pm
that made it 3-1, the flyers lost 4-1. they stuck together and behind the goal tender steve mason. >> mason is the reason why here here. if he saw it -- he moved towards going making a save. it's going to happen. he's the reason we're here. we're going to pick him up. we have 100 percent confidence in him. >> he made lots of good saves after that. that just shows how strong he is. you know, obviously, we'd like to have that one back. he's made a lot of good saves for us in the series. >> it's one mistake in a game. obviously, it draws a lot of attention because of the nature of the position, but both steve as well as our team handle it real well. i liked the term i used last night water off a duck's back. our group went right back and played. >> sound like he's at oregon. water off a duck's back. phillies went five innings without a hit.
6:55 pm
still find it hard to score runs. but they beaten their former closer that sweetheart of a guy jonath jonathan. >> he's got all his friend there. score less game in the second inning. carlos ruiz. give the player a green light. phillies up 1 to nothing. why do you throw bryce harper a pitch? washington going up 2-1. mr. nice guy, what a good guy he is, the creep. so it's nothing better than beating jonathan papelbon. second game. a single right here, andre, that ties the game up at 2-2. that's bad pitch in a 1-2 pitch. 3-2, the phillies good on to win
6:56 pm
it against papelbon. an excited manager talked about a change for the game hero freddie galvis. >> he started using that bigger bat and started looking better at the plate, and for lack of a better option, i just wanted to put him there and keep hernandez behind him. so it's good to see freddie hits like that do wonders for confidence not only for freddy but for the the whole team. >> growing up we've heard the term soar losers, the team in white is winning the game. watch the goal keeper come out and tackle the player. at 4-1 game. the team in white is pinecrest against pine forrest. tackles the player and it's really the end of the game. you know what? i hate to see the guy that's her
6:57 pm
boyfriend. speech less over that. >> talk about deliberate. >> exactly. what her boyfriend -- i'll leave it to your imagination. >> very interesting. all right. sure to join us for fox 29 news at 10:00. tonight a building was about to get demolished. two little kids all by themselves. how they wound up alone in the apartment and where police found the mom. a man reunited with dog tag he lost decades ago. they were tucked away for more than 30 years. who finally discovered them? that will do it for news this sunday. live lottery drawing is next followed by border town. >> good night to get out and enjoy sunshine.
6:58 pm
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el coyote (over p.a. system): and on your left, below us, is the mexifornia border station. what in the dale earnhardt? oh, look! it's the rare, man-breasted border agent. if we're quiet, maybe he'll sound his majestic call. hey! stop! (people exclaiming) (bud spouting gibberish) what the hell? that post was holding up the ground, señor bud. (bud screaming) satan: buckwald? you're 15 years early! (screeches) ♪ ooh! ♪ ha! ♪ ooh! ♪ ha! whoa!


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