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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 19, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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the officer shot in west philadelphia released from the happies as new details emerge about the suspect shooter, how many times the 23 year-old has already been a rested and why he wases in court just last week. plus race for the white house is coming to philadelphia, which former presidential hopeful coming to south south philly to campaign for one of the can states and where they will be making stops in our area. it was expect to be an emotional tribute to the late ed snider which turned into an ugly display on the ice and stand. what flyers fans did in the third period, that the fans, earned the players on the ice, a penalty. >> come on now. >> good day tuesday april 192,016th. we have a play nicely as they say. >> yeah, play well, wouldn't
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that be nice for flyers, capitals are making a a mockery of this first round playoff series in the stanley cup. it doesn't look like flyers year, safe to say it will be a uphill battle to win four straight with the capitals. >> struggle to get there in the first place so we will see what happens. the it is not over just yet. we have a lot at cloud cover throughout the area right now and this precipitation to the north is part of the cold front. we won't get rain but we will get cold front and wind will be picking up when that happens. that hasn't happened yet, the wind will. little breeze any philadelphia a, 56 degrees with a 7-mile an hour wind at the a airport. relative humidity 60 percent and sunrise 6:17. so wind are supposed to go up, humidity supposed to go down today and that means there is a little bit of the danger of, fires, there is a word, fire, 53 degrees in trenton. forty-eight in pottstown 567893 in reading. fifty-four in wildwood our chilly spot the once again is
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millville, new jersey where it is 44 degrees. these temperatures are milder, then they before yesterday, the day will probably end up cooler though, iron planning your day upper 50's by 7:00 o'clock. by lunchtime we have already reached 70 degrees. we will top off at 75 defreeze this afternoon, and it is in the upper 60's for the evening. we have another phillies game, tonight, so there is a look once again at cloud cover throughout the region. the it will be another decent day, we will talk about all of the details coming up in our next chance of rain, it is a all in the seven day forecast, let's begin tuesday morning, on the road, with bob kelly, good morning, sue, good morning. up and adam 4:02. crews are still out from last night working here on i-95, this is sus bound down near route 420, light volume at this hour but only that one lane opened as you roll south, south of philadelphia a international. the shut down on the vine street expressway, every night this week, the overnight
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closure of the vine between schuylkill expressway and broad street. exit at broad you can use vine street local, coming in off the schuylkill you can use spring garden street, 30th or south street. otherwise we're quiet, blue route, schuylkill, 95 no big delays here but more work coming our way today on the the blue route, penndot's to do list, line painting again today, let's roll video when paint crews were out yesterday, on the blue route, putting down some nice fresh paint on the stretch between the turnpike and i-95. now what you want to watch out for when you are out, behind some of these paint crews, first of all, it is a slow moving operation and folks will have a tenenscy to zip around them. just stay behind, give them distance and try not to change lanes ebb though it is quick drying paint there is still situation was that are white paint kicks up on your car and gives you a fashionable racing street which i'm sure is not something you are looking for
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but that was video from sky fox on yesterday. kelly drive they are out there again from the overnight into to this morning, that repaving project, continues. you will have that uneven surface and those stones kicking up in front of you there. be careful coming into or out of the city using drives. otherwise mass transit, buses, trains, trolleys off to a good start. the chris and lauren back to you. >> we are following breaking news right the now in the kensington section. police say a woman was found stabbed in the 2900 block of frankford avenue. call came in around 3:00 this morning. the just about an hour ago. paramedics rushed that woman to temple hospital in critical condition, she's right now, in surgery, and no word right now on any arrests. we have a crew heading to that scene and we will get an update shortly. we are learning more about the man accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer, authorities say a 23 year-old had a lengthy criminal record, court record in fact show the accused gunman scott griffin seen here was out on the street sun take night, firing a gun at philadelphia police officer james mccull a while
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this is despite the fact that griffin was arrested just last month on gun charges, with 14 prior arrests. sources say those charges were dismissed in court last week when two witnesses failed to show up. griffin was let out the of jail before the charges could be reinstated by the d.a. the very next day. head of the fraternal order of police say the system is broken. >> bottom line is that it is a revolving door at criminal justice center system here in the city. you get charges dismissed, bang he is out and 14 priors at 23 years of age. the is the system, it doesn't look like it is working too well. >> police converged on the 1200 block of north alden yesterday and arrested griffin for shooting of muscle cull a a police also recovered the gun that may have been used in the shooting during a crime spree in west philadelphia. violence in philadelphia a is concerning, since new numbers show it is on the rise
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in 2016. over the weekend police say four people were killed, 12 others were injured by gunfire. the statistics show this weekend's violence is the latest in the rough start to philadelphia a in 2016. city has recorded 78 homicide since the beginning of the year. that is up 17 percent from this time last year, and the highest pace since 2012. according to police figures. the number of shooting victims up 44 percent from 20,228th at the this point last year to 329 as of unday night. this tuesday morning let's turn to the you decide coverage in the the race for white house. all eyes are on new york as voters head to the polls there to make their vote during today's primary. hillary clinton and donald trump both are front runners in the primary holding a commanding lead against their rival bernie sanders on the republican side, and john kasich and ted cruz on the republican side. trump is making headlines for something he sailed on the campaign trail yesterday. take a listen to this. >> i think what i want to do
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is i want to talk just for a second, i wrote this out and it is very close to my heart because i was down there, and i watched our police and our firemen down on 7-eleven, right after it came down and i saw the greatest people i have ever seen in action. >> so that was trump referring to the 9/11 terror attacks as seven-11th. during a rally in buffalo, new york. the despite blunder many say trump will win new york bringing him one step closer to winning the majority of the majority delegates, 95 delegates in new york. we will see how it turns on on fox 29. we will up the to minute and candidates results on fox 29 news at ten. find the latest information on fox some of those presidential candidates making their way to our area to this week. they will be stumping in philadelphia and all a cross pennsylvania. according to the philadelphia republican party, former presidential hopeful carli
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fiorina will speak on cruz behalf at a south philadelphia cocktail party around 6:00 o'clock. sanders is expect to speak at penn state recreational hall at state college. hillary clinton will be at the fillmore tomorrow. thursday kasich is planning a town hall on penn state's brandywine campus in media. city of trenton remembering the love crossing guard killed on the job monday afternoon. family members saw fox 29, ab toe ohio riley was hit on 129, the driver immediately stopped. the intersection is so congested crossing guard are stationed there, two hours a day. riley a has been a guard there for at least eight years. family and friend are still coming to terms with his death. >> i am totally shock. i'm just, saddened, that someone would run a light to go around a car and not knowing what is on the other side. >> i just can't believe i will never see him again that is sad. no word from police this morning if the driver will face charges. new details from an ntsb report about that deadly
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amtrak derailment. we have learned that the backhoe operator did have permission to be on the track. track where backhoe was operating was shut down during a 55 hour maintenance window no word whether the track was closed a at the exact time of that crash. the train was going 106 miles an hour when it slammed into the backhoe, and back on april . backhoe operator and supervisor died. more than 40 people were hurt. amtrak has since ordered rail workers get retrained on basic safety rules. 106 miles an hour, within the speed limit too. >> all right. 4:09. my goodness it was supposed to be an emotional night and turning point in the series. but instead, game three turned into an embarrassment for the flyers, and you can say the city of philadelphia, as the fans, after a fast start it was all washington capitals. the flyers letting their frustrations boil over and in the end, the fans really didn't help, earning the team, lauren a penalty. >> yes, this morning it is not just loss making national
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headlines, the fans reaction during the game and a big story, steve keeley, talk radio cannot get enough of this one, what are people saying. >> reporter: i don't know, i haven't heard yet and i'm sure some people are just waking um so they are in the saying much right now but they won't just be talking about the game but talking about the fans reaction and it is rare, for sports fans, to actually get the a penalty during a game but philadelphia fans somehow managed to hit the a new low, and it was a night of emotion, sadness and pride in the beginning, look at our video, anger and embarrassment at the end because it starts with real class. the video tribute to ed snider. the arenation dark with the flashing wrist band, the flyers handed out which sparkled like stars in the dark galaxy but then many fans screamed during a moment of silence before the game, and then throwing those bracelets on the ice during the game. then getting admonish beaulieu noland to show some class, and then i go knowinger, and yes,
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philly fans got a penalty and no one said way to go. >> i know they made that announcement to the fans not to throw anything on the ice. it is just a frustrating situation. >> they were not interested in playing anymore. we ended up on the power play for the last seven or eight minutes and i just thought it wasn't good for the game plane and simple. you know we're on national television. i don't think it the displays our game very well. >> reporter: that is capitols head coach, you can bet fans will let him have it have after they hear his post game comments last night when they likely are just doing now for the first time. our friend here at wip, mark farseta tweeted this out and i thought this touched on it all from yelling during moment of
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silence and throwing bracelets on the ice, move over sanity, we have hit a new low. >> we were wondering when that reference would come up to the late 60's. always involving santa. >> steve, thank you. police nab bank robbers as they terrorized people inside and got away with a lot of cash. how investigators say they used a local high school to pull the crime off.
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we're looking at the another day with high pressure
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in control. we have a cold front coming down from the north once it is through, we will get to a high of 75 degrees today. you can see in our current look at ultimate doppler radar that we have cloud around this morning, thanks to that, we're in someplaces a little bit milder then we were yesterday at this time. so we are looking at cloud cover but the closes rain we can find is in bridgeport, connecticut. we are not talking about rain today but we're talking about milder temperatures to start, a little cooler by end of the the day. we are already at 56 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two in lancaster. mount pocono in the mid 50's, we have 49 degrees in wilmington and 44 in millville, new jersey. kind of cool, comfortable, and 7-mile an hour winds. as that cold front approaches, i hate when that happens,. >> can we get you you a tissue. >> i will grab one right after. i think i will be okay, until that happens. we have 65 degrees today, just
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right out of the blue, we got to 82 friend. we beat the 80 that we were forecast continuing. today not quite as mild with 75 degrees. still very pleasant, still a ten. cooler tomorrow, with a few more cloud, a 74 degrees on thursday, and friday is good day when we could see some rain, probably not a lot of rain but enough to cool things off a little bit. weekend looks really good, another chance of rain on monday, i'll get at at a information mentioned tissue. >> you have to do that during your pollen report, your pollen report. >> that is right. >> 4:16. live television that makes it fun here every morning at fox 29. live look here at the 422, where the crews are still out here, right through can see the cones kind of, when they see headlights coming around the bend been there but we don't have overhead street lamps between collegeville and
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king of prussia a again, they will be out there until 5:00 o'clock or so. downtown we will go to the vine street expressway remaining closed between the schuylkill and broad street and one fellow looks like he went around the barrier there but for the most part for the next hour the closure of the vine between broad and schuylkill you can use vine street local if you are coming off the schuylkill, use 30th street, south, or spring garden, every night this week that closure will be in effect until 5:00 or 5:30 the following morning. market frankford line using shuttle buses for 5:00 o'clock for track record. for the gang in south injuries any problems at all coming out of the house on the freeway, 42, 55, looking good for shaders there coming up route 73. that repaving project, they are still out there, early this morning on the kelly drive, working, outbound this morning, until about 5:00 o'clock, so just watch for delays, otherwise, we're in good shape heading to the airport. the chris, back over to you. all right, bob. hard to again, the details on
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this and not shake your head. police call actions of a philadelphia father careless and reckless, after he shot and killed his four year-old daughter. police say maurice phillips was waving a gun around the room where seven kid were watching television in the kensington home this happened saturday night. gun went off, the bullet hit his four year-old daughter, taherea killing her immediately. then detective say her dad tried to pin opinion shooting on his five-year old sister. >> the investigation we found out he went as far as to show how much he felt that she did this. also, from the investigation we found out that he took blood and actually wiped it on her shirt to try to even more so, show that she's the one that fired the lethal shot. >> police say that phillips confessed to detectives hours later, he is charged now with third degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and related offences. we have first showed you
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this surveillance video last month. two women dressed as women and woman carrying a silver revolver barge in the bank. they forced employees in the back room, opened the vault and got away with close to $150,000 in cash. police tell us they have caught all three, but they say their investigation reveals another crime, as those suspects prepared for their big bank hit. officers say within days of the robbery in, west deptford last month, they called latoyia brewson and travis sandback and kwame jackson. they track down their getaway cars. investigators were able to connect one of those suspect to the prepaid cell phone used to make an anonymous bomb threat at a local high school, just one week before the robbery. the school was evacuated, nothing was ever found. police say that suspect, travis sanback admitted he called in that threat to see how police responded, so they know what to expect during the bank robbery. investigators have not found the stolen money, they are still looking for a fourth suspect connect to the robbery
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and the bomb threat, 25 year-old, char main sandback. bucks county man faces animal cruelty charges after authorities seized dozens of bird during a raid. thirty-five, mccalls, african grays, and others are being cared for by the spca. the bird were removed from a barn in kinersvillas friday this he were severely neglect, living in filth, kept in dark colored cages with very little light, missing feathers, all in need of veterinary care. the spca at has filed 35 charges of animal cruelty against 59 year-old edward mcardle, the alleged owner of the bird. the agency is looking for donations to care for them as well as to get them into new homes. something to look forward to recess but for some kids play time can be an
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overwhelming experience out there. >> little sad. plus school administrators in upper darby unveiled a unique playground tailored to children with special needs. the playground at primrose elementary school is specially designed for students with autism. officials say it will give these students a chance to develop their sensory and social skills. >> a child with disability can be a very lonely experience. the it impacts every minute of your day. you do not live that experience it is impossible to truly understand. while this project was a challenge i can say i have been bless by this journey in so many ways. one of the most meaningful is knowing that i was wrong. the extraordinary acts of kindness, dedication of time, generosity of time and resources has shown to me that we are clearly not a loan. >> kindness and generosity helped build a playground because it was funded with private contributions. >> that is great. all right. 4:21 is the time. howard eskin has a lot the to say about race night's flyers game from the moving tribute to ed snider to how it ended.
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that is sports in a minute. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm howard
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eskin. it was a game for ed snider and his memory last night a game flyers had to win down two games to none in the series. it got ugly. to the wells fargo center, yes, nice video tribute to ed snider. the flyers scored early, 57 seconds in the game but a bad goal. almost like a turn over. ovechkin gets it on a line change, scores to give washington a two-one lead. they lead six- 167895 out of the nine times they score on the power play. the flyers were getting killed on that power play. >> it is not too much fun. we take pride playing in front of our fans and we want to play hard and i mean it is not too fun. >> it wasn't fun. phillies didn't have fun either. all right. to the citizens bank park, fill instant have trouble scoring runs but david wright a had two home runs. mets had four home runs. phillies lose to the mets five-two. that is sports in a minute,
4:26 am
i'm howard eskin. and, you know, kept talking about what happened last night at the game. how the fans making national head lanes this morning. here's a hint: it is not for a good reason. >> bob kelly was there, right. >> well, bob had nothing to do with it. >> i know. arrest in the shooting of the local police officer, suspect was in jail days before the shooting. why police say he was back out on the streets.
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officer shot in west philadelphia is released from the hospital as new details emerge. how many times the three-year old has been arrested and yes was in court just last week. looking for a job. why you might want to consider working at the airport here in philadelphia. >> it was supposed to be a emotional tribute as it turned ugly in the ice and stand. what the flyers fans did in the third period that earned the team a penalty. >> it was ugly. six -one the final score. we are down three games to nothing. >> not looking good. >> for any of our teams. >> you are looking this morningy went and said boom. >> yes; punctuated your look. >> i like that, thanks for making me look good. >> bright yellow dress and i never could find one until about two weeks ago.
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>> yeah. >> i know. it is worth the wait it looks fantastic. it is brightening up a bummer of the sports morning for both flyers and the phillies. here we have a rather tranquil weather morning. will although we have more clouds then we had yesterday at this time. we are not anticipating this rain to to reach us, but, slightly cooler temperatures, and slightly higher wind, out there, so we have got 56 degrees at the moment with 7 miles an hour wind at the airport. relative humidity is 60 percent. humidity is expected to go down today, and wind are expected to go up, and that posts, a fire danger out there. we will talk about that in a few minutes. sunrise time 6:17 a little later this morning. 48 degrees, over allentown, pottstown. fifty-six here in the city. fifty-two wildwood. 51 degrees in dover, delaware. these are mostly, five, seven, maybe 9 degrees warmer temperatures then 24 hours
4:31 am
ago. if that helps you out if you are going out soon. we will have a mixture of sun and included throughout the day, but breezy conditions. windy and dry. instead of 82 like we had yesterday, high of 75. still pleasant with the sunset time have of 7:44. i think i got your tuesday numbers there we will talk about the weather coming up in just a few minutes. right now, it is traffic time, good morning, bob kelly. >> beep, beep, 4:31. good morning on a tuesday. we are still working on 422, between collegeville, 29, heading in toward king of prussia, again we have the cones down with only that one lane opened, still shut down on the vine street expressway, both directions, between the schuylkill and broad street, until about 5:00, 5:15 or so, so you can come off of 95 you will be push off at broad and use vine street local or use spring garden, south street, or 30th street. coming from south jersey, no problems on the freeway, however a sewer break from yesterday, still has hartford road blocked at union mill
4:32 am
road to work your way through it briggs, lochmont or arc road would be your best bet. line pating crews hit the road yesterday. let's role video from sky fox as we went for a ride, up and over, the blue route, where they put down the nice pretty lines there for you. but you don't want to be changing lanes, behind the paint crews you will get a nice fancy racing stripe if you do. this is video from yesterday. expect crews to be out there, fan today, on the blue route between the turnpike and i-95. nice day to do some painting, not only on the roads but maybe around the house. broad street subway, market frankford line, both using shuttle buses until 5:00. otherwise we're looking good but no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. we're following breaking news out of kensington this morning. >> a woman rushed to the hospital after a violent attack. dave kinchen live at the scene, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we have breaking information right here. we're along the 2900 block of frankford avenue. we have a stabbing situation,
4:33 am
where police tell us a woman was, slashed, 12-inch slash across her throat. she's a jane dough. police do not know her name. she's at the hospital in major, very critical condition at this time. police do not know exactly where this happened, or how this happened but there is a big blood trail that they found here. chief inspector scott small, you are joining me now, tell me what your officers found on the scene here and what witnesses have told you. >> reporter: they found a trail of blood that extend about 75 feet, west from frankford avenue to stella street, there is a lot of blood. she obviously lost a lot of blood. she had some sort of the denim wrapped around her neck inundated with blood and you can see chunks of skin. hopefully she survived these stab wound but we're not sure if she will make it at this time. >> reporter: we have a situation where this woman was somehow stabbed. you do not the know the
4:34 am
suspect or motive or anything like that. you have cameras that can hopefully give so kind of information. >> yeah, fortunately we found multiple businesses along frankford avenue this that have exterior cameras and they are facing in the direction where the blood trail is and cameras are also facing the direction where we found her. so, hopefully they have recorded something that can help us with this, aggravated assault investigation. >> reporter: chief inspector scott small, thanks very much. a woman in her 30's, no name, we're told by police her throat was slashed, a 12-inch slash across her throat. she originally was in this area, possibly dropped off, police still don't know. witnesses saw her walking, and bleeding profusely from the throat, they threw, they put a towel on her throat, and helped her at that point. she had collapsed. she is at the hospital right now and police are interviewing witnesses and the story is still developing,. >> so hard to hear, dave, thanks for the update.
4:35 am
4:34. pretrial hearing set for survival list accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another and police ambush. eric frame charged and pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and other related charges in that september 204 ambushing that killed, brian dickson and seriously injured trooper alex douglass outside the blooming grove barracks. frein was captured in, act after a 48 day manhunt in the pocono mountains. prosecutors now seeking the death penalty. happening today, looking for a job, hundreds of opening are available at philadelphia international. you can apply today at its annual job fare. businesses at the airport need to fill 400 positions, including, 200, with the police department. to they are looking for customer service represents, servicer, cosmetologist, managers, and more. there is something for all levels of experience, and, sal willry expectations. the job fairies being held at liacouras center on temple's campus and it starts this
4:36 am
morning at 10:00 o'clock. if you go, wear business a tire and bring copies of your resume. 4:36 this morning. the discussion continuing and disrespectful that is just a few ways used to describe behavior at last night's flyers game, how fans helped them earn a spot the in negative national headlines, this morning.
4:37 am
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last night it was an emotional night for philadelphia a flyers fans and a turning point in the series
4:39 am
because we were hoping, you know, they lost to washington twice, you come home and maybe get a win in game number three. >> of course, it was first time they took to the home ice at wells fargo center since passing and founding owner of the team ed snider, of course. we were hoping for a big night. instead it turned into an embarrassment for both players and fans and the city of philadelphia really. steve keeley live in olde city break downing what caused all of the uproar, steve. >> reporter: let's put it this way, wip do not have a shortage of things to talk about this year, do they? at least they will not have to talk about the eagles, all morning, because, often talk about the flyers and their fans, and about once every few years fans seem to make one of those national headlines through their behavior, and this is the latest. so it all starts nice at least, classy video tribute to ed snider, and then it looks like you are inside a diamond as someone put it as all of the sparkling wrist band are
4:40 am
lighting up as they handed them out. they said do not hand philadelphia fans anything that you can throw on to the playing surface because the fans will certainly do that the moment they get angry with the bad call or a bad play, that is what happened, last night, they threw wrist bandon two different occasions in the third period, once flyers were getting beat, once the fights started, once penalty got called. loose noland tells the fans to stop it, there is a warning that they will get penalized if they do not stop it. of course, they don't stop and then comes the penalty, not on the team but on the fans. >> they made that announcement to the fans not to throw anything on the ice. it is a frustrating situation. >> obviously we pulled the game away and they weren't interested in playing anymore and so we ended up on the power play for the last seven or eight minutes and i just thought it wasn't good for the
4:41 am
game, plane and simple. you know, we were on national television. i don't think it displays our game very well. >> reporter: well, monk the hundreds of tweet about the fan behavior, dave who says display from fans in the third period should have plenty ammunition to give national columnist against philly for a couple of decades. so, i don't know how high this ranks up there just because it is fresh in our mind. you still have those two philly fans that i remember most, you have the kid who ran on the field and got taserd by the police and went down in the outfield. all time worst fan favor who we called pukey man, the partly 20 something man from cherry hill a rested for intentionally sticking his finger down his throat and throwing up on an off-duty cop and little girl at a phillies game when he was angry at them. hard to beat that, isn't it. >> one of the lows, maybe not nut low. 4:41. shopping at cvs just got
4:42 am
easier. >> how the pharmacy is following lead of the restaurant to make your shopping experience that much faster, chris murphy. >> thanks, lauren taun johnson.
4:43 am
4:44 am
guess what? the philadelphia zoo has an new addition on the way. >> i was trying to guess where you you were going with that. you have to wait a couple minutes to see this. the zoo announce aid western lowland gorilla is pregnant. the baby is expected this fall. officials say they confirmed that she was pregnant by using
4:45 am
an over the counter home pregnancy test. >> cool. >> seriously. >> what? >> the same ones us humans used. they also took ultrasound images of the baby. >> i think that is kind of cool, sue serio. >> wonder what brand it was. >> ept. >> yeah, ept. >> early pregnancy test. >> the p in this case stand for premate. >> early primate test. >> look at you you. >> yes. >> of course, i don't know if anybody has had to use one but biggest challenge is, of course, your aim if you know what i mean. how they made that happen, i really want to know. yeah. might be. but you know you are wondering it too, mom. well, we have a red flag warning in effect for the area. this is because it the is been so dry, for almost a week now we have not had any rain and wind are supposed to pick up
4:46 am
later today, so that increases fire danger out there, one little spark could turn into a big fire. watch out for that. the heat, already peaked yesterday. turning cooler but not that much cooler. still comfortable and nice, especially considering it is springtime and not summer just yet. little too early to be in the 80's. we are seeing our cold front, the big cold front that will come through on friday, with rain, still stalled in the center of the country. there is rain to the north of us but that is not expected to make it here, we do have some cloud with it, today's dry cold front, everything is dry, dry, dry today. 56 degrees our current temperature in the city. fifty-five mount pocono. fifty-one in dover. fifty-two lancaster. forty-eight in wildwood. wind will be picking up today but not quite yet, 7 miles an hour wind out of the southwest right now. it was a superb monday. i meant to change. that anyway it was a superb monday yesterday with 82 degrees. seventy-five today.
4:47 am
and then getting cooler, tomorrow, back to the mid 70's by thursday, and friday, it is a nice temperature but we do have some showers in the forecast, but they should not linger into the weekend. it is looking good for both saturday and sunday n chance of rain on monday. so, not bad at all, that snow from a couple saturday is a ago becoming a distant memory bob kelly. >> i want to video the poppa gorilla and his reaction when he saw a positive test. >> when he saw the positive test. >> good morning, 4:47. congrats to the gang down there the at the zoo and look out for an accident northbound at i-95 right here atwood haven road in northeast philadelphia it is on the northbound side. downtown we will go we are starting to see a trickle of cars rolling on that vine street expressway, still closed though officially between broad street and the schuylkill for maybe another ten or 15 minutes or so. fire location in overbrook, 53rd and media with some local detours at the moment. over in new jersey, mount
4:48 am
laurel, hartford road shut down, from a sewer main break that occurred yesterday right at union mill road. at least for morning rush hour use briggs, larchmont boulevard or arc road to work your way around mount laurel, new jersey that it is right there on route 38. pothole patrols are coming back again today. they will work on 322 here in delco. they will be working on i-95 between blue route and state line and as i mentioned with that closure of the vine coming off i-95 you will be push off at broad street and use vine street local. those crews should be gone in another ten or 15 minutes or so. the chris and lauren, back over to you. if you use windows on your computer listen up, u.s. government issued an alert. home land security department is telling windows users to uninstall quick time program. that is video and audio software that at one time was widely used to play movie trailers and other internet media clips. apple decided this week to not
4:49 am
issue anymore security updates for quick time on widows. it still works but without support. it could increase risk for viruses and other security threats. retail giant nordstroms plans to cut 400 jobs by july. company trying to slash 60 million-dollar in costs after reporting weak summer sales. cuts mainly affect employees working at seattle headquarters and other regional offices. a few sales force jobs will be affected. they are trying to get on line sales up, other giant retailers, wal-mart, macy's, also announcing plans to cut thousands of jobs. one reason may be competition from digital retailers like amazon. >> sell shoes at nordstroms in southern california i did. good summer job. speaking of amazon, move over netflix, amazon is coming for you. on line retailer is launching separate prime and prime video monthly subscriptions. customers kay pay 10.99 for full prime membership or 8.99.
4:50 am
prime has only been available as a $99 annual subscription, so if you like to crunch numbers this is still a better deal, prime video alone would cost $107.88 a year on the monthly plan while the full prime monthly service equals $131.88 zones in the course of the year. following in the footsteps of your favorite restaurant, and service called cvs express, gives customers a chance to order most items through main cvs smart phone app and get them delivered to the car when they drive up to the store. but prescription drugs must be filled in store inside or you can go through drive through window. not sure what would you need, really quickly, at the cvs. you do in the want burger, fries, i need to eat. >> aforementioned ept test. >> that ept test. >> yes. >> i gotta now know, it could change my life.
4:51 am
>> that kind of of information you don't want to sit on. >> this is true. >> anxiety all day. >> yes. >> you got the to know right now. listen up, a parentally my coffee has kicked in and apparently you really love your car. >> a recent study commissioned by e bay motors say that in the only are they keeping their cars longer but they are likely to have an emotional attachment and for that reason they are more likely to name their cars. >> oh, come on. >> you do not name your car, do you, lauren. >> i don't, i don't but 40 percent of millennials do have a name for their car. >> like what name. >> okay, here we go, betsy. >> all right, well, that is kind of cool will. >> baby. >> no. >> that is my baby. >> what about betsy. >> if you live in atlanta. >> that is another shade right there. >> what about bob. >> bobbies the traffic guy. >> that is a good name for a car. >> especially, yeah. >> buddy. we have all of these names here. we have a buddy and bob.
4:52 am
>> buddy just get the me straight the to that cvs for that ept. >> what about old faithful and reliable. >> well, if they are good cars. they don't break down. >> that is weird. >> i never name my car but i necessity people who have. >> that is so silly. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, the debate, by the the way, not this debate but debate is over we now necessity where you can find the best food in the country. >> can we get betsy. >> you do not the of to go far, lauren dawn johnson. >> all right,
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
i got to tell but good news. >> we have good news. >> so a few weeks ago someone reached out to me on twitter, so many social media things happening. hey lauren check out this group of chess players in wilmington at thomas edison charter school. i was like what about them? they were looking for money, raise money on a go fund me page to make it to the national chess championship. >> that is cool. >> in indianapolis. so we made the trip to wilmington one morning before they helped to nationals to see what they are all about. >> and. >> their coach and their principal tweeted me and said we won, hard for the battle but my students tied for first place at the national chess championship. so a huge congratulations to
4:56 am
our local students representing the delaware valley. >> fantastic. >> guess what they won nationals last year. that is a picture of some of the teammates there. they won in kentucky last year. they won this year in indianapolis or tied for first. >> that is awesome. >> i was teasing him when he got there, he was like within of the best seventh graders and beats all of the older kid. he had an earring in his ear. just one earring. i said does that way way you down from really winning. he goes no, he won in his age group. >> that is fantastic. >> congrats to them. there has been debate over the years about which state in the country, has the best food, right. >> is it atlanta? >> it is not atlanta. >> there is good food down there though. you are saying states, whole state. >> yes. >> so what state has the best food. >> you tell me because did you all this research. >> i didn't do any research, but, how do you say this, saveyour. >> well, it is devoting the entire month to the garden
4:57 am
state saying it is unsung hero of american eating with the rich, diverse, passionate food culture. series highlights places such as shriver's salt water taffy, and why new jersey is the best place to get hot dogs. >> congratulations, new jersey. we're following breaking news. a woman rush todd hospital after a violent attack. we will have have a live report from dave kinchen coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
i'm dave kinchen with break news in north philadelphia a a woman's throat is slashed, police are investigating. we will tell you what you we know coming up, lauren. the officer shot the in west philadelphia released from the hospital as new details emerge about this guy the suspected shooter. the lengthy criminal background this 23 year-old has had. things getting youly on the ice as flyers lost their third straight game to the capitol. the reaction from the fans that cost the team a penalty. >> not a pretty site, more from the ice and stand. good day everyone. it is, tuesday. >> it is tuesday, the 19th of april, 2016. >> you are trying to brighten up spirits with the bright yellow. >> you wore yellow first because i keep my suits and ties here at work. so i'm trying to match it. >> yes. >> i'm trying to lighten the mood. phillies lost too, sue. do you have any good news for us.


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