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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. i am pleading with the person who hit my son. >> hit and left to die. a mother pleading for the driver who hit her son to come forward. monday on her desperate cry-out for help. >> plus, police trying to figure out who stabbed a woman in the neck in kensington, the dramatic rescue told by the good samaritan who saved the woman's life. and this: >> we don't have much of a race any more based on what i'm seeing on television. >> new yorkers, you have always, you have always had my back. >> and epic primary in the empire state. straight off her huge win there. hillary clinton comes to our area, and more candidates making their way here, where you can spot them in philadelphia. coming up. >> good day everyone, it is april 20, 2016, also known as national look-alike day. so we want to encourage to you send us pictures of what who you think we look like, use the #goodday20. >> i already know.
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it will be an overwhelming vote of kelly rowland and the last time people started saying it, i tagged her in all of those tweets. >> and she? >> and she responded. >> then followed you on twitter and the whole thing. are you guys best is snow. >> no, but i want to make her to just take a picture, my bucket list. >> sue, dop he will ganger. >> when i was much younger and more brunet, stephanie powers, remember her from heart-to-heart? >> oh, yes. >> i had hair just likes hers, people used to say i look like her, i will have to find a picture of me then. now, but ten out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we've got some rain down in texas, again, still, again, no rain here, just have clear skies, which means, we will also have a loft sunshine today, that's a good thing, 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. 5-mile per hour wind. and relative humidity, still very low. we had the red flag warning up yesterday for fire dangers, dangers still out there today, just not going to be as windy
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as it was yesterday. 6:15, your sunrise time. we have got 40 degrees, much chillier in point poke none than it was yesterday, 40's to the north of us, 50's to the south of us, so compared to yesterday, at this time, it is a little bit chillier. so make sure to have sweater or jacket with you if you are waiting outside, same for the kids at the bus stop later this morning, winds are not extreme, very light, compared to yesterday, when it did get quite windy. 78 degrees, was our high yesterday. it was a breezy tuesday. sixty-five is the average, we will be closer to that today, actually, today's average 66. and we are are going with 68 and plenty of sunshine, and we have a 46 degrees low tonight, so, this lovely weather, how long can it last, we will let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. so bob kelly, what's going on this morning? >> i'm doing good, yep, wednesday, good morning, everybody, 5:02, as we say hello to 42, coming in toward
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philadelphia. no problems or delays here, traffic kind of light at this hour. coming through that construction zone, in bellmawr, going to fishtown, here we go, this joint is jumping later today. this is a live look at frankford avenue, right near sugarhouse casino. and i say jumping later on today, because we have a big event, dave kinchen standing by to give us more of the details. but afternoon rush hour, hot mess. the philmore, hillary clinton event, doors open at 4:00. the event starts 6:30, in the neighborhood, right off of the girard avenue ramps for i-95. we will see detours, the motorcade madness, for the afternoon rush hour, and it is also going to impact the route 15 trolley. so think about that for this afternoon's rush hour, and any time after lunchtime. you will see that volume and the detours go into effect. a fire here, naman's creek, just off route 261, there is only one lane open right now, into delaware, on the delaware memorial bridge. now the crews say they should be out of there by about 5:30, but headed out the front door
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right now, or going to hit the bridge later on around that 5:30 hour, i would play it safe, and go over the commodore barry, and take south 95, in to wilmington, that's going to be your best bet. then later on throughout the day they're doing line painting on the schuylkill expressway. from like 9:00 to 3:00, between king of prussia and south philly. speaking of south philly, double bubble tonight. flyers, phillies, again, both set for that 7:00 hour. so think about that. you got both event there in south philly. hillary clinton event at the philmore. motorcade coming from the airport to the philmore. has to go through south philly. >> what a mess. >> you figure it out, chris, lauren, back to you. >> the only thing we want thrown by the way is baseball, pitchers mounds tonight. >> 5:04, mother's desperate plea after her son is killed in a hit-and-run. >> riding his bike when hit and left to die in the street. >> steve keeley standing by at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation, hi, steve. >> well, the more you hear
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about this young man, the more you will like him. sometimes we lose what we often call one of the best and the brightest, and too oftentimes we don't learn about how good some people are until they're gone. and this is another very sad case. sunday school teacher, kids soccer coach, personal train here didn't charge, and that's just the start of the long list, and another hit-and-run mystery starting with jamal lewis just lying hurt on the ground at 45th and market streets, just before 4:00 a.m. saturday. now, police thought his head wounds were from assault, the 911 caller just found him there, no one reported seeing that car ever hit him. and there is no video, no pieces of a car. doctors and police later realize he was riding the smashed up red bike found nearby. jamal had graduated from drexel back in 2011, with mechanical engineering degree, he had a solid career going in that field with a local office of international firm a.m. he can foster wheeler, and jamal
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biked everywhere because he was a work out fanatic, even helped train people over at the university of pennsylvania gym near where he was killed. his parents came down to fill toy meet with both police and the press from new york, talking about their love for their son, and his love of philadelphia. >> loved pennsylvania. he left new york, and went to drexel university. he graduated from drexel university as an engineer. and never decided, decided woe stay in philadelphia and not come home. we supported him 100%. jamal loved people. he loved gym. he loved the work out. part of the time he worked at the university of pennsylvania, where all of their people were supporting him, and he would foster, amek fossor. >> my son came to philadelphia. and i didn't know what you guys did to him, but he never wanted to leave. and i now see why. i now see why.
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the city of brotherly love. >> boy, i just listen to those two parent talking, you understand why this young son of theirs was such a good kid. chris, lauren, if anyone saw it, or if the driver just saw those loving parent on tv, maybe a memory or maybe their conscious will be moved to make a call to cops. >> whenever you see a story like that, you think, how many great things that young man would have done if he had had time, much more time on this planet. >> only 27 years old. so young. >> all right, happening today, the race for the white house comes to pennsylvania. >> tuesday is the primary, some of the candidates campaigning in our area today. dave kinchen joins us live from fishtown where hillary clinton is scheduled to make appearance later today. hi, dave. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris, another concert tonight at the philmore like they usually see, but instead a political organizing event held by hillary clinton and the campaign. the campaign said she will be organizing supporting ers, talk about why her plan is best for pennsylvania.
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families with the rally later today the doors opening at 4:30 tonight, the event at 63 clinton will also attend discussion on gun violence in philly today joining former u.s. attorney general, eric holler, former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton riding high on her solid victory in new york's primary last night, soundly defeating vermont senator bernie sanders, while going after donald trump, who won the republican side of the contest in the empire state. here's what hillary clinton said to supporters. >> we all know too many people who are still hurting. i see it everywhere i go. the great recession, wiped out, jobs, homes, and savings, and a lot of americans haven't yet recovered. but i still believe with all my heart that as another great democratic president once said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with
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america. >> her democratic rival sanders will be campaigning across pennsylvania today, looking to bounce back, after last night's major loss. so far, no philly events, but his campaign has saturated local media in recent weeks, gop candidate ted cruz also adding another stop to the keystone state in addition to event he held at the national constitution center last night. cruz continues to say he's the only one who can beat trump. trump is up in pennsylvania, by double digits, according to a combination of polls. back to you. >> and let's turn our attention to new york where the results of course, for the first time in years, helping change the trajectory of the 2016 race. on the democratic side, frontrunner hillary clinton being credited the winner of the empire state, win goes long way in the momentum of bernie sanders, lib rat vermont senator, unexpected popularity has dogged the former secretary of state. he just won't go away. >> it is humbling, humbling,
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that you trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all the people who supported senator sand earns, i believe there is much more that unites us, than divides us. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders is already looking ahead to pennsylvania, he's wooing voters here in the keystone states for weeks now, last night held rally at penn state university, vowing to keep fighting. all right, let's talk about the republicans now, donald trump wins new york primary after campaigning for weeks in his home state. the question now is, by just how much as the numbers continue to shake out. >> we don't have much after race any more based on what i am seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> speaking of ted cruz, he
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suffered a disappointing lost coming in last place behind john kasich. the texas senator also now focusing on pennsylvania, where he is hoping to keep trump from getting the magic number of 1,237 delegates. all right the next contest next tuesday, when five states go to the polls including pennsylvania. all five states will combine to have 280 delegates, lauren. >> all right, later in the show, the birds back in town for their voluntary mini camp. which two eagles players were a no show and why? plus: a local community mourning the sudden death after beloved police officer in haverford township.
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>> starting off with a look ahead. >> sunsets officially 8:00. we have some of the longest days of the year, 15 days from now, may the fifth, mothers day is may the eighth, 18 shopping days! and we're 40 days away from memorial day. now, you don't want to wish your life away. we have to appreciate the here and now. and boy, are we going to have a day to appreciate today. we loved monday when it was in the 80s. we loved yesterday, when it was in the 70s. but today it will be perfect for april, as we get from mid april into late april, where we are going, clouds down to the south and west, some rain again, in texas, where they've just been soaked over the last
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couple of days, so the dallas air getting the rain today, thunderstorms, as well. high pressure system that's kept us dry has kept those storms there, and prevented them from coming here. soap, essentially, though, that all loosens up, we start to get some clouds rolling in tomorrow. late in the day, then we get some rain. tan rolls in on friday morning, gets little heavier, maybe with some thunderstorms, by late afternoon. right now, though, we are going to 68 degrees for high temperature today, ten out of ten, for sure. and not as windy as it was yesterday. seventy-three is our high temperature for tomorrow, still dry, rainy day, is friday, we should have a few thunderstorms here and there, and then we get all of that out of the way just in time for the weekends, 68 degrees saturday, 70 on sunday, looks almost ideal, and then on monday, it is still dry. chance of showers on tuesday. so that's a look at your weather authority forecast, tissues, allergy meds, got it
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all covered. >> live look at the ben franklin bridge, 5:15, nice and quiet up and over the span into downtown, no problems yet here on i-95, this is 95, right near the girard avenue interchange. but again, with that hillary clinton event at the philmore, the 95 girard avenue off-ramps could be little dicey later on, for that evening rush hour. south philly jammed tonight. flyers at 7:00. phillies 7:00 #, a give yourself plenty of time to get down into the stadium complex, when i went down monday night, same deal, we had the double bubble. give yourself extra time to get into the parking lots, so that you're in your seats when the games get started. now, south on 95, today, penndot's going to be doing some pothole patrols, southbound, between the airport all the way down through philadelphia, all the way down it through the delaware county interchanges. and then at philadelphia international airport, looking good, no problems at all into or out of the airport, do have fire location, down here delaware, naman's creek road just off of route 261.
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and still only that one lane open on the delaware memorial bridge into delaware, crews say, that probably by 5:30 they should be out of there. chris, lauren, back to you. >> kathleen kane wants a judge to explore whether prosecutors leaked fbi recording in her criminal case to a newspaper. kane will be in court this morning, in montgomery county, for pretrial hearing. her lawyers say only three groups had that recording of her political consultant, those parties were federal prosecutors, state prosecutors, and kane's legal team. >> what a fight in new jersey. atlantic city suing the garden state for $33.5 million in aid money, that was promised but then never received. the nearly broke city also request ago, quote, special master, that would be person to oversee the state monitor now in place at city hall. the money would have come from atlantic city rescue package, but block earlier this year. so the fighting continues in ac, lauren? developing this morning, firefighters called out to the
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2200 block of pal mean owe drive just after 11:00 last night. you can see, from our video, the time they arrived, it was just too late. the damage already done. not only did the house catch on fire, but car sitting in the driveway nearby was also charred. check it out. no word on what started the fire, and there are no reports of any injuries. >> a local community is in mourning after the sudden death after beloved police officer in haverford township. according to the police department, 39 year old william alberta died sunday due to an illness. the seven year veteran of the force suffered a medical emergency last week while playing ice hockey in a police league. alberta died of natural causes of being hospitalized for about a week, he leaves his hoo his wife and three young children, services are set for this weekend. >> hundreds turn out in robinsville, new jersey to say good-bye to a beloved school superintendent. prayers, candles, and lot of tears shed, for 52 year old doctor steven mayor, who was hit by a car while jogging yesterday morning near the high school. a student was behind the
5:19 am
wheel, on her way to a class trip. mayor's being remembered as a great school administrator. but more than that, a coach, a mentor, and a family man, who was always quick with a kind and encouraging words. >> always like walking down the hallways, i was waiting for my class, woe high five us, or tell us, ask us how you are day was going. >> he just loved to be therefore everyone. >> well he's not only going to be missed on campus, by the way, he leaves behind a wife and three kids. the cause of that accident by the way still under investigation. >> all right, coming up on 5:20, and take a look at this guy, yes, they've charged him as the guy behind the wheel after truck that hit and killed a well known crossing guard in trenton, new jersey, they say this guy, duane bennett, was driving with a suspended license when he hit and killed the crossing guard monday. bennett did stay at the scene. >> police stepping up patrols along a popular nature trail near the university of delaware campus. this after the brutal attack
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of a jogger, a 23 year old graduate student was found beaten, lying unconscious, along the james f hall trail monday night. she says a mask man shoved her from behind, push her to the grounds, and repeatedly punched her in the face until she passed out. investigators say the man was wearing a ski mask and gloves, right now, they don't have motive for that attack. >> listen up, parent, the state senate passed a bill requiring student at delaware colleges and universities with campus house to go proof that they've been vaccinated against mening go coccal disease. >> approved bill, to be vaccinated five years prior to their date of enrollment. want to keep everybody safe. >> yes. >> coming up: who is to blame? the first criminal charges connected to the water crisis, in flint, expected to be announced later today. >> you know what we will announce later on? >> what? >> winning lottery numbers. well, we will look at them. we won't actually announce them. here they are.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> samir, faces murder and assault, meanwhile, scott griffin awaiting a rain: shot officer mccullough. doctors released the officer from the hospital on monday
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night. >> coming up 5:24, first criminal charges connected to the water crisis in flint, michigan, are expected to be announced later today. sources say, the charges will be filed against state department of environmental quality officials and a local water treatment plant supervisor. flint has been coping with fall-out from his decision to switch its water supply two years ago. officials say because that far switch, water lines began to corrode, causing lead to leak into the water. the city has been under a state of emergency for more than four months now, and people there, are using filters and all of that bottled water that's been shipped in. >> a new york police officer convicted of accidentally shooting a unarmed man will not face any jail time. peter lang was pro neglecting when he saw kai in a stairwell, he said his firearm accidentally went off. yesterday judge reduced his manslaughter conviction to criminally neglect homicide before sentencing him to five years of probation, and 800 hours of community service.
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he said keeping lang in jail wasn't necessary to protect the public. >> mcdonald's testing bigger and smaller versions of its big mac, as the world's biggest hamburger chain, the company said they're testing grand mack, and mack, jr., in ohio and in dallas. >> so the mack junior would be the smaller one i am guessing? >> yes. >> you know what i hate? like starbucks, a tall is a small. >> very confusing. >> okay. here is the deal with this. grand mack is made with two, one-6-pound beaver patties. point, downed that sounds happen tieing? >> twenty-one-pound six patties, please, will cost you 4.89. mack junior basically single layer big mac, and mcdonald's said it is easier to eat on the go. the big max, they do casino of drip into your laps sometimes with the cheese, the sauce, the lettuce, but all shredded so it falls off into your hand, too. >> that's too much. >> they say this is going to be much easier to eat on the
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go. and they'll sell between 2.39 and 2.59. that will would be that grand mack one. have you kept notes? because you don't eat beef. >> ya. >> all of that? >> it went right over my head. >> don't care? >> no. >> what do you eat on the go? a girl like you? >> salad? >> you can't eat that on got. >> i eat it fast at home then go. >> no, what do you eaton got? >> smacks, like what, almond, granola bars, protein bars. >> or piece of fruit? >> fruit. >> right. >> that works. >> apple great to go snack. >> i like apples, pairs. >> this friday is earth day. so, we want to know what you do to take part in helping the environment. won't you join us for this, right? we'll have sledding event. we teamed up with parks casino, head on down to their parking lot there at parks casino right there in bucks county, montgomery county line. i'm going to be there, lauren? what? >> from 7:00 to 10:00. i brought this last year, bring any unwanted document, they'll be security disposed. >> do you have to wear a face
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mask so not seeing anyone's private information, they can just hands it to you, you can stuff it and shred it? because you'll try to take a peak. >> i would not ever do that. but i believe last year they had the electronics, so you could also do it, as well. >> turn it in? okay. dave kinchen, good morning to you. >> talking politics. >> that's right. hillary clinton bridges campaign back to philadelphia after her big win in new york, last night. we'll have a preview after the break.
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telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> bernie sanders, the primary in the books, how presidential candidates are looking to the keystone state vying for your vote. >> a man is hit and left to die on the streets every west philadelphia this morning. mother, pleads to the driver, that killed her son. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, april 20th, 2016. >> good morning, lauren dawn johnson. >> hello. >> big night in sports, of course, we've got flyers playoff game against the capitols there in south philly. >> and we're hoping for a win? >> we need a win. >> so, sue, we have at least
5:31 am
good baseball weather, right? >> yes, it will be fantastic night of ballpark. once again, all of our weather days have been fine, just need few more in the w column. so, there is the flyers cap, on buddy, and he's wearing a fleece this morning, little bit cooler than it was yesterday at this time. little phillies p on there, as women, skies clear, temperatures in the four's, 50's's out there this morning, no precipitation at least not in our area. in fact, hardly cloud in the sky. and that's why it got little cooler than it was yesterday. fifty in the city. 5-mile per hour breeze out of the north-northwest, very low relative humidity, enjoy that while it lasts. of course it also increased the fire danger yesterday. but at least the winds have calmed down since yesterday. so we no longer have a red flag warning in effect. so, 40's to the north and south of us, 50 down in wildwood, new jersey, these are temperatures five, six, seven, 16 degrees chillier than they were yesterday at this time. those are winds speeds, 5 miles per hour in the city. it was a breezy tuesday, it
5:32 am
was nice, at 78 degrees. today we're going to get to about, well, 68 for high temperature, with plenty of sunshine, but that's more seasonable for april the 20th, 46 degrees tonight, that's your weather authority forecast, for wednesday. once we're over the hump, bob kelly, we'll have the weekend forecast for you. >> guess what day it is? 5:32, good morning, everybody, happy hump day. getting over this hump. the ben franklin, no problems at all at least at the moment, looking good coming into downtown, disabled here, this is 95, right near center city. so if you head north or south on 95, just watch out. this fellow is pulled over to the shoulder there. just talked to state police now. this delay going to start the build for the morning rush hour. the delaware memorial bridge, one lane into delaware, supposed to have it wrapped up by 53 running lit late. no et a on when this will be open. actually, replacing the coil rope that suspend the bridge.
5:33 am
so, one of the four lanes, open, in the delaware right now, getting ready to leave the house and you typically use the delaware memorial bridge, hold on, i would head for the commodore barry bridge, into pennsylvania, and take 95 south, that will put new wilmington, also, give you the opportunity to go further south, if you have to. that's the way to go. because already we're starting to see backups on that delaware memorial bridge. now, here is the deal for later on today. if you are coming north or south on i-95, we have two events in south philadelphia, flyers at 7:00, phillies at 7:05. of course, that's going to bring us volume into the stadium for the evening rush hour, at the same time, we have this political event tonight, at the philmore, which is a start time at 6:30, also, along that i95 stretch, right near girard avenue, it is going to impact the neighborhood, as well as the route 15 trolley, for the evening rush hour. chris, lauren, back to you. >> so much going on. and we want to get to this. breaking news at 5:34. a magnitude 6.1 tremor has
5:34 am
rattled ecuador. experts say it was centered off shore, there are no immediate report of damage, the death pole from the weekend, seven # .8 magnitude quake has risen now to 525 people. the defense department reported yesterday that more than 200 people are still missing. >> and breaking news, closer to home, out of garnet valley pennsylvania, one person escaped from early morning house fire, that fire started just before 4:00 this morning, on the 3700 block every folk road. one person was inside the home at the time of that fire. was able to get out safely. right now firefighters are still working to put out hot spots. no injuries have been reported. >> we have a developing story for you, as well. a mother pleading for a driver to come forward after her son was hit on his bike and killed. twenty-seven year old jam add morris was found lying in the road, this is at 45th and market, early saturday. he died from his injuries monday. authorities first thought he was a victim of assault, then found morris' damaged bike, and then figured out, well,
5:35 am
ya, he was hit by a car. his parent are asking anyone for information now to come forward. >> okay, happening today. the race for the white house comes to our state yesterday it was new york, tuesday, here, in pennsylvania, and some candidates campaigning in our area. >> ted cruz on gop side here at the national constitution center last night. dave kinchen now has what's coming up in fishtown on the democratic side. good morning, dave. >> yes, good morning to you, a lot of people wondering why so much monday any politics, well when you crisscross the country like that paying for venues, things like that, of course the philmore tonight is where former secretary every state hillary clinton will be for a 6:30 event here, we're told it is an event to organize supporters and to rally them, as women. clinton will also attend a discussion on gun violence, in philly today, joining former u.s. attorney general, eric holler, the former secretary every state, and first lady, hillary clinton, riding high on her solid victory in new york's primary last night.
5:36 am
sadly defeating vermont senator bernie sanders while going after donald trump, who won the republican side of the contest in the empire state. here's what hillary clinton said to her supporters. >> how new york he is pull together and rebuilt our city, after the worst terror isay tack in our history. it is how americans worked our way back, from the worse economic crisis in our lifetime. and it is how we're going to breakdown all the barriers, holding us back, the motto of this state is elxuior, ever upward. let's go out and win this election. >> i think also quoting the silver lining play book there. sanders will be campaigning across pennsylvania today, looking to bounce back after last night's major loss in new york. so far no philly event, but his campaign has saturated local media in recent weeks. gop candidate ted cruz also adding another stop in the keystone state, in addition to an event he held last night at the national constitution center, cruz says he's the only one who can beat donald
5:37 am
trump. donald trump leading by double digits in polls across pennsylvania, back to you. >> yes, ted cruz says he's it only one who can beat hillary clinton when it comes to the general election, so we'll see. >> all right. police still searching for clues after a woman was found with her throat slashed in kensington early yesterday morning. >> around 3:00 in the morning, detectives say the victim who is in her 30's collapsed on 29,000 block of stellar street after walking nearly 100 feet with a slashed neck. looking for help. one witness says it was like scene from nightmare, when he saw the woman staggering down the street, soaked in her own blood. >> i knew her throat was slashed, because it was wide open. from ear to ear. towel out, put it around her throat, and she stumble down the street outright here. and right there. >> the witness, and passing motorist, ran to the woman's side, police say, the woman carried no id, could not speak, as a result of a course that 12-inch gash right there
5:38 am
in her throat. she has had surgery and is in critical condition at temple hospital, we cross our fingers for a recovery. 5:38. pennsauken family elated, their missing dog is back home, this isn't just any dog. why buns' safe return is a medical miracle. >> okay.
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>> down through games to none against washington, game four tonight, now, tuesday night, was path ethic, by both the team and the fans that through away give away wrist bands on the ice in a six-one lost. >> obviously not in favorable position here. but, you know, i've definitely been around long enough to see it been done. you know, the come back, like i say, you know, got to be, you know, got to make it even smaller than it is at a single game. go shift by shift. you got to go period by period. that's how you make it up. you can't look, you know, beyond where we are, can't look back. >> oh, those phillies. not only can't score runs, but pink now. vince hasn't been scored on this season gives up five in less than five innings, only two of them earned. but three run owner -- the mets hit six homeruns, beat the phillies 11 to one. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> talking football already? at least mini cam snap.
5:42 am
>> good. after the sixers? >> new coach. >> the way the phillies are going -- >> yes, mini camp, voluntary, but two players were not there. darren sproles, who has been excused, and then fletcher cox, who is not going to report until he gets new contract. >> oh, my goodness. he evidently will sign for all kinds of money so. who that works out. as for players who are there, sam bradford is dealing with all of the talk centered around next week's draft, reports, that the eagles are trying to move up to get the second pick to get a quarterback that could eventually replace him, so what's bradford think about that? >> i learned a long time ago to stay away from all of that stuff. you know, not the first time that i've gone through a situation like this. you know, i think i learned a long time ago not to worry about anything that i can't control. and i have no control over. that will so really no reason, you know, wasting any time or any -- put any wore my that. >> see, and woe know, right? he was very, very, very first pick years ago in the draft. and he just sign for all kind of millions of dollars.
5:43 am
>> all right, shack spear once wrote what's in a name? apparently it is a l why parent all around the world are shelling out big bucks to baby naming agencies? >> chris? do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
5:44 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen.
5:45 am
i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:46 am
>> we have breaking news from the country of ecuador. there is the capitol of ecuador, this is the city, muisne, 6.1 magnitude earthquake, map of where exactly that is. unfortunately, not the first one we've had this week. so after shock maybe. but it is pretty strong. >> now, for us, talking about weather, in the atmosphere. and it is rainy day, dallas getting the brunn of. that will for us, clear, lovely day, once again, the little chillier than it was yesterday at this time with temps in the 40's, most of the suburbs, 50 in the city, 48 in wildwood, and average high temperature, 66 degrees, boy have we been above average ever since the weekends, 82 degrees monday, cool down today, but little more where
5:47 am
we're supposed to be on the 20th of april. so getting a ten out every ten with 68 degrees, now, actually the phillies, this is our last home game, until next week. so we will continue looking at that situation, as time goes by, but looks like good weekend ahead for us, bob kelly? >> sounds good, sue. good morning. 5:47. on a wednesday, looking good in king of prussia. no problems at all from kop, the schuylkill looking good, starting to pick up some volume. just going to start to see the sun pop, get some sun glare this morning, the 42 freeway again, pockets coming in toward philadelphia. the blue route, looking good from delco, all the way up into conshy, no problems yet on the pennsylvania turnpike. but then, later on after the morning rush hour, there will be work crews out along i-95. they're going to work from say the airport, with their hard hats, all the way down into delaware county, and then they're also going to work on the schuylkill expressway, bring your paint brush, paint day on the schuylkill, they're going to be line painting on
5:48 am
the schuylkill, both directions, they'll begin out in king of prussia. they'll go eastbound, flip u-turn laverne in south philly come back the other way. just remember, when they're doing these line painting operations it is slow moving, try not to change lanes, otherwise, you'll get your tires kicking that white paint up. it is quick dry paint, but a lot of times with the hot sun, and the hot tires, you get that paint kicked up onto your car. now, i just heard from state police here. still one lane on the delaware memorial bridge into delaware. here is the deal. replacing those coil rods, the coil ropes that actually hold the bridge up. there is only been one lane on the overnight, when they are completed, this morning, there will only be two lanes open until further notice. so, we will go from four lanes to two for the morning rush hour here on the delaware memorial bridge. so plan ahead. if you typically come south out of new jersey into delaware, i would use the commodore barry bridge this
5:49 am
morning, and into pennsylvania, and then pick up 95 south, that will get new wilmington, and further south, and you'll avoid that jammo on the delaware memorial bridge. chris and lauren back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. pennsauken family elate in the morning, because their missing dog is back home. >> this isn't your average petitor. first brought you the story of buns, the pitbull terrier couple of weeks ago, family devestated after the one year old pup just bolted out the front door. >> oh, man. buns is the best friend of 15 year old desean williams, who is awe tis i can the entire community pitched in to help find his dog. >> i'm so happy. >> this is really good story. i mean, as mom for your child, who ask you every day where their dog is, and you don't have any answers, it is rough. >> buns is back! a neighbor found the dog wandering the streets and said get over here. >> awe. >> i'm going to take you home. >> here is the deal. they'll keep track of buns,
5:50 am
this little pup does this again, because now they've had him micro chipped. >> and he is getting a collar. >> right. >> going to have his name. >> we have to have that. >> and the phone number. >> yep. >> i always worry about diamond for that same reason, if they wander off, you have to have some way to contact me. >> yes, sometimes laura will call my cell phone because our dog wilson has her cell number on his tag. and are you missing wilson? no, he is just running around. you're at the park. >> so, apparently now you can pay someone to name your baby. >> hum. why would you do such a thing, right? can doom kids a lifetime of misfortune, so you have to consult one. >> depending which expert, future career success to popularity, spiritual connection. what's the price of this? one firm in switzerland, $29,000 they are charging for every baby they name. they say they spend about 100 hours doing research, making
5:51 am
sure the name hasn't been trademarked or it doesn't have a negative association or some type of history. here is the deal. let's make it easy for you, sue, chris, lauren, bob, keep it simple! right? >> tell you what, i'll do it for 25 grand. >> oh, look at you. >> discount! >> right? fox 29 employee discount. >> we all have simple names here. dock this look alike thing for lookalike day, national look alike day. we want you to way in with the hashtag, what is it, good day 20. >> good day 20. so let's take a look at lauren as reminder. your look alike? >> kelly roll and, everyone says it all the time. i didn't used to see it at first, but now i sort of see it. >> yes. >> a lot of people say i look like michael keaton the actor. >> i don't think so. >> i don't see that. >> let's advance the i am najim laachraoui we can,. >> you go. >> i don't know. >> i don't see that. >> i wish i had his monday. >> i you're way more handsome. >> thank you very much.
5:52 am
>> ladies first? >> who do you always get? >> well, back in the day, when i actually look like something, people used to tell me that i look like stephanie powers. >> oh, from heart-to-heart. >> oh, okay. >> i love that show. >> ill find older picture of me and, i mean, meaning when i was younger, and then one when she was younger, very similar, because i had darker hair. >> she is older than you? her early 70s now. but i love that show heart-to-heart. >> with robert wagner. >> yes. >> you're j. wright? >> j. wright, dennis quaide, one i have a picture of right now, jason? >> oh, ya. >> saidakis. >> now, that's when i had my scruff look on when i was on vacation. >> i like you. >> both have nice hair too. >> accepted us the handwriting tash, use good day 20. >> i've had viewers through the years send me pictures of themselves, hey, people tell
5:53 am
me i look like you. >> florida police officer doing more than pro ticking and serving his community, how his new big is -- business is motivating people in his areas.
5:54 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street
5:55 am
because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> the will to push beyond the pain pumps through everyone of gregory miller's muscle
5:56 am
fibers. even when his body wants to give up. >> i'm beat up. that was brutal. >> but pumping it out is what miller does. both as a member of cross fit, and as a veteran officer, for the sarasota police department. he wears a message every inspiration on his chest like a badge of honor. >> i create a fitness apparel line that provides functional, comfortable, apparel with a purpose. >> he calls it at last athletic apparel. >> each item i offer is designed ma manner to either motivator inspire or to make people laugh. >> working out, you have a guy in front of you, you're trying to lift weight, message is casino of speaking to you, he lives it, breathes it, he knows the message to put on there. >> the kind that remind you, quit something not an option. >> if i can't make it through a work out, like this, you know, how can, you know, i serve the public, or how can someone in the military go defend our great nation? >> for miller his creations are a labor of love. whether he is patrolling the
5:57 am
streets or powering through a brutal work out. >> it is all in a day's work. >> it is something that's been growing, steadily here and outside of here,, first and for most my law enforcement comes first, but if i can create something that grows to motivate people then it is all worth it for me. >> fox 13 news. >> and we have breaking news out of garnet valley where one person escaped fell i morning hours fire, an update straight ahead on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> i'm pleading with the person who hit my son. >> emotional plea from a mother, whose son was hit by a car and left for dead. why she said she forgives the person behind the wheel. >> a community honors a man who helped so many young lives, superintendent killed in a tragic crash. plus, turning their attention now to us, the keystone state. whether you can expect to start seeing presidential candidates hosting campaign events, in our area. town hauls, et cetera. >> after donald trump and hillary clinton win big in new york last night. good day, it is april the 20th,


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