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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i'm pleading with the person who hit my son. >> emotional plea from a mother, whose son was hit by a car and left for dead. why she said she forgives the person behind the wheel. >> a community honors a man who helped so many young lives, superintendent killed in a tragic crash. plus, turning their attention now to us, the keystone state. whether you can expect to start seeing presidential candidates hosting campaign events, in our area. town hauls, et cetera. >> after donald trump and hillary clinton win big in new york last night. good day, it is april the 20th, 2016.
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>> what a stretch of weather we have been having. the deal today, it will be cooler than the past two days. >> but seasonal. >> right. for this time of year, april the 20th, that's why we're going with a ten out of ten today. >> wow. >> buddy wearing the logo of two teams that aren't doing very well right now, still saying hoping for a better times tonight when we have both games at the same time. phillies and the flyers games right across the street from each other. so, for us no rain to show you, not even cloud in the sky. 49 degrees right now, relative humidity, very low, at 38%. and we're 15 minute away or so from our official sunrise time, so you see to the north of us, it is very chilly in reading, mount pocono, in the 30's, and it is 39 degrees in
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millville specking high of 68 degrees. just like golds i locks, just right, just right. >> 02:00, 95 southbound, traffic jammed up cottman into girard. then we flashback to about 12 hours ago, when they had to set up emergency construction, on the delaware memorial bridge. you know the metal coils, the cables that basically suspend the bridge, across the river. they had to set up emergency repairs on the bridge. right now, there is only one lane into delaware, on the delaware memorial bridge. crews say that hopefully before the rush hour is over, they'll get a second lane open. but that is it. so we go from four lanes, down to the best plan would be two lanes, on the delaware memorial, leaving new jersey,.
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>> jump off the commodore barry, 95 into wilmington. later the evening rush hour, look out. a bun of of events all along this i-95 corridor. as sue just mentioned, flyers, phillies, both at 7:00 in the stadium complex. and then a little further up, 95, just north, hillary clinton campaign event, which is going to take place at the philmore, in the neighborhood right off 95 girard avenue exit, will affect septa route 13 trolley. so the evening rush hour, affecting the 95 corridor, mike, back to you. >> frontrunners getting much needed winners in yesterday's primaries there. >> now that new york is out of
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play, the candidates are shifting their focus right here to pennsylvania. where more than 280 delegates are up for grabs on next tuesday. dave kinchen, live in fishtown, hey, dave? report hillary clinton has the new york groove. you might be able to say it, and of course coming to philadelphia today to campaign, and she will be here at the philmore, not a concert tonight, but an organizing rally the campaign says to rail the troops, so to speak, clinton will also attend a discussion on gun violence, today, in philly, joined by former attorney general, eric holder, the first, actually, former secretary every state, and first lady, riding high on her solid victory in new york's primary last night. she soundly defeated vermont senator bernie sanders while going after donald trump, who won the republican contest in the empire state. here's what hillary clinton said to supporters. >> too many people who are still hurting. i see it everywhere i go.
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the great recession wiped out. jobs, homes, and savings, and a lot of americans haven't yet recovered. but i still believe with all my heart that as another great democratic president once said: there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what's right with america. >> reporter: quoting her husband former president bill clinton, democratic rivals will be campaign across pennsylvania today look to go bounce back after major loss in new york, so far no bits for his campaign, but has saturated local media in recent weeks, also gop candidate ted cruz has added another stop, in the keystone state, after holding a event at the national constitution center last night. cruz continues to say he is the only candidate who can beat trump and hillary clinton, but trump is ahead in the polls here, in pennsylvania. back to you. >> all right, thank you. we'll keep an eye on it, whole
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week worth of that. breaking news out of garnet valley. one person escaped an early morning house fire. the fire started just before 4:00 this morning. two hours ago on the 3700 block of folk road. one person was inside the home at the time of the fire. but was able to get out safely. right now firefighters are still putting out the hot spots. >> 6:06. hundreds turn out in robinsville, new jersey to say good-bye to a beloved school superintendent. prayers, canned, many tears shed, for 52 year old doctor steven mayor, hit by a car while jogging yesterday morning, near the high school. a student was behind the wheel on her way to a class trip. mayor is being remembered as great school administrator, but more than that, he was a coach, a mentor, and a family man, who was always quick with kind and encouraging word. >> always like walking down the hallways, i was watt waiting for my class, woe high five us, tell us hi, or ask us how our day was going. >> he was always at our
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sporting event, loved to be therefore everyone. >> mayor leaves behind a wife and three children. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. just shocking. 6:07. >> a mother is pleading for a driver to come forward after her son was hit on his bicycle left for dead in the streetment someone found 27 year old jamal morris lying in the road at 45 and market early saturday. morris died on monday. rescuers originally thought he was a victim of an assault because every his injuries. but then police found morris' damaged bike, and determined that he was hit. his parents are asking anyone with information on who hit jamal to please come forward. >> as a mom, i am pleading with the person who hit my son. i forgive you. so you need to know that i forgive you. >> jamal's mom also want to find the person who called 911 so she can thank that person. jamal's organs are being donated and will help save seven lives. so far police have found no evidence of the car that hit
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jamal. no surveillance video of the crash which is why they are asking for anyone to please come forward. >> 6:08 now on this wednesday. governor tom wolf address being concerns over medical marijuana. hear what he says about the program potentially, leading to recreational marijuana being legalized, in pennsylvania. >> plus new twist in the financial crisis in atlantic city. what action the city now taking, as it tries to get aid money from the state.
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>> governor wolf stopped basilica of saints peter and paul the state representative nicaraguareally to thank for all of his hard work. spent time restoring pennsylvania and the legalization of medical marijuana in pennsylvania does not mean recreational marijuana is any closer to being legalized. >> in terms of it being a gateway to the legalization of regular re rational march juan, a the pattern is just not there. this is really about addressing the needs of patients, families, people, fellow citizens, who are just asking to be treated by their doctors, the way their doctors think they should be treated.
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>> visited yesterday, as women. >> 6:12. there is no place like home for the presidential campaign frontrunners. what wins for trump and clinton mean as the focus shifts to pennsylvania. >> bernie was born in brick lynn, didn't work out for him, bob. >> see how happy everybody will be later this afternoon when all of the visits turn into traffic jams. right now a big traffic jam south on the new jersey turnpike ramps to the delaware memorial bridge. only one lane open. i'll give you the detour, as we go out, take live look at the sunrise up and over that girard point double decker. we will grab a cup of coffee, meet you back here in two and a half minutes.
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>> president obama landed in audi air yeah ya the president is expected to push saudi arabia for military and military backing against the islamic state group. saudi abaya, the biggest buyer of american made arms. the visit comes during pig public risk between the two countries and their 83 year old alliance. >> donald trump, capitalizing on their home field advantage. so to speak. the frontrunners each securing easy victories in new york's primaries yesterday. for clinton, between a much needed win after bernie sanders had won several voting
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contests in a row. seven. for donald trump, he said his big win in new york state means his biggest challenger, is all but finished in the republican race. >> we don't have much after race any more, based on what i am seeing on television, senator cruz, just about mathematically eliminated so doug luzader in washington, d.c., is the donald accurate there? >> tough tone vision, where cruz could win the nomination outright a lot has to do with the margin of victory, the fact donald trump crossed not just the ooh% threshold, but the 606% flesh hold. it means elwyn just about every delegate in new york bick win for him, tough tone vision the way cruz comes back, but cruz was already pretty much out of the running to do that anyway. he is banked on contested this summer. >> look at john kasich there,
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25. >> distant thirds just before where else, but new york was strong state for him. and he knew that kind acting as spoiler, only get three delegates or something. something for guy who doesn't have much in terms of delegates. >> really was battle for the home state. because of course bernie sanders is from brooklyn, hillary clinton was saying hey, basically this is my home. >> i'm the senator here. >> yes, hillary clinton won big. >> she nearly hit the threshold, 57.9. , seeded some expectations sand ers needed to win new york it, would have been massive upset t would have given him all kind of momentum, and it might have helped him convince a lot of these democratic super delegates, to kind of change horses mid stream, turn their backs on hillary clinton and support him. it is not going to happen at least not at this point. just not clear where sanders goes from here, although, he says, he'll stay in the race because we have that coming up
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april 26 including of course pennsylvania, and he says he's going to be in for those contests, we'll see. >> doug, what you should do, come to pennsylvania, because everybody else is. >> that's true, we love to have you here. >> that would be awesome. we talk about all of the states in play, but that's going to be the crown jewel. >> we are the crown jewel, doug, thank you for putting that way. >> see you next hour. >> 6:18. here ' sue. >> yes, not too full of ourselves i guess. >> over the last half hour, about another earthquake in ecuador. put it in perspective with this map. shear philadelphia, we go down to south america and there is ecuador, than is where the earthquake happened. >> it was 6.1, magnitude, still waiting for damage estimate from that. >> we went from jet stream getting closer, cool us down
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little bit from where we've been so far this work week. >> we had any rain, it means, pollen levels are hi, even when we get the rain friday, not expecting the levels to go down very much. so keep those tesh use handy. you'll need them. >> no rain yet, none expected until friday. we could even get couple of thunderstorms mixed in. >> a ten out every ten with 68 degrees, warm up little bit thursday, friday. after the cold front comes through, friday, back to seasonable temperatures saturday and sunday looking like an excellent weather weekend bob kelly? >> here comes the sun, 6:19. sun popping up again. you know the deal, have the sun glare for the morning, no complaint, take that convertible to work day, live look, how is your curve, al
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next. >> looking good. >> yes, it is. >> starting to see some volume as soon as the sun pops above the tree line, that is when we instantly strive to see the traffic jam at about 6:35. now, here is the deal, only one lane right now available into delaware, on the delaware memorial bridge. you know the metal cable that holds the span up. they in the dollars some problems last night, to set up emergency construction, on the bridge, last night. only one lane leaving new jersey into delaware, here is a example of the back up already and right at the bottom, stowe will impact both 295 and the new jersey turnpike, both of those major roadways, funnel into the delaware memorial bridge. so getting ready to leave the house right now, state police say once they set up the construction only two lanes open. basically go from four lanes to two is the best scenario, so you want to use the
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commodore barry bridge and then south on 95, down into wilmington. that's going to throw extra volume here on 95 for all of us today, that hillary clinton ventilator on today, going to cause big delays for the rush hour. doesn't start until 6:30. but it is right there off the girard avenue ramp. right there in the neighborhood, also expect detours and delays on the route 15 trolley, and of course, we then have the two big sports events, little further down on 95, in south philadelphia. >> 6:21, atlantic city taking new approach to try to solve its financial issues, now suing the state of new jersey for more than $33 million in aid. city officials say they were promised the money before the glove nor blocked it earlier this year, the city also request ago special master, person to oversee a state monitor now in place at city hall. the monitor is overseeing the city's finances, atlantic city set to run out of monday any just a matter of weeks. >> all right, win or go home, alex. >> the flyers facing elimination in game four
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tonight. hear what wayne simms ons says his team, well, they are look to go avoid another embarrassing lost at home. >> yes, come on, at least be competitive tonight. plus: his last time on the mound. this guy struck out 16 batters. wow. vince following up his impressive start. he went to the mounds last night, how did he do? howard will tell in you sports in a minute coming up. how about these lottery numbers?
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>> phillies have issues scoring runs, but now starting out pitching not very good. vince has not allowed a run this season until last night. let's go to citizens bank park. he's already down two-nothing, and after an error by ryan howard hits a three run homer, the mets had six homeruns, beat the phillies 11 to one. flyers are in you can there. down three games to one, the flyers are getting destroyed on the power play. washington, five for nine in the last game, flyers zero for 13 in the series, will steve mason be pulled in just one of the questions for the flyers. >> obviously not in a favorable position here, but, you know, definitely been around to see it's been dong, you know, the come back. like i say, you know, got to be, got to make it even
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smaller than it is at a single game. go shift by shift. you got to go period by period. that's how you make it up. you can't look, you know, beyond can't look back. >> that's sports in a minute i'm howard eskin. >> still watch the game tonight. >> of course. >> let's get one. >> we have to support. well, the eagles are back in town, for their voluntary mini camp, all but two players showed up yesterday, darren sproles has an excuse injury issue, but fletcher cox says i'm not showing to up this mini camp until i get a new contract. >> as for the flares who are there, well, sam bradford dealing with all of the talk about next week's draft and reports that the eagles are trying to move up to the second pick to get quarterback, quarterback that could eventually replace him. has to bother you. does it bother you? >> i learned a long time ago to stay away from all of that stuff. not the first time i've gone
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through a situation like this. i think i learned a long time ago, don't worry about anything you can't control. >> real now reason wasting any time or any wore my that. >> will we move up the six spots? apparently they talked to each other yesterday. >> yes? >> yes, eagles and the browns. because the browns now pick up rgiii. >> true. >> out of dc. >> so they have their quarterback. a woman again attacked from behind on local trail. the man wearing a mask leaves her unconscious, where police want you on alert when you're running. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos -
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that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell,
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"she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> hit and left to die, half soar somebody hit and killed in west philadelphia. >> a lost dog returned, new jersey family elated after their missing dog is found, why this pup means more to one member of the family than just your average pet.
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>> mere is bus stop budd toy help you, because, it is a little bit cool they are morning, than it was yesterday, so we've got a sweatshirt on, fleece on with the phillies and the flyers, still rooting. both games at the same time, temps 40's, 50's, couple of 30's out there this morning, so definitely chillier than it was yesterday, nothing on radar, but officially, now, the sun has risen. it is 49 degrees. look at relative humidity, 38%. very dry day today. 39 degrees, millville, new jersey, so definitely chillier than yerkes and yesterday we were well into the 70s, today, upper 60s, but still another beautiful day, plenty of sunshine, what is going to happen for the weekend? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast, bob kelly here right now. >> good morning, 6:31, jammo and already on 95 and the 42
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freeway, 42 coming in toward philly, stack up from the expressway into 295. also, delays on 95, here, again, we got to have some wick sun glare for the cars and bus drivers here today. on the delaware memorial bridge, only one lane headed into determine war, we go for ride, skyfox over the scene. look at this mess already parking lot leaving new jersey, heading into delaware, on the delaware memorial bridge. here is the deal, about 5:00 last night, noticed some problems on the metal coils, the ropes that holds up the span. one lane overnight, once the emergency construction zone is set up, they were going to open up a second lane. bottom line, we we will go normally from four lanes, down to two and again, it is southbound, so, leaving new jersey, headed into delaware, is where we will have the
6:33 am
problem. back up at 66:30, just imagine, how worse it will get as we move through the morning. so, let's go back to the maps. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now here is the deal, use the commodore barry bridge from new jersey. deaths in the water go, over the commodore barry bridge into pennsylvania, then come south on 95. that will get new wilmington, also get you further south, this is going to be with us, for the next couple of days. we are waiting to get exact word on what happened to those metal cables, but, right now, the back up is already there, and 95 south into wilmington's the way to go. heads up for the evening rush hour, we got two big sports event at the stadium complex. that's going to impact our evening rush, through south philadelphia. and then, a political event in fishtown, at the philmore, which is going to bring us big delays, into the neighborhood, and also detours, and detours on the route 15 trolley, as
6:34 am
well. mike and alex back to you. >> let's have ryan and the daily news to back up what you are just saying here, they are coming, we're next, wake up pa. we're next. all of these candidates are coming our way. yes, the race for the white house coming to the keystone state, because our primary is next tuesday. it will count. dave kinchen, doug luzader said we're the crown jewel now in this race? >> yes, i heard that, crown jewel indeed. hillary clinton will be here, at the philmore, not a concert tonight like they usually see at this venue, but political event, at 6:30, when the event starts, here, hillary clinton, will be rallying supporters here, of course, clinton will also attend a discussion on gun violence, in the city today, joining former attorney general, eric holder, the former secretary of state, and first lady, riding high on they are solid victory in new york's primary last night, soundly defeating vermont senator bernie sanders while going after donald trump who won the republican side of the contest, here's what hillary clinton said to her supporters
6:35 am
>> how new new yorkers pulled together, the worst terror i attack, how americans work our way back. >> worse economic crisis in our lifetime how we're going to breakdown all barriers holding us back, the motto of this state, exeluis, ever upwards, let's go out and win this election. >> democratic rival sanders will be campaigning across pennsylvania today look to go bounce back after last night's major loss in new york, so far no philly event were his campaign, but saturated local media in recent week, gop candidate ted cruz also adding another stop keystone state, at the national constitution center. cruz continues to say he is the only candidate who can beat both donald trump and hillary clinton. we will satisfy see how it shapes up.
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>> did you see anybody lining up for the clinton event at the philmore? >> not yet. just construction workers here. >> okay. probably little later. >> gap it valley pennsylvania one person escaped from a house fire, started just before 4:00, 3700 broke of folk road. one person was inside the home at the time of the five was able to get out safely. right now fire fight remembers still on the scene work to go put out the hot spots. no injuries have been reported . >> mother's desperate flea. >> horrible. her son riding his bike when he was hit and left for dead in the street, following this this story over at the round house, steve? our viewers know this is the most common crime we cover short of muffed edger, a lot of time our coverage of hit and runs that get them solved
6:37 am
and get the drivers and cars fawn. >> this became hit-and-run monday even though the accident sunday. fifty-four hours before, died at the hospital. it happened saturday morning sometime before 4:00 a.m. police here aren't even sure exactly what time, when 27 year old local mechanical engineer and drexel graduate jamar morris was hit, and how long he made have been left lying in the street, 45th and market, after he was hit. because no one saw it happen. no one has found any surveillance video of jamal biking past any cameras no car parts, no mirror, no headlight glass in the street. it was initially thought even being assault, because, a 911 caller told the operator a man was just lying on the ground, hit in the head somehow, and only late their investigators talking with the doctors trying to safer him his injuries, being hit by car, and he was with the smashed up bright red bike they found
6:38 am
nearby. >> sense lens hit-and-run driver, while he was on his bike as a mom i am pleading with the person who hit my son. i forgive you, for you need to know that i forgive you. please come forward. let the people and let the police know. i was driving home, whatever the case, case was, and i hit him. i wasn't thinking and then i did not stop. because jamal is gone, i can't bring him back, can you not bring him back. but we need to help someone else. some someone can be helped or saved by you coming out, saying what happened. >> what a wonderful mom and dad, jamal had, and you will meet them later on good day, at 7:30, and you will understand why this kid was one of the best kids, sunday school teacher, soccer coach, mechanical engineer, you name it, the reason he was on his
6:39 am
bike is because he was exercise fanatic, and he bike everywhere, even his old roommates from college came out yesterday, this is about as sad as it gets, hoping little more wonderful exists meaning that somebody knows something, and will come forward, because the police are stymied. they have no evidence at all. >> we look forward to meeting his mom. >> what compassion. >> i know. and now he gave up seven of his organs after his death to save seven people's lives. >> all right, let's get to new jersey, new jersey prosecute verse charged that guy, know say he was behind the wheel after truck that hit and killed a well known crossing guard in trenton. >> this was on monday, duane bennett, was driving a suspended license when he hit and killed the crossing guard. >> antonio while i, so this guy bennett, did stay at the scene.
6:40 am
>> following late night fire, hams 2200 block of pal mean owe drive just after 11:00 last night. the fire spread to a car in the driveway. luckily no one hurt. witnesses describe a horrifying keaton scene on the street of kensington. victim, in her 30's, collapsed 2,000 block of stella street after walking nearly 100 feet wounded and looking for help. one witness says it was like a scene from a nightmare when he saw the woman staggering down the street soaked in her own blood. >> from ear to ear, had a towel out, put it around her throat, she stum you can down the street outright here. >> the woman didn't have any i.d., couldn't speak because of her throat injuries. she has had surgery, recovering in critical condition at temple hospital.
6:41 am
police are searching for any suspect. >> police also stepping up patrols along popular nature trail at the university of delaware campus, after a jogger was attacked earlier this week. police say a 23 year old graduate student was found beaten and lying unconscious along the james f hall trail. this was monday night. she says the mask man shoved her from hine, pushed her to the ground, and repeatedly punched her in the face until she blacked out. investigators say the man was wearing a ski mask and gloves, and they do not have a motive for that attack. >> local community in mourning after sudden dealt of beloved police officer in haverford township, according to the police department, 39 year old william albert us died sunday due to an illness. the seven year veteran of the force suffered a medical emergency last week, while playing ice hockey in a police league. alberta died of natural causes after being hospitalized for about a week. he leaves behind his wife and three young children. services are set for this weekend. mike anal next. >> lauren, thank you. well, are we going to see pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane?
6:42 am
court today? our cameras will be there. she wants a judge to explore whether prosecutors reaked fbi reporting in her criminal case to a newspaper. a pretrial hearing scheduled for this morning montgomery county, her attorneys say only three groups had the fb iphone recording of her political consultant, those parties, federal prosecutors, state prosecutors and her legal team. again, liver cameras. criminal charges coming in in flint. who will soon be held legally responsible for the contaminated crisis in flint, michigan, and what michigan's governors doing in the face of a petition to get him kick out of offers. >> pennsauken family is elated their missing dog is finally home. but this isn't just any dog. why buns, that's the name of the dog, the safe return means
6:43 am
so much to one member of this family.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> look, keisha here? >> she said people say i look like jada pinkett. what do you think? >> might need to change her hair little bit. she has long hair. jadi has the shorter hair. >> national look alike day. do you have a doppelganger out there? send the picks into us, use the #goodday20. >> yep. or if you think there is someone out there who looks like us, we would like to see it. bob? bob looks like j. wright. who else? >> j. wright. also, jason de desedakus.
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we showed that earlier. then another one, dennis quaide. >> no, i can see that dennis quaide. >> a picture to come up in the next half hour. good morning, everybody, buckle your seatbelt. live look of the delaware memorial bridge, leaving new jersey, heading into delaware. talk about a double jelly donut delay here. this is all because of emergency construction, on the bridge itself. last night, they noticed some problems on that metal cables that holds the bridge up. so, they set up construction last night, only one lane is open right now, leaving new jersey, a hot mess trying to get into delaware. so let's go to my map computer here, the back up on the new jersey turnpike, already, about a mile and a half before you get to the bridge itself. with only one lane open, your best bet this morning, avoid it by all means, so from south jersey, trying to get into
6:48 am
delaware, if you are going into wilmington, maybe taking the kids to an appointment over there, the dupont hospital, use the commodore barry bridge, then take 995 south into wilmington. that's the way to go. that's the only other bridge closest to the delaware memorial. that's the way to go. so, expect extra volume if you use 95, that will get new wilmington, and then get you further south. there is no et a on when this is going to be repaired, and i don't think we want to be playing around with the metal cables that hold the whole thing to up begin with. bee got to make sure we replace the string there. schuylkill, here we go, starting to see some sun glare coming around your conshy curve, then mike will be painting some new lines on the schuylkill, later on today. he'll be riding along in a penndot truck between king of prussia, and south philly, some new white lines, making it nice and pretty for you on the schuylkill. when we have nice weather for the paint crew? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
6:49 am
>> we have another wonderful weather nice at the ballpark it, would be nice to get a win, before the mets leave town, and we're hoping that happens tonight. now, expect a little bit after cooler night at the ballpark, but won't be as windy as it was yesterday. cool, comfortable, when we begin at clock # five, it is 62 degrees, once again, sweater weather good idea to bring jacket or sweater. of course you all want to tuck a few tissues into your pocket, as well. if you have spring allergies, because, all of our pollen levels are high. not only today, and tomorrow, but even after it rains on friday. we are expecting levels to stay on the high side. no rain here, but more in texas, just deluge down there.
6:50 am
and again, around the dallas area, headed toward houston, once again, where they do not need it. nothing happening here with precipitation. so let's get right to the seven day forecast, high for today, around 68 degrees. we warm up little bit on thursday. still dry tomorrow. then the showers and thunderstorms arrive on friday. for saturday, sunday, though, temperatures are cooler, and seasonable in the upper 60s to around 70 on sunday, ideal for the weaken. i tell you, it is ideal. >> ideal. >> i love it. >> that's a good deal. >> it is a good deal. 6:15. >> the first criminal charges in flint michigan water crisis expected to happen later today. >> who is suing how, chris murphy. >> people affected by this, right? a lot of officials are in hot water you can say, the governor there issuing out a challenge, so a lot happening in flint michigan today. let's begin with those charges. sources say the charges will be filed against a pair of state department of environmental quality officials and local water treatment plant supervisor,
6:51 am
flint, as you know, has been dealing with fall out from its decision to switch its water supply, two years ago, because of the switch, the lines began to corrode, causing lead to seep into the water supply, and a lot of people of course then got sick. meanwhile, the governor of michigan announcing he will drink water from flint for a whole month, to show the water now is safe. state officials believe the water is drinkable, and they're encouraging people to use the faust tote get the water flowing again, then to help the pipes recover. and they'll calls for the governor rick snide tow resign, petition to recall the governor nearly 90,000 signature, but they need about 700,000 more, within two month. what a mess. >> didn't he drink it for longer than month? people living there drink it for long then a month. >> drink it for another year, whatever, just drink and drink and drink. not the water now that's the problem, it was the water back then. >> yes, 24 months ago he should have been drinking the water. >> yes. >> all right, well, we'll follow that for you. thank you.
6:52 am
>> a boy and his pet reunited after he thought the dog was gone for good. >> why this pup has special meaning for this new jersey teenager. >> and here we go again. i like this. this friday, day after tomorrow, earth day, and we want you to do your part for the environment. so join us from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., for our annual earth day shreading event at parx casino. bring any of your unwanted documents, have them safely and security disposed of by the folks over there at parx. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families.
6:53 am
i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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6:55 am
>> 5:00, a a pennsaukin family is elated now that they found their dog. >> puns, pitbull terrier, devastated after the one year old pup took offer out the front door. buns is best friend of 15 year old desean williams, who is awe tis i can. the entire community pitched in to help him find his beloved dog. >> i'm so happy. >> this is a really good son, a really good. for a son to ask the mom every day where their dog; you don't have any answers, it is rough. >> where is buns? >> yes, the neighbor found him wandering the streets, brought him back home. the family says now they are getting buns micro chipped, and also collar with his name and phone number, so this won't happen again. but buns is finally home. >> buns is energetic. >> yes. >> all right, changes coming
6:56 am
to septa, in south philly. what will soon be different about the buses that you see on the street. >> and then, the candidates are coming to town, dave, starting with hillary clinton. >> yes, hillary clinton has a big event tonight, in philly, but that's not the only one, we'll tell but other events, and when it means for philadelphia, after the break. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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>> a mother pain, her son left for dead in the middle of the road. >> i'm pleading, the person who hit my son. forgive me. >> why police are having a tough time tracking down the driver apple of the eye of new york voters. >> whether they give us this kind after vote, and it is just incredible today you proof once again there is no place like home. >> now, the road to the white house, crisscross cents the keystone state. the push to win pennsylvania. >> from bags to bag of peanuts, seem like airlines charge you for everything these days, but, there could be a new fee the next time you fly. what the airlines want to charge you for now.
7:00 am
>> hey everybody, what is it, wednesday? >> today is wednesday. >> mike, mike, mike. what day is it? what day is it? >> flyers playing today, a lot going on. >> phillies same time as the flyers, jammo in south fill. >> i temperature at game time? >> i say about 62 degrees. >> what's the temperature inside of the wells fargo center. >> on ice? >> really, good point, 32 degrees. >> it is double digits, baby, ya. even though it is a lot cooler than yesterday, and specially monday, when we were in the 80s, these are temperatures that we will get to today where we're supposed to be this time of year. off to cool start with bus stop buddy and the flyers caps. and the phillies jacket now. we're wear a warmer jacket than


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