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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> it is straight up 9:00. >> national look alike day for this one sent in. it is tim. does he look like miguel? the singer? oh, i would say yes, too. >> so the person that sent this in, that's her son? >> yes. >> pretty good. >> it is really good. good day, it is wednesday, april the 20th, 2016. let me tell but this, bickers over your children. juggling your role as partner and parent, is a difficult balancing act. coming up why your spouse's needs should come first according to relationship and sex they are us. >> over the kids? >> yes. >> and take a look at this mirror. it is no ordinary mirror.
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people calling it a just mental mirror you. >> look into the mirror. >> there he is. we introduced him yesterday. we call him the art museum hotty part two. ya, his name is jordan. and he has some crazy skills. he's in our studio today. how about that? >> oh, here we go. all right calm down. so typical of her. hurry up. hurry up. hey! >> hey, everyone. >> hey! >> tanya. >> oh, hello. >> so nice to meet you. this is so different than when i left. we in a base: it was dirty. look at this, this is
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wonderful. >> you like it? >> i love it, i love it. >> we have new chairs impossible to get up on. >> oh, can you lift me to get on? >> oh, nice. >> there we go. >> now, we new you as dania archer. >> indeed. >> but you have a new last name. >> dan ya balmer and been for 13 years. so anyone calls me dan ya archer, i don't even know what to think. >> my little boy's name is archer. >> sue, come over, say hello, my goodness, you worked in august 6th, of 199. i met sue serio and donya, do audition to be a host of this show. >> real you gave him the go ahead. >> we were able to make him look good. >> that's his job. >> that's right. you owe it all us to, mike injury glike yes indeed. >> all of it. >> indeed. >> let's go back then, take everybody back, we do have new
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viewers in the last 13 years. so, who was the first host 20 years ago? was that tracey? >> it was tracey manson, don tollefson, and snappy. >> the first weather. >> first weather. >> ankle on or oregon day, and i used to watch when you i was feeding my baby nia at home oh, i would love to work on that show. >> and it worked out. >> but i anchored the early morning show, which back then was 6:30 to 7:00. >> that was early then? >> that was early then. >> well now 4:00 is earl. >> i yes. >> so then it was tracey left, or she moved onto something else, they hired you where? >> york pennsylvania, harrisburg, york. >> yes. >> and you work with don then, your co-host? >> i work with don and i also worked, who else? dave price. >> dave price. >> you loved working with dave. >> loved working with dave miles. i think we have got some great
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footage. >> what is that? >> oh, that was debbie reynolds. >> oh, that's with dave price. >> yes, on the back after bus. >> and jennifer ward. look at that hair. >> wow. >> look at that hair. >> and again, this studio was in the basement of our building. there we are, on the river. >> tall ships, remember when we did the tall ships? >> yes. >> i did little segment called fox is cooking. >> what? >> fox is cooking. and i think there we are hosting something. >> hosting something. this is so far back, george mallet. >> yes. >> partner of yours. >> debbie reynolds again. >> mr. t. >> so then, dave price leaves. >> yes. >> and i take over. what is this? >> this is fun. >> i okay? >> so we were picking a winner of a contest. jean bradford, part of kyw.
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>> last day over at channel three? >> we pick somebody that worked at a different studio. >> i know what this was. >> you were supposed to send in your business card, we put it all on fox. >> exactly the same. doing that thing with your hand. >> again, this is so far back i had white hair. and i pick out a business card, and then i would take them like bagels or something, i would go to their place of work and hug them and give them bagels. somebody from channel three put their card in there. we pick it out. >> what? did you go over? >> it was lovely, yes. >> and they let you in? >> oh, ya, ya. >> good publicity for everyone. >> oh, there was fun. >> you know, nothing really changes, does it? >> no, it doesn't. >> just different hair. >> ya. >> that's really all that changes. >> oh, boy. >> this was at the convention center, this is coming back to me now. >> i have no recommendation whatsoever. >> so what happened to you?
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where did you go? why did you leave? >> so i left. >> in 2002 i. >> got married, i moved to new york, because that's where my husband's business was, and i had two little kids. i have a daughter josephine, who is ten, going to be 11, and she is in sixth grade. and then avenue little boy, who just turned eight, archie, and then my daughter josephine. >> we face timed him last night, donya and i played catch up last night and face timed with your husband and the two kids. >> yep. >> adorable children. >> they're cute. >> oh, my goodness. >> i tend to think so. but they're wonderful. >> so i know that you're very much involved with ballet. >> yes. >> do you still dance yourself? >> i still dance. i don't take class couple of days a week, i still take ballet. and while i don't work like this, like i used to, i work for couple of non-profit organizations on volunteer basis, one of them being new york city ballet, which i love, which is always a great love of mine, and then new yorkers for children, which is kids aging out of foster care,
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which is a huge problem, in new york city as it is all over the country. >> so in other words? >> actually besides raising my kids i actually do some other things worth while. if you can believe it. >> you're doing worth while things and making a difference. and then i'm still sitting here wasting time. >> would you like to see if you still have the chops and do some work? >> i am so blind now, i can't real a teleprompter. but i'll do my very best. >> of course you still have it. >> you can put on my woman's glasses if you want but they're really dirt. >> i they were always dirt. >> i ya. nothing changes. >> good to see you. >> too. >> you look fantastic. >> are you going back -- >> going back to my little cubby, ya. >> she needs to clean up her desk. >> i'm in trouble. >> 9:07. let me tell you this, there is a revolutionary way to track your fitness and get the truth about how you look, and it comes in the form of a body scanning mirror. >> don clark take it.
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>> full lent mir too far reflect 3d image of yourself. just stand in front of it make of all things and it will read your body competency. so this mirror embedsed when censors that capture and track your measurements, this is awful. including body weight, muscle, and your fat. critics say naked fit, as it is called. >> the mirror is called naked fit? >> fantastic. >> could lead to body obsession, and disappoint. well, news at 11:00 of course it, hits the market next year. and you can pay, you get to pay $5,000 for the mirror. >> what? >> you know what? i think i would get it. >> that much money for someone to tell you you don't look good? >> i can go talk to anyone and get that casino of response. >> is it 500 or 5,000? >> i think -- well, i can just run back and find out. >> did i miss ride it because i'm blind? >> it is $500.
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>> oh, told you i can't see any more, $500, still expense disbelief get over to wills eye center while i do this. breaking news out of burlington county new jersey live over the scene of two alarm fire at hunter glenn apartments, in delran. bobby, are you learning any more about this? >> yes. this in delran, i believe it would be off route 130. >> yes. >> in delran, new jersey. >> looks pretty bad. >> yes. no report of any injuries yet. >> that smoke. >> or nobody's been transported by ambulance from the scene. but it is a ton of smoke and a lot of damage already to this apartment complex. we will stay on it. bob will gather more information. we'll get back to you in just a second. 9:09. >> one woman calling herself the meanest mom in the world. and it has to do with ice cream. >> her name is donya archer. >> thank you. jamie is her name. jamie primak. said kids were good for most
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the day, dari queen was neck day, but when they didn't thank the employee or the mom, thanks for buying us ice cream, she decided they needed to learn a lesson. went outside, through it all awe way in front of everybody. >> right in the trash? >> see said her kids needed to learn to exercise mean ores have, basic human dignity. >> gave them what they want. we wait. and this 17 year old girl bridges the ice cream up to the counter, and starts like reaching it over, you know, and my kids are snatching ice cream, and i'm little like wow, i get it, they're kids, they're excited about ice cream. i toldly get it. i'm mom. when i go to a bar, i'm seeks it bad a cosmopolitan. but you're not going to see my snatch it out of the bar tender's hand and then run away like a thief in the night without acknowledging him or saying thank you. that doesn't happen. and believe me, i need the
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cosmo worse than they need the ice cream. >> i have a feeling she might partake in many cosmos. >> i don't think she is as mean after hearing her talk. >> i don't think it was a bad idea. i think i might dot same thing. >> you slap your kids hands, well, maybe not slap. >> not slap them but, you know? >> you tell them? >> if they don't say thank you, what would be wrong with just taking those cones and tossing them away? don't you -- you'll remember that the rest of your life. >> don't you give them a chance? say thank you, or what do you say? moms say that. >> she probably did and ignored her and ran off. >> yes. >> snatched. i don't see anything wrong with it. >> i kind of don't either. >> we like you. >> you're not the meanest mom, you're okay with. that will we're not the judge mental mirror. >> we're judge mental as henge. >> are we worth $500 though? >> not me. >> not me. >> did you hear donya what's coming to philadelphia this summer? the democrats will have their national convention here. >> i was here for the republican national convention many moons ago. we had a lot of fun.
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>> tons of parties. we were out every night and we look like -- >> ya. >> we look bad the next morning, for whole week. >> whole week. >> nothing changed in that regard for me. so, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is also the subject of some ice cream talk this morning. listen to what happened on the campaign trail. if only ice cream. >> don't take it to go but it was in front of me, toyed start eating. >> calorie town? >> oh. >> boo. >> what did he say? are you counting calories? >> wow. that happened on monday up in new york city. she stopped into an ice cream shop. ya, somebody yelled out a lot of calories in that. you just don't say that. >> ya, let her eat her ice cream. >> twitter quick re to respond, hey, babe, wrote today in subtle sexism, hillary clinton eats ice
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cream. male reporter asks: do you know the calorie count? that was from a reporter! >> boo. >> so jr said: and does anyone ask any male can date about the calories in their campaign eating? a while wack, was it in new york? >> yes. >> big old sandwich. >> remember bill clinton with go out for jog and stop at mcdonald's after he ran? people kind of made fun of that, if i remember. hey, sarah is weighing in, too, you're amazing and deserve every ice cream sunday you ever want to eat forever. apparently a hillary clinton supporter big time or maybe just something that doesn't like rude questions from reporters. by the way hillary clinton in town, in philly tonight at about 6:00 over at the philmore. >> she will be live at the philmore performing. >> plain pull out a saxophone like bill clinton those were
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the days. we've had new music venue since you've been around, like the philmore. >> like somewhere in san francisco. >> the bay area. really cool venue. >> where is it? >> in fishtown. >> it is in fishtown? >> believe it or not. >> good for fishtown. >> good for fishtown. >> that's awesome. >> fishtown has changed in the last 15 years. ya. >> maybe i'll stick around for that. >> live in fishtown. >> we were out little late last night. hey ladies, if you're looking for someone to settle your, what? >> to style your man. >> oh, improve the looks of your husband, boyfriends? >> yes. >> fix, fix. >> you may want to check out gq's latest issue, they named the most stylish men alive. >> donya go through these. >> who makes the cut? ryan reynolds, he is looking kind of hot there. >> oh, ya. >> gq has dubbed him the double taker for some of his subtle but bold fashion
9:15 am
choices. >> you know, there is knowing hotter than blue tuxedo. >> is that right? >> they look good. >> i like the shaw collar. >> my guy drake made the list, alex. >> they refer to him as the most cozy baller, calling his loose fitting clothes a power move. and then you know drake's buddy future along with harry styles, odel beckham, jr., some of the men, most stylist. i have to say beckham, jr., seen so many young boys with his hairstyle now, everyone's doing kind of like the mow who can with the blonde tips. everyone is doing that. >> really? >> you can totally do that. >> so pretty cool. they call it oh, you look like lbj. so lbj. >> hairstyles. >> all right. i need to get into these trends. all right, let's do something little bit edgey now, like we used to do on the show. we're going to bring in -- >> i don't know if we did edgey. >> just before day, i don't know how we stayed on the air.
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footage running for 16 years now, these two no longer marriage. >> was this footage when were you here? >> it must have been. >> juggling your role as partner versus your role as a parent. is it difficult balancing act. donya has two kids. how do you devote attention to one without sacrificing time with the other? well, alex, caroline, is it -- how do you say your last name? >> rob boy, just like it looks. high. doctor robboy. >> just alex. >> just al next. >> we're all friend here. >> two alex's. >> your a alex and you'll be aling. >> sounds good to me, alex. >> i think of you as a counselor and maybe a sex therapist. is that you what say, do you live around here? >> i do, and i work at sixth and locust. and i describe myself as a marriage counselor and a sex therapist and a family
9:17 am
therapist. >> she has this amazing practice, a center for all of these things. >> okay. >> we chatted if the green room. we go way back. >> oh, you d well, my apartment is not far from there. coy come see you every day. because i believe i should. all right. >> please. >> let's go back think of our marriages before we had kids. it seems so perfect then. you know what i mean, al next. >> you had time together. >> yes. >> and you actually planned to have an amazing time together. you washed your hair before a date. you cleaned your apartment and then -- >> kids. >> kids. >> completely. >> now who is more important taking care that far kid or taking care of your spouse if you want to keep your marriage together? >> it is both. i rec that couples prior to having children maybe a decision how they want to parent. having children it, should all be about the kids, put their relationship on hold.
9:18 am
other couples say, you know what, we can't put our relationship on hold even for five minutes. and we need to do this one particular thing every day to maintain us. >> every couple is different. >> i wouldn't know. i hear a lot about marriage, having kids around, they say scheduling. is that like effective? okay, wednesdays, you know, that's hump day. >> well, it is the middle of the week. >> scheduling, but the key is can you never tell your partner that you have scheduled anything, because it ruins the surprise. >> oh,. >> so just like on first date, when you don't know what's going to happen, that is the way you need to make all future dates go. >> donya, how did your life change when you had the kids? >> the focus goes on your kids. you can't have t i love what you are saying, i don't know my husband and i could have been thoughtful enough in the midst of having this grand new little baby, okay, let's
9:19 am
decide, we focus on her this year, then next year focus on us, because we were just in the thick of things. you really can't focus on anything but getting to the next day, getting through the night, whatever it is. >> right. >> so in the beginning it really is about survival. and -- >> truely. >> and i would say every couple every month, every year, you night to have five minute where you can start to reassess where the relationship is at, where are my kids at, will this relationship survive. what do i need to do to put the funds mentales back in play. avenue question, alex. >> avenue answer. >> alex, who is more need that i you found in your practice over the years, the husband or the wife? just go ahead and say it? >> the relationship is the most need. >> i smooth answer. >> smooth. >> it is the guy, isn't it? >> it is the relationship. >> oh, she won't do it. well then avenue question. is there really such thing as a perfect balance. can you get that right inbetween? >> no, that's why it is a perfect juggling act.
9:20 am
something is always falling, something is always rising. >> that's what i say. that's what she said. >> mike? >> are you married? >> i am. >> got children? >> three. >> oh, good lord. all right. >> practice what you preach. >> i'm going to come see you for real. >> i have a couch and i have chairs. >> really? >> a chase? >> like a chase. >> for to you lay down on. >> chase. >> thanks, alex. >> thank you, alex. >> thanks, donya. >> thank you, mike. you know add snell. >> thank you tonya. >> you know adele the singer of course. hello. >> not quite like that. >> she goes wining about something. adele, lining you have never heard her before, though. why babies are about to become her newest fan. baby. >> ♪
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>> oh, look at this, looks like linda ronstadt. i got it. okay. what? so this time is on the bbc. his name is aaron. and -- >> he looks like you. >> he does look like you. >> a little bit. >> can you do the eyebrow? >> oh, the thing my mom used to do. you can make it go up? >> what about british accent though, can you do that? >> no. >> don't even go there. >> would you like a spot of tea? >> i guess. >> who do you look like? over the years? >> i don't know. >> look into that camera. >> i don't know. that one. >> you tell us. >> okay, i'll go this camera. i don't know. when i was younger, which was a really long time ago, people used to tell me i look like courtney cox. >> i still think so. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> when she was pull up on stage by bruce springsteen. >> that's when she was discovered. >> that's right. >> let's talk about people who sing on stage.
9:25 am
adele's muse kick invoke a lot of emotion in people, a lot of people will cry. by the way somebody just said when they saw you sit down here, they cried. >> awe. >> we had a good time back in the day. >> good times. >> we started this show basically. >> we had a lot of laughs. >> we did. >> we had a lot. >> we laughed. we cried. >> and we cried. but it was nice working with my best friend every day. >> awe. >> mike was even in my wedding. >> he was. >> he was. >> a groomsman? >> flower girl. >> was like an attendant ya. >> made of hon snore. >> i actually was the groom, we are married. >> oh, i see, okay. >> yep. >> little known secret. >> yep. still best friends. well, good friends. >> very nice. >> cheers. >> adele. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:26 am
>> she want to get back with that guy? >> drag him back. back when they were together. >> quit make with his face mable ' come back. >> oh, look at you. so of course adults love her music, but what about babies, al next. >> we're about to find out if they do. she is getting ready to release a lullaby albumn. an albumn of her song for babe us. >> do you have a sample after lullaby. >> yes, i do. let's hear it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so now your babies can be depressed. >> oh, it is like adele music for babe us. >> yes, so she doesn't sing, just her music. >> isn't that the best part of
9:27 am
adele, actually hearing that voice? >> i like that better. >> you do? >> seemed more upbeat. i thought her voice is very kind of sad and longing but without it it seems more upbeat. >> lullaby about that song, trying to get a guy back. >> babies don't know that. little baby. it's fin. >> ♪ >> babies weeping in the crib. >> lull a by versions of taylor swift's song, rihanna songs, so this will come out april 29th. >> yes. >> if you get it let us know if babies like it. >> they cry. >> for my grandchildren, you know, i play some of rihanna's lullabies. >> really? >> they love. >> shut up and drive. >> really? >> yes. seriously. >> or sos maybe? >> zero to 60 in 3.5. >> oh,. >> shut up and drive. puts them right to sleep. all right, we call him the art museum hotty. is that him over there? >> who is it? >> yesterday we showed you, guys name, physical trainer,
9:28 am
fitness trainer. >> like upside down -- >> look at that, jordan is your last name hankins? >> hankins. >> he can do this and talk at the same time. i love it. oh, wait. oh, wow. >> ladies, we will tell you how you can get ahold of jordan, after the break. welcome to good day.
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9:31 am
of course, you can't come to philadelphia without doing an impression of the rocky run. go, rocky go. >> ♪ >> i need that music playing in my ear up those stairs. what is probably a year ago
9:32 am
right new we saw this guy, doing that, on the steps over at the art museum. we started to call him the art museum hot i. >> his name is jeff pierce, and then hugh posted him on his blog and said who is this art museum hote. >> now you have some competition. a couple days ago we saw this guy, doing that on the rocky steps. his name is jordan. >> we are calling him the new art museum hottie. >> thanks much. >> this is bob kelly. >> hi, how are you. >> donya archer. >> hi. >> hi, very nice to meet you >> yes. >> yes, that was his first time doing that. >> first time in a while. >> i was shocked i was able to complete it. the whole time i was saying i cannot busted up my teeth open i had too much dental work. >> let's see you smile. >> smile for the camera. >> lets get details on you
9:33 am
before we put you through your paces here. you live in the city. >> i do. >> center city. >> center sit the eye. >> are you single. >> i'm not, i have a girlfriend. >> good night, everybody. >> yes. >> and is it a serious. >> it is a serious girlfriend. >> well, how serious. >> pretty serious. >> why don't you marry her. >> oh, my gosh. >> where do you you work. >> i work at 19th and market westin fitness. >> that is where kitkat kline hangs out. >> yes. >> watch for her. >> now donya you said it is in the works. >> it the is in the works. >> i hope she's watching this morning. >> she is watching. >> yes. >> she knows, after, yes, she found out i was going to be on she said that ring better be pretty big. >> was it the walking on your hand on the steps that a tracked her to you. >> initially i did meet her at
9:34 am
west in fitness at the gym. the that is where we met. four years later we're still together. >> look at you. >> look at you. >> there is definitely a possibility. >> yes. >> where would the ringing. >> down the stairs with one arm. >> that is the best thing, get done doing one of these things i have to think of what is next, what is next. >> you have to propose to her upside down because it will turn your life upside down. >> we had him in and you sat on his back. >> were you doing push-ups and needed more weight. >> i know, what can you company. >> there it the is. >> there it is. >> yes. >> just like that. >> down here. >> you are kidding. >> i a apologize. >> no problem. >> here we go. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is full body weight
9:35 am
right there. >> yes. >> close enough. >> we're in the doing that you sit on his back right there. >> alex. >> bring it on. >> mike. >> my goodness you are good. >> you are good. >> okay. how long did it take you to be able to get down the stairs on your hands. were you practicing this. >> it took me four years. i started doing hand stands and going up the steps every single summer. around this time it was getting nice i goat out there three times a week and practice. so tuesday was first time i got down on my hand. >> who is shooting the tape, chilly chit-chat, hugh e dylann. >> yes. >> yeah, everything. >> core, upper body, it is my favorite way to work out. >> yeah. >> you know, if i have time,
9:36 am
i'm taking a nap in the afternoon. >> yes. >> it is funny hughe discovered the first tape. >> i think he lurks over in the trees over there. >> yes. >> you guys have a little competition. >> he said we should go together and do a boot camp. >> pretty good idea. >> the hottie boot camp, art museum hottie. >> i got to get to this this everybody calm down. >> new jersey shore gets recognition local beaches named some of the best for families, no, new jersey, the best in the country. >> um-hmm. thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle.
9:37 am
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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it is come up on 9:40. so, we're getting ready to go down the shore this summer. >> can't wait. >> i think people are always going down there on the weekend. is there a web site called vacation, they have just rang the best family beaches, the best beaches for the family. this is up and down the east coast but stinking florida, wouldn't be part of the survey so florida beaches are not included. we have our own survey. >> ocean city, no surprise, ocean city, new jersey made the list. the site talks about the fact that the beach has life guards. >> and a rest room. >> they have potties but that matters. >> which has a boardwalk. >> and it is a dry town. >> it is dry town you have to stop at those liquor stores as you drive on the way in. it sound like you have had
9:41 am
experience, donya. >> life guard, alcohol, dogs inspired. wildwood crest. >> finally, we have beaches in delaware that made the list. >> dewey beach, and rehoboth beach. dewey has bond fires, they allow that, and movies on the beach. i have seen those. >> that is nice. >> options for boating and wind surfing while rehoboth has a very long boardwalk and numerous dining and entertainment options. well, every beach town has that. >> mike? >> these are special. >> give it a break. >> dope i is your fey. we have sand and we have bathrooms. >> most important parts of the beach. >> you need a bathroom. >> it is national look alike day, do we have some more. >> we will have a lot of tweets now. >> look at this one. >> our friend say we look like what do you think from karen. >> i can see that.
9:42 am
>> i can see that too. >> pop up another one. >> christopher walken that is a good expression, look at that picture, it is hilarious. >> my husband looks like liev. >> good looking man. >> i get will smith a lot. >> well, so do i. >> i saw this yesterday on the internet, i will put up a picture and tell me who you think that looks like. now think about this. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is in the him. >> no. >> that is an old, old picture his name is andrew sanders. >> do you think they are related. >> he is great, great grandfather of redit user. >> someone who uses redit. >> not the guy that invented redit. >> guy on redit sent this
9:43 am
photo and said it looks like matthew mcconaughey. >> he was a doctor from alabama. >> who was a doctor that guy there. >> yes. >> i wonder if he talked to himself, or rode his horse, you know what i mean. >> no. >> no. >> mcconaughey, talking to himself. >> driving his buick. >> lincoln. >> thank you. >> and yes, me too. >> nothing changes. >> no. >> cheese stand alone. >> here comes jennaphr fredrick. >> hi, donya, hi baby, okay, this is someplace you need to bring your kids when you come to visit, look at at that, he is climbing up a tree but doing it like you might do it at a rock climbing gym, it the is really cool and one of the unique things they have in west chester, come on back.
9:44 am
we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with president obama and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice.
9:45 am
that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women.
9:46 am
praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. this is what i get the most, judge faith jimmens say we look alike. >> she's stunningly beautiful. >> beautiful just like alex. >> but you can see, the cheekbones and eyes. >> jamie sent this one in. >> my daughter kimberly looked like demi lovato. >> these are fun. >> we're getting a lot of them.
9:47 am
>> mike, some more of you. >> okay. >> oh, no. >> we're playing in the trees. this time it is a obstacle course you can take the kid out to enjoy. >> so jen is there in west chester. >> hi there, jen. >> hi guys i have to say this is one of the most unique places i have ever seen. and it is too good. kid fantasy camp here. >> so talk to us, talk to about your son what is he doing up there. >> he is climbing rock hold's strapped to the tree, and tree climbing and rock climbing. >> what made you think about doing this. >> we want to get outdoors using energy and this is perfect. >> you said next thing you will do is something called creating with milk crates, explain what that is. >> you can climb up and see how big of a stock, without making a big crash and then somebody does fall and they
9:48 am
tip over everybody laughs. >> you come down just like this on the harness. >> it lowers you safely. >> wodge of the things, less than two weeks old, every months, new element of park. >> and we are trying to build up different theme houses. and we have a walk the planning feature. we will build a fort and work on these bungy powered water balloon cannon that blast each other back and forth. >> it is amazing what you are doing here. you said you tied a string to a tree, and then put doughnuts on it and they had to have it. >> that was a riot. we had little kids. they were all like no, no. >> is there a 12 year-old in charge here. who comes up with the ideas. >> between the two of us. >> sure. >> these are great. the system because they can just come down, automated system not like someone else
9:49 am
has to work the rope. >> we feel it is safer then having another person involved. >> and plus they can go up and down, at free will. >> that is cool. >> yes. >> how young, these guys look a little young, is what the youngest you can be to go on there. >> to this activity starts at four years old. >> that is cool good it is because, the safety. >> they have to fit the in the the hardness. >> you have to fit. >> and he goes up, blindfolded up and that is cool because you want these kid to challenge themselves. >> we want to be able to kind of encourage them to go for it but not push too hard. we want to see what they can do. >> you guys are awesome. i talk to you off camera and i'll say it on tv. sometimes we will go and lot ate web site but it looks cool. i don't know. we have not been able to show people the coolness of what this is. so congratulations. >> thank you. >> as a mom who does not like the screen age, i like it a lot. isn't this place cool. >> i love it. >> i don't know if i have the
9:50 am
nerve to climb that tree but kid would love it. >> justin beiber, does not really care what you think about his hair. >> his new dread locks. >> um-hmm. >> his interesting response yesterday to the dread lock criticism. >> there is the song you like, mike. the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills,
9:51 am
and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i think this works. this is a pretty face, twitter handle she says you look like timothy hutton. do you see it, mike.
9:54 am
>> leverage is constantly on my tv at home but i don't know what it is. it is constantly home. >> you are not watching. >> i will go by it. >> in that picture, in that photo. >> his first movie, sue. >> there is another one. >> there it is. >> maybe, funny looking. >> we have got some moral ex-coming in. >> okay, this is brittany do you think we look alike. >> a little bit. >> i think the smile. >> yeah. >> the nose maybe. >> yes. >> well, you know who he looks like, mike. >> beautiful. >> this woman just said, people tell me i look like this victoria secret model. >> i see it. >> she's gorgeous. >> without of them. >> good for you. >> she's watching the show right the now. >> yes. >> really. >> i'm about to start a coughing fit can you handle this. >> this friday is earth day
9:55 am
and we aring to go do our part to help the environment. >> join us on 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. for our earth day shredding event, bring any unwanted documents and have them safely, securely disposed of, parx casino see you there. >> people magazine has done it again. >> this this just happened this just in. >> this just in. >> beauty news, breaking beauty. >> they name their most beautiful woman in the world. >> ready for this. >> yes. >> this makes no sense. >> jennifer aniston. >> what? >> why do you say that she's gorgeous. >> she's lovely. >> just tired of her. >> well, i guess that is fine. i want to a what they say. drop the lower third. >> gorgeous girl next door. >> no, i get that. >> it is true. >> she was very, very flattered. >> of course. >> when she first heard news and called it excited teenagey kind of moment. she learned to embrace her appearance over years and she feels best when she's healthy, strong i'm guessing that is right now.
9:56 am
>> she must have a movie coming out or something. >> yes, she has something. >> beauty of the girl next door. >> yeah. >> why not someone new like kerry washington. >> she has been on this list a lot. >> she could be. >> gabriel union. >> yes. >> you want some chocolate on there. >> i don't blame you. >> speaking of -- >> so changing directions here justin beiber. >> he had some dread locks. >> good transition. >> inappropriate, but clever. >> so he has dread locks. people are giving him flack saying seriously. so he posted a picture and he is finally responding and sporting dread locks in the picture. stars have done it like sandaya faced criticism but she cut back in a great way. the clap back that is the new thing now.
9:57 am
beiber is clapping back, sort of. >> are you just going to leave it like that, dude. some girl came up to me and she's like i love you justin but that is my least favorite hair style of yours. >> is that real. >> basically making fun of people who are making fun of him. >> just when you think he will not be a tool anymore, he does something tooly. >> if someone else was the tool first how is he the tool. >> what are you saying. >> people are doing that to him so he is saying this is what you have to do. >> he is a tool. >> i guess it is like his new album. you like it too. >> yes. >> i shock myself the other day, donya. >> it is good. >> i didn't know it was him. >> they said that is just continue beiber. >> good to see you, tanya. >> yes. >> such a pleasure. >> so nice to meet you.
9:58 am
>> thanks. >> let's go someplace right now. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hey! welcome to the show. thank you very much for watching today! [ applause ]


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