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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 21, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 police find drugs, ammo, and a loaded gun inside a local school. five student arrested after school leaders are tipped off watch school officials are doing today to help ease fears. >> taking a stands against discrimination, how decisions in two southern states making headlines here at home. what the philadelphia mayor is saying his team will not do. and the philadelphia eagles trade to up draft a quarterback, which means, we got the number two pick in the upcoming draft, which begs the question, is sam bradford on his way out the door? we'll break it down in sports draft day next week. >> good day everybody it is thursday, april 21st, 2016. >> this is going to get exciting. >> it is. >> and we had exciting news sports wise with both the phillies and flyers of course, we'll get to all of that a little later, sue, good morning, we have baseball
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weather today? >> yes, definitely, although that was it i believe for the mets and the phillies. they're out of town here. it will be a lovely evening for a walk outside. we don't expect the rain to come our way until tomorrow. now, here's what you are dealing with this morning. couple of areas with a frost advisory in effect until 8:00. atlantic county, ocean county, part of burlington county, most of this is the pine barens area so keep that in mind for this morning. the things will get cold, if you already planted something, put it outside hopefully you brought your plants in. 47 degrees in philadelphia right now, little bit chillier than yesterday, 8-mile per hour winds out of the south-southwest, relative humidity, a 56%, but it will go down during the day, sunrise is at 6:14. only 40 degrees in mount pocono. fifty for some reason in reading, that's our hot spot this morning, 39 in millville, 45 in wilmington, 46 degrees
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in wildwood. most of these temperatures are chillier than yesterday. so, it is another sweater weather kind of morning. winds will pick up by late morning, with that approaching cold front, but we again don't expect the rain until tomorrow. so today, another nice one, even with the increasing clouds later on in the day. high temperature of 74 degrees. well, bob kelly, we made it to thursday already. how about that? >> yes, we did. good morning, everybody, 4:00 # two, up and out, nice and early, and the crews are still out from late last night. here is a live look at the vine street expressway, still closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street. all part of that overnight construction. so the little detour that we have to take, few extra minutes in the early hours, will go on until about 5:00, 5:15 or so. i-95, sorry, the blue route, 476, between media swarthmore and i-95. the cones are out down to one lane, light volume so far this
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morning, but looks like they are backing it up, getting ready to pick up the cones. still paving on the kelly drive. that will project continuing this week. the market frankford line, running shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning, and yesterday's big story, also our top story this morning. the emergency construction, things are little bit better this morning. only two lanes still, though, available, in to delaware. and here is a live look at what it looks like right now, but chris, lauren, it is not going to stay this way, as we get into the rest of our morning rush hour, back to you guys with more on that. >> all right, let's stick with traffic, which bob talked about. might cause major trouble. expected to be another day of slow going on the delaware memorial bridge. >> crews are doing the emergency work on three cables that support the bridge deck. this is on the southbound span from new jersey into delaware, as a result, four lanes were down to one for most of the day yesterday, and some motorists on the jersey side say it took them hours to go
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just 5 miles. >> stuck, now, five hours. >> just bumper to bumper. everybody trying to -- it is bad. >> what an awful day. two lanes were, again, opened last night, but crews say working that bridge will continue for several more days, and to avoid crossing the delaware river there, if, in fact, you can. all right, turning to this at 4:04, some women day for teachers and students in robinsville. this morning they return to class for the first time since the death of the district's superintendent, doctor steve mayor, and his beloved dog were killed after being hit by a car while jogging near the high school early tuesday morning, investigators say the car was driven by a female high school student who then left the scene. grief counselors will be available at the district school. >> now, to a school in drexel hill. >> yes, guns, and drugs, discovered. officers swarmed the campus placing placing it under lockdown yesterday. all of it it, and with student under arrest.
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dave kinchen is there, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, lauren, parents are being asked to talk to their kids who go to bond err prendy after this whole situation took place yesterday in lock-down, lasted for more than two hours after officials got reports of a student bringing a loaded gun into the building. investigators got a tip from a female student and searched lockers, and other student before finding ammunition, and the fully loaded nine mill meet near girls locker. police say it all start wad suspected drug deal involving three student taken place at a trolley stop across the street, when student threatened to shot a female student in the foot. comes say the kids all ran back into school. a tipster then told the principal a gun was now in the school. >> put the gun in the hand after 15 year old or 16 year old, you don't nope what's going to happen. >> i don't know, i don't think schools are safe any more. >> you got drugs and guns, bad scenario, look being for trouble, and in this day and age, i mean, we see where gun
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violence cops, when you're in a school with a loaded gun, why do you got a loaded gun in school? >> well, k9's and police officers swept the school and found marijuana in two lockers, those two students were arrested, cops then stopped a third student, who they say had ammunition in his book bag, fourth was arrested for having packs of weed and giving the gun to his classmate, and detective say, they also arrested the girl who allegedly hid that gun in the building as well. again, the school is asking student to be more vigilant, asking parents to make sure they have a conversation with their kids about all of this, as well. back to you. >> all right, dave, speaking of conversation, hillary clinton touched on violence and gun control last night here in our city. >> well, that's the wrong video, of course. but, and then this is john kasich on the gop side. let's talk about hillary clinton if we can. come back to us on camera here. fresh off heroin in the new york primary, hillary clinton
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spoke in fishtown and head of tuesday's primary, now, supporters packed the floor, and the balconies of the philmore, you know, the new concert venue that opened october 1st of last year. most were sports, but some who attended were undecided hoping to get a closer look at the candidate before heading to the polls next week. let's get to john kasich, he is campaigning in the philadelphia area. the ohio governor is hold rag town hall, actually, at penn state, brandywine campus in media this afternoon. donald trump will be in hershey. bernie sanders will be in reading and then in oaks today. >> mayor kenney taking the stands, spokes office from his office says he has bands all non-essential work travel to north carolina and mississippi for city employees. the nan response to laws pass in the those states that discriminate against the lgbt community. mayors of other several major cities have issued similar travel bans.
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>> 4:08 the time. we have huge sporting news for philadelphia fans. the eagles have completed their journey to the number two pick, in this year's draft, whisk held next week, the eagles nabbed the cleveland browns pick, this is a big trade with the browns. >> yes, to make the deal the birds used draft picks acquired in two previous trades, vice president of football operations, howie roseman, said the team had been trying to move up ever since january, acknowledged the eagles intend today take a quarterback with the number two pick, will likely take either calls gerold golf or north dakota state carson went. which ever is not taken by the los angeles rams, who have indicated they'll also try to get a quarterback. >> howie roseman asked about this, said, golf and went are very different type quarterbacks, the and analogy, you like pep reason roney pizza or sausage people, who ever we get might determine how the off sense developed under doug peterson the new head coach. >> yesterday i was on
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facebook, a lot of people asking the question, so what's this mean for sam bradford? >> big question. >> right. >> we pay bradford a loft monday. >> i true. >> but then we have chase daniel, of course, who we got from the kansas city chiefsment and they paid him a lot of money. so the quarterback position will be really interesting this year. >> big daddy graham will be on at 5:45, we'll talk with him more about it. >> 4:09 is the time. >> second time this week, phillies game mends dramatic fashion. see the game. what sealed the deal. >> delaware county infested with bed bugs. they want to know how school officials noon get rid of them. bonner. on this cushion for generations.
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>> let's see what's happening with the werth. high pressure is still in control t has been for over a week now, we haven't had any rain. it will be a warm and windy thursday in our weather future. but, eventually, some of these showers are going to make their way here. eventually, it is a cold front. most of that will happen during the day on friday. more specifically, toward evening. we will check the future cast in a second. we have a fire weather watch. we'll check on that in just a few minutes, our allergy report for today is just as bad as it was yesterday for the foreseeable future. all the way through the weekends, even after the rain on friday. just not enough of a soaker expected. once again, we see, just like yesterday, more heavy rain moving in to dallas, fort worth area, and then headed toward houston, where they've had flooding for days and days.
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not a good situation there. for us, another dry morning. some thin, high clouds around this morning, but some heavier clouds, some thicker clouds, i should say, moving in later on in the day. so, by about the evening rush, probably notice, that it is getting cloudy. it will be cloudy in the morning tomorrow. when we get started with a little bit of filtered sunshine. the rain rolls in by late morning, start to see some sprinkles, by evening, it looks like we will have the widely scattered showers and thunderstorms, just not going to be enough after soaker to really take care of the pollen count. so you'll have to worry about that over the weekends, too, if you suffer from earl gist, and your eyes are itching, just like that one is on me, right now. anyway, that's a look at our rain as it rolls in, but all gone by saturday. go ahead, make the outdoor plans, just bring your tissues. frost advisory we mentioned in effect until 8:00 a.m. for mostly the pine barens area of new jersey. right now, it is 43 degrees in atlantic city, so, not frosty
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there, but, again, in the more remote areas, the temperatures go down a little bit further. 40 degrees mount pocono, it is 39 in millville, it is 43 in lancaster. as we look at our average high temperature of 66 degrees, we were above average. we ended up with 71 yesterday. we called for 68. so it ended up better than expected. it will be breezy today, breezes pick up in advance of the cold front. 75 degrees. tomorrow, with some thunderstorm, and showers, we may make it to 80. we'll see what happens with that, and that's a brief shot of milder air, because it does get cooler over the weekends, but very comfortable. upper 60s both saturday, sunday, next chance of rain probably tuesday of next week. soap, that's a look at your weather authority forecast. bob kelly, so many problems getting over that delaware memorial bridge. >> i can't imagine what it would be like, not to mention if you had kids in the car. >> oh,. >> you know? and that was the one day you
4:15 am
left without the smacks. >> or you had a big giant leader of soda before you hit the road. >> and you all got to go, i got to go, but here we go, live look at i95 northbound, the ramp to the blue route closed, for overnight construction, this morning. the vine street expressway still closed this morning between the schuylkill and broad street. so for the gang headed out early this morning, light volume so far. and no problems in collegeville, looking good coming up through charlestown, malvern, west chester, we are looking good, but here is the latest on delaware memorial bridge, two lanes this morning instead of yesterday's one, headed into delaware, we're still, though, going to be a mess. we typically have four, today we're down to two, with that emergency construction. you saw and you heard all about the big delays crossing the river into delaware, yesterday. so, this morning, i think little different. folks will be able to plan ahead, and here's a couple of your alternates. use the commodore barry bridge it, takes you over into
4:16 am
pennsylvania, south 95, takes you right into wilmington, or further south. now, you are not the only one going to try that alternate. so, again, we major jams yesterday. expect gridlock again today. so, give yourself some extra time or maybe adjust your travel time. either go in a little earlier, maybe work your move to a little later on, like 10:00, 11:00, instead that far 8:00 or 9:00 trip across the bridge. i know that is easier said than done. but again, the extra time you're going to need that, not just for the morning rush hour, all through the day. >> this was a hot mess all the way through the evening rush hour. here's a live look, right now, the new jersey turnpike, where yesterday we had the 5-mile back up, no problems if you are getting out right now, but that's not going to stay that way. the kelly drive, repaving project continues this week, with the uneven surface, those guys will be out there during the midday. they take a break during their evening and morning rush hours. the market frankford and the broad street subway, both are shuttle bussing until
4:17 am
5:00 this morning. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank up. let's turn to this at 4:17. jury in philadelphia, awarded germantown man more than $1 million after it is agreed he was improperly arrested and recklessly charged in the car bike crash that killed a police officer in 2012. former bank teller kareem aleni charged four years ago with vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter in the did he of officer mark brady. that will collision outside the home after woman with whom both men had relationships. now, judge dismissed those charges in 2014, for lack of evidence. aleni sued three homicide officers claiming their investigation was flawed because they were eager to link him to the crime. >> man who authorities say shot a police officer in west philadelphia over the weekends being hailed without bail. judge red 23 year old scott griffin his charges yesterday. the most serious one, attempted murder. investigators think griffin shot officer james mccullough sunday during a botched carjacking. mccullough has been released from the hospital. another man, 20 year old
4:18 am
samir, also arrested, and facing similar charges. two robbers could not get their hands on cash at a kensington convene yen store, so they just settled for sandwiches. investigators say the men told a clerk at the quick stop, give them everything in the register. the clerk got scared, ran out the back door, one of the men grabbed a handful of food before he ran out the door. if you recognize the men in the video you are asked to call police. >> bit of irony in the next story. new jersey schools have had to postpone controversial test because of a computer glitch. yes, student could log on to the website to take the park test, which is designed to gauge the readiness for college and carreers. the state education commissioner says the problem lies with the company that create the exam. the commissioner's calling it completely unacceptable. the company confirms, it had a problem, and says, it is isolated to new jersey. they expect to have the website fixed by sometime later this morning, the packing exams standard.
4:19 am
some parent, law makers have rallied against it saying it is just a ways of time. >> some twists and turns in the developing legal battle involving pennsylvania attorney general, and montgomery county courtroom yesterday, kathleen kane's lawyers withdrew a motion that accused prosecutors of leaking fbi information to a local newspaper. they also decided to file a prosecution conduct motion. kane remains in office, but her law license is suspended. montgomery county prosecutors say she leaked grand jury information and then lied about it under oath. >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams says his election fraud task force is ready for next tuesday's primaries. sixty assistant d.a.'s and two dozen county detective will be at a command center. will take calls from voters of problems at the polls. the task force members will be ready to go in teams of two, to investigate all reports of intimidation, threats and violence. >> we take it very seriously. last year nine people were charged with criminal offenses
4:20 am
for what they did on election day. >> the committee of 07 will have high school and college student at the polls to assist voters? frustrated parents in southeast delaware county after bed bugs are discovered at a high school there. a detection dog being brought into academy park to identify any areas for treatment. the high school sent letter home monday state interesting were no bed bugs dead or alive found at the school but parents say administrators admitted at a meeting tuesday night there were several confirmed cases. one mother tells fox 29 she has the pictures to prove it. >> the two dead ones that were on her clothing that came off, and the baby one on her clothing. >> she just panicked, was scratching a lot. she freaked out. taking a lot of showers. >> several parent posted pictures on facebook of their children's bed bug bites, according to the district's website. classroom and hallways have been inspected and treated by pest service, the library and
4:21 am
auditorium where there are concerns of bed bugs are now closed off until they can be checked out. >> 4:21, eagles trying to fine their face to the future with a big trade to move up in the first round of the draft. howard eskin has a breakdown of what this means for the eagles. >> first, your winning lottery numbers. thanks for coming today. i want each of you to grab a 2x8 and cut it. you'll have 2 saws to choose from. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice,
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> eagles made a trade
4:24 am
yesterday, they hoped to get a quarterback of future. the eagles traded when cleveland, and get the number two pick, and the fourth pick next year. eagles gave up the number eight pick this year along with third and fourth rounds pick, necessary year they give up number one pick, 20,162nd rounds pick, sam bradford will be the start they are season. there is first with -- risk and howie roseman broke it down. >> it is hard to be great if you don't take some risks. and when you look at it, there is very few short things at any position in the draft, whatever pokes you are talking about, let alone with the quarterback position. it is a great opportunity for someone who not only has the coaching that we have here and the support they have here, but the time. >> flyers stay alive in the playoffs, to the wells fargo center, scoreless in the first, on the power play, how about this? the first of the play the, 23rd birthday win, behind norbert in goal. scott will be in. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
4:25 am
>> there is video that far scott, going into. >> let's talk about phillies coming off ugly lost tuesday, phillies look to go avoid being swept at home by the mets last night. >> yes, they were down one, here in the seventh, when peter, single right, scoring david low, and tying the game it, would stay that way until the 11th. when again, batting in the ninth, in the line up, right, there he is, see, the pitch outside, you got to go with it. ground ball to shortstop. but if you wait, watch this play. not in time for freddie galvis to score. by the way, second walk off win. how about that? >> i saw you hitting baseballs yesterdayment didn't look too prep. >> i they were throwing, the machine they had it set at a 5 miles per hour, which is really slow. no one could hit it. it was ridiculous.
4:26 am
>> interesting. see if i can finds the video on my phone. curt schilling un fire again for comments he made about transgender people. now his boss at espn is reacting. >> by the way there is friday is earth day. and we want to do our part to help the environment, join us from 7:00 to 10:00 for our earth day shreading event at parx casino. bring any of your unwanted document have, them safely and securely disposed of on earth day tomorrow.
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police finds drugs, ammo, loaded gun inside a local high school. five student arrested after school leaders are tipped off. what's happening today to make sure students safe. >> after devastating loss of beloved superintendent, it is back to school for student in the robinsville school district. how community members are staying strong and moving on. >> and check your lottery tickets this morning. there is a new millionaire in our area. where, the lucky ticket was sold. >> and if you're the winner, we know some great place toss take you to lunch. good day everyone, it is april 21, 2016, i'm chris murphy, this is lauren dawn johnson looking beautiful as ever. here is the thing, you may not want to go sleepless, at least not now. there is a frost advisory out there right now, sue? >> for portions every new jersey, i would say it, covers
4:30 am
mostly the pine barren area, because that's when temperatures tends to drop little moreover night then in the more populated areas. populated here in philadelphia, oh, boy, is it. 47 degrees, is our current temperature, 8-mile per hour breeze out there, 56% relative humidity, our official sunrise time now 6:14. we have temperatures that range from 40 degrees in mount pocono, to 50 in reading, 45 in trenton, chilly 39 in millville, and 43 at atlantic city international airport. so, we're starting with temperatures, many of them, especially along the shore line, colder than they were yesterday, and wrightstown, it is 8 degrees colder, so make sure to have sweater or jacket for the morning hours. and breezes will be picking up later on, so you may need it again later on, but we have maybe five, 8-mile per hour winds out there right now. plenty of sunshine today, at least to start. but we will see increase in clouds, as we get ready for
4:31 am
the rain that's going to arrive tomorrow. 74 degrees, though, our high temperature, looking pretty good today sunset at 7:46. that's your thursday. yes, it is thursday. weekend almost here. we see if the rain is gone by the time it gets here, coming up in the seven day forecast, good morning, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 4:31, as you said on a thursday, still got some crews out here, live look at i-95 northbound, right near the delaware, excuse me, right near the blue route, 476. so the ramp from 95 north, to the blue route, still closed, for maybe another half hour or so. still, shutdown both directions, on the vine street expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. again, for another half hour for overnight construction, septa doing some work tonight, or last night, all of the trolleys diverted at 40th and market, for tunnel maintenance, and then from there, you can use the shuttle buses that run. >> south jersey looking good
4:32 am
42, five, a here is the latest on the delaware memorial bridge. hot mess we had yesterday, little bet they are morning, we have two lanes available in delaware, yesterday, we only had the one. it is still going to be a mess, we typically have four during the morning rush hour, and so throughout the day, all the way through tomorrow, be prepared, here is a couple of alternates, from south jersey, try going over the commodore barry bridge, and then coming down 95 into wilmington, north of the comador barry maybe the walt whitman bridge to at least get yourself off the river. two options, once on the other side on the 95 side again that extra volume headed into wilmington is going to be with us, give yourselves some extra time no matter which option you go for. maybe a just your travel time if you consideration i know easier said than done, but really one of the only two options, extra time or adjust your time and give yourself
4:33 am
this was scene of the 5-mile delay yesterday, okay right now, because, we're still early in the morning with light volume. we will keep an eye on it, and come back and check it again in the next 15 minute, chris, lauren, back to you. >> what a scene all of it ends with several student under arrest, dave kinchen there now with the very latest, dave, good morning. >> school officials keeping closer ion bonner prendy after everything that happened yesterday with lockdown that lasted more than two hours, after school officials got reports of student brinking in loaded gun into the building, investigators, got a tip from a female student and served earth lockers before ammunition and the fully loaded nine mill meet near girls locker. police say it all started when suspected drug deal involving three student at trolley stop across the street when student threatened to shoot female
4:34 am
student in the foot. cops say all of the kids ran back into the school when tipster told the principal a gun is in the building. k9's swept the school. cops then stopped third student, they say, had a.m. aoun anythings his book bag, and lastly, a fourth student was arrested for having packs of weed and giving the gun to his classmate, and the fifth person arrested was the girl who police say had that gun that she was hiding in the building. so, a very interesting and scary situation here. the archdioces reached out to parents and asked them to speak to their students, as they go to school today, or before they go to school today, and to be more vigilant. police say the witness in this case did everything right, went to authorities, right away, and they say that's the way it should be done. back to you. >> you don't expect that at school. >> not at all. >> dave kinchen, thank you
4:35 am
very much. man found with more than 300-pound of march juan in his mini-van, discovered during a traffic stop in rhode island. forty-four year old suspect charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. look at all of that pot. my goodness. an officer pulled over the machine i van, they detected the oath or -- odor of pot coming from inside the mini began penn state beaver stadium likely getting a facelift instead of being replaced entirely. university officials say renovating the five year old stadium, final decision not yet made. architect are working on master plan and expect to finish it by the end of summer. >> someone got lucky, at least in the lottery in burling tonight counsel i. winning mega millions ticket worth $1 million sold at convenience store in maple shade. it was from tuesday's drawing, no one won the big jackpot, still waiting for the million dollars winter come forward. how about that? how about steve keeley this thursday morning? hi, steve. >> very sad thursday morning. i'm in robinsville, this is
4:36 am
the place where three days ago we had it on our show, the superintendent, and his dog, dutch, killed just before school. look at the outpouring of love here at a local park. they're going to try to get back to normal today. and it is going to be tough. starts with beautiful feet. new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry foot file now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin, plus it has 2 speeds, and it's rechargeable. the easy way to touch-ably soft feet new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry. amopé, leading footcare innovation and voted product of the year for its pedi perfect™ extra coarse electronic foot file.
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4:38 am
>> sole some day for students in robinsville this morning. they return to school for the first time since the death of
4:39 am
the school's superintendent. >> doctor steven mayor killed by a student during a morning rush. steve keeley on this story in robinsville. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, they were all off from class, but all still going to school. because they had two days of grief counselling, just down the street from where we are, this is where all of the grief and the outpouring of love was first shown on monday night, at this local park here. grief counselling and the staff, student, will return to school today. the question, though, how well will they be able to concentrate and cope on their school work? many, including couple of police officers, we met here overnight this morning, showing up at this nice new park to pay their respects to steven mayor. it is three days now, since steve and his dog, dutch, were killed, just past 6:00 monday morning before school hit by 17 year old student hearing waist running late to catch her classmates headed on a bus trip to new york city, a trip that eventually obviously got
4:40 am
canceled. if we have full screen, i want to put that up on the air, if not, i will be telling you tomorrow, another tough school day. memorial service for steve mayor at a church up in plainsboro, but because it is at the end of the school day, at 2:00 p.m., and because the church can't likely hold everyone who wants to pay tribute, the service for steve mayor will be live streamed right at the high school and other places in town, where steve mayor spent so much time, and gave kids so much encouragement and kindness. boy, if you think somebody will be missed as an educator, when you see and meet the kids here, you can understand this guy really reached the pinacle of education when you hear what these kids have to say and calling him a role model. i can't think of anybody at that young age that i would ever have called a role model. i wish i had a steve mayor in my life. >> good point, steve, thank
4:41 am
you. 4:41, the world of wrestling sad ends and shock this morning, superstar china has died.
4:42 am
4:43 am
hope you're enjoying this nice stretch of weather even if you suffer from seasonal allergies, because it has been nice. now it, has been over a week since it has rained, even when it rains tomorrow, we don't expect the pollen count to go down too much. it is pretty hi, and it will
4:44 am
stay that way but it is spring time. high pressure in control one more day. here is the front that came through yesterday. that is far to the south. then this is the cold front that will come through, tomorrow, most of the rain that we get from that front will probably not arrive until evening, but, we do have a chance every sprinkles early in the day, as well. so make sure that you plan tomorrow to have the rain gear with you. but we will have one more day to enjoy. we have one more day of rain in texas, again, where it has just been a deluge day after day this week. and another one today. but for us, just some high thin clouds around this morning. and that frost advisory continues, we will show you that in a second. as we look at the future cast, to time out the rain, see the clouds on the increase late in the day today. by tomorrow we're seeing sun and clouds early in the morning, the bulk of the rain hasn't reached us yet, but in the morning, we could see some light rain or drizzle, through about lunchtime, it is not until 3:00, 4:00 in the
4:45 am
afternoon that these scattered showers move through. we do have the chance for an isolated thunderstorm, as well, on friday, but everything is gone by saturday, and it is looking good for the weekend, because we will be back to seasonable temperatures by then, i think above average with our temperatures in the 70s once again today. but we are starting off frosty, in parts of new jersey, ocean, atlantic, half of burlington county under that frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. it is not too frosty around here, 47 degrees, here, in the city, 50 in reading, 47 in dover, and a look at the average high. so we should be at 66 degrees, we've been above average all work week, including yesterday, with the high of 71 today, well above average again, with 74 degrees. we get that shot of milder air on friday. and then saturday, and sunday, we mentioned, back down into the upper six 60s, yes, slight chance of morning showers on saturday, but that doesn't look likely. so the weekend's good.
4:46 am
back into the 70s on monday, and another chance of rain on tuesday. so, that's a look at your seven day forecast, i'm looking at your first traffic picture. looks like we have a problem, bob kelly? >> one thing just talking, you say one word and we go off onto a tan gent here. you said the word frosty, that made me think of what's your favorite frosty drink. thinking pina colatta, margarita, what was the other thing i said? strawberry dabbing err i, all of that going on while sue is going on, one word, throws us into a detour here. 4:46, here we have a crash, east on 422, right at first avenue. this is that stretch right before you come into kop. and it is also that area where they've been doing the work on the overnight, there is none of the overhead street lamps. so again, coming eastbound, 422, only one lane open heading into king of prussia. looks like we are open here on the vine street expressway. that's good news coming into
4:47 am
the city. who is hungry? >> i'm starving. >> i've got a spot for you. miss sweet t's over blackwood clementon road. home southern biscuits, good stuff, home style, southern biscuits. >> barbeque, saying yeah, in my ear. all right? 9:00 to 10:00 common basilica of saints peter and paul, doing good eating today. then of course we'll bring little sample back for chris and lauren for the 10:00. little samples. east on the schuylkill, be doing paint work again. the crews were out yesterday, they're coming back today from 9:00 to 3:00 doing line painting both directions so expect delays during the midday. septa, doing some work in the tunnels, until about 5:00, so all of the trolley route are diverted at 40th and market, and from there, you take the shuttle buses on along the market frankford line, into or out of center city, again, everybody using the buses until 5:00. no problems coming in on 42 or 55. we have two lanes open on the
4:48 am
delaware memorial bridge right now. and right now, no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> some very sad news this morning, former wwe superstar, joani already, also known as china, has died at the age of 45. >> forty-five. this is according to a twitter statement by her manager. china found dead inside her home in california. right now the immediate cause of death is unknown. some sources are reporting authorities are investigating a possible overdose is the cause of death. >> espn announced firing analyst and former phillies curt schilling, severs ties after comment he made about transgender people. >> he made a loft comment in the past. >> this one, raising some eyebrows, and getting him let go. earlier this week on facebook, showing reposed an image after overweight man dressed as a woman. the picture was captioned: let him into the rest room with your daughter or else you're narrow minded judge mental un loving racist biggot who needs to die. schilling was referring to
4:49 am
laws in several states that restrict bathroom access to transgender people showing defended the post on his blog saying he was expressing his opinion, and those criticizing him are frauds. first time that he's gone out on a limb with his words, whether written or said. >> yes. >> my goodness, wish the phillies had him again. >> okay, in your health, african-american and hispanic women in the u.s. are living much longer. >> life expectancy for caucasion woman has declined. interesting. according to new data for the centers for disease and control and prevention, life spec anisi for hispanic won to 81.8. life expectancy for african-americans roast from 75.1 to 75.2. life expectancy for white women though dipped from 81.2 years to 81.1. so, what's going on here? well, research shows a sharp increase in suicides, alcoholism, related diseases
4:50 am
and overdoses among white women, particularly, in mid life. just depressed a lot of them. overall life expectancy for americans remains unchanged. at 78.8 years. >> interesting. >> very interesting. let's go to your money. how about change for a 20? not real change, but how about this? new face coming to the 20-dollar bill. a portrait of harriet tub man will appear on the front of the new redesigned bill. >> it is about time. come the first african-american on us paper money and the first woman in 100 years. tubman and old lush list a sleeve, leader of the underground railroad, helped southern slaves report to the north. will replace andrew jackson, jackson will be pushed to the back. >> this all started with the 10-dollar bill. ten was the next bill, officials slated for redesign, so its security features, so who will appear on the bill now? how but this? alexander hamilton will stay on the front, but the back
4:51 am
will feature man taj of women involved in the american sufferage movement, women like susan b anthony, and truth. >> and let's not leave out the 5-dollar bill, front will remain of course with abraham lincoln on front, that's legendary, but the back will depict people involved with historic events at the lincoln memorial. that includes philadelphia, marion anderson along with former first lady eleanor roosevelt e singing right there in front of the lincoln memorial. martin luther king will also be featured on the back. >> this is big news yesterday, when it came across, i remember being in the gym, everyone checking their phones, one of our breaks, like wow. >> for a good reason. >> for a great reason you. >> said it, about time. >> yes, it is. >> all right. you heard of the standing i leg? >> yes. >> i'm going to do this dance coming up. >> do you know how to do it? >> oh, i just went on youtube and check it out. i think i can pull this o how about the dab? how about the cupid shuffle? all dances have gone viral. some of the old school dances are being brought back to life
4:52 am
in a special tribute. >> you're banking them back? >> not me. >> oh.
4:53 am
nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> scries murphy is about to jam. from the dab, or the kwon, did you ever hear every any of these dances in. >> i used to hit the kwon. that is what i was in shape. >> dance moves, going viral. new yorker decided we'll put famous moves into one video, with some of the famous faces that made us love to do the dances. are you following me here? >> you lost me at kwon. >> okay, watch this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> there go. >> that's my standky leg.
4:56 am
i do it. all right? >> ya, thanks for mess that up, chris. so, those students that you're seeing until little box, kids from the ron clark academy, down at my hometown in atlanta, george a. >> you want to do it with me? >> crank that, come on, don't be shy, then you see the appearance of ucla gym that is, went viral after her routine, hip hop. >> you're not dance withing me. >> standky leg. >> i heard standky leg. >> what is it again? >> you show me. >> no, you just learned it. don't be shy. >> come on. like my standky leg face when i do it? >> come on! >> done. >> you won't dance with me. >> i won't dance with you. >> that's not cool. >> but what do you have do for the standky leg, you have to leave your leg in one place, ya, for awhile. >> oh,. >> there it is.
4:57 am
>> so in this case when i lean to my left, my right leg becomes the standky leg. >> my left leg is out, the standky leg. >> yes, yes, you got it. >> he got it, sue. it took a lot of work. 4:58. in the next hour, health and science, meets social media. the new way doctors are sharing surgery secrets, in real time. >> i think i need surgery on my left ankle now. >> oh, gosh. allowed boom rock ago local street, what investigators say was inside the car causing it to blow up.
4:59 am
5:00 am
this is fox 29 morning news. put it in the hands after 15, 16 year old, you don't know what's going to happen. >> a gun loaded found inside a high school in drexel hill, what investigators also discovered in lockers there, that have parent pretty alarmed this morning. >> plus, after the devastating lost after beloved superintendent, community members in robinsville, new jersey are staying strong and trying to move on. >> and hear about the eagles? >> it is rare for us to be in the top ten in the draft. but now is our number one goal in the off-season. when we new once we got that there would be unique opportunities. >> and take advantage they did. the trade ahead of next week's nfl draft. what it means for the team, and for sam bradford. >> right. they will presumably go for quarterback. >> true. >> you were going to say something? >> i was going to say good day, i


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