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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. put it in the hands after 15, 16 year old, you don't know what's going to happen. >> a gun loaded found inside a high school in drexel hill, what investigators also discovered in lockers there, that have parent pretty alarmed this morning. >> plus, after the devastating lost after beloved superintendent, community members in robinsville, new jersey are staying strong and trying to move on. >> and hear about the eagles? >> it is rare for us to be in the top ten in the draft. but now is our number one goal in the off-season. when we new once we got that there would be unique opportunities. >> and take advantage they did. the trade ahead of next week's nfl draft. what it means for the team, and for sam bradford. >> right. they will presumably go for quarterback. >> true. >> you were going to say something? >> i was going to say good day, it is thursday, april 21.
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>> i second that. >> good, good day, sue serio, starting offer little bit after cold start. >> frost advisory in effect for couple of counties, the pine barren counties if you will in new jersey where it gets little cold, she could be an issue this morning, but in philadelphia, we're in the upper four's, it is sweater weather here. but it is not frosty, sunrise time, 6:14, oh, no i said frosty. i'll make bob kelly think about a pina colatta again. 40 degrees in allentown, pottstown, 44 trenton, only 39 in lancaster, we have 40 at atlantic city international only 37 in millville. so some temperatures in the 30's, you will need a sweater or jacket this morning. and many of these temps are colder than yesterday, at this time, winds not issue right now after sunrise, i think, the winds will be picking up, so we will have another breezy day, and in advance of the cold front that will be making it way through tomorrow. not today. so today it is a dry day.
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with increasing clouds by the end of the afternoon, 74 degrees, our high temperature, sunset time 7:46. that is your thursday. so only a couple of places are frosty this morning, bob kelly? >> all right, we'll just have couple of frosty then. >> win i's frosty, yes. >> 5:02, good morning to you, live look at 422 eastbound, dealing with the accident, right at first avenue. looks like only that left shoulder is blocked now. but watch it, because this is right in that stretch before you get into king of prussia. where there is no overhead street light there. good morning, northeast philly, south on 95, looking good there at cottman. no problems coming out of south jersey, but, here is the latest on the mess from yesterday and the delaware memorial bridge. some good news. yesterday we only had one lane in the delaware. today, there are two. so two lanes leaving new jersey, across the span into delaware. more on the reason coming up in just a moment. but for you getting out of the house this morning, you have a
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couple of options. you can use the commodore barry bridge, which is 322, into pennsylvania, and then come down 95. ninety-five or 495, will get new wilmington, also take you further south. you're not going to be the only one use that other bridge. if you have an opportunity to come over the walt whitman bridge, do that, and come down 95. bottom line, no matter which option you choose, allow some extra time. we had five-mile back up, on the turnpike yesterday morning, even all the way through the rush hour, or maybe adjust your travel time. i know that's easier said than done. maybe you can adjust your work hours just little bit. but if you are headed for an appointment or just your normal work hours, expect delays over the bridges, because that far construction on the delaware memorial. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. loaded gun and drugs discovered at school in drexel hill. officers swarmed the campus placing it under lockdown yesterday. >> all winds several student under arrest, dave kinchen standing by live outside the school where school administrators were tipped off
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to this, dave? >> reporter: tipped off by this, we understand by administrators they'll keep closer watch on the overall operations today, a day after a two-hour lock-down after officials got reports of a student bringing loaded gun into the building, and investigators got a tip from female student and searched lockers and other student before finding ammunition. and the fully loaded nine mill meet near girls lockers, so police say it all start wad suspected drug deal, involving three student and a trolley stop across the street. when a student threatened to shoot a female student in the foot, cops say, all of the kids ran back into the school, tipster told the school a gun was in the school. >> the school was totally professional, in the lockdown, the way it was handled. our officers went through that building, they there were no student in the hallway, everybody was aware, but we do a lot of training between the police department, the school
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district, both the private and public schools. so everything, all of that training, played out well. >> k9's and police officers swept the school and found marijuana in two lockers, those two student were arrested, cops then stopped a third student, who they say had a.m. aoun anythings his book bag. a fourth was arrested for having packs of weed and giving the guns to his classmates, detectives say they arrested the girl who allegedly hid the gun in the school, as well. and student are being asked to talk with their parent about all of this, and report anything suspicious, just like the tipster did in this case. back to you. >> yes, they say if you see something, say something. it work here. 5:05. >> absolutely. >> thanks, dave. >> the man who authority say shot a police office nerve west philadelphia over the weekend is being held without bail. >> a judge has arraigned 23 year old scott griffin on charges including attempted murder. investigators say, griffin shot officer james mccullough sunday during a botched carjacking, the machining cull an is now out of the hospital
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thankfully. another man thankfully samir also arrested and facing similar charges. >> jury in philadelphia has award add germantown man, more than $1 million, the man i am property letter i arrested, charged in bike crash that killed a police officer back in 2012. former bank teller kareem elaine charged four years ago with she him -- vehicular manslaughter, in a collision outside the home after woman both men were involved with. a judge dismissed the charges in 2014 for lack of evidence. elaine then sued three homicide officers claiming their investigation was flawed because they were eager to link him to that crime. >> police say a philadelphia man who has been found with more than 300 pounds of marijuana in his mini-van. what does 300 pounds of pot look like? take a look. >> this was discovered during a traffic stop in rhode island. where do you seat your passengers? state police say the 44 year old suspect charged now with
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possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, a overs pulled over that machine i van. why do you think he pulled the machine i van over? did it look like it was waited down or something? no, it was the smell of all that pot coming from inside the vehicle. >> wow. mayor jim kenney taking a stand against discrimination laws in two southern state, spokeswoman from his office confirms he's banned all non-essential work travel to north carolina and mississippi for city employee. the ban in response to laws passed in those states that discriminate against lgb people, mayors of several other major cities have issued similar travel bans. >> pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, has withdrawn court motion that accused prosecutors of leaking fbi recordings in her criminal case to a newspaper. a philadelphia judge questioned kane under oath about the change in strategy. kane said she agrees with it. kane is accused of leaking grand jury material to a philadelphia newspaper to embarrass her rivals. montgomery county d.a., kevin steel, calls the claim that
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his office leak the fb iphone taps to allentown newspaper merit less. >> 5:08 this morning. very solemn day for student and teachers robinsville this morning, they return to school for the first time since the death of the district superintendent. >> the death of doctor steve mayer, killed by student during a morning run, and steve keeley joins us from robinsville with more. >> reporter: there is a really nice waterfall here in a nice little park near the middle school and the high school. and the water here flowing just like the tears have since monday morning. and as we go down the water, over here, there is a nice memorial by a gazebo. you can see lots of candles lit, lots of flowers piled up, the flames and all of these candles just like the bright light steven mayer was in so many young lives, the flowers just like the beautiful memories so many here have shared of their superintendent. fifty-two years old, but able to reach and relate to five year old, ten year old, 15 year old, kids of all ages and parents of all backgrounds,
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that's why the schools had to cancel classes for the past two days and replace them with grief counselors. he and his dog, dutch, hit and killed on their morning run near the school monday and life hasn't been the same since. >> all of our sporting event, for every sport, he just loved to be therefore everyone. >> just walking down the hallways, waiting for my class, woe always high five us, or just tell us hi, or ask us how our day is going. >> 's sports family, kids altogether, new him since the kids were little. and, you know, then we new him as steve the superintendent. >> well, real double dose of grief here, because it was one of his student hasn't hit him. a 17 year old, as she was on her way to the school to meet classmates scheduled to leave on a bus trip to new york city that she was running late for. classes the past two days replaced by those grief counselors at the school, but chris, lauren, classes might resume today, but you can bet so will the grief. >> yes, that grief won't go away any time soon.
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steve, thank you. >> let's switch gears here and talk sports. 5:10, the eagles making a huge move yesterday, why they hope will benefit them long-term. they trade with cleveland to get the number two overall pick in the draft a pick that they're likely going to use for a quarterback. >> so let's take a look, go inside baseball here, about football. the eagles will get the second pick, and fourth round pick next year, it is what they're giving up that has some saying this is a bit risky. they traded away the eighth pick this year, along with the thirds and fourth round pick, they also traded their first round pick, lauren, next year, and then in 2018 they traded away second rounds pick. >> so, why make such a risky deal? hear how howie roseman is justifying the move coming up in sports in a minute. so it was all the chatter yesterday. >> yes. >> people were talking about it, what's going to happen with sam bradford, now we have all of the big huge roster quarterbacks. who will do what, who stays, who goes. so lot to figure out.
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>> the wild-card, chase daniels, we brought him in from the kansas city chiefs, he was back up to alex smith in kansas city, elegant a be a back up here, they paid him all kind of money. why? so we'll see how that all works out. >> stay tuned. >> stay tuned. stay tuned for. >> this health and science meets social media. new way doctors are sharing surgery secrets in real time. >> but first, travel troubles over a local bridge. drivers stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. tell us what they experience.
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>> see this guy here, sue said i don't know who this guy is, but boy he is good looking. >> yes, who is it? >> he is a guy talking about the olympic flame, having unusual home for the rio games. they'll have the games in bras they will year. the gentleman might be brazilian. >> flame will burn somewhere in downtown rio during the games. it is not in a stadium, as has been tradition for the summer olympics. >> i like that we have some subtitles so we know what he will say. oh, ancient world, the present, the future, back to the future, sue serio. >> and we will hopefully find out who actually that is talking. because he is awfully blood looking. all right, could we put it back up again? here is a look at the rain, once more, we have rain in texas, and it is moving from
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the dallas fort worth area, toward houston, as they try to dry out. they don't get a chance, because, more rain comes. this is a look at our cold front, that will be coming through tomorrow. once again, high pressure will block any rain from heading our way. there it is. there, we've got, well, we'll have very weak warmfront come through first, then the cold front tomorrow. so there could be few sprinkles in the morning, but the bulk of what we see rain from this front will probably happen in the afternoon as you're trying to drive home on friday afternoon. traffic always bad on friday afternoon anyway. and, add a little bit of rain it, should be quite an adventure, but for today, we'll just see increasing clouds, i can't rule out a sprinkle, north and west to the city, maybe toward evening, but anything we get will be after midnight. maybe tiny bit of rain in the morning, most of it, as we said, in the afternoon, and the possibility, too, of pop up thunderstorm because we will be in the 70s, then the cold front has colder air behind it, so you see about 6:00, widely scattered
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showers, thunderstorms, through about midnight everything should be gone by then, saturday looks like dry day. even in the morning question earlier but looking less and less we will see morning rain saturday. pretty good for all of the outdoor activities, of course, you will need the tissues, as pollen count, just can't get rid of the high pollen even with the rain we're expecting friday. saturday, sunday, look beautiful. but the pollen will be out there, it is tree pollen right now, frost advisory in effect, for ocean county, atlantic county, part of burlington county through 8:00 this morning, most of our temperatures are in the 30's, and 40's, this morning, enough to wear a sweater over jacket. sixty-six where we should be. we have been above average, ever since the weekend, and yesterday, we managed to get to 71 degrees, a delightful day, 74 today, even warmer tomorrow, which is why we're expecting few thunderstorms, sunshine returns on saturday, it is 68 degrees, both saturday and sunday, mid 70s,
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by monday, another chance of rain in the middle of next week. but at least we're clearing things out for the weekend, bob kelly? >> good girl over there. doing good job, 5:17. good morning, everybody. live look right now, at 95. they just opened up the ramp from 95 north to the blue route. they've been closed for most of the overnight with construction, so i think we're good to go now, all of the construction crews out of there, major roadways like the freeway looking good as you warning your way in toward the city. couple of political event today to look out for, if you are going to be rolling through media. penn state, brandywine campus, right there, along 52 -- 45 #, doors open 1:30, will leave us with jams during the afternoon. bernie sanders will be out in reading. doors open up at 2:00 there at the perform being arts center. the schuylkill expressway, no problems at the moment. but they'll be doing some line painting -- painting again today. today probably the last day they'll be able to paint some lines here during the midday.
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emergency construction, continues, on the delaware memorial bridge. only two lanes are going to be open into delaware for the morning rush hour. now, you have two alternates, you have the commodore barry bridge, of course, the delaware memorial down here, maybe the walt whitman bridge. but allow some extra time, adjust your travel time, and chris, lauren, folks were not happy about this yesterday. >> yes, and it is expected to be another slow day on that bridge. crews doing emergency work on those three cables that support the bridge deck on the southbound span from new jersey into delaware. >> can you imagine being stuck for like five hours? so four lansdowne to one for most of the day, drivers we talked to say this was ridiculous. >> i've been stuck now for five hours. >> just bumper to bumper. and everybody trying -- it is bad. >> bad is an understatement. two lanes reopened last night. didn't help these poor folks during the day, work on the bridge will continue for several more days. so if you can, of course,
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avoid the delaware river, in that area. what a mess. >> all right, coming offer a big win in new york earlier this week, last night hillary clinton ahead of the primary. >> they packed the floors, balconies of the philmore in fishtown, to hear clinton speak, most supporters but some who attended were undecided. hopefully to get closer look at the candidate before headed to the polls next week. our primary in pennsylvania is on tuesday. clinton spoke on several issues, one of them, aimed directly at philadelphians. >> twelve shootings in philadelphia over the weekends. four people killed. a police officer shot. and the story that was just so heart breaking was the father handling his gun and it went off and killed his four year old daughter. >> shot her right in the head. clinton attended a discussion
5:20 am
earlier in the day on gun violence. she also drew loud cheers when she said mental health and drug addiction should be treated as health issues. >> speaking every health, how about this? plastic surgeons, they're going to snap chat to broadcast their operations in the or in real time. >> this is so sci-fi. more than 7 billion videos are shared through the app daily. so there is growing hands full every internet famous surgeons cropping up on snap chat. one surgeon says he performed 35 to 40 surgeries every month, 90% of his patients say, ya, sure, you can broadcast this. i don't care. women, prior surgery they find a consent form, each surgeon has several hundred thousand followers. some of them have 450,000 views every single day. doctors also using instagram, twitter, facebook, education tools for patient and for marketing platforms.
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let's just say this. >> yes? >> social media -- >> has changed the world? >> like you, chomping, it is ruining, and it is running our lives. >> i don't get it. what's the interest in watching someone being chopped, cut? >> i think for a lot of people, for women specifically, if you say okay, i want to go get a breast augmentation. you want to see the work before you just go sign to up see it. >> do you, though? >> do you. >> don't you just want to see before and after? >> or maybe see like, for some women, you might see it and it scares you and you're like forget it, i'll just set billion what god gave me. >> exactly. i don't want all that opened up. >> right. i don't want to see all that, that's a little much for me. 5:12, the big chill in big trouble. what curt schilling post that cost him his job. >> but first, here are your winning lottery numbers. oh, and do you hear the song. >> yes. >> queen. it is the queen mum's
5:22 am
birthday, queen elizabeth, 90 years old today. >> wow.
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>> known as china, died at the age of 45. >> yes, according to twitter statement basilica of saints peter and paul her manager, china was found dead inside her california home yesterday, right now, the immediate cause of death is unknown, how much, here is the deal, some sources
5:25 am
now reporting that authorities are investigating, whether or not, she possibly od on drugs. >> just 45. what a lost. she was like the star for the wwe, especially women's side. >> warning, even more charges could be coming in connection to the flint water crisis. >> so two state regulators, city employee have, been charged with off i shall misconduct and other offenses over the lead contamination, authorities say the state workers mislead federal and local authorities by manipulating the samples. >> rick snyder says the charges are deeply troubling, if the accusations are true it, would take the ooh to entirely new level. >> 5:25. compromise could be on the way when it comes to the u.s. government funding research on the zika virus, republicans controlling congress appear to be giving in to president obama's request to funds efforts to prevent an outbreak here in the u.s. the president was looking for $1.9 billion for those effort, a measure being circulated in
5:26 am
congress, but provide 1.1 billion. espn announced it has fired network analyst and former phillies pitcher curt schilling, espn, severed ties with schilling, following his comments, about transgender people. >> so earlier this week on facebook, he reposed an image of overweight man dressed like a woman. the picture captioned, quote, let him into the rest room with your daughter or else. you're narrow minded judge mental un loving, racist biggot, who needs to die. schilling was referring to laws in several states that restrict bathroom access to trans gender people. he defend, expressing his opinion and those criticizing him are frauds. >> ya, i don't know that you can be so outspoken when in public role, looking for company that might have views and beliefs in line with yours? keep it to yourself. >> he's been outspoken in the past. his republican views, in backing presidential candidates and everything else, he's never made a secret
5:27 am
of. >> ya. >> little troublesome sometimes. >> yes, maybe just stick to talking baseball. >> true. >> all right, steve keeley, good morning to you. sad story for us. >> try to get back to the books, the pencils, and studying here in robinsville after the superintendent was killed on his run monday morning. we are at a park where the outpouring of grief is just tremendous, and looking at notes, little one said you always had a smile no matter what. we will always love you no matter what.
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>> salve the devastating loss of a beloved superintendent, robinsville, new jersey, students are staying strong, trying to move on. >> he scores! >> oh, the flyers escape elimination, so still in the game. but not before with your noon gets injured, and sent to the hospital. >> more on the playoff highlight, good day, it is april 21, 2016. so the flyers win, whew, now hanging on, and the phillies won. >> the phillies won in dramatic fashion. second overall pick, next week.
5:31 am
>> today is a big day in sport. >> big day. >> hi, sue. >> big wins, two of them last night, across the street from each other in south philadelphia. so, for bus stop buddy this morning, make sure the kids wearing something warm today, flyers logo, the phillies cap on, as well. chilly start with temperatures in the 30's and 40's, and no precipitation at the moment. we'll watch those light showers that are out around pittsburgh, but i really think high pressure will keep that away from us today. so, it is dry right now, 47 degrees, on cool side. sweater weather, 7-mile per hour winds, sunrise time official at 6:14. >> half of burlington county, most covers the pine barren area, not too populated and temperatures will go down little further than they do in the places where people live.
5:32 am
44 degrees in trenton, mount pocono, only 39 in lancaster, 37 here in millville, atlantic city international only 40 degrees, so, chilly this morning. but, sunshine taking care of us today, what a recovery. we get up to the mid 70s even with increasing clouds this afternoon. not bad for a thursday, rain on way, we time it out coming up also bring you the seven day forecast, bob kelly, happy thursday. >> just talking about umbrellas by the way, di our floor director, not the type of umbrellas we will need for the rain though. >> on a thursday, live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays, starting to see some volume pop. we are ready for a rush hour, same deal here coming in from new jersey on the freeway, headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. emergency construction, will continue, through tomorrow. a little bit of an improvement for today. there are two lanes open in to delaware, as opposed to the only one we had this time
5:33 am
yesterday. that emergency construction will continue today. so here is a couple of alternates. i think it will be a little better today. everybody's prepared for it. at least they know about it. here's your delaware memorial bridge. we had the big 5-mile back up. your option would be the commodore barry bridge, into pennsylvania, come down 95 or 495 into wilmington, and then further your trip south. if you can use the walt whitman bridge, stay with the 95 side of the river. no matter which option go for, allow some extra time, and maybe even try to adjust your travel time. i know that's easier said than done, but really the only two options you have. because you really -- only had the three crossings here, that would make sense to get you in toward wilmington, yesterday let's take the cape may lewis if he if i we had to. traffic moving okay, but his was the case yesterday.
5:34 am
everything fine until bamm the magic jamo hour of 6:00, 15:00 a.m., when everything just came to a grinding halt. mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, all looking good. and keep in mind if you are coming through media today, penn state brandywine campus, right there off 352, john kasich event, the doors open up at 1:30, so we will have some delays and motorcade madness in media later today. >> thanks so much. student in robinsville this morning return to school for the very first time since the death of the district superintendent. >> that superintendent named doctor steve mayor, was killed by a student during a morning run, steve keeley joins us from robinsville with more, steve? it has been grief counselling, and they'll try to get back to regular classes today, and you can bet it will not be easy to concentrate. teachers likely meeting someone to talk to just as much as all of the kids. many came to the park both the
5:35 am
middle and high school to pay the respects, and many got together here for memorial service monday night. >> sport dad, sports family, kids altogether, we new them since the kids were little. then new them as steve the superintendent. >> walking down the hallways, i was wait fog moore i class, woe high five us, or just tell us hi, or ask us how our day is going. >> he's always at all of our sporting event for all support. he loved to be therefore everyone. >> and tomorrow's going to be another tough school day. you can bet because it ends with a sad thing. memorial service for steve mayer at a church up in plainsboro, at the ends of the school day at 2:00. because the church likely wouldn't be able to hold everybody who would want to go, the service for steve mayer will be live streamed into the high school and a lot of other places around robinsville, steve mayer spent so much time with these kids, so much time in the hallways,
5:36 am
and so much encouraging the kids you can bet tomorrow at 2:00, even more tears will flow. just like the waterfall here in the park is non-stop, chris, lauren. >> new law requiring all new police cars in new jersey, to be equipped with cameras, have been struck down by state panel. says the law which pass in the 2014 is unconstitutional. because it creates a financial burden, on local government. >> all about money the state constitution requires that any state mandates have funding, behind them. well it, does make sense, right? philadelphia nun, found guilty of drunken driving, municipal judge, washington township, new jersey suspended kimberly miller's license for 09 days, she'll also have to pay fines. police say she was drunk, when she drove her car into an auto repair shop in 2015 testified the last thing she remembered that night was having a glass of wine earlier in the evening, then taking ambien.
5:37 am
she says when she woke up, she was handcuffed. big changes coming to the 20-dollar bill, our seventh president andrew jackson out, portrait of harriet tubman in, will appear on the newly redesigned bill. >> it is about time, tubman born a slave, leader of the underground rail, helped southern is slaves escape to the north. will be the first african-american on us money in the first woman to appear on paper currency. so the 10-dollar bill is the next slated for redesign. show will now appear on the new ten? american founding father alexander hamilton will remain onment front, but the back will feature montage of women featured in the american sufferage movement. women such as as susan b anthony, and remember the susan b anthony dollar, look like the quarter, minted here in philadelphia, among other places, denver, san francisco also minute that susan b anthony. >> chris, can't leave out the 5-dollar bill. front will remain dedicated to
5:38 am
abe lincoln, back will depict people involved in historic event at the lincoln memorial that includes dr. king, you see right there, philadelphia and, marion anderson along with former first lady eleanor roosevelt. >> she from philadelphia. >> yes. >> all right. >> phillies game ends in dramatic fashion. so, don't leave the game early is the lesson here, to go to a phillies game. >> you have to see the unusual walk off hit that won
5:39 am
across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement,
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>> eagles made a trade yesterday. the eagles traded when cleveland to get the number two pick in the draft this year, in the fourth round pick next year, eagles gave up the first pick. next year, the eagles give their number one pick, 2018 the second pick. sam bradford will be the start they are season, now, there is risk with first round picks, howie roseman broke it down for me. >> you look at first round picks, i mean, historically 40% of the first round picks, every position, when you get into the second round it, about 50%, when you get into the third rounds, it is 70%. but it is the position, the importance of the position. when you say to yourself there is nothing more important than the quarterback position, and not having to play that guy right away, developing them, the right way, then for us, it made a lot of sense. >> all right, the flyers stay
5:42 am
alive in the playoffs against washington, to the wells fargo center, andrew, makes it two-nothing, the flyers hold on behind michael norbert to win it two-one over washington, game five friday. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> steve mason out, flyers win. >> yahoo. >> okay, coming off, phillies look to go avoid being swept at home basilica of saints peter and paul the mets last night. >> let's roll the highlight, shall we? down one, here in the seventh, when peter born he is, single to right field, scoring david low, and tying the game. there is a throw to the plate. by a mile. stay tight until the 11th inning, why you don't leave, lauren? okay. >> you got to hang in there. there is no time limit on baseball. >> here he is again. >> ground ball to thirds. tough play. he's going to beat the throw, freddie galveston scored, and the second walk off win this week for the phils. beating the mets this time
5:43 am
five-four. >> i like that casino of win. last minute, unexpected, in a really good play. >> that's casino of like you like your dates to go. last minute, unexpected, and ends with a boom. >> speaking of booms, boom rocking local street. when investigators say was inside his car, causing it to blow. >> my goodness, look at that video. wow. boom. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
5:44 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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good morning, tomorrow, april 22 is earth day. join us from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning for our earth day shreading event. this is going to be at parx casino. bring any of your unwanted document, have them safely and securely disposed of. all right, great weather yesterday. out at the ballpark. so alex holley tried to make contact with the ball, as did i. here we go. this is homeruns for heart, this is, of course, a event that raises money for the american heart associationment grounds ball. here is the thing. the ball is coming off that machine, at 55 miles per hour, which is so slow. i had to try to wait back. wait, wait, wait. not bad. and then where is al next alex hit before i did. there she is, okay. alex, just make contact. she wanted me to give her some tips. i said just try to swing down on the ball. watch. she made contact, look out. >> she is afraid of the ball.
5:47 am
>> coming out of this machine. >> i've done that before. >> come on, alex, come on, kid, you can do this. okay. just little sooner. come on, now, beautiful weather, as you can see at the ballpark. >> eye on the ball. >> okay. welshing we'll get them next year. hi, sue. >> hi, i feel her pain. been there in that dugout, and in the batter's box, and it wasn't good. very sore bye that. let's take a look at our weather, as far as rain is concerned, there is more in texas where that flooding has been such an issue all week long. and it continues a batch of rain moving from dallas down to houston this morning. for us, all we have to worry about is our allergies, dry, dry, dry, well over a week, last time it rained is last tuesday, a week ago tuesday. so, for us, we're still high and dry. today it will be different
5:48 am
story tomorrow. we already have little bit of rainout in the western part of the state with this weak warmfront. i don't think that's going to affect us. but this cold front will. tan will bring rain tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two in the morning, but the bulk whatever we get will happen in the afternoon it appears, on friday, and we could see pop up thunderstorm or two, it's been a while, so i guess we're due. for today, see increasing clouds. no showers expected until after midnight. by friday morning, tomorrow morning, maybe a few sprinkles here and there, but around about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon when you should keep your eye on the sky for possible pop up thunderstorms, and few showers here and there. but not going to be enough rain not the soaking rain, that's the deal, big deal, because it has been so long. today dry, 74 degrees, 77 tomorrow before the shower and thunderstorms hit. by saturday, sunday, it is looking pretty good.
5:49 am
sun will return temperatures seasonable, delightful, weekend of weather coming up. and another chance every rain probably not until tuesday of next week. looking good with weather, not so good on the roadway we're looking at, bob kelly. >> sue, 4:22, good morning, 5:49. coming into king of prussia, a mess, we have this tow truck casino of sideways, trying to get a truck that was down the grassy embankment here. up and out early morning accident, bottom line, eastbound lanes of 422, down to only one lane, here is the jammo, as you head eastbound, there is the accident, right there, in the background, so everybody heading into king of prussia, already, bumper to bumper with only one lane. we have that emergency construction, again, today, going to be another hot mess, little bit of a better scenario, though, just little bit. two lanes are available, and instead of the one that we had yesterday. bottom line, get used to there is all the way through at least tomorrow. couple of alternates, there is
5:50 am
your delaware memorial bridge, you can come in, over the commodore barry bridge, take 95 south, down into delaware. if you can, go one up to the walt whitman bridge. at least get over the river, and then, use 95 to come down on the other side. no matter which option you choose, allow some extra time. maybe adjust your travel time. i know that's easier said than done, but maybe move that appoint tonight little later. maybe put it off until monday if you can. otherwise, turnpike, schuylkill, 95, all in good shape. couple of political event today, will bring us some unusual delays. out in reading, at the performing art center, bernie sanders event, doors open up at 2:00. john case nick media today, on the penn state brandywine campus. that's going to bring some jams to an already jammed route 352, just off of route one. chris and lauren back to you. >> scary scene in the first period last night at the wells fargo center, scott, after scary injury during last night's game. >> here is the hit that sent him to the hospital.
5:51 am
he went oak quadly into the board, oh, man. he was taken off the ice, on the stretcher. spent the night at jefferson hospital, for precautionary reasons, the flyers say all tests will come back negative. that's good news. >> was going full speedment just awkward angle. he laid there on the ice for several minute. they told him just don't move. as you can see, took him off on stretcher. looks like he's going to be okay, boy, so scary, head or neck involved. >> no penalty by the way on that play. >> public memorial toy former owner ed snider. he was 83 years old, the memorial being held at the wells fargo center, doors open at 11:30, ceremony begins at 1:00. in you can't make it you can watch it live on >> let's head to the airport, lines could be getting a lot longer a lot sooner.
5:52 am
>> so, airlines and airports are now asking to you show up several hours before your flight. >> that means you'll spends about 400 hours in 2016 at airport. lauren johnson with all of that flying you do. a lot of people are traveling, and fewer airport screeners, because of budget cuts. airport security also tighter right now because of the recent terror attacks, all adding up to longer weight lines. >> tsa needed to cut their budget. so they it by placing a judgement call that turn out not to be right. >> yes, the tsa says it plans to hire more workers, pay over time, to keep the lines moving this summer. >> wow. okay. check this video out. man it was allowed boom first, and then this. what investigators say they found inside that car that caused it to go up in flames.
5:53 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ]
5:54 am
thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
5:55 am
>> 5:55, beautiful sunrise over the ben franklin bridge. ' allowed boom rocked the streets in bridesburg. and, they'll be talking about this for a long time to come. a car he can motion sent debris flying yesterday.
5:56 am
neighbors shocked as the blast spewed car parts all over lawns, hundreds of feet away. forced traffic to be shutdown of course for hours. this is at richmond street. now the driver of the carress caped by diving out the door only second to spare. >> i seen the car running out the car, started running then just like blew up. >> and investigators think two tanks caused the explosion, the bomb squad, fire marshall, investigate, but found nothing suspicious, though. what a scene, nonetheless. parent getting trust traded with local school. days after parent were told there is nothing to worry about. >> we know officials are watching the bonner ren prendy
5:57 am
school. other items shouldn't have been here as well after the break. they say that in life,
5:58 am
we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class
5:59 am
one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> this is good day philadelphia. >> we are the talk of the country. it went down in philly, a block buster trade, puts them in position to draft one of the top quarterbacks, next week. but did they give up too much? howie roseman thinks not. >> and back to class after a tragedy. how the robinsville school district is staying strong this morning.
6:00 am
its first day back after a crash killed its superintendent. >> and, what's going on at bonner presentee? drugs, ammo, and a loaded gun? five kids arrested. but would there be more? find out what school officials are doing to ease parents' fears this morning. good day everybody, it is april the 21st, 2016. in my never ending goal of trying to make something good out of the phillies season. >> yes? >> let's go. tenth inning. >> yes. >> eleven. oh, walk off. >> yahoo. >> casino of a walk off. >> we'll take it. >> sure. >> now let's have very good day, straight up 6:00. >> we had that, the flyers, able to stay in the game. >> everybody was happy sitting in traffic last night on the way home. >> really. then depending how you look at it, maybe the eagles? >> oh, eagles always take


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