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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dark day in wilmington. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 we are on top of two major stories. musical icon and genius prince has died at the age of 57. the search into why he died is now underway at his home in minnesota. but first, the fight that turned deadly inside the restroom at a wilmington high school. tonight 16-year-old girl is dead. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the community is in shock tonight as authorities are working to try and figure out what happened. let's get straight out to fox 29's karen hepp live in wilmington night. karen. >> reporter: there's so much sadness right now they just organized vigil. there's so many people that are coming out from the community right now because they want to stop to this violence they want to pray. they want to try to make sense of the situation that quiet clear system senseless.
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we know this victim died this morning here at the school. only a sophomore and she had only just turned 16. when the victim was found in the school bathroom, she was still alive police say. but the beating the 16-year-old had sustained at the hands of other girls was deadly. the sophomore from howard high school technology died at ai dupont children's hospital. mayor dennis williams says all of wilmington grieves for her family. >> because i know what she would be going through. >> reporter: panic stricken parents race to the school as word of tragedy spread. broken marched and overwhelmed. >> i feel like i want to pass out. >> you have to worry about your child leaving home and if they're going to return. >> reporter: right now police headquarters they're interviewing possible suspects. all students all girls. >> our investigators are looking into the incident to find out what actually took place. >> reporter: forensic teams
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gathered evidence while homicide detectives and violent crimes units investigated. students were sent home the whole school community shane. >> my god, i'm lost. >> reporter: bellamy knew the victim season in disbelief. >> like i would never expect this. she was good grades, i mean good person, very respectful. >> parents send their kids off to school they expect them to come home safe. this is a very tragic situation here. i mean all the way around. >> reporter: everyone has been so rattled, even as we have been on tonight you can watch this crowd continues to swell here and this is alums from the school, people who just want to better community, politicians, so many different leaders who are all coming together right now because you just do what you can do in a situation like that. is just pray and say let's try to make a change in this situation with violence among our kids. that's the very latest right now from wilmington. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. lucy and iain back to you. >> just tragic. ♪ news that has people around the
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world stunned tonight. musical legend prince is dead at the age of 57. here's what we know right now. someone called authorities to prince's suburban minneapolis home this morning. deputes responding to the home found the singer in an elevator. he was unresponsive. first responders tried cpr but could not revive him. we know he had postponed a concert earlier this month because of the flu. but perform a show just last week. so far we do not know why he died. what we unequivocally do know his death is a major loss to the music industry. >> includes those right here in our or. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in south philadelphia tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: local musicians here say to make it in show business you have to go through philadelphia, and that is exactly what prince did. he played shows large and small all to a packed house. earlier this afternoon i spoke with kenny gamble of the legendary philadelphia international records, and he recalls one particular show that prince played here.
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it was at the academy of music where he says he played for hours with people crammed insi inside. gamble describes prescription as talented innovative and says he was true musician and not just an entertainer. >> he was a great guitar player. >> okay. >> that was the first thing. he almost like a blues guitar player. but he had a lot of pop and rhythm and blues feelings to his music and, um, his music was real commercial. like little red corvette and almost visual music you can actually see that. >> back here live, of course, we all probably know at least one prince song but he's also known for his acting career starred in several movies, purple rain, sign of the times, under the cherry moon. showing a comedic side very different from the personality that most of us knew through the big screen thirty nine his music which was very private and shy at times.
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back to you. >> thank you very much, shawnette. our coverage of prince' passing will continue on we'll post very latest on the investigation and tributes from around the world on our home page. we are tracking rain in your fox 29 weather authority. we got another day of sunny mild weather today but that nice run is about to come to an end. rain could stretch into the weekend. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's certainly right, iain and lucy. right now it's dry and quiet but look what's happening. the cloud cover it has already begun to overtake the area but no rainfall just yet. but off to the west, you can see we're tracking some green and showers even a few thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon and evening. but look at the temperatures it's been another nice one. 70 wilmington. 70 degrees currently in trenton. we have 72 still in philadelphia. low to mid 60s so little cooler down the shore. but look at the wind direction still out of the south. so that means temperatures tonight are going to be really slow to fall. we're looking at 72 still at 7:00.
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67 at 9:00. 11:00 o'clock, look at this, 65 degrees and overnight low temperatures in the city stay in the low 60s. coming up we'll time out that rainfall for tomorrow what it means for your weekend and possibly hitting 80 degrees again with that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. a former campaign manager for the mayors of allen up to and reading has pleaded guilty in connection to a corruption probe in both cities. political consultant michael pleaded golt one count of conspiracy to commit extortion and bribery and one count of tax evasion. last summer fbi agents raided the city halls in both allen up to and reading and the homes of allentown mayor he had palowski and reading mayor von spencer the probe centers on public officials demanding campaign contributions from vendors in exchange for city business. flex faces 10 year prison. >> in newark two men were busted for weapons and drug violation.
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samuel and torn facing weapons and drug charges. police were initially called out for reports of a shooting they didn't find anyone hurt but say they stopped mccarthy and call in a car on sussex hall for suspicious behavior. they say one of the men had bullet proof vest and that a gun was found under the seat and more body armor and drug money were found in the trunk. searches at both the men's apartments also uncovered more weapons and drug. you decide 2016. pennsylvania and delaware will hold its primary's -- their primaries on tuesday i should say pronoun agreement is key and that has zen the presidential candidates fanning out through our area. bernie sanders holding thee separate town halls today. this is video of the vermont senator speaking to large crowd inside reading's santander performing arts center around 4:00 this afternoon. he was in scranton earlier today, and tonight he'll hold another town hall at the philadelphia expo center. republican candidates are fighting for votes in the keystone state.
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>> donald trump will kick off rally in harrisburg in about an hour. the republican frontrunner will speak at the pennsylvania farm show complex around 7:00 tonig 7:00 tonight. he's hoping for big win in the ski stone state. after his landslide win in new york. it's looking promising the polls. trump way double digit lead over his rivals in pennsylvania. hey as rally planned for tomorrow in harrington delaware. >> republican rival governor kasich was in media today he made a cam taken stop at pennsylvania state university brandywine campus. political pundants call kasich a long shot for his party's nomination but he's actually polling in second mace behind trump in the state much as candidates campaign throughout our area this week, keep track on our website let me ya'll service set for the beloved superintendent of mercer county school district who died after he was hit by a car. dr. steve mayer superintendent of robbinsville school district and his dog were killed after they were hit by car while
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jogging near the high school early tuesday morning. a memorial service will be held tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at the prince top alliance church in plainsboro. mourners will be able to watch the service via video at robbi robbinsville high school. >> bidding farewell to an icon of philadelphia sports. what we learned about the man who gave us the flyers at a huge celebration of his life today. >> a bus bursts into flames in italian tunnel. you don't need to see this video to know this a bad situation. when you learn what's inside the bus you may get little more nervous about how it all turns out. howard? >> the flyers played last night so they can play another day into the playoffs. but what i think is shocking comment from claude giroux about the fans. that's coming up in sports. >> all night we're paying tribute to the legacy and genius of prince by playing the music we will never forget. ♪
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♪ live look outside paisley park. this is in minnesota and this is where mew music legend prince did his work and where he was found dead this morning at the age of 57. we do not yet know why he died. you can see a growing memorial with flowers, signs and cards from fans and a lot of purple. already plans are in the works for a dance party tonight in prince's honor. we will continue to watch this and bring you the very latest tonight on fox 29 news at 10. in italy a bus driver struggles to battle flames on his bus. the fire engulfed the bus was carrying 48 children at the ti time. the driver tried to pull out the fire with an extinguisher but was unsuccessful. thankfully no injuries were reported. scores of people flock to do
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south philadelphia today to remember flyers founder ed snider. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney tells us he'll be remembered for bringing hockey to philadelphia and a hole lot more. ♪ >> reporter: it wouldn't be a tribute to ed snider the man who brought ice hockey to philadelphia without lauren heart the flyers long-time anthem mist performing god bless america. >> ♪ god bless america >> reporter: thousands pouring in to say goodbye and thank you to a an extraordinary man. flyers players remembering their number one fan. >> just his passion, not just for hockey, life and community, the city, his family, the organization, his passion for everything he did in life. >> i think my fondest memory coming to philadelphia flyers and winning our first game and just seeing the owner of the team come into the dressing room and shaking of one's hand. i thought that was awesome. >> reporter:. >> ed snider did a lot for philadelphia. but one of his proudest
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accomplishments creating the ed snider youth hockey foundation in 2005. it gives intercity children a chance to learn the game and important life lessons. reyes says it saved her life. >> hope, promise and possibilities soon began replace my sense of the depression and despair. >> reporter: she remembers writing ed snider a letter as kid which resulted in her meeting him. it turn out to be game changer for the girl from kensington. >> i am very proud to say that i'm the first schneider hockey kid to go to college and i'm even prouder to say that many have followed. >> reporter: ed snider was huge family man. six children, 15 grandchildren. his grandson jake performing at today's tribute. his daughter lindy thanking those who came out to bid her father a final farewell. >> whatever he gave to the city, the community he felt it could never match what you all gave to him end loved you for it and so do we.
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>> reporter: his family says he never look at the flyers as business. it was his passion. it was truly his extended fami family. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. for a slide show of pictures from today's service you can head to our website >> back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. little cooler out today. >> little bit, yeah. we got sun but i know we got rain coming right in time for my golf on friday. >> yeah. well, iain, i hate to diss appoint you but it won't be a lot of rain full. we're still looking a the that system for tomorrow but don't cancel any plans just yet because most of the rain it's not going to come until the afternoon and the evening. so, yeah, don't cancel just yet. >> don't cancel it. all right. 73 degrees was the high temperature for today. the normal is 66 so several degrees above average tomorrow it's going to be in the upper 70s thanks to winds out of the southwest at about 14 miles an hour right now. still keeping temperatures at 72 degrees and look at the numbers. pretty comfortable area wide
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across the area. 71 degrees right now in allentown. 70 in wilmington. 72 currently in dover. 66 degrees in atlantic city. a little cooler though once you move along the immediate shore points. 58 beach haven. we have 61 degrees in avalon. but high pressure it's been in control pretty much the entire week. that's going to move out to sea and open the door for this front. that will move in late tomorrow afternoon and evening and a couple of scattered showers maybe a rumble thunder. but before that moisture arrives look at the high temperature for tomorrow, 77 degrees. because those winds will stay pretty steady out of the south and west. we'll zoom in little closer. dry, quiet if you're headed out tonight. don't cancel any plans. tomorrow morning, a dry start for the morning commute. and then by the afternoon we're watching a couple of pocks of showers maybe a rumble of thunder toward nine, 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. the best chance for some rainfall really overnight friday into saturday morning lingering down the shore but we see
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clearing skies for the up coming weekend. so once again we're not really talking about a whole lot of rain. take look at the latest models on average. a tent tenth, .20 of an inch of rainfall. not helping a whole lot with the pollen situation. the winds state breezy out of the south and west tonight. tomorrow morning, you can see gusting over 20 miles per hour in philadelphia. we'll keep that trend going throughout much of the day tomorrow. for tonight with those winds out of the south and west, we're looking at mid 50s in the burbs. low 60s in the city and then 77 degrees for tomorrow. once again most of tomorrow is dry. as we take look at that allergy report, despite the clouds the rainfall it will stay in the high category for friday into the upcoming weekend before ri rising back near the top of the charts for sunday and monday. 11.4 and 11.3 by the way that scale only goes to 12. as we look at the forecast over the next seven days, that rainfall moves out early on saturday morning down the shore.
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temperatures saturday 72 degre 72 degrees. upper 60s moving no sunday. so the weekend looks pretty good after some lingering clouds to start on saturday. but look at monday. 79 degrees near 80 degrees a couple of clouds maybe some showers on tuesday. we'll keep some clouds around for most of the middle and lat part of next week with another chance for some rainfall on thursday. so that high pressure is going to finally break down and open the door for more rainfall chances. >> all right. >> don't cancel your tee time. >> why not, man? i'm supposed to tee off at 1:00 o'clock. >> tomorrow. >> the rain is not going to get here until tomorrow afternoon evening like after that. >> 18 holes. that's the problem. >> i'll only play nine. >> you can do it. >> play in the rain. >> please. >> thank you howard. >> spare me. more from the ed snider memorial service and a moving comment from the all-time flyer and owner's son and the flyers stop the brooms from coming out. no sweep by the caps. but an interesting comment from claude giroux pointed at the
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flyers fans much that's coming up in sports. z test text1
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♪ the flyers live to play another day. it wasn't easy but it's never good to get swept. they finally scored on the power
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play. how about that? to the wells fargo center, it was goss spear first power play goal of the series for the flyers. they win two-one with all of that i found eight little disappointing claude giroux using a woe is me as motivation. >> nobody got -- think that is we can win. nobody wants to us win. how we want to play as a team and we got to -- look out for each gloucester what fans don't want him to win. come on claude. moving memorial service for ed snider at the wells fargo sent at points of the ceremony, yes, i even teared up. the life of ed snider was celebrated by many. it was great to see so many of the alumni that came back for the ceremony. the players that loved ed snider when wayne gets ski came in from california many of the comments were so much more for a man that they love.
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>> when we all pass we don't know where we're going. but for me i really hope when i get there i get another chance to play one more game in the orange and black under mr. snider's philadelphia flyers. >> a message that fred, once chalk on the blackboard in the flyers dressing room at the spectrum read, win today, and we walk together to heaven. as ed has embarked on his next journey, my fondest hope is that he's with fred right now talking flyers hockey and laughing about all the fun that had he had making philadelphia into one of the most phenomenal hockey cities in the world. >> last thing he ever spoke to me not just for me or the family he told me so i would tell you, i can't thank the flyers enough for everything they've given to me and my family.
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>> and it is really, really a nice towing family and ed snider made sure that they always stayed together. he did so many other things for the city. it's just -- it's amazing when you think back the one thing you'll never lose from ed snider and i'm lucky to have known him the way i did, the memories will never go away. the person may but the memories will live. >> absolutely tribute. >> all right. we still following the news that shocked music fans around the world. prince dead at the age of 57. tonight at 10 we take look at the impact this legend had here in philadelphia and how fans are coming together around the city to honor the icon. >> and that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] the shocking death of a music legend. ♪ [ music ] ♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ >> the artist prince is dead. >> prince death investigation. >> could he have died from a terrible case of the flu? >> many people don't realize that the flu actually can be deadly. >> then kelly ripa's great escape. day 2 of her boycott. wait until you see where she's heading. >> then. >> chyna, ninth wonder of the world. >> i cannot stop the cough. >> and a killer's walk. looking for the man or woman


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