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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 22, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight, two people injured after a car jumps the curve and hits someone trapping someone under the car. what police say may have been the cause of the accident. a teenage girl dies after a fight at a local high school inside of a bathroom. her grieving father, biggest question. ♪ the >> losing a legend this morning, country and world is morning the loss of prince. the it is friday april between the second, 2016. it is finally the weekend. sue serio we heard all week that there would be a little rain today so what time is it coming. >> well, i can't rule out a shower this morning.
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we don't see anything in our area right now but you can see rain to the west, a couple round of it, some that has already moved to the north and showers that moved through overnight but right now we're seeing thin clouds out there but there are a a few showers here and there. we cannot rule it out this morning but in all likelihood, any rain we will get, that is measurable, we will be seeing later in the day. bring rain gear with you. 62 degrees right now. 7 miles an hour wind. relative humidity is up there from where it was all week. 75 percent. we have 57 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-nine in trenton. we're already in the 60's in the city. much, much, much milder then we were, yesterday. so 16 degrees warmer. 15 degrees warmer. we are starting off very warm compared to the past couple of mornings when it was a little frosty in some places. winds aren't picking up too much just yet, that will increase these wind, as the cold front approaches.
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so, plan on, some sun at times at least in the early part of the day but later on probably for evening rush when we will get pop up thunderstorms and scattered showers around. wayscally not a wash out today, temperatures well in the 70's a, some places could make it to 80 degrees and warmer it gets the more increases that chance of the thunderstorm later on. lets see if we can clear it out for weekend, that forecast is coming up. happy friday, bob kelly. >> you know what happy friday and look where my microphone is, right here, and i will clip it right here. >> keep it in your pocket. >> now we're ready. ready to say good morning everybody. 4:02. lets get it started. live look at i-95 north bound off ramp to the blue route 476, still blocked this morning, all part of overnight construction. the these guys will be out here for another half an hour or so heading north you can see we will go down to that
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one lane and everybody tapping the brakes. be careful, early morning hours like all of us heading out the front door we are trailblazers. a lot of it is left over from the night before. example here, vine street expressway closed between schuylkill and broad street. they have been doing this every night this past week. so, if you are coming in, off of the schuylkill you can use 30th, south or spring garden. coming in off of i-95 you'll be push off at broad street and you can use the vine street local, that tractor trailer accident, to tie this up for most of the the day, yesterday on the pennsylvania turnpike, it has been cleared. everything is opened, off ramp is opened, no problems on valley forge over to the philadelphia a bensalem interchange and some good news, emergency construction we have been dealing with the on the delaware memorial bridge, there are now three lanes available, into delaware. i think we will be back to normal. so normally we would have
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four, three lanes is better then the one we had the other day. we will be okay, today, but of course as sue mentioned with the rain on the way, that is going to be a game changer. as rain moves toward us that will change the road conditions but otherwise, mass transit at the moment looking good with no delays. lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news this morning. one person is in critical condition after police say a pedestrian was hit the by a car in hunting park and then trapped underneath all of it. this happened around 2:30. another person, was also hit, dave kinchen is live in hunting park with the latest on this, hi dave. >> reporter: hi there lauren. still a very active scene. a id is on the scene. we have two vehicles here. one that flipped here according to authorities is one that jumped the curve and struck two pedestrians and it appears to have hit this white suv, as well. there was another vehicle that was struck in the situation here at hunting park and germantown avenues.
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investigators tell thaws one of the vehicles the one that flipped over was heading toward intersection when it leaped the road, jumped the curve and slammed into two people. within got trapped under the car, had to be freed and then rushed to einstein medical center where they are in critical condition. police tell us it is not clear if that person will survive, the second person was not hurt, police say the driver got out of the car and appeared to be intoxicated and taken to temple for treatment and will be facing dui charges. authorities tell us. we are also told two other people were inside the striking vehicle, one of them hospitalized, the other not hurt. we should say other pedestrian that was involved in this accident was not injured, fortunately, but again it is not clear if the one person who was pinned underneath this this vehicle flipped over if that person will survive or not. that is in the clear at this time. >> let's hope so, dave, thanks much. sad story this morning, a vigil will be held for a delaware teenager killed after a bathroom fight at her wilmington high school
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yesterday. steve keeley live from wilmington with the very latest details, hi there, steve. >> reporter: that will be held at 7:30, before the school hours, but school only opened today for some grief counseling which a lot of kid may need since not only did they lose a classmate but the horrific thought that two of their other classmates may have some responsibility in this, of a girl being beaten to death possibly, by two other girls, and a high school bat room. >> i'm going to miss her. she was my heart. i'm sorry. i think it is a dream and i'm's trying to wake up and i'm just thinking this is a bad dream. that this really did not happen. >> they want privacy but they knew i was there. >> reporter: what would you have a said to them.
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>> well, i gave the mother a hug, right away and tried my best to comfort her because i... i know what she would be going through. >> that is the mayor of the wilmington every time he tried to talk about this publicly both in the news conference and in later interviews and you can understand why. the question about why, still not answered, no charges officially just yet, however, two girls were taken in custody and lauren the word is that this may all be over a boy, and believe it or not the in this day and age probably not so shocking that it may have been video taped as this happened in the ladies room. all that to come out for sure but right now, it is time to grief and people still shaking their heads here in wilmington and can't believe a girl beaten to death just by going to her high school.
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>> horrific story my heart breaks for that family. steve keeley, thanks very much. this morning we are remembering a music icon. >> ♪ >> i just did not believe it. he was just here saturday. he was just here sat day. >> stunning news that rock the music world yesterday, music legend prince has died and we're learning today new details about the days before his death. here's what we know deputies found prince unresponsive inside a elevator at his suburban minneapolis compound yesterday morning. he died a half an hour later. we do not know how he died. an autopsy is scheduled for today. he did cancel appearances earlier this month due to the flu. tmz is reporting prince was treated for a drug overdose less than a week ago. tmz says his private jet made an emergency landing on
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friday, they were told he was rushed to the hospital where he was given a quote save shot often given to counter act effects of a opiate. doctors wanted the artist to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, but when he could in the get a private room he left and flew home. >> the story we're getting from multiple people it was in the the flu but he was treated for what they said was a drug overdose, and it is just all a weird kind of story about a guy who one minute seems fine and next minis in dire trouble. >> sound of prince has been dominating air waves since yesterday, local radio stations aired tributes after the news of his death. tony brown says that the loss has shaken the music world. he dedicated what is usually throw back thursday to throwing back songs to prince had a diverse fan base. over at wxpn radio host dan reid called prince more than a pop star. >> prince played r and b, pop,
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rock and roll, jazz, i mean whatever he wanted to play. he went into all realms of music. >> he was a producer, arranger, he was an entrepreneur, he started his own label, had his own recording company up there, he found so many different artists, multi faceted and tremendously talented. >> both men called prince music timeless and they say his songs even from the 80's, sound fresh today. our very own joyce evans sat down with prince when he performed in south philadelphia, back in 2004, 12 years ago, he told her he a had so many hits, he struggled to get them in all of the shows. >> i keep making muse i can.
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so i try to make room for the new music that we have. we have so much catalogue now is there never enough time to get to everything that people want to hear. >> he is right, there are just too many hits. president barack obama released a statement regarding statement of death reading in part as one of the most gifted prolific musicians of all time. prince dit all. funk, r and b, rock and rel role. he wases a virtual instrumental list, a brilliant band leader and a electrifying performer. tributes have been pouring in for the music lesson. take a a look the at cover of the new yorker. a solid purple cover with rain falling down. >> of course, our coverage of the prince's passing will continue on fox we will post very latest on the investigation and tributes around the world on our home page. 4:11 this morning. take a look the at this guy, wilmington police say he was a one man crime spree, what he
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is accused of swiping across the city before cops caught up with him. we will to continue to pay tribute to prince, yesterday, with the songs the world will sing forever.
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♪ >> you dancing with the guy and he is looking in your eyes and saying the most beautiful girl in the world. i can't believe this. i just can't believe it. anyway, lets get back to the weather. warm friday afternoon, thunderstorms, that is the headline for today, things will be really warming up even with limited sunshine today, but we do have a cold front that is making its way through. we will be in the upper 70's by the end of the afternoon but we could see thunderstorms firing up later in the day. you can see bulk of the cold front out to the west still in west virginia, western part of the pennsylvania, so it will take a few hours for most of the rain, whatever we're going to get to get here but you can see just a couple of little areas of green showing up on radar. there could be a sprinkle or
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two especially north and west of the city. best advice is to have the rain gear nearby even though you probably won't need it, at times today. it will not be a wash out by any means. we will see some sunshine to start the day. clouding up later on and then rain rolls in hard to tell where those thunderstorms will pop up when they do but it could happen through midnight. we will see lingering cloud in the morning on saturday and then sunshine takes over saturday afternoon. how much rain will we get? a couple computer models are the in the calling for a lot which is why it will not make a big difference with the pollen count. maybe tenth of an inch, third of an inch of rain when all said and done. a mild morning. don't need to bundle up today. 62 degrees in philadelphia 57 in mount pocono. sixty-four in dover. here's a look back before we go ahead, all right, we will fix that anyway, yeah, we had a system upgrade yesterday so little some things are a little different today but not
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the seven day forecast. don't you love that word? 79 degrees is our high temperature today, some places may make it to 80 before showers and thunderstorms later on. seventy-two tomorrow with emerging sunshine. seventy on superb sunday, even milder on monday, close to 80 again. showers and thunderstorms on tuesday, cooling it off a little bit. maybe we will get into this every other day pattern by middle will of next week but so far really good for the weekend. >> i don't think anybody mind every other day thing during the week as long as the weekend turns out to be good. >> we have made it out well to this week. >> let keep that going. good morning everybody. tgif. we made it to the end on the week at the 4:17. here's a live look at i9 five cones are down, signs are down and arrows flashing here. this is northbound i-95 at route 320 between 320 all the way up to the blue route that construction zone that still
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has off ramp closed to 476, until about five or 5:30 or so. vine expressway still closed here in both directions until 5:00 o'clock. or wise in the bad in the 50's on the schuylkill and i-95. we will zoom into that accident under investigation scene where davis standing by live germantown and hunting park avenue. just watch for local detours rolling out of the drive way early this morning rough go yesterday for all of the subway surface will trolleys. they were not operating in the tunnel between 30th street and 40th street so folks had to use the market frankford line. good news, septa says normal services will resume for morning rush hour starting at 5:00 o'clock, on all of those subways service trolley lines. market frankford, broad street subway are still using shuttle buses until 5:00 owe encloses as they typically do. ifs you use the norristown high speed line grab a new timetable today so you are set
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for monday. they will kick in a new schedule over the weekend and monday will be the first morning rush hour so you will want to make sure you have a new timetable ready to go for monday morning. we're ready to go if you are heading out to the turnpike, yesterday's tractor trailer accident caused a headache all day long, everything opened, cleared up, and in problems on the schuylkill expressway as you work your way westbound from center city, out to conshohocken, lauren, back over to you. now the race for the white house voters head to the polls in the keystone state on tuesday, as we go to delaware. candidates are campaigning throughout the state to gain more support. bernie sanders kicking off another day of campaigning in our area. he has been holding another rally in west philadelphia at sharon center at 9:00 this morning. this follows a three events that he held yesterday including one in reading where he will have a crew live there. democratic front runner hillary clinton will be in jenkintown later this morning. g.o.p. front runner donald trump will be campaigning in
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harrington, delaware later today. he held a rally last night at pennsylvania farming show complex in harrisburg. trump says he loves pennsylvania, and mentioned his time at the wharton school, in philadelphia. most polls show him with the double digit lead with his g.o.p. rivals in the keystone state. meanwhile, republican rival governor john kasich will campaign in connecticut today. yesterday he made a campaign stop at penn state's brandywine campus. the political pundits call kasich a long shot for his parties nomination but he is polling in second place for the g.o.p., behind trump in the state. voters in pennsylvania and delaware head to the polls next tuesday for their primaries, fox 29 will have fully lex coverage starting in our 10:00 o'clock news this that night. man who drove a helicopter, in restrict space before landing in the u.s. capitol will spend 120 days behind bars. judge sentenced douglass hughes, he admitted he was trying to call attention to the influence of big money in
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politics. he got attention, all right. u.s. postal service mail carrier flew the aircraft from gettysburg, pennsylvania to washington d.c. in april of 2015. a septa transit officer is okay after he was stuck with the needle. authorities tell us that the officer was checking a man unconscious in upper darby yesterday afternoon when he was convicted by the needle that was in the man's pocket. medics determined he overdosed on heroin so they gave him narcan. we do not know his condition this morning. the officer was check at a hospital and released. it was a tough go on the garden state parkway near stafford township yesterday. take a look at the video sent by fox 29 viewer todd stevens of wildwood. a car fully engulfed in flames was on the side of the road near exit 63. no one was hurt but you can see video one lane of that road was shut down but all lanes are back opened this morning. police say that they have caught the guy behind a series of burglar is in new castle
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county. they say paul laly snatched yard maintenance equipment including lawn mowers and chain saws. they say he stole stuff from peoples cars. for two weeks police have investigated burglar is in four wilmington neighborhood and they say once they track him down they found stolen goods inside of his home. a memorial service is set for doctor steve mayer, superintendent of the robbinsville, new jersey school district who was killed after he was hit by a car jogging on tuesday morning. a memorial service toys day at 2:00 p.m. at princeton lines church in planesboro. mourners can watch via video at robbinsville high school. 4:22. bidding farewell to to an icon of philadelphia a sports, what we have learn about the man who gave us the flyers, at a huge celebration have of his life. but first your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. flyers are in washington for game five of the series with the caps tonight. if either win and play sunday at home or if they lose they will be scheduling t times for sunday. yesterday was a chance for the fans in the flyers family to
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relive memories of the flyers founder and chairman ed snider a huge number of the flyers alumni came to town, current team was there and wayne gretzky flew from from california a man they loved and admired. the comment were moving and in some cases brought people to tears. >> when i pass, and we all pass, we don't know where we're going. but for me, i really hope that when i get there, i get another chance to play one more game in it or range and black under mr. snider's philadelphia flyers. a night pitberg, new york and rangers, rangers have quit. penguins score a minute and nine in the game, they smoked the rangers and they lead the series two games to one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. well to day is earth day and we want to do our part to help the environment. join us from 7:00 to 10:00 for our earth daze shredding event at parx casino.
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bring your unwanted documents, have them safely and securely disposed of. we will see you there. remembering prince, fans reeling from his death, what we're learning happening days before he died which could have lead to his untimely death.
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two people injured after a car jumps a curve trapping one person, this morning what police say was the cause of the accident. more breaking news one man is dead after a motorcycle accident. in other on what happened moments before that crash. ♪ >> music legend, the entire world mourning the loss of prince. good day, everybody, it is friday, april between the second, 2016. sue serio, i woke up from my nap to the news yesterday and manny was so sad to hear that. >> yeah, i'm still stunned, i heard on the radio when i was
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driving, i had just had lunch with a friend and yeah, you know, when somebody like this, like david bowie earlier this year and you say, it is sound track of your life, it is because so many of those songs thaw can associate with different milestones in your life, it hits you. lets take a look at our wet the tore day. there is rain on the way. we have been warning you all week. the way this is, it is well in advance of the cold front but we could get a shower or sprinkle will or two. it is just unsettled out there right now. we have 62 degrees is our current temperature. 7 miles an hour out of the south. 75 percent relative humid toty. right new we have really mild morning, compared to yesterday, upper 50's, north of us, and 60's to the south of us. 59 degrees in wilmington delaware, mid 50's in lancaster.
4:32 am
so temperatures, 15, 17, 21 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. it is nice and comfortable. not too much wind at the moment but with the southerly wind that is why it will be mild today. we are cloudy and mild throughout the morning, you'll see some peaks of sunshine at times but then that shower could pop up through about lunchtime. greatest likelihood of the thunderstorm is popping up is later in the day after we get in the upper 70's. the that is your planner for friday, and we will try to clear things out by the weekend so you can make those outdoor plans to, mulch, right bob kelly, or mow the lawn. >> my goodness. >> that is what it said on the refrigerator when i left, i took that sticky tab and through it in the trash can but we have mulching, lawn, yard work and, of course, taking the kid shuttle busing from baseball to t ball to soccer.
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right now let's do it, friday, lets lot at schuylkill. the off ramp to henderson road a disable tractor trailer. watch it. i know they had little arrows here but this is that stretch where they don't have overhead street lamb presidents. he doesn't even have his flasher on here. that can come up fast. the vine street expressway still closed with that overnight construction. maybe another half an hour, or so. shut down between broad street and schuylkill expressway. we will be good to go by 5:00 o'clock there this morning. otherwise we're in the 50's across the board. nothing major. in the neighborhood we will go germantown at hunting park avenue that accident investigation, dave will have a live update in a moment. good news from september, normal service will resume for beginning of the rush hour on all of its subway surface trolleys, they have had no service yesterday in the tunnels, the crews worked all night long taking care of that problem and we're ready to role for morning rush hour, lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news, as you just mentioned an
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accident investigation this morning after a car jumps the curve and injured one person in the hospital in critical condition. it happen in the hunting park section of the city. dave kinchen is live with the very latest, hi there dave. >> reporter: let me step out of the way. you can see a tow truck here moving this vehicle that flipped over and trapped one of those pedestrians underneath there. you can see philadelphia police tow truck is getting ready to move this vehicle here. this is a devastating accident scene at hunting park and germantown avenue, so investigators tell us that this vehicle was heading toward the intersection when it left the road, jump the curve and slammed into two people. one of those people got trapped and rush to the hospital and rushed to einstein medical center where they are in critical condition. police say it is not clear if they will survive. second person struck was not hurt. police say driver got out and appeared to be intoxicated and he was taken to temple hospital for treatment and will face dui charges,
4:35 am
authorities tell us, and we are also told that in that vehicle there were two other people, one was hospitalized their condition not known at this time. other person inside not hurt but we don't know again the condition of the person who was pinned under this vehicle who had to be rescued and taken to einstein medical center in critical condition. police say it is not clear if that person will survive. the driver of the vehicle facing dui charges, also taken to a hospital for treatment. this investigation continuing as the scene here continues to be cleared by philadelphia police, back to you. >> dave kinchen thanks for that update. happening today here, a very sad story a a vigil will be held this morning for a delaware teenager killed after a bathroom fight at her wilmington high school. this happened yesterday. steve keeley is live in wilmington with the very latest on this story, hi there steve. >> reporter: popular girl, honor role, manager of the wrestling team, nobody has a bad word to say about her
4:36 am
nobody except the two girls now in police headquarters. maybe gelosis the reason she was killed here, inside of her high school just after arriving and going to the girls rest room before classes at quarter after 8:00 yesterday. tenth grader amy joyner francis described by her friends as calm, quiet smart one who was men for breaking up and preventing fights at howard high school. it was so upsetting to hear she was a victim of the vicious, violent beating, so bad that doctors she was immediately flown to could not keep her alive. third are waiting to get the official cause have of death before charging the two classmates they took in custody. others hearsay it was all over a boy and that one of the two girls may have video recorded the beating on her phone. >> no one deserved what happened to my daughter this morning. i mean i thought the schools
4:37 am
were a safe place that you could drop your kids off and they would come home after school but apparently that is not the case with some of the schools now. you. >> a apparent losing a child, a schoolteacher losing a child they may have taught last year, the superintendent who may have had contact with this child, it is like one of your own. it is tragic. >> reporter: well, the student has ever been killed before in the history of delaware inside a school in, one here can remember it. lauren, we know what happens in the streets when one pastor hearsays last night the but now it has happened in a place supposed to be a safe haven far from all of the street violence. >> in parent ever imagines this, steve keeley, thanks very much. all morning we are paying tribute to the legacy and genius of prince by playing music we will never forget. later in the show we will hear from tmz's harvey levin as to maybe the cause of death
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a 21 year-old man dead after a fatal motorcycle crash. this happened after 10:30 on whittaker avenue in the the cities lawncrest section. police tell us that the driver of that motorcycle ran a red light, slammed right in the car, the driver of the car was not hurt. a former campaign manager for mayors of both allentown and reading a has pleaded guilty to charges in a corruption probe in both
4:41 am
cities. the yesterday political consultant michael sweat pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit extortion, and bribery, and one count of tax evasion. last summer fbi agents raided city hall in both will allentown and reading and homes of the allentown married he had pawlowski and reading mayor vaughn spencer. the probe focuses on public officials demanding campaign contributions from vendors in exchange for city business. he faces a possible ten year prison sentence while neither mayor faces any charges. finally some good news, for atlantic city. top casino regulators say gambling halls plan to hire more workers this year. city eight casino plan to hire 2400 workers this year alone. 600 of those jobs will be full-time positions. this all comes as the city is facing some serious financial problems. pay up, that is what pennsylvania is saying to uber, pennsylvania utility regulators are finding, or fining uber a record 11.4
4:42 am
million-dollar, for operating in the state for six months in 2014 without the required approval. a spokesmen for san francisco based uber says it plans to appeal. ♪ >> and we're still remembering the music, of prince. we're all reeling from the news of his passing what we found out happened to him days before he died that could be a a clue as to what went wrong.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ did you see the rainbow that formed over paisley park yesterday, in minnesota as fans were gathered out there, as we listened to adore by prince. pretty amazing i'm sure. it impacted all of our lives in so many ways. all right. rain is around today, cold front will be coming through, by the end of the afternoon, it will take all day to get here. it will slow down on its way from west to east, as we struggled to becoming our own
4:46 am
act together this morning. here's a look at current ultimate doppler radar and mess of the rain, goes in the line from pitberg all the way down through west virginia, carolinas, to atlanta, and down through alabama but for us we will see rain, we're just not seeing too much this morning. we're seeing for some of us some sunshine, this morning, and a couple little drips around allentown maybe in berks county maybe a sprinkle or two this morning but have the rain gear with you. at some point you will need it today but as we get through future cast through the rest of the morning and by noon time not much and then we will see pop up thunderstorms around five or 6:00 with you they are very isolated and they don't show up too well, as we look at future cast with those pop up thunderstorms. so not easy to predict where they will pop up just be on the alert for that as we go through the rest of today and into the nighttime hour going on friday night. by saturday sunshine will emerge. we are not expect ago lot of
4:47 am
rain from this system one computer model a has a tenth of an inch, another with the third of an inch of rain. it will not do a lot for pollen count unfortunately. temperatures walking out the door this morning very mild, 62 degrees in the city, upper 50's to the north of us and 60's to the south of us. you can see win direction. the most of the win coming from the the south the where warm air is and that is why we will warm up so much today. we will probably get close to 80 degrees if we don't make it there, 71 for tomorrow and 70 on sunday, probably lingering included in the morning on saturday but beautiful days, both of them, even into monday where we're in the upper 70's, some thunderstorms on tuesday, by wednesday, it is cooling off and stormy and warm gannon thursday but most importantly we did clear it the out just in time for the weekend, bob kelly, how is it looking this friday morning. >> i'll tell you what for most part we are good to go but we got word of a tractor trailer fire that is probably going to
4:48 am
cause some havoc here this morning. no problems on i-95, boulevard, schuylkill expressway looking good. this truck fire is on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike, it is southbound side, right before the lansdale interchange. we are getting word of possible lane blockage is a long the way. using turnpike coming south of of quakertown oral even town and i would play it safe and use route 309, again right before lansdale interchange. if you get on at lansdale you should be okay going south of there and we will try to get some more fur an and have that next time around. 4:48. vine street expressway still closed in both directions between schuylkill and broad street. they will wrap that up as we get ready for the rush hour. no problems on the schuylkill but we will get paint work in before the rain comes, penndot scheduled to paint some new lines on both the schuylkill expressway, and the vine expressway 676 through center
4:49 am
city. that will be weather dependent and it all depend on when that rain starts, we cannot be painting in the rain. out here in the neighborhood as dave reported germantown at hunting park avenue the scene of an accident investigation with some local detours, and i think we will be good to go here on the delaware memorial bridge that emergency construction that has been a pain in our neck all week long, they have three lanes opened into delaware. we will be in good shape, for the morning rush hour. lauren, back over to you. thanks very much. philadelphia celebrating a successful first year of the bike sharing service, indigo and now the program is ready to expand. mayor and other city leaders turnout for first birthday party yesterday at race street pier, the site of the one of the new docking stations. twenty-four of these stations are part of the new station. officials announced the addition of access card which allows users to ride the bikes for just $5 per month. >> what we're saying is we want all philadelphians, which
4:50 am
has a poverty rate nearly 25 percent, we want all philadelphians to use the indego system and not just for certain people in certain communities. the this is for everyone? new stations will will include east fairmount park, strawberry mansion and brewerytown. funding for the expansion was provided in part by a grant from the william penn foundation. indego is a sponsor of fox 29. mural, painted by well known illustrate or and rider is on the move again, painting is work of the maur rust sendac best known for writing where the wild things are. piece just moved to the new home at brand new south philadelphia library. senda ac originally painted the mural inside the new york city apartment in the 60's. >> he probably used whatever paints were around at the time. it was something that he did for a home and he probably didn't have any sense of it being permanent or long term. so it is just a wall in the kid room.
4:51 am
>> reporter: it took crews several days to prepare the mural for the move. sendac died in 2012. riding momentum from his recent national championship villanova university just received a very large donation, school got a 22.6 million-dollar gift from former graduate and investment banker, william finneran and a few others. officials say that money will go toward renovating the pavilion and support for the mens basketball program. gift is part of the villanova's 600 million-dollar comprehensive capital campaign. so far the university has raised about 530 million-dollar, including more than 90 million for athletics. 4:51. rumors are swirling about what happened to prince. tmz's harvey levin has his theory on what may have been the cause of the death.
4:52 am
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spike lee, put up a dj stand and started an impromptu block party all in honor of prince music superstar. hundreds of people sang and danced in the street some of the prince's greatest hits. to minnesota where another block party was held last last
4:55 am
night. this large crowd gathered in downtown minneapolis. the fans danced in the early morning hours outside a nightclub on first avenue in honor of the icon. the world mourning the loss of prince who was found dead in his compound in suburban minneapolis yesterday. the singer was said to be unresponsive, inside of a elevator. there are rumors already swirling this morning. the here's tmz's harvey levin. >> what we are tell by multiple sources is that they may be emergency landing because of radio calls indicate ago this he may have had a drug overdose and that it was so serious that they gave him treatment at the airport on the tarmac and then took him to the hospital in the emergency room. they gave him the safe shot. >> prince was just 57 years old. youyou prince stickers on front of the albums.
4:56 am
prince lyrics are partly to thank for those labels. former vice-president, al gore's wife's list bet ger first realize that had some record could use a little disclaim are while listening to prince purple rain album and the song darling nicki. they informed the parent resource center which released a list of the songs that they thought should be banned called the filthy15. a lot of those songs were from prince, also from man done a over the next decade the record industry, then came out with parental advisory labels. what a great song. >> 4:56. we are following breaking news from overnight a car jumped the curve hitting two people. we have live report on the latest from there. a teenager beaten so badly inside her high school bathroom she later dies at the hospital. her heart broken father sat down with fox 29, to do the emotional interview coming up. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
4:58 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
4:59 am
this morning two people injured after a car jumped the curve, trapping one of them underneath. what police i czar led up to that accident. and a brutal bathroom beating, a teenager dies after a fight at a local high school. her father speaks out this morning, in an emotional interview. >> ♪ party like it is 1999
5:00 am
>> the loss of a legend this morning, people around the world remembering prince, his life, legacy and, his music. good day, everybody. it is friday, finally, and sue serio, we have a little bit of rain coming but not ruining our weekend. >> no, it isn't. i think if we get it out of the way today we will get very few complaints about the weekend weather. a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. the it is not even that low for a rainy day because it is not raining every minute of the day. we have rain heading our way, you can see the cold front here rain in advance and then actual cold front behind it. it is slowing down this front as it moves from west to east, but it will get here eventually and by the time it gets here it will get warm enough that it will touch off some thunderstorms, so just some thin cloud around, right now, and it is quiet, but boy, is it mild.


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