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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> the loss of a legend this morning, people around the world remembering prince, his life, legacy and, his music. good day, everybody. it is friday, finally, and sue serio, we have a little bit of rain coming but not ruining our weekend. >> no, it isn't. i think if we get it out of the way today we will get very few complaints about the weekend weather. a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. the it is not even that low for a rainy day because it is not raining every minute of the day. we have rain heading our way, you can see the cold front here rain in advance and then actual cold front behind it. it is slowing down this front as it moves from west to east, but it will get here eventually and by the time it gets here it will get warm enough that it will touch off some thunderstorms, so just some thin cloud around, right now, and it is quiet, but boy, is it mild.
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62 degrees for this time of the year to start off with 62 it is warm. 7 miles an hour wind out of the south. with other temperatures that we're looking at also pretty mild. fifty-six in the mountains. fifty-eight in trenton. and we have reached 60 in wilmington. these temperatures are 519, 24 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. part our area was under a frost advisory yesterday. kind of crazy. so, anyway, wind are not the very high, yet but as the cold front approaches the wind will pick up a little bit. the biggest deal is probably the drive home when we see pop up then are storms later on in the day. peaks of sunshine here and there, otherwise, mostly cloudy day, that is your planner for friday, a warm one today, we will talk about the weekend coming up, hey there bob kelly. >> good morning. 5:01. we have a problem on the northeast extension a tractor trailer fire, fully engulfed and all southbound lanes are
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closed, right here before lansdale. it is right at the harleysville pike overpass, which is route 113, word from the scene it is a fedex tractor trailer and, of course work fedex it is probably, could be carrying that flappable cardboard, those cardboard boxes. so right now all lanes are closed southbound approaching that lansdale interchange. if you are leaving the house from say, allentown or quakertown you will want to use 309, as your alternate. you can get on at lansdale. the fire is prior to the lansdale interchange. northbound lanes are opened and getting by but they are using fire equipment as well. that is a tough stretch just to gain access to that area. so, the extension, spot you want to avoid if you can. good news we are rolling on the vine street expressway, both sides opened after that overnight construction, so we
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will take that off of our list, of good news for follow thanks use the delaware memorial bridge, there are three lanes opened now you in delaware. that emergency construction will calm down today and we won't that have hot mess like we had the last couple of days. a an accident investigation in the neighborhood here, germantown and hunting park avenue, just watch for some local detours and septa says good news, normal services will be returning today on all of its trolleys in the tunnels in and out of the center city, lauren, back to you. we are following breaking news, two people hit by a car around 12:30 in the hunting park section. one of them in the hospital in critical condition. dave kinchen live to tell us exactly what happened there, hi there dave. >> good morning. the main vehicle involved in all this was just cleared. you can see debris left from the scene here at hunting park and germantown avenues. investigators tell us that a car was heading toward the intersection when it somehow leaped the road jumped the curve and slammed into two
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people. new one of them got trapped under the car and had to be freed and rushed to einstein medical center where they are in critical condition, we do not know, if they will survive, police say they don't necessity if that person will survive. second person struck was not hurt. police say the driver got out of the car and appeared to be intoxicated. he was taken to temple university hospital for treatment and we're told by police he will face dui charges. we're also told that inside that vehicle will, there were two passengers and that one was actually hospitalized, condition unknown. the other person was in the hurt but appeared to be shaken up at this scene. we do know one person, in critical condition related to this crash, and the driver at a hospital for toxicology testing, and will face dui charges according to investigators. back to you. >> so sad, unfortunate. dave kinchen, thanks very much. a very sad story happening today a vigil planned for this
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morning at a delaware high school to remember a sophomore after she was beaten to death yesterday. inside that school's bathroom. steve keeley live wherever one will be gathering in a few hours, hi there, steve. >> reporter: school will only be opened for a half day to day and that is just to give the place a spot to grief and to get counseling if they needed it. all that may begin with another vigil, like they had here last night right out here in the school yard for popular girl killed inside a school girl's rest room. it is still hard for everyone to comprehend the fact that the high school sophomore was beaten to death in her school by classmates until a ruling comes from the medical examiner in charges yet from the two girls taken in custody soon after 8:15 attack just as the school day was to begin here. amy joyner francis just turn 16. she was on the honor role and she was manager of the wrestling team. other girls hearsay it was all over a boy and one of the two girls taken in by police may
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have recorded this vicious violence on her phone my daughter is gone. she was the love of my life, and it hurts. it hurts so bad. >> you know, you have to worry burr child leaving home if they will return. other children that attend school the with the child did this happen too. >> reporter: hard to watch interviews with both her father and even mayor of the wilmington whom every time he talked publicly about this just broke down in tears. there have been schools in delaware for 200 years, lauren, in one has ever been killed in one until right now. >> you never imagine this happening. steve keeley, thank you so much. this morning we're remembering another music legend, gone too soon. >> ♪
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>> prince was found dead at his recording studio just outside minneapolis, minnesota yesterday. he was only 57 years old. many fans, gathering at the minneapolis club where prince shot one of those most famous videos, purple rain, road all around the club shut down right now. this morning we're learning more details about the details leading up to prince's death. the here's what we know, deputy found him unresponsive inside a elevator at his suburban minneapolis compound yesterday morning. he died a half an hour later. we do not necessity how he died but an autopsy is scheduled for today. he did cancel appearances earlier this in due to the flu. tmz reporting prince was treated for a drug overdose less than a week ago. tmz says his private jet made an emergency landing in
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illinois friday. they were told he was rush to the hospital and given a quote save shot often given to counter act effects of a overdose. sources say doctors wanted the artist to stay in the hospital for 24 hours but when he could not get a private room he left and flew back home. >> usually people hoff the flu are down low and then they gradually get better. with prince, he was bouncing back and forth, because remember in atlanta he was great, hour and a half later, he is having a life threatening problems, the next day he is great again. >> tmz reports that prince had at least four recent visits to his wall green pharmacy where he had someone else go inside while he waited in the car. the sound of the prince dominating air waves since yesterday, local radio stations air tributes after the news of his death spread. wdas radio host tony brown says the loss has shaken the music world. he dedicated what is usually
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throw back thursday to prince who he said had a diverse fan base. over at wxpn radio host dan reid called prince more than a pop star. >> prince played r and b, pop, rock and roll, jazz, whatever he wanted to play, he went into all realms of music. >> he was a producer, an arranger, he was a a entrepreneur. he started his own label, had his own recording company up there. he found so many other different artists. was multi faceted and tremendously talented. >> most dj's say prince music is timeless and even his songs from the 80's, sound fresh today. our very own joyce evans had a pleasure to sit down with prince when he performed in south philadelphia back in 2004, 12 years ago, he told her he had so many hits he struggled to get them all into his shows. >> we're going to have to
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retire some of this music pretty soon. i keep making music, not many artists has had as long of a career that i have, so it is a blessing so i try to make room for new music we have. is there so much cat looking now that is there never enough time to get to everything that people want to hear. >> he was absolutely right. so many hits, didn't enlist them all. our coverage of the prince passing will continue on fox, and post very latest on the the investigation and tributes from around the world on our home page. closer to home thousands of people, came to the wells fargo center to say good bye and thank to you an extraordinary man, flyers players remembering their number one fan ed snider. snider did a lot for the city of philadelphia but one of the proudest accomplishments creating the ed snider youth hockey foundation in 2005. it gives inner city children a chance to learn game and important life lessons.
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flyers teammates had great things to say about the man to help start that organization. >> just his passion, not the just for hockey, i know, life, community, the city, his family, the organization, his passion for everything he did in his life. >> my funes members will be winning the first game and seeing the own other the have the team and coming to the dressing room and shaking everybody hand that was awesome. >> ed snider was a huge family man, six children, 15 grandchildren his daughter lindsey thanking those who came out to bid hear father a farewell. ed snider's family says he never looked at the flyers as a business, it was truly his passion and his extended family. 5:11 this morning. after celebrating a one year bike birthday, a popular bike sharing program is expanding. we will tell you where you can see the new docking stations for indego. wilmington police say it was a
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within man crime spree what he is a accused of swiping across the city before cops finally caught up with him.
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the sound of prince this morning. we're going to take you to the will talented local girls, that are about to hit the world stage, they are heading to disney, norristown state all stars sending two teams, one dance team to the cheer
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leading and dance world at disney. they are the best of the best, in our area, and they are hoping for their first win on overall stage. truly a world stage, sue serio because 500 teams are competing, from 13 different countries, of course, we want to wish them the best of luck as they helped down. >> all right. positive vibes, maybe they will come home with the trophy. all right. we have got a look at our weather by the numbers today, it is a seven out of ten. so things will not be, total wash out for the entire day, but you do need to have that rain gear with you, a look at ultimate doppler radar, we will show thaw is there rain out to the west but nothing much going on as we look a at what is happening here, sorry, everything is fine, everything is fine. we had a system upgrade yesterday so things are wonky this morning. 62 degrees this morning.
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relative humidity 75 percent. we will have more humidity and more warmth with southerly wind. things will be getting a little warmer and thane creases the chances of thunderstorms later on. we have temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now. in wildwood it is 63 degrees. twenty-four her temperature change, oh, yeah, it is a rot warmer then it was yesterday at this time. wind are coming out of the south and that is where the warm and humid air comes from the south for the most part. we have breeze necessary dover, delaware of 12 miles an hour. today we will get to a high of 79 degrees but chance of showers, thunderstorms increases, as the day goes along with mostly cloudy skies and a peak of sunshine, here and there. we see it in is another mild night. cooler air won't kick in until tomorrow afternoon but when it gets here it will be pretty darn comfortable, in fact, probably preferred over the 79
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or 80 degrees that we're expecting for today. so as we take a quick look here the at the seven day forecast, there it goes, 79 for today but then lower 70's for both saturday and sunday, and by monday, we're back in the upper 70's with the chance of thunderstorms gannon tuesday. so things will cool down, we will take humidity away for the weekend and hopefully you'll love it, both saturday and sunday, bob kelly. >> you know what your system is looking great since your upgrade. >> oh, yeah. >> i wish i could get one for myself. >> good morning, everybody. 5:17. we're in good shape on the majors in philadelphia, i-95, schuylkill, the vine, blue route, the problem is on the northeast extension. a tractor trailer fire shutting down all southbound lanes right before lansdale. here's what we know. it is one of those fedex tractor trailers when you think bit is loaded with a lot of flammable cardboard right now, fully engulfed right here
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near harleysville pike overpass that is route 113, that is about 2 miles before lansdale. so all southbound lanes of the extension are closed, and there is stuck traffic between quakertown and the fire scenes and they are blocking traffic now at quakertown. so anyone leaving quakertown, you'll be push off and using 309. you can get on at lansdale and further your trip south and north bound lanes are opened, but obviously there is a gaper delay there. a couple of regattas on the river, tomorrow we have the bergen and kelly cup and catholic league championships. that will be some action in and out of the city. and on the weekend martin luther king drive closed as well. with the rain on the way we will see weather delays later today at philly international. lauren, back over to you. lets go to south philadelphia where a man shot in the ankle in the 2400 block of reid street this happened around 10:00 o'clock last night. he was rush in the car to the
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university of pennsylvania hospital. they did not wait for an ambulance. the man is in stable condition, no arrests yet but police are investigating this one. septa trains officer is okay after he was stuck with the needle. authorities say the officer was checking a man unconscious in upper darby yesterday afternoon when he was prick by the need that was in that man's pocket. medics determined he overdosed on heroin so they gave him narcan. we don't know his condition. that officer was taken to the hospital and released. police caught the guy behind a series of burglar is in new castle county. paul laly snatched a ton of yard maintenance equipment including lawn mowers and chain saws. they say he stole stuff from peoples cars. for past two week police investigated burglar is in four wilmington neighborhoods and they say once they track him down they found a lot of stolen goods inside of his home. a memorial service will be held for doctor steve mayer, superintendent of the robbinsville new jersey school district. he was killed after he was hit by a car, jogging tuesday
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morning. a memorial service is at 2:00 p.m. at princeton lines church in plainsboro. people can watch the service via video at robs instantville high school. philadelphia celebrating a successful first year for bike sharing service indego and officials are now trying to expand the program to more people. mayor and other city leaders turnout for the first birthday party yesterday at race street pier, the site of the one of the inde go's new docking stations. twenty-four new stations are part of the expansion. officials also a announced the addition of the access card which allows users to ride the bikes at a cost of about $5 per month. >> what we are saying is we want all philadelphians which has a poverty rate of nearly 25 percent, we want all philadelphians to use the indego system, it is in the just for certain people in certain communities. this is for everyone. >> they will include east fairmount park, strawberry mansion and brew youry town. funding was provided in part
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by a grant from the william penn pen foundation, indego is a sponsor of fox 29. 5:21 this morning. still ahead scientists trying to figure out a way where people can test them sem for the zika virus. what this kit could involve. in the race for white house candidates setting their sights on pennsylvania we will tell you who is burning their campaign through the city of brotherly love today, but first your winning lottery numbers.
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university of texas researchers are working on a fast way people ton coast mosquitoes if they have zika virus. they are working on a test kit. early prototype allows to you put mosquito that is potentially carrying a virus in the kit. it will come with the cell phone reader and results will be ready in less than an hour. >> we will have a cell phone
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app, take a picture and helps you understand that yes, is that a positive or negative. >> great thing about the cell phone with respect to publish participation and public health is you can up load result and have gps local says of zika here and not there. >> as of right now researchers are not sure whether the device will be marketed to the public. the team is looking for additional funding for their project. older adult who form strong bonds with their dogs tend to be in better physical health then those who don't have dogs. researchers analyzed data a from health and retirement survey of 20,000 americans, over the age of 50. they found owners with strong bonds to their dogs walked them more often and that dog walking was linked to a lower body mass index, fewer doctor visits, and more frequent moderate and vigorous exercise. they certainly get you outside. do you want to rest up before your flight? you might be in luck if you are flying jet blue.
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airline just announced it is letting passengers at jfk use its new napping pod, they feature a privacy vi sor and they use light music and soft vibration. they contain storage lockers for your luggage. get this, it is free. jfk knows how to do it. volkswagen reached an agreement with the u.s. government to save diesel car owners $1 billion. they are expect to buy back 500,000 vehicle also that used software to evade u.s. emission rules. it is in the clear how much each owner will get but consumers will be able to sell back their vehicles to volkswagen or get repairs. the auto maker will to have invest fund to promote green automotive initiatives. 5:26 this morning. developing overnight a person trapped underneath a car after it jumps a curve another person injured what police say let up to this accident. a man is kill in the late
5:27 am
night motorcycle crash why police say they believe he was at fault.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a brutal beating inside a bathroom a teen dies after a local fight the at her high school the questions her
5:30 am
family now wants answers to. the presidential candidates are setting their sights on pennsylvania as the state's primary approaches. we will tell how is bringing their campaign right to our area, today. >> ♪ >> the loss of a ledge event this morning, we are taking a look back at the life and legacy, prince leaves behind. good day, everybody. it is friday april 22nd, 2016. sue, i missed your number for today but i know it will be rainy. >> that is fine, we will have it the for you right new just for you, miss lauren. it is seven out of ten. for a rainy day that is not a bad number because it will not rain all day. for most of us, it is not raining right new but have the umbrella like bus stop buddy, phillies cap, of course, flyers play tonight, we don't want to miss out on that chance either. rain is on the way, and
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temperatures are actually warmer then they were yesterday, and it is only rain that we're expecting. now that we're almost in the end of april, we can safely say that. so, yeah, we have got a little bit of green showing up north and west of the city on ultimate doppler radar, probably nothing happening, maybe a little will bit of drizzle at most. 62 degrees. 7-mile an hour win out of the south, relative humidity more then it has been all week with 75 percent and warmer temperatures. fifty's to the north of us, 60's to the south of us and these temperatures are 519, 24 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. the it makes you feel like we will need air conditioning today maybe later on. the wind are not the very high. they are out of the south where warmer more humid air comes from. so 79 is our high today, showers and thunderstorms most likely to pop up later on in the day after we have gotten warm and humid. that will fire up those storms. and a few could linger in the
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evening hours. overnight the le will be 60 degrees, that is your fox cast for friday, and so weekend is almost here, bob kelly, i hepp there are in the any problems. >> we have one more day we can just get through it, good morning, everybody. 5:32. in problems on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway or i-95, the problem spottings to the northeast extension, a tractor trailer fire, right before the lansdale interchange. now it is right a at that harleysville pike overpass. the it is about 2 miles before you get to lansdale. all lanes have been block southbound, i just got word that fire fighters are letting the left lane squeeze through. now there is stuck traffic between quakertown and lansdale, and they have been pushing all traffic off at quakertown and using route 309. so if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, this could change back and forth here. they may only be letting the
5:33 am
stuck traffic through, and going to keep detouring everybody to 309. 309 is the way to go. bottom line if you are leaving allentown or quakertown or heading south, get a move on and go for jumbo coffee because it could be a rough go here this morning. good news for anyone who uses delaware memorial bridge that emergency construction there are now three lanes opened into delaware and we will be in good shape for the morning rush hour. mass transit is looking good, lauren, back over to you. >> happening to today a vigil will be held for a delaware teenager killed after a bathroom fight at her wilmington high school yesterday. steve keeley live, where loved ones will be gathering in a few hearst to remember that 16 year-old hi steve. >> reporter: lauren, to give you a sense of this this, this is not inside journal stick baseball but to give you a sense of how shocking this story is we are doing live reports for bbc in europe on this even around the world this story is just sending a shock wave. this is a very popular girl. she was on the honor roll. she was manager of the high
5:34 am
school wrestling team. maybe jealousy, high school girls jealousy the reason she was killed here in her own high school just after a arriving yesterday morning and going to the rest room about quarter after eight. amy joyner francis describe by friend here as calm, quiet smart one. who was usually men for breaking up and preventing fights among other students at howard high school. so, that was even more upset to go hear that she was the victim of a vicious, violent beating, so bad that doctors at the hospital that she was immediately flown to right across the city here in wilmington could not keep her alive. authorities are waiting the official cause of death before charging the two classmate they took into custody and again, the two girls, others hearsay it was all over a boy and that one of the two girls may have video recorded this whole thing on her phone too. >> i will miss her. i'm sorry.
5:35 am
i think this is a dream and i'm trying to wake up, you know, i'm just thinking maybe this is a bad dream that this really did not happen. >> they wanted privacy but they knew i was there. >> what would you have said to them if you were able to talk to them. >> well, i gave the mother a hug right the away and tried my best to comfort her. i know what she must be going through. it was hard to watch both of those interviews. if a student has ever been killed before ever in a school in delaware, in one could remember it. we necessity what happens in the streets, one pastor hearsays at the first vigil for and now it has happened in a place that is supposed to be a safe haven, way far from the violence you see in the
5:36 am
streets on a every day basis. >> so sad, so sad, all right steve keeley, thanks very much. one person is in critical condition after police say a car jumped a curve in hunting park and hit two people. within person was trapped underneath the car, the other was not injury. it happened around 2:30. officials say two passengers were in the car. one was taken to the hospital for treatment. the driver was under the influence and will be charged with dui. twenty-one year-old man is dead after a fatal motorcycle crash just after ten there 30 on whittaker avenue in the city's lawncrest section. police tell us that the driver of the motorcycle ran a red light and slammed in the car. the driver of that car was not hurt. now to the race for the white house, let's talk voters, heading to the polls in the keystone state next tuesday. candidates campaigning throughout the state to gain more support. bernie sanders kicking off another day of campaigning right here in our area he will hole another rally in west philadelphia at sharon center around 9:00 o'clock this
5:37 am
morning. this follows a three events he held yesterday including one in reading. we will have a live crew there the moment the doors opened up later on good day. democratic front runner hillary clinton will be in jenkintown this morning. g.o.p. front runner donald trump will be campaigning later today. he held a rally last night at pennsylvania farm show complex in harrisburg, trump said he loved pennsylvania. he even mentioned his time at the wharton school in philadelphia most polls shows him with the double digit lead over his g.o.p. rivals in the the keystone state. republican rival governor john kasich will campaign in connecticut today. yesterday he made a campaign stop at brandywine campus of penn state. political pundits call kasich a licensing shot for his parties nomination but he is polling in second place for the g.o.p. behind trump in the state. 5:37. next up in sports bidding a final farewell to april icon of philadelphia, what we have learn about the man who gave us the flyers at a huge
5:38 am
celebration of his life. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too.
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she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen.
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i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning i'm howard eskin. flyers in washington tonight for game five of their series with the caps. either win and then play sunday at home or if they lose they will be scheduling t times for sunday. yesterday was a chance for flyers family and fans to relive memory of the flyers chairman and family ed snider. huge number came to town. the current team was there as
5:41 am
well. wayne gretzky flew in from california to celebrate a man that they loved and admired. comments by many were moving and some cases brought people to tears. >> this is what he said, not just for me or the family but he told me, so i would tell you, i quote i can't thank the flyers enough for everything that they have given to me and my family, thank you. >> nhl playoffs pittsburgh on a role to new york to play rangers a and it looks like rangers quit. minute nine in the game penguins score, last night, they crush rangers and they lead three-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. ♪ >> still ahead rendering a music icon, when we come back a look at the legacy, prince leaves behind.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. check this out, mourners gathered outside prince's home yesterday a rainbow, was seriously appeared in the sky. it offered a ray of light on this sad day. much more on prince's death after weather and traffic.
5:45 am
we are following breaking news in many contact den crews battling a fire at a row home in the 800 block of haddon avenue knew. fire fighters were called out around 4:30 this morning. no word right new on any injuries, or how that fire started, but crews did get it under control. we will have of more on this as soon as we get it. all right, sue serio. >> well, here's what we did to radar in honor of prince, what do you think? purple rain. purple rain. >> yes good there is rain, and it is in the western part of the stay. normally we colorized radar in a different waste but we had to in honor of prince. this is the way it usually looks. we will get rain but not much, if anything, this morning. we have got some cloud around right now but we have not seen any rain in our area we will go up toward scranton and there is a little bit but not much. so, with the fact that we're probably going to get severe thunderstorm and not, a heavy, deluge all day long, it is not
5:46 am
going to make a big difference in the pollen count. we will be down to medium high today and then high levels all throughout the weekend. if you have been bothered by seasonal allergies this rain that this cold front isn't going to help you very much. so we have got high pressure that will build in after the cold front comes through, it is moving through slowly. it will take all day for this to happen, as we look at the future cast we will see temperatures well in the 60's, all morning long, through the end of the afternoon we're going to see temperatures zooming in the upper 70's, some places may even hit 80 degrees and that is why we will have some thunderstorms that will touch off later on in the day, isolated but they will be around. 79 degrees today. seventy-two tomorrow. skies clearing. humidity will go back down as well. it is lovely for sunday with a high of 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine, of course, don't forget to put on that sun screen, sometimes when it is comfortable out over weekend people forget that sun screen
5:47 am
bob kelly but you need it. >> you know, i get sunburn on my nose being out on the ball field with austin earlier in the week. good morning. 5:47. you know you have a bad start when you are sideways on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look at eastbound schuylkill expressway, right at the girard avenue off ramp. it looks like it is off ramp here at girard where the accident scene is. it looks like maybe a bread delivery truck that is sideways across what would be the off ramp to girard. so, eastbound now bumper to bumper from city ave into there we go aspen dot moves that camera around for us so you can see that delay. here's that girard avenue overpass. it is right there working your way eastbound. there goes the morning rush hour. we were moving nicely there on the the schuylkill, maybe kelly drive or martin luther king drive as an alternate. update from the northeast extension tractor trail are
5:48 am
fire right before the lansdale interchange. only right lane is block they have left lane getting through, you can get on from quakertown be ready there is only one lane opened. from quakertown to lansdale is going to be a rough ride here this morning. it was a federal express tractor trailer delivery truck so there is some clean up, ahead of us here. septa says trolley routes are returning to normal, they had problems yesterday but you they are running in the tunnels and so far so good on mass transit. lauren, back over to you. >> this morning we are remembering another music legend gone too soon. >> ♪ >> i just can't believe it. he was just here saturday, it was just here saturday. >> legend prince died at 57 years old he was found dead at his recording studio outside minneapolis, minnesota yesterday morning. the news shocking the entire music industry as fans all
5:49 am
around the world. rick levinthaw looks back at his legendary career. >> reporter: he was a singer/song writer incredibly talented guitar player. musical icon who rewrote the rule book according to the rock and rel role hall of fame which hailed prince as a trail blaze shore made dance muse that i can rocked and rock music that had a funky back bone. >> i do think that, genius gets thrown around too much and he is one of the few pop artists who really deserves that. >> reporter: pop superstar was found dead outside his home in minneapolis. the prince who stood 5 feet two was i giant in the music industry releasing 39 albums during his 35 year career including 1999, and purple
5:50 am
rain, selling american 100 million record, worldwide, with hits including little red corvette, lets go crazy and when doves cry. in 1993 prince made headlines for changing his name to the symbol in a dispute with his record label. for next several year he was call artist formerly known aspirins. he took back his name and returned to warner brothers a few years ago and never stopped recording music, they called sly, sexy and provocative. >> he held himself to a high standard and he did expect the people around him to be that way too but it wasn't an unforgiving way, just that was how creative he was and howes mine worked. >> reporter: reaction from the entertainment industry included stunned, this can't be rule from justin timberlake. katie perry tweeted just like that the world loss magic. rest in peace, prince. thanks forgiving us so much. whoopi goldberg says this is what it sound like when doves cry. kevin bacon wrote lots of guitars gently weeping today. >> hard to believe we would
5:51 am
lucid bowie and prince in the same year. had toward talk about them in the past tense because their work is so immortal, it is hard to even process right now i feel like the fact that he is gone. >> prince reportly suffered a serious bought with the flu, the local sheriff's office say it is investigating the cause of prince death. in new york, rick levinthaw fox news. although prince did suffer a serious bought with the flu, tmz is reporting he was treated for a drug overdose less than a week ago an autopsy is scheduled for today. since that moment the news came out tributes have been pouring in for music legend, take a look at the cover of the new yorker, it is a solid purple cover with rain falling down. nasa showing its sim path which this incredible image, tweet read a purple nebula a, in honor of prince. hubbell space telescope capture this picture. we want toe no what your
5:52 am
favorite song is and use your #good day 20. this morning, texas is still dealing with major flooding there as evacuations underway in one texas town. colorado river is expect to crest due to rising flood waters. the hundreds of families in the town of wharton are in the the danger zone, with mandatory evacuations underway. a shelter has been opened for those displaced, the rising flood waters caught many by surprise. >> the river was my backyard and i have never seen it run this fast for 12 years. >> we have live in the greatest community, freightes city. >> this all comes as houston area is still cleaning up after the deadly floods earlier this week, volunteers were out thursday helping neighbors, crews also giving out release supplies for those in need. meanwhile more rain could be on the way this weekend and next week as well but may not be enough to cause more flooding. still ahead a mural paint by a well known illustrate or and writer is on the move again. where you will be able to see
5:53 am
maurice sendac's work of art. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:55 am
a mural paint by a well known illustrate or and writer is on the move again. thinks work of maurice sendac
5:56 am
best know for where the wild things are. it moved from the rosenback museum to the new home at brand new south philadelphia library. sendac painted it inside a new york city apartment pack in the 60's. >> he probably used whatever paints were around at the time. it was something that he did for homes. and, he probably had no sense of this being permanent and long term. it is just on a wall in the kid room. >> it is taking cruz several days to prepare the mural for the move. sendac died in 2012. next up, on good day presidential candidates setting their sights on pennsylvania as state primary approaches. we will tell you who is bringing their campaigns to our area to take. a brutal bathroom beating a teen dies after a fight at a local high school, question perfect family new wants answers to. reminder today is earth day and we want to do your our part to help the environment. meet us from 7:00 to 10:00 for our earth day shredding event from parx casino.
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6:00 am
purple rain and purple pain this morning, the doves are crying around the world, especially in a music city like philadelphia, where prince appeared so many times. where we're celebrating his life, so, music icon, in question bit, all morning long, we will be playing his music, and twit error facebook what is your favorite. she was a great girl. she was on the ron or roll. >> killed in a high school bathroom, one day after the tragic death of a 16 year-old girl killed at school, how officials and wilmington delaware are planning to honor amy's memory. and they're all here, it is a pennsylvania battle ground, voters head to the polls in the keystone state on tuesday as you know, where candidates will be and where you can see them in our area today and bernie sanders is one of the candidates who will join us live here on "good day philadelphia" this morning. if you have a question for


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