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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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purple rain and purple pain this morning, the doves are crying around the world, especially in a music city like philadelphia, where prince appeared so many times. where we're celebrating his life, so, music icon, in question bit, all morning long, we will be playing his music, and twit error facebook what is your favorite. she was a great girl. she was on the ron or roll. >> killed in a high school bathroom, one day after the tragic death of a 16 year-old girl killed at school, how officials and wilmington delaware are planning to honor amy's memory. and they're all here, it is a pennsylvania battle ground, voters head to the polls in the keystone state on tuesday as you know, where candidates will be and where you can see them in our area today and bernie sanders is one of the candidates who will join us live here on "good day philadelphia" this morning. if you have a question for
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him, get on twist error facebook. >> hi, good morning everybody. it is april 22nd, 2016. we will talk about prince. the last time i saw him was at the academy of music here in philadelphia in a interest math concert. one of the best concert i have ever been too. >> that wasn't even advertised. >> no, it was a little private thing. >> yeah good just #, send in those favorite songs, fox 29 prince. >> yes. well, in honor of the purple rain. >> purple rain. >> lot you, sue. >> we have had to. we have rain heading our way today, we will talk more about that coming up. over number is a seven out of ten paw it will not rain all day. we may get through morning without rain but have that rain gear with you just like bus stop buddy. it is, warmer morning then it was yesterday, actually, temperatures are, in the 60's in some places like here in philadelphia, where we are going to head in the upper 70's, because showers and then
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are storms later on in the day, we may get to 79, maybe 80 degrees before those storms hit in the afternoon. good morning everybody. 6:02. we are looking live at a house fire here in camden, new jersey. thinks a live look at my traffic cameras along haddon avenue knew. it is a dwelling fire haddon and division. there is local detours, is there some reports of foulke, being rescued from that home. we will try to get more fur but what i can tell you right now you you can see the smoke from both ben franklin bridge cam which is what we're looking at, here in the background and a couple of the new jersey transit the buses are on detour as well along haddon avenue knew. accident on the schuylkill expressway, it is eastbound, you know you are having a bad start to the daze where you are sideways across girard avenue off ramp here. girard avenue off ramp closed with this accident so eastbound now bumper to bumper
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from approaching city line avenue on into girard after new where that off ramp to the zoo is blocked with the accident. the tractor trail are fire on the northeast extension, some good news, one of the two lanes is opened, right before lansdale, so leaving quakertown and coming south just be ready to slow go, fully loaded, fedex tractor trailer that caught fire there this morning. that emergency condition struck on the delaware memorial will be okay, they will have three lanes opened heading in to delaware. mike and alex, back to you. unbelievable pain, in delaware. a vigil will be held in an hour for that delaware teenager killed in the bathroom fight at her high school. >> it happened yesterday and this was at howard high school. >> um-hmm. >> steve keeley is live there ahead of the vigil. >> hi there steve. >> first day of members, arrived, they open up gates, doors and school will be opening for half will day to give kids and staff a place to get together, get counseling
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and grief. all that may begin with another vigil outside here like they had last night in the school yard for this popular girl kill in the school girl's rest room. yes, it is still hard for everyone to fathom and comprehend that a high school sophomore was beaten to death in her own school by her own classmates. until a ruling comes from the medical examiner no charges against two girls taken in custody by police soon after 8:15 attack as school day was about to begin here yesterday, amy joyner frances just turn 16, she was on the honor role, manager of the boys wrestling team and her dad says that she was so popular among her friend and was usually the one broke up the fights when she saw anything happening here in the school. other says it was all over a boy and that one of the two girls may have recorded this violence on her phone. >> no one deserved what happened to my daughter, this
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morning. i thought that the schools were a safe place that you could drop your kid off, and they would come home after school but apparently that is not the case with some of the schools now. >> the parent losing a child, and a schoolteacher losing a child where they may have taught last year, the superintendent may have contacted this child, it is like one of your own, tragic. >> there have been schools here in delaware for over 200 years, alex and mike, no one has ever been killed in one until now. >> all right, steve, again, steve will be there when that slipping ill begins and we will take you there. 6:05. we are following breaking news out of camden at this moment. what thes battling and a fire at 800 block of haddon avenue knew. >> fire fighters were called out around 4:30. we are told there are eight
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people hurt, in word yet on how this fire started but this is in camden. all right. big story nationally is this. >> ♪ >> all of the country and around the world people are mourning the loss of a true music icon, prince. >> today, autopsy is scheduled to take place as detectives investigate circumstances surrounding prince's death. so many people want to know what happened. >> i know, at this compound. as you know he was found dead in an elevator at his paisley park studios in minute so the a paramedics tried to perform cpr for about 30 minutes but were unable to revive him. prince, 57 years old. there has been some speculation over recent prince died, members of the the prince camp have said the
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singer was battling severe case of the the flu but tmz is reporting a much different theory, listen. >> well, when we broke the story that last friday he was rush to the hospital in illinois his people told us that he was rush there because he had the flu and frankly it did in the make sense to us and i'll tell you why. he had just performed in atlanta, and did a very good concert, voice was great seemed great, jumped than a plane, hour and a half later, 48 minutes from the final destination in minute so the at plane is diverted and makes an emergency landing in molean and he is rush to the hospital by ambulance. when his people said he had the flu, it really, stopped us in our track because when we thought was why wouldn't he tough it out for 48 minutes and be the at his home but they said it was the flu, he was there for three hours and we are left. what we are told by multiple sources is that they made the emergency landing because of
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radio calls indicating he may have had a drug overdose. >> yeah, so what happened at that hospital in molean, illinois. harvey there said at the hospital they gave him something called a save shot, often given to counter act the effects of opium. prince reportedly left the hospital against doctor's order because there were no private rooms available and wanting to go back to his home good people were talking about one of the last public appearances wherever one heard with the plane and he had the flu. he said don't say your prayers a few days early for that. >> few days early for your prayers. >> so did have a premonition, more on that when we go to tmz live, later. memorial service will be held for doctor steve up mayer, superintendent of the robbinsville new jersey school district who was killed after he was hit by a car while jogging tuesday morning. >> services set to begin at 2:00 this afternoon at princeton alliance church, in
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plainsboro, and mourners can watch the services, video, and they will stream it live back to robbinsville high school, and that will be pack i'm sure. 6:09. a beach front cycle lane built by the real olympics, collapses into the ocean. why this latest incident could not have happened on a worst day. later, multi facet thed and tremendously talented. >> legendary loss, local radio hosts share their most fond memories of the the pop icon gone too soon. ♪
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♪ people asked me, what was the greatest super bowl half time show? i well go to that one. >> people will say prince. wonderful. >> and then it started raining. >> how perfect was that. >> that was 2007's super bowl, in florida, right. that is where it was. >> people are saying it is fit ago this yesterday it was
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raining in minute so the. that is for sure, yeah. >> sound of the music icon dominated the air waves all over the world on radio stations and certainly in the city that loves music so much, philadelphia local radio station aired tributes to prince avenues of his death, and even here in philly, radio station where is playing his music non-stop, wdas radio host tony brown says loss has shaken the music world. he dedicated is what usually throw back thursday to throwing back songs by prince who he said had a diverse fab bakes. at wxpn, they called prince just more than a pop star. >> prince played r and b, pop, rock and roll, jazz, i mean whatever he wanted to play. he went into all realms of music. >> he was a producer, he was an arranger, he was, you know, a entrepreneur, he started his
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own label, he had his own recording company out there, found so many different artists. he was multi faceted and tremendously, talented. >> he went on to say something i agree work prince music is timeless and that even his songs that he played for us in the 80's, they sound pretty darn fresh today. >> so true. >> he did get all across different ge nres. >> dance parties broke out around the world and especially you got to have a party and celebrate prince music in his hometown of minneapolis. >> so they have had a dance party, and there have been partying, are they still partying there, bill keller. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. mess of your viewers, of course, just waking up. these folks yet to go to bed since music legend died and they are flocking here to where it began. the thinks first avenue popular club but it was made world famous in the movie purple rain. interior of the club is where
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many of the those scenes were actually filmed. >> yes, i have some friend that were in that movie. >> really. >> oh, yeah, close friends. the dance scenes took place right behind you in that same theater. >> reporter: prince owned a different club down first avenue this one had change but the club calling him the patron saint of first avenue, really licensing before the doors even opened last night at 11:00. lines stretched around the block as news of this free dance party broke out. it is not over yet. doors are opened and it will go until 7:00 this morning. which is really not uncommon for prince. he is pretty legendary for his all night jam sessions at paisley park which is actually out in the suburbs a place i drive by every day on the way to work. you can always tell when something is going on. >> who would be a bigger star in minneapolis, it is prince,
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isn't it? even over some of the former quarterbacks you have had. >> reporter: don't talk about football. purple is about the only thing those two have in common right now. prince was absolutely it. people talk about bob dylann but bob dylann in many ways shun his minneapolis roots taking on new york. the prince stayed here. that was the cool thing. again out in the suburbs he had this building, paisley park and people stopped by, and you never know when he will be in town or where he will show up good he was basically a constant presence. people think of the superstar but for you you guys he was almost like your neighbor. >> reporter: for me, literally. i didn't even know that was paisley park for a couple months when i first moved here more than a decade ago and i think everybody has a prince story, in fact, purple rain the first movie i ever saw on
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opening day and probably one of the only few and i saw prince here at target center, across from first avenue. he played three concerts in one day. he was notorious for running late in the night. so we had to wait, wendy remember his original guitar player. she was making a surprise appearance but wanted to do a sound check in the middle of august. we were stuck in the hallways sweating it out, but worth seeing. >> it looks like he said a final good bye there above paisley park, we are looking at the rainbow a that appeared a above his compound yesterday after the news of his death. thanks for that report from minneapolis. we will check back from you. >> how cool is that. >> yeah. >> it just seemed so fitting and minnesota twins they said it is fitting it is raining today and they showed the skies a lot of purpose until that rainbow, sue. >> i probably won't be the only one doing this to my radar. oh, i went past it. i had purple rain.
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we do have actual rain. it will be of the clear variety when it comes down but it is not here just yet and won't be here until later on. if you suffer from seasonal allergies this will in the the do much in the way of taken down pollen count over weekend even though we do expect a few soaking thunderstorms later in the day. it will get warm before these storms hit. 79 degrees today. seventy-two tomorrow. it will be beautiful on sunday with a high of 70 and plenty of sunshine. we will warm up on monday get more thunderstorms on tuesday and then gannon thursday of next week. it is springtime bob kelly and that is what happened. >> good morning, everybody. 6:18. sky fox up and over that accident i have been telling but on a schuylkill expressway, this is eastbound schuylkill expressway off ramp to girard after knew, this was vehicle that was sideways across the off ramp here, what does it the say hudson bread.
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>> bread. >> one of the work trucks there, that was the truck that was blocking. now they have tow truck going here to spin him back around. but sky fox if you can hear me here and roll back and take a lot the delay. even if it is off ramp to girard avenue. lets go to the maps. we are already jammed sol aid approaching city avenue on into girard avenue. again even though off ram is blocked it looks like another car involved there as well, we are bumper to bumper into girard because only two left lanes opened inbound on the schuylkill expressway. here's a live look at that fire location in camden along haddon avenue knew where we are word of six people injured and taken to a local hospital. it is a long haddon avenue knew right at division and there is two bus routes on a detour through camden as well. south i-95, heavy at approaching cottman avenue heading down into allegheny. we had a advertise able in the right lane at allegheny avenue
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and that tractor to trailer fire on the northeast extension southbound before lansdale was fully loaded fedex truck that caught fire early this morning. one lane is getting past that scene. the just expect delays from quakertown, on down, to lansdale, mike and alex back over to you. part of the elevated bike lane, built ahead of the olympic games collapsed in brazil killing at least two people on it when the cement gave way. crashing on to the beach below it. >> they have had so much trouble with this olympics. ambulance were called to the scene, helicopter flown in hovered over the beach there it was not immediately clear what caped the collapse. they are investigating that today. rio is hosting the summer games in august and bike lane was among the projects, built in preparation for the olympics. >> you mention add lieutenant of trouble this latest incident a adds to the war bit country's ready ins to host the games. it comes on the same day a flame for south america's
6:21 am
first olympics was lit in greece. we had it on our show live. >> of course, dealing with the zika virus down there. they have to clear up a lot of stuff before august. of course, we are remembering prince music all morning long. >> ♪ >> this is a good one. >> one of my favorite, kiss. >> kiss. >> that was tom jones song, his take on the tom jones song. that is great. >> let us know what your favorite song is use the #fox 29 prince. bidding farewell to an icon of the philadelphia sports, what we have learn about the man who gave us a flyers at a huge celebration of helps life.
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yesterday was a chance for fans in the flyers family to relive memories of the flyers founder and chairman ed snider, a huge number of the flyers alumni came to town, current team was there and wayne gretzky flew in from california to celebrate a man they loved and admired, comments by many were moving and in some cases brought people to tears. >> when i pass, and when we all pass we don't know where we're going, but for me, i
6:25 am
really hope that when i get there, i get another chance to play one more game in it or range and black under mr. snider's philadelphia flyers. >> night pittsburgh, new york and rangers. rangers have quit. penguins score a minute and nine in the game, they smoked the rangers and they lead the series three-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> they are down three-one. >> i made a mistake about the prince thing it was reverse, tom jones, sang prince's song, kiss. >> well, i'm all milk up today i was up late. kind of really about this prince thing. >> it threw people off guard. >> it is a part of our lives for so many years good we didn't see this coming. >> we will continue to remember his music, oh, and thinks the most beautiful girl in the world. it was that a great one. >> people are sending us their favorite song. use the #fox 29. >> i got a request from one of
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the nuns that watches us every morning. we will see that. it is earth day. >> we are doing our part to help the environment, join us from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. at parx casino. bring your unwanted documents and add them safely and securely difficulties suppose of. >> let's crank it up as we look at the numbers.
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we are celebrating the life and music of an icon. we will be doing this all morning long, after the shocking death of prince. how mourners from all over are keeping his legacy a live. all i necessity is my daughter is gone, and she was the love of my life and it hurts. a father's pain one day after the tragic death of his 16 year-old daughter, killed in her high school bathroom. officials in wilmington,
6:30 am
delaware are planning to honor amy's memory, we will take you their life to a vigil they are planning about an hour. and it is a pennsylvania battle ground, voters head to the polls in the keystone state on tuesday. where candidates are campaigning to gaining more of your support. okay, good day everybody it is april between the second, 2016. guys in the control room, ladies in the control room put this together for you you. >> beautiful. >> showing you a little purple sunrise in honor of prince. pretty nice, sue. >> yeah, it is, still hard to believe, it really is, shocking news yesterday. we are talk a look at today's weather, starting off with a look at what it is going to be like later on in the day. we will get to a high temperature in the upper 70's, probably early in the day but things will, definitely progress, beyond that, to showers and thunderstorms a little later on. so there will be peaks of sunshine as you just saw on ultimate doppler radar but that will probably be in the
6:31 am
early part of the day, i think the chance of those showers and thunderstorms popping up is more likely after we get in the upper 70's. of course, in honor of prince and probably this is happening all over the country where people will change color. we can change color of precipitation on radar. we usually use green. today a little bit of purple. we have no rain in our area the buddy has his umbrella is there rain on the way. but it is not here yet. 63 degrees is our current temperature. very mild this morning. you do not have to bundle up today. temperatures in the 50's to the north of us, and then 60's to the south of us, as we get started, more humid out there as well. so mid to upper 70's by midday, showers and thunderstorms, later on. that takes care of your friday, we will talk about the seven day forecast and let you get you you through the weekend in a few minutes. buzz as we look at a little bit of sunshine this morning, bob kelly, make sure you have your umbrella you will need it
6:32 am
later on. >> be prepared walking out there we have sun glare this morning and then, rain on the way, later on today. good news for folks on the schuylkill, here's a live look, eastbound schuylkill expressway the off ramp to girard avenue, now opened, that accident is gone, but unfortunately while they were taking care of that we had major jam up here from approaching belmont through city line avenue all the way into girard. morning rush hour is underway here on that eastbound schuylkill expressway, here's a live look at i-95 southbound, stop and go from cottman into allegheny. we have had a disable in the actual work zone that got pulled out, and it gets real tight here from the betsy on into center city through the construction zone there. here's a a picture that was tweeted out to me here. this is rock hill road near neshaminy mall this overturned vehicle with police on the scene. there is also some down wires. look out in that bucks county area. that emergency construction on the delaware memorial they
6:33 am
have three lanes opened this morning, i think we will be this good shape for the rest of the weekend. mike and alex, back over to you. we are about 45 minutes away from a very emotional moment down in wilmington. >> vigil will be held for a delaware teenager killed after a bathroom fight and thinks at a wilmington high school, howard high. >> steve keeley is live in wilmington, steve? >> reporter: mike, you have been reporting all morning about the world being shocked by death by prince but world is equally as shocked by is what happening in wilmington. i just got off the air with the bbc and that following the "fox news" channel. not just the country, shocked by this but the entire world and the host at bbc show was reading tweets from little girls all around europe, so shocked by whether happened here at howard high school. police officer is here on guard right now, maybe resuming the investigation that began yesterday. still no official charges because we don't have the official cause of death from
6:34 am
the medical examiner but two classmates of amy joyner francis are in custody and likely will be charged with beat helping tore death inside a girls rest room inside of her school. that is the most shocking thing to the entire world that a young beautiful girl, going to high school, was beaten to death. there has been violence in american schools before the the whole world hears of guns and kids being shot in schools but girls fighting, to the point where a girl is beaten to death, in her own school is just shocking to the world. >> all i know is my daughter is gone and she was the love of my life and it hurts. it hurts so bad. so bad. >> is it safe? you have to worry burr child leaving home and if they are going to return, how will that affect these other children that attend will school with the child, that this happened
6:35 am
to? >> reporter: you hear expression girls will be girls, boys will be boys. believe it or not, all of the girls around here that go to school hearsay this is all over jealousy over a boy. the other disturbing thing but in the so surprising in this day and age alex and mike is one of the two girls may have recorded this vicious violent attack on her cell phone. >> my gosh, did she hit her head on a sink or something. >> reporter: we heard that from one girl who said that she was in the the rest room and then i didn't do that interview because my next question would have been why didn't you break it up why didn't you help her instead of running outside. i don't know if that is true, you you know, sinks don't move. i'm's sure these two girls didn't mean to kill somebody but just another fist fight which happened in schools every take in every 50 states. but we will know later from the medical examiner. that would explain things.
6:36 am
but there is no explaining this story to anybody. >> so interesting it is touching young women around the world. >> some people say it is just not worth it to know fights can end this way. they happen but they should president be happening and that is why. >> goes off to school and end up dead in the bathroom. world has been paying tribute to prince ever since we learn the news at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. >> playing his songs, sharing photos and hosting events in his on of the prince's first manager is now talking about his memories. >> i heard that there are things that at paisley park that he record and record and things they will be unpacking for years and decades to come. i think he was sort of that beethoven kind of talent. >> i would agree. >> new york city, director spike lee hosted a block party outside of his house. hundreds showed up to just dance in the street to his
6:37 am
greatest hits and of course wearing purple. >> what i a great move by spike, nicely done. >> people wanted to do, when you have music and you love their music what else can you do but celebrate his life by listening to music. >> first thing i did was get on my phone, start playing prince songs. >> i said turn on the radio because radio stations will be playing it non-stop. >> it was wall to wall. >> special moment outside prince's home in minnesota yesterday. >> look at that. >> a rainbow appeared in the sky. >> look at that. >> you have to see memorial starting to gather there on the fence at his compound. >> the flowers. >> and it was already raining. >> yes good and to see that. >> that is cool. >> and all night long prince parties were breaking out in the streets all around the world especially downtown minneapolis outside purple one the club where prince shot and recorded, one of the most eye cop i can music films ever made, purple rain. i remember warner brothers didn't want to make that film
6:38 am
and they for the against making the movie. who would go see that. >> then it won oscar for original score. >> yes. >> i think part of the reason why people were so shock is we didn't see this coming. >> no. >> he just did a performance and people weren't expecting this so there is still questions. today there will be an autopsy and hopefully more information will be released. >> philly's own will smith talk to the prince night before he died, just hours before his death. but man was it an emotional day at the wells fargo center yesterday. tribute to ed snider. they said good bye, and thanks for an extraordinary career. all of the great moments that man brought to philadelphia the flyers players remembering their number one fan, ed snider. as we continue to remember prince, this is prince performing on arsenio hall's show. tell us your memories using #fox 29 prince.
6:41 am
it is 6:41 we have some rain it looks like. >> thousands of people poured in the wells fargo center say good bye and thank you to a extraordinary man. >> man, he was. ed snider did a lot for the city of philadelphia and all have of house live here. but one of the most proud accomplishments creating the ed snider youth hockey
6:42 am
foundation in 2005. thousands of kid learned how to play hockey. >> gives inner city children a chance to learn the game and important life lessons. the members of the flyers had great things to say about the man that started the organization. >> just his passion, not just for hockey, i know life, the community, the city, the family, the organization, his passion for everything he did in life. >> i think my father's memory will be coming to the philadelphia flyers and, just seeing the owner of the team coming in the dressing room and shaking everyone's hand. i thought that was awesome. >> ed's family said he never looked at the flyers as a business, it was his passion, and truly, they were his extended family. not only the professional players but the kids that got to learn how to play hockey. >> family said that is what he wants to be his legacy, work he has done with kid in the community. >> it seems to be turning out that way, which is great. coming up six things you may not have known about prince. this is as we continue to
6:43 am
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now i'm thinking back, i watched this video and list toned this song thousands of times. diamonds and pearls. >> i remember i had a friend, when she was having her party that was her theme, diamond and pearls. >> some of you are not using the right #, we change it up every day but if you have a favorite prince song use the #fox 29 prince. >> we have had to change it for prince. >> i thought it was a pope eighth. >> you know, i remember back in 1984, i was a dj when purple rain album came out.
6:47 am
that lets go crazy song. >> great. >> it was tough as a dj it started out with the vocals, dearly beloved, and as a dj, that would kill the dance floor, if you started with the vocals, but that song, you started with the vocals and the kids, they just sang along and got into it and then they went crazy. >> the best part about that song is at the end of the song, it really ramps up, dancing your face off. >> little dance party later on today. >> good morning everybody. 6:47. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway jammed solid here, 15 minutes from, that is 15 minutes to i-95 but we are heavy from approaching the boulevard all the way into girard avenue from an early morning accident. all of the lanes are opened but the damage is kind of done there coming into downtown philadelphia this morning south own i-95 same deal heavy from the betsy race bridge real tight through construction zone we had an
6:48 am
earlier disable at allegheny avenue. here's an accident, black hill road, at neshaminy mall here, in the background. an overturned vehicle with the down pole. there is a live look at that i-95 delay out of the north east. if you use septa's norristown regional rail line new schedules will kick in on monday, so make sure you have a new timetable today, some paint work again today hopefully we will get painting done before the rain comes in or that will make a mess. they expect to paint lines on the schuylkill and vine street expressway. good luck with that during the midday. keep that in mind copping in and out of the city. what the is time line for the rain today? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:49 am
we are looking at yeah, we had to do it, the purple train, out to our rain, nothing with precipitation in the the area at the moment. you can see the cold front that will make its way through the area later on and we have been saying this all week, it is more of an afternoon event then a morning event. we have had clouds around but also some sunshine. if you see a sprinkle or two this morning don't be surprised but it is not enough rain to take down the pollen levels. tree pollen is out there and bothering a lot of people for well over a week and i think it will extend with those high pollen levels through the weekend. so we have got that cold front that will make its way through today, it is finish mid, lingering clouds in the morning tomorrow but then beautiful day 72 degrees, 70 on sunday, milder on monday and chance of storms on tuesday, we will dry out and get cooler on wednesday, stormy again by thursday. we have given you a decent weekend mike and alex.
6:50 am
>> thanks, sue. >> it will be great. >> i have a couple parties to go to this weekend. i might end up in atlantic city. finally good news out of ac, alex. >> top casino regulators say gambling halls plan to hire more workers this year. city agency plans to hire 2400 workers, 600 of those jobs will be full-time positions. of course, this all comes while city is facing serious financial problems. >> for sure. >> i think i will learn something here right now. >> okay. >> i didn't know that the sears holding corporation owns some k-marts, is that right? they announced it is closing 68 k-mart stores and ten sears stores as they struggle with profit. >> the store in the 8800 block of frankford avenue in the northeast is one of the stores that will be shut down. the company's been ailing for a while now and officials hope that sales will generate a meaningful level of cash to keep them a fleet for a while. sears stores will close in late july and k-mart locations
6:51 am
will start closing in september. >> you know what it is, it is the internet, right. there is so much stuff delivered to your house. >> back when i was growing up, give you an old time sale, sears was the place to go. >> yes. >> my mom work at sears store, my sister kathleen work at sears. >> you could get everything there. >> sears does have everything. >> get your car fixed there. >> you got it. >> 6:51. >> people are remembering prince, on instagram, this is from kimberly simmons. she says i was 14 years old when i saw prince at the spectrum. 1984 tour. my first concert ever. >> do you want to see a good picture of him. the daily news pick a good one. kind of subtle. a little frank sinatra flare there a little bit. i love the line, the doves cry, wow. this morning shall please tell us your favorite prince song and we will put it on the air. >> use the #fox 29 prince.
6:52 am
then we have to get to wilmington delaware where we're about to start a memorial for this young woman 16 years old who was beaten to death yesterday in the high school bathroom. unbelievable story getting national attention. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ this is a good music video too. >> all of his music videos were epic. >> they is. >> he had so much different styles, only he could rock it the way he could rock it this video was great, these gorgeous women, crawling
6:55 am
around. >> well... >> he is probably not talking about coffee, is he. >> today is earth day, we have put up a graphic there. when does shredding begin in five minutes. >> yes, it will go all the way through the show until 10:00 a.m. come on out, lauren johnson will be there to make sure you bring your unwanted documents. >> i have an unwanted document, it is my 2015 tax return that i still have not done. >> i have to shred that soccer. >> i got an extension. >> yes. >> okay. keep prince songs coming i am sorry i keep saying that over and over again but did he die yesterday afternoon or probably yesterday morning at the age of 57. >> remember this song. >> ♪
6:56 am
>> of course this song came out in the early to mid 80's because we then thought 1999 was so far away so we will party like 199, day of the century. >> they played this song so much on new years eve, before the year 2,000, y2k, everybody was playing this song. >> and then nothing happens. >> and then we are here right now. there are surprising facts about prince you may not have known, you know, he won seven grammys over the years. he was married twice. >> and he suffered the loss of a child. >> the child died a week after the child was born. >> he was a self-taught musician. >> on his first five cd's he played every instrument, there were no other credits on the album covers. hey, he recently dated madonna back in 1985. prince was a devout johova h
6:57 am
witness and went door to door as they are known to do. >> and catalogue of hundreds of song he wrote many for other artists including manic machine by the bengals. >> and one of my favorite, i feel for you, by chaka dawn. >> i love that song. he was giving money away left and right but he said don't ever tell anybody i gave you money s that cool. >> keep it coming, tell us your favorite, #fox 29 prince.
6:59 am
thanks for coming today. i want each of you to grab a 2x8 and cut it. you'll have 2 saws to choose from. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns. bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemica into the ground and threatens our drinking water.
7:00 am
bernie -- he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ >> the rain is over, around the world, mourning the loss of prince, especially in a city that loved its music like philly. the legacy of this iconic star as we celebrate his music and his life. a teenage girl killed in the high school bathroom, beaten to death. >> all i know is my daughter is gone and she was the love of my life and it hurts. >> now parents, students, left wondering what happened


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