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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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sue serio joins us as we enjoy all of the prince music all morning long. >> good morning, sue. >> hey. >> well, i still can't believe it. >> i know. >> hard to believe. >> keep songs coming. we will play our favorites in a bit along with yours. too connected are you? but also not enough, parents and children exchange thousands of texts every year but the shocking amount of time they actually spend face-to-face. it is shrinking. >> cover girl a local teen posts next to the first lady on the cover of the 17 magazine, how she got the cover, and how she got to meet the first lady. >> let's go sky diving inside, we are, jen? >> okay, guys, the training has to start sometime so i'm ready to fly. ready to go. >> okay, she will try this. >> it is just a little teeth. >> see, she's an athlete.
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>> there she goes. >> they say they can get most people up in the air, this is king of prussia mall, how fun with this be with the kid today. >> we will show thaw in a little bit. >> quickly at parks casino in bensalem bucks county, we are hosting shredding event and cars are stacking up. get out and shred that stuff you don't want anybody to see. we're remembering prince all morning long who died suddenly yesterday morning at this paisley park compound and that is a live look at that compound. >> there is a memorial that is still growing, it started yesterday and people start hearing news and also yesterday there was a rainbow. >> yeah good raining in minnesota which people said was fitting and then a rainbow appear. >> an autopsy is scheduled for later this afternoon. prince was 57 years old. you know what our joyce evans sat down with prince when he was in town in south philadelphia back in 2004, 12
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years ago. he told her he had so many hits he struggled toll get them all on to the cd's. >> we were going to have retire some of this music pretty soon. i keep making music and not as many artists have had such a long career as i have had so i'm trying to make room for the new music that we have. there is so much in our catalogue that there is never enough time get to everything that people want to hear. >> i remember one time in the 80's he put out three cd's, one of afternoon, by the time i even played the third one he had come out with a fourth one about a year later. he was prolific, it was just pouring out of the guy, a genius, there is no question about it. we have been asking each other all morning licensing in the news room, i cannot get rid of this cough. is what your favorite prince cough. my gosh you cannot just choose
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one. one that stand out for me was the music video with sheena easton of all people, you got the look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> she was a goody to shoes and wanted to change her image and asked prince to do that. but those lyrics are just kind of silly, you know, yes. >> that spruced things up, didn't he. >> from her people thought of her differently. i interviewed her six months after this came out. we had such a good time. i had such a crush on her too. >> can you tell she has the look. >> she did. >> definitely not for you.
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>> your body hecka slamming. >> i started using it back in the day. >> yes. >> so, yesterday, they said is there so much great ones it is hard to pick one. but yesterday when i listen to the radio hearing the great songs that he has donnie happened to be doing an event where they asked me to be the guest dj. but of course i had to start with prince. number one song that everybody wanted to hear was let's go crazy. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> so, about it, when he reached so many different generations. all of the young professionals. they wanted to hear it. everybody went crazy. you have to go crazy when you hear this song. it is a lot of people saying his music will rise to the top of the charts. it is unfortunate that this happens when great musicians pass but when you look the a the positive people are rediscovering the music, listening to it and giving it the attention. >> it is not dated, at all. >> you know when he recorded let's go crazy, that was in the early 80's. they are still clamoring for it. >> yeah, they probably shot the film in 83. >> all right. >> sue, is what yours yours. >> in 1999, because it was such a celebration. even to this day when somebody play this is song, i love that one but i really love this one especially the video to the most boot fill girl in the
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world. >> i love this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> makes you cry. >> yes. >> i loved about this video was because he found beauty, in every woman, in all sizes, and in the accomplishment, i just loved that he did that, that was and then slow dancing, having your guy look at you. >> you are the most beautiful girl in the world. >> it made women fall in love with this guy.
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he was small, as you would say, 5-foot two, androgenous the at times in the early 80's, way ahead of everybody else, but men and women both loved him. >> and that is epitome of an artist he was like in one else, he just expressed himself in the way he thought he needed to. no matter what anybody thought about him. so his brilliance, his musicianship, i was quirky, excentric. >> they are on a different level. >> we are not supposed to totally get it. that is why it is so special. it is a special thing that we just can't comprehend. >> unique. >> unique, right. >> unique. >> one of a kind. >> like quincy harris. what was your favorite, quincy. >> i mean, just right now, because all of the songs thaw just said are like great, right. you go into a buffet, of prince hits, for right now, today, friday, i will to have
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go with kiss, a great song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> he was confident, the style. i mean who could pull off that look other than prince. he had hit after hit after hit have after hit, and i want to say congratulations to our producers for finding those videos. if you go to you tube, it is really hard to find prince music. >> yes, he has a lot of hits. >> i think he wrote a song for patty labelle. >> people are saying on twitter. >> he did. >> a and one from way back in the day, quincy, i was working
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in los angeles. patty labelle, you found it, okay. >> ♪ >> patty, if you are watching, thank you for watching. i'd look to get your thoughts on this. >> she has shared her memories. she said he will live on for sure. >> back in the early 80's i was doing a tv show in los angeles. after the show was over we drove two and a half hours to palm springs because this guy named prince was perform. it was all of the talk. drove all the way out there and all the way back. it was worth it. he did a song called let's pretend we're married. q, do you remember that one. >> i got to hear it. >> let's hear it. >> i don't know if we can play it. >> okay. >> many naughty songs in the prince repertoire.
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>> well, exactly. >> let's preten. >> okay. >> you probably want to see my ex-girlfriend tamara, we were together for years. this is her music video debut. last time she was ever in a movie, mike, let me know when you have it in the control room. >> it is not there. >> it is in the the there. >> you had to uncue it. i had to get to a meeting about this. >> quincy, thank you. >> no, we will see it. >> as long as we cap see it. >> fifteen more seconds or five, like seven, here it comes. crank it up and i'll tell you where she is. >> this is her film debut and her last film that is it right there the blonde hair woman the one on the right. >> that was it. >> she is still pretty cool. >> she drug me to the theater because she throughout she would be in it because they dance for days.
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let's go crazy. >> that was it. >> so what did you tell her. >> bravo. >> now you have 14 more seconds of fame. >> it lives on to this day. >> she can say something a lot of people cannot say. >> i was in purple will rain. >> they got locals to come out and dance. >> let's move on to something else here because i found this survey, our phones, we are constantly on our phones and moms and dads are texting constantly with their kids, right. >> sure. >> normally in the house together we have done it. >> oh, i have done it. >> you are downstairs they are upstairs. >> yes. >> according to researchers parents and children exchange nearly 6,000 texts and 260 e-mails a year. >> good lord good when it comes to face-to-face time they only spend an hour a day face-to-face. >> less than an hour good less than an hour. >> i can see that. >> you come in from school you go to your room. >> you watch tv. >> you sit down at dinner table. >> some people don't down that
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anymore. >> who could it be. >> this is a a big friday. >> who is here. >> happy birthday to you from -- >> my goodness. >> it is will alex's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, tim. >> i have been waiting an hour and a half. >> i didn't even see you. >> sit down, tim. >> let's get an update on your relationship you two. >> i'm on team tim. >> yes. >> first date was a little rocky. i shifted gears a little bit, i found interest in another person. >> an older man. >> now last friday you attempted to pick up alex at 8:00 o'clock. >> why are you bringing up older stuff. >> but it was 8:00 o'clock sharp. >> friday again. do you want to make another
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run at it again tonight. >> i will stay at the same place i was at last time. tentatively at 8:00. >> does this mean i get a birth daze gift. >> what did you say. >> gift. >> what did you say. >> difficult not say kiss. my birthday is on sunday but it is special when i can celebrate all weekend. my parents are here. >> are you serious? >> what were you thinking of. >> hold on. >> you are putting the parents in already. >> my parents come up to celebrate with me. >> it wasn't to meet tim good that is a bonus. >> yes. >> yes. >> big lettering there. >> i was going with the subtle, small lettering. >> that is so sweet. >> thank you, guys, i a appreciate i. >> your pal's at sweet teas fixed this up. >> thank you so much. >> we love sweet teas.
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>> yes. >> my favorite bakery, thank you. i appreciate it. >> and that is so funny because i said i want a birth daze cake. i will probably have another one coming. thanks, sweet teas. >> are we truly in the right spot here, are we. >> yes. >> where is she. is she going to come through the door again or is she just wondering around aim lessly. >> she has family in town to see. jamie is a philly girl. >> come on back. >> jamie, these are the worst chairs in television history. >> if you just joined us, we knew her as jamie shupak, doing traffic for us, in what 2008. >> 2008 and nine. >> yes. >> but you are from philadelphia a. >> grew up in abington and my parents, hi mom and dad, they are watching just a couple blocks away from here.
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>> brian, can you come on are you allowed to come on since you are on cnn, are you mixed up. >> he can lean in. >> jamie, bring us up to date. what have you been doing after you left here. >> right from here i went to work at w nbc in new york doing traffic and from there i went to new york one and next month is my anniversary at new york one. i will have been there six years. >> doing morning, doing traffic in the morning. >> how does this ever happen, how did you become a traffic reporter. >> like who would want to be a traffic reporter. >> hi. >> hi. >> there he is. >> i thought i would be a serious hard news reporter which is so like me and then a station on long island we love you but we need a track reporter, so i will be one. >> then you came here. >> no, i went to cbs in philadelphia where i filled in for. >> bob kelly. >> to be bob kelly. >> you trained her. >> yes. >> do you say jammo too then.
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>> i know, i remember jamie coming in and i trained jamie and then she told me about this great opportunity that she had. she was going to be my backup over at that other station and then a opportunity opened up here and i said go for it. she had a chance to work with us. >> right. >> lets look at your body of work. >> yes. >> highlight real. >> watch the big screen here. >> yes. >> the only reason would i smile if he gave me a big kiss on the cheek. >> did you do it. >> the softer side. >> do you hear that accent, sheneille, do you hear that. >> smile. >> because i'm standing next to you. >> i'm curious about the the
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hair, jamie. >> blonde hair good do you like her as a blonde. >> careful here. >> good answer. gordon ramsey was fun. >> the whole show was so much fun every single day here. >> did you do firehouse friday, like dorothy did. >> i did. >> we have footage of that too. >> we went to the firehouse. >> every friday. >> doing it and saving lives just like this. i am 75 feet in the air over king of prussia. this is the pennsylvania turnpike you air frayed of heights and you did that. >> maybe as i have gotten older i'm afraid of heights. >> what is the weirdest thing that has ever happened. >> i don't know but one of my favorite things was american idol every week. i was devastated when the show just ended. >> you had a crush on danny gokey.
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>> yes, what he myself absolute favorite you left us because you fell in love with brian, how did you two meet. >> something like that. >> we met on twitter. >> yes. >> yes. >> there was a big snowstorm in new york. i was one of the people wanting to see what was going on. i like her personality. profile picture probably helped too. >> then he got in touch with a friend we knew and it ended up in marriage. >> we got married right down the street at sheritan society hill. >> i love your flower crown there. >> weather and tv together. >> is that where the big fight broke out that sheraton good was their wedding. >> ours was very calm. >> today is our two year, two month anniversary. >> yes. >> yes. >> brian, remind us, i watch you have sunday on cnn. >> yes. >> it is doing well. >> i'm having a fast.
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a lot of critique about the elections, lots to talk about. >> his job brought to us white house. >> this was within of the holiday part thinks year. >> come up saturday. >> yes good that is right we will go down to d.c. for that. >> will you come to philly for the dnc. >> i'm hoping to, then. i'm planning on being there. >> so excited about that. >> i have been told, i'm hoping go to stay with them but now they know. >> do they like him. >> they love him good they like him more than they like me. >> good to see you both. >> thanks for having me. >> happy anniversary. >> she's home to celebrate passover with her familiarly. >> i'm going to create, and craft the biggest matzo ball. >> do you want to taste it after it has been in my handy
9:20 am
don't know where they have been. >> abe fischer's, a great restaurant in center city. >> we have been there. >> i love this plates, this is their mats so ball soup. >> 200-pound of paper and it happened in how long. >> two minutes. >> thanks to the folks at parx. so they are sponsor for this mike, alex abe sue. he puts tonight there. maybe we can watch it happen. watch this: blank. moths matzo.
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you, well, you probably don't want that. but during the holiday family and friend have gathered for a sadder dinner, meal, and kitkat kline has invited us this weekend. >> and her lovely mother. >> well... who i know over at a great restaurant called abe fischer, it is on sansom street the if i remember properly has come into help us make something we have never made. by the way, good to see you, man. >> good to see you. >> do yourself a favor go to abe fischer on sansom street, between 16th and 17th street. >> between 16th and 17th. >> nice. >> on sansom street across from the federal doughnuts. >> freakishly i have done everything on morning television when it comes to food, alex and i have never made matzo ball soup. >> i don't even know how to make the balls. >> i made the mix but you will
9:25 am
make them up. i did make a massive one a head of time. >> that is massive. >> it the might be, the largest matzo ball. >> already in the pot. >> it would be in the pot. >> look at that. >> it is here. >> exactly. >> how do we get to that. >> we start with bread. >> we start with matzo, that is ground up in matzo meal. >> that is over here. >> with an ice cream scooper on it. >> that is milk with some smelts, chicken fat. >> parsely and dill. >> yes. >> so, basically, you could make them any size you want. i decided to make that whole ball and make a massive one. you will make little balls. >> i will help you there. i have some water here. make sure your hand are wet, in cold water. >> if i can get these gloves on. >> yes. >> stick your hand in there. i will put this into your hand. >> were the greens already in
9:26 am
that. >> yes. >> you will drop it right in here, carefully so it doesn't splash. >> what is that. >> that is dill and parsely. >> it makes it easier. >> i also did make potato, breakfast potatoes for you guys. >> there you go, mike. >> i did the work. >> cream cheese and locks. >> what is the key here that people should remember and think about when they make matzo ball soup because people say it is difficult to make. >> you have to make sure that the it is solidified so you can make nice balls. >> is the water boiling. it is simmering. >> what is in the water. >> thinks a chicken soup that is made with a little bit of water and then soup over there. >> this would be poured all over the ball itself. >> that within poured all over the ball. >> i have an idea, chef, can you get that giant ball out of there. >> i certainly can. i have been practicing.
9:27 am
>> which plate do you want to use. >> i have a plate right here. >> move your arm. back it up, lay it on that play. >> goodness gracious. >> is that the biggest one i have ever made. >> that is the biggest, for sure. >> that is the size of our executive producer a's head. >> new we will take soup because there is not much room for anything else. >> i like the ball the best of all of it. >> that is the main attraction. >> how long would you leave the balls in the water. >> very good question. this one, normally they take 20 to 30 minutes this one in particular took two hours because it weighs 1 pound. >> nice and soft. >> nice and soft. >> make it look real pretty. >> yes. >> anyway. >> that is ready to go. >> wonderful. >> chef, thanks so much.
9:28 am
>> abe fischer. >> 9:28. coming up in 22nd. cover girl a local teen posts next to the first lady on the cover of the 17 magazine. we will have to find out what she did to land the cover. save you some green.g to whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren. it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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test. test. test. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it.
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> welcome back everybody, it is 9:31. transitioning from high school to college, on man, wasn't easy for me, not easy for anybody real. >> i some new jersey girl good morning some sounds advice from the first lady of the us, thanks to her essay about overcoming adversity. >> she won 17 magazine
9:32 am
contest, named after a campaign called better make room, from edgewater park, that pushes young women to pursue higher education. that is her, she is on the cover of the may issue with the first lady. and her california co-winner. inside the interview the teens helped conduct. the first lady even tweeted this behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. the nia winning details as she coped from moving from a public school to the private don't academy, where she was the only african-american girl in her grade. at the school, she turned her love of volunteering into something bigger, and create the the kind of project a school club that helps charitable organizations. >> taking back to what i was like at 17, i wasn't visiting the white house. >> or going across the world to do all of this community service. >> visiting. >> being on the cover after magazine. >> (bell ringing). >> special guest of the morning. >> who could it be? >> well, at this point, if you
9:33 am
haven't guessed, you're just silly. common in here. congratulations. >> ni a and your mom showed up. my goodness, hello. congratulations. >> thank you. >> hi, mom. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> oh, and she brought her cover with her. >> yes. >> one for both of you. >> thank you. >> i have to say you look fabulous. >> thank you. here you go, mike. >> how did this happen? you had to write an essay? >> yes. >> what did you write about? >> i wrote about my transfigure my public school to private school as an african-american girl. i talked about how community service helped me overcome that adversity. >> what was the public school? >> was ridgway middle school in edgewater park, new jersey. >> you went to don't? >> don't academy in burlington, new jersey. >> the only african-american student in. >> in my grade at the time. >> when was that like. >> it was hard socially, and emotionally, but i was able to, you know, make the kind of project and the kindness project helped me make friends every all diversities, i got
9:34 am
to learn about them and their different countries, some came from china, the ivory coast, and see the different personalities, different perspectives of the worlds. >> so a charity you started at the school watch he can actually is it then? you guys come together? do you have events and connect people? >> yes. the kind of project is a community service club at done academy, my friends and i co-founded the club, we're in 12th grade now, we will be leaving next year, but we co-found in the club because we really want the the kids at doan to have a voice and have positive impact in the world. we created different service trips, we do fundraising, we did a talent show every year, which raise money for the ronald mcdonald house in camden, raised over thousand dollars in two years. and the school's really small. so we have a class of about 30 kids. so and our school was like 200 kids. >> it loose like mutumbo with you? >> i won another national contest, yes, in the summer called more than a game.
9:35 am
and i wrote an essay about i use basketball and community service to make an impact in the worlds. >> mom, you must be so proud. >> i am. i'm very proud of her. i have always taught her to give back. my husband is in the military. and i was a public school teacher. and so as a little child we did community service and it became her passion. so -- >> she learned it from you. >> she did, she did. and it is something that she loves to do now. and so i used to say oh, you roll with mom. i'll take you big places. so when we went to south africa this summer, she said, hey, mom, you roll with me, i take you big places. >> did you roll down 95 to the white house? >> i did, i did. and i sat in on that interview. >> what was the first lady like. >> oh, she was amazing, like so fun, she danced to beyonce april, she was normal. yes, she lovers beyonce. >> what did you say? what did you say to her when she walked in. >> i was just in shock. i was like oh, my gosh, my
9:36 am
gosh. she just gave us a hug, and she gave us so much advice. and one that she told us about how she has to re-invent herself after the white house, how we're going to have to re-invent ourselves going to college. and that's so like i'm dealing with that right now because i have to leave some of these organizations because i'm getting older and going to college and i have to find new paths. >> where are you going? >> not sure yet. i have options, a loft options. >> in d.c.? >> yes. >> you'll be able to visit her more often? >> hopefully. >> she told you something special. you said she told that you she sees herself in you. >> yes. >> how did you feel to have the first lady of the united states to say that to you? >> i was like oh, my gosh, i couldn't believe it. i start today realize hard work actually pays off. i spends a loft time doing my homework, studying, trying to apply for scholarships, and just i'm hearing her say that just like wow if you work hard and you can accomplish your dreams. >> what is it like at school now? walking through the hallways, i'm cover girl. >> everyone is just so happy for me, we went to dc on
9:37 am
tuesday, and everyone is like can you get news the white house? i'm like i wish. i said i wish. but everyone so supportive. i thank my school very much. they've done a lot. and i just thank them for the support and giving me the opportunity just to go to the school, a loft kids don't have that opportunity. >> one last thing, mike, were you talking in the green room. so thousand dollars keep the secret for how long? >> since february. >> since february. but you said there was one person in your family, who couldn't keep it a secret. who was it? >> my dad. >> dad. he was telling energy. >> ya, ya. >> a video from cell phone? >> sorry, dad. >> so nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> i'm sure she will win another national contest. >> we'll be hearing from you later for sure. congratulations. >> thank you so much. thank you for having me. >> thank you for having her on the show. >> will you be my mommy? >> i need to learn some things. >> it is a loft work but it pays off. >> sure did, sure did. >> thank you. >> let's get back out to parx. >> that's where lauren is now. >> oh, look at this, they
9:38 am
start to stack up. >> this happens every year. they see it, hear about it, and then they finally get out there about 10:00. >> that's great. we will be out there. and it is earth day. >> hey, quincy, what's up? >> i'm at legendary dd -- wdsa with legendary patty jackson, tack -- talking about the life and times of prince. come on back. >> ♪
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to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> leer at wdas with legendary
9:42 am
patty jackson. let's talk about prince. >> he have lost a true american icon. we have. >> i turned on the radio, i heard you yesterday, i could hear your voice hurt, you know? >> it came as such a shock. it is like you know how that saying is your life can flip on the drop after dime. >> yes. >> and it d because at that moment we had to go into workload. i couldn't just stop and cry. because we had to tell everybody this very unfortunate news. and he is allege end. coming up through the 80s, growing up with his music, it did hurt. >> some of the memories that you have with prince, were you telling me, can you just tell us some of the memories? >> okay, back when he was like i want to be your lover, he came to the penn ice rink, 31st and walnut, trench coat and thigh high boots. no one got t they thought he was totally weird. they got better reception, purple rain, he performed at the spectrum, before the wells fargo center, so he was there performing purple balloons,
9:43 am
coming from the sky. he used to perform at the bee jew cafe, old city. >> yes. >> and legacy, what is prince's legacy? >> true musician. what you saw was a true artist know the business, when he went through the split with warner brothers, he was a true artist, he didn't want to be ripped off. he didn't wart others coming in behind him, and he didn't want others to get ripped off. he didn't want that to happen. he wanted to you respect his artistry. >> some call, you know -- >> people are shocked. >> yes. >> they're shocked. they want to hear the music so they can just hold onto that memory. because music legends may die, but their music lives on. >> and you will play some more here today? >> oh, ya, we got great stuff playing all weekend? wdas, straight legends. not as legendary, jenn frederick out there, what's up, jen?
9:44 am
>> all right, q, you have to try this. it is called i spy king of prussia. after the break you'll see know in there. i have no where near what they can do. it is really cool. president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ lesser known song but a good one. still prolific.
9:47 am
>> did you ever want to fly, i mean, like a bird? >> sure, why not? >> okay. >> jen does. that's what she is doing, king of prussia mall. report. >> hi, dorey, welcome to "good day" philadelphia s jen in the tube? >> reporter: so we've been playing with him all morning long, there is kacie. come here. scale of one to ten, ten being rock star, one being i'm ready for the nursing home, how have i done so far? >> she is at a eight. >> eight? >> you needs to relax. you're too tens. >> too tens. so you will talk to her, and you're going to so my moves. >> we got this. great entrance from jen. >> all right. so she is flying, and what we call our neutral body position. she's doing a great job keeping her arms up, and her legs straight. makes it look east. >> i look at this.
9:48 am
>> the key to doing this right here, relaxing? >> relaxing, and just listening to the instructor, when you are in the classroom, they go overall of the basics. just flying in the tunnel, being flexible. >> dorey, how long does she stands in the class to get training for this? >> class lasts about ten minutes long. >> so kacie is doing definately the cherry on top, ya. >> dorey, what is it, a jet engine blowing in their faces? >> we have four state-of-the-art engines, top of the building, with the most advanced stand leaps that actually pull air up into the flight chamber. >> got you. put that microphone right up against the mouth, dorey. >> so cool. so how hard is this? people at home are like my goodness, it looks difficult. is it easier than it looks?
9:49 am
>> oh, yes. definitely not what people think it is, anyone can do it from ages three to 0103. safely flown over 7 million people. for anybody watching at home, this is definitely something you can do. >> wait, 103. did you really have someone 100 years old do this? >> yes, actually, number of our people, frequent flyers who are senior citizens. >> i love it. >> how much is it? fifty-nine bucks? >> our packages start at 69.95, and we can custom ease anything for a party. we also do stem education field trips. >> okay? >> we can host any event that you guys can create. >> okay. you're going to have a bunch. people after this little segment, come out to king of prussia. thanks, dorey. >> thank you so much, guys, have a wonderful day. >> thank you. great job, jen. >> she made it look easy. >> she knows thousand do it, sky diving inside. >> who knew? >> we want to check on the shredder in.
9:50 am
>> yes, please. >> not the shakers, the shredders. >> so we're still waiting for people to fill up the bins, at parx casino. they're our partners. oh, let's go see if these guys will tell us what they are bringing. you're filling up the bin. what did you bring? >> oh, goodness, goodness, just some old papers, and old old -- oh, did. >> shy on the spot. >> that's a lot in there. how long have you had this? >> few years. >> few years, mike and alex. we are cleaning up messes here, shreading papers. cleaning it up.
9:51 am
across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
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9:53 am
9:54 am
>> we want to thank parx casino for our great shreading event. anything you want to shred get right out there. >> great way to celebrate earth day. >> do you know way to celebrate? eat her cook us. >> right. i went on pinterest, i wanted to do something for earth day, i found these earth day cookies that you can make, i took two bags of sugar cookie mix, made them up. no way i would make them from scratch. >> the earth? >> and you color one red and i mean green and blue, thank you. so the first one didn't turn out too good. >> oh, black and blue. >> but then i tried them again. try and see how they are. >> as bette midler said, from a distance. >> doesn't it like like the world. >> we are the world. >> who is that?
9:55 am
>> it is four in one day. four friday. >> monte g. monte g! >> good to see you. >> oh, big fan of the show. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> not just our anniversary, i understand, special day for you. >> today is my birthday. i'm blessed to be here. i'm so thankful. >> come into the light, monte g. >> so great to you with my fox family, great birthday for me, you know, for the 20 years you all have been doing things, you all have been a great inspiration to me, great help. specially mike jerrick had me on the doctor oz show, saved my life, had my lose 120 pounds, i was much bigger 20 years ago, i thank this man and my fox family. >> you know what, monte g, you have watched every day for 20 years, i believe, and the strongest supporter of this show of anybody. >> here are a few of your appearance cents. >> oh, wow.
9:56 am
>> and the shirts you always make. >> to my brother, air brush, i would have done a shirt today. >> we want to do something for up, happy birthday! >> oh, thank you. oh, thank you. hercules, hercules. >> we would be remiss if you didn't do one eagles cheer here. >> ain't nothing but the superbowl babe bay no if's and/or but's baby got the whole city going crazy because the eagles are what, the eagles are the who, the eagles are best, baby baby. >> go eagles. >> yeah, baby. >> love it. thank you so much. >> i love you, thank you, all of my viewers, my friends and fanned out there, i lover you all, much love to my fox family. you are all the greatest. >> i know you were a big prince fan, too. >> yes, i used to get beat and everything, every time my mom would get me, i would put on purple rain, she wouldn't beat me no more, this is your song.
9:57 am
>> what a lovely tribute story that was, monte g. we will all miss prince, see you again, women, tomorrow for good day philadelphia. >> ♪ >> people always say, what was he like? he had such a big heart. >> the guy could play every instrument and no one could do a slow song like prince. >> ♪ purple rain ♪ >> everybody just wanted to be him. he was just smooth. i think his greatest legacy is not that he was a rock icon, not that he was like this casino of an icon, but that he was one of the most gifted
9:58 am
musical geniuses that we've ever seen come along.
9:59 am
across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro
10:00 am
an attorney general...for us >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: the kids have come to play today. >> wendy: also what i'm about to tell you --t -- >> wendy: my girls from always turned out. i give to do you straight no change. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: really? [ cheers ] thank you. oh, my gosh. thank you for watching. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. [ cheers ]


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