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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 25, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock shots fired at a local church killing one person and now a person is in custody but he has not been charged. the the reason next. two separate shootings on the same block, has one thing in common how a police commissioner says they are connected. and the community comes together after a teenager dies inside of her local high school, what one politician is doing tonight to try to heel a community torn apart by violence and death. good day everybody it is monday, april 25th, 2016. >> chris murphy. >> yes, love. >> welcome back. >> good to to be back. >> missed trish your mom, am i going to meet her today. >> my mother will make an appearance here. >> finally. the she's from the atlanta a area and watches every morning on line. >> most mornings. >> this morning she's sleeping
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because lauren had her up all morning last night partying. >> crazy girl. didn't she necessity you had to work the next day. what are you going to do. we're glad to have you with us. we will look forward to meeting miss trish the dish as we call her, is that right? is that her handle. i love it. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. welcome to monday morning. it will be a pretty decent monday. we've got the relative humidity a at 68 percent. sunrise time is 6:08 this morning. the as far as other temperatures are concerned it is chillier to the north of us were 44 degrees in mount pocono. forty-eight in trenton. forty-two in pottstown. forty-one in millville. 47 degrees in dover. so, philadelphia definitely the mildest area this morning. winds are not an issue so still coming out of the south, until we get a frontal system coming through this week. the it looks like a relatively mild day. here's what we're watching a frontal system to our north that will go south tomorrow, tomorrow not the today, so you can look forward to decent
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weather day. a few high thin clouds to our north. let's see what we have got here, it is low to mid 50's by 7:00 o'clock. we have noon time temperatures at 70. we will reach 78 by 3:00 in the afternoon, plenty of sunshine all day long, clouds don't roll in until later on tonight by 7:00 it is in the the mid 70's. we will talk about that next chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. happy monday, bob kelly, is it the a happy monday. >> it is a happy monday. except for the fact that it is monday and weekend just flies by, but nonetheless, lets get up and out, penndot crew is still out here, live look at i-95, southbound, between bartram avenue and route 420. so if you are heading from the city, heading south down past the airport area, everybody pushed over to the far right lane. in big delays but watch it, as the cones come up and, of course, they have to keep speed down as you pass construction crews. no construction this morning,
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on the vine street expressway but they will be shutting it down, every night this week. later on tonight into the following morning. so for early risers, all have of us up and out this morning either watching us on the way out the door or coming home after the late shift, you are okay tomorrow. tomorrow and rest of the week, look out. 422, they have been working all night, working eastbound between the two, collegeville heading in towards king of prussia getting ready to pick up cones and we should be good to go there any moment now, and, the schuylkill expressway, looking good, only about a 14 minute trip, i-95 out of the northeast looking good, septa's norristown high speed line, they will kick in new schedules today so make sure they have a new timetable. the rest of the the buses, trains, trolleys all off to a good start. the chris and lauren, back over to you. this morning investigators trying to piece together how a peaceful church services yesterday, turned deadly. during the 11:00 o'clock sunday services at keystone fell will owe ship church in
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montgomeryville, 27 year-old robert braxton was shot the to death by another parishioner. they got the in a fight witnesses say and braxton was hit once in the the chest. one person who didn't want to be identified said they started pushing. then we heard a gunshot. we duck on the floor. i called 911. officials say the shooter had a conn carry permit for that gun. >> investigation into this on is going. we will have to determine whether the the shooting was justified, under the law. we are still interviewing witnesses. >> at alleged shooter was taken the two hospital, treated and released. police are looking into what started the argument. that man has not yet been charged. time right now 404:67:89 the let's turn to you decide coverage. race for the the white house heading to our area voters heading to the poles in five states including pennsylvania and delaware. many candidates continue their campaigning here this morning. g.o.p. hopeful john kasich will appear at pen rose diner in south philadelphia. republican front runner donald
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trump scheduled to speak at west chester university this afternoon and democratic front runner hillary clinton will be in youngwood at west moreland community college and courtyard of philadelphia city hall. democrat bernie sanders will be at drexel university. it was a rough crowd last night during a "fox news" town hall at national constitution center. a clinton supporter from hershey had a tough time getting out her question, for senator ted cruz. >> hillary supporter i wanted to know... >> unaudible. >> thank you. >> the question, how cruz would campaign against clinton if she wins the republican nomination. cruz answered it and called representatives to rally around a candidate to avoid a contested convention. >> what is good for g.o.p. toys nominate a candidate who can win and who actually has a real substantive agenda. >> we're going to an open
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convention. i have been saying it for two months many people say he doesn't know what he is talking about. it turns out we're right. we will go there and i will tell you what people think about who can win in the fall. >> all right. to that end, kasich and cruz say that they are joining forces to to stop trump. their goal, to prevent trum from gaining last remaining 400 delegates he needs to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. cruz will focus on indiana while kasich will focus honor gone and new mexico. trump is calling it sad that two grown politicians to have gang up on someone who has only been a politician for ten months. tune in for our primary election results tomorrow night right here on fox 29 at 10:00 o'clock and stay with us at the 1:11 for special extended coverage of the primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. other contests are connecticut, rhode island and maryland. >> never a dull moment. philadelphia police commissioner richard ross blaming gang violence for two deadly shootings, at a block party yesterday. one happening in front of the
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candidate for the house of representatives. twenty-one year-old man was shot and killed in the 1400 block of vernon road mid afternoon yesterday. police say it happened while the victim was talking to democratic candidate chris rob. he, nor the campaign, volunteers he was with were hurt. then about four hours later two teenagers were the shot on temple road, one of them was kill. police believe it was retaliation for the first shooting. >> i'm somewhat exasperated by the fact that i'm even here, speaks to what we deal with a cross the city and cities across this nation with retaliation and violence, and manner in which particularly young people handle will their grief and their retribution and it is ridiculous. >> police do not have a a motive for either shooting just yet but no arrests have been made. a 15 year-old girl is in critical condition after a car hit her in gloucester county, new jersey. this happened in the area where police had taken measures to to prevent this very thing from happening. it happened on route 42 at
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green tree road near washington township carnival. police say the teenager was crossing in an area where they had installed plastic orange fence ago long the median of the the highway to prevent carnival goers from that crossing. the victim was rushed to cooper trauma center, the driver of the car that hit her stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. no charges have been filed. a nasty crash in philadelphia's bridesberg section trapped one man in the car and sent three people to the hospital, police say the driver was speeding yesterday morning, lost control of the car, and then hit a light pole. officials say a man sitting in the back seat was not wearing his seat belt and became trapped in the car. the listen to this a seven year-old was also in the the car at the time. police were able to get the man out. fortunately everyone has non-life threatening injuries. 4:07. we now know the name of the woman killed in the crash in millville, authorities. authorities say she's he 30 year-old danielle sony,/pottstown. she died after her suv flip. it happened on route 55 yesterday morning.
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they are now looking into why she crash. we will keep an eye on that. an emergency medical technician has died as a result of injuries he suffered in the line of duty. not many details at this point but officialness upper township say north, responded to a medical emergency in seaville april 13th when he collapsed. his family says the funeral will be held this coming wednesday, the 27th, at platt's memorial chapels on haddonfield, berlin road, in cherry hill. the visitors are welcomed from noon to 1:00. services will start 1:59 followed by a grave side service a the that cemetery. a community's town hall meeting in wilmington set to take place this evening in hopes of the helping that neighborhood heel, following the death of the 16 year-old amy francis joyner. wilmington city councilman darren brown, a graduate of howard high school, is holding the event and urging the community to talk more about bullying. the meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at stubs elementary school in, wilmington this meeting is in response to the death of francis joyner who
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died after a bathroom beating at howard high school of technology. students say the incident was allegedly over a boy. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is allowing an important bill to get pass todd become law starting to day, without his signature. this is after democratic governor has been in a long fight in the republican controlled legislature over the 2015/2016 budget the bill. bill includes how to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars for pennsylvania schools. the state's budget year begins july 1st. we will hear something cool, of course, promises on and while excited for a lot of teens but for others the cost means they will not be able to go. that is why drexel students are stepping up. the drexel black action committee organized this dress give away for students from under privileged areas of philly. private donors gave more than three dozen dresses for girls to choose from. >> we didn't think it was right some girls get to go to prom, others don't because of the costs associated with it. we want give have been an
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opportunity. >> look at her smile, right. pennsylvania state representative donna bullock co sponsored this give away. good for them. the isn't that great. >> yeah. >> 4:11. kidnaped, escaped and now search is on for the man behind the abduction, but did the victim know her kidnapper? hear what police have to say next. a group of cops stunned by their waitress, the move that left them speechless.
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all right. we're starting this morning with a look at precipitation,
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to our north. raining in buffalo, toronto, canada and not here. it is mild enough that just about all of that is rain, what we're not seeing is any rain in our area and we're not expecting any, because this is not expected to sink southward until tomorrow. so that is a a look at precipitation, situation, enjoy day to today because it will be dry. here's the timing of the rain, again, not until tomorrow, but 2:00 in the morning we are seeing thunderstorms popping up with this cold front sinking south around four or 5:00 o'clock when we're together tomorrow. it looks like we will be seeing precipitation as well but it will be isolated but it will be a situation where last week where not everybody gets everything all at ones and then a lot of dry periods during the day, the cold front comes through at night, popping up some thunderstorms in the evening, and that is it for tuesday. this is all expected to come back northward but not until thursday. we will keep that in mine.
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how much rain, not much? half inch at the moment for most area, and again, it doesn't arrive until tomorrow, so we don't to have worry about bringing the umbrella today. 51 degrees in the city as we look at the a the northeast. forty-five in pittsburgh. look at chicago where it is very mild, 61. sixty in nashville. sixty-six in st. louis. we have 44 degrees in mount pocono. forty-six in wildwood. forty-three in lancaster. definitely sweater weather or wear a jacket this morning but you don't have to worry about it being too windy. it was a superb sunday as we predict last week with 07 degrees our high temperature. not much a above the average high for this time of the the year. so it looks like it will be about 77 for a high temperature today. eighty-two tomorrow but those showers, thunderstorms, for election day, 68 degrees, on wednesday, and then it cools off a little bit on thursday and friday, we have our ms walk this weekend we will have more details on that, coming up and hopefully we will keep it the dry for that, as well.
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so, it is a ten out of ten today, bob kelly. >> we will take it. take it while we can get it, 4:16, good morning on a monday, crews are still out from last night on i-95, this is i-95 southbound between bartram avenue and route 420. heading south the of the airport, look out, everybody pushed off to the right lane, light volume at the moment but anyone heading to the airport, right now, to catch that early flight, be ready to tap the brakes. live look at the benny, in problems coming up and over into downtown, coming in from new jersey just watch for the lane shifts that occurred over weekend here in the work zone. this active construction of 295 and 42 every couple of days they are moving all of the lanes around and they don't have overhead street lamps there and they are still working on the northeast extension as we go for a ride here northbound from mid county heading up to lansdale just watch for crews, and then another crew further up near quakertown.
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that emergency construction on the delaware memorial bridge is still there but they have three lanes opened, heading into delaware. so, no problems, at the moment, during the height of the friday afternoon rush hour, and a lot of folks are maybe heading down to the delaware beaches we have had some problems but maybe just throw a few extra minutes into your trip if you use that delaware memorial bridge. new schedules beginning today on the norristown high speed line, otherwise, mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, looking good. >> investigators now say a woman kidnaped in west philadelphia at gunpoint knew her attacker and police are still looking for that man behind the abduction. police say early saturday morning the man forced a 20 year-old woman into his car at gunpoint, near forty-ninth and lancaster in the park side neighborhood. the officers say she was bound with duct tape and assaulted, woman escaped about 11 hours later. incredible video out of air zone, four fire fighters recovering after this big fire ripped through an apartment complex, under construction, officials say, it started
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saturday night around 6:00. no one was living there yet. it was under construction. flames did spread to a nearby house where people did live. fire fighters are expect to be okay. investigators still working to find out who sparked this. volunteer fire fighters shot on the job is out of the hospital this morning. friend, family and other fire fighters escorted 19 year-old kevin swaine out of the prince georges county hospital. swaine and another fire fighter were shot when they went in the home earlier this month to check on a man's condition. that man, says he woke up to what he thought were intruders coming into his home and he started shooting. the swaine was hurt, other fire fighter kill. department battalion says they are happy to see one of their own, improving. >> it was a good thing for me. i haven't seen him on the scene, that call last night, visited him in the hospital, seen him go home and complete his recovery is a very good thing. >> swaine's family set up a donation page where people can give to a charity fund in his name. than line fund was set up for the fire fight her was killed who leaves behind a wife and a
4:19 am
two-year old daughter. a waitress not only served up police officers, she pick up their bill. you will love this. officers were sharing a meal after attending a funeral for a fallen officer. the waitress her them talking. so, they were talking about this officer, who died in the line of duty. she overheard the conversation. she was heart broken. what did she do? she paid their bill. she said that she felt compelled to to do something really nice for them. >> i'm's a young mom. i'm not the anybody really important, and all the while, they took my hand and were thanking me, you know it was an awesome feeling. still is. >> she's an awesome lady. dunbar's own father by the way is a a retired police officer. nearly a year after two florida teenagers disappeared see new clues that surfaced in to their disappearance. crew of the norwegian ship found the boat's 14 year-old austin stephanos and terry cohen were riding in when they got lost at sea last july. it was floating near coast of
4:20 am
bermuda the captain calls it a stroke have luck and he left his office to get air when he spotted it from the ship's deck. on the boy's boat was a phone and tackle boxes. now the family hopes coastguard will reopen their investigation into that disappearance. hats off to the flyers coach dave hakstol, in his first year he took them to the playoffs, right? it was a frustrating game. we could in the score yesterday, but darn it, what a good season we had, yes, mr. gagne, thank you for your services. how about that guy, what a goalie we have got, more after this. let's have a winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm sean bell. flyers said they needed to play better around michael neuvirth but talk is cheap. they knew what they had to do but they just did in the get it done. second period capitals on the attack, marcus johansen sets up, nicholas backstorm, one timer, that was the only goal of the game. caps win one to nothing. they will play penguins next. the flyers just in the good enough, something they will have to learn from. >> they're a good, well rounded team. their special teams are very good. they have it figured out.
4:24 am
they shut us down a little bit per se. but, you know, we have donna lieutenant of things certainly. >> for me it is unfortunate that we didn't win. that is what we take out of it. obviously, we're not satisfied. we know we contact do better. i think this will be a learning experience for this group in here. >> definitely a great year for the flyers. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. okay. more trouble for controversial quarterback,. >> instead of facing team owners and other officials in the nfl, manziel has been indicted by dallas county grand jury on miss demean's salt charge. formal announcement is expected to come later today. manziel a former cleveland browns quarterback and heisman trophy winner a at texas a and m is accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend so hard that she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. okay. we still don't know what happened inside a local church
4:25 am
before a man was shot and kill in the middle of sunday services. investigators do know who fired the shot but they have arrested in one, the reason, next. final farewell to a music legend, family friend say good bye to prince, the weekend was full of tributes to fans for well, more after the break.
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a man killed in a local church, the shooter is in custody but not charged, why police, and why police are holding back. and carli lloyd may not be going to the olympics after all, because of comments he made, for fair pay for women. is there another reason we will have a break down for you. >> former pennsylvania senator is saying i do, for second time, after being married to his late wife for decade. so why is this story making headlines? the answer is coming up. it is monday, april 25th, 2016. >> we all say good morning we say good day everybody. >> good day, everybody. >> good morning everybody. you cut that off this morning before you had a chance, he does it every morning at 3:30 on the dot. >> i intercepted that announcement this morning, sue. he did get it out, this time
4:29 am
on the the air so you got to hear what we hear at 3:30. >> was that pass interference. >> yes, that is right. >> all right. the penalty, i still don't understand but that is a whole other thing. i thought you are supposed to try to interfere with the pass if you are on the other team. i don't understand why that is a bad thing. the don't get me started. 51 degrees in philadelphia calm wind. 6:08 is your sunrise time. we have got chillier temperatures to the north and south of us, we're the only place in the 50's though, right now, in the region. 41 degrees in millville. forty-three lancaster. atlantic city international has 46 degrees. it is sweater weather to get you started. wear a jacket or sweater going out this early in the morning especially, a little while as you saw until sunrise time. and watching this cold front draped to our north, it will fall southward tomorrow, and, then we don't have, to go, to
4:30 am
take, it will not bring us a shower activity at all. plan on 50's in philadelphia, throughout the rest of the morning, lower 50's but by lunchtime sun takes us to 70 degrees. by 3:00 o'clock we're in the upper 70's. probably 77, 78 degrees for our high temperature. seventy-five by 7:00 o'clock if your kid have a baseball, softball, soccer game tonight, it should be fine, fine weather for that. so that is monday. can't say the same about tuesday. we will have that forecast, coming up, in just a few minutes. 4:30 bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody a monday morning, up and out, live look at the schuylkill expressway between center city and city line, looking good, in problems or delays, at all there at the moment. we are looking good, open up on the vine street expressway this morning. however, later on tonight and this time tomorrow morning, crews will be out here, all this week, shutting down the vine, again for that construction, between broad and the schuylkill. construction on the turnpike here, between the delaware
4:31 am
valley interchange, philly, bensalem, in problems down i-95. good morning to the gang in conshohocken. conshohocken road will go in shut down mode, right at ridge pike for that next couple of week and relining conshohocken road with fey yet street, watch for those, detours, and set you back in a few minutes. we have lane shifts in the work zone at 42, a approaching 295, again as part of that long term construction project, and for the gang either heading north up to the poconos or maybe coming back early this morning just watch for construction on the northeast extension, between mid county, up through lansdale. the mass transit the though looking good, with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. a man shot to death yesterday morning at church in montgomery county. >> witnesses say it was a moment, everyone was singing and next few seconds they will hear a gunshot. steve keeley live in montgomery county with the details, hi there steve.
4:32 am
a lot of work to do for montgomery county district attorney kevin steele and his staff. d.a. says they have hundreds of interviews to do with all of the witnesses who saw and who were hurt, anything here inside the church during 11:00 e yesterday. they have to wait for an autopsy to be done today on the 27 year-old man killed, identified as robert braxton. now the autopsy should tell investigators how close he was to the usher, when shot, possibly, if he was in a struggle, over the gun, there could be burn marks on his skin or clothes where he was shot real close-up, against the chest. after arguing and then pushing, shoving with ushers, church goers had told us. the church member who fired has a permit to carry a conceal weapon and obviously claimed it was fired in self-defense, felt his life was in danger, and even if the man killed was unarmed, it the may be argued he may have tried to grab the gun or physically try to struggle with the church member who did get treated himself at the
4:33 am
hospital for injuries afterward. the here's district attorney kevin steele saying that the man with the gun has been cooperating and not in custody. >> it a peers that braxton was shot with the semiautomatic handgun. the investigation into this is ongoing. we will have to determine whether the shooting was justified under the law. we are still interviewing witnesses, and the autopsy in the case is scheduled for tomorrow at the montgomery county coroner's office. there were a number of people at the services, even hundreds. so, we have a lot of interviews to do. that is ongoing. that will take sometime, to do. >> reporter: at yesterday's news conference the advertise trick attorney says he did not know if the man killed was armed, or not, witnesses in the church, told reporters that they heard three shots, authorities say braxton was shot once in the chest, and if all that is true the other shots could indicate a struggle over the gun, as to
4:34 am
why someone ushering, working or volunteering for sunday services would feel the need to carry a gun, well, after last years shooting in south carolina's church killed nine, many churches across the country reassessed their security steps. chris and lauren, that happened less than a year ago on june 17th still so fresh in many mind especially those hold sunday services and hope to keep their congregations safe during them. >> absolutely. all right, steve, thank you. well, difficulties a pointing summer olympics news for team u.s.a. >> the women's soccer team might be without carli lloyd. >> that is right. she injured her right knee over the weekend putting her status for rio in limbo. she was sidelined the saturday after going down for national league national match in orlando. we are waiting to hear results of the mri but she may have strained or torn her mcl. lloyd remains optimistic and thanks her fans for their support. 4:34. a former senator from pennsylvania is announcing he will say i do, to another man.
4:35 am
harris woffard is a 90 year-old democrat, whose wife passed away 20 years ago. according to his opinion in the new york times sunday the man he plans to marry is 50 years his junior. woffard wrote that he had a wonderful marriage to his wife who died of leukemia but he then later met his current partner and found happiness for a second time in his life. woffard criticized people straight or gay, he doesn't characterized himself based on the people he loves. that is interesting. 4:35. we are less than a day away from tuesday's primary, many candidates making stops in our area up next we will have a look at where you might be able to see these signs for your votes.
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it is 4:38. race to the white house comes to our area with another round of primaries. the voters heading to the poles in five states tomorrow, including pennsylvania and delaware. many candidates continue their campaigning right here today this morning g.o.p. hopeful john kasich, he will appear at pen rose diner in south philadelphia. republican front runner donald trump is scheduled to speak at west chester university this afternoon. democratic front runner hillary clinton will be in youngwood in west moreland community college and courtyard of the philadelphia city hall. democrat bernie sanders will be at drexel university. by the way, it was a rough
4:39 am
crowd last night during a fox town hall at the national constitution center. a clinton supporter from hershey had a tough time getting out her question for senator ted cruz. listen to this. >> as a hillary supporter i wanted to know... >> let her ask the question. >> as a hillary support are i wanted to know... >> boo, boo. >> the question, how cruz would campaign begins clinton if he wins the republican nomination. cruz answered the question and called on republicans to rally behind a candidate to avoid a contested convention. >> what is good for the g.o.p. is to nominate a candidate who can win, and who actually has a real substantive agenda. >> look we're going to an opened convention. i have been saying this for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what he is talking about. we will go there. i will tell what you people will think about it. delegates will think about can win in the fall. >> kasich says opened
4:40 am
convention is another term for contested convention. kasich and cruz say they are joining forces to stop this guy donald trump. their goal, to prevent him from gaining last remaining 400 delegates he needs to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. after you cast your ballot tomorrow tune into watch results at ten and stay with us at 11:00 for our special extended coverage of the primary in pennsylvania, and in delaware. 4:40. cable and internet can be pricey for some families, at&t realizes that and is making changes. so who will benefit most from the new affordable internet.
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china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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i'm hillary clinton, ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ start off this presentation with a look at ultimate doppler radar and, some rain, far to the north of us, the reason we're watching this is the whole frontal system wilsonking south throughout the day but not expected to a live until tomorrow. so, it the should not mess things up. we will watch closely the poconos. you see a little bit of green to the north of us, but it is, again, high pressure in control. it is supposed to stay dry according to the future cast for the rest of the daytime hours. it is not until tonight we're expecting rain to roll in as that front sinks from the north to the south. so it looks like, probably tomorrow morning, if you are north of the city, we have a greater likelihood of seeing some rain. we could see a little bit here in philadelphia but as the front progresses, it is not until evening, that it touches
4:44 am
off showers and maybe some thunderstorms. some could be kind of strong. so really all day we will keep an eye on the sky but it is our primary day here in pennsylvania, and also in delaware, so, it shouldn't stop you from voting because it will not be constant throughout the day. rain we do get should in the be much more than a third or tenth of an inch of rain, in the the a huge deal. 51 degrees in philadelphia as we look at the rest of the north east. we will see 47 degrees where it is raining in buffalo. forty-eight in detroit. much milder out to the west with chicago, a at 61. st. louis at 66. here in the region it is chillier to the north of us, were 44 degrees in mount pocono. mid 40's in reading, upper 40's in dover, and wildwood to get your day started. wind are kind of calm, it is another day where it will be as beautiful as yesterday, but just warmer then the 70 degrees we got on that superb sunday. the down side will be the allergy situation is just
4:45 am
perfect though with temperature and with plenty of sunshine. so for tomorrow, we're up to 79 degrees, but those pop up showers and thunderstorms will be around, again, don't let it stop you from voting in the primary. if you're eligible. we've got 68 degrees, cools off considerably on wednesday, and another round of showers, on thursday, and then they could linger in to friday morning but so far, so good, as we head into the weekend. yes, weekend just ended bob kelly and we are already looking a head to the next. >> that is how it goes, you know it. 4:45. northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road, nice and dry and in problems at all, nice and quiet in the northeast between route one and i-95. ninety-five southbound in problems working your way through the construction zone and girard avenue. we have some septa notes, new schedules begin on the norristown high speed line so make sure you are good to go with that new timetable and throughout the weekend, septa was doing repairs, in the tunnels between 40th and sent earth city. so there has been no tunnel
4:46 am
services but they will resume that services this morning, at 5:00 a.m. for the beginning of our morning rush hour. so that is good news for everybody who uses all of the subway surface trolleys and then water main break down here in wilmington at shiply and wilson, so just watch for local detours as you roll through the morning rush hour, in problems on the turnpike, they were doing construction out there near philly. cones are in the truck and they are on the way home. conshohocken road, right the at ridge pike, it is all part of the new project to connect conshohocken with lafayette, as you work your way in to conshohocken. watch for detours that begin today and some lane patterns, shuffles over there along the freeway as you work your way up toward 29 five chris and lauren, back over to you. hunt is on for multiple suspects believed to have killed a family of eight in ohio. >> this comes as authorities released new details about a possible motive. "fox news" correspondent kelly wright has the very latest from new york. >> reporter: new details of the investigation of the mass
4:47 am
murder of a family of eight in ohio. as the states attorney general confirms it was drug related. >> we did find marijuana, in three locations. >> reporter: authorities believe more than one killer was involve and they are still on the run. this comes after eight members of the roads family were murdered execution style in four different homes in pike county on friday but the sheriff says it is not the a public safety concern, since the family was the target this was not something that just happened this was something that was planned, a family was targeted, most of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> reporter: 911 calls, detailed a tragic moment, after other family members found the body. surviving family members are staying at a church cue to concerns for their safety.
4:48 am
meantime, deputies are still guarding the crime scene. saying it is a sensitive investigation due to the nature of the crime. >> might have deputies from my county and other county that are keeping the scene secured. >> reporter: some of the eight autopsies are now complete with the final one scheduled for monday. >> eighteen pieces of evidence are now at the state crime lab at vci, those are being looked at by our dna people. >> reporter: there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the killers. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". 4:48. u.s. is sending an a initial 250 special operations troops to syria. that is from two u.s. officials who say president obama will make a normal announcement today. the those u.s. forces will not do any direct fighting but their goal to advise syrian forces in the hope they would take more territory from isis near the city where islamic
4:49 am
state de facto capitol has been named. u.s. has 50 u.s. operations forces doing similar work in syria. senior administration official says the president decided to send more troops because of the recent success against isis. let's talk money. new research conduct on amazon prime delivery service is causing, and, amazon bypasses, sip codes and african-american in the largest cities. biggest discrepancies were in the bronx in new york, parts of the chicago, d.c., and atlanta a. amazon says it decide where same day delivery service would go based on, factors like distance to the nearest fulfillment center and local demand. the company announced it is expanding free prime same day delivery service making it available in more area. so families may have more options now when it comes to finding affordable internet. >> at&t announced new plan to provide discounted internet access as low as $5 a month, this is for low income families, any home where at
4:50 am
least one person receives food stamps would be eligible for a new program. at&t will offer internet connection speeds of three mega bits for second. the faster speeds of five or ten mega bits per second will cost $10 a movement all installation and equipment fees will be waved. all right, staying with money, airline travelers, shout hooray, low airfares are here to say. at least they are here to stay, until 2017. according to the nation's largest airline, american airlines, all four of the major airlines, american, united, delta and southwest had planned for lower fares this year but don't cry for the air carriers. they are still making a whole lot of money n fact, in some cases, they are recording record profits. industry is benefiting from the drop in fuel costs this quarter, but don't think that they are lower costs will be passed down to you because last time i check, and you correct me if i'm's wrong because you are one to travel. >> i do love to travel. >> is it still 25 bucks for
4:51 am
checked bags. >> unbelievable. >> then they charge you for animal like diamond who is it under the seat, don't cost anything. >> it is in the like they have added, perks like you are in the getting a nice sandwich anymore. >> no, remember days when you used to get nice meals on flights. >> they throw you a bag of pretzels. >> or peanut. >> yes, and half of the plane ace allergic, you cannot eat them. >> it is not fun to fly anymore. so listen to this it appears britain's royal family is making some serious bank. a british investment firm crunched the numbers, their estimated to be worth about $85 billion. >> what? >> that number includes. >> they work so hard. >> that includes land, treasures, and an art collecton that is owned by monarchy. but some people in the uk say they have skewed these figures because family cost the the british taxpayer 18 million per year and to boost to tourism is over rated. many a lot of them are over
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:52 am
them as you are for some reason. >> queen elizabeth just celebrated 90 years, last year she turned 90. >> a long full life. >> 4:52. there is some angry, beyonce fans out there, just days after the singer released her sixth album, some of the most diehard fans still can't get their hand on her music, we will tell i why next. that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes.
4:53 am
how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
4:54 am
sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. american workers know how to fightso does we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there is some controversy over
4:55 am
this new beyonce album lemonade. >> their previous album did the same thing she surprised release of it. >> here's the part that is causing the controversy. >> that is from the hbo special, but it is a new album. hour long hbo special immediately following the special released to streaming site tidal but many people were upset because they do not have subscriptions to tidal. well, don't worry, her new album is coming to itunes, supposedly the new york times was reporting it would be available by midnight but at last check it is still not there. she will break the internet the because everybody goes crazy over beyonce. >> it looks like a perfect or film. >> it looks like children of the corn meets blair witch project meets i don't know
4:56 am
what. >> you were like this is not what you would expect from beyonce. >> it is scary. >> take it off the screen. >> 4:55. the world, of course, still america loss of the the true artist, mourning the looks of prince, dead at just 57. >> we have learn family and close friend said their goodbyes to the music icon. >> ♪ >> publicist for prince says that his remains, cremated saturday but he did in the say where the service was hell. one family and close friend of the musician where is there to celebrate his life and small private service. these friends include sheila e, and larry graham. prince died last week at paisley park in minneapolis. an autopsy was done friday but authorities have not released the cause of the death and said results could take weeks.
4:57 am
♪ me and mrs. jones >> and music world mourning the death of another singer, philadelphia's own billy paul died at his home after a serious medical condition, born in north philadelphia, he won a grammy for the 70's single me and mrs. jones. he was 81 years old. 4:57. the shots fired at a local church killing one person and a person is in custody but has in the been charged, the reason, coming up next.
4:58 am
5:00 am
shots fired at a local church killing one person why police have yet to charge anyone for the crime. a political fire storm this morning, two of the presidential candidates, teaming up to stop trump. the plan that ted cruz and john kasich, just announced. plus, a fight for the finish, flyers rallied back and made it a six game series against the capitals but it just was not enough, why many fans are still saying that the team should be, excited, about their accomplishments. oh, yeah. >> it looks like we have our goalie for next year too, michael neuvirth, boy, he is good. >> good day everybody. it is monday, 4:25, 2015. you were schooling me how to pronounce his name. >> it looks like neuvirth. >> it is hard to say. >> i'm amazed the at how hockey announcers cab describe plays so quickly and these complicated names, so quickly. >> it


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