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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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shots fired at a local church killing one person why police have yet to charge anyone for the crime. a political fire storm this morning, two of the presidential candidates, teaming up to stop trump. the plan that ted cruz and john kasich, just announced. plus, a fight for the finish, flyers rallied back and made it a six game series against the capitals but it just was not enough, why many fans are still saying that the team should be, excited, about their accomplishments. oh, yeah. >> it looks like we have our goalie for next year too, michael neuvirth, boy, he is good. >> good day everybody. it is monday, 4:25, 2015. you were schooling me how to pronounce his name. >> it looks like neuvirth. >> it is hard to say. >> i'm amazed the at how hockey announcers cab describe plays so quickly and these complicated names, so quickly. >> it is a mouthful.
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>> yeah, right. >> sue serio, good morning. we had beautiful baseball weather but we had 20,000 people indoors yesterday for that game at noon. >> it was a lovely day outside, hopefully you got the a chance to enjoy it. because it was the epitome of spring, the humidity was low, temperatures were comfortable. we will have another, even though it will be warmer today. maybe more humid. we will give it a ten out of ten. we don't expect any rain. tranquil right now. 49 degrees in the city. 6:08 is your sunrise time. and we're looking the at temperatures that are pretty cool to the the north of us, only 42 in pottstown. forty-four in mount pocono. we have 48 degrees in trenton. forty-four atlantic city. forty-eight in wildwood. wind are mostly coming out of the south, that is why we expect a very warm day to day, and it looks like we will not get that spray to the north, even though it looks like it might come close to the poconos at some point. it is not until tomorrow that we expect showers and a thunderstorm, today, not so
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much, temperatures in the 50's, throughout the rest of the morning. 70 degrees by lunchtime. seventy-eight should probably be our high temperature in the afternoon, and then mid 70's, by the evening. so that is a pretty good day, we will see it is ten worthy, but tomorrow is a different story. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. right now, traffic time, hi there bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. looking like we will have a good day ahead of us, maybe take your convertible to work kind of a day, roll wind he down and grab your coffee and let's go. a live look at king of prussia, king of prussia, out there with the mall in the background. no problems along 202 as we get ready to head out the front door. curve side the opposite end of the river here. forty-two, coming toward philadelphia the with the headlights working your way in towards the city. so light volume, so far this morning, that emergency construction has been tying us up last week, we're better then we ever have been. we're down to three lanes, opened, one is closed, and far left lane, it is as you come over the delaware memorial
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into delaware that left lane still block, so, just watch for the speed restrictions as you you work your way across the span. down into delaware, wilmington a water main break at shiply and wilson some with some local detours and get ready for paint work again. crews will be out today working on the schuylkill expressway from south philadelphia a, heading west out toward king of prussia. they are doing line paint ago long i-76. they will begin around 9:00 o'clock. that is a project that is going to be completed all through the week. so, think about probably in the tomorrow with the rain but definitely today. norristown high speed line new schedules go in effect today. if you use this stretch of the line make sure you have the new timetable and septa had done work in the tunnels all weekend long. they will resume that tunnel services this morning. we are good to go for all of the sub waste surface trolley routes in and out of the center city. turnpike, little slow in the work zone between philly, over to delaware valley, in problems at all, heading south, a long i-95, and
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another new project that begins today in conshohocken, they will close conshohocken road, right at ridge pike today, for the next month and a half as part of the work project there in conshohocken. just watch for those lane shifts on the freeway, as you work your way in through bellmawr heading in towards philly. mass transit, looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. this morning investigators busy trying to piece together as to how a peaceful church services yesterday turns deadly. >> during the 11:00 o'clock service yesterday at keystone fellowship church in montgomeryville, 27 year-old robert braxton was shot to death by another parishioner. the two men got in the fight witnesses say and braxton was hit once in the chest with the the bullet. the one person who did not want to be identified said quote, they started pushing, then we heard gunshot and then we duck on the floor. i called 911, end quote. officials say that the shooter had a concealed to carry permit for that gun. >> the investigation into this is ongoing. we're going to have to determine whether the shooting
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was justified under the law. we are still interviewing witnesses. the alleged shooter was taken to the hospital, treated and released. police are looking into what started the argument. that man, has in the yet been charge. philadelphia police commissioner richard ross blaming gang violence for two deadly shootings only a block apart yesterday, one happening in front of the candidate for the state house of representatives. a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in the 1400 block of vernon road mid afternoon. police say it happen while the victim was talking to democratic candidate chris rob. he nor the campaign volunteer he was with were hurt. then about four hours later two teenagers were shot on temple road, one of them was kill. police believe it was retaliation for the first shooting. >> as you can tell i'm somewhat exasperated by this fact that i'm even here speaks to what we deal with across the city and cities across this nation, with retaliation and violence and the manner in which particularly young
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people handle their grief and their retribution. it is ridiculous. >> police do not have have a motive for either shooting just yet. so far no arrests has been made. a 15 year-old is in critical condition after a car hit her in gloucester county, new jersey. this happened in an area where police had taken measures to prevent this very thing from happening. it was route 42 at green tree road near washington township carnival. police say the teen was crossing in an area where they installed plastic orange fencing to prevent carnival goers from crossing. the victim was rushed to cooper trauma center, the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police, no charges filed just yet. in the race for white house it comes right here to the delaware valley. voters heading to the polls tomorrow including five states, including pennsylvania and delaware. many candidates are campaigning right here today this morning g.o.p. hopeful john kasich, will be at the pen rose diner route there in south philadelphia. republican front runner donald
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trump is scheduled to speak at west chester university this afternoon. democratic front runner, hillary clinton, she will be, in youngwood in west moreland community college and courtyard right there in philadelphia's city hall, democrat, bernie sanders, he is going to be at drexel university. meanwhile, it was a rough crowd last tonight during a "fox news" town hall, at the national constitution center. a clinton supporter from hershey had a tough time getting out a question, to senator ted cruz. >> as a hillary supporter, i wanted to know... >> let her ask the question. >> thank you. as a hillary supporter, i wanted to know... >> boo, boo. >> her question, how cruz would campaign against clinton if he wins the republican nomination? well, cruz answer then called on republicans to rally behind a candidate to avoid a contested convention. >> what is good for the g.o.p. is to nominate a candidate who can win and who actually has a
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real substantive a again a. >> look we're going go to an open convention. i have been saying it for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what he is talking b it turns out we're right. we will go there amy will tell what you people will think about, the delegates will think about who can win in the fall. >> an opened convention, same as contested convention or brokered convention. kasich and cruz say they are joining forces to stop trump. their goal to prevent trump from gaining last remaining 400 delegates he needs to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. trump is calling it sad that two grown politicians have to gang up on someone who has only been a politician for ten months. oh, boy it will get interesting, right. tomorrow night right here on fox 29 news at ten we will have results and stay with us, at 11:00 for a special extended coverage of the primaries in pennsylvania, and delaware, other contests are connecticut, rhode island and maryland. the flyers rallied back
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and won two in a row from the capitals. the capitals by the way had not been beaten back to back, all season long but we did it to make it an interesting fight. >> they put up a good fight against washington yesterday. unfortunately the season came to an end. >> to the wells far faux center in the second period capitals on the attack putting lots of pressure on flyers goalie michael neuvirth. the flyers, two on one goal, would go into win that game. one to nothing. that was only goal scored the whole game. the flyers could not play well enough to get the win. and they could in the score. >> for me it is, obviously unfortunate we didn't win. that is what you take out of it. we didn't win. we're satisfied but we're in the satisfied. we know we can do better and this will give everybody a learning experience for everybody here. >> claude giroux was very serious. many fans are saying team exceeded expectation this is season. maybe playoffs, but they hung
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in there against the caps. >> as you said, pretty good team they went from three games to in to a six game series, battled the team with the best regular season record. >> it is what it is. we didn't even expect to get to game six. god blessed ed snider, go flyers, still the best. >> we came up short but we played tough. we made it a series. we could have got swept. we had a good series. >> we had so many good chances, and just didn't get that goal. you know, looking forward to next year and hopefully, you know, we will be back here again at the wells fargo center, looking for a stanley cup playoffs next year. >> we played with a lot of heart, inn telling grit, we didn't go out like cowards. keep in mind capitals are the best team in the nhl. >> fans say ed snider, flyers founder who passed away earlier this month, would have been proud of that team. you know, dave hakstol who was a rookie coach, he coached college ranks, first year in
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the nhl, to say back november, december that the flyers would be in the playoffs, you would never would thought that would happen but they rallied a all of 2016. >> how was the game. >> i took my daughter erin to the game. it was a really good game. we dominated the puck for good time there. >> did she have fun. >> she had fun because between period one and two, she got to get a slice of pizza a, and a soda. she never gets soda. wow. special treat. >> then on her drive home you know what she was bumped about not that the flyers lost but she never got cotton candy. >> it is never about the kid. kidnaped, he had scaped and now the search is on foreman behind the abduction, did the woman know her kidnapper? police have something to say about this one. it looks like target may be losing some of its customers. the policy in place that has 300,000 people refusing to shop there.
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a little paul simon for you. paul simon is coming to our area. he will play the mann later this year. >> let's go to manayunk where saint john the baptist parish is celebrating 185 years. archbishop charles chaput presided over mass of
5:15 am
thanksgiving yesterday morning. the last year the church raised more than a million-dollar, to save and restore, the historic tower. >> that is fantastic. what a bought full building. >> look at the that. >> man. >> is he nice. >> that is when they put care, concern, time in our buildings >> and the pour the concrete, fred. >> that is beautiful. all right, darling. >> yes, it was a lovely day for a celebration, especially outdoors but tomorrow we have the primary here, in philadelphia, and in delaware, as well. the forecast will not be, as ideal. i'm afraid. we will be in the mid 60's by 7:00. it will be a mild day but tomorrow we're expecting, showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon and pop up thunderstorm in the evening. the don't let that keep you away from the voting booth, it will be warm with the high of 8o we will a cold front, but
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not until after tomorrow. today we expect to be milder then today. we do not expect any of that rain to our north to get here, not until tomorrow. here's the timing and future cast, there you can see 3:00 a.m. some of that rain is starting to sneak down in the northern suburbs. it is a spotty situation, spotty showers here and there throughout the rest of the day, pop up then are storms in the have afternoon as the cold front comes through. that is a look at what we expect from that round of rain maybe half inch, a little more or less, depending where you live. we are at 48 degrees in philadelphia as we look out to the west of us, it is much milder. some milder air moving in today and tomorrow. milder then it was yesterday. yesterday was indeed delightful. we've got temperatures in the 40's, to start your day, winds are rather calm, this morning, we did earn that superb sunday name yesterday with high of 70 . we beat that with a high of 77. 80 degrees tomorrow. is there your trade off, showers and thunderstorms,
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sunny and cooler on wednesday after a cold front comes through another front on thursday with a chance of spring showers, and then that is going to take things into friday morning but we do expect at least at this point things to dry out, over the weekend and of course saturday is the last day of april, bob kelly. >> wow. >> flying by. >> good morning, everybody. 5:17. you get up and out in the neighborhood. broad and spring garden street. the crews are paving overnight. nice and quiet so far this morning. no problems coming into downtown philadelphia a a live look at the vine street expressway, opened now but every night this week, so later on tonight into this time tomorrow the crews will be blocking the vine between the schuylkill and broad street. otherwise we're in good shape, in problems yet on i-95, schuylkill expressway looking good, looking good up and down 476, and saint dave mid to 95. down in wilmington a the water main break at shiply and wilson with local detours. coming to quakertown later
5:18 am
today route 313, east broad street at nick lucas drive by sewage treatment plant there they will do work over next couple days. watch for grid lock, that is just off of the quakertown interchange of the pennsy turnpike. the paving project continues this week on the kelly drive, they are not going to work during the morning or evening actual rush hours but pretty much after that it is around the clock for that repaving. and then they will do it for line paint to go day on the schuylkill expressway, crews will work from south philadelphia, heading west out toward king of prussia, so expect delays on the schuylkill, roving delays beginning at 9:00 a.m. chris and lauren, back over to you. a nasty crash in philadelphia's brideberg section trapped one man in his car and sent three people to the hospital. police say the driver was speeding yesterday morning, lost control and then hit a light pole. officials say a man, who was sitting in the back seat was in the wearing his seat belt had become trapped in the car. the listen to this. a seven year-old was also in
5:19 am
the the car at the time. police were able to get the man out, fortunately, everyone has non-life threatening injuries. we now necessity the name of the the women kill in the crash in millville, new jersey. authorities say she's 30 year-old danielle sully of pottstown, she died after her suv flipped this happened yesterday morning on route 55. they are now looking into why she crashed. investigators now say a woman kidnaped in west philadelphia at gunpoint knew her attacker, and police are still looking for that man behind the abduction. police say early saturday morning the man forced a 20 year-old woman into his car at gunpoint the at forty-ninth and lancaster, in the cities park side neighborhood. officers say she was bound with duct tape and assaulted. the would the man escaped about 12 hours later. multiple suspects are believed to be at large after a brute will almas kerr of a family of eight, in ohio, and now, this is as authorities released new details about a possible motive. the states attorney general confirms it was drug related. surviving family members are staying in the church due to concerns for their safety.
5:20 am
>> this was in the something that just happened. this was something that was planned, a family was targeted, mess of them targeted while they were sleeping. >> authorities say they found marijuana and three locations and they are still guarding the crime scene. a 35 you this dollars reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest there in ohio, lauren. a volunteer fire fighter shot the on the job is now out of the hospital. friend, family and other fire fighters escorted kevin swaine out of the prince georges county hospital. swaine and another fire fighter were shot when they went into a home earlier this month to check on the man's condition. that man says he woke up to what he thought were intruders coming into his home and he started shooting. swaine was hurt. the other fire fighter was kill. a department about tall beyond say they are happy to see one of their own getting better. >> it was good thing for me. having even him on the scene of the call that night, visiting him here in the hospital, maybe go home and complete his recovery, it is a very good thing. >> swaine's family set up a
5:21 am
donation page where people can give to a charity fund in his name and on line fund was also set up for fire fighter who was killed who leaves him and wife and his daughter. amazon prime delivery service is causing a controversy, what the study reveals about the populated areas the services decided to pass on. community comes together after a teenager dies inside her local high school, what one politician is doing tonight to try to heel a community torn apart by violence. at 5:21 on this monday morning we will look at your winning lottery numbers.
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across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ >> oh, yeah. that is queen of the jazz, as she was known. she was born this day in 1917, passed away in 1996 but what a gift to the world of jazz music. >> incredible voice. >> this should not surprise you, but it might, okay, not enough sleep really is bad for your health. >> oh, right here. exhibit a. just one week a restless night
5:25 am
and exhibit b, and you cannot see bob, there is c. just one week. >> jammo. >> jammo. >> yes, right here in the studio. >> what is making you so crazy. >> all right. >> just one week of restless night sleep, raises cholesterol and damages the heart. that is me at noon every day. >> oh, no. >> lack of sleep is known to raise risk of heart problems and strokes, we're all done, guys. researchers studied people that got less than eight hours sleep in a week, they had higher levels of bad cholesterol, and lower levels of the good kind, right. so, that bad cholesterol causes plaque to form in the arteries and then causes disease. so we're all, you know, screwed. >> here's something else, new study says foods that we thought would give us energy may make you more tired. the biggest one, caffeine, along with high amounts of sugar. nutritionist say people should keep away from food with high
5:26 am
glycemic index. although they give you a short burst of energy, long term your body is like oh, no way and then you crash. >> you know what foods high in the the glycemic index, white rice steer clear of that. new research conduct on amazon prime's delivery service is causing a controversy. >> company announced it is expanding free prime same day delivery service making it available in more areas. however, a study done by bloomberg found that in some of the larger cities where services are now available it the bypasses sip codes that predominantly black. company decides where same day delivery service will go based on factors as distance to the near fulfillment center and local demand. more than 340,000 people signed a petition saying they will in longer buy anything to target. it is in response that transgender employees and customers can use whichever bathroom corresponds with their gender identity. american family association
5:27 am
fighting back with the petition. the group says a man can simply says he feels like a woman today and just enter the woman's rest room. still ahead promises on in full swing but it can cause big problems. how local college students steps up to the plate to help those in need. it is a meal a group of police officers will never for get, we will tell you why straight ahead.
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shots fired in the local church killing one person, why police have yet to charge anyone with a crime. and political fire storm this morning, two of the presidential candidates teaming up to stop donald trump, the plan ted cruz and john kasich just announced, good day everybody, it is monday april 25th, 2016. let me look it up. >> i want to see how old al pacino is, he believe he turns 76 years old today. of course, he was in the movie called the godfather which you have never seen. >> i'm so familiar with that movie. >> you you are familiar with that movie. >> name me one line he says in that movie. >> hello. >> well, he says good bye today by just closing the door >> she just stairs, cut her out of the shot just like he cut fredo, you know what
5:31 am
happened to him saying the hail hail mary out by the lake, you broke my heart, kissed him on the lips, fredo you broke my heart. >> that is good movie to watch today or maybe tomorrow. >> tomorrow, after you vote in the primary, because we have a very nice day today. bus stop buddy, this is a sweat shirt on this morning is a good idea. temperatures in the 40's, a couple in the 50's. we are off to a cool start. thanks to clear skies. we have clear skies leading to sunshine and that is a good thing. it is 49 degrees with calm wind. here's your sunrise time 6:08 this morning. 44 degrees mount pocono, only 42 in allentown. forty-three in lancaster. that is the on the chilly side. forty-four atlantic city. close to 50 in philadelphia. here's a a weather maker for tomorrow, it is a cold front that is draped across northern tear states eventually heading southward but not to day, high pressure should block that precipitation from getting here. it is a dry, beautiful day.
5:32 am
plenty of sunshine. a few clouds here and there but a high temperature in the upper 70's. yesterday we got to 70. it is warmer then yesterday. sunset at ten of 8:00 tonight bob kelly. i tell you, ten of eight. >> a ten. >> ten of eight. >> yes, get to stay out late, play out in the backyard, good morning everybody. 5:32. this is a live shot of the platt bridge, heading into southwest philadelphia. this is from our airport camera there. we are seeing volume poppas rush hour gets underway. hello delco, live look at i-95 in delaware county between state line up toward the airport. and septa is having some problems on the route 11 trolley, they are using shuttle buses between the darby station and the island wood land loop there. so off to a bad start there. otherwise we're in good shape on the schuylkill, blue route looking good. no problems yet through the construction zone on i-95 and a water main break at shiply and wilson, and work coming to
5:33 am
quakertown route 313 just off of that quakertown interchange. otherwise, buses, trains, trolleys all running with to delays, chris and lauren back to you. >> bob accounts this morning investigators working to piece together how a peaceful church services yesterday turned deadly. >> parishioners ducking for cover, steve keeley life in montgomery count which more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: two police cars for some unknown reason back at the front door of this church where this happened yesterday, the shooting at that charleston south carolina church where nine people were killed, only ten months ago, last june 17th, so churches have on their mind, that and in many cases their new security steps because of that. that may explain why an usher here with the permit to carry a concealed weapon had a gun him during yesterday's sunday services in montgomery county. the questions authorities are trying to answer was the shooting justified? was 27 year-old robert braxton a man killed a threat to that
5:34 am
usher's life and others in the church? was he shot and killed plainly in self-defense. >> it appears that braxton was shot with the semiautomatic handgun. the investigation into this is ongoing. we will have to determine whether the shooting was, justified, under the law. we are still interviewing witnesses. and the autopsy in the case is scheduled for tomorrow at the montgomery county coroner's office. there were a number of people at the services, and i believe in the hundreds. so, we have got a lot of interviews to do. that is ongoing. that will take sometime to do. >> reporter: the autopsy will tell authorities both how many times braxton was shot but also how close he was shot. if he was hit once as authorities believed, but three shots were fired as witnesses told reporters, that could indicate a struggle over the gun, so would any burn marks on his clothes or skin indicating that the shooting
5:35 am
was close, and a hand to hand struggle. so the the other thing we want to mention, that is so important in most cases surveillance cameras, surveillance video, usually churches have a ton of cameras just to film the services and for security reasons, unfortunately in this case there are no cameras, on the area of where this all happened, so police will to have go with witness interviews and with ballistics and forensic evidence in this case. >> that might take a little bit longer, steve keeley, thanks very much. 5:35. community town hall meeting in wilmington is set to take place this evening in hopes of the helping the neighborhood heel, following the tragic death of a 16 year-old. amy francis joyner. >> wilmington city councilman darren brown hoist a grad weighed of the howard high school is urging the community to talk more about bullying. that meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at stubs elementary school in wilmington. it is in response to the death of francis joyner who died after a bathroom beating at howard high school of technology. the students say the incident was allegedly over a boy.
5:36 am
pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he is allowing an important bill to get passed, and become law, starting to day, without his signature. this is after the democratic governor has been in the long fight with the republican controlled legislature, over the 2015/2016 budget bill. bill includes how to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars to pennsylvania schools. the state's budget year begins july 1st. a former senator from pennsylvania is announcing that he will say i do, to another man. harris woffard is a 90 year-old democrat whose wife passed away 20 years ago. according to his op ed in the new york times sunday the man he plans to marry is 50 years his junior. woffard wrote that he had a wonderful marriage, with his wife, died of leukemia but he said he later met his current partner and found happiness for a second time in his life. woffard criticized labeling people straight or gay, saying he doesn't categorize himself or anyone else for that matter after loss in the capitals
5:37 am
time for flyers to look for next season. next up in sports what some of the players have to say about that loss yesterday, one to nothing the score, ouch.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the flyers found a way to get the game six against a really much more talented team. michael neuvirth has been unbelievable but you knew capitals would eventually break through and they did in game six. second period the capitals had
5:40 am
been putting pressure on neuvirth and then they finish it there, scoring one goal. capitals get the win and though move on to play the penguins. flyers just could in the play well enough around neuvirth to get the w. >> they played well defensively, pretty tight, we played really well, we just could not get to the net. there is not a lot of room and space out there. >> the phillies, playing the brewers, they played pretty well this series until this game. he hits a rocket to first, ryan hurt could not handle it. the rolls in the outfield. two runs come in. the phillies get on to lose eight-five. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. and, baseball auction, for really big bucks. >> 3.3 million-dollar. the papers from 1857 are called the mag in a cart a of the game, according to the associated press they sold to
5:41 am
a bidder yesterday after more than two weeks of bidding. >> um-hmm. >> documents they arely changed early history of baseball making dock adams the proper father of the the modern game. they also put its birthday three years earlier, then had been expected. we all heard it is interesting accounts right. that is interesting. >> i just don't know. i do not speak on things i do in the necessity about because then i would be speaking in an uneducated fashion. >> then, taking your advice and following your example, i will let you talk about beyonce. >> okay. >> still ahead queen b is back at it again, she's stirring more than just lemon in lemonade, sweet announcement she made causing fans to go crazy. >> you talk about that after the break. >> okay.
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china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table...
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making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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so, you know, these dresses can get really dresses for promises on and sometimes kid cannot go just because of the expense. >> that is why drexel students said we will step in and help the cause. drexel black action committee organize a dress give away for students from under privileged areas of our city. private donors gave more than three dozen dresses for girls to choose from. >> we didn't think it was right some girls get to go on prom, others do the not because of the cost associated with it. we want to give everybody an opportunity. >> state representative bullock also co sponsored that
5:45 am
give away. sue, you can see those huge smiles on the girls. they are so excited. >> those are good looking dresses. >> yes, they are. >> fantastic. all right. weather less than fantastic for tomorrow. we're looking ahead to primary day, in pennsylvania, and delaware, for tomorrow, and maybe a little bit of sun to start the day but there is a chance of rain, really all day long. here's the thing. this is deceiving because it is not going to rain every minute of the day. we will get to a high of 80 degrees but pop up thunderstorms possible in the afternoon especially, temperatures will be mild, they will be comfortable, do not, of course, let this stop you from voting tomorrow. now we have a frontal system to our north. this is what we're talking about. this wilsonk to the south tomorrow and bring thaws rain, again, not constant. you can see it on the future cast you can see pop up storms in the overnight hours tomorrow. you can see some dry areas, you will see sunshine, these are the lack of cloud cover actually on the future cast
5:46 am
but there will be widely scattered showers around. it is in the a wash out at all, but it will, bring us some cooler temperatures, after that cold front is through. so we may get to 80 degrees tomorrow but we will in the stay there next day. how much rain? half inch, third of an inch of rain, not that much. forty-nine in the city. we have temperatures that are much milder out the to the west, in chicago, st. louis, springfield, illinois, it is in the 60's and eventually we will get warmer air here tomorrow. chilly to start, cool, and 48 degrees in trenton. chillier in pottstown where it is 42. we have 41 degrees in millville. in wilmington delaware 48. 47 degrees in dover and wind are rather calm. it is a tranquil morning after a superb sunday, really was delightful, weather yesterday but i hepp you did get out and enjoy it. it was 70 degrees in philadelphia for the high. we are warmer today with 77. warmer on tuesday with 80. after the cold front a high have of 67 on wednesday. wednesday looks like a pretty
5:47 am
nice day but then more rain on thursday, into friday morning, we're hoping to clear all of that out in time for the weekend, and then, of course, friday night, bob kelly, for folks who got tickets will be our big 20th anniversary party. >> that is right, it is think from night. >> yes, party. >> 5:47. good morning everybody. a live look at route one in bucks county near trenton morrisville bridge. trenton makes the world takes and we have no delays at all up and down 95 at the moment and will folks hear break lights heading north bound start to go see a little bit of sun glare popping out and we will have sun glare today. enjoy it while you can because it sound like tomorrow will in the that be way. so, some lane restrictions, continuing on the delaware memorial bridge, three of the four lanes are opened, if you leave new jersey and head into delaware, only the left lane is blocked as they replace vertical coils that suspend the bridge. remember that whole mess from last week.
5:48 am
septa had equipment problems, route 11 trolleys are using shuttle buses this morning between the darby station and the island wood land loop and they are working on the northeast extension as we go for a ride from mid county heading up toward lansdale. they should be out of there in the next ten minutes or so. no problems rolling up and down 202, watch for that political event with donald trum in west chester bringing us some jammos, later on today, chris and lauren, back to you. bob, thanks very much. well, there could be motorcade madness... go ahead. >> motorcade madness. >> right on cute. >> in the race for the white house, this morning campaigns for senators ted cruz and governor john kasich announced that they are teaming up to defeat donald trump. "fox news" kelly wright has more. >> reporter: donald trump's reprievals teaming up in a last ditch effort to defeat him. campaign managers for ted cruz and governor john kasich confirmed the move sunday
5:49 am
night. this is as cruz, focuses on indiana instead of the northeast states holding primaries tomorrow. >> there is no doubt that winning elections is better than losing elections so we will do everything possible to win here in indiana. >> reporter: both campaigns can't win enough delegates but they realize they have to team up nerd to prevent donald trump from clinching the g.o.p. nomination before this summer's convention. kasich has been planning on a contested convention all along. >> we are going to an opened convention. i have been saying it for two months. people say he doesn't know what he is talking about. the it turns out i'm ride. >> reporter: trump called cruz and kasich desperate. donald increased his campaign spend to go hold off any threat as he tries to, secure the nomination out right. >> it is unfair to say thaw need the 1237. i think i'ming to go get there. i'm in the complaining about it although i am. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is
5:50 am
already turning her attention to the general election. >> when you hear what trump and cruz say it is not only offensive but dangerous. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders try to struggle tell catch up. >> this campaign, unlike secretary clintons has not raised 15 million-dollar from wall street. >> have after the five primaries in the northeast tomorrow, indiana voters will head to the polls on may third. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". and pennsylvania delaware are two of those states, tune in for primary election results tomorrow night right here on fox 29 at ten and stay with us at the 11:00 for a special extended coverage of the primaries, other contests tomorrow are in connecticut, rhode island and maryland. the boss is paying tribute to prince, bruce springsteen and e street band delivered a stirring performance to purple rain in brooklyn over the weekend.
5:51 am
>> ♪ >> he did a nice job. he nailed it on the guitar solo. prince was such a great guitar player and this isn't the first tribute the boss performed, earlier this year there were versions of rebel, rebel have after death of david bowie and take it easy following death of eagles front man glenn fry. music world morning the life of another singer, billy paul died at home after a serious medical condition. born in philadelphia, he rose to fame in the 70's single me and mrs. jones. he was 81 years old. >> what a voice, right. >> um-hmm. >> beyonce has quite the voice too. >> she does it again. superstar surprised fans releasing her sixth studio album lemonade. hbo revealed a hour long short film based around that new music.
5:52 am
it is available on her husband's streaming site tidal but new york times reported that it would be coming out on itunes. the right now it is in the just yet. back in 2013, she change the rules for how artist deliver music, she dropped her album digitally to apples i tunes store without prior announcement or any promotion. >> have you lost your mind. >> right there, mike jerrick walked in and said yes. jungle book is most popular movie in the nation for second weekend in a row. combination of the live action, and cg animation earned 61 million-dollar in the second week out, that brings domestic ticket sales to nearly 192 million-dollar. winter's roar came in second, filled by barber shop, the next cut. >> that is a good movie, i saw that last week even. still ahead a meal a group of police officers will not soon forget while morning their brothers in blue what a
5:53 am
waitress did that left them speechless. >> at red robin.
5:54 am
china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change
5:55 am
by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
5:56 am
michael carleon is 76 years old today better known as al pacino. godfather was released in 1972. 5:56 is the time. timing is everything. waitress in the only served a group of police officer but she pick up her bill. here's why officers were sharing a meal after attending a meal for a fallen officer. they talk about the funeral officer who died in the line of duty. she was heart broken. she paid their bill. she said that she felt compelled to to something nice. >> i'm a young mom. i'm not anybody real important. all of them, you know, took money and were thanking me. it was an a awesome feel. still is good what a cool lady. >> her own father is a retired police officer. next up, a political fire storm this morning, two of the presidential candidates teaming up to stop trump, the plan that let ted cruz and john kasich's campaign to do just that. plus shots fired at a
5:57 am
local church killing one person why police have have yet to charge anyone with the crime though.
5:58 am
5:59 am
as you can tell i'm somewhat exasperated by the fact that i'm even here. >> yeah, a philadelphia police commissioner is frustrated by the most recent a act of violence in our city, including the violence, on a young man shot dead in front of the political candidate
6:00 am
yesterday. and the shocker at a sunday service, one person killed after shots were fired in a local church, police know who the shooter is but no charges right now, reasons coming up. and stop trump, presidential candidates continue to campaign in our area, today. cruz and kasich, teaming up, in philly to slow down donald. what is their plan? me and mrs. jones ♪ >> how grammy winner bill paul was remember in his home town. oh, man, lost another good one. "good day philadelphia", it is april 25th, 2016, alex has the day off. is this a recovery day from her birthday party. >> it could be. >> well deserved. >> happy birthday, alex. >> happy birth the day. >> hi lauren. >> hi bob. >> hello sue. >> yes, how about double digits today are


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