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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it is our turn. here what he go, donald, hillary, bernie, ted, john, who will it be? as we, in pennsylvania and delaware, and maryland and rhode island and connecticut head to the polls in one hour. still no charges in the death of the local teen after a fight at a school? hundreds of outraged parents have a message for the community. i think i learned a long time not to worry about anything i can't control. >> his passing thoughts, sam bradford is demanding a trade, so eagles, what are you going to do? are you going to trade him? keep him? ignore him? kiss him? what will happen? good day, everybody. it is primary tuesday april 26th is finally here 2016. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> look who is back, happy birthday. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> thanks for all of the love. >> yes, gala weekend it sound like, party none in stop.
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>> that and probably allergies. >> you had that on friday. >> no, that is not, look at you trying to start stuff. >> it is thunderstorms, have already happened and more on the way later on. we will go with a six. we will have sunshine as well but bus stop buddy has rain gear so you are ready for later on. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, very mild to start and there is a look back at last few hours of the storms that came through about midnight, 1:00 in the morning and yeah, we do have possibility of more firing up later on in the day but it is a pretty sunrise with the cloud around. 59 degrees. sunrise is official at a few minutes at 6:07. other temperatures in the 50's, 60's, 50's to the north, 50's in the wildwood and dover and millville, in new jersey. so 82, we will get that warm
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before those thunderstorms hit and warmer and more humid it gets more chance we have of severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and in the evening as well but it does cool down to around 50 degrees. that is your fox cast for tuesday, bob kelly. >> hey, sue good morning everybody on a tuesday 6:02. getting up and out, at a live look at within vehicle accident on the westbound side of route 422 right here near 29 in the grass here. most of the volume coming eastbound this morning, against a glare on the road surface, road are wet from the storms that came through last night. no problems out of the downingtown or king of prussia. we will slide over to the pennsylvania turnpike where yesterday afternoon that fatal tractor trailer accident, lets go to video from sky fox over the scene as this tractor trailer up and flipped over on top of the passenger vehicle, killing the driver in that car. this happened yesterday afternoon, good news as we go back to the maps is that all of the lanes are reopened on
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the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between willow grove and the philly bensalem interchange. watch for some delays later on today at philly international as weather turns nasty but at the moment no delays on mass transit. mike and alex, back over to you. >> 6:03 on this primary tuesday. >> race for the white house is being held today in pennsylvania and delaware. >> keystone state certainly has a lot of delegates. so we have you cover. why don't we start with the democrats with steve keeley in overbrook, steve. >> reporter: mike, are you sick of watching political commercials already. >> a little bit. >> reporter: i'm sick of them and i just thought at least after today we don't to have put up with them. no we will get hit with them again because june 7th primary in new jersey so they have to advertise in the philadelphia television market as we call tonight our business. so, we will not get reprieve until november. you just get new jersey candidates in addition to hillary, bernie, trump, et
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cetera commercials. let's show you two folks on the democratic side in person in the just in commercials. we saw longer versions of hillary and bernie last night. two big crowds. not too far from each other. one in center city. one on the outskirts of center city in university city. the word university is where bernie is the most popular at all universities. why not hit drexel where you can have the penn crowd, drexel crowd and kid from temple took the subway on the other side of the town to be there as well. hillary clinton has the democratic party machine here in philadelphia behind her and she was at city hall courtyard was loud with her voice as well. here's a little of what we got last night from bernie. >> we do very well with independents. to win a national election, you know, we will, bernie sanders will get almost all of the democratic votes but i think we will get more of the independent votes then we will hillary clinton. >> reporter: will you drop out
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if you are mathematically eliminated. >> the answer is no. callus our largest state, the idea that the people of california should not have a voice, in helping to determine who the next president of the united states is, or what the agenda of the democratic party is, it is absurd. of course i will stay in this. i will be back here in philadelphia in july. >> reporter: nice that sat down and talk to bernie because he likes talk about himself in the third person. i would have been a smart alex, i would have said i thought you were bernie sanders, you are talking about bernie sanders, i thought that was you. we will hear from hillary in the next half an hour, so we are fair here. >> they are calling this the amtrak, the acela primary, because of the states that are involved today, you didn't get in i-95 corridor there. >> reporter: mike, does the i-95 highway, and does the acela go to rhode island, that is the problem i had this does it go into road island. i don't think it goes into
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providence, or does it. >> to get to massachusetts don't you have to go through ri. >> reporter: maybe, i don't know but that is the problem i had. >> sue, look that up. >> all right, mike. we will call it that i-95 corridor primary. i-95 corridor primary just for us. >> lets get to the g.o.p. side. >> that is where dave kinchen is. >> reporter: we are here at normandy farms estates retirement community here where several voters over the age of 55 will hit the polls later this morning. of course, republican candidates hit the region monday for last minute stump go to get the word out. in the his usual off the cuff form donald trump ripped into his republican challengers in a 60 minute speech in the crowded west chesterfield house and spoke to the mix of college students and diehard older supporters. he told crowd jobs and companies will come back to the united states. he says he is starting a movement.
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>> bill o'reilly last week said in his lifetime this is one of the most important, he actually said the single will greatest political event he has ever seen. it is you. i'm the messenger. it the is you, believe me. >> what is good for the g.o.p. is to nominate a candidate who can win and who actually has a real substantive a gend. we're going to an open convention. i have been saying it for two months. people have been saying he doesn't know what he is talking about. it turns out i'm right. we will go there. i will tell what you people will think about this. delegates will think about who can win in the fall. >> reporter: seventeen delegates up for grabs for the republicans here in pennsylvania. meanwhile long shot g.o.p. candidate and ohio delaware john kasich visited with supporters at pen rose diner in south philadelphia. reporters pressed about his alliance with ted cruz, to stop donald trum from getting enough delegates to win the nomination. their deal was to divvy up remaining contests and focus on separate states but trump says that is collusion. he said it won't work.
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we will see what happens, the only poll that counts, of course, in pennsylvania the primary poll this evening. back to you. >> that is right, polls open in less than a hour now at 7:00 o'clock this morning in delaware and pennsylvania. pennsylvania voters will also cast their ballots for the u.s. senate primary. and who will take on republican senator pat toomey running unopposed to day. that will happen in november of course. >> democrat katie mcginty a's, governor wolf chief of star is leading joe sestak 39 to 34 percent. >> pretty cloud. >> john federal if herman has a vote of 14 percent of those polled. after you cast your ballot tune in the to the results later tonight, it will be on fox 29 news at ten and then stay with us at the 11:00 because we have extended special coverage, of the primary in pennsylvania, and delaware. >> all right, we are working overtime. more meetings for howard high school parents, scheduled for today, wilmington police continue to investigate the death of the 16 year-old beaten to death in a high
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school bathroom. >> community members they came together last night in search for answers after 16 year-old amy francis joyner died. the tenth grader was attack in the girls bathroom thursday morning. overflow crowd of family friend, classmates they gathered at the elementary school along with experts and local leaders. dozens of people are asking questions and offering solutions to social media bullying, the violence, and also parenting issues. >> we need to stop this fighting and we need more security because this should not happen. >> this was a sad tragedy. >> we are educating informed parents as to how we can mitigate and resolve issues so they don't escalate the to what occurred. >> two more meetings are scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night for howard high school parents only. police chief says investigation should be finish by the end of this week. in word on possible charges. well, developing this morning crews are on the scene of the house fire, in chad forward.
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flames igniting and then quickly spreading throughout the home on dog wood hill lane. it started shortly after 2:00. several fire companies are battling the blaze. so far there are in reports of injuries. coming up, new york mayor bill deblasio investigated, how possible campaign violations from two years ago are haunting him today. later many of us can call the sights and sound of going down the shore a yearly tradition, right. but there is one thing you may not see on the boardwalk this year. >> the tram car?
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beautiful. gorgeous. 6:13. >> pennsylvania state congressional candidates talks about his horrifying ordeal after witnessing the murder of a man in the middle of the day. >> officers quickly arrived on the scene, right after a gunman shot and killed, the 21 year-old man in cedar brook, sunday afternoon. it happened moments after the victim spoke to candidate chris rob, about helping his campaign, for the house of representatives. so, rob tells us that the execution style murder will haunt him for the rest of his life. >> when you see a young man, not a cardboard charge for not the a stereotype, but real
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human being flesh and blood, his name and phone number were in my friend's phone. >> investigators suspect murder is gang related because a second man was shot to death nearby just hours later. >> unreal. lawmakers announced an effort to block governor chris christie's change to state regulations making it easier to get a gun permit. change christie announced would expand the justifiable need standard, required under the state's strict gun laws, so the expansion could result in too many residents qualifying for a permit to carry a firearm. >> we shall see. >> bill cosby's criminal case in montgomery county will go forward after an appeals court decision. the pennsylvania superior court reject cosby's attempt to stop the case because of what he calls, a deal, not to prosecute him. the 78 year-old is facing trial in montgomery county over a 2004 encounter at his
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home, with a then temple university employee. would the man says that she was drugged and molested. cosby says that they engaged in conn consensual sex. we had weather drama a with the thunderstorms coming through and it should help pollen count a little boy daze where we're medium high instead of very high tomorrow and thursday and friday, so even with the chance of rain in the forecast it doesn't look like it will make a big difference. let's break down your primary day for today. there is always a chance of a pop up shower but it is most likely we will get thunderstorms later on in the day. we should get enough sunshine to get us to the at least 80 degrees, maybe 82 by lunchtime but as soon as the storms hit things will change and cool off. here is our current look at the last six hours of ultimate doppler radar ending right now where we are at a break in the action. you can see then are storms to the north.
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cold front has in the come through yet. it will go from north to south throughout the day today. when it gets here later this afternoon is when we could touch off potentially severe thunderstorms, after that high of 82. then we will cool off, cloudy tomorrow, and high of 62, with a chance of rain, returning, and probably in the afternoon on thursday. then it lingering in to friday morning that rain and still in the 60's, upper 60's for saturday and sunday and if it works out like we hope it will, the rain on sunday will not arrive until late in the day. that is your seven day forecast. good morning. 6:16 on this tuesday morning. we are starting to see the first jam in our cam here downtown philadelphia we are all lined up single will file like we are ready for recess here exiting the vine over to the schuykill on the ramps for the airport and 30th street station. just volume at this point. an accident here, at westbound side of 422, right at route 29. we have most of the volume
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inbound in king of prussia at this hour. crash in morrisville bucks county, route one south right here near route 13 as soon as you come over that trenton morrisville bridge, where we will see the accident scene. good news, all lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike have been reopened, and it was a rough afternoon rush hour last night because of that tractor trailer accident but we are all good to go for the morning rush hour. blue route looking good, no problems, i-95 up to conshohocken and so far so good coming from south jersey on the freeway, mike and alex, back over to you. new jersey governor chris christie is the democratic nominee for state supreme court, one final approval in the state senate, walter timbonus a a criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. the senate voted 32-one to approve his nomination. with the appointment of the timbone who is a democrat, each justice on the seven member court has now been confirmed by the senate. coming up at 6:18,
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vice-president joe biden has been something in philadelphia but his round of campaigning wasn't for the candidates running for president. vice-president, katie mcginty made a stop in mayfair diner yesterday. establishment democrats including vice-president biden and president obama they have largely thrown their support behind mcginty over her main rival joe sestak. nominee who wins today's senate primary will square off against republican incumbent pat tomb any november. there could be big trouble in the big apple, questions surrounding new york mayor bill deblasio over whether or not he related campaign fund raising laws. a leak report, from new york's board of elections chief investigators claims that the mayor and his fund raising team exploited loop holes in campaign donations law limits. in order to funnel more money to at least three upstate democratic state senate candidates, that was back in 2014. listen.
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>> he and his people did some fun raising for state senate democratic candidates, in which very large contributions were sent through a secondary committee to those individual campaigns. where he runs into trouble is if there was direct communication between the donors and those campaigns, and they can find that on e-mails then there could be an indictment in store. >> a lot of could's there mayor deplace ohio says he is convinced the facts will show that everything was done legally and he did denies any raining doing. federal judge dismissing lawsuits challenging north carolina's new voter id law. statute requires those voting in person to show photo id, and eliminated same day registration. it ended out of precinct voting. law was implemented for the first time during the march primaries. u.s. justice department in north carolina naacp and voters had sued saying the law discriminated against minority voters violating both the constitution and u.s. voting right act. in a ruling posted on line
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late yesterday u.s. district judge thomas schroder found that they didn't show that the law impede minority voters. >> city of cleveland reached a lawsuit settlement paying six million-dollar to the family of tamir wright. they shot and killed the two-year old back in 2014 after a 911 caller reported a young man was waving a gun around. it turns out it was a toy weapon. the grand jury decided the police officer shot tamir rice were not face criminal charges and under settlement the city does not to have admit any raining doing. >> we didn't do anything wrong but here's six million-dollar. all right. 6:20. >> thirty years ago today the world's worst nuclear disaster in history happened. >> i remember this, the explosion at cher noble in ukraine, was catastrophic. perhaps you will remember that faithful day as i do. the initial accident killed 31 people and radioactive material blank the ited parts of the europe exposing more than 3 million people to high levels of radiation, to this day, the cher noble cities still contaminated and the
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clean up continues. thirty years later. former plant workers survivors, and those who lost loved ones gathered for a candle light memorial service in ukraine. >> they are here in memory of several friend of mine, i came here almost every year because it is a matter of honor to commemorate. >> those guys here with me and not with me now and i'm mourning. thirty years is a lot few of us alive and more are dying year to year. >> a new nuclear power plant is being built in ukraine expect to be finish sometime next year. thirty years ago, wow. 6:21. coming up in sports sam bradford is demanding a trade from the eagles. who is likely pushing for the quarterback to leave and this is just days before the draft.
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. brought to you bytitude escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort in hollywood beach, florida. the ultimate paradise getaway, offering relaxation, entertainment and adventure. incredible dining and more. escape to margaritaville. paradise could be yours in an instant. keep on scratchin' fact.
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there's an advil specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. nfl draft is only days away and although eagles will draft a quarterback with the second pick in the first round they have a headache from their quarterback sam bradford. through his agent who i think is behind this, the eagles were told bradford wants ton traded. i would be stunned and deathly shocked if the eagles would trade him. he doesn't have a real good value on the market and a trade with his 36 million, two
6:25 am
year deal. i think his agent is manipulating bradford. sam didn't seem to have a problem last week. >> i learned a long time ago to stay away from all that stuff, it is not the first time i have gone through a situation like this. i think i learned a long time ago not to worry about anything i can't control. >> boy, that change. >> tom brady will finally serve that four game suspension he was supposed to serve last season when the you had second court of appeals overturned judge berman's decision today. court of appeals ruled commissioner goodell had the proper authority. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's stick with football here. attorney for former browns quarterback johnny manziel says he will be indicted today, on misdemeanor assault charges. >> you may rebel allegations he attacked his girlfriend in january, manziel's lawyers say he expects an assault charge for family violence to be file. an indictment would further jeopardize manziel's chance of playing pro football and he
6:26 am
was cut by cleveland browns, dropped by two agents and no longer has endorsements. this is something he need right now. >> he is fizzling fast. >> yes. >> good morning to steve keeley. he is in overbrook. hi, steve. >> reporter: mike, we have got breaking news on a developing story, on i-95 corridor primary, we will get to that in a minute, but by the way, interior new jersey, stupides thing going, no they will in the be voting but that line is not voters but election workers waiting to get into one of the polling place necessary philadelphia. more making fun of tv with our team coverage of the developing story happening right now, and breaking news when we see you next.
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people of pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, rhode island and connecticut they are heading to the polls. >> in 31 minutes. a delaware community is still trying to come to terms with the tragic death of that young lady 16 years old. how officials in wilmington, delaware are calming parents concerns. at least they tried to last night. plus many of us can easily
6:30 am
call sights and sound that make going down the shore a yearly tradition but there is one thing you may in the see when you go to the boardwalk this year. >> the tram cars? >> i keep going, ohh, tram cars. >> beach to watch for them. >> watch, watch the tram cars. we are calling it a i-95 corridor primary. >> the acela primary, okay, amtrak primaries. >> right. >> or i-95 corridor primaries. >> write them down. left us know. >> they are all stupid, right, steve. >> they all apply. >> and now, you may notice when you walk out the door the ground is wet. we did have rain overnight, thunderstorms as well. temperatures in the 50's and 60's right the new and we are drying out and seeing a mix of sun an cloud. bus stop buddy has rain gear
6:31 am
on for later in the day when we do expect another round of thunderstorms, what is happening right now on radar, nothing much is in our area, to the north of us around scranton we have been seeing rain and most of it had has moved northward, pretty sunrise we just had with 59 degrees, right now and light breeze out there as well. other temperatures at 50 in mount pocono. fifty-seven reading. pottstown 54. in the 60's in dover, millville, wildwood, right now, as we start off with some sunshine. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. can't rule out a shower before lunchtime but most likely after lunchtime that we will start firing up those scattered, thunderstorms, and that is the deal, for tuesday, when the rain goes away, well get a lot cooler bob kelly. we will tell you how cool coming up. >> 6:31. we have a disable vehicle right at the top of the ramp here for 30th street station. police are on the scene. this is the ramp from the
6:32 am
eastbound schuylkill to exit at 30th street, it is right here at the top of that ramp, that is causing a delay that stretches back not only on the schuylkill but also here on the vine street expressway. we're bumper to bumper now from pretty much eighth street all the way over as folks try to sneak into this single file traffic pattern, to gain access to 30th street. that is also access for philly international. leaving downtown a little tight this morning. the head nothing to downtown, south on i-95 we had a disabled center lane at allegheny a avenue causing a quick backup through construction zones. an accident in morrisville route one south just on the pennsylvania side of the trenton makes bridge. good news for turnpike travelers, all lanes are opened, after last night's accident, eastbound lanes were closed for mostly throughout the rush hour and into the engineer philadelphia bensalem. blue route looking good. forty-two coming from south jersey working your way out of
6:33 am
the atlantic city expressway and in toward the city we are seeing volume and then as the rain moves closer to us be prepared for wetter delays. if you intend to fly out of philly international, mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. poles opened, should we cover g.o.p. first. >> let start with them where dave kinchen is handling this in blue bell. >> less than 30 minutes, dave. >> reporter: in 30 minutes, voters will head to the normandy farms estates retirement community here and they will consider all of the campaigning especially last minute stumping that took place yesterday as candidates got the word out in the usual off the cuff form donald trump talk opposition and policy in the 60 minute speech in the crowded west chesterfield house. he spoke to a mix of college student and older diehard supporters. he told crowd businesses and jobs will come back to the u.s. as ted cruz and john kasich were trying to tear him
6:34 am
down. did you see they are joined forces? i have been doing this for ten months and these two guys, they are politicians all their lives, that is all they do and now they join forces and you kept hearing oh, they are doing well, they are doing well. i have millions more votes then each one of them. >> reporter: meanwhile john kasich, visited with supporters in south philadelphia, reporters pressed him about that a lines with cruz in an effort to stop trump from gaining delegates to win the nomination. their deal, to focus on other states and divvy up remaining contests, the trump says it is collusion and he says it will not happen. we will see what happens at least in pennsylvania, at least tonight. back to you. >> nice job there. let's check on the democrats. >> we will talk about hillary clinton because she's out pacing bernie sanders. >> yes, yes. >> this is according to the fox 29. >> yes, lets get to overbrook where steve is. the hi, steve. >> reporter: by the way we will officially stick with
6:35 am
i-95 corridor primary if you want it. secondly, the amtrak a sell line does in the reach rhode island and providence. >> yes, it does. >> it goes to springfield massachusetts. >> it clips a piece of connecticut and rhode island steve. >> all right, then. >> sue you? >> by the way, i don't know anything because -- i necessity less than he does because i called alex lawrence. my birthday a polling because i thought they gave you a full week off. this is what i get for reading e-mails. i usually don't. >> and i read e-mail that lauren, was going to do six hours yesterday so i thought six hours, lauer when do that all week. >> they wouldn't give me that much time off. >> what is happening. >> reporter: after i wished her happy birthday now she will get mad because we love these seinfeld references. it looks like it is election
6:36 am
day for dell boca a vista and elect a conned he board president because a lot of senior folks are manning the election thing. don't they give you keys to the place. these are election workers waiting to get in and all those bags are full of the election wears. i don't know, i guess maybe the person in charge hasn't woken up yet but they wait until second to open things up and that is what we are seeing here in ever brook and 53rd. >> lets get to the video. as we get serious. hillary and bernie last night in philadelphia, last minute pitch, for votes and turnout. bernie want turnout. bernie has been popular on the college campus so that is yes went to drexel so he can draw from the drexel community and penn right next door. hillary and inner courtyard of the philadelphia city hall where she had the backing of all these folks when she was running against barack obama. this time they hope they are backing a winner. >> we are finally standing and
6:37 am
we're going to be running if we work together. if we have an election about the real choices, that are before the american people. you need to pay a tension to what these republicans say because they also want to under mine all of our rights. make no mistake about it. >> ♪ >> look at the sign we have, come back to our live picture, look at the sign we have down the street. make out half of it the but fattah 2016. usually he doesn't to have put out signs. this is his 12th run for congress. he had in primary challenge in his previous 11 but he has had trouble, federal indictment, corruption charges, coming trial soon but he still will try to run for reelection in this city whether you are voting for mayor or some seats like this congressional district, the primary is really the election. so we will see if voters, are his first jury and whether
6:38 am
they find him guilty in a way of what the federal government charges by not reelecting him or if they fully support him and think he is not guilty and they want him to be the congressman for another two years. that is thing i'm watching most. we know is what going on with the the presidential race if you believe the polls, bernie says don't but they have in the been that wrong good they have not been that wrong, for sure. >> double digits for trump and hillary clinton. thanks, steve. princess state worth 150 million-dollar, is up for grabs. >> wow. >> no apparent will or heirs to his fortune may be entitled to a huge payday.
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testing. right now, police say, that they have not found the gun, and they don't have any suspects. we will stay on it. a man is in critical condition after being shot, five times at philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. it happened yesterday in the 5800 block of old york road. witnesses saw a man run in the resident and he and two other men barricaded himself inside a home for a short time, all three men were taken into custody. om have us can easily call
6:42 am
the sights, sound, smells that make it up down the shore, you know, a yearly summer tradition. there is one thing you may not see on the boardwalk, this year, and i keep teasing, the tram car? no, it is not that. they'd never take that away. in the next hour donald trump's new campaign team promises he will start acting more presidential? apparently the front runner didn't get that memo, who is latest insults are at now. do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions
6:43 am
into their campaigns. bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground and threatens our drinking water. bernie -- he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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it is 6:45. is what going on at our airport. >> sure was busy for tsa agents at airports around the you had. >> record 73 firearms confiscated from airline passengers carry on bags. >> geese. get this all but five of the weapons, were loaded. anyone caught trying to bring a weapon on to an aircraft could be find up to $11,000, now passengers can travel legally with firearms, however, that weapon must be unloaded, in a lock box,
6:46 am
packed in a checked bag and approved ahead of time by the airline. sixty-eight loaded guns people trying to get through tsa. >> what are they thinking. >> they are not. >> they snag me with my belt buckle going through. >> yeah. >> the harley davidson, yeah. >> good morning, everybody. >> 6:46. grab your belt buckle, cup of coffee, here we go i-95 southbound delays from cottman through girard in the the construction zones. hello, bellmawr live look at 42 freeway, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see a little sun glare this morning. we will take what we can get because it is not around too long today. some road are still damp and wet from those storms that rolled through overnight, sue said that was round one. round two on the way, and then as we get south on i-95 watch for brake tapping already
6:47 am
cottman avenue we had an earlier disable down near allegheny avenue causing a delay, and hopefully penndot hopes they can get paint work done in today before the rain kicks in. they will painting some lines on the schuylkill between south philly all the way out to king of prussia. if you are traveling later today just be prepared and watch for weather delays, make sure you sign up for our fox 29 news app so you know exactly when those thunder boomers will start to roll rel through. i'll give you a a tip, sue will have exact timing coming up in 152nd. sensation ale perhaps for a while but the weather drama that we had last night could repeat itself later in the day. here's a loop of the last six hours and you see thunderstorms going through
6:48 am
about midnight, 1:00 in the morning, some were pretty loud for some have of us, and that again is possible when they fire up later on today. you will see a line of rain, moving toward central part of the pennsylvania, we will keep an eye on that throughout the rest of the morning. we have got this whole system kind of coming down from north to south, and this should be a stormy afternoon as a result because before that happens we have a great likelihood of making it to 80, 82 degrees and threat of severe storms mostly in the center of the country but you can see there is so many areas, 47 million people possibly affect by severe weather, today. we have an enhanced risk in the philadelphia area of hail and gusty winds, if you get a thunderstorm. 59 degrees right now in philadelphia, 50's just about every where else. mid 60's, in dover delaware to get your day started. wind are starting to change direction and pick up in advance of the front. 77 degrees was our high yesterday, it looks like we
6:49 am
will beat that today. 82 degrees, anytime after three or 4:00 in the afternoon start keeping your eye out for thunderstorms and maybe severe storm watch or warning issued by weather service. 66 degrees. big cool down tomorrow. cooler on thursday with rain returns. phillies in town for weekend series with the the indians and it looks like probably we will get game in friday night, saturday, and then sunday we are hoping that rain doesn't start on sunday until late in the day lasting into monday. that is your seven day forecast, drama later on, guys. >> talk about drama, there is drama down the shore. >> this is a lot of people coming down weather getting nice but something will be different on the boardwalk this year. >> lauren. >> yes. >> how are the board. >> looking to ride your whoever game down the shore you better think again. wildwood officials are considering banning the hoverboard on the boardwalk. officials fear that insurance liability and the risk of fire on the wooden span there. so town's commission is expect to consider an ordinance this
6:50 am
week, of course mike and alex we will let you no he what happens but a lot of people got those board for christmas, birthday, hot gift. i'm sure kid are looking forward to going down the shore. >> i feel like hoverboards are now selfie sticks. and then they started to get banned every where and they disappeared. hoverboards seem to be the same way that was comprehensive report, thanks, lauren. >> you're welcome. prince, the musician, worth at least 150 million-dollar. other reports say 300 million. i saw report yesterday that said his estate is worth 800 million. >> very private person so there are people that did in the really know. >> he doesn't have a will or any he irs to his fortune, who may be entitled to a huge payday. >> i listened to a lot of his music over the years, had with be wrong with me. >> you don't need any money. >> what?
6:51 am
china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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i'm hillary clinton,
6:53 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. are you exercising. >> i have no excusey saw you on the bike yesterday. >> it is a traditional new orleans second line, parade. >> you know what the second line parades are. >> hundreds took to the streets yesterday, where they wear purple to honor prince. >> it is a celebration of
6:54 am
life. >> yes. >> residents sold over 100 million record, and won numerous award over his 35 year career. the cause of his death is still unknown. an autopsy was done friday. authorities say it could take weeks before the results are made public. >> big jazz festival over the weekend. >> so they decide to honor him by having prince theme songs and second line and normally people do black and white but for prince, you have to bring out the purple. >> prince family is about to have an expensive problem on their hand. according to tmz, prince, did the not leave a will. >> so that means he six siblings he has, half brothers and sisters, they could all split his massive fortune. under minute so the law prince indeed died without his will his siblings, closest living relatives would equally share his estate f they have children they too could be eligible. now his sister, pika was his only full sibling. >> everybody else was a half. >> one of them will make a
6:55 am
difference would she get a larger cut compared to the other half. >> if you are a half brother do you get half as much. >> that is what i'm wondering. >> you know, i'll dig into my minute so the law books tonight and have an answer tomorrow. >> unfortunate to see these things happen. we saw michael jackson who saw that and his mother took over the stuff and sibling are fighting over that and what to do wall of the music, and all of the hundreds of songs he had stored in his vault, will they make money from them. >> i don't have any answers for you, you can keep asking and i don't have any answering for you maybe we will have them. >> keep asking. >> ask me about anything else, i don't know minnesota law. >> no. >> i'll ask more about prince and his family. >> okay i will admit something, it is really horrifying. >> what? >> i don't have a will. >> mike? >> bob, do you have a will, look at me, honestly, you have six kid. >> we have been talking about it. >> sue, do you have a will. >> yes, but it is out of date.
6:56 am
>> let's do it together. >> i'm out. >> i will do it this week. >> in the next hour, forget dressing up for dinner. we introduce to you a restaurant that encourages you to dress down. all of the way down. ugh. here's dave kinchen, look. >> reporter: we are here in one of the montgomery county polling sites where voting will start in a few minutes. we will tell you what is unique about this precinct coming up after the break.
6:57 am
modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle.
6:58 am
one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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polls are opened. it is time to vote. our turn. >> i am winning. i'm winning because of what i stand for and what i have done. >> we have an amazing thing going. unbelievable crowds. so it has been a incredible experience. >> how pennsylvania and delaware are going to shape up for this race is headed. beaten and killed, in her high school bathroom. a community struggle egg to make sense of a teenager's death. where the investigation stands right now and why still no
7:00 am
charges filed. bradford is bummed. the eagles quarterback reportly wants out of here, just days before the nfl draft. but not everyone sympathizees with the the signal caller. >> i never evaluated as being a weiner. >> dick vermeil is a weiner, he has a winery. >> yes. >> always good to see him, he was playing golf yesterday. straight up at 7:00 lets get to the weather. >> we don't have a ten like yesterday but it is pretty okay out there right now. we have thunderstorms in the the forecast for later on. it is a six out of ten because some of those could be pretty strong some of those storms. temperatures with buddy are in the 50's ape 60's, he is wearing rain gear anticipating rain later on but he will probably start with the shades coming up very


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