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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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charges filed. bradford is bummed. the eagles quarterback reportly wants out of here, just days before the nfl draft. but not everyone sympathizees with the the signal caller. >> i never evaluated as being a weiner. >> dick vermeil is a weiner, he has a winery. >> yes. >> always good to see him, he was playing golf yesterday. straight up at 7:00 lets get to the weather. >> we don't have a ten like yesterday but it is pretty okay out there right now. we have thunderstorms in the the forecast for later on. it is a six out of ten because some of those could be pretty strong some of those storms. temperatures with buddy are in the 50's ape 60's, he is wearing rain gear anticipating rain later on but he will probably start with the shades coming up very soon.
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we are watching an area of showers west of harrisburg to see if they will make it here before the end of the morning. in the meantime it is clouds and some sunshine and 59 degrees in the city right now, 51 allentown, 56 a atlantic city. if you are waking up in wilmington it is 56 degrees. we're expecting 82 by the end of the day. stormy afternoon for some with wind as high as 30 miles an hour. it is a cool down. we will talk about what happens after that in the seven day forecast. good morning. >> as we get ready to head out the front door, 95, delays from cottman down through girard, through work zone. some road are wet from the storms that came through last night as sue mentioned that is round one. on round two later on today. look at that little sun glare out here on the freeway. things will get mixed up throughout the day and delays working toward whitman. be prepared for weather delays, flying in and out of the philly international the later this afternoon,
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southbound lanes of route one an accident on route 13 just on the pennsylvania side, of the trenton morrisville bridge. and then delays out of northeast philadelphia as we mentioned from academy in through cottman and gets real tight from the betsy to girard avenue. penndot is set to do line painting today on both 202 and the schuylkill expressway, so watch for roving delays once that rain start though, all bets off, mike and alex, back to you. >> polls are opened in pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, this polling place people are already in their voting. this happens to be in the overbrook section of the city. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are fighting for 384 delegates in today's contest while republicans, 172 delegates are up for grabs. >> it looks like a round of machines here. >> pennsylvania has 206 delegates up for grabs today. this is according to the fox 29 opinion savvy poll. hillary clinton is out pacing
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independent bernie sand's monk democratic voters by 10 percent. republican race donald trump is leading with almost half of those polled, compared to ted cruz and john kasich. >> lets get to our reporters, what do you say, dave kinchen is covering the g.o.p., steve is in overbrook, covering the democrats, lets start with steve. >> it looks like they let poll workers in and they are getting ready to go. >> reporter: i will do you one better. we have a voter, usually number one in line but i screwed up this year because i have been talking to him. he lost his place in line. i pulled him out of line again. this is a proud vietnam veteran there serving there 64 to 68. he has not missed an election since he got back home. this election is different than any other election we have voted in with these candidates. >> this has been a crazy election. bernie sanders, he is always running as an independent. why all of a sudden now he is
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running on the democratic ticket. so a lot of people don't know that. but i come every election, i have my family vote, i have the grand kid, everybody and we all come here to vote. >> reporter: people watching at home getting their kids ready for work, maybe even just single with lots of free time today, what do you think of people who don't vote like you. >> anything that has happened to them while they are living in the united states of america they should not complain. you vote for your candidate to help the citizens out so you don't vote, you don't have no say in what is being said. >> we will to have clean up that microphone. >> let's cut his mike. >> dave kinchen is in montgomery county, at a polling place in blue bell. >> in blue bell. >> i have ice cream in my mouth. >> that is right, thinks normandy farms estate here retirement community and people are lining up to vote already. the polls just opened at four minutes ago here, as folks,
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think about the candidate and their last minute stump go to get the word out in his usual off the cuff remarks donald trump ripped in his republican challengers in a 60 minute speech. he spoke about a mix of college students and older supporters and he told the crowds that jobs and companies will come back to the u.s. he started a movement. >> bill o'reilly last week said in his lifetime this is one of the most important, he said single greatest political event he has ever seen, it is you, i'm the messenger, it is you, believe me. >> what is good for the g.o.p. is to nominate a candidate who can win and who can actually have a real substantive a again a. >> we're going to an opened convention. i have been saying it for two months. people were saying he doesn't know what he is talking b it turns out i'm right. we will go there and i will tell what you people will think bit. delegates will think about who will win in the fall. >> reporter: meantime, the
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long shot g.o.p. candidate john kasich there visiting with the supporters at penrose diner in south philadelphia. reporters pressed him about his deal he made with ted cruz to try to stop trump from getting the nomination and dividing up remaining contest, focus on separate states there. as we come back live you can see people lining up to vote and there are 500 residents here in this retirement community and this is a place where they also live, and vote, so that is pretty cool too. when you think bit. you don't have to go too far to vote. >> back to you. >> that is right, get out there everybody. 7:06. donald trump's new campaign team has promised he would start acting more presidential, on the campaign trail. donald trump said wow do that himself. >> it is all relative what does it mean to truly act presidential. his definition is different from ours. >> that is true. >> then he gets fired up a at these rallies and forgets what he said basically. so, he apparently forget about his presidential thing when he brought up john kasich and his
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eating habits. john went over to the penrose diner yesterday. when you are in a diner, you got to eat. >> he had a big sandwich. >> big old sandwich he was cram nothing to his mouth. >> he has a news conference all the time when he is eating. i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> soup is not easy to eat. especially with a form. >> is that a salad. >> that is fruit. >> it is fruit he is eating fruit. >> that might have been dessert. >> donald trump made comments after kasich stopped at pen rose diner, and he had breakfast, with supporters, it looks like he had strawberries. >> kasich's team responded by tweeting trump we were looking for trump steaks for the governor but no one seems to sell them anymore. >> shots fired. >> nice one. >> so, our collogue megyn kelly up in new york snagged a interview exclusive she says
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with donald trump. you know they were fighting but they have made up. >> they have announced once they had a private meeting we will do this interview. now it is happening. it will take place in new york and air in the special megyn kelly presents, on tuesday may 17th. she will explore how events unfolded between herself and trump after the infamous fall debate. and we will look at his campaign for president and its success. >> we've owe that will not be until may 17th. >> we are telling you now. >> okay. >> it is april. after you cast your ballots tune in today for your results here on fox. we will be on at five, six, and ten by ten the results will be in. but listen to this, stay with us at 11:00 o'clock for a special extended coverage of the primaries in pennsylvania and delaware, and then tomorrow morning, of course, on our show, we will have a total recap have of all of the elections results. >> sound good. >> we have it cover. >> hi lauren johnson almost
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7:09. >> a home is destroyed following a early morning fire there flames igniting and quickly spreading throughout that home. it started shortly after 2:00 o'clock. several fire companies were called into fight that fire. so far there have been no reports of any injuries there. and in delaware, community comes together in search of answers after a student is brutally beaten at a school and then later died. sixteen year-old amy frances joyner died after being attack in the girls bathroom at howard high school on thursday morning. family, friend and classmates gathered at stubs elementary school last night with local leaders in that community, dozens have people took to the microphone asking questions about offering solution toss social media bullying, violence, and parenting issues. >> we need to stop this fighting and we need more security because this should not happen. >> isolated incident but it was a sad tragedy. >> educating informed parents as soon as how we can mitigate and solve issues so they don't escalate to what occurred. >> two more meetings scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night
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but they are for howard high school parents only. the police chief says that investigation should be finished by even of the week, no word on any possible charges. councilman brown will join us live at 7:30 to talk about how this city is working with this school to handle this case. a prayer service and vigil in memory of the young man shot in the montgomery county church on sunday. twenty-seven year-old robert braxton's father led family and friend in the balloon release at the gazebo parkas dozens formed a prayer circle asking for peace, healing and answers. investigating believe a fight broke out before robert was shot to death by another man inside keystone fellowship in north wales. >> it is unfortunate that he was taken a way. as you can see today with how many people showed up he was loved by so many. >> investigators still trying to determine if the shooting was lawful, they say the shooter does have a permit to carry a conceal weapon and he is cooperating with that investigation. candidate for pennsylvania
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house of representatives say that he is shaken after witnessing a murder in cedar brook on sunday. chris rob says 21 year-old alex cherry had just spoken to him about volunteering for his campaign when a man walk up and shot him. gunman reportly came back, fired a second series of shots to make sure cherry was dead in an apparent execution. rob says he heard shots shortly after speaking with cherry and realized it was too late to help the young man he had just had a meaningful conversation with. >> young man, not a cardboard character, not i two dimensional figure or a stereotype bye the real human being, flesh and blood, his name and phone number were in my friend's phone, he was going to be our new member. >> police believe that the shooting may be gang related because another young man was gunned down in a similar way just hours later and blocks away, no arrests have have been made in either shooting,
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mike and alex. >> lets get to sue for six out of ten on the weather scale. >> indeed, it is primary day and we had a lot of weather drama overnight. through can look at ultimate doppler radar and you can see that is a loop that goes back six hours and you can see it was around 11 or 12 or 1:00 that all have of those loud thunderstorms came through. now we are watching rain moving through pittsburgh, leading edge of that toward center of the state. we will keep an eye on that throughout the rest of the morning but nothing is happening right now except filtered sunshine. we will expect the system that has been stalled to our north to start to fall southward today when it will touch off thunderstorms, maybe four or five or 6:00 tonight just in time for evening rush hour, system stays stalled to our south but it displayses warm air and we will get cooler air moving in here and then starts to move back north around thursday, you see front moving north wart and it means more rain for most of us on thursday. severe storm threat greatest
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in the center of the country but we have storms that could affect 47 million people today, including us, we have an enhanced risk of a hail and high winds along with our thunderstorms, because really what would a thunderstorm be without hail and high winder, just to make it exciting, right. temperatures in the 50's, in philadelphia, and to the north of us, 46 mount poconos. sixty's in millville, dover, wildwood to start your day. it is a mild start with this morning and then wind picking up in dover and wildwood. we head up to 82 degrees. warmer we get, more we have a chance of thunderstorms today. sixty-six for tomorrow, much cooler, more spring-like if you will, spring showers return on thursday, and friday, morning we will probably see some more showers, and it should dry out for friday afternoon, for saturday, for most of sunday and we think that maybe we will get some rain towards end of the day, sunday into monday. that is your seven day
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forecast, springtime, we have some showers, bob kelly. >> got to get showers in there. it keeps grass growing, lawn guys will be in business and a live look here at i-95 southbound as officers are blocking traffic here getting everybody to stop so they can pull this disabled out of here and off to the right side. this is a temporary stoppage at i-95 south, between the betsy ross bridge and allegheny avenue. so everybody coming to a grinding halt. that will set you back even more so, as you work your way south of the of the northeast into downtown philadelphia do you think you aring having a bad start to the day. it could be worse. you could be in the back side of that pickup truck there ben franklin looking good at the moment. no problems up and over pennsylvania turnpike. we had a nasty accident last night on the way home. the good news is that everything is open, all lanes are opened eastbound between willow grove and philadelphia bensalem. water main break in wilmington at shiply and wilson and
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eastbound on the schuylkill a lit built of sun glare right now coming around your conshohocken curve and north on the freeway heavy working your way out of the ac expressway in toward the walt whitman, mike, back over to you. we have a quarterback controversy, in philadelphia, sam bradford, the eagles, he wants to be traded and will not show up, to anymore mini camps. voluntary or otherwise. the broncos, denver broncos reportedly interested in sam but the eagles, maybe asking too much. so what should the eagles do. with his unhappy quarterback. mark is here, g. cobb is here, sean is here, and we have got you two on the bookend. >> yes. >> go ahead and say it. >> yes. >> let's go to the paper here, i like it, armresteling what should eagles do, i go inner him, trade him. >> they stand their ground and
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make him come in and compete, you know, sam bradford has made millions of millions of dollars. he has never accomplish anything in the nfl. he need to take on the challenge of one of the improvement on this team is to have an aggressive leader. sam hasn't been that a and really failing the test now. he has got to be traded because he a has to compete. he should come in here and compete. eagles should not move a bit. they should not trade him. >> as a former player you sound irritated with him. >> well, i am. he hasn't taken on the challenge. he has never been challenged in his time here in the nfl. he has made millions of dollars but never had to compete to do anything. now for one time he has been call on the carpet good challenged. >> and he is backing down which is why they will get carson wentz because he is not enough a strong leader. >> sean brace. >> oh, by the way he made five and a half million-dollar this year and he has never had a winning season and never played in the playoff game and
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he is acting like this. >> he has been hurt. >> yes, 33 games, he has missed. >> you have to get rid of him. >> lot the times he has been injured in his career. he is healthy now. this is a chance for him to prove himself and he is backing down from that. it is ridiculous. do you want a file that will not accept a quarterback battle compete ago begins other teams? i sure don't. >> does any other team want him. >> no. >> on their terms, sianni eagles will get hurt with the salary cap if they let him go. i say keep him here, make him compete, tell him you are the starter, get in there and do your job. >> we talk to dick vermeil out there playing with chris murphy a and chris got him to talk about it. >> i'm disappointed in sam bradford. i am. i never evaluated him as being a weiner. sam bradford is so fortunate to be in the national football league. he should thank the good lord for his opportunity and keep
7:18 am
his mouth shut and go play football. >> wow. >> that is right. >> take off his diapers and go play. >> they need more fight this team need more fight. it shows he is not up for that. >> on the back of the paper they have how sam brad forward found himself in the tree dick. how did he find himself like that. >> i don't want to go too crazy at eagles and say that there is fault here but they had a plan on paper. at the end of the day when you start bringing in the number two overall draft pick a quarterback i'm sure that will ruffle some feathers. >> i have no problem with what they did. they are trying to bring in talent. they are trying to be the best foot the ball team they can be. they sign him. he has a contract. he will be a starter. if you play great they cannot take you out. >> you will be more valuable. come out and compete and produce. see production. it is all about production. >> and beat carson wentz. >> come get this.
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>> the problem with sam bradford himself he forgot to look at his contract where it says years. it only said two. it didn't say four or five. this is not a long term deal. >> they can blow him off after one. >> best is, it is fans, across the city knew exactly that with the two year deal. basically one year deal we will see you next year sam bradford but his agent and sam bradford did not look a that good what about his teammates. can he say look at that guy and say follow me. >> that was my next question. >> you are not a fighter. you have to be a fighter. you want these guys to follow me. football players air aggressive people. oh, you know what, no, no. >> i want my mommy. i want my mommy. >> it sound like kelly rippa. >> no, of course not. >> i am going to home,. >> they have the same agent,
7:20 am
those two. >> she mace $60,000 a day. >> real quickly, 45 minutes worth of work. >> tom brady, he is out four games, real quickly. >> he will fight it again. >> no. >> he is unfortunately. he wish wow just take four games and deal with it. he will do everything he can to fight it. >> he will fight it but he will not win. this is going to the supreme court. >> it is ridiculous. >> how ridiculous is that. >> my goodness. >> always a pleasure. >> we will be talking to sam bradford as we have our sports report at five, 6:00 and 10:00 . thanks to you all. when disaster strikes is your wallet ready. >> um-hmm. >> surprising number of americans that don't have $400 of disposable income. if i asked you for $400 in cash do any of you have it. >> no. >> no. >> g does. >> look at his suit.
7:21 am
>> yes. >> forget dressing up for dinner, we introduce to you a restaurant where you can go name. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
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much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same
7:24 am
as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> what is the cost of cheating ? well, he still says he didn't cheat. i'm talking about tom brady and deflate gate. >> but you if the suspension holds up and he doesn't play four games what would that cost him. >> let's ask lauren simoneti,. >> crunch them. >> deflating his pay, by two hundred and $35,000, that is it. that is it. >> yes. >> he can afford that, in problem. >> let me explain. he took a pay cut this year, of one million-dollar for the season verse 8 million last season. the don't worry, he still gets the signing bonus, that is $13 million this deflate gate situation is four game suspension does not affect that. so it is a small cost, in the pocketbook for tom brady but
7:25 am
fans can get cheaper tickets. i looked at these games that, you know, if he doesn't a peel he won't be a at? september 18th verse dolphins, that home game ticket price just went down six and a half percent. the next one verse texans, houston texans down 9 percent. those homes games at gilette stadium will be cheaper for fans without mr. braidy i wish my last name were rafone. >> i don't get it. >> i don't get it either. >> what would the name be. >> it turns out that brady because he took that pay cut, supposedly, it is really paying off for him, as far as this sus pension. >> he took a pay cut it is paying off in terms of the suspension. >> well, yeah. >> let's say he made 25 million-dollar a year which is probably what he is worth.
7:26 am
>> right. >> a couple million at least per game. >> right, but they can only touch part of that in terms of this. >> okay. here we go. we don't care about tom brady here in philadelphia a. >> thank you. >> he is a dufuss. if you asked the average american, you have $400 on you, you say, what percentage doesn't have $400. >> 47 percent don't. >> half of us don't have $400. >> that is a lot of money. >> it comes from the federal reserve board. but for disaster for emergency, i think you couple out of an emergency with a 400-dollar fee, you got lucky, right. i don't think it that is bad but almost half of us say we cannot pony it up fast we need to bureau money or sell something in order to get it and some upper class americans. >> that is sad. >> professionals raising their hand to get into that group. it is sad too i think. we are over spending, we are
7:27 am
not saving a pope eighthly. or our paychecks have gone down considerably. >> okay. >> lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> thanks, lauren. >> alex holley? mike rafphone. >> i can see it. >> for get dressing up for your next dinner date, go out to the restaurant, where you strip down, everybody is naked. i hope there is a platter card. it is national pretzel day and also the primary. let's merge these two together. >> try to get that done, jen. >> we are going to do that but here's a question everybody gets a free philly pretzel today. so here's your question, how many pretzels will be given out today, how many pretzels will be given out on national pretzel day from the philadelphia pretzel factory, it is sponsor of fox 29. look at how happy they are.
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this is a good story here that once belonged to two of the most beloved athletes in philadelphia sports history, and now it can be yours. think of what has gone on inside that house in that pool. which super stars owned that house and now you can own it too. ladies, if you are trying to get pregnant there is a good chance the things you eat
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every day are hurting your chances of getting pregnant. find out, and. >> 7:31. delaware community is still trying to come to terms with the tragic death inside the high school stay and a 16 year-old loses her life. and, last night, other parent, students, community members showed up to a community meeting looking for answers, and, figure out how to stop this from happening again. >> they came by the hundreds in wilmington monday night to talk about the death of 16 year-old amy francis joyner and tried to heel the pain from the violent ordeal that ended the tenth grader's life last week. >> we need to stop this fighting and we need more security, because this should not happen. >> isolated incident but it was a sad tragedy. >> dozens of people, took to the microphone asking questions and offering solution toss social media bullying, violence and parenting issues.
7:32 am
they call for better school security. it got loud, testy at times. >> we are hurting out here, okay. we are hurting out here. >> all we have to do is come together as a community. >> we should never have waited until something tragic like this happened. >> certainly is tragic. joining us is a man who called the meeting, howard high school graduate and wilmington city councilman darius brown. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> would you say that the meeting last night was a productive one. >> yes, i would say that last evening's meeting was a productive meeting. >> why is that? >> well, last night's town hall meeting we convened to educate and inform the public and community surrounding the school, a alumni, parents, students about the actual facts that could be released to them and what actually occurred last week and also, steps forward in the the
7:33 am
solutions on how we can mitigate those incidents from reoccurring. so there was a great response from those that attended the meeting and we're continuing to work with the school district in the coming days to have the added support from the school. howard is a little over six weeks before the end of their academic school year and we want to assure that the students there are able to focus on their schoolwork and have all of the counselor support, the supports of the community, of city government, to help them do this contrast. >> so it sound like there were two main points, facts and solutions. the let's start with the facts. police have have not really said much since thursday, what are facts as far as where the investigation is going. >> last evening at our town hall meeting our chief of police attended the meeting and informed the general public about what occurred last week and also informed them that there would be some more information released by
7:34 am
the end of this week by friday of this week. so we're looking forward to that information being released to the public so that they understand not only what occurred but also the individuals that were involved. what we have experienced over last four daises a lot of hearsay, and information that is secondhand, of course, young people communicate through social media, videos that may not be accurate videos, showing what occurred or what may have occurred a day later, so we are looking forward to by weeks end of providing within context factual information for our community abroad. >> that is interesting that you mentioned, i wanted to bring that up on the #, yes, there has been videos circulating and i wanted to know for people involved are they go to go school in the meantime are we ready to hear whether there will be some things coming down by the end of this week, are those accurate videos. >> so, in addition to the chief of police, attending last evening, also the superintendent of the new castle county votech school
7:35 am
district was in attendance and principal of the howard high school was in a ten answer and what howard is doing with the school district is supporting the parent and students this evening the at 7:00 p.m. and also tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., tonight there will be a meeting in the auditorium for parents, and students that are in the tenth and 11th great and then tomorrow evening will be for parent and students in the ninth and 12th grade and in those meetings, the school district, superintendent, principal will inform parents and students about not only what occurred but what are some of the things that they plan on doing moving forward to ensure that these incident do not occur. thinks an isolated incident. this is not the what howard high school is. it is a historic school, and founded in 1871. it was only school for african americans that they could go to and so over, the rich history, many individuals have gone to the school and
7:36 am
achieved so many different life accomplishments and become nationally and internationally known. so this is isolated incident, working collectively -- good we don't want this to be something men, howard high school is known for but real quickly are student involved in that fight, are they currently going to go school right now. >> we're working with the school district and the police chief and asking those that with like to continue to support the school, they can contact the superintendent at (302)995-8050. we have had a flood of individuals, goodwilled individuals that want to support the school but we want to organize and have a structuring way of communication so we can make sure those things are done the right way and not be a distraction for students during their educational time. >> sound like hopefully more information will be coming out, there air lot of questions but it sound like you guys are doing great things to keep the community
7:37 am
together and moving forward. we will have information on those meetings on our web site at fox thanks so much, councilman. >> thanks, alex. we will take a break a at 7:37. me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. china. india. some of the world's worst polluters. as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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i'm hillary clinton, yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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we're getting people asking us, it seems as if the councilman appeared to be, well, he didn't answer my question, when it comes to whether or not, the kid are in the school. they have number of videos circulated. he hinted those may not be accurate fight videos or videos that actually happened in the school. some people are masking it as something that happened at howard high. hopefully it is something as more information comes out. >> i don't know why he didn't want to answer the question, i don't know whether he knows girls are back who did this are back in the school, if you don't know just say i don't know. so maybe we can get him back on. >> i know it is a sensitive issue. people are emotional. maybe he has been instruct not to talk directly bit until police are ready to come forward. >> it is frustrating to have someone on and they don't answer your question. >> we will be back down there maybe we will run into him
7:41 am
again and ask him to clarify that. 7:40. sometimes it is nice to dress up and go out to dinner, of course but a restaurant in london they want to you dress down and we mean all the waste down. >> way down to the birthday suits. >> um-hmm. >> it is a restaurant called bunya adi which is lon on's naked restaurant. it has a waiting list of 16,000 people. are they out of their mine. it features candle light dinners, edible cutlery, edible cutly are letterry. would i like to eat that fork. guests would have access to the changing rooms and locker. of course, no photography is allowed. >> yes. >> phones are banned but where would you put your phone. >> i'm sure they have lockers you would store it before you go in or something. >> where do you keep your money. >> um. >> anyway, owners say that way you can get to enjoy a night out without any, impurities
7:42 am
like chemicals, electricity, or clothes. and can just enjoy food and the company. however there is also a clothed section if you would like. >> doesn't that defeat the purpose if there is a clothes section. i think it is funny. >> but bunyadi. >> yes. >> don't want none if it ain't got your buns. >> naked buns good did you go to someplace like that. >> i don't think anybody wants to see that. >> people would be eating their food and they will go. >> if they want to live like an all-star, chase utley's old, well, crib i should say. >> the script says crib. they must watch mtv. >> so, the house right there, montgomery county, it is up for sale. allen iverson lived in there for a little while. the house is 8,000 square feet, sits on 2 acres in the community have gladwynn's most
7:43 am
grand estates. there are eight bathrooms, a game room, wine cellar, salt water swimming pool. current listing price 3.4 million-dollar. i thought it would be more than that. do you want to chip in, have a little will extra house. >> you and i will chip in. >> bob need an extra house with six kids. >> i may take over most of the bedrooms. >> i know what you are saying. >> eight bathrooms. >> all right. lets take a break. before we do, lets hear what jen is up to, it is pretzel day. >> okay, they made three pretzels, bernie sanders, donald trump, hillary clinton. which one is best one. which is the best face, to make in the pretzels. do you want to guess? i'll tell you when we come back. don't look. ew wealth flows to the top 1%.
7:44 am
it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
7:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
7:46 am
7:46. welcome back. i got sent back to school yesterday, with over a thousand other students outside on the school yard on the garnett valley school district we had garnett valley elementary school students and concord elementary school students, it was their fifth annual bubbles for autism, big thanks to all of the teachers, the principal, and all of the kid, they all took a little bottle of bubbles and blew them in the air, to signify
7:47 am
the unique quality that each one of us have, in fighting autism. it was a great event. their fifth annual. there i was hanging out with the fifth graders. you know, that little girl. >> grace vaughn. >> little grace vaughn. >> maryann vaughn's little girl. >> hey, it is me gracy. >> we had a good time. thanks for inviting me out there to garnett valley, great school, great elementary school and a lot of fun. good morning. as we get ready to head out the front door this morning north on 202, bumper to bumper from the bypass heading up into route 401. there is an accident the bypass right before, you get to route 202, downtown, we will go, jammed up on the vine street expressway, across town, trying to get into both 30th street and the schuylkill expressway. yep, there is sun glare, having sun glare this morning but that is not the case for the ride home. yesterday's ride home was a mess with the turnpike accident. good news, all lanes are opened on the eastbound side, between willow grove and
7:48 am
philly bensalem interchange. we will slide down to chadds ford and an accident at route one and brandywine drive, right there at painter's crossing and water main break here at shiply and wilson. mass transit looking good, no problems at the airport, but weather delays possibly this afternoon, the whole time line what will go down sue has tonight 15 seconds. things will end up differently then they were weather-wise. the best advice for today toys vote as early as possible. later on you might run into some thunderstorm, activity, three or four or 5:00 in the afternoon is when you need to keep an eye on the sky. it will be warm and that is
7:49 am
why we will see thunderstorms more warm and humid it gets when a cold front comes, it could be weather drama today. we have had some overnight with the line of storms that came through, that is gone and it moved mostly out to sea. cold front is still to the north and west of us and that will bear down later on this afternoon. we will see sunshine until then but we are seeing a line of showers starting to move into harrisburg. we will keep an eye on. that the best advice for today toys vote early and to keep rain gear nearby. we will see that sinking south, mostly stationary, it will just waiver in between north and south of us. throughout the rest of the day to day, tomorrow and then into thursday as well. tomorrow will be a dry day for philadelphia, but it may be a little bit damp to the south of us. then you see front of us, moving north of with us some rain. the lets put that together in the seven day forecast. we are mild to start. we will get very mild today with a a high of 82.
7:50 am
66 degrees tomorrow. cloudy and cooler, much cooler then today. even cooler on thursday with some rain returning, most of that in the afternoon. by friday we will start with rain, sunshine later on in the day, phillies are home with the series against indians just for this weekend and it should be very springy as we see this saturday guys, last day of april. >> already. >> closing out the month. >> sue serio, you have been with this show what 31 years. >> it feels like it. >> yes, even though it has only been on 20. >> if it is national pretzel day, election day how do you think good day with cover that and combine them. >> well, let's let jen answer that. >> also, i realized thaw are doing somewhat of a poll is this on twitter, facebook. >> twitter and facebook. >> it is on twitter and on facebook question. it is how many pretzels will be given out today. you you know, approximately by
7:51 am
philadelphia pretzel factory within of our sponsors because to i day is national preallot sell day. >> before you give us the number, so stamp my hand how do you know i have only had one pretzel. >> you can walk in the store, it is on the honor system come get a preset sell, and that is for national pretzel day. >> then you come back, they come back. >> i'm sure a couple people come back gain and again. >> we will talk about this. this is what i love about these guys. you have a pretzel artist. the pretzel artist has done bernie sanders. it is primary day in pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> we have the donald. >> yes. >> and the secretary. >> hillary clinton. >> okay. i have to be honest, coming will in here i would have thought the donald would be easiest one to do but coming in i think bernie is the most recognizable. >> bernie, i would agree, donald the hair is difficult to do, donald's hair is unique, little difficult to do
7:52 am
on a pretzel as well. >> hillary is tough because she's a lady, you want to be respectful but it is a pretzel. >> it is a pretzel. >> i told you, i do think you need to work on this she's coming here in july. >> correct for dnc. >> you got to get mr. pretzel guy artist guy. >> i will get him working on it. >> one of the things you guys do is you obviously have to form the dough. you think it is something i can do. >> yes. >> hearties easy. >> yes. >> you pinch it, and then you start from the bottom. >> okay, pinch it. >> pinch it again. >> all right. >> so here's what we will do. i think difficult okay. >> excellent actually. >> i'm ready for a job. >> if you will a how me. >> yes good i will take these three people on the road. >> sure. >> it might just be out front. >> i will ask people, about
7:53 am
who would you vote for. the question is, do i get them to guess who is who or do i just ask them who they with vet for. >> i think both would be good. >> yes. >> so, mr. jerrick, alex, a couple questions. >> okay good do you want to know the answer how many would be given away or should we tell you later. >> let's save it. >> okay. >> and do you agree with me that bernie is most recognizable of the three. >> because he is most salty of the three of them. >> no, no. >> yeah. >> so we will take them out side. >> i said the same thing. >> a gathering of heroes, have you ever met, somebody who has won a medal of honor? >> i have not. >> well, just wait. this will be the best guest of the month.
7:54 am
will you vote today. who is missing there. >> donald trump is there. >> where. >> it is ted cruz. >> that is trump, yeah. where did cruz go. where did cruz go? you see ted cruz hit me up on twitter. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise.
7:55 am
winners, winners everywhere! play today! nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice. snack patrol! american workers know how to fightso does we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits
7:56 am
and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
7:57 am
it is 7:57. >> we're talking about an alarming health concern, a cord to go reports from the cdc, the suicide rate in the united states, has listen to a 30 year high. >> just yesterday, look at this, a police dash cam caught northern new jersey officer, as he sprung into action when he saw a man physically upset on the hamburg turnpike. sergeant greg, attempted to calm the crying man, after a few moments, the ran runs off, attempting to jump off of the bridge. luckily the sergeant was there able to grab the man before he could harm himself. that man was taken to an area hospital for evaluation.
7:58 am
doctor mike, i was surprised by this new rate. >> despite all of the prevention and things that are going into suicide prevention, we're seeing dramatic increases, it is frightening, and death by suicide is not only an amazing loss, but a tragedy for families out there. so, we need to get a handle on this and we need to do it quickly. >> how would you suggest we do that? i mean we have hot lines and stuff. >> people looked at why this is happening, and there is a lot of reasons. what the two groups that seem to have the highest numbers are middle-aged men and young girls between the age of ten and 14. i have to believe that one, it is more access to guns because men tend to use guns more frequently then other method of death by suicide. so the problem is here that if you have a loved one or a friend or a business
7:59 am
associate, anybody that starts to say hey, i think it would be better if i'm in the here, i'm really not interested in being around, i cannot stan my life anymore you need to take action, take them aside be a good friend and say hey look there is help out there, for you. >> there is another warning signs, i used to have this, i did a national show i had a woman in seattle start writing me telling me she was going to kill herself. it got real scary when she started to send me her belongings. they say that is a warning sign. you start giving away your possession it is other people. >> watch out for it. >> it is sleep patterns if they are sleeping too much or too little. >> anything that indicates lack of interest, they are in the doing things they normally do sleeping all the time, use of alcohol or drugs, big problem. in this society and i see it all the time. we tend to have so much overload of data and fuzz are a young kid out there, all of this bullying that goes on, on
8:00 am
the computer, and face back and all of this, and to be honest with you folks, i got to be honest, we are putting so much pressure on our children, it is just not right. i'm telling you my kids may not end up in harvard but they are eq, their emotional quotion is as important to me as their iq. that is something folks we need to be aware of. >> good to see you doctor mike. >> i love you both. >> try to take care of each other. >> good day, tuesday april 26th, 2016. it is primary day. it is our turn. what it means before you head to the polls. and the dirty dozen, listen up, before your next food shopping trip. the specific food to always buy organically even if you are on budget.
8:01 am
ladies, hoping to get pregnant. we have something for you. there are a few foods we are eating every day that could be hurting your chances of conceiving. what you might want to come out of your diet today. >> and serving down and speaking up, amy schumer stuns on the cover of the vanity fair, why she says she wishes she never wrote her hit movie train wreck. amy schumer went to your alma matter. >> she did just a couple years after i did. >> towson down in maryland. >> yes. >> speaking of sue serio, she will do the weather now. >> that is right, we have taken that knowledge and we have exiled this forecast for you, including the six out of of ten in weather by the numbers. we are getting ready for rain but keep an eye on the sky especially this afternoon just like buddy will. heats umbrella and rain coat so you necessity to expect rain later in the day. temperatures in the 50's and
8:02 am
60's and there is some rain heading in to harrisburg right now. we are watching off to the poconos mountains to see what happens with that. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia the we think we will get to 82 in some places later on this afternoon with enough sunshine. but then storms begin, and some of them could be strong to severe. that is what is going on with your forecast today, prepare for cooler temperatures rest of this week. we will give you you seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. we have a fender-bender downtown here on the vine street expressway, four cars all smushed together there. they are swapping their license and insurance registration, information. this is westbound on the vine right before the schuylkill expressway, that is causing a delay leaving town, i-95 northbound a little haze there but sun glare between the commodore barry bridge all the way up through the blue route. good news, turnpike all lanes are opened, we had that nasty accident yesterday afternoon but slow go, heading west out
8:03 am
toward valley forge. we will slide over to chad forward an accident at route one and brandywine drive, is there your travel times for the schuylkill expressway eastbound about 25 minutes from conshohocken into center city and then south on i-95 from the blue route down to the delaware state line about 22 minutes on the clock, mass transit looking good, alex, back to you. 8:03. it is a sell a tuesday. the race for white house is on in our area we have hillary clinton, bernie sanders, donald trump and john kasich. they have all been in pennsylvania at some point over last 24 hours pushing for every vote that that he can get but now it is good time. polls have been opened for a little will over an hour now. we have kinchen live in blue bell but first we will go to steve keeley in overbrook with more on the democratic candidates and turnout that he is seeing there, steve. >> reporter: alex, when our producers call this team coverage it puts pressure on the two members of the team to out due each other.
8:04 am
so kinchen and are not just sitting in these vans between hits, we are busting butt trying to do election day research and so i have done a lot of exit polling. i have interviewed all four people with tell me what they are voted for. based on our exit polling in the first hour with 12 hours to go, maybe too soon to call this but we're saying hillary clinton and dwight evans not chaka fattah for the first time. anyway, let's show you last night of campaigning for bernie sanders and hillary clinton here in philadelphia. we're told at least one of them will be here to celebrate tonight. guess who that will be? hillary at city hall, bernie we're all on the first name basis now at drexel university. our other first name you will meet right now is horace trent, first guy in line here every year, every election and here's what he told bus people who are not going to vote today. he is not happen bye people
8:05 am
who don't make this a hundred percent turnout. >> there is a lot of people that don't vote. turnout is always less than the number of people that do vote. what do you say to those people that don't vote. >> if something happens to you while you are living in the united states, and you don't like it, you shouldn't have a complaint. you put in the vote to put a candidate in office that represents you. so you really don't have a say as to what has taken place during voting times and candidates that are running for the office that will represent you. >> horace comes not just to be first in line before the polls opened up at 7:00 but look at notes he he knew everybody he was voting for. he has not just pick names out of the hat or going down a line, he written down every race and researched every race and knew everybody that was going to vote for today. by the way we are getting last minute lob anything our vote,
8:06 am
and i thought it would be a land slide to call this the i-95 corridor primary. look who is lobbying me as i walk in the polling place amtrak handed me a hanger for my jacket saying go with i-95 corridor because you stole that from frustrates you weather people and traffic people because it is northeast corridor if you call it the 30th street station. i will stick witt then and i will not go with acela because i told amtrak. i said even though acela is an amtrak thing, the i-95 corridor is also an amtrak thing am i right about that. >> i guess we can call it the northeast corridor and that would be amtrak and you get corridor, annoying name in there. >> corridor part that you do not like. >> by the way, when we walk in the polling place her we had to go through a corridor to get where they are voting the in the back. multiple corridor is today. >> i loved your klee shay referencing, i will be watching that on fox.
8:07 am
i might sneak over to watch wolf blitzer because he cannot say that too often. it is probably too early to call it. it might be 1 percent of the vote this. it is too early to call. 2 percent of the votes, really. >> that was the democrats. that is how we have covered there. >> now g.o.p. candidates. >> the grand old party. >> this is in blue bell where davis. >> hi there, dave. >> we are here at normandy farms estate a retirement community here and they tell us they have had about 30 people voting, so far here and i'm join by susan arcadia executive director. tell us what is so unique about this particular voting facility. >> here at normandy we have over 300 apartments with over 500 residents living on our campus. so it is a very convenient location and we just love doing it for them and our outside community. we take social accountability very seriously.
8:08 am
our residents are very conscious about their political and civic tooth i. >> reporter: they come downstairs and across the hall and they go to vote. >> absolutely just as easy as that. >> reporter: you have done this before. another year. what do you think the turnout will be here generally. >> i think it will be a great turnout today. it is a big primary. our residents again are very active. many of our communities are polling places, so i think it will be a great day. >> all right. you heard it, right there, you can see people voting right there to two machines here and the staff getting ready for other people coming in, quiet right now but that can all change, just never know when, back to you. >> thanks much very. i don't believe in putting up opinion polls on the day of the election but let's do it anyway. this is a fox 29 opinion savvy poll, hillary clinton is out pacing, independent, bernie sanders, 52 to 41. republican race now donald trump, 48 percent.
8:09 am
ted cruz, 28 percent. governor john kasich at 19 percent. >> but remember after you cast your ballot, you can tune into the results right here on fox 29, and at ten and stay with us because we have special extended coverage of the primary in pennsylvania and delaware. so it will go through 11:00. >> if you are interested in politics and election those other stations will be in the middle of your newscast we will do an hour of election coverage, nothing but, we will see you tonight at 11:00 have after the 10:00 o'clock news. so we're getting scientific with jen fred she's combining politics and pretzels this morning and jen, people are saying with the trump one they might need to be rework the trump festival. it doesn't really look like him. >> trump pretzel for me is the second best and bernie is the best. we didn't even exchange, i'm jen you are. >> april. >> hi april. first of all, of the three can you pick out who is who. >> donald, bernie, hillary.
8:10 am
>> no, this is hillary, that is bernie. >> she has more hair then him. >> of the three pretzels, politics aside which one do you like the best. >> that one. >> you like trump. >> don't be shy, tell me who you voted for. >> donald trump. >> i think it is amazing because you are one of the people we have been hearing about a die heart. >> for trump, yes. >> you used to be inn. >> yes. >> you registered. >> i voted for obama in the first election. >> okay. >> second one, against hillary i didn't even vote because i didn't even want to bother this one is more important to me then anything. >> you like trump pretzels and trump guy. >> yes. >> okay, all right. >> this is what we are doing all morgue. >> thanks very much. >> go get a pretzel. you too, april. we will keep going. they are hard to move, mike and alex. that will be the big concern. >> yes good they are big. >> just be careful, if anybody can do it, it is jen. >> she can figure it out.
8:11 am
>> do you know why we sent her on a pretzel job. >> it is national pretzel day. >> no, she's twisted. >> this little boy here is trying to raise money for a family. why he is relying on the kindness of strangers and people in the neighborhood to make this happen. we will explain why he is doing it. but notice something is missing behind us. >> hold on, the door bellies ringing. >> hold on. >> the door went outside. >> hi bob. >> oh, wait until you see who is here, not just one, not just two but a few. >> you are losing some of them. >> they will stay here.
8:12 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it.
8:13 am
best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate.
8:14 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ it is 8:14, it is another day with pretty high levels of the tree pollen, that is our major offender right now. later on in the summer, spring, summer we will get in the grass pollen but tree pollen, medium high because of the rain and then very high levels for tomorrow and high levels for thursday and friday are expected. your primary day round up is for, sunshine, for early part of the day, possibility of a pop up shower, and then
8:15 am
thunderstorms rolling through later on this afternoon. high temperature of 82 degrees. warmer it gets more chance we have of thunderstorms. last night we had a bunch rolling through anticipating some rain this morning in the pocono mountains. not a lot making it here until later, high risk of severe storms in the center of the country and probably tornadoes because that is why they call it tornado alley. for us, enhanced risk of hail and high wind, when we get those thunderstorms. so after today's 82, we will cool off a lot for the rest of the week. temperatures don't get out of the 60's all the way through weekend and beyond, alex. >> yes. >> all right, thanks very much, sue. >> there is a gathering of heroes outside our window. >> o, okay. >> did you see a hint, of what could be behind the door. >> we have the whole gang behind the door. with the door every day we have had celebrities, we had former news anchors but we have never, ever had medal of honor recipients coming through our door.
8:16 am
that will all change right now. right now, ladies and gentlemen say hello to our medal of honor recipient cover nal barney barnum, brian, and then our john chicky donahue, we have rick dugan, tom collins and kevin mcclune all veterans and medal of honor recipients. you are in town for a big event tonight, that is held at irish pub, it is an event raising money for scholarships for children, of marines, and law enforcement folks that have been lost in the line of duty. first of all, it is an honor to have you on the show with us today, medal of honor recipients, tell us what you received it for. >> fifty years ago for vietnam and i was artillery observer, we were ambush, company commander was killed, i took over the company and i got the lead, that company to the
8:17 am
battle and i have worn this medal now for 50 years in on of of those great marines and phenomenal that i got to lead on the field of battle. >> tremendous. sir? >> i'm saying 45 years ago for me. i'm not at 50 yet. observer in the army. we were attacked. we resisted. and this is just to tell the story and present it,. >> true honor to have you here with us. big event tonight, we have brought in some support, right. we have brought in the gang to see, the helpers over here. you may recognize these guys. these guys are all from new york. the greatest beer run ever, chicky conn hugh, basically set it up. you were in the bar with the bartender. he said you know what these guys are down there protest continuing the vietnam war. we should buy those guys a beer. you said i'm the guy to do it. >> i'm's only guy to do it, only seaman in the place.
8:18 am
>> chicky got the name and address, and names and locations of his budd fridays new york and you went over to vietnam. >> yes, i did. >> you weren't part, you weren't enlisted, basically snuck over there. >> i didn't sneak, i got on a ammunition ship in new jersey and took me to vietnam and followed at dresses. >> you found each one of your buddies, and what was the reaction when chick ie showed up with the eight pack in his bag. >> unbelievable, out of body experience. i thought i was in the twilight zone. >> how burr self? >> it made a complete difference in my time over there because i didn't expect anybody that would take that risk to come take a chance to come see us. >> what did you think when chickie came in. >> disbelief like where did you come from. >> so the whole tallies put together in a video, you can check it out on line greater beer run ever. there is also a new york daily
8:19 am
news columnist, who wrote a book on it, correct. >> book is coming out this summer, the greatest beer run ever, and i'm co author and it is all about these guys and me having a beer with them over there. >> a all of these guys served in vietnam. we have two medal of honor recipient here, guys, thank you so much for your service first of all and thank you so much for coming to philadelphia and being part of this great event. i'm proud to host it the tonight. we will have a full military parade, they will put me in a humvee and we will begin at 12th and walnut at irish pub and go up walnut street to the 20th and walnut irish pub and that is where you'll get a chance to meet, greet, autographs, pictures with all of not only these heroes but other heroes that will be in town today and all of the money goes towards scholarships, to help the children of parents, who have been lost in the line of duty. great event, and great.
8:20 am
and we will see them, down there tonight. thanks so much for your service. mike and alex back inside. >> it is a great event, last couple years, it is so wonderful. >> we will see you tonight. >> i will show you a little birth here, and he has a lemonade stand. not an ordinary lemonade stand. i will tell you what is a happening down the shore. is there something you cannot ride now on the boardwalk down the shore. it is not the tram. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
8:21 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:22 am
why should we trust a like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better.
8:23 am
okay. i think we are continuing our very scientific poll with jen fred today, she's combining politics and pretzels this morning. >> people are voting for their pretzel candidates. >> not only voting for their candidate but the pole is, and national pretzel day. >> i love that she has made a voting booth, go underneath the hood of the car.
8:24 am
>> also, a third grader in missouri, is selling lemonade, not to make extra cash for himself, and trying to make money to buy candy or something. >> because the way they say it there. >> missouriy know because i went to miss sue. but legal fees associated with this own adoption. >> he is nine years old. his name is christian jacobson. he set up his lemonade on friday. this is what he cared with his guardians since he was five years old. the couple says they have considered him to be their son but they want to reassure that he has a forever family. >> this is sweet. >> weekend lemonade sale raised over $7,000. you can make that much on a lemonade stand? my goodness. >> wonderful. >> in addition to that over $16,000 has been donated to his a caption fund, on you is that like a go he fund me. >> i haven't heard of it. >> it is you >> and caring caring. >> you got it.
8:25 am
>> okay. >> all right. i have never figured this out, and i'm old. >> i'm talking about the dirty dozen, no, not the movie. i'm not talking about men. i'm talking about food. the specific foods, to buy for organic. >> you should always buy organic. >> no. >> it is a waste of money sometimes. >> not all the time. >> so lets do it. >> my guess is, bananas, apples, and let's see. >> i a say pine apple. >> grapes, well, anyway we will give you an organic quiz and settle this once and for all.
8:26 am
that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is 8:28. do you want a drink, do you? is that something we should say to our kid. you know, you go to
8:29 am
thanksgiving and your uncle goes hey little fellow i know you are only eight but here, have a beer. some parents offer their children a sip of alcohol and is that bad? is that a bad idea? what age is it okay? and baby free but is it too soon. chrissy teigen is getting slack for ditching her new born for a nice night out getting all dressed up. how she is responding to the haters. >> the kiddies only nine days old is that too early to go out to a restaurant for a couple hours. >> hi. >> sue serio, could you do weather and then we will have a quiz, organic food quiz and clear this up. >> i want you to see what bus stop buddy is wearing. he has the umbrella with him, even though you are saying what is going on, it is bright and sunny but we are getting ready for rain later in the day. temperatures in the 50's and 60's, very mild to start, looking at radar shows there is a little bit of light rain
8:30 am
out toward state capitol of harrisburg, nothing here for a while though. 62 degrees at the moment and humid, 78 percent, get ready for afternoon showers and thunderstorms popping up after we hit that high of 80, 82 degrees. so some of those could be strong to severe storms, bob kelly, you know what we say, eye on the sky. >> eye on the sky. >> never rule out a thunderstorm. >> good morning everybody. we have an accident on the right side of the screen at westbound vine expressway that school bus there heading order towards the schuylkill. they have just cleared it out of the way but extra delays coming off of 95 in the bennie coming into downtown. notice sun glare we are dealing with this morning and we are dealing with an accident here tractor trailer, southbound i-95, right at 322 there in delaware county. it is causing delays in both directions right here near the commodore barry bridge, a crash, this one involving a
8:31 am
pedestrian at route one and old lincoln highway just off turnpike interchange. we have got sun glare going around that conshohocken curve and turnpike all lanes are opened. eastbound lane was block last night but everything back to normal near philadelphia bin bensalem. mike and alex. >> just who came in, jesse ram, our friend. >> it looks like we're ready. >> that is my daughter, i call her jesse. >> jozy, jesse. >> jozy and the pussycats. >> yes good we will do a little quiz here because when i get to the grocery story don't know whether i should buy organic fruits and vegetables or just not waste money. >> i thought organic was always better. >> yes. >> is that not the case. >> there is two big distinctions we make. the there is some food that hold pesticide residue and some food that really don't or just very little.
8:32 am
>> that is why we should buy organic. >> do you want to play the game then. >> apple, organic or not organic. >> is what your guess. >> i would say yes. >> we should buy organic which apple because we do have more pesticide rescue. >> you put your mouth into it and bite into it. >> you wash it. >> but still. >> pine apple, i say you don't to have buy organic. >> i agree. >> that is exactly right. >> we are not eating the outside so you are not getting much pesticide. >> you can bite into it and have a bloody mouth. >> strawberry i say you should buy organic. >> i say organic. >> you guys are right. you are killing it. >> definitely buy organic strawberries or really, wash them very, very well. you see the soft skins, that will hold residue. >> you should buy organic. >> same idea but what about the blueberries.
8:33 am
>> blueberries. >> buy organic from the way you are sounding. >> i will go organic. >> they do not hold that much pesticide residue good we got that wrong. >> buzzer. >> you can go with organic but whatever your budget allows. >> i'm going to a because banana has a seal, a peel there, not the organic. >> you got it, that is exactly right. for that exact reasons good lets go to vegetables. >> follow me. >> we have to buy organ wick carrots. >> carrots don't matter actually. >> if you want to buy organic that is fine but as long as you you know you can afford your veggies, that is good. >> okay. >> i say celery is in the same family. >> thinks a tricky one. >> it doesn't matter. >> no, organic. we would want to try get celery organic because it does hold on to residue.
8:34 am
>> tomato. >> organic. >> organic. >> yes, exactly right. >> we're scoring big. >> cauliflower you don't to have buy organic. >> not organic. >> you guys saw my cheat sheet this is very riveting. >> not organic. >> you don't to have buy organic. >> you have a peel. >> yes, you are thinking perfectly. >> spinach. >> don't cry about it. >> spinach? >> i will say none in organic. >> i will say organic. >> yes. >> the biggest thing with spinach there is a lot of cross contamination that happens that we have seen in the news, this is something that like salmonella would be honor e-coli so that is big thing to watch. >> ring my bell, peppers. >> i would say it can go either way. >> i will go organic. >> you are right, mike good look at that.
8:35 am
>> we should keep a score card what do we get. >> i don't know. >> this is all i got for you. >> i will go organic on milk. >> i say it doesn't matter good it really doesn't matter, it is a personal preference. organic milk just means that the cow has been able to get out to pass tour. it may have a better profile in terms of the a nutrition alcon tenth but they have in the found anything significant can't. >> yes. >> it is horrible. >> i know. >> eggs i say it doesn't matter. >> i say it is organic. >> with the eggs there is about five different ways, eggs are confusing, eggs confuse everyone. you can do organic but what that really means is that they can go outside. >> the chickens. >> yes. >> they are allowed to go outside. chickens go outside, they can
8:36 am
eat basically scraps or bugs and they are fed an organic diet because lot of people confuse organ wick cage free. that means that they probably don't go outside, they are not fed an organic diet, and they are just wondering around. it is not the same thing. >> it shows you how you should believe animals should be treated. >> yes. >> by the way, did they finally answer that question what did come first chicken or the egg. >> it was the egg. >> it had to be the egg. >> egg had to get here somehow so you needed a chicken. >> wait, wait. >> i would say organic. >> organ glike that is animal welfare preference. a lot of people say grass fed beef taste better. i have not found a difference but do i not have a fine as a pallet. >> it is a place on walnut, is it, and they have only grass fed meat.
8:37 am
>> people do say, it taste different. >> i like it. >> okay. >> did we clear up anything at all. >> did we confuse people more. >> thank you, for that vote of confidence. >> i will take to you dinner. >> thank you. >> for having this dinner here's the down side. >> it will be made out of all of these things. >> you have to go naked. >> you are a sick, sick, person. >> i didn't know where that was going. >> you think i'm kidding. >> i have no idea where this is going. >> there is a restaurant where you eat name. >> that is organic. >> amy schumer might want to go with me, because, yes, indeed, she's willing to show it all off. >> she's coming out about that movie she wrote called train wreck. >> was it for her. >> she says she wish she never written it. i'll tell you why. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
8:39 am
8:40 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:41 am
i have not seen this movie but people say it is good. >> you know school doll, our executive producer, what he actually does. he brought the door back in. >> that is one of his jobs. >> i'm sure people missed it behind us. this is good. >> look at scott. >> show your head, scott. >> it is more to the left, scott. >> yes, more to the left. >> yes. >> is that it. >> yes, push it back further though. >> now a little forward. >> okay. >> folks, just, what i day is it? >> three more days of that ugly door. >> what are we go to go do, how will we get rid of it. should we have a bond fire. >> i would love to burn the thing. >> amy schumer says that she wishes she never wrote her most recent movie, called train wreck. >> i have never seen it the but people told me it was good.
8:42 am
>> pretty funny. >> this is her on the cover of vanity fair. she feels regret and blame for the mass shooting a at the movie theater in louisiana. >> that is right. >> as you will recall that movie was showing. >> she has been upset about it ever since. >> she knows it wasn't her fault but leaves her feeling helpless abe stupid. as a result she has become vocal about her views on gun control. >> big time vocal. >> she even goes to rallies now. >> okay good it is national pretzel day with a primary election day here in pennsylvania and delaware. so, prepretzels apparently and jen is involved. >> we have looked on to more of the rocketing part here at abraham lincoln high school. a polling location. coming up we will ask the people what they think about our pretzel people.
8:43 am
thanks for coming today. i want each of you to grab a 2x8 and cut it. you'll have 2 saws to choose from. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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8:45 am
it is 8:45. you can see cloud mixed over cammal back in the pocono mountains and, we do have some rain on the way. in fact, poconos will get it before we do. you can see in mount pocono we are seeing a few showers and
8:46 am
this is a cold front that will be making its way through. we think we will get to 80 degrees or maybe even 82 before the thunderstorms hit later on in the day. it is getting warm. sixty-two in philadelphia. fifty's and 60's every where else. sixty's to the south, 50's to the north, topping off in the 80's in many places, and then cools off after we get those thunderstorms later in the day. rain comes back on thursday, lingering into friday morning, should be okay for most of the weekend and much more spring-like then it is today. very summery with today's high of 82. by the weekend upper 60's looking good as we transition, guys from april to may, this weekend. >> welshing we will have to get out our "good day philadelphia" may pole. >> yes. >> when is may 1st. >> it is sunday unfortunately. >> we're still on good day weekend. >> true. >> we have to do a precelebration on friday. >> or we will bring a may pole in on sunday, all right.
8:47 am
okay. it is national pretzel day and also an election day. >> sure is. >> jen is in mayfair combining the two. >> hi, jen. >> here's the situation. my man, good morning. >> good morning good long time since we have seen each other. >> long time good i was not in any trouble. thank you very much. the first of all, turf ask you as an officer can you identify, candidates we have here made out of pretzels. >> we use our skills that we are taught in the police department for school district of philadelphia to get this done. >> who do we have here good right here we have donald trump. >> yes. >> bernie sanders. >> and, the lovely hillary clinton. >> hard to tell which one is your favorite. which one is your favorite interpretation, which is your favorite pretzel art. >> i think this looks just like him. >> which person do you like the best,. >> okay good thank you so much. >> keep the kid safe. >> i will. >> we have another, do i say
8:48 am
victim, come here. here again is the question. we have three candidates here. >> that is funny. >> can you tell me, who is who. >> that is, that would be donald trump. >> that is right. >> that would be bernie sanders. >> yes. >> that would be hillary clinton. >> you have voted. do you want to tell us who you voted for. >> i will keep that private. >> which one do you think is best interpretation. >> i think donald trump one is the funniest, that is the best oney like your shirt. hey, flamingo guy. >> jordan shirt with little one's on them. >> very cool. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> have a great day. >> that is what we're doing. you know people get one on one with bernie sanders. i'm not the that guy. >> you have one on one with three candidates right now. >> yes. >> flamingo guy. >> they are all salty. >> they are salty already. >> there is a video that is
8:49 am
getting a lot of attention, a young cold play fan cannot contain himself while the band concert do you want to see this. >> i do. >> that is how i looked a cold play when they were playing at half time at super bowl. the get this over with. >> is he happy to be there. >> you you ever been to the concert it is so scary, so loud and bright. >> he is overwhelmed. >> yes. >> wow look at that. >> yes. >> he is a sweet kid, his name is louise vasquez. that is the dad.
8:50 am
this was april 16th. sweet kid. here's the thing, he is dealing with autism the little boy. >> i see. >> if you know anything about this, could he be reacting ago this way because of the lights and the noise. >> too much stimulation. >> i don't know? so lets get into this. ladies, hoping to get pregnant are you? we've got something for you today there are a a few foods you are probably eating that is preventing from you getting pregnant. can you imagine, we will go through those foods, do you want to have a baby, i need to stop eating something. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
8:51 am
but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:52 am
8:54 am
ding, good morning everybody. coming up at 8:54. live look at an accident eastbound on 422, right here near route 29, everything off to the shoulder but we are stack up from royersford on in. jammo on the vine street expressway we had an earlier accident westbound heading over toward the schuylkill and then a crash northbound on 295, we're stack up from the 42 freeway all the way up to warwick, tying folks up heading up to the patco high speed line and crash south the on the new jersey turnpike at exit number five, mike and alex, back to you. >> by the way, tonight is south street spring fest. >> okay good little restaurant tour. registration starts at five this 30 the at the brew house. >> okay, what is this weather going to be? it is supposed to rain. it is just pop ups. >> you cannot rule it out. >> i missed a lot of the late 80's and early 90's, i cannot tell you why but i mentally check out. i don't remember this drink but coca cola is bringing back what a lot of people like.
8:55 am
it is to celebrate ghost busters remake. coke got in bed with the movie company and therblig back the high c drink. >> it is the ecto will cooler. it is coming back. it is popular with the kid though. while mike was check out in the 80's and 90es a. it is a drink that will hit store shelves next month and getting a juice box form or first time ever, they are putting it in a can. >> for the first time you can get tonight a can. >> yes. >> there is more juice in that, then in the box. >> yes. >> what are you looking at, did something happen. >> bobbies shaking his head, giggling. >> okay. >> no boards, on the board, you may not see hoverboards on the wildwood boardwalk this summer, why would want them banned for safety reasons. i think a lot of people might agree with that. >> do you want a drink, mike. >> what kind of drink. >> is that something you a say tour drinks, do you you want a
8:56 am
drink. >> let's start that debate. is it wrong to offer a kid a little kid, some alcohol, like a thanksgiving dinner. hey little boy come over here, take a sip of my beer? is that good or bad. what age is that okay.
8:57 am
8:59 am
hey, good day everybody. it the is tuesday, april 26th, 2016. we're laughing already. coming up at 9:00. hi lauren. >> hi, happy belated birthday. >> we shouted out all take yesterday. >> i'm sure you saw. >> i saw it. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> she's lovely. >> is she still in town. >> she's going back to atlanta, because of her husband. >> did she runaway from mike.
9:00 am
>> congratulations on the wedding. >> thank you. >> thank you. twitter will light up. >> i know. >> baby free, new listen to this, let's start off with debate, christie teigen, of course, married to john legend getting flack because even though her baby girl is only nine days old, she and john went out on a date to a restaurant for three hours. is that too soon. >> the world reacts. >> i heard someone say. ladies hoping to get pregnant we have something for you. there are a few foods you are eating every day that could hurt your chances of conceiving. what you might want to cut out of your diet. >> so prom can be a blast but it can be pricey because you have to get the limo, dress, hair, nails and can't forget shoes so we are taking some stress off your feet this morning with the very special shop. >> oh, so you are helping teenage girls, get what might be more expensive shoes, for almost free. >> yes. >> free. you can find your whole


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