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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> congratulations on the wedding. >> thank you. >> thank you. twitter will light up. >> i know. >> baby free, new listen to this, let's start off with debate, christie teigen, of course, married to john legend getting flack because even though her baby girl is only nine days old, she and john went out on a date to a restaurant for three hours. is that too soon. >> the world reacts. >> i heard someone say. ladies hoping to get pregnant we have something for you. there are a few foods you are eating every day that could hurt your chances of conceiving. what you might want to cut out of your diet. >> so prom can be a blast but it can be pricey because you have to get the limo, dress, hair, nails and can't forget shoes so we are taking some stress off your feet this morning with the very special shop. >> oh, so you are helping teenage girls, get what might be more expensive shoes, for almost free. >> yes. >> free. you can find your whole
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outfit, i don't have anything to wear with a all of this. >> did you donate shoes to this cause. >> yes. >> did you. >> i have them. >> i want to see this. >> okay. >> okay. let's start the debate. sue, do you want in on this one too. >> yes. >> they are responding on twitter. >> big debate for parents. is it okay to let your under age kid to have a sip of alcohol at dinner. i keep bringing up like thanksgiving day example. recent article in the insuring times has ignited this debate. is a sip of wine during passover let's say or thanksgiving dinner or christmas dinner, whatever, a sip of champagne are beer, is that okay? it turns out according to this alcohol giving your children a small tastes a common thing but you that doesn't mean everybody thinks it should be done. some say it can lead to alcohol abuse at a very young age. others say, just relax, it is kind of harmless.
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alex, have have you ever had that happen. >> my dad when i was younger, if you want to try it a at some point we were rather you try witt us, so, yeah, and if they are present you want to try to have a sip and go that way. >> do you think if you started to sip on it at eight or 9:00. >> i was than the that young. >> i was more like. >> eighteen. >> i was a teenager. >> that doesn't count. >> on twitter, someone said, i think 17 is okay, and any other, it will go to their head and they will think it is so cool and they will try it again. sarah says it is fine to give them alcohol. they will think it is terrible. >> first sip i had was eight or nine and i thought it was horrible. >> yeah, gross. i had it the at eight or nine, beer i was like yuck. i didn't drink again until i was 21. >> i had six drinks of black coffee from my dad. never like black coffee since. i have not had a cup of black
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coffee since i was six. before we get to sue lets talk to jen fred about this. jen what say you. >> well, i do remember being a very young like, and having a sip of the budweiser on a boat in florida. i was like this is gross. i never wanted to try anything ever again. we kind of follow the same policy at our house. we have let the kids have a sip or two of different things, mostly wine. brody said this taste like youth because it kind of does taste like juice. we don't really drink scotch so we are not giving him scotch. when it comes to soda i have given him a taste have of coca cola which is a harsh taste, in my opinion. >> i agree. >> the kid all he want is the water. the modern parent is thinking if you give him a taste of something and like i did they had hate it, they are less apt to find it. that is other thing, it is more about demything it.
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if you can't have it, they want to find it. you cannot date jimmy, i'm dating jimmy. that is the whole idea. new york post is saying that is not always what happens. they sometimes find it, pretty good. >> okay. i want to move on to this next debate, which i find more interesting. >> what. >> i didn't know, what does sue thing. >> we don't have have a a camera on her so i'm blowing it off. sorry, sue. >> oh, i will be back you are in the getting rid of my bub. >> so this christie teigen is smoking. she just had a baby nine days ago. with john legend. so they decide to go out on a dinner date. they were probably gone two or three hours on this dinner. >> nine day old. >> nine days old. >> it took nine months to have. >> yes, look at little luna. >> luna is nine. >> is it okay to go, nine days
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old. i think everybody in the audience understands this is a nine day old child. certainly not nine years old or hours, days. nine days old. >> okay. so parents went out to dinner and left the little will kid with the the sitter. >> people were like giving her comments. they were coming at her. we cannot even say some of the things they were saying. >> they were nasty on twitter and facebook. >> christie teigen is known to come back. the she's never afraid to respond. i never wanted to leave my daughter. i love her. but that's just me. the passive aggressiveness is real. >> someone asked her how is baby luna. >> i don't know, i can't find her. >> good answer. >> so, sue why don't you start, because how long, after you had nia did billy and you go out. >> i would have gone out at nine days if i looked like christie teigen.
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>> it was a week or two. i don't know why we're so judgey. i will also say this if she didn't want to be judged she shouldn't put it out there. you really don't have to tell the world every time you go out to continuer. >> why would she bother. i agree. the paparazzi saw them out. >> i don't think she asked for it. >> so she was seen she didn't put it out there. >> she got seen without the baby. >> i don't have one single problem, with her going out to dinner for a couple hours for pete's sake. can we think of something else to get upset about. >> i don't know who was watching the baby. >> i doubt the they left the baby home by itself. >> no, that wouldn't happen. >> i'm sure they had a baby-sitter. it was just a couple hours, the baby, i'm sure got fed for pete's sake. aren't there enough problems in the world. we have to judge this woman for going out to dinner. >> kenya says i don't think it is okay.
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i didn't go out until my son was eight months old. it is different for everybody. >> nine days good maybe she's just at her witt's end because baby is crying and not sleeping and she just need a break whether it is 30 minutes or two hours. >> i guess. >> step outside, come back home. >> this is most ridiculous thing for people to get upset about. >> some people are mad that she was wearing leather pants. >> yes. >> you know, the whole snap back thing. >> if i could fit in leather pant then or now. >> lets go back to jen, what would you do. what do you think nine days, too early. >> first of all, princess diana went on a world tour at nine days. everybody freaked out about that. that is a little bit different. here's my question i once went to the palm restaurant with the babe hoy was two weeks old. the baby slept through the whole thing under the table, baby in the bucket in the car seat. people lost their mind at the palm that the parents brought
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the baby with them. so, girl got to eat first of all. she would have been just as criticized if they brought baby luna with them to the restaurant because you are not supposed to go out for four weeks or whatever. find something real to cry about, america but i will say this is a lose/lose situation f she brought babe which her people would go the baby is here. this baby in the restaurant was like kind of covered up, under the table, no one was breathing on the table. you do need a moment out. you need to get out. she wanted to spend a couple hours with your husband. you have to get out of the house. >> in 18 years that baby will leave you and you better be leave you. >> i remember, going out a month after we had jessica and i remember missing her so much, that we sat down, didn't even order and went home. >> i would get my nails down
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and girl would say hold on a second. she said she just had a new born. it was with her sister. this was her first team stepping away from the baby. same thing with christie teigen. she could not enjoy the dinner because your baby is home and you don't know what will happen. >> with technology now you can sit and watch the baby on your phone. >> and they are richie bet they have those. if you are looking forward to riding on your hoverboard down the shore the boardwalk, be careful because they may get banned. >> they are considering the ban because. >> especially in wildwood. >> because they can catch wooden area on fire. so, they think that the burn the boardwalk down. they are expect to consider an ordinance this week and vote on it. all of the kid are in the happen bye that. >> let's start voting on tv and twitter and facebook. >> i will vote this will be controversial. they should not allow them. go to the boardwalk to walk, not to like, you know, you have to dodge these kid on
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them. they are on them in the lob any my building. it is like you have to watch it. they are every where. >> these darn kid today, stay off my lawn by the way. >> they will be riding some way down there. >> yes. >> old school walk. >> that noise. >> cutting me off, i'm trying to walk down there with my skinny white legs and my short, cutting me off, yes. >> i said it earlier this morning and i believe that it hoverboards are the new selfie sticks. they were real popular and then they started banning them every where. where do you see selfie stick. when was last time you seen a selfie stick. they get banned in airports and these places. >> i have not seen a hoverboard in over a month. >> i haven't seen them in a while either. >> i saw one the other day. >> if you have a a hoverboard and you live in olde city go by outside. >> roll on by, seriously. >> a new father to be, pens a
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heartfelt letter on facebook after seeing his pregnant fiance suffer with morning sickness. >> okay apparently social media just can't get enough of this. in this emotional post josh streeter, he fridays florida, he says his pregnant partner, taught him about life. every second is worth it. it has literal willly taken my fiance and took over her body and with all of the stress, aching and using bathroom and sickness throughout the entire day they hurt. they get so emotional and fatigue and they can't explain why. but that is where you come n you make her feel like it is okay to cry, get upset, mad, laugh out of no where and make her feel like she's a queen. he's a winner. >> that is wonderful. he is so supportive. >> i bet he has never went on share rocket. what what is that guy's name on the west coast. >> i know how are talking about. >> yes, that is it. >> frank would love that.
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>> yes. >> isn't he understanding. >> you don't like that post. >> little too mushy. >> i never would have read it, it is more than a paragraph i'm not reading your post. >> what were you like then when jessica was in the womb. >> here's something i cannot handle: people bar ifing. >> i'm with you. >> the smell makes me want to throw up. >> yes good what about the the other stuff, when they get hungry and they have a craving. >> i would do that. >> i was than the good about holding your hair. >> but morning sickness, it is so -- >> i'm talking about pregnancy in general. >> yes. >> yes, rubbing her back, balls on the back, and massage. >> when it comes to the bathroom you leave the room. do you just walk out. >> i would run. >> can you shut the door, i don't want to hear it either. >> that is what you are
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worried about. >> the sound have barf. sometimes i think i'm just too sexy to work out. >> is that you why don't hit the gym. >> definitely. wait until i show you this app that i fun that would freak you out. >> we have to wait a long. >> does it make you strong. >> no. >> real quickly, i will tell you later. >> you have to say it now. >> it is like uber for working out. >> what do you mean. >> like oh, my gosh i am bloated, i need to work out. you you can go blip on your phone and a train are will be there in 20 minutes. >> yes good boom. >> i love it. >> ale explain, i forgot the name of it. >> i don't know i'll explain later. >> who put this together but it is new. a college student says that she bass thrown out of her school's gym because her lulu lemon top was way too low. >> a college student. >> guess what it was too low in the back. >> in the back. >> the fat back. >> she now is saying this is
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one big double standard. that is the standard. she goes to washington lee in virginia. she claimed she was asked to leave the business center one minute after she got on thee lip california machine because she said her shirt violated her standard. as she's leaving she bumped into a male student wearing a revealing tank top. he wasn't asked to leave. then she says she has seen a few nip slips. >> yes. >> by nail students. >> so there is a double standard. >> they weren't offended by front but back that was too low. >> a by in the gym, and they have their shirt on. >> i know, you need to wear a shirt. in shirt no service. >> can we go back to the picture. i want to show you something that looks really odd. down at the bottom it is like someone's to you do you see that. >> yes. >> you are right. >> somebody fall down. >> it looks like her dorm room and she took a picture.
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>> yeah, that is what it is. >> the toes look weird. >> pretty big feet. >> what are you saying in my ear, megan. well, i can see that. >> all right, sue. sue? >> so here's the thing. >> i neat the a weather report and i need it now. >> that is what i'm doing. today will be the warmest day of the week, 82 degrees today before the the thunderstorms hit later on. thunderstorms, of course, coming with the cold front and that means it cools things off. we will probably have quite a few clouds tomorrow but probably a dry day here in philadelphia, high of 66. now on thursday rain comes back, at 62 degrees. we are still in the 60's on friday. maybe lingering showers in the morning. weekend is concern last day of april is saturday and it looks like a dry day really pleasant, rain in the forecast for sunday but hopefully we will hold it off until later
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in the take and that ladies is your seven day forecast. i said ladies because you walk a waste. >> i walk away because i'm squeamish. >> thank you, sue. >> april is fertility awareness in so a lot of women are having trouble getting pregnant. there are a few things thaw are doing every single will day that could be hurting your chances more. >> doctor maureen kelly, a fertility specialist with the society hill reproductive medicine is here to sort this all out. >> i think a lot of woman in their 30's think it is an age thing but is there more to it then just the number. >> correct, although age is very important. it is a key part of it. there are some things in ones lifestyle you might choose that will enhance your fertility or protect your fertility. >> so what should we be eating then when it comes to foods. >> there are interesting studies about diet and fertility. it shows that a diet, that is more along the lines of the mediterranean diet improves fertility.
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so things like vegetables, complex carbohydrates, fruits, low fat proteins, plant based oils like olive oil are very important good when we're talking about the diet how big a role does that play? some women think specifically i'm at this age and this is why they are in the thinking about what they are putting into their mouth. >> age is still primary issue that one has to consider. there is a difference when diets were compared and it was found that individuals who follow mediterranean diet, their fertility was better then those who ate sugars, simple high carbs die et cetera. >> is it just the food or when it comes to drinking to does that affect anything. >> there are some things that suggest that high alcohol in take for either men or women will impact fertility. that there is some guidance that recommend less than four alcoholic beverages a week for either men or women will make a difference in terms of the
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fertility. >> i'm glad you brought up men because it is in the just on the women. they could be doing things too. >> that is one of the biggest falsecy that we encounter we found when there is an infertility problem 40 percent of the time it is the male. >> 40 percent. >> when we get to that point to find that out are more women knowing they should test, and their partners. >> most women really understand that. the key thing, of course, is for women to know at what point should they seek treatment. >> when is that. >> it tea pend on the age of the woman. for under 35 we recommend trying 12 months, if you have regular cycles, and 35 and over, six months and if you are not pregnant at that point to seek care and 40 and over, seek care after three months of concepting. >> men don't need to wear boxers but heat does affect sperm production. >> there has been a
9:19 am
controversy for years and i cannot tell you how many men were forced to wear boxers because their wife's, thought that boxers made a difference. >> too tight, and the heat. >> so, a study was finally done which disproves men can wear boxers or briefs it doesn't make a difference but heat does a affect sperm production. men that spend time in sauna and hot tubs that can have a detrimental effect on sperm production. >> all right. i have a question now, you have brought up sperm. >> okay. >> hi, everybody. >> couple things, is it okay to have my cell phone next to my crouch. >> i don't know of a study that looked a at that. >> well, why not. >> we can enroll you. >> and other thing, certain positions during sex will, there is a higher chance that you will get pregnant is that
9:20 am
true. >> that is not true. >> don't stand on your head have ward. >> you don't to have put your hipps up on a pillow, position doesn't make a difference. it just doesn't. >> so eat well, eat well, watch your weight, again for men and women. >> yes. >> don't smoke. >> how about that one, i just had a couple glasses have have wine, i think it is okay if you are pregnant. >> no, it is not okay. >> no alcohol during pregnancy at all. >> you should come in more often. >> you should. >> okay good conversation me and my girlfriend are having every day. because we're in our 30's. >> do you want to have a baby. >> no, not yet. >> are we off. >> no, we're still on. >> you can tell me. >> thank you so much. >> addresses his famous internet name yes is swearing
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he never say it, you know hey girl, i don't think i seen this feel my sweater. >> i would be mad about this too people putting word in my mouth. >> it is no the bad. >> like hearted
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two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ focus, focus, stay focused. now jen is attacking people in their cars. >> yes. >> welshing it is national pretzel day. coming up on 9:30. >> do you like your pretzel with yell he must tar, regular mustard or something else on it. >> i don't knowy had a sweet mustard within time. >> i'm too distract by boxes. could we put the pretzel in the lid so we might be able to see, they are too fragile. hillary clinton is not fragile, neither is bernie or donald trump. >> no, no, in. >> maybe they cab take a picture and show pictures if we don't want to lift them out of the box.
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>> ryan gosling is finally addressing all of the buzz, he has been getting on social media we like to call it. >> um-hmm. >> for hey girl, means. >> we will show you a couple of them good oh, hi. >> steel my sweater, you know what it is made of? boyfriend material. there there is hey girl, hey girl. >> query my love, query my love, only result would be you. >> you could just use the word question my love. >> yes. >> and then, in anticipation of the latest movie, with brad gosling and russell crowe they have been attending couples therapy to sort out their allege differences on sex. >> what? >> are you kidding. >> listen to this good hey, girl, it wasn't first time and wasn't the last time. >> i never said it, i understand if you are in a movie and you say you complete me or i'm just a girl standing in front have the guy and that
9:26 am
follows you around, and you have to own it but i never said it. >> this might be a funny movie. >> russell thinks that ryan should have let him necessity about all of the merchandise that was being made as a result of these popular memes and things. >> is this from the movie or promotional clip. >> promotion to talk about the movie. >> would you like to have that chair and sit on ryan's face. >> what? >> his face is on the seat. >> is he ryan gosling married. >> yes. >> he is boyfriend material. >> eva mendes there so that was just all bogus. >> were. >> so, a lot of women feel like he is so devoted, he will build a house, he will tell me if you are vern oliver. >> what? >> you have not seen the notebook. >> no, men don't want to see the notebook good okay. >> you know, some of the sayings. i'm a bird you you are a bird. >> of course. >> of course, because they are
9:27 am
women. so their favorite movies. >> the net book. >> i know guys hoff seen the notebook and they like it. >> bob, have you seen the notebook. >> yes. >> see. >> told you. >> because he wants to have sex. would you go to the notebook with me bob. >> okay. >> i'm just saying. >> probably. >> women get all emotional good lets talk about these free shoes. there is some good looking shoes you can wear to prom and teenage girls, hi, this is a great idea. this is a good idea woman. we will tell you how to get free shoes for prom after the break. do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns.
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>> so did you see that? >> yes, i feel lime ' crazy. >> you're a bird i'm a birds. >> you know, what to say. you thought being a bird was sexy, you know what it is? >> smelly dumpster behind the building and i'm a smelly dumpster, too. >> i don't know. but you proposed by a dumpster. >> oh, that's true. >> one thing i love about philly, such a big deal, all of the processions, people come on out, we know it can be expensive, people like to go all out. >> true. that's where someone comes in to make prom possible for car strapped families. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> what's this all about? >> teen shop, organization
9:32 am
called for girls with goals. it is a mentoring, it prepares teen girls for life. and every year, we hold our shoes for life program, where people can come in and take as many shoes as they want. we clean the shoes, we set them up like this, make sure they're ready last year i believe we collected about over 5,000 shoes? >> oh, wow. >> all styles? >> yes. this year the sixth year we've been doing it, since we started we collected over 20,000 shoes. >> you do it for men and women. >> yes. >> focusing on prom this weekend? >> well, every year, this saturday, we will is have shoes foremen, women and children. we always do. we have all times of shoes. >> okay? >> but our prom salon, we know that can be expensive for girls to go to prom. so, as any teenage girl in the city wants to go to prom, wants to use a pair of our shoes or have a pair of our shoes, all do you have do is come to brianne church at broad and diamond from 11:00 to 3:00, we'll have shoes for you, just bring your student id. >> bring the student id, and
9:33 am
they can pick it out? you want it to match the dress. >> yes, shows us picture of the dress, we'll figure out which pair will go just right. >> the picture we're seeing, from past seasons. >> yes. >> gotch you. >> we always have a great showing, and the girls who work the shoes for life, they love it, absolutely love seeing people come in, and how thankful they are, so real amazing event. >> this is something they're connect today because you did teen shop, right, when were you in high school. >> right. i was in teen shop. i loved it, dow it now, i go back, i volunteer with the girls, i lover working with the girls, they're amazing. >> so alex and i got an e-mail asking if we could donate. then sue, pay attention, come over here. we all dug in our closet and decided we would bring in some shoes. >> oh, no! >> so we have shoes we would like to donate. >> wow. >> and you got have a black pair, really good. >> classic, right. >> yes. thank you so much. >> of course. >> and here is a pair i have there. >> and jen is brinking in her pair, too. we hope this helps. >> a shoe that real goes, a lot of girls really into, people would say oh, i have
9:34 am
shoes, i can donate those, certain size? >> a lot of girls, really varies, some girls, you know, like the sparkly ones, that are more bling-bling. a loft girls though really like the simple ones, as well. we do however, always get a lot of men's shoes, always go very fast. >> okay? >> maybe mike will have some he would want to donate? >> where did he go? we'll finds him. so, we hope that this helps. i think i have another pair, too, actually. alex, did you bring two pairs. >> i did. >> do you think mike will come back? >> mable. >> oh, that's good. they might go with somebody's dress. >> ya? >> so one more time, saturday, saturday at broad and diamond. brianne church 11:00 to 3:00. >> perfect. thank you so much. do you guys have a goal? up to 20,000, that's a lot of shoes. >> main goal to help the community make sure everyone has shoes for prom, everyone just has shoes for life. >> and then if they can't make it this saturday, can they still donate? >> yes. you can still donate. >> okay. >> just go to the church?
9:35 am
>> yes, go to the church contact someone. we have website teen >> thank you. >> okay, 9:35. first, he went book his roots on dancing with the stars, now, he's paying tribute to n'sync, it wasn't just the judges who were with one day, the other people giving their approval this morning. >> ♪ china. india. some of the world's worst polluters.
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as secretary of state, hillary clinton forced them to the table... making real change by laying the groundwork for the historic global agreement to combat climate change. as president, hillary will invest in clean energy jobs. on fracking, she'll protect families' health and safety and stand with communities that want to ban fracking, and their right to say "no." because our future depends on getting this right. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
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>> i waited for you for seven years. now it's too late. >> i wrote you 365 letters. i wrote you every day for a year. >> you wrote me?
9:39 am
>> yes it wasn't over. it still isn't over. >> it still isn't over. >> so beautiful. >> isn't that beautiful? and out in the rain, they don't care, and you know that wasn't a black woman there. with my hair? out there still kissing, i love you. >> just give it a chance. >> watch it. >> what? >> he's like that changes things. >> well, no. >> maybe i. >> not like that. >> eel ' end stands in the pouring rain. >> she would have accepted the letters, because she loved him, too. see, men don't do that any more. they court you, write you love letters, do that casino of thing. only, you know, if you want it, if you don't want the love letters. >> that's true. we have letters here at the station. >> we do? >> yes, you can barely read the writing.
9:40 am
oh, better not open it. >> some of them are typed. >> that's true. >> when we get a typed one that means -- >> ya. >> i got one from the same person over and over again, who never leaves her name, but she tells -- i mean, she reads me every time. and by that? >> your hair, your ponytail, your dress, your shirt, she never identifies who she is, she never puts return address never says her name. >> is it typed, though? >> typed ooh. >> we find the typed ones -- >> mine are normally one paragraph long, or one sentence. >> well, because they probably heard you saying you won't read it past that, so they put information there. >> keep it short. is it a run on sentence, though? >> normally i hate you. >> oh, no it is not. >> no it is not. >> see, i get some pretty interesting ones, too. >> i just got a letter. >> deep breath. >> it is okay. you are loved. >> also notice this: if they have the little, the thing you lick, you know, the return address, put it on? >> the label? >> the label. >> hash out fancy little design on it?
9:41 am
>> yes. >> what about it? >> normally not good. >> okay, ready? >> been on dancing with the stars, doing so well with the show, he showed his boy bands skills, they go across generation, you know, obviously boyz ii men, but did rendition of bye bye bye, and few members of n'sync, that's great. >> here you go! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, you know, he actually is good buddies with joey -- >> oh, they held up the pen there. >> ya. >> joey was back stage during this whole performance. >> oh, look at that.
9:42 am
cool. >> ya. >> who is that? >> i haven't seen dancing with the stars in a long time, but they have all these props. >> very extravagant. >> that show drives me nuts. i've never been able to watch a full episode. >> because of production value is so over the top, you're just like -- >> what do you want me to pay attention to is like how i feel, like whoa. >> like overload. >> and the judges, they get so animated. oh, calm down. >> what? no, dancing is special. >> ugh. >> what were you do you but a judge? >> he can't dance. >> i wouldn't go. >> so if they asked to you judge? >> mike? >> that's what you do. >> my lyrics, i can do a leer call dance. >> here we go. oh, my gosh. do your "hammer time". >> do, do, do, do. >> i hate this studio, by the way. >> i'm sorry, i'm in the way.
9:43 am
oh, sorry. >> impossible to work here. >> sorry, avenue big head. >> what's that stand for? >> boys losing cash? >> extremely limited capabilities. >> all right, anyway. is jen still -- no. >> has the moment pass in the. >> someone brought it up, long time ago, when did you that little "hammer time" dance back and forth? >> i have a new one you can do better than that. >> the running man? >> the new running man. >> but not the running man. >> what's the new one. >> i'll get in the studio -- >> like weird looking. >> i know. >> here is the old one. >> ya, that's the old one. >> the other one like this. then now it is like -- see? >> little smoother. >> ya? >> oh, just like irish dancing? >> "hammer time" we're hearing. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> no, were you going side to side. there you go. what's the name that far song,
9:44 am
lauren? >> here goes. >> ♪ i want to be your lady -- >> so all of the basketball players, ya, are doing it like in the locker rooms now. >> and they're just like -- >> we've got to stop this and look at pretzels, go, jen. >> reporter: okay, so first of all we've broke the pretzel maker here. the question is, who is who and what's what? we'll talk to you in a second. hundreds of people have voted. not in the primaries, on my twitter pole. are you on twitter? >> my daughter, i'm not. >> they're voting on my twitter pole how many free pretzels will be given out today by the philadelphia pretzel factory. can you guess. >> 500. >> that's not right. come on back. d cut it. you'll have 2 saws to choose from. ♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck?
9:45 am
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...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
9:47 am
what's that? >> the brown man challenge. >> i think started by some guy in maryland? >> oh, it's gone viral, nba, all doing it. >> that's villanova. so, this is a new running man. >> it looks like a combo -- hi, doctor. irish dancing, lord of the
9:48 am
flies? >> lords of the rings? >> flies? >> river dance? >> river dance. there you go. okay, teach doctor mike. >> oh, my gosh. >> doctor mike? >> i don't know. >> one leg in front of the other. just go back and forth like this. >> see, like irish dancing. >> and you guys? >> then whip around your head at some point. >> thank god you're a doctor. >> doctor mike, don't hurt anything! >> that's the thing. >> come on, alex, go! (doorbell rings). >> thanks, doctor mike. >> the challenges get that get made up. >> jen? >> wrong camera. >> sorry. >> come yell at this one. >> over here? >> yes. >> let's run a brown man challenge. >> jen? >> here's the question. you know, we tried to mess with these, but we broke them, okay? but, clearly, it is who do you think this person is?
9:49 am
>> i have no clue. >> that's donald trump. i know, when he is like this -- >> i wanted to say that but -- >> who do you think this person is? >> independent running against hillary clinton. >> i know, the guy. >> bernie sandser. >> and who do you think is? >> oh, gosh. >> come on. >> you can't do this to hillary! >> i didn't do it. is it a tease or the freak i eyeballs? >> it is the eyeballs. >> is it the eyeballs? >> yes! >> all right. but, i mean, i know, we need to work on it before the dnc? >> yes. >> we'll work on it. >> all right bye, baby. okay, now, i just want to know, i'm not in charge of this. dow want everyone to know that i was in charge of being a consultant on that pope mozarella. you saw how that pope cheese turned out. so, philly pretzel factory, they are a sponsor, call me, i'm available for consulting,
9:50 am
and here is the last thing on the question, hundreds of people voted. they didn't vote for the election, they voted on my twitter pole. how many free pretzels will be given out. >> how many? >> today. >> 75,000? >> no, no, no. >> what's the answer? >> the answer is between 75,080,000. they hope in the future to get to 1 million. >> jen, that was fascinating, thank you, very much. she should join gallop pole. >> megan just told me in my erie was right. have you voted on a twitter pole before? okay then. when you vote it gives you check marks. >> so the check marks just happens to be by the right answer on that one. >> yes. >> were you both correct. >> well, this was a first. >> but i roll my eyes. >> oh, so it doesn't count? >> no. >> who is my favorite singer
9:51 am
snow. >> after owe around a grab day? >> and jimmy fallon teaming up. she so good, at imitating other singers. you want to hear? >> yes. >> let's -- lip-sync challenge next.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> so whatever arianna grand goes on with jimmy fallon, they like to do that lip-syncing stuff. >> the battle. >> i want to see it? >> yes. >> lip-sync battle show, just doing lip-sync? >> not the lip-sync battle show, just the tonight show with jimmy fallon. that's why i mentioned the tonight show with jimmy fallon. >> but also i think what involved? >> i believe he is the producer of it. >> do you see? >> that's hosted by ll cool jay. >> but still connect today it.
9:55 am
>> he makes money off of it. >> thank you. >> we don't have time. here it is. >> i just boasted a throw back -- >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ always wearing the little kitty ears, i guess. >> sill salmon cat, why. >> ♪ >> did you ever see that show, family cat? >> no, have you, lauren? >> no. >> ya. >> it is little teenage white girls. >> have you seen it? >> i don't know.
9:56 am
>> little teen girls. >> skinny little white girls. >> oh, my gosh. >> megan there is would be your cue to cue upsal monday cat. >> do you want to see the real thing? >> forget it. mothers day, coming up, you know? if you're looking for gift ideas for your mother, gwyneth paltrow, who is a mom, has few suggestions. >> but it is also expensive. >> well, she is a show off. >> okay. so, several pricy ideas. >> goop. >> yes, that. so, globe trotting mom. how about pair of binoculars. >> who can afford those? >> well, all i know is my mom, every year, should say mike, can i please have a pair of binoculars? >> she loves football games, other sports, so -- >> those will cost you ten grand. >> picking his nose.
9:57 am
>> that's -- i used to live in a high-rise building in manhattan. >> oh, no. >> oh, ya. >> rear bin dough. >> i could blow a whole friday night, just whoa, whoa. >> did it play out the rear window though like the movie? >> yes. >> well, never a murder or anything, but rear window. >> like alfred hitchcock moment? >> no. >> in new york you never know what was going on. >> always something going on. are we done with the chat? >> the stuff we can't affords, duffle bag. >> expensive crap. >> cards ash yan's dot same thing, they posted things to get your mom. remember the channel surf board? >> ridiculous, who can afford that? >> on that website you know what i saw? >> $10,000id bracelet, $13,000 sweater. not so much. >> i saw something about 09 bucks. >> really? >> thousand dollars. >> ya? >> i have an idea. >> what is your idea? >> watch the election result on our special tonight at 11:00 just after the
9:58 am
10:00 news. hour long special after -- special after. >> sounds good you. >> better believe it. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
9:59 am
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10:00 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ ♪ shout it out >> announcer: now here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my cohost, my studio audience!


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