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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> i think the only card she has is the woman's cards, and franklin, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. >> super tuesday turns into a super attack, donald trump and hillary clinton scored huge victories last night. bringing them closer to a monumental dual of face-off for the white house in the fall. >> after being a pictures if philadelphia politics for three decades, chaka fattah is ousted with the 11th incumbent did on election that's gaining disapproval from the white house. >> oh, oh. >> the police officers were running and yelling open the door, open the door, and they had her, she was like dangling. >> horrible. autopsy result are complete on a two year old girl. who was found severely injured in an apartment. now the question is: what
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happened? good day everybody, it is wednesday, april the 27th, 2016. the morning after the biggie election. >> yes, and the advice was good about voting early. because whoa a lot of weather issues in the afternoon. but it looks like there was good turn out. >> you know what we should do, sends in pictures, who got the best shot of the rainbow yesterday? >> yes. some people got double rainbow. >> double, triple. >> i missed. >> oh, it was vivid. >> like a big bag of skiddles. >> send them in on twitter, facebook. >> looking forward to. that will meantime we give you today's number, certainly, not all of the excitement of yesterday. could still see little bit of rain. seven out of ten is our number, and we have rain down to the south. so if you're in delaware, especially southern delaware, you have a better chance every maybe seeing a shower or two today. the rest of us, mostly cloudy, temps in the 40's, 50's, see bus stop budd which his phillies cap on today. and as we look at radar, we do indeed see that rain in sussex county, down in delaware, and
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you could see a sprinkle everywhere else, visibility, little bit after issue in some of the suburbs, mostly chester county, where we're seeing fog this morning, 50 degrees in the city. sunrise, moments from now, at 6:06. solve i shallly. and it was a summary tuesday, yesterday's high was 86 degrees. so, it was not a record high at the record was 93, and anyway only at 62, 63 degrees today, for high temperature, with a lot of cloud cover, and little bit of sunshine, bob kelly? >> sue, good morning shall everybody, 6:02, getting up, getting out. looking live at i59 right near girard avenue. starting to see the beginning of morning rush hour, working your way through the construction zone. same deal coming in from south jersey, headlights on the freeway headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. sue mentioned, some left over fog from the overnight rain, out along 422, the northeast extension, 309, chester, bucks, montgomery county, just patchy fog. nothing real bad to speak of. but look out for it. fire location in chester,
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delaware county, along ninth street just off i-95. a crash in wilmington, along 202, just north of that i95 ramp. so far so good at the airport, but if you are traveling this morning, just double check. big huge chunk of delays last night during the height of the storms. just want to make sure that that flight got into town, so it is ready to take you out of town this morning. otherwise, mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:03 this wednesday, are you ready for a wild story, pulled by one steve keeley out in the fairmount section of the city. two plane clothes officers for philadelphia police department were hit by another car at broad and brown. >> that's really just the beginning. steve, what happened next? >> reporter: well, here we are, in north philly. see the skyline from where we are. gave you a sense of where this all happened. at the second scene, what you can see, being cleared up. what happened was one philly police detective now has a concussion, he was the passenger, in a unmark car, broadsided on broad street at brown overnight. the other detective driving has some neck and head pains.
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both at hahnemann. we are told both will be okay. the car that hit them took off somehow, despite all of the damage it must have on the front end, the detective passenger was knock unconscious, so he didn't see it. the detective driving only got quick glimpse at the hit-and-run car. and said it was a black sedan. so around there somewhere, and it hasn't been found yetment meantime, that white ford edge that you see up parish street pulled up to the police car crash scene, the driver got out of it and said he was scared. he left the engine running, left the door open, left the suv in drive. it started moving. two guys on the street nearby jump in and steel it. and they come the wrong way here down 15th street, which you can see is a one way street. and they hit this mini-van with a woman driving it with three passengers, they're all okay. then, the two guys crash into that nissan altima, chris will walk out little bit, show in you front of the front end, they're now towing that away. that seemed to be the worse of all of the cars because the
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front end got smash by the stolen car, then look at the traffic light that it got smashed into that is now bent on the side. of course 2suv thieves they run away. so if you can follow all of that, it is hard to believe nobody was killed out here in north philly overnight with these two bad crashes. >> boy, that is for sure. all right, good description there. 6:05. >> philadelphia police have a barricade situation in southwest philadelphia, police called out to row home in the 6300 block of elmwood avenue. >> that is a picture from little while ago, of the scene, unclear right now, what led up to this situation. but we do have a crew almost there. we will bring you an update. let's get back to what happened right here in our area last night. >> frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton, they're still in the front. they won big, as five states cast their votes in yesterday's primaries. including here in pennsylvania and delaware, it was a clean sweep for donald trump, winning all five states. clinton won had out of five with bernie sanders picking up a win in rhode island. >> it was very close in
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connecticut between those two. in delaware, republican primary donald trump gets 61% of the vote, 61%. john kasich comes in second with 20, and ted cruz finishes third. >> and in pennsylvania, trump gets 57% of the vote to secure the win. cruz and kasich, a distant second. >> all right, as for the dems in delaware, hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders with 60% of the vote. >> clinton also winning in pennsylvania, getting 57% of the vote. clinton's wins yesterday lead to big victory party at the pennsylvania convention center last night. as she moves closer to securing the nomination. >> and she coined a new term over here in philadelphia. she says love trumps hate. and the crowd roared. there were thousands of people packed in that convention center. quite a scene. >> eye of the tyinger? >> eye of the tiger as she came in and left the stage. here is our big local story. look it is, a chaka shack err.
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after 33 years in public offers? chaka fattah is out. how about that? okay, also, last night, is this the clip from donald trump taking a swipe? listen to this from last night. so at his acceptance speech, which is up in new york city, donald trump at one point he is getting all fired up. he takes a swipe at hillary clinton because of her gender. >> well i think the only card she has is the woman's cards. she has nothing else going. and frank lip, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay? and look how well i did with women tonight. okay, so ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> i can't wait for the first debate, hillary clinton and donald trump. can you imagine? >> so donald trump got up on the stage and said well he basically considers himself
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the nominee for the republican party. some republican, you know, party officials would disagree with him. let's get back to. >> this look at the paper. chaka shocka. >> this is figure for us here locally, dave. >> after 33 years he's out. dave kinchen? >> reporter: that's right, a big, big upset for representative chaka fattah here. the first incumbent in this cycle to actually lose a primary. the 11th term congressman embattled in a federal indictment over alleged ethics violations has never face add challenger before, until veterans state dwight evans jumped into this race this time around and won it all. and we are watching another race, too, that has results, that have been posted here moving to the democratic senate primary now, katie mcginty defeating former congressman, us navy admiral joe sestak in very competitive contest. mcginty won with 42% of the vote, and would become the keystone state first female us senator if she defeats
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incumbent republican pat toomey any november. she says, bring it on. >> i feel just terrific. i'm ready to get to workment i'm fired up. let's go get them. you know what? time is short in a lot of ways. because families need help now, and i can't wait to jump in. and work with everybody in this country that is ready to lift our country up, lift families up, let's go get them. >> i want to congratulate katie on the nomination for u.s. senate for the democratic party and ask you all to congratulate her with me. (applause). >> of course now sets up a campaign that will likely have gender politics not just at the national level, with the presidential race, but, in pennsylvania, of course, for the senatorial race, as well, so this will be a big one to watch. as with many others. back to you guys. >> for sure. let he is get back to the chaka fattah story, white house not too happen which his campaign yesterday. >> philly voice and later report that fattah used three year old complimentary comments from president obama in a robe owe
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call to voters on his behalf yesterday. so he pulled out something from the vault there. the white house says there has been no endorsement, fattah did not have permission to use the president's comments in that fashion. >> three year old robo calls? probably not good. the november election for pennsylvania attorney general will be a race between two montgomery county candidates, there they are, republican john rafferty and democrat, josh shapiro, won their respective primaries. the men are replace attorney general cat loan kane who chose not to seek re-election as she prepares for a criminal trial this year. and later in the show, win -- winds, hail, a lot of rain, hitting the midwest, especially kansas last night. when folks in the midwest will see clear skies. but first: >> i'm glad because now the rest of the family can have some peace. >> a man under arrest in a
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cold case more than a decade old. what police say he did that killed five people.
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she suffered blunt force trauma that caused bleed to go her brain. the childs was airlifted to chop where she had surgery. but she died the next morning. neighbors say just a day before the emergency, nothing seemed out of the norm for the family. >> i saw them saturday, think seemed happy, little girl waiving, hi, so real shocking to know within 24 hours something like that happened. >> we know autopsy result for the child are complete. we hear there may be a press conference from the d.a.'s office as early as later today. >> well, listen to this. a date is now finally set for a preliminary hearing in a criminal sex assault case against bill cosby. >> comedian will appear may 24th, in a montgomery county courthouse, to face charges over 2004 encounter at his home with a then temple university employee. >> yes, the woman says cosby drugged her, and molested her
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but bill cosby says it was concentual sex. earlier this week, appeals court rejected his ' attempt to throw out the case because whatever he called a decade old deal not to prosecute them. >> severe flooding to the south central kansas area. >> hometown in wichita, kansas, to check in on my sister mary raining dealing with 4 inches every rainfall. police reporting numerous calls of people getting stranded in the knee high water, waist deep in some cases, their cars stalling in the flooded streets, unfortunately, the weather won't be easing up any time soon. this is tornado season in the bible belt. >> check this out there. was the scene last night, at a gas station in oklahoma. >> you see people trying to find shelter from the heavy downpour there. look at that. >> man. >> the powerful storms brought isolated tornados, hail, heavy
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rain and high winds. but thankfully, no major injuries have been reported. >> i mean, the hail was getting pretty big size. i mean, certainly golf balls, damaging cars. that's oklahoma. >> i had pea sized hail yesterday. >> did you get a picture? >> no. >> was my phone charged this no. >> too much data. >> ya. same system, low pressure system right there park. that's bringing more storms this morning. stretching all the way down to texas, where they don't need any more severe weather down there either. now, our frontal system came from north to south yesterday. sort of stalls right around southern delaware, eastern shore of maryland, in a line all the way through washington, d.c. there are showers, cloudy this morning, no showers he can tending up to the city but as far as north as kent county,
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delaware, and sussex county, around bethany beach, seeing rain this morning. so that's the deal. the further south you go, the better you have a chance of seeing some rain. but the big thing is how much cooler it is, we got to 86 degrees for high yesterday. and today, only 62. that's more normal for spring time. tomorrow, showers probably not arriving until the afternoon respect showers on and off friday, gone by saturday, returning sunday night, into monday, and spring showers what we are specking so make your plans around the showers. >> that's right. and all cutting the grass after we get the showers. get that grass cutting rotation. live look here, jammo, on 95, southbound, got crash right there. it is actually right here, 95 southbound, it is right at the onramp, from cottman avenue only three lanes to begin
6:18 am
with, sews that's causing delay. ben franklin bridge, no problems at all up and over into downtown. but if you are leaving northeast philly, right around academy road, where we start to hit the brakes, and that's all because that far accident right there, at the cottman avenue onramp. and then, the new jersey turnpike, northbound, watch for an accident, at exit number 7a. the interchange for i195, and the great adventure interchange there. and we sign mike up for the pen re lays, they begin tomorrow, you have your new converse? >> i do, and the javelin competition. >> big games tomorrow at franklin feel, mike and alex back to you. >> deadly arson case, went unsolved for 13 years, finally result in the charges. the 2003 fire in the city olney section killed five people officials say 100 block
6:19 am
of widener stream police believe stemmed from bar fight between boxer san tee ago know and riviera. case went unsolved for over a decade because witnesses would not come forward. yesterday they arrested riviera after the case was reopened a year and a half ago. >> found the witnesses went back out to the neighborhood, witness it is come in, dot right thing, as a result we were able to get arrest warrant. >> kind of crazy, that it took so long for them to find somebody, that actually, you know, get enough evidence to get somebody for the crime. five people died in there. that was a shame. >> police say the fire was started with a accelerant that trapped the victims inside. >> yes, allegedly through a molotov cocktail into the house in the back door was bolted shut so they couldn't get out. some people did, though. breaking news out of france, the french prosecutor's offers says key suspect in the paris attack has been transferred from belgium, back to paris. >> he was arrested in belgium last month after four months
6:20 am
on the run. he is wanted by the french for his role in the november 13th attacks in the french capitol that killed 130 victims. >> paris prosecutor's offers says he's to face charges in front after judge, later today, to make it official. >> now to some not so good news for high school seniors. oh, the grades are in. >> when it comes to reading and math only about a third of 12th grade remembers ready for the college courses, math scores and reading scores have not changed. last year's average math score was point lower than in 2013, first drop in decade. the national assessment of educational progress is given to seniors at public and private schools. >> you know, been on a roll for seven, eight years, now little bit after slip. let's get back to. >> this something will get solved up here in minnesota. prince's sister now says her superstar brother had no known will. so she has file paperwork asking a minneapolis court to
6:21 am
appoint a special administrator to oversee the estate. >> prince died at the age of 57 last thursday, so far authorities have not released the cause of death. only surviving full sub link, in her filing she says an emergency does exist because immediate action is necessary to manage prince's business interests. estimated $300 million,. >> some say hi err. >> meantime friends every prince are paying tribute to the legend with their wallets. prince lovers have bought over, well, close to 3 million songs from prince's catalogue since his death. 3 million. the top songs purchased, which ones do you think are being down loaded and up load in the. >> purple rain of course. >> has to from this movie right here. when doves cry. little red corvette. that's all according to neilson, they keep track of stuff like that. >> yep. >> big hits of course. >> you start thinking about it, rediscovering the songs you used to really like. >> what's the song that i said
6:22 am
i liked? it was kind of lame? you've got me, you've got the look. >> oh, you've got the look. >> ironically, it is sheena's birthday today, and she is 57. how about that? all came together. thank you. the phillies hit the diamond last night for series against washington. the last at bat was fantastic. but how did they compare to last baseball season? we'll show you.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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>> phillies had a three game, starting last night. good play by mikhail franco with the phillies up two-one and a third inning. look at that, went six innings, allowed only three runs, and with the score tide three-three franco in the seventh, gives the phillies a lead, four-three, 500 baseball team right now winning it four-three. the flyers wrap things up yesterday for the off season with their exit with the head coach. they made the playoffs. but ended up with one question. who will be the number one goaltender necessary season, mason or michael? >> both had an earned playing time. so i think, you know, just going onto next season with not expecting anything. not to be getting anything,
6:26 am
just have to come in be there and everything. >> less than two days away from the draft. pretty sure it will be carson wentz the quarterback. sam bradford better pack his bags. i'm howard eskin. >> find out tomorrow night when the draft hams, the nfl. 6:26 now. steve? >> reporter: mike, we had demolition derby on the street of north philly overnight involving two police officers and two hit and runs. and i'll try to explain it where you can understand it in plane english. hopefully. this change in attitude
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>> far big irwin than we expected, all five. >> pennsylvania, across maryland, and delaware, connecticut, rhode island, i'm so grateful. >> super sweep. >> on super tuesday, donald trump and hillary clinton score huge victories. >> huge. >> bringing them closer to monumental dual for the white house in the fall. >> let's break down the numbers, plus, hit-and-run overnight. then a carjacking their car shark by another vehicle, the bizarre chain every event, that steve keeley is going to try to explain. here we go. >> we want $1.9 billion. that's what it takes. >> republicans un too long proposal to fight the zika virus while they question how
6:30 am
the money will be spent. looking for emergency fund before the summer. >> before the mosquitos attack us. good morning, april the 27th, 2016, here ' sioux. >> a lot better than yesterday afternoon when we had the storms move through. bus stop buddy he's wearing a jacket, because it is cooler than it was yesterday at this time. temps in the 40's, 50's, phillies cap, they won last night, beat the nationals. so, here's where the front is now. it is draped to the south, i would say, casino of draped over this part of the country. it stalled there. so we have quite a few clouds here. and some showers spreading up, as far north as dover, delaware, and maybe some sprinkles if you're in, say, atlantic county or cape may county, this morning. now, visibility isn't as much of an issue as it was earlier, but if you're driving around chester count any particular you might encounter some fog. ooh degrees, we just had sunrise, but we don't have a lot of sunshine felt like summer yesterday high of
6:31 am
86 degrees, toll little cooler than that, clouds little bit of drizzle around this morning, mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon, and high of 63 degrees, so that's more than 20 degrees chillier yesterday. will the chills stick around through the weekends? we'll let you know coming up in just a few. >> good morning, 6:31 on a wednesday, hump day, and 95 southbound, already jammed up, headed into cottman avenue. an accident right at the cottman avenue onramp here. watch this. we go from 55 miles an hour, to hitting the brakes down to 12, right into that accident scene. so, watch yourself if you are leaving northeast philadelphia, and then northbound, on the new jersey turnpike, we're going to go for a ride, an accident right at exit number 7a. that's for the interchange for ii195, six flags great adventure, then lansdale a crash at main and broad. no problems on the northeast extension, the turnpike itself is looking good.
6:32 am
but we take a dive or sky dive into 295 here, starting to see some volume pop in the construction zone, as you work your way in through bellmawr. and then the schuylkill expressway, no problems leaving town, but starting to see delays inbound. 178-mile per hour from fresh, mass transit running with no delays. back to you. >> following developing news in north philadelphia i. two plane clothes officers were hit by another car, at broad and brown streets. >> staff, what happened? >> well, it became a three block big pinball machine. there is broad street. not even full block where i'm standing, and we're now at 15th and parish. notice the traffic light here. the traffic light stuck on both green and yellow, on all four corners. and you can see, on the other corner, too, why? because the box that controls this as we wack out to the
6:33 am
left behind the orange barrel took the brunt of the last of the two crashes here. what we have is two hit and runs. two different hit and runs. both drivers in these hit and runs, still running right now, one philly police detective got a concussion, he was the passenger in a unmark car, that was broadsided on broad street at brown overnight. the other detective driving had some neck and head pains, and both at hahnemann and they'll be okay, according to the fellow cops. >> squibbing grabs, middle of the night, dark, got hit broad side, he only thinks it was a black sedan. meantime, a white ford edge pulls up, the driver got out of it, left the engine running, door open, suv and drive. two guys get in, steel it at the scene of the car crash, they come barring ever barreling down this street where we are on the wrong way down 15 street which is just little one way sign, one way
6:34 am
street here, and you can see, not much space to pull over. happens to be being driven down the street like this car is going by mini-van, young woman driving a mini-van with three passengers inside, they swerved, and the guy hits them, but then totals the park car, that goes into this traffic light. that's double dose every hit-and-run overnight. we have two cops hurt, two hit and runs, but no one killed, if i can end on positive note shows you police drives in danger trying to drive back to central detectives to do paperwork, and they almost get kill. not always gun or crazed shoot their can possibly kill a cop but somebody driving around for some reason like lunatic then taking off maybe that car was stolen, as well. so what a night, but again no one killed, thankfully. >> do me favor. can you repeat that? >> exactly. >> all right, 6:34.
6:35 am
well, frontrunners, donald trump and hillary clinton, capturing the states here in delaware and pennsylvania. >> clean sweep for donald trump running all five states. clinton won four out of the five with bernie sanders become g up a win in rhode island about but very close to sanders' in connecticut. >> donald trump gets 61% of the vote, john case nick second with 20%, ted cruz, finishes third, and in pennsylvania, trump gets 57% of the vote to secure the win, crews and kasich, a distant second. >> for the democrats, in delaware, hillary clinton beats out bernie sanders, with 60% of the vote. >> clinton also winning in pennsylvania, getting 57% of the vote, clinton wins yesterday, lead to go big victory party at the pennsylvania convention center last night, as she moves
6:36 am
closer to securing that nomination. >> not only l big news. >> certainly some local race that is grabbed our attention, they're calling the daily news mike the -- >> chaka shocka or the fattah finale. dave kinchen at the art museum. >> yes, we have to give you, race going on here, we can tell you just to give you quick reference, wondering what the heck are people doing behind me here. talking the upset for us representative, chaka fattah. he became the first house inch company bunt to lose a primary, 11th term, involved in federal indictment over alleged ethics violations, he never faced challenge, never face add challenger until veterans state rep, dwight evans jumped into the race this time around and won it all, moving to the democratic, defeating former congressman, us navy admiral joe zest tech
6:37 am
in very competitive contest, won with 42% of the vote, and would become the keystone state first female us senator if mcginty defeats pat toomey any november. she says bring it on. >> about reaching out to voters and hearing the challenge that people are facing. i don't think that these issues really are republican or democratic. families regardless of partisan stripes further and further behind, regardless of whether you are republican or democratic, the cost of college is going through the roof. the cost of rent, the cost of education is going through the roof. so these are things that are bipartisan sestak asked asked mcginty support in the campaign. so looking at big infusion of gender politics, not just this race, but of course the presidential contest, as well, so a lot of interesting dynamics moving forward to
6:38 am
november. >> pat toomey ran unopposed so of course he won. >> we're still few weeks away from the primary in new jersey is that june 7th? >> tell you what governor chris christie is apparently doing to relax. >> ♪
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> asked to give back nine of the council members. >> and give cut-backs to nine of the council members, $28,000 pay. he wants them all to take a pay cut. >> yes. >> what i am trying to tell you. >> the council president said he does not support the proposal and it was rejected. officials say these cuts are a sign of the financial difficulties in atlantic city. has been going on for years. meanwhile, still few weeks away from the primary in new jersey. resident there head to the polls on june the seventh. >> and you may have seen governor chris christie, standing by donald trump at his victory party last night. >> yep. >> but off the campaign trail cents he's also having a good time. take a look at this.
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> he loves the boss, as you know there is concert happened to be in brooklyn on monday. i believe that's when the boss -- prince, remember that? >> what would you call this move he is doing? is it like the drum, then kind of finish off with your hand going up? >> he's drumming, ya, drumming, doing a sheila e thing there, finish it almost with a dab. >> it does look like he's about to do a dab, just puts his head down. >> i had asked sue to look up something, then i forgot. he's got over 100 bruce springsteen concert, but i think it is over 200, sue. could you look that up? can you imagine going to see one artist over 200 times? in concert? >> i think i could do it. >> who would it be? >> you know. >> beyonce. >> you know who it would be. >> why are republicans fighting democrats over the zika virus? proposal to fight zika as they
6:43 am
question how the monday if i they get it would be spent. why the obama administration trying to get emergency funds before this summer.
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>> there is the lake, lake -- >> wallen opinions paupack. >> i was at an event last night guy walks up and says here, let me take a picture. i'm related to one of your co-workers. >> who? >> who do youy? >> i don't know, who? >> related? he is relate in the. >> he is related -- >> i got it. >> bob? >> nope. >> that would be a good call. >> someone on the air? >> eyebrows, look at the eyebrows. >> jeff cole. >> nope. >> dave schrat wiser? >> nope. >> somebody on the air. >> steve keeley there oh,. >> that's steve's uncle kevin.
6:47 am
>> steve, you have eyebrows? >> awarded multiple purple hearts. >> oh, my goodness. >> he wanted to show off his little ponytail he has there, marine corps event that did i there last night. so uncle kevin hang hanging out. >> thank you for your service, uncle kevin. >> having some fun down there last night, let's check the cameras, gave me little tip. >> coffee. >> coffee. mike is buying coffee this morning, tweet me your order and then we will try to get the delivery taken care of here, live look at accident scene, the vine expressway, westbound, looks like, one of the city trash trucks here again westbound right before the schuylkill, jammo, on 95, as we head southbound, in toward cottman avenue. that's all because after accident, right at the cottman onramp. so heavy now woodhaven, all the way down to the scene, sets the tone for the rest of the gang leaving northeast philadelphia headed north on the new jersey turnpike, an accident, right at exit 7a.
6:48 am
that is the interchange for i195, in the inner drive. so stay to the outer drive. lansdale crash at main and broad street. schuylkill running slow from conshohocken, into center city as we go parachute g through the clouds, then 295, watch for delays starting to build around that 42 freeway, i don't think we need the wipers today but will need them coming up in 152nd. >> it all depends on where you are as far as the rain is concerned, in the middle of the country, and let's just say, missouri, arkansas, texas, you're going to have a hard time of it with thunderstorms, for us, though, just light rain all the
6:49 am
weather action happened yesterday, because we got so warm, we got to 86 degrees when the cold front hit. it really touched off quite a few storms in the area. now, seeing rain, to the south of us, to the north, just casino of socked in with clouds here in the city, we expect those clouds to thin out and we'll see some sunshine eventually but from dover, delaware, on southward, you will encounter some rain this morning, if you are driving in that part of delaware. as far as the rest of the morning is concerned, we are seeing showers continuing, then it looks like they ease up for the rest of the day, although we could see continued clouds cover, maybe not a lot of sunshine, if any at all. now, into tomorrow morning, by 10:00 seeing showers move in again, this is mostly an afternoon event, tomorrow, as that frontal system we were looking out to the west every us comes through could touch off thunderstorms friday night. hoping things will clear up in time for a party friday evening, our 20th anniversary party, and that's looking good, and also for saturday
6:50 am
looks like the better weather day of the weekend, we might get a little bit of relief from the tree pollen, thursday, into friday, from very high levels, to medium levels for both of those days. now, seven day forecast, does have cooler temperatures, not going back into the 80s any time soon. sixty-two today, 60 tomorrow, up ear's for friday, with the showers and for saturday, sunday again, saturday the better weather day of the weekends, saturday is the day mike and alex of the m.s. walk in philadelphia. at the art museum, then sunday, is when a lot of the suburban walks are taking place. >> sue check your chicken. >> my chicken? >> massive recall involving pilgrims pride, company recalling more than oh, close to 5 million pounds of fully cooked chicken products, the reason, the chicken macon tape metal and plastic. hold the metal and plastic, the nationwide many includes more than 20 products and
6:51 am
three brands. bark to this zika controversy. >> not too long except the democrat's proposal despite the zika virus. >> the it comes as obama administration trying to get emergency fund before the summer hits here. lauren, what's the hole up here? >> disputing on what the money will be used for, republicans, to fight the zika virus, big question, how will this money be spent? obama administration tryings to get emergency funds before the summer when most are vulnerable to the mosquito born virus, urging congress to pass the bill already. the gop says it is not playing down the threat, but it is questioning how much needs to be spent on this. many senate republicans believe funding may already be available, well, on the other side, democrats blame the republicans for holding up the bill. made down payment on the work in this virus based on the ebola funds now used by the administration, and we'll do everything that's necessary in
6:52 am
a responsible way to deal with this threat. >> time for the republicans to except this responsibility. they're in charge of congress. they set the agenda in congress. >> florida senator marco rubio who dropped out of the presidential race one of the few republicans in support that far bill, most democrats want the emergency bill passed before lawmakers leave washington, on friday. mike anal next. >> all right. >> see what happens. >> thank you, lauren. 6:52. kitten season is in full bloom. and though it sounds cute, why really not prep. >> i it is not pretty at all. there is a bunch of kittens all over our city.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> philadelphia's municipal shelter, four new litters of kittens that just came, in officials say, they cannot survive without their mom or some tender loving care from a human. around the clock by the way if you want to try that. if you see a litter of kittens in your neighborhood, this is what officials say, just leave them until they're older because their mom will be around to take care of them. however, if you know the mom is not coming back around, like when they are older, then call act philly for help. >> that's sad. >> yes, but good to know, urining sting, look, kittens, let me help, let me do something about it. >> apparently not. in the next hour, new mega rivalry. which company comcast hopes to compete with next, as the
6:56 am
company considers a 3 billion-dollar purchase. can they get any bigger? apparently so.
6:57 am
6:58 am
this is good day philadelphia. celebrating 20 years. farewell fattah.
6:59 am
after more than three decades, representing philadelphia. chaka fattah's era is over. >> and a very strong showing for two candidates in the presidential race. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> how last night's primary wins for hillary clinton and donald trump are shaping the general election. >> plus: more than mean. >> you need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed. >> the shocking public service announcement that highlight the harsh realities of on line bullying. >> not so clever thief. what this woman did while stealing packages, that may lead them right to her. >> it is coming up on 7:00. about a minute away. hi, everybody, welcome to "good day" philadelphia, is it
7:00 am
going to rain? >> ya. >> okay, thank you. >> at some point. specially if you're in delaware. southern delaware, to be exact. we'll show now moment on radar, but here is your number of the day. a seven, not perfect, but not bad either. cooler than yesterday for sure. temps in the 40's, 50's, bus stop buddy, he does have a waterproof jacket on because of this possibility of rain specially as we said the further south you go, we zoom in, here, and show you there is even a thunderstorm on eastern maryland there, maybe heading around dover. so, visibility is not great in some of the suburb, mostly chester, and berks counties right now. we have a lot of cloud cover in the city. ooh degrees is our current temperature, 86 was our high yesterday. the reverse of the 68 degrees we should have had, so clouds linger for awhile, it will be much cooler, in the lower 60s, by the end of the day. weekend forecast just ahead. neve


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