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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 27, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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going to rain? >> ya. >> okay, thank you. >> at some point. specially if you're in delaware. southern delaware, to be exact. we'll show now moment on radar, but here is your number of the day. a seven, not perfect, but not bad either. cooler than yesterday for sure. temps in the 40's, 50's, bus stop buddy, he does have a waterproof jacket on because of this possibility of rain specially as we said the further south you go, we zoom in, here, and show you there is even a thunderstorm on eastern maryland there, maybe heading around dover. so, visibility is not great in some of the suburb, mostly chester, and berks counties right now. we have a lot of cloud cover in the city. ooh degrees is our current temperature, 86 was our high yesterday. the reverse of the 68 degrees we should have had, so clouds linger for awhile, it will be much cooler, in the lower 60s, by the end of the day. weekend forecast just ahead. never too early bob kelly to
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look ahead to the weekend. >> you got it, halfway there, 7:01, good morning to downingtown. live look at the 30 bypass, delays heading out of downingtown, through to 82, head in the toward king of prussia. back up on 95, early morning jam, all because of earlier accident on 95 southbound at cottman avenue. so, pretty much riding the brakes from woodhaven road, then gets real tight from academy into cottman avenue. tight again through girard into the work zone. 202 starting to see delays as you work your way northbound, coming up out of the bypass, headed up into that construction zone, at 401. then later on today, penndot's going to be doing some line painting there on the new jersey turnpike northbound, an accident, right at exit number 7a. that's the interchange for i195, in the inner drive there on the northbound side. and a crash in lansdale, at main and broad. mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> almost 7:02 this wednesday. >> this is developing. police say two plane clothes
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officers were hit by a car, at broad and brown street. >> and then they started pouting off other cars and street light. steve, let's make another run at this story. >> reporter: i think i got it down to 90 seconds. the green means go. as we all know. yellow means caution. so you're looking at this light, guess it means go with caution now at 15th and parish after two guys in a stolen car went the wrong way down this one way street smashing into the traffic light lastly. so, the traffic light at 15th and parish as you see now bent and broken, the daylight aftermath of this crash where we have dark light video. the white suv ford edge was stolen going the wrong way. gray nissan it crashed into causing it to smash back into the traffic light was the final crash in all of this. it was hit after it glanced head-on into this mini-van going the correct way down 15th before people inside not hurt. all right, all of this, the second follow up crash after the hit-and-run involving the
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two detectives in a unmark car at broad and brown. white ford edge was stolen at that scene after it driver goat out, left it running, left it shit dollars in drive, and the door opened. two guys jumped in and stole it. another driver in another car not pictured was the one who hit the cops and that driver in that vehicle gone. the cop in the passenger seat was knocked unconscious, the driver didn't even get a good look at the hit-and-run car, they at this it is a black sedan, still not found. two cops will be okay, the passenger has a concussion. the police not even on a call at the time, alex and mike, not even around an investigation, instead, just driving back to central detective to do some paperwork. this proves even cops doing paperwork, that job can be dangerous, as life threatening, as well. so, what a scene overnight. hopefully, it made some kind of sense? >> no, done it three times, that was your best one, now i got it.
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>> complicated, a lot going on. >> i was confused by the mini-van. but this one, i got it. thanks, steve, nice job. 7:04, well, let's talk about what happened in our area last night, got national attention, the results are in, i guess blow outs as predicted by the polls this time. frontrunners, donald trump, and hillary clinton, winning big including here in pennsylvania, and delaware. >> it was a clean sweep for donald trump, winning all five states. >> lead to go big victory party it the convention party. last night: with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> she now has 90% of the delegates, she needs to win that nomination here in philadelphia. >> and after clean sweep last night, trump said he's confident elwyn the republican nomination. but, did he cross the line with this comment when he
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started talking about hillary clinton? >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she has got nothing else going and, frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. >> the only thing she has got going is the woman's card, beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay? and look -- >> the woman card? >> secretary every state so i think more than just being a woman. so the next primary is on tuesday, in indianna. that's where ted cruz is supposed to be. and john kasich has agreed not to campaign in the state of indianna. he's giving it up. >> well, of course, a lot of talk on line this morning about what was going on behind donald trump. >> he said those phrases about, just because he is a woman? >> even just in general, miami tie chris christie is standing by donald trump, you got to watch. you want to look and see. >> big time you have to folk just on marry pat, chris christie's wife. so, new jersey governor chris
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christie, right there behind him, i guess he's to the left when you look at the video, and then she kind of on donald trump's over his right shoulder, i guess, his left shoulder but on the right side of the screen. >> all right. >> so let's roll the tape as he says this stuff. watch her face. >> the only thing she as got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. okay? >> so -- >> saying she roll her eyes? >> little bit. little bit. >> maybe she -- well, she looks over, there, and then -- >> little uncomfortable with that being said. >> i think just look at the top of his head -- it looks like an eye roll. >> a lot of people are fascinated by the top of his question head. no question about that. >> looking all the way up, like true eye roll, do you have look up like -- >> side eye, just saw side eye. >> i will give it a side eye, you know? >> my thing is i don't want to be weird, but who is that
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blonde woman behind donald trump? >> there go. >> just wondering, i've never seen her before. >> now i just did an eye roll. >> did you? >> and i think everyone else did, too. >> like who is that? >> maybe she is one every his supporters. >> undoubtedly, standing 10 feet from him. drug thereby somebody? >> e might be an anonymous one. but i guess if she is that close, got to be somebody. >> so chris christie himself had his own awkward moment behind donald trump earlier this year as you know back in florida in march, donald trump took a jab at chris christie while he is standing right next to him. >> here is the thing, have you ever, while giving a speech, like 30 minute or something, has to be so hard to keep a certain face, make sure you don't -- you have to look like you're so interested. >> because your mind starts to wander, thinking about other things. >> ya. >> i just kind of nodded off right there you. >> never listen to me. we should show his face while i talk. it is just -- >> oh, thought bubbles.
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>> look at this headline here there is was, i guess, a chaka shocka. i'll hole up another one here. don't be alarm people at people. congress mat chaka fattah could not win last night. >> he lost which is likely marking the end of the political career this is 20 days before the start of his criminal trial. >> every course chaka fattah has never lost a primary, and even a lot of the national news organizations, are saying, that the 2016 campaign finally claimed it first incumbent, so, not the distinction that he would want here, of course, the 11 term congressman, em battled this federal indictment, over alleged ethics violations, he never faced a challenger before until veteran state
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dwight evans jumped into the race this time around, and won it all. he was about ten-point ahead according to a couple polled that i saw during the campaign, now, fattah also never lost congressional race since 1994, and has called those charges against him, frivolous, amazing because even last night for the longest time you saw an i am at this podium, before fattah came out to essentially concede, but a big lost here, and, again, this criminal case, these charges, still moving forward, but the word here is certainly an upset, dwight evans moves on, in this case, not fattah. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you for that. 7:09. >> he now reps democratic party in a november general election, against republican incumbent pat toomey. all eyes on the u.s. senate with 24 of the 34 seats up for
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grabs. now held by republicans. >> we'll see what happens, the november election for pennsylvania attorney general is going to be all of montgomery county affair. republican, john rafferty, and democrat, josh shapiro, won their respective primaries. the men are vying to replace attorney general, kathleen kane, who chose not to seek re-election, as she prepares for a criminal trial this year. >> 7:10. let's get to lauren johnson. >> police have arrested the mother of bucks county toddler who died monday after being injured over the weekends, kayla moore sent to bucks county prison, two year old girl, asina found severely injured in an apartment sunday, later died at a hospital. doctor said she was killed by blunt force trauma a police say her mother admitted to kicking her multiple times in the head and torso before she called 911. moore now being held without bail. philadelphia police responded to barricade situation in southwest philadelphia overnight. police say three people broke into a home and pistol whipped
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a man and woman inside. the three people then barricaded themselves inside that row home on the 6300 block every elmwood avenue. police eventually arrested them, the victims who were attack were taken to the hospital. >> police investigating what led to family shooting, a son shot by his father. this morning that father no longer in custody, his son recovering in the hospital. officials say the shooting happened yesterday afternoon, on the 3200 block of princeton avenue in mayfair. investigators believe the two were in a pick-up truck, and an argument broke out, and it turned violent. father told police, he was trying to get a gun away from his son, when he accidentally shot him. twelve year old thomas norris, and his friends, heard the gunfire and called police. >> if you thought it was a fire cracker, but then we heard a guy screaming, and we look down the street, and like the guy holding his stomach. >> makes it even scarier that i don't even want to have a kid be around here with something like this. >> after hours of questioning, police released the father, we learned he does have a license to car that i gun, and it is
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registered to him. his son is in stable condition. a deadly arson case went unsolved for 13 years, finally result in a man being charged. in 2003, the fire was in the city's olney section, kill five people, officials say, it happened on the 100 block every widener street, which police believe stemmed from bar fight between boxer john santiago and the suspect, abdul riviera. case went unsolved for over a decade because witnesses just wouldn't come forward. yesterday police arrested abdul riviera after the case was reopened a year and a half ago. >> we found the witnesses went back out to the neighborhoods. the witnesses did come in and do the right thing, as a, are able to get arrest warrant. >> kind of crazy, that it took so long for them to find somebody, that actually, you know, gets. five people died in there. but it was a shame. >> police say the fire was started with a accelerant, and it trapped those victims inside. a forgetful thief makes mistake while stealing
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packages in south philadelphia, police hope you recognize her so they can catch her. the video shows a woman walking down south camac street, opening screen door, and stealing packages, while taking those packages, she appears to forget her own items on the front steps. minutes later, she comes back. but she sort of is scared off when neighbor sees her, people hearsay the neighborhood is safe, they believe the woman will be caught. >> it is weird. it doesn't make any sense why she would just leave packages, and table other packages. >> they're bound to catch this girl. they're bound to catch her. >> that's a clear view face. you can see her face. everything. >> welshing police say, they have yet to fine her. if you recognize her from that video you are asked to call police. mike and alex? >> all right. >> thank you, lauren. >> 7:13. new developments at a -- out of france this morning, they say a co-suspect in the paris attacks, salah, has been transferred from belgium to the french capitol. >> he's back in paris. he was arrested in belgium last month, as you know, after four months on the run.
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he is wanted by the french for his role in the november 13th attacks in paris, until the 130 victims. the paris prosecutor's offers says esiason to face a judge this morning. probably happening right now for the official charge. >> let's got to to the severe weather, selfie storms swept across the midwest, league behind big damage. >> we've been in wichita this morning, but look at the hail at kansas city international airport. big time. well, let's see, i see pingpong size golf there, golf ball size, there is some pea size in there. i actually in my lifetime have seen softball size hail, doing a lot of damage to cars in the kansas city yesterday afternoon and last night. then this stuff, this footage here, from wichita, kansas, they had 4 inches of rain in about two hours. >> wow, look at that. >> but it is that time of year, sue, in the midwest. >> i really want to change it
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to candy. like m and m size hail. >> skiddles? >> whoppers. >> jaw breaker, you know, would be the big one, gum ball machine. but it didn't catch on. >> no? >> golf ball size hail still number one. >> yes, definately is. >> because it is white. >> chance it is happening around houston texas right now that's where severe storms are today. other places, too, like nebraska, and part of northern kansas. so for us, it has gotten an little better since yesterday. because we got to 86 degrees yesterday. and then that cold front came through. but if you look here, you see just little bit of lightning, and we zoom in, first, we see the cloud cover here in philadelphia, but there you see just north of harrington, delaware, where they have the delaware state fair every year, that's where we have thunderstorm right now, isolated storm, because of the closeness of that cold front, which sung to the south yesterday. it will be hanging around probably the rest of the morning, and clouds to the north of it will probably be hanging adder for good part of the day. so further north you go the
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further south, the more chance you have of encountering few showers, that's today. now, tomorrow, we have the western system coming in it toughs off showers most of them in the afternoon, this is about 1:00 this is 5:00 in the afternoon where we see a lot of showers in the area, that's thursday. friday, we get some rain, as women. so we break it all down for you in the seven day forecast, cooler morning for sure. and we mention we got to 86 degrees yesterday, not even close today, with high of 62. 60 degrees tomorrow, late showers, clouds and showers around, on and off all day on friday. but we should clear things up friday night so we have decent weather day on saturday. sunday start out with sunshine, but then we get some rain rolling in later on in the day. and we have a m.s. walk in the city on saturday sin day suburban walks, but all do you have do to find out where your m.s. walk is to go to walk for
7:17 am >> i know we have a link up there on our website, as well, good morning, everybody, 7:17. jam up on the vine street expressway. heavy from broad street, overthrew the schuylkill. we had earlier crash here, involving a city trash truck, right off to that right lane. jammed up, on 422, the morning rush hour, underway, eastbound, heavy in toward kop. >> all the way into downtown, crash in the middle here at cottman avenue. then you have your normal construction delay at girard, still have that accident northbound, on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number 7a. and that is in the inner drive right at i195. mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, off to good start so far. if you are traveling today, out of philadelphia international airport, may want to check with the airline, we had huge delays last night, so if some of those flights were canceled, and didn't make it in this morning, not here for you to go to head on out of town.
7:18 am
so, again, those pop up thunder boomers, sue just mentioned, could cause delays, eastbound, schuylkill, about 20 minutes into town. and the blue route, just under half hour, from 95 up through the schuylkill. yes, the gentleman in the blue jacket, you have a question? >> i ask people to send pictures of vivid rainbow from yesterday. and leslie sent one in. do you want to see it? boarders on double rainbow, first one in the middle is very vivid. got little bitty double rainbow off to the side. >> i say it counts. >> okay, that works. >> beautiful. >> double rainbow. >> a lot of people got great shots. keep them coming on twitter and facebook. >> so, i was watching the phillies game last night, yes i actually was, not lying. phillies opening series nationals out of washington, d.c. >> franco putting on quite the show starting with defense. make being diving stop to get the to out there in third.
7:19 am
>> rales ball off the wall. couldn't handle it, scoring what would be the winning run. phillies hang on had-three, and vince get the win on the mound. remember couple of weeks ago struck out 16 batteners one game? the two teams play again tonight at clock # five, in the last moment of the game last night, bryce harper was up, he's mr. hero down there. he has a lot of homeruns. oh, he was so cocky in the batters box. nineteen pitches and then he grounds out and the phillies win the game. >> yes. they were saying in the daily news may not be as bad, guys, may not be that bad. >> no, ten and ten. >> 500 again. tomorrow night, let's go to party. a draft party. what do you say? >> sounds good to me. >> will it be golf or wentz? >> st. louis rams, who are the rams going to take? we will get quarterback.
7:20 am
>> and all kind of headlines since the eagles moved up to number two, right, including sam bradford asking to be traded. >> yes, sam's agent informs the team he will not show up for workouts and wants to be traded. so far nothing has been worked out to move him, may happen tomorrow night during the draft, drafting the quarterback creates bad atmosphere, or is it your clients who is creating the bad atmosphere? because sam will constantly be looking over his shoulder and wondering when he will be replaced. >> or go out on to the field, that wentz never gets in. >> guy before him, guy before him, guy before him. >> ya. >> hey. just got to keep fighting him off. >> don't and woos. >> get in there. >> new rivalry i found out.
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which company comcast hopes to compete with next, they consider $3 billion purchase, making them even bigger. you know that tour is going up pretty fast. >> it is? >> looks good. >> and no more toys. what you will now find instead, inside your cracker jack box? pet moments are beautiful,
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>> becoming even bigger, more bloated, and take on walt disney. hi, lauren. >> exactly. like the new titan, in family entertainment. so, comcast owns universal, think despicable way, minions, wants to buy dream works
7:25 am
animation for $3 billion get like kung fu panda and shrek, put them all under the same umbrella. why would dream works be interested? well, they want to, you know, make toys, get into consumer products, more on line videos why and the like, this makes sense. let's see what happens. >> next topic i won't say it because mike and have i been arguing about this. >> obviously right. >> no, what's this next topic about? >> what candy? >> cracker jacks. >> i win! >> mike? just because people say it doesn't make it right. >> but if everybody is saying it but you. >> no, no. >> if everybody jumps open off the bridge, you? >> cracker jack. >> here is the thing though. i was at the phillies game, home opener, and they play this song, and they have the lyrics, i don't know why they need the lyrics but they had it on the big jumbo tron and
7:26 am
it said cracker jacks, in writing. >> obviously you look at the product, than is your answer it, says cracker jack. >> but if you have more than one box it is cracker jacks. >> the person at the phillies game has it wrong. >> what does cracker jack have inside them? >> what's the story anyway? >> they have all stickers. >> a trinket. a sticker, a tatoo, a pens i am top or some nick knack that is like oh, wow being look at my prize, the prize inside, you have seen it for a century. now that prize has gone bye bye. they replaced it with a sticker that has a qr code on it that you scan, if you download a certain app you can play a game with your family. so think about it this way. parent feeding the kids sugar, and then sitting them in front of the smart phone? >> the only reason to eat that crap is zero to gel the little toy. >> but i mean -- >> thank you, it is tradition. >> it is like a sticker. >> little tatoo. >> ya. >> but if you have multiple boxes i think it should be get
7:27 am
the cracker jacks, so would you say get the cracker jack box? >> get the cracker jack box. >> more than one bosses in. >> cracker jack bosses. >> oath of you this morning! >> thank you, lauren simnetis. >> i'm sure i'm not the only one. >> wait, wait, mike ra phone. >> owe you got it? >> finally. no, only because ryan your producer toll me. i did not get it after the whole segment yesterday. like what is he talking about? is this some sports player i've never heard of? >> yes, it is lauren patch today. i see, lauren, thanks. >> i wonder bridgette foy, they have a cracker jack sunday. it is a little prize. i wonder if they'll change it, too, then? >> they have to probably. hi, bridge it. okay. it is time to, this weekend, i have to put in a garden. >> ya, have you seen by the phillies stadium, they have these huge tulips, jen, and every time i go i'm on zested
7:28 am
when them, they're as big as my head. >> better than roses on a pea a owe -- piano. there is jen. >> all right, i've driven all the way to bucks county to tell you this. you're doing it wrong. what are you doing wrong, in your garden? are you planting the hole too wide? planted too deep? what about the water? bottom line, you're doing it wrong. we will correct all of your mistakes this morning, at bountiful acres.
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>> new psa raising awareness about on line bullying is getting a lot of attention, hear some of the insults some men were too shy to read out loud, two female sport casters. >> and multi-million dollar fortune left behind, but no will. the potential legal complications ahead, for prince's estate and also his legacy. >> weaver not an end to the rain to the south of us, in delaware, but a cooler morning for everybody this morning. temps in the had's, 50's, bus stop buddy has a jacket on as you should. if you are in delaware even cape may county new jersey, you need raincoat. because we do see some rain moving through that front that came through yesterday didn't go too far. stall today south. so giving us clouds here in philadelphia, where it is ooh degrees 10-mile per hour breeze, temperatures in the
7:32 am
30's in the mountains, 49 degrees in millville, ooh in lancaster, 50 in dover. sixty-two is the high today. mostly cloudy skies with showers, as you saw to the south. tonight, it is a chilly one, down to 48 degrees, in the city. even cooler in the suburbs. that's your foxcast for wednesday. once we're over the hump we will get you through the the weekends, too, in the seven day. bob kelly? >> today is hump day. mike, mike, mike, 7:32 on a wednesday, live look at the schuylkill. jammo, from pretty much approaching city all the way out to belmont avenue. don't have that sun glare yet this morning, north on the freeway, heavy from the expressway, in toward 42 up toward 295. extra heavy on 95 this morning, we had early morning accident, at cottman avenue. in the construction zone. and then that just pretty much keeps us going well over half hour into downtown all on time, just watch for minor scattered delays at philadelphia international airport, depending upon those thunder boomers, that are moving through here today. there is your travel times on
7:33 am
the schuylkill expressway. forty minute the big jam, north on the blue route from 95, up to conshohocken. mike back over to you. >> okay, let's get back to this story out of wilmington, still waiting for the result of the autopsy conducted on amy francis joiner, yes, that's how you say her name, her dad told us that personally. she died thursday following fight inside the bathroom of her delaware high school. fox 29 legal analyst ken rotweiler attorneys cents, also chaka johnson here. let's talk about this case. now the police chief down there, bobby comings, i believe. >> yes. >> says be there charges, he says three girls that attack amy. >> correct. >> so there will be charges. >> i don't think any doubt about it there will be charges. >> what level? >> at what level, when it is murder charge or manslaughter charge. >> explain manslaughter. >> manslaughter basically unintentional killing. also heat of passion killing. we don't know what happened in that bathroom, depend on the fact what happened in the bathroom, what the charges will be. i guess it could be murder. but i really don't think taking a look at the situation
7:34 am
it was an intentional killing. >> would have to be intentional. get her in thereto kill her. >> right. but there is also a wreckless con people end under delaware law, to even the murder statute. could you have murder one, murder two, manslaughter, or criminally neglect homicide. >> explain wreckless. what do you mean? it got so out of hand they killed her? >> or two people on one that could be seen as wreckless, two on one, three on one, fact might bear out. three on one, two on one, pudge egg -- pomeling somebody on their face, they hit their head on sing or toilet seat. could be they charge these young girls with first degree murder because you can find recklessly causing the death while engaging in any felony. >> would you a grow with that, ken. >> absolutely agree t let me throw link he will. two of her friends say they spoke to amy the night before on wednesday night and amy said to them that she is going to go to the bathroom the next day to settle the beef. >> settle the argue (. >> settle the argument. that would indicate to me she new she was walking into the
7:35 am
bathroom to potentially have an altercation. which would give these women that are these young women who are going to be charged their lawyers will probably take that statement and probably work it into a self-defense. >> what? >> they could. slack a, and i talk about this, defense lawyers do things like. that will that's a statement from amy herself to settle the beef. they do bakely -- basically come up with a story that amy is the one who provoked in self-defense. >> would you have to interpret the word settle. am i going to be a mediate err here? >> to discuss things. >> exactly right. >> even if she avails herself to a fight, even if she did, common concensus is she didn't avail herself to three on one jumping. >> right. >> right? >> i totally aglee what kind of charge? somebody is videotaping the darn thing too. >> right. >> not about the g down the phone. >> i don't think those people will be charged in today's world everybody has a cell phone, everybody is videotaping everything. if that was criminal contact then everybody who videos trapsing anything -- >> at what point could the school be held liable?
7:36 am
>> perhaps file your to supervise, because -- >> can't be everywhere in the school at all times. >> no, but i would imagine that the school has a resource officer, school has hallway monitors or supposed to then you have cowed congregating in the bathroom. this is very small bathroom by the pictures that i've seen, very small bathroom. and i've counted, i know they've been sort of tight-lipped with the fact, but there is amy, three possible suspect, and people holding cell phones there. was at least ten folks in the bathroom. it would seem that the school would have had some rendition there was a problem. >> also whether there was in the. i mean, if this was a bathroom where fights had occurred previously, and last year there was 14 incidents of fighting at the school, as a laurie would want to take a look at what those incidents involved, where they happened. let's suppose all of those incidents happened at this particular bathroom. i mean there is was the bathroom that was known, if you are going have a fight, you have to have a monitor there. and there is negatives. >> one more wrinkle in it. i understand one of the suspects also has a few youtube videos with her cell fighting hearing may have been a problem student.
7:37 am
did these fights in fact occur on campus. >> three girls are not in school right now. >> they are not. >> have been taken out. thank you both. >> good seeing you. >> i'll roll up a psa here that, boy, so many people are talking about, want your take, new psa raising awareness to on line bullying getting a lot of attention. leer some of the tweets that are so mean men are ashamed to even read them out loud. they are reading them to female sportscasters, and the nasty tweets these women received.
7:38 am
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pain? advil. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> time magazine's annual 100 most influencial people, the gala is in new york city every year. and it happened again last night. >> do you normally go? is that why it is your favorite? >> whether i would live there i would go. not that i was ever honored. but fun to look at the celebrities, they're deck out, man. >> really held for them. people who are on. >> basically. >> so the list includes this year's democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders. along with donald trump. >> they were if phil.
7:41 am
>> i yes, nicki minaj, after re around a grand a, also perform at the gala last night. i'm sure you're looking forward to that. >> aaran a? >> yes. >> let's listen. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> don't tell me that nicky did anna con did a? >> no. ya. >> well, that was just playing, with beyonce a. >> i heard anaconda was perform. >> dedicated it to special someone. >> not in the audience. >> my anaconda. >> dedicate philadelphia to donald trump last night and sang it. >> interesting. >> isn't that weird? anyway, arianna does she ever not wear a ponytail? >> i think it is always a ponytail. >> surprised at what a great singer she. >> you like her new single dangerous woman. >> dow. she is a dangerous woman. it is seriously this is the
7:42 am
weekends, i don't think we'll have another freeze, will it freeze again, sue, can i plant tomatoes and flowers? >> some say that mothers day is the cut off to be sure. >> maybe i'm wait. >> wait for mother day. >> i want to do tulip. like i said. >> if you happen to know as we throw it to jenn fred, where these giant tulips can be purchased, bulbs, let us know, hi, jen. >> it is not mother day. is it too soon? we'll tens it after the break. bountiful acres in bucks county having fun. always what you are doing wrong.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> we had military motorcade, 12 and walnut down to 20th and walnut, big gathering at 20th and walnut, the bagpipers, all of the viet nam veterans honoring all of those who have served our country, and all of the money raised last night will help the children of veterans who were lost in the line of duty to get a good education. so thanks for everybody that came out last night, great
7:46 am
time, and thank you, to all of the veterans, for your service. live look, 7:45, the ben franklin bridge, starting to see little jam in the traffic cam here. from the upside, into center city this at eighth and vine, and i just got word of a tractor-trailer accident northbound on the new jersey turnpike, now, they're telling me all lanes block here, which is exit number three, for the black horse pike. so, it is a northbound accident at exit three. >> that 295 interchange of course you have to work your way, weaver through the 42 freeway, so we will try to get more info, and pass it back along, but right now northbound lanes, closed, at exit number three, on the new jersey turnpike, going for ride, south on 95, heavy, cottman avenue in to girard, about a half hour or so, to make that trip. and the schuylkill expressway, running slow, westbound,
7:47 am
through conshy, eastbound, also, jam up, coming around your conshy curve, as you head in toward downtown. rain moving out, more rain moving in. sue has the exact time line, coming up in 15 seconds. >> it goss up to 86 degrees, which is why, when the cold front hit, it was so dramatic now, another one in the center of the country, but here's the remnants, here are the renmant, what we had yesterday. and it is still raining in southern delaware, in fact, just had thunderstorm kent county socked in with clouds here in philadelphia, but there you see the situation around harrington, just south of dover, where the rain is casino of heavy and it is
7:48 am
headed into cape may county, as well, at least the southern part of cape may county. that's the situation through the rest of the morning. the further south you go, the greater chance you have of encountering some rain. cloudy for the rest of us, filter sunshine here and, there then we get into tomorrow. where we will have early sunshine, rain rolling in, by lunchtime, and then raining on and off throughout the rest of the day on thursday. probably into friday, as well. so, couple every rainy days which will help with the allergy situation. will also cause your grass to grow real fast and do you have cut it. sixty-two today, 60 tomorrow, rain on friday, means, we only have high of 58 degrees, that's warmfront coming through, so it will warm up little bit over the weekend, looks good for saturday, and part of sunday, rain rolling in maybe sunday night no monday. so that's your seven day forecast, guys it, doesn't look like we will see the 80s again for awhile. >> want more picks of the
7:49 am
rainbow? here is a particulartik watches the show every day, night one. >> how did i miss this yesterday seriously? i don't know. what time of day would this have been? right about the 5:00 call. >> i was working, what were you doing. >> have shooting rainbow pictures. >> ya. >> have you noticed the pansies around town? my favorite flower, the pansy. so do we have to wait until mothers day to plant anything? >> jen? >> okay, we will answer that question, before, in a minute, but first talk about the tulips that you saw, good morning to you. >> good morning, this is andy at bountiful acres, kind of near buckingham, pa, in bucks count. >> i yes. >> okay. so the flowers that you are seeing, the giant tulips, they're called? >> darwin tulips. >> can she go and play with them right now? >> not right now. those are planted in the fall as a bulb, they sit over the wintertime under the grounds, and when things warm up, that's when they start to grow. >> and so she is out of luck
7:50 am
for this year? >> correct. >> has to wait until fall. >> we are in luck in terms of all of this other stuff. i have to say this place looks amazing, saw it from couple of peep, really is pretty spectacular. so, it isn't mothers day yet. but you have your dirt out. so answer the biggest question, can we start planting? >> it is time to start planting. we are getting nice warm days, nights are little cool, but not too cold. >> 7:00 in the morning is casino every chill. >> i still fine for the plant. >> okay. so we talk about couple of different things. we will talk about what we're doing wrong. one of the things that you say people are starting to do right, starting to care more about the soil. right? >> correct. >> and this is called bumper crop. >> sea kim, see weeds, different bark finds, a lot of good organic term, your guards earn starts with soil, good soil, good success with plants. >> so speaking of which, by english i mean rookie guards nerve, things you would add to
7:51 am
dirt you already have? >> right. >> not soil guards edge dirt? >> soil mixer. mix it in the soil you have. >> really lobster shells? it? >> yep. >> one of the things we're doing wrong, is a lot of people, myself included fixated on getting the whole super deep you say we should be more focused with super wise? >> you want it wide, just level with the top of the soil. the problem is if it goes too deep the plant could eventually set until that hole, and if it gets too much water could drown. >> oh, that's not good. okay, so, talking about a lot of people right now you vai asking about organic herb, organic fruits, vegtables. snow is something more you could use this instead of using like miracle grow for a product? >> correct. >> so the other thing you said we can plant it right in the ditch. that seems little too good to be true. >> couple of different containers, this is called echo pot. make with recycled material it, will bio degrade quickly. it has slits down the side of the pot for the roots to grow out quickly.
7:52 am
>> why are we massaging the roots? >> lets them freely grow into the soil. >> the most specific intelligent nursery guy ever in the whole worlds. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> so, coming up. we will talk about water. another tees. >> correct. >> you're doing something wrong with the water. >> okay. >> focused on the water, and doing it wrong. we will talk about that at 8:45. >> jen? >> the most specific intelligent gardening guy ever. >> by the way here is a picture of darwin tulips, planted out by the ballpark. >> yes. >> outside the citizens bank park, it is beautiful. >> preston and steve join us, talking about, well, mean tweets, that were sent to female broadcasters. and they're being red by guys to their face. instead of anonymously. they're so cruel. we'll play them for you.
7:53 am
>> potential legal battle brewing over principal's estate. what the law says about who is entitled to his fortune, after he died without a will. and he doesn't have any living children.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> we want to talk about this new video, all friends are female sportscasters for sure, boy, they've all told me that they receive some pretty mean tweets. especially during ballgames, and reports that they're doing. so there is a psa, public service ammonalsment where female sports report remembers sitting across from men who are reading the mean tweets right to their face. so here is some of it. >> sounds like a nagging wife on tv today. >> not even married yet. >> joey is a run of the meal
7:57 am
meade oak ear beat writer, not good, just sort of there. >> not a b writer at all, but okay. >> you need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed. that's it. >> so those were the mild ones. >> oh, ya. >> one of the report theirs on camera, i'm sorry your listeners can't see this, had been raped in her past, one of the tweets said i hope up get raped again. steve, have you seen it? >> ya. we have all seen it, and watched. it is horrific. we know that this exists. you know, sports in general gets a lot of lunatics, commenting all over the place, but that the female reporters get seems to be seismic in comparison. so watching this, can you just see how difficult it was for guys just called in just to sit there and read them, guys
7:58 am
hadn't written these, but just sit to read. is this something would you say if you were face-to-face with this person? and it speaks to a lot of this in general overall. the aninimity breeds this level, the psychotic level of vitreal. i don't think people realize, god forbid they do and following through with this, how ac crow moan just it is. >> preston? >> yes. i mean, listen, there are a lot of, in the world of sports, talking about usually aggression, obviously, competition, so for the, people get passionate. but i think women are easy target for meet heads, for people who can really go for the absolute bottom of the barrel, and they don't hesitate in doing that. with like steve skyed, when they have the aninimity behind them, it is just an easy target. men have an easier time if they're going to be that way going for the real, you know, like the rape comments, and so for the, more so than women
7:59 am
that are beating up on men, if they were to do that comment wise on line. and when you -- if you're that person, if you're receiving that, and even if you know it is coming from a stone cold more on, it is still has to hurt horribly bad. people saying things that nasty about you. i can't wrap my mind around it. i don't understanded it, i don't know why somebody would do that. i think they sent it out there, into the internet, and it is gone, and they have done it and they don't understand or realize the real reaction that somebody can have to that, either, and if they do, then just, you know, they are sub human. i can't wrap my minds around it, you know? >> i think you guys, they're anonymous, feel like there is no con consequence, but let's ask one of the women, kathy, what did you think about this when you saw it? >> i love the guys couldn't even read some of the words. and going back to the point of would they say it to our face? no way. they never would. when i was doing some pre i am and possing else game
8:00 am
reporting somebody who had some pretty nasty things to say about me. and i actually encountered this person, still today, and this person is so unbelievably nice to me, i mean, compliments everything, about you're great on the show, so funny, i love your outfit, shoes are great. how did you learn thousand do your make up so nice? overly nice to me. and i know that that is the person that wrote those comments when i was doing some sports reporting. >> do they know that you know? >> i think so, ya. i'm pretty sure. >> normally you can confront anybody on line they'll back way off. >> apologize, just joking, that kind of thing. >> but powerful psa, thanks for sharing that with us, right back at you. >> all right, thanks, guys. talk to you later. bye bye. >> straight up 8:00. good day, april the 27th, 2016. >> liver from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. celebrating 20 years. >> frankly if hillary clinton
8:01 am
were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote, donald trump, and hillary clinton. >> we'll imagine that tomorrow we're hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe and communities are strong. and where loved trumps hate. >> question the competition, well, in most states. what these victories mean for november. >> a 300 million-dollar fortune, but no will? how this could cause big complications for prince's estate and also his legacy. >> hey, class of 2016. you're hired. it is the best job market in almost ten years. so how could your kids lands their dream job, or at least their first job? the four things they should be doing right now, before they
8:02 am
graduate. >> a local guy, catches kanye's eye. what this teenager did so what his said to him personally. >> what? >> that's the life of pablo for you. >> ♪ >> this ain't no joke. >> yep, casino of cloudy out, there but if you go further south from here, you will see an encounter some rain. so, we will go with a seven. it is not a horrible day out there. it is cooler than it was yesterday when we got to 86 degrees. temps with bus stop buddy in the 40's, 50's, not only does very a jack on today, but waterproof in case you do run into some that far rain that you see on ultimate doppler radar. we zoom in, see most of it is in southern delaware, now thunderstorm just popped up at the jersey shore. breezes, about 12 miles an hour out of the northeast in philadelphia, with 50 degrees. and we are headed to high of 62.
8:03 am
about more than 20 degrees cooler, bob kelly, than it was yesterday. >> yes, yesterday was gorgeous, 8:03, good morning, everybody, on a wednesday, just completing an opening here, at the talcony palmyra bridge. you know you're doing all right when you have a little sailboat, and going out for three hour tour, sailboat was the reason for this quick opening here. a guy, heads downstream, once or twice a week here right around this hour, and the mast is just high enough that they have to open up the talcony palmyra. so we're stopped on both sides, the betsy ross bridge the way to go. we got disable in the work zone. this is a live look at one of the penndot cameras here. which isn't focused on the accident, but northbound 95. and we got an update, the new jersey turnpike northbound, an overturned tractor-trailer at exit number three, right now one lane squeezing on through. chopper on the way, we'll take you there when they arrive. >> almost 8:04.
8:04 am
>> frontrunners hillary clinton and donald trump winning yesterday, including here in pennsylvanian delaware. it was queen sweep for donald trump, running all five states. clinton won in four out of five with bernie sanders picking up a win in rhode island. >> let's look closely how it looks locally for the democrats in delaware, hillary clinton beat out bernie sanders 60% of the vote there. >> clinton also winning in pennsylvania, getting 57% of the vote. clinton's wins yesterday leading to a big victory party at the pennsylvania convention center last night. as she moves closer to securing that nomination. >> and, in delaware, republican primary donald trump gets 61% of the vote, john kasich, look at that, comes in second with 20%, and ted cruz way behind at 16. >> in pennsylvania trump gets 57% of the vote to secure the win. cruz and kasich a distant second. trump seems to like his chances in the general election if he goes up against hillary clinton he took swipe at reputation with women voters during his victory speech last night. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card.
8:05 am
she has got nothing else going, and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has got going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. okay? >> that with a a blanket statement. next, tuesday, in the state of indianna. now to local races, big, congressman chaka fattah senior lose to go dwight evans. chaka fattah, 11 term incumbent, charged with taking bribes and misusing campaign funds in federal grants to help pay off loans from failed philly mayoral campaign that was back in 2007. that trial is set to begin in may when he wants to defend himself. katie mcginty won. >> won the democratic nomination for u.s. senate beating joe sestak. mcginty reps the november party in the general election against republican i am current bent pat toomey. >> he ran unopposed last night. >> all eyes on the u.s. senate
8:06 am
with 24 of the 34 seats up for grabs. now held by republicans. >> the november election for pennsylvania attorney general will be a race between two montgomery county guys, republican john rafferty and the democrats, josh pap ear owe won their respective primaries, men are vying to replace attorney general kathleen kane. she decided not to run for re-election, she has other things to deal with as you know. >> principal's sister says the superstar had no moan will, so appointing special administrator for the whole estate. >> prince died at the age of 57 last thursday. and so far authorities have not released a cause every death, still waiting for more autopsy result now. his sister only surviving full sub link. now he has several half siblings, but in her filing she said it is an urgency because immediate action is necessary to manage prince's
8:07 am
business interests. and of course, prince's net worth is at estimated $300 million. >> report say jen for is here, our attorney. good morning. >> good morning. >> just perusing the importance, you have to have a will, man. >> you better go out after today and get yourself a will. >> people have scolded me. >> it is important, you don't even have to be rich lick prince to need a will. anyone who want to direct where their assets go upon their death, especially have children, must have a will. let's talk about prince's situation now. no living children. he does have a full sister, and he has all of these half siblings, so who could this go to then? >> under minnesota law they don't twinge between siblings, whether half sibling or full sibling. so it sounds like they'll share it equally. >> equally? >> yes. >> and there certainly will be fighting, no doubt, over this. because don't know, there might be other people coming children that may say they were his children, i mean,
8:08 am
there is always fights over these types of estates when dealing with this much monday. >> i do you see that he has sold 3 million songs since his death? >> that's right. the estate is growing. and then -- >> who gets that? >> well, that's part of the estate, but it sounds like the irs will get a real great chunk of that, as well, because the hot he will taste will be taxable, irs will determine the value of prince and his likeness, something that happened with michael jackson, dispute over that, his family value, very low rate, irs says his image was much higher. >> true. >> so it is a question of at least half the estate goes to the irs. >> since talking about michael jackson of course everyone knows that when after he died all of the family started fighting and eventually catherine the mother got in charge of the estate. but they found a trust while they were going through all of this. could it be possible that prince might have a trust? what's the difference here? >> in my view i think he must. prince was no -- he was not fearful of lawyers. he had lawyers. he fought for his music rights, he has slave written on -- he definitely was there,
8:09 am
had band of lawyers, had band of business people who surrounded him. he himself was very business savvy. so i can't imagine that someone with all of this help and assistance would not have some casino every trust, would not protect his as. >> the think of all of the music. >> also, so charitable, and so involved in his church you would think he would want to direct some money to causes that he believed in, as well. >> speaking of the music, then, another thing people are talking about the fact he has literally a vault at his home there. in his compounds. that has hundreds maybe even thousands every unreleased songs. now we have seen this with michael jackson, other artist who have passed on, released new music after they died. could we see this done with prince? >> yes, then again, who will control all of this? that's the interesting question. will it be his full sister, all of the siblings, are they going to be able to agree on what happens to the music, how it is released? prince was very protective of his rights, will they follow in what he would do? it is without any directive.
8:10 am
>> do they have to? some of the records companies say they may have some ownership, and they've said prince made it cleary don't want this coming out. can they use that then? says his sister says i want to release new albumn. can they say no when prince was alive you can't do that. >> depends on who owns rights to it, there will be fighting over that, you can imagine, because a lot of money involved. people will be eager to get this music, the public, so there is going to be a business taught should it go out, follow his wishes, or what were his wishes? without a will directing this, hard to know. >> i always feel bad, new music released, excited because you want to hear it, at the same would they have wanted to here this? >> why on the did he release it while he was alive. >> well, keep following it for us. >> go get a will. >> all right. i'll work with you after the show. parent of young girls, keep a close watch out here. new study says girls are more anxious than boys. nervous, in other words. why they are at greater risk
8:11 am
in the three things you can do to help these young women. >> but first, yesterday was national college signing day, high school seniors all over the united states selected their schools and they let you know where they were going. but now what? the deadline you need to know about in order to secure your spot. ♪ ♪ strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of.. now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. it strengthens weakened enamel 4x better by replenishing it with vital minerals. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength.
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j good morning, 8:00; updating breaking news, looking live from skyfox, over the scene of this overturned tractor-trailer, on the new jersey turnpike. wow, what a mess. now, this is the northbound new jersey turnpike right at the onramp from exit number three, which is the black horse pike in bellmawr, new jersey. what looks like here, this guy trying to enter from the black horse pike, to go north, flipped over here, we don't have any word of any injuries or anything like that. but northbound new jersey turnpike, as you can see here, at a crawl. they are pushing everybody over to the left. skyfox, can you zoom on in? i don't know if you guys are able to listen to me, just to see what this guy is caring?
8:15 am
looks like either sheet rock, dry wall, maybe some concrete there? as we get live look there, yes. >> first it looks like mattresses but too big. concrete? >> you agree it looks like? looks like the sounds barrier wall, you know, that you see them put up. hopefully the driver is okay. but, boy, what a clean up here. so, looking live there, again, bellmawr, new jersey, let's go to my traffic cameras. because we had a shot of the jammed toll plaza here, so folks are jammed trying to get on to the turnpike, others are stuck in that delay, and they're trying to get off. so that's going to cause a major back up here in bellmawr, new jersey, the best option would be heading north on 295, if you are coming from say, swedesboro, or paulsboro, so avoid the northbound new jersey turnpike this morning, exit three, this is another accident, north 95, sue be, just north of cottman avenue.
8:16 am
all neice guys piled up. no sun glare this morning. >> can't blame it on. that will socked in with clouds from the close proximity of the front that came through yesterday, and there you see it, with rain to the south of us, so if your travels take you down to delaware maybe even the jersey shore have your rain gear with you. we have got the cloud cover, as we add the satelite picture to radar, we go on south, see bethany beach, rehoboth, middle township, cape may, all getting rain this morning along with harrington, delaware, in kent county in the middle county of delaware. so the future cast has this continuing through the rest of the morning, probably dry throughout the day, hang on to the clouds, front something going too far. looking at cloudy day, peak of sunshine, if we think off the miss i cannily, definitely cooler than yesterday. and then tomorrow, cooler still, with showers lit in the day, lingers into friday when we don't get out of the 50's,
8:17 am
now it, does look little brighter for the weekends specially saturday. >> i want to tell you a all every you why i am going to make amazing lawyer. >> using legal jargin in every day life. >> i object. >> extra curricular activities. >> she was in ricky martin video. >> welcome to harvard. >> oh, welcome to harvard, remember that classic clip from legally blondes? >> sure. >> so what happens? you get into the school you want to get into. now what? >> everyone talking about getting accepted to colleges because yesterday was college signing day. >> yes. >> so student across the country announce their new school, including our friend, zania, remember, in new jersey, featured, 17 magazine, with the first lady of the united stay and she is on the show she said she didn't want to reveal yet.
8:18 am
look at the president and first laid. >> i all every these student all over tweeting all of these pictures, where they are going to school, celebrities are doing, where they went to school. celebrating all of. that will that's just the first big step, right? getting the acceptance letter, then what do i do now? >> plus: before we get into the, well, weaver some good news actually on this front, as well. more jobs for college kids. college graduates, dan rick at owe here our financial guy. before we talk about the good news and the jobs, what is may first deadline? may first, by god, what, sunday. >> ya, a lot of stress over mini wheats this morning in a lot of kitchen tables with parent and kids, because may first as you said, alex, is the deadline, for putting your deposit in, usually non-refundable for your college spot. so you might be on a wait list for example. you might be not quite sure. here are few tips for this morning if you are kind of figuring this out last minute. if you're not sure how to pay for college, the single biggest issue most kids have,
8:19 am
right? call the financial aid office this morning, i'm grappling with this, i need to go over the numbers with you, how can you help? remember remember their job how to get in you college and pay from it while there. stay in touch with the school. if you're on the wait list call them this morning, let them know you are still my number one choice, have i moved up at all on the wait list, maybe send them copy of your recent grades or project that you have work owned -- on, now is the time, put full court press on, finally, if you're panic over loans, you want to go to student loan month gov, the government website for sued end loans, student loans, great tutorial, fed ram loans are always better than private loans. because it gives you more flexible, mike, after you graduate in case you get jam up and you need to restructure the loans or something like, that so a lot going on this week very stressful, at the same time, step back, take deep breast, work through it methodically. >> important, when i went to mazzoo, when you can start
8:20 am
getting your doom room, getting your classes, good dorms go fast. >> great point. a the love colleges have first come first serve on the dorm. you don't want to be too late to the party on there is but already in this crunch time. so, again, stress, but at the same time, take a deep breath, relax, don't panic, we'll get through this week together. >> we'll have the graduation ceremonies, in, then oh, i have my diploma, little hat. now i don't have a job. 5.2% more of these are going out. this year than last year. >> offer letters. here is one for you. >> literally says -- promotion? >> saying they're hire recent college grad up last year, here is the better news, finally after years of income going no where, finally we are getting little raise. about 37% of employers say they'll bump up starting salaries little bit this year. still very bifurcated. engineering majors still rule the world, up there at six a
8:21 am
grand a year. education majors, only about 35 grand a year. soap, there is still this wide gap between majors, but the good news, alex, there are at least more jobs than last year. >> who is hiring. >> and paying little more. >> big national guys are hiring, starbucks, verizon, ibm, et cetera. one of the tips we will talk about this morning, don't forget small local businesses, and non-profits. they hire the majority of college graduates. other tip if you don't know where your career services group is yet on campus, remember those? >> better finds them. >> say hey i need a job, help me out consideration help with you your resume, help with you your networking skills. >> really should go before then. getting internships, open the door, familiar with you, by the time you got eude they already know you. >> so you can juggle the student loans the size of wyoming so now is the time to a quaint yourself with career services use social media for networking, invest in good
8:22 am
resume, good suit, good haircut. don't forget the local companies and non-profit. >> do it today. right after the show. >> ruining your wallet, your work out. >> why you shouldn't even listen to music when at the gym. what? i need music. so run. >> look at the mess all over the road there. bob's working on this, this is on the new jersey turnpike near bellmawr, right? >> northbound exit number three in bellmawr. >> blocking the northbound lanes as he just said. more on that after the break.
8:23 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. flex festival of families you work out may want to put your phone in your locker. working out with your phone just slows you down. white listening to muse particular boosts your heart rate and treadmill speed, many of us can't stop answering those texts or calls, especially because they let you know when you get it,
8:26 am
music symptoms for zach, study found people talking on the phone while running, they slow down by 10%, and those who text, also slowed down, and heart rate even dropped. >> it is hard to text while running on a treadmill. >> that's true. >> you fall on your face. >> i guess put it on what the nighttime mode where it won't let you know until after? >> irritate whg it interrupt a good song. >> i know. >> it is wednesday, we like to do quincy do my job on wednesday. and, imagine going to a bed and breakfast and quincy your host? >> more than a host, book, doing a lot of different things, coming up.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back everybody, 8:30, skyfox live over the
8:30 am
scene of this overturned tractor-trailer on the new jersey turnpike. it is at interchange number three, which is the on and off ramp, for route 168, right here, in bellmawr, new jersey, casino of boarders bellmawr, runnemede. looks like the truck here was entering the turnpike, headed north, when it flipped over on it side here. spilling its load, they look like those concrete slabs, that are used in the sounds walls, that you see along some of our imagine or roadways, all kind of stacked up there, like pieces of paper, almost like mattresses, but all concrete here, and of course, now, the onramp, from the black horse pike, is blocked, to go north on the new jersey turnpike, what we're setting up here, these tow trucks, will hook the chains up, troy to flip this guy upright. so you only have one lane now, headed northbound on the new jersey turnpike, and then they now shut the onramp down, so no one else can enter it, the turnpike, so going to the maps, because if you are
8:31 am
getting ready to head out northbound side is what's block, your best bet, would be using 295, or you'll go up to exit number four, which is route 73, mt. laurel, new jersey, and that will give you access to go northbound, again, if you are coming from the south, i would jump onto 295 and avoid that altogether. that's going to be a mess throughout the rest of our morning rush hour. here's an example of the toll plaza, now the folks that are trying to get on and off here, and avoid this tractor-trailer, so again, it is northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike, at exit number three, which is the black horse pike, so, sue, no sun glare, as the excuse on that one this morning. >> yes, stubborn clouds hanging around all morning, so bus stop buddy wearing not only a jacket, because it is cooler than yesterday, but a waterproof jacket, because the further south you go, the better chance you have of seeing some of this rain. we have cape may county, we have the lower two counties of delaware, and in some cases
8:32 am
we've seen few thunderstorms pop up. so that frontal system that came through yesterday is not that far away. dewey beach, ocean city maryland, ocean city new jersey all getting little bit of rain from this, ooh degrees in philadelphia, right now, little bit after breeze out of the northeast, at about 12 miles an hour, and you can see those clouds kind of hanging around for the early part of the day where we are hoping for sunshine before the day is through high of 62. >> hey, sue? >> yes? >> thank you. >> we appreciate you and your work, sue. >> we appreciate you. >> so nice. >> i didn't know this, quincy harris said yesterday, he's always wanted to work in a hotel. so that's the job he's doing today. >> not it the bathes hotel, he? >> hopefully not. >> i always wanted to do something like there is we have francine here, now, francine, what are your duties here? >> my duties at the front desk, basically a lot of checking in and checking up and taking care of the guests
8:33 am
that create reservations either on line or through website. >> now, 11 rooms here? >> eleven rooms. >> it gets little hectic here? >> sometimes it does, like right now, i think we need to get all of our breakfast stuff out. do you minds? >> no, not a problem. so continent at breakfast? >> that's what we have. it consists every bagels from the bagel barrel, which is right down the street. >> okay? >> r ' new here. how was that. >> doing good. doing exactly, oops, we will do the reverse. i'll put the fraught there. >> good morning, this is
8:34 am
quincy, this is doylestown inn, just push that button. >> okay. >> good morning. >> good morning, doylestown inn. this is quincy. how are you doing. >> okay. okay. they want to book a room? >> let's go ahead. get on the computer. >> okay? >> sir, when would you like your room? >> he said may. >> what date in may? >> may 13. >> may 13th, that's not good day, sir. >> he said whether is your next available in. >> may 15th. >> sir, how about may 15th? is may 15th a good day? >> yes, that is a sunday. he says yes. >> okay, great. let's go ahead, then just -- >> hold on one second. okay? >> what do we do? >> go ahead, click on this. did he say what casino of room he wanted?
8:35 am
>> sir, what kind of room? he says whatever kind of room. >> well, let's give him a premium room. >> so we push that button there. >> this but the flop. >> click away. it comes up. one, two person. >> he's leak why is he asking so many questions. >> that's part of the game. >> could you put him on hold? >> hold on one second, sir. >> got it. getting little busy here at the doylestown inn. how do i answer? >> just push the button. >> okay, everybody watching call the doylestown inn right now. what is your confidence level that far man actually being able to get into the doylestown inn on may 15th? >> not happening. >> zero. >> call him right now. >> we found new study says girls are moorages us, more nervous than guys, and boy, why they're at greater risk and 39 things you can do to change all of that today.
8:36 am
i get out of work and i go to the store,
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>> ♪ >> busy signal. >> did you clog up all those lines? >> no question. >> oh, gosh. this is going to go on all morning. >> 8:39. new study suggesting teenage girls may be more anxious, rattled than boys, especially when it comes to body image, and the effect on social media. >> research shows adoloscents, girls tends to become more dissatisfied with their bodies while boys, well, they become more satisfied with their changing appearance. males are at lower risk for the toxic effects of social media mainly because more likely to play video games as opposed to being on social media. study shows males social media post involve more
8:40 am
activities, and things that they've done. while young ladies are more likely to pose selfies showing their faces and bodies, then comparing themselves to other women, which can cause anxiety. >> this selfie thing, has to stop. well, the good news is experts say, there are some things that can help teenage anxiety, like keep, keeping kids from being alone in their bedrooms, and encouraging them to spend more time with the family. let's give back to having family meals. >> yes, on friday my family game night. >> okay? >> also, no phones at the dinner table. >> that's silly. >> that's been a rule. no ear phones in the car, so you can have some conversations, and actually talk to each other, instead of just being in your own zone. >> now i have got to get the kids to cooperate with you. >> what do you moan? >> who is in control? >> i'm in control. >> not a parent. >> by the way i just noticed the door over your head again there. >> yes? >> here is the thing, special guest for 20th anniversary?
8:41 am
>> yes. >> it has to do with the election last night. >> there is a connection to the election. >> so -- >> maybe, maybe not. all right, jen, helping us with gardening, we learned about dirt, now learning about the importance of water. >> water is everything. but are you doing it too much, or too little? we're in bucks county this morning, and tell you all about it, i like that song, by the way, come on back.
8:42 am
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>> ♪ >> come on, pick up the phone. it is actually raining now, at the doylestown inn. >> okay, jermaine wilson. >> oh, hold on. got to go. >> this is: hello? this is quincy. welcome to the doylestown inn. >> (laughing). >> thank you, sir.
8:45 am
what's your name? >> are you calling, too? >> yes. >> sue, are you calling? >> yes, i'm calling. >> come on, quinn i, pick up the phone. >> thank you very much. >> hello, doylestown inn. >> we'll keep going with, that meanwhile, i'll point the screen is green. anyway, we've got little things fast nature me. now, we've got some clouds cover in the philadelphia area, but, see how the phone is keying up? around ocean city maryland, all the way up to ocean city, new jersey, rehoboth beach. bethany beach. it is raining. and we expect that rain to continue on and off throughout the rest of the day. let's get to the seven day forecast, because, yesterday, we got to 86 degrees. do not expect 80s throughout any of this seven day forecast, including, now, through sunday. weekends looking pretty good. mostly sunny skies, on saturday. clouding up on sunday, we will see how soon that rain begins, on sunday, but it does look like a decent weekend, especially for the last day of
8:46 am
april which is saturday, guys. >> okay, let's do some gardening now, we're doing one thing wrong every year. and it involves water. >> what? >> just take the little hose and pour it in. >> jen, just not hose water. come on. >> did you say water? >> waater? >> water? real cool place, called bountiful acres in bucks county with andy. good morning. >> good morning,. >> okay, so the watering thing is always a big deal at my house, because i feel like i've got to crush those plants with water, true, false, more is better. >> more is not always better. >> oh, man. >> too much water you don't have any oxygen growth. >> okay. >> in the soil. for the roots. i use the analogy you want the soil to be like a moist sponge. too well, you get bacteria and mold growing, it dry it could break, you need it just right. well drained and moist. >> you say we have to put our hands in the soil? >> put your finger in the
8:47 am
soil. >> the best way to know, little bit wet, doing okay? >> absolutely. >> okay. to talk to us a little bit about. >> this these are beautiful. azalea's, you say now is the end of the time for planting, bushes and trees? >> could you start planting trees and shrubs at the end of february, yes, as soon as the grounds is soft. the plant trees and shrubs throughout the season, how much, now is a great time to get them in the grounds, while the daytime temperatures are so mild. >> but not too hot? >> not too hot. >> then how long do we expect these to be flowery? >> they're flour from four, six weeks, depending on weather, and an evergreen, have nice green foliage the rest of the year. >> funny, talking to mike the camera guy, he said when he moved into his house, he saw green bushes, so he cut them down not nothing what they were. you have seen that before? >> many times. >> how do you know what it is that you have? you have to have some neighbors, or what do you suggest there? >> could you ask plant expert, bring in photos to garden center show them. >> even green you will tell us what it is? >> absolutely.
8:48 am
>> these over here, road a den drums, i have to say in chestnut hill and other areas of philadelphia i've seen them. they climb all the way up the top of the house. these are good to start this size right now? >> absolutely. >> what's the trick to getting them do look good year after year? >> go ahead when planting make very, very wide hole. add organic matter. >> sort of what we what we talk about? >> and they do go up and up and up. you have to have some like trellis for them? >> you don't need trill is, if they get to be too large, prune them after they flower so you don't cut off the buds for next year. >> oh, okay. and all of that stuff, come to garden expert or a lot of it is on line. >> on line. >> then there is while, and purple, ever been, looking at gardenias, very good plant to buy. about but keep it in a pot. >> they are trap column plants, bring them outside whether warm. and bring it back in again when the temperature gets cool in the fall. >> so you know how it works.
8:49 am
>> we will do this in the 99:00 hour? >> yes. >> so guys, real cool guy, chris, he's going to tell us how not to kill the plants. he's a plant safer. you'll want to see his idea. okay? >> that's a good tip. don't kill your plants. >> don't kill the plant. >> 8:49ment philly makes a new list. where we rang on the top cities to visit on your next family vacation. are we in the top ten? let's check and see if quincy is still being bombarded by phonecalls by our viewers. >> i got two phones ♪ >> okay, hold on one second. >> i'm calling again right now. >> hello, welcome to the doylestown inn. hold on one second. holds on one secretary. >> oh, look at those lines. >> stress. my turn.
8:50 am
>> hello? >> they just hung up on you. >> mine is busy. >> he hung up on me. >> still ringing. he just hung up on yourself. we will figure this out. maybe one day he will answer our calls. we'll keep calling.
8:51 am
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j new details now, in that deadly assault at the delaware high school. student beat to death. >> attorney have decided the three teen girls involved in this in the attack, the alleged attack, are not in school. as woe mentioned in our segment. they say they won't be back until more details are released in the case. some charges are going to be filed, though it, seems like, as maybe as early as this
8:54 am
week. as you know, amy 16 year old was attack in the bathroom of howard technology high school, last thursday morning, later died. wilmington police chief said the investigation is still ongoing and charges will be filed by the end of this week. >> this is big, because this is one of the bigger questions that a lot supreme been asking, are these girls in school. specially because there have been some videos circulating saying that they're new additional fights with some of these girls that they've gone back to school. now we've learned that they are not -- >> not in the school. >> so i wonder if one of the videos going around is actually real then. hopefully more information on that. >> if you are looking for one of the top us cities to visit on your summer vacation, but you better plan this pretty soon. you don't have to go very far, ladies and gentlemen. >> seventh best city for vacation by go-go booth bot. >> top reasons to visit and the list compiled by data from user reviews on the site, as well as trips that have been
8:55 am
booked through the site. go-go bot why it is a big deal, have about 10 million user. >> when we leaf this tv station at four and market every day after the show, you can barely move on the sidewalks in old city because of this is the time of year when the student come. fairmount park, absolutely beautiful. >> so which cities top philadelphia? >> milwaukee? >> clues, bloated. >> oh, beer. nice looking city, right there on the lake. charlotte is ranked fifth evening though they don't treat everyone so well down there. >> charlotte, what can you see in charlotte? unless you want to see the panthers or something? new orleans, muse, food. >> makes sense. >> fort worth. >> that makes no sense. >> they don't make sense. you can do like the sterio typical text and things, with
8:56 am
the cattle, cattle runs, that casino of stuff, rodeos. coy tipping and all of that. >> barbeques, text next, i can go on. there is lot to do. >> now, explain this numb ben one, cleveland. >> two? >> way high. labron, you can go see labron. >> mission take by the lake? rock-and-roll hall of fame is there. i've a loft fun in cleveland actually. >> why are you dissing these places then lift them up? >> because that's what i do. i don't want anybody hurt. top spot in america? st. petersberg florida, gorgeous. >> okay is that correct outside of jacksonville? >> normal part of the state, st. petersberg near the panhandle. >> okay. >> no, jacksonville on the opposite side of the saint. >> saint augustine what i am thinking of. sore. >> i we were actually talking
8:57 am
about st. petersberg in russia. >> just kidding. more than mean, guys read harsh tweets to female sportscasters, right in their face. this is an anti-bullying campaign. specially, on line. we will play these things for you, powerful man. >> and a lot of influence and one room, last night. >> nicky minaj on the stage performing, now she dedicated a song to someone, and it is casino of unusual.
8:58 am
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>> good day, it is wednesday, april the 27th, 2016. >> good morning. >> i love the olive green. >> i love olive.


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