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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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leave your car unlocked even in your own driveway. thieves have hit 70 cars, 70 cars in haverford township just this year. police are being inundated with calls every weekend. >> reach that point last week we had a weapon taken from an unlocked car in a trunk. we felt we had to do a message out -- reverse 911 call to everybody in the township. please lock your vehicles. >> reporter: please remember to lock your car doors at all times. >> reporter: police took the unusual step of putting out a literal wake-up call because people aren't protecting themselves by simply locking up. only two of the 70 cars hit recently were locked. just two. >> this neighborhood has that feeling, like, everything is kind of quiet, calm. because we're right on the -- >> reporter: most of the thefts happening overnight on weekends bad guys go right down the street hitting one car after the another.
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community alert has everybody talking. >> we got an emergency phone message from the township and also an e-mail from the commissioner. >> reporter: attention and now at least promises of action. people vowing not to be easy prey. >> we make sure we lock our ca cars. keep on locking our cars. >> reporter: police have pick somebody up and made one arrest but they don't think this is just one person them say this is a crime of opportunity that people are coming in and taking advantage of the situation. if you see somebody you think is suspicious, they're asking to you please call 911. don't think you're boeing a bother. if you've got a gut feeling call 911 and let them come out and investigate. that's the very latest from the hover forward police department. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. developing news out of bucks county. mother is in jail after authorities say she confessed to kicking her daughter. the two-year-old died at a hospital. officers say the mom was not telling them the truth off the bat about her daughter's tragic death. now the details have her community shocked. let's get right out to sabina
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kuriakose live in falls township tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain authorities say 23-year-old kayla moore kick her toddler so many times she lost count. she's now being charged with murder. >> saturday i seen them, um, they were out who are playing around. >> reporter: picture perfect family next door. according to neighbor jonathan ford. little more than a day after he last saw two-year-old athena wolf the little girl was dead her tiny body beaten and broken. police 11 by her own mother. 23-year-old kayla marie moore. >> these type injuries were scene more common until car accidents than, you know, just a trauma. it was very severe. >> reporter: it was midday sunday at the wellington woods apartments when police say the stay at home mother snapped kicking toddler athena in the head and body until she went limp. lieutenant henry ward says more first told police the little girl fell. confronted by autopsy results and the statements of doctors from chop moore allegedly
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confessed. >> she just said that she lost it and kick the child. >> reporter: lieutenant ward says athena was severely under weight and had bruising to her face and body. police are peacing together a motive authorities say moore told them she had been under a lot of stress and things were quote tight at home and tough. she told detectives athena could sometimes act out. >> the mother claims that the child had frequent tantrums where she would throw herself around the room. >> reporter: police say her four-year-old sister was in another room and did not see what happened to her baby sibling. that child is now in the care of child service. moore moved to falls township last year from western pa and lived with a boyfriend. police are getting in touch with the children's father back home. >> i'm so used to her running around and waking me up and now i don't hear her and i feel bad for her, you know. it's sad. but you never really know your neighbors. >> reporter: detectives are also investigating moore's live-in boyfriend. he was not home when all of this
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happened. moore is being held in county prison without bail. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. a woman from the city's home also burg second plead guilty to animal cruelty charges back in march officials with the pennsylvania spca say they removed 13 dogs and four cats from the home of irene johnson. authorities say her home along 7900 block of mars don street was unsanitary. johnson has to pay fine and pay more than $4,000 to the pspca in restitution. two undercover police officers are out hospital after the truck they were in was involved in an accident in the city's fairmount section. it happened around 2:00 this morning right near broad and brown streets. authorities say this black car that hit the officers took off. the officers were treated and released at a local hospital and in a bizarre twist at the same time cops say a man was carjacked at gun point in the same area. two men jumped into his white suv and took off. then crash the men ran away. former philadelphia police commissioner who broke barriers
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to become the city's first african-american police commissioner has died. willie williams became police commissioner in 1988. he stayed with the department until 1992 when he moved to los angeles to become the chief of police there. today police commissioner richard ross called him an inspiration. >> he broke barriers but just not for people of color, for women an lot of other folks, and i just by virtue of them going on to la i believe he was the first there and so it just for me showed that if he can do it, if all things work right, then i can do it. or anybody else for that matter. >> willie williams was 72 years old. a mixed bag in your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at the ben franklin parkway. you don't -- you didn't need a raincoat today but did you need a jack. don't put away that umbrella just yet. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> chilly changes, iain, yesterday's high temperature was 86 degrees. today we've been socked in with
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the cloud cover and guess what, the high temperature in philadelphia only 55 degrees today. currently it's still chilly. 53 right now. winds out of the south southwest at about 6 miles per hour. if you're stepping outdoors it's dry but you will need that light jacket or sweater. looking at the satellite and radar that cold front to our south kind of set up shop. a couple of sprinkles, far south in sections of south jersey also as you move into maryland but we still have mostly cloudy skies. look at the temperatures. 52 in wildwood. 55 degrees currently in trenton. 55 in reading. upper 50s currently in the pocono mountains. compared to this same time yesterday, we're 27 degrees colder in pottstown. 31 degrees colder in wilmington. and look at atlantic city. it's 34 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. so the bottom line temperatures hold pretty steady through the low 50's. wee keep the clouds around. 50 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. look far north and west, moving into northampton county, bethlehem, nazareth,
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easton we're looking at a frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so just watch out in proper ticket those plants coming up we'll talk about below average temperatures the unsettled pattern will remain and also rain could impact a part of the upcoming weekend. we'll spell it all out with the seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. philadelphia police want to you take very good look at this newly released surveillance video. cops say it shows the moment two guys robbed two others in old city. it happened earlier this month along bank street. investigators say the two robbers pulled up in newer kia optima pull a gun on two men and punched and rob the men. the wanted men then got back in their car and sped off. the family of a teenager killed at her school last week got warning for people tonight. 16-year-old amy frances joyner died after being attacked in the girl's bathroom at howard high school in wilmington last thursday morning. now her family says people are
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trying to take advantage of that tragedy with scams designed to take your money. in a statement her father says, we have not society up and will not set up any fundraisers or gofundme accounts. they are fake pages and accounts are spreading hateful lies, so please do not lose your money or entertain the lies of these cruel people ". he added donations in amy's name can be made to the congo funeral home in wilmington. >> you decide 2016 donald trump and hillary clinton are riding high after some big yesterday. trump swept all five states. clinton 24 out of the five. one candidate is making a move he hopes can pull in more vote voters. senator cruz made a big announcement about an hour two hours ago. >> he's got veep. he tabbed carly fee or recent recent in a has his running mate. she abandoned her own presidential bid earlier this year and she says she's now ready for ted cruz to take the white house.
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>> i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have. to restore our party torque defeat trump, to defeat hillary clinton and to take our country back! meanwhile bernie sanders reaffirm his determination to stay in the race through california. that's june when the primary is. the independent vermont senator trails former secretary of state hillary clinton by more than 800 delegates. proposal by atlantic city councilman for 20% pay cut on elected appointed official laughed a few hours. before it was shot down. councilman shabazz planned to introduce a resolution asking the mayor don didn't guardian to roll back his annual salary and cut council member salaries but the city council president says he will not post the proposal for a vote saying it's got no support. shabazz is proposal would have cut the salaries of the city clerk and the council's attorney and asked self mayoral appoint
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tease to take the same pay cut. the measures are largely symbolic in a city budget deficit of one hadn't doctored million dollars. >> the man behind the counter at a local restaurant but he is no employee. he's helping himself to the cash register. the tricky warbles say he got inside. young girl goes the extra mile. well make that 10 miles. she realizes she's running the row and way race after it's already started. >> i asked her how long it was and she said it was like 13 miles and that's when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5k. >> how that race turn out and why her mom had to had some really scary moments. >> howard? >> draft day 24 hours away. so anything going to happen differently than we've heard? what do the mares think about what is about to go down and what is going on with sam bradford still playing the missing game all coming up in sports.
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my giant. philadelphia police need your help tracking down a burglar take look at this surveillance video from inside la cass is dell sandwich in the city's feltonville neighborhood much police say that guy broke into the restaurant early monday morning by actually cutting through the security great covering a window. they say he stole cash from the register and took off. new technology revealed today could change medical ima imaging foreboom people and animal. earlier today, fox 29 was there aspen vets new bolten center showcased brand knew he can with imagine system this machine can take 4d images of standing and moving horses. researcherresearchers sat penn n discussions with penn and did he hours children's system how this
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machine could be used for human health care. >> children at a kensington children are very excited about new play ground. cities officials gathere gathert hackett elementary for ground breaking. their banking on donations from the community to make the playground possible. much remains to be done to bring the full project to conclusion. achieving that success will require the support of the public sector, business and the philanthropic community. >> once completed the playground will be one of only two in the entire city that's compliant with the americans with dis dissables act or ada. 12-year-old girl was all set to run a 5k. she ran it and then she kept running and running and running. >> lee rodriguez rush to the starting line of they race in rochester new york because she was late. she says the guy there toll her to jump in with group of runners so she did but eventually she noticed some other people
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running kind of at a different peso she asked the woman next to her, how long the race was. the answer, 13 miles. she entered the half marathon instead. >> the announcer call out my name and she was like -- she said there she is sprinting at the end. >> i see her with a medal oh my god she ran the other one. for real. >> she's just 12 years old and she decide to keep running and not giving up. >> she did not give up during the race police officers ran up to her to tell her family had been looking for her. she didn't care. she was determine to finish that half marathon and she did. in two hours and 43 seconds. >> wow! >> good for her. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. we've got a little bit of a marathon of our on going on with cold weather. >> need that jacket and maybe umbrella, too. >> yeah, we are looking at a pretty below average stretch. i mean yesterday's high temperature 86 degrees. today's high only in the mid 50s and temperatures will likely
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stay below that average for this time of year which by the way is 68 degrees until at least next week. so we're looking at a long stretch with temperatures below average across the area with the dip in the jet stream. certainly cloudy and cool today. look at the temperatures right now. it's only 50 degrees in atlantic city. 52 in wildwood. we have low 50s in wilmington. along with dover, 53 degrees. that's a popular number right now. lancaster pottstown philadelphia 53 degrees. as we zoom in closer down the shore you can see it's even colder. 49 degrees beach haven the boardwalk atlantic city 49 degrees. we're looking at 50 ocean city. avalon, moving down to wildwood temperatures are in the low 50s so as we take look at the set up here a cold front moved through yesterday. we were talking about that sharp temperature gradient cold air was to the north. we were in the 80s but that front is to our south now and it's kind of set up shop. areas of low pressure will rotate along that especially tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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you'll need the umbrellas and then kind of on and off again showers on friday as well. so as we move ahead you can see what's going to happen. we'll look at more rain moving in once again tomorrow afternoon and evening especially this time we'll probably be talking about the clouds and showers. the high temperature tomorrow only 57 degrees. so another day below average. we'll go hour by hour and show you dry conditions for tonight but once again those temperatures dropping into the 40s. for tomorrow, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. if you need add jacket today, you'll need it tomorrow. but once again, a dry start but by the afternoon, after lunch time, we're looking at some showers moving in. it's not going to be heavy rain but all is said and done likely at 10 toth a quarter of an inch out of that system tomorrow. so as we roll the clock ahead you can see by tomorrow at 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at about tenth of an inch in philadelphia. some higher amounts once you move north and west. maybe about .20 of an inch in allentown along with reading and temperatures for tonight you can
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see 42 degrees in the suburbs upper 40s in the city. we have that frost advisory in northampton county and then tomorrow 57 degrees cloudy skies once again those showers in the afternoon and evening. helping out a little in the pollen department for tomorrow, not quite as high. we're looking at the medium high category on scale of zero to 12, it's going to be nine and then look at friday. much needed relief. we're looking at that pollen level in the medium category. so that seven day forecast showing you 50's for high temperatures over the next couple of days. the upcoming weekend forecast, cloud cover on your saturday. saturday looks dry. 65 degrees. but then clouds are going to roll in and thicken and then sunday we're looking at some showers in the afternoon and evening. should hold off for the broad street run we're looking at 60 degrees for the high temperature and then more rainfall chances early next week and then 70 degrees iain finally by next wednesday the average once again this time of year is
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68 degrees. so temperatures below average at least the next six days. >> i know. i know. i'll have to deal with it. nothing i can dodge thank you, scott. >> good for hillary clinton key, though. >> even though we're not really playing. >> hockey is over. (laughter). >> for us. >> for us. >> play out in the street. >> hey, let's do it. let's do it. >> iain will deal with it. >> got to deal with it. >> flyers are starting to prepare for next season. gm ron hextall tells us what he thought of this star. brent celek is one of the players that should be catching passes from sam bradford. but the qb is not there. how does celek feel? that will be coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ since the draft how war. >> yes it is. it's draft day tomorrow and brent celek made a tongue and cheek comment about it's a big day for the eagles franchise and the fans unless something really crazy helps carson wentz will be the eagles pick at number two but sam bradford situation still happening over the head of this team. one of the players sam bradford throws to tight end brent celek who got dressed up today in a different outfit. making deliveries for an app by the name of flavor. just haven't, you know, just not there to catch passes. he went and caught some cheesesteaks at geno's ordered
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the steaks with cheese whiz. i don't like the whiz. i'm more avenue provolone or american cheese guy. there wasn't an order in for quarterback sam bradford. and celek's feelings -- >> i'm not disappointed in him. everyone has their own decisions to make. i think we as a team we would like sam there and work with h him. but at the end of the day that's his decision. >> 10, 15 years ago, players would call a guy and say, hey, sam, we need you in here. how come that doesn't exist any more? >> i mean, i think it exists a little bit. but at the end of the day, you know, everyone is a grown up and everyone makes their own decisions. you know, you can only say certain amount of thing, but, you know, it's sir their decision at the end of the day. >> players have changed. all right. the front office of the flyers trying to pick up the pieces of this past season. the team has some fixing to do. general manager ron hextall addressed many areas when he talk to the media today. he said claude giroux played hard but what about the season looking back?
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>> i think we showed a lot of growth. but like i said i'm not going to throw rose petals out here because we made the playoffs and government beat out on the first round. we're the flyers. we have -- we have high expectations and we expect to be better next year. >> you better be. phillies lot of pitcher charlie more top likely for the season when he suffered as a torn hamstring in their game last saturday he suffered the injury while running out a bunt. >> pitchers they're like punters they're not athletes. >> let's get back to the cheesesteaks. i don't like the whiz either. what is cheese whiz any way. >> it's a philadelphia think thing. it's a joke. >> it masks the meat. >> it's sloppy. it's soft. >> exactly. >> give me provolone or american. >> i'm with you on that. >> i do like provolone. >> sharp. >> i'm going sharp on that one, too. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside is up next.
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kid rock's serious exchange with a 911 operator. >> you yelling at me will not help the situation. >> and the epic eye role. >> the governor chris christie's wife really roll her eyes that donald trump? could a trip to the hair salon lead to


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