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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 28, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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mexico and latin america. >> it is not a place you want to bring your children. >> under this bridge, they get free rent, and surviving. >> one of the few shelters that is pushing for people to adopt by personality rather than breed. >> there is no way to actually tell what breed a dog is. >> that is silly, if you can't tell in a shelter, and you play with it, how would you know in a pet store any better. >> we help swimmers go from good to great. >> fluid mechanics. he puts an "avatar" in the water. you can see the movement from a point of view of the swimmer. ashlee, you are chasing what i thought was finished in this state. but nope. another tent city this time in clifton? >> i chased under avenue bridge in clifton with our good friend, oh, my god.
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this is what we're talking abo about. he shares a video of men of migrant workers from mexico and latin america living unthe bridge. >> a lot of times people get intimidated but they are humans like everyone else. >> he is grappling with how and where to move these people. >> it is nasty, it's not a place you would want to bring your children on a sunday to enjoys pristine riff tbler this place is a landfill there is trash, beer bottles, glass. broken furniture, there is just stuff everywhere. >> city manager nick shared a copy of notice they hand out asking people to relocate, and recommending shelters where they could go. this is for everyone's benefit, the place is a dump. >> a homeless camp right there.
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>> a blue tarp in the woods you know for people sleeping there. >> it is a health hazard for those living there and a health hazard to clifton, the trash is building up and going to the poe pose -- poe -- posaic river. >> i have never seen anything like this. never. >> like this. >> there is a lot more than this. there is more. >> this is not all? >> all the way up and down the river. >> city is trying to act in a sensitive manner. any time you talk about moving people, you want to deal with the issue as delicately as possible, but right now something must be done. >> this makes me sad, it breaks my heart. >> i am sure on both sides of it there is a good articlement. but the reality is that there are people living here. in these conditions issue we could ignore that or do
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something to help them. >> how long have they been there. >> years. >> years. >> years. >> why now? >> these people have been failed by the system, a lot work construct jobs but rent in new jersey is highest in country, they are making due, they stay under the bridge, with free rent, they are surviving. it is a dangerous place for a lot of people, and there is dioxin in the river it is a hazard. >> you say migrant workers, what do you mean? i think of people from other country, they come here, and maybe living to escape from people who brought them here. >> wheeler said, who met many of them, said these are just men trying to make an honest living, a lot of times they send that money back to their country, trying too help their family. >> but, if they are sending that money back home, then it is
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their fall they are homeless. a report that a middle schoolteacher, rescinded his resignation after showing a anti-trump video, biol-- oliver, and it he appreciates support that has been misdirected he asked people to stop doing social media posts, he said it was appropriate judgment for parents to question the appropriateness of his action and he is sorry. >> i am outside, in jersey city, i just got to meet three dogs. they don't all look the same or act the same. but all are in the midst of an identity crisis, bearing label of pit bull, a description that is incorrect. >> there is no way to actually
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tell what breed a dog is. visual identifications do not correlate with th the innate te, we get misconceptions about the dog is and behavior may be. >> irene, is the executive director here at liberty humane society, and she said that term pit bull is not a breed but a type of dog. >> people have really described what a series of 5 different dog breeds, it could be american bully terrier, am staff terrier and other breeds as well. >> they are rarely dna toasted, the reputation of a aggressive pit bull often times dooms their chances of being adopted, pit bulls are said to be most popular dogs in shelters, but a study fines that half of these
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dogs do not have any pit bull dnana . >> a dog walked in the door, have you no idea of their background or history or where they came from, expecting people and putting expectation on shelters to have to make a designation is something that is problematic. >> liberty humane society is one of the few shelters pushing for people to adopt by personality rather than the breed. if you u would like to learn moe go to their web site. >> this is why it is important to have breeders and pet stores, you can pick that pup that's you want -- puppy that you went. >> hang on, that is silly, if you can't tell in a shel sheltew would you know go a pet store better. >> i had a pit bull part lab, if they have that shorter snout and
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a mouth they will call them a pit bull, ven if that is what they are. >> there are no bad dogs. a big night for donald trump. g.o.p. primary, a awkward moment for a member of new jersey governor chris christie a family, first the governor setting twitter ablaze on march 1 with what ted cruz later crawlecalled wordless screaming. >> chris was standing behind donald trump, holding his jacket, the look in his eyes, you could see him screaming. >> last night the governor's wife seeming to give trump the side eye when he made a remark about hillary clinton's gender. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote, only thing she has got going is the woman's card, the woman's card, and beautiful thing is that women don't like her. >> i wanted to know what was going on, i came to cherry hill,
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governor addressed south jersey chamber of commerce, he did not answer. >> did your wife roll her eyes at donald trump? >> but who was here, and will to be interviewed was driver of a truck carrying billboard from group bridg bridges over politi, that have been criticizing governor christie. >> what is it? >> going are all over the state. >> it's all right. >> are you in an opponent of trump or just a job. >> i am doing my job. >> are the trucks going to change people's minds? did mrs. christie give donald trump the side eye last night? do you care? tweet us. let us know what you think, we'll keep covering this election to the bitter end.
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>> i am at trenton war memorial park with a hard to find man. anderson from florida. he has been spending past 40 years of his life, riding and walking to raise money for charity, he is on a ride from florida to new york. he spent last 24 hours here, at war memorial park. can you tell me a little bit, what you are doing? >> this particular journey is for catholic charities, or any charity wish to donate to, i am asking that they support our troops, they are involved still in harm's way. >> i love it, i want too let un, right now, i hope you have cool plans for summer, i will hit up a different shore town every friday. i am not much of a biker, but i have expert, a couple tips. >> first step is get as good a bike as you can, ford. don't skimp on abike. >> my producer wants he to wear a land armstrong outfit. >> that is what you should wear,
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i have that under this, it cuts down on wind drag, you are faster, other thing, really important, be visible, under in i have the bright yellow with reflective strips, and extra lights on the back. >> if you top follow him, check out his facebook page, you can see where he has been, going and doing, if you have ideas for me, tweet me at chasing rohan. >> a clap. >> they think i am nuts. >> down on the lower east side of manhattan, near ludlow street station, mario got blasted in face by an as i -- for oddist of reasons saying he looked to much like shia lebouf. >> it was an emotional morning h
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moms, who have kids who are addicted to heroin. >> i can not get him to stop. i 7i am so afraid for his life every day. >> another mom called by her daughter. >> i live in fear, minute by minute, that she will be dead. >> peg wright is ceo of center for great expectations that helps moms who are homeless, pregnant and suffering with addiction. >> could charles lindbergh be responsible for planning and executing the crime of century? today. >> if a child is kidnapped, first people you and interrogate for the family. >> is this important piece of nerved the case? -- piece of e
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>> something is up with mercy county park, investigator from new jersey state attorney general was on the raided their headquarters, at old hunt house in rose dale park in hope wel tuesday morning, and county tennis center in west windsor. >> you okay to talk about it? >> i can send you a statement, that is all i can tell you. >> okay, i understand. send it along i appreciate it, man. >> okay. >> here. is the statement, from mercy county, acknowledges, raid did
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take place, and they are looking possible violation of official misconducting, corruption, and theft by extortion statutes, i went by both places and investigators were gone, people on scene have no idea. >> i don't know. >> no idea? >> yeah. >> i understand. >> so. >> it is rough. >> you recording? >> yeah. >> oh,. >> nobody has been known to be arrested no charges filed but not a good look. according to former mercer county executive. >> whenever this hits news, and gets in public that is everyone in good on any administration it is difficult to cell every facet of the government you are running. >> mercer's corruption record is sad, tony mack in jail now, mercer parks department, known to be a place where politically connection side get work regardless of circumstance, a local congresswoman's son
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convicted of armed robbery, hired. and third degree murder? hired, t -- is naive. >> do you deny your friends people that supported you. you expect me to hire my enemies? >> we don't have any idea, what the office was looking into with the raid specifically hiring practicing? money changing hands in who knows, a parks commissioner said that focus is on a nonprofit friends of mercer county parks group, but the office will not confirm or deny that or anything else about the story, where there is smoke there is often fire we know that, mercer county has had a lot of fires. >> my guess, most people would say, just there was day in new jersey. >> when you take attitude it is another day in new jersey, you are beaten, that is the
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government you deserve. >> today if a child is kidnaps, first people you and interrogate are the family. back then nobody was going to ask, and integrate charles lindbergh, the iconic hero of the time. >> more than 80 years after lindbergh's baby disappear the in night, and later found dead on a roadside, we're looking at the case. between a rediculously short statement, to police, new evidence his son had health problems, his bigoted views and support of -- his inability account for his whereabouts the day of the his napping, could charles lindbergh be responsible for planning and executing what some call the crime of the century. >> that is the old theory, someone from inside handed that baby out to someone on a ladder.
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>> if kidnapping happened today, it would be a different scene. >> a prominent person such as this, you would have federal authorities here, a kidnapping that say federal crime now, it was not in of 1932. >> between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., that is window of time we're talking about for kidnapping to happen, who was home? lindbergh, his wife, butler, and his wife -- and 27-year-old nurse made who was last person to see the baby when she put him to bed, and first person to find out that baby was missing, he attracted suspicion of investors at the time, and garrett. >> to me that was be who i would look at, right off the bat. you are looking at you know, scene itself. and some thing that does not make sense to me. >> a big question, how did the kidnappers know the right window to pick in this very large house? and the pins used to hole baby ihold thebaby in the blanket, ts found neatly folded away.
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>> would you become frustrated, and rip things? >>ure expert lloyd gardner said to this day evidence against hoffman is over whelming. >> at least in terms of ransom money and ladder built with scrap wood found the in his house, but could he had help, they found $19,000 of the ransom money, and 50,000 sent out in total. if you want to go on treasury hunt, it new jersey state police archives in piece of a table top from lindbergh case, the story of table starts in 1948, someone found it brought to state police, it includes what you might say, is a confession to the lindbergh murder written in pencil on it in german, in hamburg i wore velvet and silk, i can not tell you my name, i was one of the kidnappers of the lindbergh baby, the rest of the ran some money in is summit, new
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jersey. >> is a signature, german initials of nazi party. when mark, state police archivist took the ran some letters and lined 3 holes up with 3 holes at top of table top they march. >> is it important? >> it seems to be. >> great britain, super -- scared. out of his own father
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>> coming up next. >> this could really fun. >> [ bleep ] , you bugger. christ. >> guess w
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>> have i made mistakes so far. >> for lovely folks here at chasing news, it is scary people and video taping them. >> [ bleep ] >> more often than not person getting scared is me
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[ bleep ] >> i don't appreciate living in fear. i do understand you know it is comedic value, like this from great britain who made a video of all-time he scared his own father. >> you bugger [ laughter ] >> laugh it up now, your dad is old, and one day, you are going to kill him. >> oh, my god. >> i have been a swimmer my whole life. one of my teammates is a world record breaker. >> i am in master of swimming. >> and ai amount of puns that i have.
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i caught wind john was taking a splash just up the river, i headed up to see the new program he created. it sent 2500 swimmers to the trials. >> we help swimmers go from good to great. >> john uses a cutting edge technology here, refers to looking at swimmer's movement, he is using "avatar," in the water. you can see the swimming movements from the point of view of the swimmer. that is revolutionizing the game. >> we could take out its eye, and put in -- i know,y could put in a camera, you can see from the view of the swimmer. >> have you thought about dating "avatar"? >> i don't go there. >> okay. >> now, for today consider my av ta, to within boys and girls
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club, having a good hair day. that is all that is important. >> take one. >> to lane 2 down and back, first thing first. oomph. athletes make waves, proof is in the pudding. >> if we can break a 3 near plateau in 3 months. >> i took 24 strokes, in one lap, an efficient lap is 12 strokes. >> it is fond fundamental, you can do with that -- it is phenomenal, i can show you what you are doing right thing. >> at end of small chat, and he showed me my mistakes, in one lap i cut my strokes down from 24 down to 17. >> great job. >> what? >> actual, competitive swimmer, just imagine what he could do
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for you. >> with hermes like oomph, the amount of strokes, when you say he is not creating a dating app, i say he is lying. >> am i right? >> got to be. >> stop in house have a beer. >> is that best combination? >> with your ex-boyfriend. >> corn hole is
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(moaning) yes, there, you see? oh, yeah! (giggles) (laughing) oh-ho-ho-ho! that's so... homer: whoo-hoo! skinner: uh, students, each one of you has been assigned the mandatory honor of contributing to the springfield time capsule, where your arcana will lie dormant until the 31st century. and... (grunts) by the time you finish talking, we're gonna be opening this damn capsule. right. time capsule. nelson, give me something. i brought a picture of my dad. he's still at large... (voice breaks): in my heart! i brought my lucky rabbit's foot. i can have good luck without it. (gasps) ow! wish we could put this moment in the time capsule. consider it done. uh, how about you, bart? let me guess-- you forgot to bring something.


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