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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 28, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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good evening, i'm lucy know land. >> i'm ian page. 16th and arch street chris o'connell joined us live tonight. >> maybe it was the caffeine and maybe it was just having a bad day. either way, philadelphia police say throwing a scalding hot cup of coffee in someone else's face is no way to settle an argument. >> a stop at center city starbucks at 16 and arch turned into a violent encounter all caught on video. they recall seeing it on camera for the b word. >> tony bennett was getting coffee around 9 when he saw two women at the counter getting into an argument over, get thi this, a coffee stir. and wearing pink pants carrying a pink bag and lid off a coffee cup and puts it in the bag and tossed the scalding hot cup of joe in the face of a 5
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54-year-old woman on the way to work. >> it was confrontation and alley seen a taller lady bullying a smaller lady and bullying continues as the suspect throws punches and before a passerby separated the women. and into the hospital with a number of injuries including burns to her face. >> a lot of these establishments you cannot drink because it's high. you imagine that being thrown in your face. >> we shotd video to several starbucks customers. shocked they say something seemingly so trivl turned out so violent. >> suicide bombers. terrorists, all that stuff. what happened happened within a coffee shot is not worth getting into a fight over. >> the suspect is described by police after black skinned female in 30s or 40s, 5' 8" weighing 130 pounds pink pants and surgical scrubs and carrying a pink bag.
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>> that's upsetting if it's something petty. on vie lesson the street is not acceptable. >> police are looking at surveillance from inside that starbucks store. if you recognize the woman in that video, please call philadelphia police central detective, ian. >> chris, thank you. >> a 14-year-old boy is dead after hit by a car in new castle county, delaware. the colonial school district confirms the george reed middle school student was hit while crossing 1 is 3 in newcastle when hit and police say the driver did stop at the scene and is not being charged. and the family of the delaware family died after police say beaten inside her own high school is speaking out tonight and they have a warning about scams trying to pray on their emotions and live in wilmington tonight, dave, her family says people are trying profit off this tragedy. >> they do say that, ian,
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tomorrow, marks a week since death of amy joiner and tonigh tonight, her family is condemning online efforts to raise money in her memory. and family members say anyone who is doing that, is doing so without their authorization. >> could have been anybody's child. >> as the family of 16-year-old amy francis join are moved to condemn a bogus go fund me page. supposedly set up to raise money in the 10th grader mem rirks parents came to howard high school wednesday night meet with officials who were trying to help students with the pain over amy's death. >> the fact is there's a girl dead, gone, and my thoughts and prayers are her family and my daughter took it hard. >> i have a daughter here and i want everything to really get there and. >> a member of amy's family said "we are seeing many sick people in the world who gained money or social fame off loss of amy and we want everyone truly concerned for us not to
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fall victim to the scams going on around the internet." >> they need to stop that and get arrested too. why are you all doing this. think it's sick. >> mourners place the nowers at memorial outside the high school wednesday. amy died outside of a fight with the girls outside of the school. sonya capers has a 16-year-old daughter at the high school. >> all these young girls need stop it all. it's not worth. it all young kids are here for education. >> wilmington police and state authorities continue to investigate amy's death focu focusing on two or three girls involved in the fight and the chief says there will nobody rush to judgment and he expect the investigation to be concluded by week's end. >> and students parents are anxious for answers. >> something needs to be done. i hope there's charges brought and there needs to be justice for her and her family. >> the investigation again could wrap up by friday and then charges could be filed in this case.
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the family says tonight, anyone who wants to donate money can do so in amy's name through the congo funeral home in wilmington. lucy. >> thank you so much, dave, on the radar, an app chill looking live at the ben franklin parkway, cloudy, cool and more rain coming, kathy or, what do you have. >> i have cold to talk about. clearing skies and front sinks to the south and showers through southern delaware. temperatures fall,. 40s poconos and 50s through the philadelphia area and 40s through south jersey and temperatures cold enough as you head to the lehigh valley, especially northampton county and temperatures fall in the lower mid 30s in places like lehigh, bethlehem, nazareth, and easton. tomorrow morning bottoming out in the 40s in the city and most of the suburbs. mostly cloudy with april chill come the morning. coming up we'll talk about temperatures falling even further. well below average, an
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unsettled pattern with more rain and even rain this weekend we'll help you plan for that in the 7 day later in the broadcast. >> a developing story out of baltimore, mar mark, a 13-year-old boy in the hospital after shot by a baltimore police officer for refusing to drop a gun. it turns out that gun was just a replica and it happened around the same time as a celebration of peace in honor of freddie gray. authorities say officers on patrol saw the teen after approaching the boy. police say he took off running and officers caught one him and ordered him to drop the gun. when he did not an officer shot him in the leg. freddie gray died after a spinal cord injury while this in police custody sparking protest throughout the city. >> you see this lafayette hill man police say he had sexually explicit online conversations with the person he believed was a 14-year-old girl. turns out, 58-year-old michael straff was talking to a police detective and he set up a mee
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meeting to have sex with the teen and when he showed up police were waiting for him. she on jail on 1.5 million sglond a mother is also in jail after she made police say, a stunning confession. caleb moore told them she kiss kicked her 2-year-old daughter over and over. the toddler died. they have been talking with the devastated neighbors in falls township. >> i work night. so during the day she played and she runs up and down the hall. >> dawn johnson in disbelieve belief that the little girl next door is now dead allegedly doykd death by her own mother. >> her theory is that mom was under a lot of stress and snapped. >> falls township police say caleb marie moore kicked her in the head and body more times than she could recount to police. it happened sunday afternoon at the welling ton woods apartment complex the baby was medevaced
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to chop and she underwent emergency surge troy stop bleeding in her brainch the toddler died before sunday monday morning. >> this child is supposed to be snaivr her home with her own mother. it's not right. >> the young stay at home mother at first told the authorities the child had fallen and then later confessed to murder. she had bruceing to her face, back and chest. >> her initial story was the child fell while playing and after the experts from chop and medical examiners office scam the child it was impossibility that is what caused injuries. >> child services had not been to the home before and detectives and neighbors say athena was under wilingt. >> i get the thinking she was sickly i deposit think it was mall nutrition i thought something else was going on. >> her 4-year-old sister was home but she did not see what
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happened according to police. they are investigating moore's live in boyfriend but he was not home at the time of the incident. moore is held in county prison without bail on charges of murder and aggravated assault. and in falls township, saeed sabina, fox 29 news. >> after a car crash nod their unmarked pickup it happened around 2:15 this morning broad and brown streets in north philadelphia. police say the car hit their truck and then took off. and then police say a witness got out of his car and then for some reason got scared and ran off. so two other people jumped into his car and drove off. >> at the same time there was a gentleman in white ford suv broad street going southbound and he sees some kind of disturbance up the block and claims he sees a man with a gun walking towards him not at him pointing a gun and at which point he gets afraid and literally junes out of the vehicle and the vehicle slowly drifts across broad street and i gang of men that were
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standing on the other side two of them jump in and take off. >> doctors released the officer from the hospital a few hours ago. so far there had been no arrests. the search is on for two guys that police say beat up and robbed two men in old city and it happened earlier this month along bank seat and investigators say two guys pulled up in newer kia opt ma and pulled a gun on than 20s stand ago long side of the street and those men were robbed and wanted men punched him in the face and accused robbers got in the car and sped off. in the city fell tonville section investigators are trying track down the man they said was caught on video taking money from a sandwich shop. the guy climbed through a window and took cash from the register on east rockland street and ran off. >> the search is on for accused shoplifters that made off with thousands of dollars worth of stuff from stores in south jersey. let's get straight to
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fox 29 shawnet wilson live. >> this target and gap have been hit and in one case the suspects came back two different times. surveillance inside the gap factory store at the premium outlets captured a determined duo. they leave with more than 5,000 worth of clothing. that's all mohamad could say when he i show him the video. he takes not one or two items but stacks placing them in the bag. >> gloucester township police state suspects came to the store twice and did the same thing. >> it's crazy that the store employees didn't notice it and nobody else notice today. >> dave kenny is shocked they pulled it off both times. and i mean with cameras and sensors everybody around.
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>> and even more shocking at least once in the video you see several people standing behind the pair while they appear to steal. >> it's like faces are plain and they didn't even try to cover up anything. >> and police reported a similar problem at target on south street and they released pictures of help who stole thousands of dollars of misdemeanor from the store. >> in this day and age, stuff like that, because come ago rupd and trying to catch them. >> and back here live again police are looking for five different people involved in two separate incidents and if you recognize any of them, call police. lucy, back to you. >> all right, shawna. the city of philadelphia is mourning loss of former police commissioner williams became the first african-american police commissioner in 1988 and 1992 he moved to los angeles and he became the chief of police for lapd until 1997 and
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today, police commissioner richard ross called him an inspiration. >> he broke barriers but not just for people of color and women and a lot of other folks and just by virtue of him going on to la i believe he was first there and so, it just for me, showed that if he could do it, if all things worked right then coye do. it anybody else for that matte matter. >> and willie williams was 72 years old. >> two teens in wilmington delaware are facing charges after authorities say they stole a truck. the owner of the truck the city's mayor wilmington police say someone stole the mayor's chevy blazer parked on north madison street and someone saw the vehicle and tried to pull it over ever the 17-year-old driver and 15-year-old passenger ride to trun off and a viewer cents us this picture of the scene. they arrested both teens. one is in a detention center and the other out on bail. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who set cars on
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fire in the parkside section. firefighters responded to lancaster avenue 10:00 last night where they found eight cars on fire at major events auto lot. no one is hurt antefire marshall and atf are investigating the case as an arson. >> a bus driver that had a young child tch a live wire now faces charges. 11-year-old tyler cunningham burned hand after touching that wire that landed on to have of the school bus in harrison city pchbls the boy's family says a bus driver patricia ryan asked for volunteer to remove the live wire. tyler stepped up. the pen track middle school student was not seriously hurt but his praerpts seriously angry. >> we put our trust in the bus drivers to get our kids safely to school you know and we don't expect them to get off the bus until they get to zoo. >> the bus company fired the driver and now prosecutors charged her with endangering
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the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment. >> your next walk or bike ride on the schuylkill river trail should be safer. training began today for the 150 school call river watch volunteers they created a town watch specifically for the trail. various bike and runners groups are joining forces with the philadelphia police department. counsel illman johnson is leading the charge after a string of burglaries and assaults on the outdoor path. in delaware county thieves are been break into dozens of cars and all but two cases bad guys did not have to do a lot of work and those doors were unlocked. seems like common sense, doesn't it? police with warning to you lock the doors of your car. fox 29 has what is going on right now in half ford. . >> it's not safe to leave your car unlocked even in your own driveway. thieves hit 70 cars, 70 cars in haverford township just this
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year. >> we reached a point this week we had a weapon taken from a locked car in a trunk. we figured we had to do a reverse 911 call to everybody in the township please lock vehicles. >> please remember to lock your car doors at all times. >> police took the unusual step of putting out a literal wak wake-up call because people are not protecting themselves by simply locking up. only two of the 70 cars hit recently were locked. just two. >> this neighborhood has that feeling. like everything is kind of quiet, calm, because we're right on the end here. >> most thefts happening overnight and weekend. bad guys go down the street hitting one car after the other. the community alert has everybody talking. >> we got emergency phone message from the township and also an email from the commissioner. >> attention, and now at least promises of action. people vowing not to be easy
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prey. >> we make sure we lock the cars. >> we'll keep looking our cars. >> they have picked somebody up and made one arrest but they don't think it's just one person. they say this is a crime of opportunity that people are coming in and taking advantage of the situation. if you see somebody you think is suspicious they're asking you please to call 911. don't think you're being a bother. if you have a gut feeling call 911 and let them investigate. that's the latest now from the ha ve r jp ford police department, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> a woman pled guilty to animal cruelty charges. officials with the pennsylvania spca say they removed 13 dogs and four cats from the home of irene johnson. authorities say her home was unsanitary. johnson now has to pay a fine and pay more than $4,000 to pspca in restitution. >> pretty much every kid looks forward to recess every day. >> i still do. >> at recess some students in
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concernsing ton will get more fun. tons of excitement today at hackett elementary school and here's why it's getting a brands new playground. city officials gathered for ground break for 1.5 million project and they're banking on donations from the community to make this playground possible. >> much remains to be done to bring the full project to conclusion. achieving that success will require the support of public sector, business and philanthropic community. >> that's compliant with the americans with disabilities actor ada. >> if you head down to ocean city there's a new way to park. you can use your phone to pay for parking both on and off the street. there's an app called park mobile that allows to you receive alerts when the meter is about to expire and add more time. if you want to use the app you download and register.
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even though there's a new way to pay for parking rates are not going up. >> instead of school spirit these cheerleaders seem to be full of rage. why a teen says she was jumped by near lit entire squad. >> and two florida teens lost at sea. puzzling pictures taken on their boat that don't make sense and what their families fear it could mean. >> and plus it might seem like innocent blemish or is is it? >> i asked the doctor about it. >> so you some may miss dangerous signs based on color of your skin. >> and jay-z's manager and happened fast the app he used to become overnight success. . >> good evening, everybody, getting ready for another closure of the burlington bristol bridge closed till 5:00
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tomorrow morning. tacony or palmyra bridge are openings. you have to come all the way down and up on the pennsylvania side and heads up for the weekend they'll close the bridge the entire weekend. lace up sneaks, let's go, penn relays begins tomorrow and with that brings jams to the schuylkill exit university. we'll take you there tomorrow morning franklin field and we'll take you there tomorrow morning franklin field and we'll check the jam cams
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>> a brim went newspaper flames. the railway bridged burned for hours. you can see the thick, black smoke for miles. fire chief has seen moran a dozen suspicious fires in the area in the past same days alone. prosecuteers in new york city said very bad guys are now off the streets. >> authorities are calling it the largest gang take down in city history and 120 members of suspected rival games under arrest tonight and prosecutors say the rival gangs known as two fly and big money bosses terrorized streets across the northern bronx and gangs were facing multiple charges including firearms, offenses, shootings, stabbings and murders and gangs have been terrorizing that area for nearly a decade.
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>> new photos released by authorities in florida are offering new clues about two teen who's disappeared at sea in july. now, those photos show that the battery on board the boat that the two 14-year-old friends were on had been switched to off and attorney for one of the boys families says that switch is very hard to reach and in no way could the battery or a storm or passage of time slip tch the ignition key was also in the off position. the attorney is calling for forensic experts to try to figure out what happened. >> in money tonight, chicken changes at a popular fast food chain. burger king debuting a circular shaped chicken fries optimal nor dipping. more and more people are coming in to chicken and chicken wings are now available nation sglooid looks like onion rings there. >> the african-american chamber of comer ers had a gala tonigh
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tonight. a lot of distinguished speakers were there including jim kenney and eunice pain junior the first african-american president of a major league baseball team and african-american chamber of commerce worked throughout the delaware valley to enhance groling and effectiveness of african-american businesses. >> she's blown up her kids smart phones and even feds why this angry mom says extreme punishments could be life saving. >> and control workers had to look for trash to look for kitty and the very unusual, very bad place dozens of cats were forced to live. >> and "empire" sneak preview, lucious's mom still alive. a dark secret he's keeping with lucious's mom still alive. a dark secret he's keeping with his family.
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>> i hereby announce the affect of social media have on my children. >> that was posted on social media. and it shows a mom that had it with her kids using phones all the time she shot up the phones and smashed them. her kid straightened up and earned phones back and mom made another video blowing up kids mattresses because she said
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kids snuck out of the house to sell drugs. she want the best for her kids and she has a message for other parents. >> spend time with your child. don't let the child sit across from you in a restaurant playing on their phone while you're having super. don't let that child sit at the dinner table during dinner time when you need to find out about the child's day. >> her saturday her adoptedl sons are looking into a group home while the state is looking into her actions. >> a brawl broke out involving a cheerleading squad and the camera caught the whole thing. amena hall said the school's entire cheerleading team-upped her all over a boy and invitation to prom. >> they jumped me. these are cheerleaders. >> the cheerleaders e. maybe two. >> no one was injured. suvrl students are suspended
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and some could face criminal charm. >> upsetting discover gli georgia. dozens of cats living inside a mini van. a concerned citizen alerted them to the van and police say a mom and daughter possibly lived with the cats in the vehicle and say two are already want toward deputies for animal cruelty and violating parole and the court's banned them from owning any animals and animal control officers say they never seen anything like it. >> in their mind they think they're doing gay thing and in reality they're not. i have never had one where there's been 38 animals inside a mini van. >> the animal shelter caring for cats say it hopes most of them will some day be well enough for adoption. >> many of us know skin cancer is not common in people with color and the symptoms are often overlooked. >> cancer is not the only skin problem particularly with african americans that goes unrecognized and treated for far too long.
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>> joyce evans taking a look at new clinic trying to change that and save lives. . >> the idea born out of coun countless cases many found right outside the doors of temple university hospital. . >> how are you doing? >> marsha davis is a lucky one. >> it started like a little bump on my back. >> one of two bumps over the years. >> i started picking with it. >> both were first miss diagnosed. >> and i asked the doctor about it. and the doctor said don't worry about it. something bit you. >> and both were mistreated. at first, two different times. >> and she gave me some medicine to take to bring it to a sglaed it got hard instead and that other bump. >> i was squeezing it and when i squeezed it it would bleed and i told my daughter with you bust this bullp on my back and when she came and my daughter looked tat she says now need go to the doctor and get it checked out.
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>> let me take a look at it. >> okay. >> twice she was referred to what is now officially the ethnic skin clinic at temple. it's run by doctor adobe wanashudu. >> this is not normal. >> it is skip cancer. >> doctor told me it's a form of mel no a. skin cancer. >> were you shockeding. >> yes i was. >> she like so many emof color thought african americans don't get skin cancer certainly not twice. >> her situation suggested she may have a genetic predisposition of making cancer not just of the skin but inside organs. >> and i'm looking for everything and started freaking out. >> but she's all fixed up now. >> so the site is healing very well. there's no sign of infection and no redness. the most important thing is that the cancer has been completely removed. >> it's more than just treating brown skin issues that convinced dr. warmashuta a
3:32 am
product of temple med school to come back. >> i'm excited i think it's long overdue. not one size fits all. >> they encourage patients to assess skin and then do studies needd all in one place. >> it makes a difference with treatment. it makes a huge difference with treatment. >> and quick are a chance at better results and disspelling long-held myths. >> not everything that is flaky on your skin is you know eczma or something to be dismissd just as marsha's cancer looked like a signature or pimple the doctor showed us other conditions that very often go unrecognized or untreated. >> this was just example showing psoriasis in caucasian patient where you see classic red scaly rash on skin and patient of color both elbows
3:33 am
you can see little bit more what we call hyper pigmented on brown. >> she makes it clear the reason ethnic skin issues are not being addressed better is not all on the doctors. >> also from the community, trusting to come in and get their skin assessed that's another component. it works both ways. >> and by the time you hit 40, she says. >> everyone should be aware of what is and is not on their skin. be aware of every mole you v routinely look at skin every three months or so. >> and will my insurance cover it. >> marsh adavis checks her skin every day. >> i have to, because i want to live. >> marsha says she never goes without her suncreen. something else too many people of color mistakenly believe they don't need. it can protect your skin from can certificate causing light and the doctor says it can also help keep your skin younger looking and it can improve uneven skin tones. that's enough for me.
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joyce evans, fox 29 news. all right. joyce. revolution the band backed up prince for years and now the musicians are planing a tribute to the musical legend and how they're going to connect the fans and honor prince, next. >> and he is buy on say's manager and jay-z and the app he used to become an overnight success, kathy. >> temperatures are falling and the rain will make a come back as early as tomorrow. the rain will make a come back as early as tomorrow. we'll time it out coming up. . >> never sweat again? imagine no more stains or smel smell. one time treatment improves smell. one time treatment improves your con
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>> prince's revolution band will reunite for tribute shows later this year. went yain lisa, probably the band most remember and they were in the movie purple rain. no show dates or locations as of yet. stay tuned. >> new information fwont what will happen to prince's vast
3:38 am
fortune a judge confirmed the music legend did not have a will and according to tmz a hearing was held this morning and a judge ruled prince's assets will be districted to aheirss, his brother and sitters. he was found dead last thursday paisley park outside minneapolis and the cause of death is still under investigation. just three more episodes left of "empire" this sgln tonight a bomb shell about lucious mom. how much did they know about his mother before she reappeared. the cast gives a hint of what is to come next week. >> so his mother is actually alive? >> he eluded to the fact she committed suicide in the video just when you think you know a person. all along his mom was alive. so it's a real shocker to the family. >> we think that is the final lie. but that is not the final lie with lucious lying.
3:39 am
>> which begs the question what else is me lying about. >> and d.j. colin is on tour with bee on say. jay day. is manager. he's toast of music industry now. he owe it's all to hard work and app. >> hold on, say my name. >> d.j. colin. >> the record turned labeling working worked with hip-hop's biggest names♪ kanye west, drake, to name a few. now because of his use of social media app snap chat he expanded fan base and taken his career to hire level. >> they said i would be nothin nothing. you played yourself. >> that's right. he shows his daily routine to followers and they love. it he's quick to tell anyone his success didn't come overnight. >> i've been doing this 25 years. blood, sweat, tears. they know that.
3:40 am
it's more excitement and energy and more love you know what i'm saying? when you work hard for 25 year years, blood, sweat, tears, eventually it shows. >> and they don't want us to be happy. >> what will we do. >> be happy. >> young people go with me today you. >> show everything on snap cha chat, your shower, chef, meeting. >> i'm only going to show positive good energy and inspiration. social media you're supposed to use it to bring awareness to greatness. >> since emergence on snap clot in october 2015 big names have been taking notice. when madonna came to miami she requested for him to make appearance on stage at a concert. >> madonna my price went up. > things keep getting better and he is going on tour with beyonce starting this week.
3:41 am
he has a message with fans that helped him reach success♪ . >> believe in yourself and invest in yourself and don't give up. yes it's going to be hard time times. it's part of the story story. >> that's a major key. quincy harris, fox 29. >> weather is coming up next and we're talking about a major cool down and it's almost may, coming up in the 7 day. >> thank you very much. remember to wake up with good day. are your children getting enough play time in school. 20 minutes not lung enough maybe. why doctors are saying recess is crucial for the child's development. it's tomorrow on good day.
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>> members of fox 29 family busy tonight. bob, kelly and karen. there they are. hosted annual bethesda project gala and auction at does itens bank park. the organization gathered to raise funds for philadelphia's homeless men and women. bethesda project serves more than 2500 people every single
3:45 am
year. >> all right. let's get a check of what is on radar. i know it's chilly out there. >> there's a lot going on here. outside the window old city philadelphia a little breeze. we have mostly cloudy sky and cool temperatures sitting at 53. the high today, 55. that's about twelve degrees below normal. and about 30 degrees colder than yesterday. winds out of the south, southwest at about 6 miles an hour and we're watching showers to the south. associated with a frontal boundary and guess what, this will be on the move this area of low pressure will push this rain towards us. this front returns and it means wet weather by the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow only in the 50s again and another day below average. april is ending up below normal for the month. you can see the storm impact for the morning commute. no impact at all. by the afternoon, evening commute there will be moderate impact because of time. any time we get any time of rain during the evening rush it tends to slow things down. during the overnight partly
3:46 am
cloudy sky and for thursday morning, mostly cloudy with some breaks in the clouds. so it's dry at 7 a.m. when they hit the road. or the kids hit the bus stop. no problem there but cool. 10:00 you see rain moving towards us by noon. in southwestern suburbs and then it moves across the delaware valley and heavy at times in the afternoon and becoming spotty by about the 7:00 hour. when we look at amount of rain it's not a lot. you can see four tenths of an inches philadelphia and half inch reading and lancaster and lesser accumulation as you head to the southeast and towards the shore. overnight tonight we're talking about 48 degrees in the city and 42 in suburbs and partly to mostly skies with light wind. during the day tomorrow highs in the 50s. with afternoon showers and winds out of the northeast. and temperatures in the wind department. if you suffer from allergies cooler temperatures and rain will keepaler agains on the
3:47 am
medium side and rising on sunday. fox 29 weather authority 7 day forecast. lots of 50s. don't like this that much. spotty showers for friday. saturday, nice for the ms walk. lucy will be there. and jeff cole will thereby and it will be a pleasant daych the rain returns unfortunately sunday afternoon, but not until the broad street run is over. that's the good news. >> perfect timing. >> and then by monday more rai rain. partly sunny tuesday and finally wednesday back to 70. that's the big question on twitter. when will it warm up again. >> wednesday is the answer. >> there you go. >> got it. >> 60s are a good number. >> another game in washington and was it enough? brent celek is looking forward to eagles pick in the draft and brent celek is looking forward to eagles pick in the draft and missing
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>> less than 24 hours away pretty clear eagles will take north dakota wentz and there's still problems bradford. brent celek was out at chinos
3:51 am
steaks working with a company that has an app it's flavor and they make delivers and guy today was celek. more important than cheesesteaks -- by the way i like prove loan or american -- is what he thinks of bradford not in camp. >> i'm not disappointed in him everyone has own decisions to make but we as a seem would like sam there and like to work with him. but at the end of the day --. >> i'm dispointed. all right the phillies had another good gim washington. now, watch this. this is ceasar hernandez breaks his back where does it end up in netting. lucky the net is there i guess. it's a good things. still in 7th inning phillies up 1-0 score a run when washington should not have come home. hernandez scores and borges hits the baseball and ruiz had a home run and first time the phillies won two snraiingt a home run and first time the phillies won two snraiingt washington since 2010
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>> i'm pilling out sweaters again just to let you know. because it matches weather. >> i'm looking forward to the
3:55 am
weekend you know? and the weekend forecast a few days ago looked pretty good. now it doesn't look so good. >> i'm in the dog house. >> not you. >> i know but --. >> there's no dog house as around here. >> 57 tomorrow with showers. and the 7 day forecast. yes, here are my picks, saturday a great day to be outdoors. sunday the showers late after the broad street run. that's good news. tuesday looks sdeents and if hi to pick a day to take off or get a little sick it would be wednesday, next wednesday. wink, wink. >> that would be a good day. >> all right. full hour of entertainment news >> all right. full hour of entertainment news coming strike twor your powerball
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>> this is fox 29 morning news. and good morning, at 4:00 charges expected soon against the suspects involved in the death after teenage girl who died after a fight at a local high school. >> and beef outside local starbucks gets really ugly. the silly thing they were fighting over. it all started at the counter. >> oh, boy. and we are now, less than four hours away from the nfl draft. this morning, we are breaking down who we think the rams will get first. because as we know the eagles get who ever they don't want first. we're second. >> good day, it is thursday, april 28th, 2016. >> good day for a draft. sit inside and watch what's happening. >> kind of draft i outside. because i'm like what's this chill in the air? >> so sue, little rain in the forecast this morning? >> there is little rain in the forecast, but not until probably midday. maybe a little bit e


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