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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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thousands of bags of heroin. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page it all went down in darby borough tonight authorities are showing what tow fop. here's fox 29's dave schratwieser. >> reporter: only fox 29 was on the street with police just as the sun came up thursday and operation spring cleaning rolled down main street in darby borough. police scooped up dozens of suspects. many of them suspected heroin dealers. >> we're not going to tolerate drug sales on our corners. >> you decided that this is your lifestyle, i suggest that you change your lifestyle. >> reporter: police from across delaware county, philadelphia and septa took part in the massive raids. fbi agents, the dea and u.s. marshals were on happened as they took down more than 80 suspects. they seized 2,000 packets of heroin labeled purple reign and back to the future. >> when you sell heroin, you are selling death. when you selling heroin you're selling addiction.
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>> could want my son to grow up and be around that type of -- because it's so easy to get and pick up and starts with those pills. >> reporter: police and prosecutors say one of the main reasons they conducted these raids is because there have been 120 heroin related and fentanyl related deaths in delaware county already this year. >> they're poisoning our population and we need to do something about it. >> reporter: as a police helicopter hovered overhead police raided this home another 1100 block of chestnut. investigators say they purchased close to $13,000 in heroin from this suspected street corner dealer. >> over 40,000 people per year we're losing to heroin overdos overdoses. >> reporter: there were so many arrests police used septa buss to transport suspects. the chief says in one case, police arrested a suspected dealer operating out of this house right across from police headquarters. investigators broke down the door at at least one home where the suspect had moved out weeks
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ago. >> we're certainly going to go down and apologize for it. >> officials had this warning for drug dealers. we'll come every keep coming after you. if you think you got a big gang, my gang is bigger than your gang. >> reporter: in delaware county, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> prosecutors in mercer county, new jersey busted eight people accused of selling heroin. two month investigation led to the arrests as well as more than $100,000 in drugs and nearly $30,000 in cash. investigators say the group operated out of homes in both hamilton and trenton all their facing a long list of charges tonight. the rain is moving out and your fox 29 weather authority most of us just got another round of rain but the system to blame is moving on out. thing are still chilly and more rain is on the way. let get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. hey, scott. >> hi, lucy. damp and dreary across the area for today. pockets of showers some heavier than other locations but certainly those temperatures have been kept at bay because of the clouds and the showers.
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most of of the steadier rainfall now lifting on off to the north and east but you can see as we move north and west lehigh valley, sections of montgomery, bucks county also mercer county right now still looking at some of that light rain. on average about a tenth of an inch in philadelphia. quarter of an inch in reading out there. really no heavy rain across the area but look at the temperatu temperatures. it's chilly. 43 degrees right now in pottstown. 48 that's it in wilmington. um per 40s millville. 49 degrees that's the warmest spot i can find on the map right now in atlantic city. so as we go hour by hour, it's mostly cloudy. a couple of light sprinkles if you're stepping outdoors. it's going stay chilly as well. then for tomorrow, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, it looks like a fairly dry start if you will to the day, but then more showers moving in by tomorrow afternoon and evening. what does this mean for your weekend? we'll talk about it plus the updated pollen forecast all coming up with the seven today. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. talk to you soon.
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police in baltimore, maryland shot the man who threatened to set off bomb inside our sister station fox 45. and we've just learn police determined the suspected explosive was actually chocola chocolate. chocolate candy bars wrapped in foil with wires sticking out. the man was wearing a panda suit that was video of him right there in inside the station. now police say he showed up with a flash drive saying he had information he wanted to get on the air. then came the threat. authorities evacuated the station. eventual thely man walk outside where police sniper shot him. he's now in police custody. niece serious but stable condition and no one else is hurt. new tonight, police in medford township, new jersey, want you to take good look at this sketch. investigators say this man tried to grab an 11-year-old girl as she was walking saturday along the big chief trail. cops think the span in his late 40s and about 5-foot 10 so if you recognize him, please call police. now to a developing story out of south west philadelphia.
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mistake bite philadelphia police department has left a family shane. >> and they say simple apology from police isn't going to cut it after officers accidentally raided their home. fox 29's karen hepp has more from police headquarters. >> reporter: police surround a home in southwest philadelphia early wednesday searching for three gunmen wanted for violent home april vision. cameras caught three people running into this home on elmwood avenue. problem was, they were the wrong three people and it was the wrong house. >> i opened the door and i'm snatch outside. on to the ground, cuff, and in my bear shirt. i had pajama pants. >> reporter: so were his brothers one by one taken outside. sane gel says it was humiliati humiliating. >> like less than a citizen. like i don't have any rights. michael didn't even have a shirt on. he says he's never been arrested and frankly had no clue what to do. >> i get grabbed thrown outside, sitting on the ground fishes. he put handcuffs on me. then he said get all the way on the ground. he kick me and my shoulder, kick me in my back and my shoulder
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scraped the ground when i fell on the ground because i never got arrested before. >> her family is innocent and the ordeal was especially harrowing because she's disabled due to gun violence. >> i reach over to get my shorts because i only had on panties and a t-shirt and he put the gun at me. i'm already traumatized from being a gunshot victim in 1991. i'm pet tri five guns. >> reporter: police admit they made a mistake and apologized. but say they were acting in good faith trying to solve a violent crime following procedure. >> i can understand their feeling i really can. i mean it's a situation which no one wants to be involved particularly when you're not the individual involved in criminal activity or involved in a crime that has just taken place. i completely understand that. >> i toll him i did in the accept their policy. they offer me $500 to let everything go away and money is not going to stick to this. >> reporter: police say they make more 660,000 arrests very rare dollar they make an honest mistake like this one and they have a risk management team work wig the family right now.
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the family says, they'll be consulting an attorney. outside police headquarters, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. the man accused of opening fire inside a montgomery county church and killing another church goer is facing charges tonight. 46-year-old mark storms is charged with voluntary manslaughter. prosecutors say storms shot 27-year-old robert braxton on sunday after braxton became disruptive inside the keystone fellow church in north wales. district attorney kevin steele says storms fired his gun after braxton started to punch him but the da says storms firing of his gun is not reasonable self-defense in this case. >> it's clear in this case that the shooter brought a gun to a crowded church. he introduced that gun into a verbal altercation that turned a, n turned into a fistfight. and then fired the gun twice aim tag vital part of the body killing the victim. >> storms could face as long as
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22 years in prison if convicted. philadelphia police are looking for the men they say attacked a man in north philadelphia and literally took the shirt off his back. take look at this surveillance video. it happened sunday night just before 11:00 on the theen hundred block of norris street. you can see four men who police believe are all younger than 20 punch and kick the man before an off duty temple police officer came to his aid. the four ran off witness victim's shirt. if you recognize any of them, give police a call. in wilmington, delaware, officials are trying to figure out what started a fire in an apartment on the 300 block of west seventh street. the fire broke out just past 12:00 this afternoon in the second story apartment. fire crews were able to contain the blaze to that apartment but water and smoke heavily damaged a pizza shop and theater apartments. the delaware red cross is helping the people who lived in those homes. the remains of nine veterans were laid to rest in new jersey today. it was all part of the 23rd ceremony for the mission of honor.
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leaders every self veterans organizations were in attendance today for the service nine veterans served during world war ii and the korean war had their remains laid to rest with full military honors at the veterans memorial cemetery in wrightsto wrightstown. >> my brothers and sisters the greatest honor that can be be stowed upon any deceased american veteran is that of a formal burial in full military discipline. >> since it was established in 2009, the new jersey mission of honor has laid more than 135 veterans to rest at the cemetery. create of song you probably heard hundreds of times has passed away. ♪ >> there's mr. softy jingle you've heard blasted from ice cream trucks summer after summer. the creator less wa suv s was 94 years old. he died april 19th in warminster.
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the advertising legend rode wrote and produced more than 970 jingles during a career that spanned more than five decades. but monday none more well known than the mister satisfy tee song he wrote in 1960 right here in philadelphia. and in philly tonight a celebration of live without limits. a walk is about to get underway honor some true warriors including one local teen who is about to celebrate a huge accomplishment. a situation goes from bad to worse on a wyoming enter state. something sends a pick up flying and rolling. the one thing authorities say cep this from turning into a disaster. howard? >> just over two hours the eagles will make their pick in the 2016 draft. we'll find out what is going on in the war room. dave spadaro will join us coming up in sports.
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>> check this video out. wyoming highway patrol and tow truck driver were helping a driver who slid off the inter
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state when this happened. pick up hit the tow truck and rolled. the driver of that pick up was wearing his seat belt and got away with only minor injuries. thankfully no one else was hurt. state troopers reminding drivers to slow down and move over when you see stopped emergency vehicles. >> happening right now, runners are getting ready for a big race near the art museum. hundreds are taking part in the life without limits 5k night race. >> the event supports those living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. our dawn timmeney has been talking to runners all day inn clueing one teen, dawn, who has been taking part in the raisins he was just a little kid. >> reporter: i know. it's pretty impressive actually a thousand people are expected it's the 36th year for this event. and it's really personal for the people who come out. many starring to gather right now. it's a tradition for 116-year-old from mayfair. >> walk is just something i do ever year to support this disability. >> reporter: dylan for acre
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has been participating in the life without limits 5k night raisins he was six years old. he's passionate about being part of this event because he has cerebral palsy. this will mark 10 years with his grant father by his side. >> we try to walk/run as best we can. >> high school sophomore was diagnosed at just over a-year-old with the neurological disorder that affects his muscle control. he's over come a lot to get where he is today. >> my foot would like turn and it's tough. >> after treatment and therapy, dylan only needs a brace on his right leg to walk. >> i don't let it hold me back from doing stuff. >> i think that he's really motivated when he wants something, like to play baseball, he says i'm not going to let this disability get in my way. >> he's committed to this race to benefit united cerebral palsy of philadelphia because ucp helped his family when he was first diagnosed. but he also wants to get the word out about people with disabilities and he hopes other
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teens will accept and embrace their differences. >> it's not funny to make fun of at all. they were born with it and that's the way it. you can accept it, don't be friends with them or don't talk about them. >> reporter: an important message about not bullying teens who are different. now the race starts tonight at 7:00 o'clock. dylan is already believe it or not set a goal for neck year he and his grant father and his father all plan to run the whole way no walking they've been talking about it for years. next year they're going to run the whole way and by the way iain, apparently it rains every year for this event. (laughter). >> see it's nice and refreshing. >> it won't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. i'll bet you he makes that run neck year but he has an incredible spirit and he's april spying. >> right on cute, scott, we have the rain. >> most of the rain will be moving on off to the north and the east.
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but it is going to stay chilly i mean iain was bundled up headed in to work this afternoon. layered up as you will. we're talking about temperatures today only in the 50s. 56 degrees was the high and look at right now. it's only 48 degrees. winds are out of the northeast at about 12 miles an hour so it's going to be chilly if you're stepping outdoors for your plans. but once again look at ultimate doppler. most of that rainfall the steadier rape lifting on off to the north. we still have a little bit of light rain moving through sections of the montgomery, bucks county also mercer county. we'll zoom in closer right now you can see around lower providence also moving toward the doylestown area, buckingham, abington looking at light showers. that activity moving through bensalem moving into mercer county as well right now. but once again, we saw about tenth of an inch to a of an inch on average. area wide temperatures are in the 40s. we have 45 degrees in reading. 45 right now in the pocono mountains. upper 40s in wilmington. 48 degrees in millville. 49 right now in atlantic city.
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tomorrow we'll keep the clouds around. we'll keep the cooler temperatures and also spotty showers it looks like by the afternoon and evening tomorrow we're looking at some steadier rainfall but temperatures tomorrow only 58 degrees. the average for this time of year is 68. so we'll take you hour by hour once again most of the evening is just going to be cloudy with a couple of spotty showers. by your friday morning, it's mostly cloudy. spotty showers out there to start. but really no widespread heavy rainfall or steadier rain until the afternoon and evening. so by lunch time it's movely cloudy. maybe a light shower and about tomorrow and then tomorrow around dinnertime we're looking at scattered showers. better coverage late tomorrow afternoon and evening. a lot of events taking place. penn relays we have proms taking place across the area. so the jet stream is going to be to our south. so that means cooler below average temperatures really over the next several days. so what about the upcoming weekend? we're looking at saturday's high temperature
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64 degrees. saturday looks like the better of the two upcoming weekend days, and the drier of the two as well. 60 degrees for the high temperature on sunday. unfortunately, with showers. so what does that mean for the broad street run. we'll break it down for you hour by hour. early in the race temperatures around 50 degrees. low to mid 50s by the end of the race much the rainfall chance to start around 30% but ramping up to 50% bite end of the race. so it does look wet. the good news, though, the pollen levels take look at this. they're going to be headed down over the next several days. with the clouds and the shower chances. so once again upper 50s tomorr tomorrow. 64-degrees on your saturday. 60 on sunday. so saturday the bet of the two weekend days looking pretty good on saturday for the walk to end ms as well and then we're looking at cooler temperatures to kick off next week. >> sounds good. thank you so much, scott. >> yup. >> the novacare sent howard is standing by life. howard? >> we're close to that pick. we're getting closer. all right. we'll talk to dave spadaro.
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get a sense of what goes on on the eagles war room. that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ okay. we're getting ready. so in just under two hours the eagles will make the second pick in the draft. which will be a quarterback. and it will be carson wentz unless something unforeseen
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happens. all right. with me now dave spadaro. dave, it's an interesting pick because there are in all picks like this there are some questions about a quarterback especially coming out of norming dakota state. >> there are question about every player in the draft. it is a total crap shoot. you don't know how players will reaction to the next level of competition. everything that goes with it but i think the eagles feel like they've done their homework through these last several months. whether it's carson wentz or your rad goff they feel like they know the quarterbacks as well as they could possibly know them. >> one thing the eagles planned and and to their credit it was a process to get him ready. sam bradford is not here. i know -- i believe he's going to be here. but they still got a hold to that process and not rush him in there, right. >> i think so. there's lot to learn, obviously we know about the difference whether you're going from university of calf, north dac state into the nfl. understanding dee finance seive coverages. understanding the blitzes. understanding offensive protections. there's a long process to go.
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now they say carson wentz has tremendous iq football iq. he comes from the west coast style of offense we'll see but i think eagles every intention sam bradford is the starting quarterback. daniels number two and carson wentz learn the right way. >> they need offensive lifeline man a tackle. do you think that's a direction they'll go in the third round. >> it's really deep part of this draft offensive lineman, defensive lineman the eagles pick 79th in the third round. i believe it could be offensive lineman because it's such a deep area and they will address the offensive line they know they still want competition at the guard positions. they know that jason peter social security 34 years old although he's come back and in great shape in this mini camp. >> all right. dave, we'll see what happens. but the first round tonight. second and third tomorrow. nfl loves -- the biggest event in sports. >> it's unbelievable. then friday eagle -- saturday eagles the eagles have five draft picks. hold on to the excitement. >> we're so lucky. >> right now the phillies are scoreless in the seventh inning
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against washington. we'll have more tonight and we've got a special tonight at 11:00 o'clock on this draft and we'll runnet down. we'll hear from carson wentz. back to you in the guys in the studio we're just having fun here. >> all right. howard. thank you very much. >> ditched the umbrella. >> not raining out there i gue guess. >> okay for now. >> what are we looking at later tonight and tomorrow. >> later tonight in the 40s. high temperatures upper 50s top. the better of the two weekend days looks like saturday. >> sounds good. tonight at 10:00 imagine never sweating again? no more stains, no more smell. one-time treatment that will let you ditch the deodorant and antiperspirant at 10:00 and that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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>> will ferrell fire storm over playing ronald reagan suffering from dementia. >> is that funny? >> wait until you see what happened when caitlyn jenner tried to use the bathroom at donald trump's hotel. >> my god. trump international hotel. i love this. >> and exclusive. young melania trump before she met the donald. her school locker. the simple apartment where she used to live. >> can we knock and see if someone is home. >> and the last postcard she sent a man who says she dated. >> why did the relationship end? >> and another big sid side exclusive. >> did whitney houston have a secret daughter. >> what this family member is saying today. and another shocking revelation about


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