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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 29, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> right now on fox 29, murder insider a local church. a church member under arrest accused of responding to a punch by pulling a gun. as crowd of parishioners watched in horror. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that killing happened this past sunday in montgomery county. prosecutors charged the gunman today. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in lansdale where the community, shawnette, remains stunned. >> reporter: well, lucy, the district attorney says the shooting was not a residential self-defense situation and this afternoon mark storms was arraigned in court. >> very sad for both families. very sad. >> reporter: a community is saddened over shooting that left one man dead and another in jail. 46-year-old mark storms is
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facing voluntary manslaughter charges in the shoot shooting death of 27-year-old robert braxton inside keystone fellowship church in montgomeryville. >> it's clear in this case the shooter brought a gun to a crowded church. he introduced that gun into a verbal altercation that turned a fist -- that turned into a fistfight. and then fired the gun twice aiming at a vital part of the body killing the victim. >> reporter: investigators say it happened sunday during morning worship service. there was an issue over where the victim was sitting. >> the investigation revealed that mr. braxton was creating a disturbance during the 11 a.m. church service after a fellow church member sitting behind him touched his shoulder. apparently, telling him that he had been -- he had taken an already occupied seat. >> reporter: but according to witnesses, an associate pastor and ushe ushers intervened and k away allowing the victim to remain in the seat. then storms walk over and the
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unthinkable happened. >> when he came over, he had a gun out. escalating the situation, braxton then took a swing at the shooter, punching him in the jaw and the defendant shoots the victim twice. >> reporter: people in town who know both families are stunned. >> it is surprising. both families are great. just no words. >> maltese family owns nino' pizza lansdale and says braxton and storms families are r regulr customers. >> the storm family have been customers here for 18 years and the braxton family the father had been part of our family for over 25 years. >> reporter: they say what happened is senseless. >> sound like the church has situation under control. >> reporter: and back here live, storms is also charged with recklessly endangering
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others by firing a gun inside a crowd church. did he have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. lucy, back to you. >> thank you shawnette. on your radar, another chilly night. looking live at the platt bridge at south philly you know what the month of may not too far array wage certainly doesn't feel like it. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here and you're not wearing your heavy winter coat current currently. >> but you didn't see me outsi outside. >> that's true. >> it's cool out there. temperatures in the 40 and not going to move all that much overnight tonight on our satellite/radar you can see few showers moving through the lehigh valley. and more that will be crossing over the eastern shore of maryland and also south jersey and delaware. so we're really not out of the rain just yet. in old city philadelphia the roads are wet but it is a busy evening an cool night. 45 in the city. 42 in pottstown. 43 in the poconos that persistent easterly on shore flow will keep us in the clouds and keep us damp over the neck several days. so overnight, lows in the 40s. not moving that much at all. spotty showers in the forecast
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with a northeasterly wind. more showers moving through as i mentioned during the early morning hours and for the morning rush, still damp and still cloudy and still cool. coming up in that seven day forecast we'll talk about how long these temperatures are going to stay below average. more rain for at least part of the weekend. and you may have outdoor plans and also the next warm-up is in the seven day. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> talk to you then, kathy. four year member of the physical police department has turned himself in to the internal affairs unit. prosecutors have charged officer alex mcadams with burglary, trespass and criminal mischief after more than six week investigation police say mcadams took down a screen from a window of his girlfriend's apartment then broke in. once inside, they say he took a personal item and chased his girl friend outside. commissioner richard ross suspended mcadams for 30 days after that he could get kick off the force. a group of teenagers violently beat a man near temple university and it's alleycat caught on camera.
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take look at this. police say four black males between the ages of 16 and 19 attacked a man on the 1300 block of norris street on sunday. surveillance video got good look at those teens who then allegedly ran off with the victim's shirt. luckily the 43-year-old victim was not seriously hurt but if you recognize these guys, call police. authorities in burlington county, new jersey, trying to fine the man accused of of trying to grab a young girl on a walking trail. investigators released this sketch earlier today. they say this guy tried to get a hold of 11-year-old's arm while she was auction along the big chief trail in medford township this past saturday. they think he's in late 40s and 5-foot 10. if you recognize him please call police. >> trenton police arrest add guy dubbed the weed man after two-month investigation along with the arrest of ed for con much police seized $19,000 worth of marijuana an arrested 10 other suspected drug dealer. the mercer county narcotics task
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force confiscated heroin, cash and -- >> panda suit and police sniper came together at our sift station in maryland. baltimore we go. investigators say man in a panda costume walked into fox 45 building this afternoon he also had on a surgical mask and had a red device strapped to him. that police say appeared to be bomb. they say he told the station he had a flash drive that had something he wanted the station to air on it. police say he even set his own car on fire before epting the building. his explosive vest, well, that turned out to be anything but. >> those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. there was also a small mother board and that mother board has been described as something that you might see in a fire extinguisher that was also attached to this contraption.
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>> a police sniper shot the man moments after he walk out of the building. he survived and is now in a baltimore hospital. all right. eagles fans christmas day has arrived. first round of the nfl draft the eagles make a pair of off season trades to move up to get the second overall pick and tonight, they got to open their present. howard eskin at the eagles novacare complex. howard? >> well, chris christmas day would only be better if they win enough games to get themselves in the playoffs. they got -- i think the fans got who they wanted. i know the eagles got who they wanted. carson wentz went as the second pick in the draft to the eagles and it was four gone conclusion i think everybody new about it that jar rodder goff would go first and then carson wentz coming out of north dakota state. the eagles are excited. they feel that was the guy that they had target the they said all along. but it's interesting. the not really good to put pressure on a young player but doug pederson right out of the
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shoot made the comparison to put pressure on carson wentz. >> a little bit of brett favre honestly. he's got that mentality. he's got that aggressiveness that brett had and those are some of the skill sets i see in carson. i love quarterbacks that are willing to take chance, take -- you know, take a calculated risk down the field. favre was that way and i see a lot of same characteristics in carson. >> growing up i was a favre fan. i loved watching him play. i loved his grittiness much his wife warrior mentality and he was a gun slinger and biggest thing i loved about him he had fun. he enjoyed the game. he enjoyed every moment of it. he didn't take it for graduated and that's the type of player i am too. i'm flattered by that but i got long way to go before i deserve that comparison. >> he sure does. i mean, come on. put the brett favre comparison on him right away. nonetheless it's the quarterback that the eagles wanted, and as far as the fans, obviously, you got more excitement out of quarterback than do you another position.
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all right. we'll have more coming up in sports. and then at 11:00 o'clock, we have a draft special. we'll break it all down, break down the other picks, dave spadaro will join us weevil be back in the studio with sean bell and gary cobb we'll do all that coming up in sports. back to you guys. >> all right. howard. >> you know what was funny? people at home didn't see this as howard was saying it's a little early for this comparison this guy was saying the same thing at the exact at the same time. >> really. slow your roll, doug. ever since the eagles traded up to get number two spot eight days ago fans have been speculating the team would pick carson wentz. >> now that the pick is officials are fans happy with the selection. >> chris oh owe com sat lincoln financial financial field. you have seen plenty of reaction. >> reporter: no football here tonight but there was a big celebration here at lincoln financial field. always is for the draft party with the eagles. with the second draft, second draft pick of the nfl draft and with that pick the carson wentz era has now begun. >> philadelphia eagles select
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carson wentz. >> new season, new quarterback and new hope fort birds. >> eagles! >> good pick? >> good pick? >> it's a great pick. >> reporter: with the second overall draft pick, south philly was eagles green at chickie's and pete's with every single tv tuned in to see the birds pick their next quarterback. north dakota state's carson wentz. >> i like it. i think he's good kid. combat got lot of potential. i don't like what they gave up, though. that's a lot. >> reporter: everyone had an opinion including this guy. who traveled all the way from upstate new york to watch the draft in philly. >> i think they gave up way too much. eagles have too much holes to fill but quarterback is one, but -- >> he's not alone. >> it's going to be a few years to come back. and to go with a quarterback, personally i think sam bradford is like a deer in the headlights. >> and talk about dedication. this guy from south philly was
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so excited this week check out his fresh ink tattoo proclaiming the eagles super bowl champions in the year 2019. >> what made you get that? >> carson wentz. >> you got it for him. >> got it. he's going to win us the super bowl, baby! >> reporter: and speaking of tattoos, guys, carson wentz actually has a tattoo. on his wrist. it says ao1 it says audience of one. he says he's a big faith faith based guy and that means audience of the lord giving you insight into the new quarterback of the philadelphia eagles. iain. >> ♪ operation spring cleaning only fox 29 is with police on the ground as they go after drug dealers in local community film we'll weep coming after you. if you think you got a big gang, my gang is bigger than your gang. >> police celebrate win in the battle against the illegal drugs but neighbors say this fight is far from over. why they fear the war will only intensify. >> a police officer took her fiance''s phone didn't the
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unthinkable. what she claims did he with an app that turned the new mom and her baby into victims. a transgender teen make the cheerleading squad. why it's not the try out but what she'll wear on the side lines that got people talking. >> imagine never sweating again new york more stains, no more smells. one-time treatment that will let you di
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dozens people are in jail tonight after series of early morning drug raids in delaware county. darby borough police say a task force of officers arrested more than 80 people. they say some are heroin dealers and they're calling to bust
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operation spring cleaning. prosecutors say they're cracking down in other towns as well to stop drug dealers in their tra track. >> we're going to keep coming after you if you think you got a big gang, my gang is bigger than your gang. >> when you're selling you're heroin you're selling death and addiction. >> authorities from several delaware county police departments carried out those raids with the help from fbi, de. and u.s. marshals. so what about the folks who live in these neighborhoods? well they're very happy law enforcement has won this battle. but for them, the drug war continues. our bruce gordon is live in darby borough. bruce? >> reporter: lucy in case you had any doubts about whether folks in this community fear those drug dealers or others just like them will soon be back on the streets, you should know that lots of people we talk to tonight wanted nothinged that with sharing their opinions on camera. it is said that a spring rain has a cleansing effect on all it
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touches. darby borough cleansing of a different sort came around dawn tuesday. dozens of drug dealers were swept up in massive raid. james williams lives just down the block from police headquarters. >> the guy arresting them bringing them in buses. this is much bigger than i thought it was. >> reporter: they got them by the busload. >> two buses. >> reporter: the raid as seen in this exclusive fox 29 video was designed to take street corner drug dealer out of action. authorities say those dealers have inundated this community with the heroin that has hooked and harmed so many. but the drug war here has been waging for years. >> five or sick guys stand out smoking weed or whatever they were smoking. >> reporter: sheldon owns the hardware store on main street. he spent five years chasing dealers and users from in front of his store and behind it. >> can't have your door open in the summer if they're right there smoking weed and your customers are coming in the front door. >> reporter: david faison
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lives down the block from one of those arrested. >> what goes through your mind when you see that? >> um, little close to home. >> reporter: he says he keeps his nine-year-old twin grant children leon and ariana hahn short leash. due to his fear that they'll become the innocent victims of drug violence. >> i would say around dusk maybe six, seven, after they finish their homework i'm usually right out front walking the dog or, you know, playing around in the garden. >> reporter: once it gets dark. >> no. no. >> reporter: they're in. >> yes. >> reporter: over the barbershop a mom watch her son get a trim. she didn't want us to show him or herself, as she talked about those early morning arrests. >> i don't think it's going accomplish anything really because all they going to do is take out the old crew and whole new crew will come back inform that's all. >> reporter: you've seen this happen before. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: you know how this story end? >> yeah. >> reporter: we heard lot of that tonight. folks very happy that this batch of drug dealers is behind bars, but fully expecting a fresh batch will be there right behind
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them. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. incredible images tonight from a coast guard rescue off the coast of cape may, new jersey. a 42-foot fishing boat collided with a tugboat and started sinking. passengers of the boat were well prepared abandoned ship win 10 minutes of that collision and crew from may cape may coast guard station rescued the three people from a life raft. nobody was hurt. nearly a thousand people took part in a run that kicked off at the art museum it supports those living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. isn't our dawn timmeney has been hanging out with one teen who has been part of the raisins he was just a little guy. >> i don't let it hold mow back from doing stuff. >> reporter: 16 year old dylan for acre is one determined young man. diagnosed at 14 months old with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects his muscle control and coordination, this high school sophomore has overcome a lot of obstacles. his progress has a lot to do with his positivity. >> never give up and always
3:18 am
follow like your dreams or whatever you want to do. >> reporter: one of his passion social security participating in the united cerebral palsy of philadelphia's live without limits 5k night race. dill hahn has been doing this raisins he was six year old. the first few years did he it in a wheelchair because he couldn't walk that far. not even longer. he even runs part of the race. >> it's like motivation you got to work out and stretch before you got to be committed to doing it. >> reporter: dylan has come a long way from that little boy who still wasn't walking at three. back then, adrian kerry was a single mom who didn't know much about cerebral palsy. though she turned to ucp for help. >> they offered me all sorts of assistance. whatever i needed, um, so i took advantage of some handrails being install in the bathroom and thing like that to help dylan. >> reporter: aft treatments and therapy dylan now walks with just one brace on his right leg. his family created team dylan as way to give back to ucp. they're hoping dylan is an inspiration to other children
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and families dealing with this disorder. >> i just felt like over the years amazed that some of the things that i just couldn't believe that he did. you know, that i thought he would never do. so you know he was always one determined little kid. >> reporter: believe it or not dylan is already looking to next year's race and a new milestone. he says he and his grandfather plan to run the entire way. no walking. they talk about it for years and next year is the year. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. new details tonight in the investigation into prince's death. who police believe was on plane with the music legend days before his death and why that person could hold vital clues. hailed a miracle rescue off texas coast. the coast guard rescued two men after days lost at sea. one of them did not have even a life jacket. how he survived. plus how you can score free breakfast at subway every day in may. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly.
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good evening, everybody. on the overnight into about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning you'll see the closure of the burlington-bristol bridge. the tap bridge or the turnpike connector bridge will be your best bet and through the weekend they're going to have the total shut down of the burlington-bristol bridge. all with some construction and get ready for rocking south philly tomorrow night. you're going to see both the pearl jam concert and the phillies game taking over the stadium area. so some jammos during the evening rush hour and grab your converse high tops let's go to penn relays continue tomorrow at franklin field. have a great night. we'll see you bright and early
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ heavy hearts today on the campus of the university of georgia. memorial was held this afternoon for five students involved in a horrific crash off campus. the crash happened wednesday night. police say five co-eds were riding toyota camry wednesday night when it suddenly crossed the center line and was hit by another car. four of the students were pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is in critical condition. i've been at this institution for nearly 31 years and i do not ever recall an event of this tragedy or
3:24 am
magnitude. >> police are still trying to figure out why their car crossed the center line but they say alcohol was not a fact. tragic story out of wisconsin. isn't police say mother is dead after her two-year-old son shot her. it happened tuesday along highway 175 in mill walk keep investigators say the toddler was sitting in the back seat when a gun slid out from underneath the driver's seat. well the little guy pick it up and accidentally fired it. cops say the bullet went through the mother's seat and hit her killing her. according to investigators the child was not in car seat when he got a hold of that gun. a law enforcement source is now saying investigators in minneapolis found prescription drugs in prince's home after he died and they're now trying to figure out if they played roll in his death at all. the source tells the associated press that authorities are loo looking into what kind of drugs were on the plane that prince was on when it had to make an emergency landing in illinois just a week before the music died. investigators also want to know
3:25 am
if a doctor was on that plane. airport officials however still will not confirm the plane made a landing. a local family is left shaken after a terrifying early morning mistake. why they say an apology from philadelphia police is just not enough. a couple says snap chat contribute to do a serious crash. what a teen driver was doing with the popular app that is leading to first of its kind lawsuit. kathy? >> damp and drearier tonight with more rain on the way and a persistent cool on shore flow. we'll take look when we break
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>> april chill continues. let's take live look at old city. it's a cool night. we're about to see more rain by the way. what the first few days of may will look like in your seven day forecast near minutes away. charles -- charges filed tonight weekend tire slashing spree. police say 54-year-old christopher nelson damaged 13 cars on the 1700 block of christian street and graduate hospital on saturday. he's now charged with 13 counts
3:29 am
of criminal mischief. no word on why he allegedly slashed all those tires. well detectives in delaware looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself in public. take a close look at a sketch of this guy. police say he was masturbating inside his car in the rose hill community center parking lot in new castle. the alleged victim took a picture of the suspect's red car as he took off so if you've got any information please call police. a mistake by the philadelphia police department has left a family shaken and they say a simple apology from police will not cut it after officers raided the wrong home. there's. fox 29's karen hepp has their story. >> reporter: police surround home in southwest philadelphia early wednesday. searching for three gunmen wanted for a violent home invasion. cameras caught three people running into this home on elmwood avenue. problem was they were the wrong three people and it was the wrong house. >> opened the door and i'm snatched outside, on to the ground, cuffed, and in my like bare shirt and pajama pants.
3:30 am
>> so were his brothers. one by one taken outside. angel says it was humiliating. >> like less than citizen. like i don't have any rights. >> michael didn't even have a shirt on. he says he's never been arrested and frankly had no clue what to do. >> i get grabbed, thrown outside, sitting on the ground first, he put handcuffs on me then he said get all the way on the ground. he kicked me and my shoulder -- kicked me in my back and my shoulder scraped the ground when i fell on the ground because i never got arrested before. >> reporter: her family is innocent and the ordeal was especially harrowing because she's disabled due to gun violence. >> i reached over to get my shorts because i only had on panties an t-shirt and he put the gun at me. i'm already traumatized from being a gunshot victim in 1991. i'm petrified guns. >> reporter: police admit they made mistake and apologized but say they were acting in good faith trying to solve a violent crime following procedure. >> i can understand their feeling i really can. i mean it's a situation in which
3:31 am
no one wants to be involved in particularly when you're not the individual that's involved in criminal activity or involved in crime that has just taken place. i completely understand that. >> i toll them i do not accept their apology. they offered me $500 to let everything go away. and money not going to stick to this. >> reporter: police say they make more than 60,000 arrests very rarely do they make an honest mistake like this one and they have a risk management team work wig the family right now. the family says they'll be consulting an attorney. outside police headquarters, i'm karen happen fox 29 news. we're learning more tonight about an ocean rescue that was real nothing short of a miracle. two men missing at sea for days this is near galveston texas rescued their boat capsized monday as they were clinging on to two oil platforms. the coast guard spotted the guys on their final seven of the area. chopper was low on fuel so the rescue crew knew they didn't have much time. >> i just happened to see the guy waving a shirt at us on the platform.
3:32 am
>> seconds later he told me i don't think i i'd make it another night. typically it's not a fortunate out come. >> one man wasn't wearing a life jacket. he stayed alive by using a cooler to float. men are now at a hospital and in stable condition. >> that is amazing. >> wow ! >> if you're not into rain and chill, this weather is really not amazing. >> just saying. >> i like the rain. i do. i like it. >> it's overrated really. >> i think we've had enough of it. what do you think? >> i agree. good do you think we've had enough of this. >> it seems like now we're in this cool snap that we aren't going to get out of the but there is some warmth in that seven day i promise. you can look at market street where it is damp and dreary and it's chilly. temperature 45. the high today made it to 56 degrees. the normal high is 68. so well below average for this time of year. few more spotty showers will be moving through during the early morning hours we'll watch this area of low pressure sink to the south. we continue with that northeasterly flow and that will keep really cool conditions
3:33 am
sitting over us the high tomorrow only 58 degrees. with a few morning showers. a few afternoon showers as well. this is our high resolution rapid refresh model. say that three times fast. but it is very accurate in the short term win 12 hours. as we advance the time during the overnight you see showers which the radar is indicating already especially through south jersey and delaware and then tomorrow morning perhaps additional rain showers through philadelphia, delaware county, also, extenting back through chester county through baltimore and washington. and these would be moving through during the morning and then go through south jersey and also delaware and another round of rain possibly late tomorrow afternoon. when we look at the temperatures you can see that normal high of 68. today only 56. tomorrow below average. saturday temperatures bump up but still below normal and sunday as well. after that, we will be seeing some improvement in the weather. we'll get out of this weather rut stow speak. in in the city overnight temperatures pretty much where
3:34 am
we are, 45. 41 in the suburb. spotty showers. some morning showers possible. and again in the afternoon tomorrow the high temperature 58 degrees. with that persistent damp northeasterly wind so temperatures fairly uniform from the city to the shore. we know the broad street run is important. many of our colleagues here at fox 29 are running in it. chris o'connell asked me what is the forecast? well, it is changed. it look like we'll see a good chance of rain 60% chance of showers between seven and 8:00. nine and 10:00 still looks likes a threat of rain even during the noon hour a chance of rain. i'm hoping this is going to change but that's the way it looks right now. on your seven day forecast, from fox 29 the weather authority, saturday a dry day for the ms walk the temperature 64. lucy, jeff, bruce and shawnette will be there. of course, steve keeley will host sunday in pennsauken. and then after monday, temperatures warming up into the 70s by the mid period of next week. >> here we government that sounds like may. >> all right. there you go. >> thank you kathy. >> you bet. a woman says a police officer took her fiance''s cell
3:35 am
phone and did the unthinkable. how she claims he used an app to terrorize here. >> transgender teen made the cheerleading squad but it's what she plans to wear on the side lines that has lot of folks talking. nine veterans laid to rest today after making the ultimate sacrifice.
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>> social media company snap chat is being sued. a georgia couple says they were driving down the highway when an 18-year-old girl plowed into them. the lawsuit claims the teen was using snap chat's speed filter at the time of the crash. the filter actually post as vehicle's speed over picture or video. the teen was clocked going 107 miles an hour. the man has a brain injury. as for the team she was only slightly hurt. even posting another snap online after reading quote lucky to be alive. snap chat has not respond to do that lawsuit. in your money tonight who won love free breakfast if you would like that may is your month and subway is your restaurant. the sandwich chain says during the month of may if you buy a sub before 9:00 in the morning you'll get a free sick inch breakfast sandwich of your choice. i kind of like those too. it's part of breakfast buy one get one campaign.
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you can take advantage of the deal every day in may at participating locations. the remains of nine military veterans have now finally been laid to rest. >> all part of the 23rd ceremony fort mig of honor in new jersey today. leaders of several veterans organizations were in attendance for the service and nine veterans served during world war ii and the korean war were cream mated and had their remains laid to rest with full military honors at the veterans memorial cemetery in wrightstown. >> my brothers and sisters, the greatest honor that can be be stowed upon any deceased american veteran is that of a formal burial in full military discipline. >> since it was established in 2009, the new jersey mission of honor has laid more than 135 veterans to rest at the cemete cemetery. imagine never sweating aga again. no more stains, no more smell. the one-time treatment that will
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let you ditch the deodorant. and an uninvited guest in a louisiana living room. how the homeowner got this gator backed where he belonged and why the reptile was there in the first mace. >> your mom might have told you to sit like lady, but it could end with serious trouble. why sitting like a man could do
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♪ making cheerleading squad is a big moment for high school student, of course, but for one illinois junior it means the world. karlo roll land is their first transgender cheerleader. he got to choose which uniform she wanted male or female. she pick the male uniform. she says out of respect for her mother. >> i'm still trying to convince her and stuff, and eventually it does take time and shell eventualleventually understand. she's very supportive. i love her. to be honest i wouldn't be on the team without her support so thank you, mom. >> the support from the squad, her friends and even the dean of the high school has been overwhelming. a michigan woman is suing a local police officer claiming he spied on her. >> she says he did it using a baby monitor. crazy story.
3:44 am
the woman says it all started when the father of her young son was arrested on drug charges. she says hazel park police officer took his phone after getting a search warrant for the couple's home. that phone was linked to baby monitor in their young son's room. the mother says while she was naked and breast feeding her baby the camera light went on meaning someone was watching it. but she says the only device linked to the camera is the husband's phone which she says she tracked to the officer's own home. >> such a serious violation of my family's privacy including myself and my son absolutely necessary to take this act to prevent this from happening to any future individual. >> the police department says the lawsuit is only against the officer. so he's still on the job. the chief, though, calls the allegations quote questionable at best. all right. we all do it. some more than other sweat sag natural thing but excessive sweating can be not only embarrassing but stop from you living your life to its fullest. tonight, a way to ditch the
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doted rants and the anti-perspirants forever. ♪ >> sweating part and parcel of just being human. but for some people it gets in the way of live. >> i tried everything from dry salt a prescription antiperspirant. irritates the skin. i've also tried botox which is great and work but temporary. >> christine sharkey is anisate addition of dr. louis bucky' office and pulled out all the stops to just stop sweating. >> once i hit puberty i always sweat a little too much. >> the longest time botox was our only real good treatment for excessive sweating but that was needles in the under arms. some people get needles in their hands if their hands are sweating. >> you had to do it over and over again. >> you had to do it all over again. >> enter meara dry one and done technology. dr. bucky says 80% of people can
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trash their deodorants and anti-perspirants after just one treatment. >> we're selectively micro waving the sweat glands heating them up to point they're not functional any more. >> ever again. >> ever again. >> lidocaine injections numb the area. while template maps it out. so the energy targets each spot precisely. no overlap. nothing missed. >> this is causing suction and pulling the tissue up so that the energy can be directed right at the sweat glands. >> what are you feeling christine? >> just pressure. >> about 30 minutes a side and for women especially this comes with one big extra. no more hair. it's a two for. >> christine that's got to be exciting. >> yeah. >> bonus. >> no shaving, no deodorant. >> dr. jonas nelson the university of pennsylvania plastic surgery resident who just underwent the procedure. he's one of the 20% that might
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have to do it twice to completely eradicate his under arm sweat. >> just targeting those glands that tend to maybe sweat a little bit more than others were you're not working out or you're just doing normal every day activities. just really makes sense. >> you won't end up sweating everywhere else more profusely. >> no, absolutely not. >> you'll sweat normally everywhere else and not sweat in the under arm areas. we get responses back like you changed my life. it's very rewarding. >> not worry about do i have deodorant with me or, you know, kind of always checking. it's great. >> the procedure costs $2,500 for women and for men because their under arms are larger it's $3,000. ladies it may be time to sit like man. you may have been told crossing your legs is lady like and polite, but is it why you have some aches and pains. some orthopedic surgeons say, yeah, that's why. doctors say crossing your legs
3:48 am
while sitting isn't actually a natural position for your body and if you have hip problems it could be why. and they say it will only get worse as you get older. louisiana man found unexpected guest in his living room tuesday morning. david bradford understandably a little concerned after he sees enormous alligator making itself at home. >> yeah. >> he saw something moving across the room before realizing it was the tale of an angry gator after getting the surprise bradford ran out and called in professional help to wrangle the gator and drag it out of his house. >> and all of a sudden i saw something wave at me. and it was the alligator's tail itself. i got a little bit close sr. i said what in the devil is that? got little bit closer. big alligator. >> the gator wasn't too happy about being taken out of the house. he was hissing and putting up a fight the whole time. understandably alligator hunters blame mating season saying the gator was probably looking for love. there's four new reasons to head to the philadelphia zoo.
3:49 am
four cute fuzzy reasons. officials say four black and white lemurs baby today. the two are proud parents of these three boys and one girl. zoo officials say the new babies play very important role in educating the public. >> they are critically endangered in the while. all lemurs are found on the island of madagascar that's the only place in the world you can find them. it's very important to keep them going and to be able to showcase conservation is extremely important and these animals need our help. >> habitat is a big problem there. the babies are already jumping around from branch to branch and putting on quite a show for visitors. >> i'll bet they are. >> speaking of shows. >> let's hope carson wentz puts on a show. how war eskin with more on the eagles big pick. howard? >> howard doesn't know he's on right now. howard is there life. and he's got -- there he is.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
well the pick is in and the pick the eagles wanted all along and obviously they knew they were going to get the quarterback carson wentz. they got him with the second pick in the draft after the rams took jarrod goff carson wentz is a player that they like for a lot of reasons. now he's only a two-year starter at north dakota state. he was hurt senior season. he had broken his wrist. however did he come back for the championship game. in his career, at north dakota state, he was 20 and three in those two years. and obviously there's some people here that really liked him and you could say howie roseman and doug pederson loved carson wentz. >> intangible. 40 test score. valedictorian of his high school class never got a b.
3:54 am
that's important with the work ethic. the throwing arm, the body type someone that can be mold flood whatever you want. when you have the coaches that we have and the support system that we have, i mean it's exciting. one player can change your team. >> just when you get a chance to meet him, you know, in the building, one-on-one, his -- his willingness to learn, sharp kid, really was a very attractive pick for us and very good fit for us. >> well could you say they loved everything about him? i love the way they throw around the term eagles people did and other people do franchise quarterback. you're a franchise quarterback if you win. but don't expect any immediate results from carson wentz because the process is and they're going to take the process of working him through it when sam brad for gets his rear end back into philadelphia. now, carson wentz obviously a bright guy and you can hear when he speaks that he's got that intelligence. he's got a translate to the football field but tonight after
3:55 am
his pick, he spoke in chicago about coming to philadelphia. >> obviously it's a great place for a young quarterback to go learn with all the quarterback knowledge they have there. um and, like you said, to know they believed in me that much to go up it's really exciting, and i'm looking forward it to. we'll see a competitor. a guy that's passionate about the game. hardest worker out there. i'll learn the respect of my teammates. they'll see a leader, first one in last one out and meet my tail off hopefully win lost ballgame. >> it's called within, baby, just win. we've got a draft special coming up. we'll break it down and break down the other draft picks dave spadaro will join us coming up in a few minutes. back to you in the studio. >> okay. howard, thank you. >> howard was inside because it wasn't raining out. >> that's right. >> and we do have more rain co coming. it's amazing we're talking about more rain tomorrow and then we get a break saturday and then sunday we're back in the rain
3:56 am
again and finally gets out of here bite beginning of next week. >> all right. thank you and howard mention the fox 29 special nfl draft is next followed by tm seem, dish nation and chasing news. >> have yourselves a great night. we'll sue you back here at 4:00
3:57 am
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4:00 am
at 4:00 o'clock a man is shot three times including once in the face, the shooter is in custody and who police say was behind the gun. days after a man is killed in sunday services a member of the church is now charged. what prosecutors say the victim flashed just before the the shots were fired. from north dakota to philadelphia carson wentz now bleeding eagles green, when the new quarterback is expect to arrive here in philadelphia. >> good day, it is friday april 29th, 2016. >> mr. wentz on twitter now saying he is hum willed, honored and tonight is the night for celebration, tomorrow the work begins. that would be today. congratulation toss our new as extentably new franchise quarterback. >> all the way from north dakota. >> big change of pace. >> true.


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