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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 29, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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at 4:00 o'clock a man is shot three times including once in the face, the shooter is in custody and who police say was behind the gun. days after a man is killed in sunday services a member of the church is now charged. what prosecutors say the victim flashed just before the the shots were fired. from north dakota to philadelphia carson wentz now bleeding eagles green, when the new quarterback is expect to arrive here in philadelphia. >> good day, it is friday april 29th, 2016. >> mr. wentz on twitter now saying he is hum willed, honored and tonight is the night for celebration, tomorrow the work begins. that would be today. congratulation toss our new as extentably new franchise quarterback. >> all the way from north dakota. >> big change of pace. >> true.
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>> what do you think. >> any words of advice, bob, as a native philadelphian. >> get used to a philly pretzel, a philly pretzel and they showed his girlfriend on, we showed her on the air yesterday, she had a shotgun in her hand. >> that will come in handy. >> she will be carrying that around. good morning everybody. 4:01. i will start off because we are rebooting our weather computer a and here's what your windshield looks like. rain drops, and maybe once or twice intermittently to roll roll out of the driveway. i used mine all the way into downtown. roads are wednesday, sue is coming up with more details on that which pocket do i have my clicker in, here we go. live look at the schuylkill expressway in, problems or delays at all, any of the overnight construction was pretty much just rained out. so we're construction free for the most part here, this morning. no problems on 422, and looking good up and down that northeast extension.
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the lays them up we have penn relays today, through saturday, down here at franklin field. we will see the jams heading in to the university city area, university south, 30th street, the exits that will take the brunt of the folks heading in there. south philadelphia jam tonight, pearl jam at 8:00 o'clock at wells fargo center. phillies playing across the street at 7:00. we will have a jammo heading in to south philadelphia a all with the friday evening rush hour. so pack your patients, fridays are crazy to begin with and an ad some extra time heading down to the stadium area. throughout the weekend they will close the burlington bristol bridge to vehicle traffic. all weekend long you'll to have use tacony palmyra or turnpike connection bridge. what is the weather going to be like for that week even construction, sueby. >> a little iffy as i did yesterday saturday will be your better weather day. bob mentioned we have had some
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computer issues this morning. so this is all i have to show you right now which is ultimate doppler but this pretty much tells the tail, it is satellite and radar. a lot of cloud cover and occasional showers. the it is very light. more of a nuisance rain then anything else. as bob said intermittent windshield wipers. i will tell you this, it is very chilly. all of the temperatures are in the 40's this morning. you will net that is walking out the door, but they are going to stay probably in the 50's these temperatures all day long. so we're going to work on our issues, and hopefully bring thaw seven day forecast as soon as we can, chris and lauren, prepare for more of this, all day long, yuck. >> yuck is right. we have breaking news out of frankford where a man was rush to the hospital after being shot three times at close range. the shooting happened around 12:30 last night on the 47 hub block of frankford avenue. philadelphia police say man was shot once in the face, back and leg.
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he is currently in stable condition. the shooter, well, police say it was a woman who is in custody. arrests are looming in the deaths of the delaware teenager who was beaten up a at her high school. >> authority focused their investigation on a few students involved in the fight. dave kinchen at wilmington police department, a second straight morning following this story for us, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris and lauren. we have learn that charges are expect as early as today in this case. the brutal beating death of the 16 year-old amy francis joyner. here's what we know right now, three female student at howard high school of technology in wilmington had been considered persons of interest in the deadly girl bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the world last week. investigators have said that the girls have not been allowed back at school, due to safety concerns, and also detectives investigate, they say it has taken sometime because they have been looking at their social media accounts trying to get more of an understanding about the
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motive, although police said this was a dispute over a boy but that has been a big part of the investigation checking social media, twitter and all of the accounts that these persons of interests had here. police say they were expected to wrap up their investigation to today and we're hearing that charges could becoming as soon as today in this case as well. we are keeping an ear to the ground to this and we will let you know everything we find out when we get it. back to you. >> dave, thanks very much. amy's friend and family are hosting an event in her honor tonight called code blue a and it is featuring music, poet the try, q and a and food. the purpose toys provide a platform to talk about choices and consequences this will take place at seeds of greatness bible church in new castle delaware. montgomery county man facing up to 22 years in prison after authorities say he shot and killed a man during sunday's church services. officers escorted 46 year-old mark storms, in handcuffs to his arraignment yesterday afternoon.
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he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of the 27 year-old robert braxton. the prosecutors say that he gunned him down after an argument over a seat at keystone fellowship church in north wales. those who knew both families are now stunned. >> very sad for both families, very sad. >> it is surprising, both families are great. just no words. >> defense claims that storms acted in self-defense. he also, had been charged with reckless endangerment. a four year member of the philadelphia police department is turning himself into the internal affairs unit. prosecutors charged officer alex mcadams with burglary, trespassing and criminal mischief after more than six week investigation, police say mcadams took down a screen from his girlfriend's apartment and then broke in. once inside they say he took a personal item and then chased his girl friend outside. commissioner richard ross has suspended mcadams for 30 days, a after that, mcadams could
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get kicked off the force. a group of teenagers violently beat a man near temple university and it is all caught on camera. police say four black males between 16 and 19 attacked a man on the 1300 block of norris street on sunday. surveillance video got a good look at those teenagers who allegedly ran off with the victim's shirt, luckily 49 three-year old victim was not seriously hurt. if you recognize them you are asked to call police. authorities in burlington county new jersey are trying to find a man accused of trying to grab a young girl on the walking trail. investigators released this stretch yesterday. they say this person tried to get a hold of an 11 year-old's arm while she was walking ago long the big chief trail in medford township, this past saturday. police think the man is in his late 40's, 5-foot ten, if you recognize anyone matching this description, call the police. all right. draft day is in the books, at least day one, fans at chicke
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and pete's, hi, and committed at the news of the number two pick quarterback the with the winning record. he is carson wentz from north dakota state. they are hoping the gamble is worth the risk. second and third rounds of the nfl drafts are tonight and steve keeley will have much more coming up in a live report. 4:08. operation spring cleaning, only fox 29 is with police on the ground as they go after drug dealers in a local community. a man in the panic, walks in the tv station and says he has a bomb, what police found after a snipper shot him.
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you didn't just join us, our computer issues i think are resolved. we will see. quick glance at the weekend. saturday, should be mild, the better weather day of the weekend, a lot of cloud cover, a little bit of sunshine 64 degrees. sunday is our showery day 60 degrees and unfortunately the forecast has gotten worse for broad street run. we were hoping yesterday that the rain would hold off but it doesn't look like that will happen new with 50 degrees between seven and 8:00 o'clock and a 60 percent chance of showers, in fact it is 50/50 throughout the rest of the morning, i would say, plan on a rainy, broad street run with chilly temperatures in the 50's. sorry, about that. new we do have a lot of rain around, but it is just scattered, so far, and wide,
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that there is no place getting any heavy rain in our area right now. we have a lot of cloud cover, drizzly and drippy out there this morning. as we look at the future cast it the stays that way throughout the rest of the morning. you'll sometimes need the windshield wipers and umbrella but sometimes you won't. it will look partly cloudy once the sun comes up at 6:00. we will see more scattered showers through lunchtime, through the rest of the the day, and then towards evening is when we will see heavier rain, skirt go through, and it is with us through the very early hours of saturday but it does look like things will dry out. again, limited sunshine for saturday but generally a dry day and then we will head into the afternoon and evening and there is 4:00 in the morning on sunday when we see some rain, coming through and sunday could be a pretty rainy day with heavy downpours at times. not ideal for the weekend, but again, saturday is your dry weather day and that is day to
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go outside and like bob kelly will, i'm sure mow the lawn. temperatures in the 40's. he is not feeling well suddenly. throughout the region. we have a nor'easterly flow, keeping us cloudy that flow off the ocean keeps that moisture in the air, and average high of 69. we will look back through last seven days we were doing okay. we had 86 on tuesday and then we will plunge, the last few days in the the 50's and today will be as well, our friday fox cast has a high temperature of 53 degrees. it will be kind of cool, throughout the afternoon and evening, and we will probably dry out at some point overnight with the low in the 40's. that is your weather seven day forecast, still ahead, bob kelly will be checking traffic right now, so just kind of a damp roadways this morning. >> definitely damp. i need doans pills for your back there, after a big day. i don't know if i can do that lawn work. we have to put that off.
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good morning everybody. 4:13. this is 422 right here near oaks interchange this guy not having a good start to the morning. road are wet. we have already had three accidents in the last hour, one car accidents, spin outs, we had one on i-95, one on the vine expressway this one here on 422. we don't after lot of role but already three accidents, this morning. live look at the bennie coming into downtown philadelphia no problems at all. all of the road are wet. you have to use the wipers once or twice to clean the rain off the windshield and intermittently rolling in. weather delays, most likely for the morning rush hour if you are intend to go get out of town for the weekend or drop somebody off or pick up you'll check with the airlines before you do so as we get in the morning rush hour. 295, the crew did his not work through the construction zone here last night. all of the rain canceled all of that. you are still going to find the lane restrictions here over that delaware memorial
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bridge through the weekend as we work out of new jersey into delaware and they are closing the burlington bristol bridge from tomorrow morgue at 6:00 o'clock all the way through monday morning at 6:00 . we will need to get down to use the tacony palmyra or work your way up to the turnpike connection bridge and no matter which option you used here you will have to give yourself some extra time. keep in mind too if you go to an event, maybe a wedding or communion party and you use that burlington bristol give yourself extra time to navigate the detour. the again they are not working but they are shuffling the lanes on the 42 freeway working your way in to the walt whitman. the chris and lauren, back to you. draft night is over. we have number one pick heading our way to philadelphia eagles setting their sights on the rook friday north dakota steve keeley in olde city with the reaction to the draft, steve, good morning. >> reporter: he is heading our way. lauren wasn't teasing there.
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2:10 flight from chicago. we get to places early. we are 13 hours early from his welcome news conference here in philadelphia at 5:30 at eagles facility known as novacare facility. here he is last night as expected the number two pick in his nice jc penny suit we are told, part of his new endorsement deals. he had endorsement, tide detergents on his twitter accounts. here's what they said here and what he said there in chicago. >> little bit of brett favre, you know, that mentality, that aggressiveness that brett had and those are some of the skill sets i see in carson. i love quarterbacks that are willing to take a chance, take a calculated risk down the field, favre was that way. i see same characteristics in carson. >> i was a brett favre fan, i loved watching him play his warrior mentality. he was a gunslinger. he also had fun. he enjoyed the game.
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he enjoyed every moment. he didn't take it for granted. that is the type of player i am too. i'm flattered but i have a long way to go before idea serve that compare on. >> after 5:30 news conference perfectly time for him to attend the 20 year anniversary party at sugar house for good day staff and, lauren, chris murphy is the guy he needs to talk to a at that party because no one knows what we just heard about comparisons to favre and hall of famer better than murphy. murphy our number one draft choice a couple years ago fulfilling the role perfectly doing a six hour fill in. how are you fill in for a hall of famer like mike jerrick. murphy has done it, here in philadelphia a he need to pull aside and show him and tell him how it is done he will meet him one day. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. >> what did he say. >> i'll tell you later dozens of people are in jail after a series of drug raid in delaware county. darby boro police said officers arrested more than 80 people early yesterday
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morning. they say some are heroin dealers. they are calling the drug bust operation spring cleaning. the prosecutors are cracking down in other towns to stop drug dealers in their tracks. >> we will keep going have after you, and if you think you have a big gang, my gang is bigger than your gang. >> when you sell heroin, you are selling death. when you are selling heroin you are selling addiction. >> authorities from several delaware county police departments carried out the raid with help from the fbi, dea and u.s. marshals. a family in southwest philadelphia say they are not accepting the police department's apology for accidentally raiding their home. this happened wednesday morning in elmwood, police say they were looking for three robbers from a violent home invasion and thought that they went in the right home, on the 6,000 block of elmwood avenue. after raiding the home police confirmed none of the the family members inside are connect, in anyway, to the home invasion. lets take you all the way to cape may, a macing images from a coastguard rescue off the coast. take a look a 42-foot fishing
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boat collided with the tugboat and started sinking. the passengers were well prepared and abandoned the ship within ten minutes of the collision. crew from his cape may coastguard station rescued the three people from the life raft. nobody was hurt. charges were filed in the weekend tire slashing free, 54 year-old christopher nelson damaged 13 cars, on the 1700 block of christian street and graduate hospital on saturday. he is charged with 13 counts of the criminal mischief. no word on why he allegedly slashed all the tires. decks in delaware are looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself in public. take a close look the a the sketch of the suspect. police say he was touching himself and doing inappropriate stuff inside his car. this ways in the rose dale community parking lot. at alleged rick tim took a picture of the suspect's red car as he took off. if you have any information, call the police. a panda suit, a threat to bomb a tv station and police snipper all this playing out at our sister station in mar
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ran. investigators say a man in the panda costume walked in the fox 45 building yesterday in the a afternoon when he also haddon a surgical mask and a ready vice strapped to him. police say it appeared to be a bomb. they say he told the station he had a flash drive that had something on it that he wanted to air on that station. police say he even set his own koran fire before entering that building. his explosive vest turnout to be anything but. >> those devices, were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each other. there was also a small mother board and that mother board has been described asking something that you might see in a fire extinguisher that was also attached to this contraption. >> police snipper shot the man moment after he walk out of the building. he survived and is now in a baltimore hospital. for eagles fans, the wait is over, we have a new
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franchise quarterback and it is this guy carson wentz. much more on his arrival today and big introduction news conference straight ahead in sports but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning. no surprise in the nfl draft. eagles mortgaged part of the future to get carson wentz with the number two overall pick and guess what, they got him. the wentz went to north dakota a state, division one double a school, he won 2scs champion ships as a starter, huge arm, tough kid, the type of guy doug pederson was salivating over. he loved them so much he compared him to a legend. >> a little bit of brett favre, honestly, he has that mentality, aggressive ins that brett had and these or of the skill sets i see in carson. i love quarterback that are willing to take a chance, take a calculated risk down the field, favre was that way. i see a lot of the same characteristics in carson. phillies/nationals jonathan papelbon hates going against his old team, top of the ninth, cameron rupp with the deep two rupp rbi to right
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field. phillies win three to nothing sweeping the nationals. the that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. cam newton taking responsibility for his attitude during that infamous post super bowl news conference. >> the league's 2015 mvp said he let his family and friend down and he could have handled the situation better. do you remember this? >> unaudible. >> all right. i'm done. you heard him say it and then walk off right after carolina panthers lost to the denver broncos 24-ten. newton tells the magazine he had not had time to process the defeat when asked to take podium. he said he had to deal with the denver players celebrating in the same room. you could hear him listening to what was going on in the room. it was behind that wall, super bowl 50 there. newton stopped short of apologizing for walking out on
4:26 am
the media. right now newton is in charlotte for off season work out ape filming the final episodes of his nickelodeon television show. >> i'm sure he is nicely dressed because he always hadtive rent threads on. did you see, elliott yesterday. >> looking good. >> how about carson wentz you heard steve keeley talking about this yesterday on twitter, thank to you jc penny for my suit. he has all kind of deals. people are upset with carson wentz because every tweet he has is like, promoting products, already, he is cashing in. >> well, that is what pays the bills. we are following breaking news, a man shot three times whom police now has in custody. new details in the investigation of prince death, what police believes was on the plane with the music legend days before he his death and why that person could hold vital clues.
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officials in delaware expect to charge teenage first in the the bathroom beating of another girl who later died. days after a man is killed at sunday services, a member of the church is charged. what prosecutors say the victim flashed. and from north dakota to
4:30 am
philadelphia, carson wentz is bleeding eagles green. when the new quarterback is expect to arrive here in philadelphia. >> bring jc penny. good day everybody, friday, april 29th, 2016. sue serio has buddy dressed in philadelphia phillies outfit. >> because they won again yesterday, sue. >> they swept a pretty good team. >> yes, they did, the nationals, in washington which was cool but the people pleaser that i am i have put the eagles symbol there on the rain coat, yeah, i have been trying to make everybody happy all the time, anyway, you know, whatever you do, somebody will get upset. the rain coat is real key. wear rain coat here today and rain gear, temperatures are pretty much in the 40's at this point but they will probably inch in the 50's by the end of the morning and then stay there all day long. we are off to a chilly start this morning. the here's your radar picture, we have, just widely scattered showers, and it will take a
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while for this system to take us through this area and it looks like, it is just dripping around the region. the that is how we think it will stay the rest of the morning. 46 degrees right now with an 8-s your official sunrise time but this is a morning, unlike yesterday where we don't expect to see sun, to start the day. we have temperatures in the mid 40's just about every where. lower 40's in some places, so yes, definitely that chilliness out there and it business the same maybe cooler in spots then it was yesterday at this time. we have on shore flow off the ocean keeping us cloudy, keeping us damp so there is a lot of moisture in the a air and you could even run into some fog. i will check visability in a few. 54 degrees is all we expect for a a high temperature with on and off rain. we will stay cool. left over drizzle tonight, should be gone by tomorrow that rain but will come back before the the weekend is over. we will let you know coming up
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in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, it is friday. >> tgif and good morning, exactly 4:32, a live look at the 422 right here near saint gabriel's curve we have just cleared an only out of the way but we have had three, one car spin outs in the last hour and a half. even though we don't have heavy rain, everything is wet and damp from the rain we had overnight. live look at the boulevard heading southbound down toward the drive or the schuylkill expressway. nice and quiet. we will see weather delays a at least first out of the gate heading down to philly international for the morning check with the a airline. a bridge closure this weekend. they are closing burlington bristol from saturday tomorrow morning all the way through monday. you have to go all the way down route 130 there and come back over tacony palmyra and come backup i-95, that will throw probably erie will say half an hour into your trip or you can connect with the turnpike connection bridge which, of course, will come
4:33 am
with the toll if you want to use that option through the weekend. see mentioned we have broad street run here on sunday, keeping in mind you need to park at stadium area and then a free subway ride up to the starting line of broad and olney when you run back your cars is already here at the stadium. septa adding extra service and bus detours with that along that broad street run, which is on broad street. saturday we are proud sponsors of the ms walk which will take you to the martin luther king drive but is there also a regatta taking place on the kelly drive. jammo down here in the art museum all day tomorrow. chris and lauren, back to you. >> stay home. >> we have breaking news, out of frankford this morning a man was rush to the hospital after being shot three times at close range. the shooting happened around 12:30 last night on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. philadelphia police say man was shot once in the face in the the back and in the leg. he is currently in stable condition as the shooter
4:34 am
police say was a woman who is now in custody. wilmington police expect to make an arrest in the death of the teenager beater at her high school. >> at this port authorities focused on a few students involved in that fight, dave kinchen has the latest from the police department in wilmington, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. investigators say that charges are expect as early as today in the brutal beating death have of 16 year-old amy francis joyner. here's what we can tell you three female students at howard high school of technology in wilmington have been considered persons of interests in the deadly girls bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the world has week. investigators have said girls have not been allowed back in school due to safety concerns and detectives say they have been spending their time probing social media accounts trying to find out more about why this all happen. police said this attack seemed to be over an argument about a boy. we understand at least one person will be charged with the murder, and possible other
4:35 am
two can be charged as accomplices but we know police said they were going to wrap up their investigation today and again charges expected as early as today in this case. back to you. >> keep an eye on that thank you you for the very latest. montgomery county man faces up to 22 years in prison after authorities say he shot and killed a man during sunday church services, officers, escorting 46 year-old mark storms in handcuffs yesterday afternoon. he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of the 27 year-old robert braxton. the prosecutors say, that he fired two shots at the braxton during services at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. according to investigators it started over an argument turned into a fist fight and storms got a gun. those who know both families are now stunned. >> very sad for both families. very sad. >> it is surprising, both families are great, just no words. >> the defense claims that storms acted in self-defense.
4:36 am
he also has been charged with reckless endangerment. in new jersey, trenton police say they have arrested a guy dub the weed man after a two month investigation, along with the arrest of ed, police seized 19,000 dollars of marijuana and arrested ten other suspect drug dealers. mercer county narcotics task force confiscated heroin, cash and several vehicles. from north dakota to philadelphia carson wentz now bleeding eagles green when the new quarterback is expect to arrive here in philadelphia steve keeley will have a live report next. on this cushion for generations.
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new era for eagles is taking shape. >> the bird getting the rookie they had hoped for as number two pick. steve keeley now, what suit maker are you wearing? there is no suit this morning. because carson wentz tweeted out, can't wait to wear my new jc penny suit for draft night offer word to that effect? he has already got marketing going. >> reporter: he had tide detergent green colors thing on his twitter account instantly ready to go when eagles pick him up, he had animation going. they necessity how to make money. so were eagles. they were selling carson wentz jerseys instantly as well. they had their nfl shop home page trying to sell wentz
4:40 am
jerseys and they had a number one but will likely wear number 16789 all you people that bought tebow jerseys, just get your car son wentz nameplates. then i wondered what did they do with the number one garrett goff jersey they had just in case stand by if the rams had taken wentz. we are at novacare. you can see the gates that are familiar to your viewers. jason wentz will go through these gates for the first time today. he will leave chicago 2:00 some on a flight united if you want to greet him at the airport and scheduled to be here if the airlines hold up for all of the bad weather at 5:30 news conference. his welcome news conference here in philadelphia. and if you didn't see the draft last night here he he is in his jc penny suit. i will have more on this whole jc penny thing later when mr. fashion comes on mike jerrick because elliott stole the show last night dallas cowboys last night with his jc penny suit. anyhow, the comparisons to him
4:41 am
to brett favre already putting pressure, howard eskin said, last night on the young wentz. >> little bit of brett favre, honestly that mentality, he has that aggressiveness that brett had and those are some of the skill sets that i see in carson. i love quarterbacks that are willing to take a chance, you know, take a calculated risk down the field. favre was that way. i see the same characteristics in carson. >> growing up i was a favre fan. i loved watching him play. i loved his grittiness, warrior mentality. he was a gunslinger. biggest thing is he had fun. he enjoyed the game. he didn't take it for granted. that is the type of player i am too. i'm flattered by that but i have a long way to go before i tea serve that comparison. >> reporter: maybe only one in philadelphia that felt sorry for sam bradford and still may be traded, according to everybody at wip because lauren and chris, crowd was chanting we want wentz it right up the street here,
4:42 am
thousands going for a draft party every year. everybody was talking about wentz from the eagles standpoint and boy if bradford was watching tv and cheers here in philadelphia. you know he will get booed now because he doesn't want to be here and fans will hate him. >> bradford can cry all the way to the bank with all of his millions, i don't feel bad for him. >> steve, thanks very much. war of word, john boehner is unleashing on ted cruz and it is not in the good way. we will hear what he had to say next. >> i was shock.
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seek yell. blank ezekiel.
4:45 am
it looks like as we look ahead to what about 40,000 people signed up for broad street run on sunday and i think they will all get wet if the rain doesn't start by the race start time at 7:00 o'clock, then it will rain, during the race at some point. expect temperatures in the 50's. it will be cool but also, a little damp. keep that in mind. we have dampness around but not, any areas of heavy rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. drip here and there that is how it will be as bob kelly said earlier, intermittent windshield wiper kind of day. that is way it is yesterday morning. as we see a few areas of heavier rain, maybe by midday, your ride home today, little drippy, north and west of the city, as we tried to get last of the pesky system out of
4:46 am
here, hopefully in time for weekend but still raining out late tonight, into very early hours of the saturday. then we will see sunshine, here and there on saturday. but it does look like a dry day on saturday. our next system doesn't arrive until unfortunately as we mentioned sunday morning and it looks like there will be area of heavy rain as well, not only sunday morning but on and off throughout the afternoon, so plan your outdoor activities for saturday, if at all possible, i know you cannot help when broad street run is but it is when it is but we will talk about this ms walks as well over the weekend. little bit of fog around this morning, not much but a lot of moisture in the air and chilly temperature 46 degrees in philadelphia a lower 40's to the north of us, mid to upper 40's to the south of us, wind coming out of the north east increase ago this on shore flow keeping us cloudy. our average high is now 69 degrees. we have been well above average, since last week and
4:47 am
even into tuesday and then the chill came and then it stayed with us on wednesday and thursday and we will stay in the 50's once again today with double nickels for our high temperature of 55 degrees. we will get milder over the weekend after today's system coming through. we are talking mid 60's for saturday, lower 60's for sunday but with that rain rolling in on sunday and lingering in to monday. once we finally dry out though then we will get into a nice warming trend through middle of next week but we have a ms walk a at art museum on saturday, with a lieutenant of your fox 29 friend there and then sunday walk in pennsauken is when you, steve keeley might get wet, sorry about that. >> you said double nickels do you remember when they called tacony pal my yacht double nickel will bridge. >> that was even before my time. >> it was a nickel. then they raised to it 10 cents. they called it the double nickel.
4:48 am
>> yes. >> we're all laughing here. good morning, reminiscing there, live look, i read about it, i think. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, that is it. live look at 95, right here near broad street where roads are still wet but this is where the start and end lane will be for that broad street run. we will see volume out there on sunday morning for the run. weather delays at philly international most likely today but otherwise kind of quiet. we have had a couple of one car accidents this morning. the roads are wet, slippery from all that rain that we had. we will pull a that parachute cord boom, and slide on into where are we going, pen relays today through saturday at franklin field. just watch for extra volume exiting there at the schuylkill expressway. so a all of the folks in town for the relays welcome to philadelphia. we have a south philly jam tonight, pearl jam at 8:00 and then phillies across the street at 7:00. you will throw all that on top of our normal friday evening rush hour. so that will make things a
4:49 am
mess. we have talk about the ms walk a rare, a experience by steve keeley, out at cooper river park on sunday for the ms walk. he will be over there at registration that starts at 9:00 just off of the old airport circle and then watch for that one lane traffic pattern, construction here through the weekend coming across the delaware memorial bridge. mass transit looking good, chris, back over to you. let's talk politics, more fun every single day. on. h, my goodness. this guy does not like this guy and they are in the same party, grand old party, finger pointing really, has gotten intense. former house speaker john boehner, lashes out at g.o.p. presidential nominee ted cruz linking the presidential hopeful cruz to the devil. listen to this. >> lucifer in the flesh. i get along with almost everyone. but i have never work with a more miserable son of a
4:50 am
expletive in my life. >> wow. >> boehner spewing harsh word at texas senator during a recent speech at stanford university. it didn't take long for cruz to respond and fire back. >> he allowed his inner self to come out. interesting thing is i never worked with him. i have never work with john boehner. truth of the matter i don't know that. >> boehner was house speaker and ted cruz was on the senate side. john kasich has evidently pulled out of indiana to give ted cruz a better shot of blocking donald trump and cruz is withdrawing from mexico and oregon to give cause i can a boost in those states. donald trump says if he wins in indiana next week the g.o.p. race is just over. he is increasingly focusing on hillary clinton. bernie sanders on the democratic side, is an independent running for the democratic nominee has been campaigning in oregon. voters in indian, organo
4:51 am
owe indian, oregon, nebraska and washington they will head to the polls next tuesday. they are in the voting in india for our election here, last we checked. >> push for gender equality in the military just moved one step closer, house committee approved an amendment that requires women to register to the military, after the house arms services committee approved the measure wednesday. all american men between 18 and 26 years of age of to registered for the draft. women have been exempt because of past restrictions on their military service but pentagon dropped those restrictions this year. now the full house will take up that proposal. law enforcement sources say investigators in minneapolis are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose. >> the source tells associated press authorities are looking into whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs prior to his death. investigators also want to know if the doctor was on the plane that made an emergency landing in illinois, less than a week before prince died.
4:52 am
campbell soup is a announcing a huge policy how it will a affect families right here in our area.
4:53 am
4:54 am
welcome back. campbell soup company is making a big change and that will affect new customers. >> company just a announced a paternal leave policy, gender neutral package guaranties zero paid weeks off and to for secondary care giver after a birth or an adoption.
4:55 am
policy is flexible meaning human resources department has been instruct, to be opened to individual arrangements to meet these employees needs. some critics say more should be done. other like netflix, face back offer four weeks off for caregivers after birth or adoption of the child. wells fargo is offering paid parental leave for the first time starting on june 1. smart phones are just one of the today's marketing, but is your cell phone, killing your relationship. some experts say that the answer is, definitely, yes. >> well, nothing kills romance faster then pulling out those smart phones. according to research while there are many positives, there is a down side to those smart phones. not only do they dull real life interaction but they are invasive and demand more of our time. researchers found it didn't matter how much a person used their device but how much they needed their device. in other word people get jealous of their partner's smart phone.
4:56 am
study was done in the journal of psychology of popular media culture. >> you have been on a date and break out your phone across from the guy across the table, yes, it doesn't go well. what is the reaction. >> what is so important? a lot of stuff. >> is that what you say. >> what he is saying is who are you texting right now, what other guys. >> none ya. >> if you love to shop, then this next story is for you. >> macy's is clothing many stores and companies opening up more and more outlet stores including one right next week in our area. macy's backstage is opening up may sixth in the montgomery mall, located on the lower level, and it will be a store within a store. this will be the first macy's backstage in the state, outlet stores have shown to be more profitable for companies. that is always good news when you get lower the price tag. >> doesn't that under mine what they are doing in the front stage the backstage. >> in the front stage, if you have all these high prices and
4:57 am
a couple of shoppers and in the backstage you have lower prices and a lot more shoppers... >> you even things out. >> you should do marketing. >> i should one day. >> you are good at what you do now. >> thank you, you you are so kind. >> 4:57 this morning. arrest expect, officialness delaware are going to charge teenage girls in the bathroom beating of another girl who died. from north dakota to philadelphia carson wentz new bleeding eagles green, much more straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
5:00 am
man shot three times including once in a his, whom police say the attacker was. >> arrest looming in the death of the delaware teen whom authority are focusing on this morning. with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia a eagles select carson wentz. >> welcome to philadelphia carson. eagles take the north dakota quarterback in the first round of the craft, when he is expected to land, right here in our city. >> you knew it was coming. he walks out with the hat on. he is already all eagled up. thanks for being here. it is april 29th, 2016. april is almost gone. >> it is. >> it is finally friday, too. weekend is here. >> sue. >> um-hmm. >> april was a dubious distinction of end


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