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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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man shot three times including once in a his, whom police say the attacker was. >> arrest looming in the death of the delaware teen whom authority are focusing on this morning. with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia a eagles select carson wentz. >> welcome to philadelphia carson. eagles take the north dakota quarterback in the first round of the craft, when he is expected to land, right here in our city. >> you knew it was coming. he walks out with the hat on. he is already all eagled up. thanks for being here. it is april 29th, 2016. april is almost gone. >> it is. >> it is finally friday, too. weekend is here. >> sue. >> um-hmm. >> april was a dubious distinction of ending with
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some crummy weather. >> some call it the cruelest month, some say it is shakespeare or something but i don't know, it is one of those where we had snow at some point during the month, do you remember that happened. then rain, very chilly. i almost wore my winter coat. we have five out of ten. bus stop buddy has his rain gear. here's our ultimate doppler radar picture. notice in upstate new york, there is ally will bit of frozen precipitation. it could be worse. keep that in mine. it is very damp andtoriesly outside and there nor heavy downpours showing up on ultimate doppler radar. that is how it will stay for the rest of the morning. is there our chilly 47 degrees right the now in the city, 10 miles an hour wind. 80 percent relative humidity and sunrise at 6:03. 46 degrees in allentown, 45 in trenton, and 47 in a atlantic city and dover, this morning, chilly, chilly, every where
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with that flow off the ocean, northeasterly wind, keeping us cloudy and cool, and visibility, we will check that for you you. it looks like it is foggy in southern new jersey around millville, atlantic city and wildwood. not too bad anywhere else with the fog. you can get a shower anytime touring the day today basically, 54 degrees. i heard i. he is talking and talking and talking and it is seven credit 54. your sunset time, at least this ear i have not lost the hearing. this one, i don't know. >> she here's everything she's a mom. even upstairs, three blocks away. >> we're dad we don't hear anything. we have selective hearing as we call it. 5:02. yep, it is friday. we are giddy and happier than the other four days of the week. harbison avenue northeast philadelphia, everything is wet and damp from all that rain.
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you have to use wipers once or twice as you roll out of the driveway. so far so good on 422, turnpike looking good up and down that northeast extension. we have a bridge closure coming for the weekend, they are closing the burlington bristol bridge and tomorrow morning through monday morning. if you have soccer, baseball, t ball, wedding, any affair to go back and forth across the river give yourself extra time. you have to go down to the tacony palmyra or up to the turnpike connection bridge. of course that will come with the toll as well. they are still working in that construction zone along the delaware memorial bridge. left lane is going to remain block through the weekend. we have haven't had any delays during the week but today is a friday through the weekend we are certainly going to have extra volume heading down over the delaware memorial. so give yourself some extra time. later on we have penn relays taking over franklin field.
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that event runs through tomorrow, so expect some extra jams on that schuylkill expressway, chris and lauren, back over to you. developing news out of frankford a man was rush to the hospital after being shot three times at close range. that shooting happened around 2:30 last night on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. philadelphia police say man was shot once in the face, back and leg. he is currently in stable condition. shooter police say was a woman in custody. wilmington police expected to make an arrest in the death of the teenager brutally beaten at the her high school. >> authorities focusing on a few students involve in the fight. dave kinchen with the latest from the police department, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are here at wilmington police department waiting for the latest suspect to come down here. we to know charges could be filed as early as today in the beating that killed 16 year-old amy francis joyner. three high school students of the howard high school of technology in wilmington have been considered persons of
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interest in the deadly girls bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the country and really the world last week. investigators have said that the girls have in the been allowed back in school due to security concerns. they have been interviewed by police and detectives searched their social media accounts. police have said that the attack was over an argument about a boy and investigators checking social media to find out more about a motive here. police say they expected to wrap up their investigation today and we're hearing that at least one person could be charged with the actual murder and perhaps other two charged as accomplishes but charges expect at some point as early as today, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thanks very much. do you want to play football. >> let's do it. >> high hopes for eagles fans as we have a new quarterback for the future. >> bird said we will go to north dakota, steve keeley and bring him to philadelphia. >> it will be carson wentz.
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>> reporter: can i point something out? the guy i'm with, mvp on this team is chris fox behind the camera. he and i got a sign to cover demarco murray's arrival here in philadelphia he got learjet at the atlantic aviation. carson wentz, the future franchise quarterback allegedly, flying commercial on united, from chicago. he is on his way here. he leaves there supposedly at 2:10 p.m., gets here through gates of the novacare complex and holds his first philadelphia news conference at 5:30. if you missed it last night because you were working or sleeping here's a little of nfl network's coverage of when fans erupted on paterson avenue and you'll see that at the novacare and link where the fans all gathered to watch the draft together by the thousands. >> the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz,
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quarterback, north dakota state. unaudible. >> all of the excitement, i talked about a number of guys in that organization. there is a lot of excitement. i'm fired up. they are fired up. i'm ready to go to work. >> reporter: ladies, he is a single guy. his only immediate family a three-year old golden retriever named henley. maybe somebody will ask him if he is named after don henley of the eagles. a little inside scoop on his pet good that works, don henry of the eagles. >> that is kind of cool, right. a golden retriever is cool and name henry is cool too. >> steve keeley, thanks very much.
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5:07. a montgomery county man faces 22 years in prison after authorities say he shot and killed a man during sunday church services. >> officers escorted 46 year-old mark storms in handcuffs, yesterday afternoon. he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of 27 year-old, robert braxton. prosecutors say that he gunned town braxton after an argument over a seat at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. those who know both families are stunned. >> very a sad for both families, very sad. >> it is surprising, both families are great, and just no words. >> the defense claims that storms acted in self-defense. he has been charged with reckless endangerment. a family in southwest philadelphia say they are not accepting police department's apology for accidentally raiding their home this happened wednesday morning in elmwood. police say they were looking for three robbers from a violent home invasion and thought they went in the home on sixth thousand block of elmwood avenue, one by one,
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three brothers were taken outside by police. one says he has never been arrested and he had no clue what to do. >> i was then outside, sitting on the ground, he put handcuffs on me. he said get all the way on the ground. he kick me and my shoulder, and my shoulder scraped the ground when i fell on the ground. i never got arrested before. >> after raiding the home police confirmed none of the family members was connected in anyway to that earlier home invasion. police admit they made a mistake and they a will guyed but say they were acting in good faith trying to solve a violent crime. four year member of the philadelphia police department turned himself in the internal affairs unit. prosecutors have charged officer alex mcadams with burglary, trespassing and criminal mischief after a more than six week investigation, police say mcadams took down a screen from the window of his girl friend's apartment and then broke in. once inside they say he took personal items and chased his girl friend outside.
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commissioner richard ross has suspended mcadams for 30 days, after that he could get kicked off the force. authorities in burlington county, new jersey trying to find the man accused of trying to grab a young girl on the walking trail? investigators released this sketch, they say this man tried to get a hold of an 11 year-old's arm as she was walk ago long big chief trail in medford township this past saturday. police say the man is in his late 40's and 5-foot ten. if you you recognize him call police. >> this one is bizarre, a panda suit, threat to bomb a tv station and police snipper, all playing out at our sister station in maryland. investigators say a man in the panda costume walked into fox 45's building yesterday afternoon. he haddon a surgical mask and they had a ready vice strapped to him that police say appeared to be a bomb. he told station he had a flash drive that had something on it, he wanted that station to air. police say he even set his own koran fire before entering the building.
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the his explosive vest turnout to be anything but. >> those devices were actually check late candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. there was a small mother board and that mother board has been described as something that you might see in a fire extinguisher that was also attached to this contraption. >> police snipper shot the man moments after he walk out of that building. he survived. he is now in the the baltimore hospital. still ahead operation spring cleaning, number of people police take down as they go after drug dealers in a local community. investigation in the the death of the the music icon has taken a criminal turn whom police may have their eye on right now.
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lightening hit two planes, over western lon on. it happened yesterday evening, it is that little bright bit in the middle have the screen. aircraft are built, but passengers only experience loud bangs and flash of the light. according to the bbc one belonged to the british airways, other to iceland air. >> anytime i see weather, i do not want to fly. i know these planes are built for this kind of thing but darn it, your flight out today, we have more weather, is that right, eventually. >> but we don't expect
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lightening so that is good. that happened on tuesday with those strong thunderstorms coming through. we are in the the cool mode with damp, cool day and below average temperatures in our weather future. the jet stream is draped over us but we were on the cool side. we were in the 80's on tuesday and that is last warm day we have seen. things will get better, tomorrow, but for day it is very damp, and just called it on twitter, drippy on this morning. we do have some green showing up there on ultimate doppler radar but not a whole lot. we have a future cast with cloud cover, and occasional drips, and drabs all the way around but the heavier rain rolls in the after noon and that means just pockets of showers here and thereafter a lunchtime and throughout the evening rush, but again, in the a big deal. we will see heavier rain, unfortunately on sunday but, the rain continues through about midnight, one or 2:00 in the morning and then we
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expected to see a dry daytime on the saturday. that will be your better weather day of the weekend of the two. that will be perfect because you went see much sunshine if any at all, and then the rain rolls rolls in on sunday morning. so we have got the rain throughout the rest of the morning, pretty much, throughout the rest of the day. maybe by evening it is gone but there is a chance that rain will linger into monday. visibility is reduced in southern new jersey and southern delaware is where we are seeing any kind of fog and it is not thick fog but chilly. we will feel that walking out the door today. forty-seven in the city. forty-two in mount pocono. forty-six in millville. wind coming out of the northeast. that is what we call an on shore flow it keeps us cloudy and cool. for today just like yesterday, and the day before, we do not expect temperatures to get out of the 50's, it is fabulous 50's i guess, it is friday but that is our high 55 degrees.
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it does get better, on at saturday with a high of 64. we will gain ten and we will take it. it is in the lower 60's on sunday when we do expect that rain. the two ms walks bob kelly, better weather is definitely on saturday at the art museum in philadelphia a and then sunday, where there is a lot of suburban walks. >> this weekend is prime walk season walk/run season. there is so many going on all across our area live look at i-95. we have little rain drops on our camera lens. i-95 near highland avenue. light volume so far this morning. we've got a disable north bound on 309 right here near church road not that far from the pennsylvania turnpike. otherwise we're good to go rolling up and out of the west chester heading in towards malvern and king of prussia we have a race begins violence, chester county a's 5k that takes place saturday morning right there in the heart of the west chester and sue mentioned ms walk in
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philadelphia along, kicks off at art museum steps and goes out martin luther king drive, same time we have a regatta inn a few other walks taking place on the kelly side of the river. lots of stuff on saturday and bet of those drivers will be closed to vehicle traffic. everyone will be using that other side road through town the schuylkill expressway. give yourself plenty of extra time on those early morning walks with everyone going to them we will have jams this sunday and rare appearance by steve keeley getting up early for the ms walk over at cooper river park on sunday morning over there in south jersey. chris and lauren, back to you. dozens of people are in jail this morning after a series of drug raid in delaware county. darby boro police say a task force of officers arrested more than 80 people yesterday morning, some heroin dealers. they are calling it operation spring cleaning. prosecutors say their cracking down in other towns as well to
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stop drug dealers in their tracks. >> we will keep coming at you. if you think you have i big gang my gang is bigger than your gang. >> when you sell heroin you are selling death. when you are selling heroin you are selling addiction. >> authorities from several delaware county police departments carried out raid with the help of the fbi, dea and u.s. marshals. trenton police say they have arrested the guy dubbed the weed man after two month investigation with the arrest of ed foracan, police seized 19,000 dollars worth of marijuana and arrested ten other suspect drug dealers. the mercer county narcotics drug force confiscated heroin, cash and several vehicles. >> a law enforcement source is saying investigators in minneapolis is looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose. source tells the associated press the authorities are looking into whether a doctor was prescribing him drugs prior to his death. investigators want to know if the doctor was on the plane that made an emergency landing in illinois less than a week
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before prince died. turning to you decide 2016 coverage. grand old party has been so much to report on this year. how about the latest. yes, former house speaker john boehner is describing fellow republican ted cruz, as the devil. considering boehner a's time with the so-called establishment wing of the party that may or may not hurt cruz presidential chances. the it came during a town hall in stanford, university. boehner called cruz quote lucifer in the flesh. i have never quote work with a more miserable sob. well, while campaigning in indiana cruz fired back and said boehner was letting his inner trump coming out. >> john boehner and his remarks described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. if you want somebody as a texting and golfing buddy, if you are happy john boehner speaker of the house and you
5:21 am
want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your way. >> unified party. cruz also says he has never worked with john boehner and he has only met him two or three times in his life. next up in sports phillies wrap up against the nationals, the play in the ninth inning that had them walk ago away with the sweep. carson wentz is new you addition to the eagles roster how he plans to hit the ground running when he land in philadelphia. >> just win, baby. with that said winning lottery numbers. they say that in life,
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through mercedes-benz financial services. good morning i'm sean bell. carson wentz welcome to philadelphia eagles trade up to get this guy and they got him. a strong armed big quarterback that really none of us really necessary about. he went to north dakota state, a division one, double a school but he was a winner there won 2scs championships but once he got to the combine his stock rose and doug pederson was in love with the kid. he remind him of brett favre, expectations aside, wentz is ready to work. >> he is a competitor, a guy compassionate, hardest worker out there i will go there and
5:25 am
earn the respect of my teammates and they will see a leader a and guy who knows what is going on. i will be first one in, last one out and i will compete my tail off and hopefully win a lot of ballgames. to baseball phillies/nationals, jonathan papelbon hates playing his own team. top of the ninth, cameron rupp with the deep, two run rbi to right field, phillies win three to nothing. sweeping the nationals. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. so great to see papelbon get beaten up by phillies. he is such a jerk when he played here. history made in the nfl draft. >> for only second time in back to back years quarterbacks were chosen number one and number two in the draft. first pick of the draft jared goff and as sean bell mentioned eagles took north dakota's carson wentz. last year jameis wins exton was drafted and then marcus mariota a went second overall. >> only other team this has happened in the last 50 years was in 1998/1999.
5:26 am
payton manning and ryan lief leave were the first two picks. year later in 1999, tim couch and a guy named donovan mcname went one and two overall. >> was it 1999. >> yeah, long time ago, right. >> wow. >> time flies when you are having fun. >> we hope you have a fun, successful season this year. >> better than seven-nine, how about that. >> dramatic pictures from a rescue off the coast of cape may how quick thinking may have saved some passengers lives when they collided with a tugboat both. >> plus at 5:26 arrests are looming in the death of the delaware teen who who authorities are focusing on.
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developing overnight, a man is shot three times including once in the face. plus arrests are looping in the death of the delaware teen. whom authorities are focusing in on. >> eagles have a new quarterback. the bird take north to cota quarterback carson wentz in the first round of the draft, where he is expected to land here in philadelphia. i presume the at the airport. when, more importantly, when he will be at the nova a care center. good day it is friday, april 2,920th, 16. sue serio standing by on the commercial breaks we go on social media i look on there
5:30 am
and jerome ingram said hey, good morning, bob, sue, chris, and lauren, you look real tired. >> what is this guy's name. >> jerome. >> this just in, we get up a at 2:00 in the morning so this is friday, this is five straight days of getting up 2:00 in the morning. >> good morning good everyone looks tired at that hour. come on, dude. >> are you sure you weren't looking at me, jerome, tired and cranky. when you combine the two. >> five out of the ten today, weather by the numbers. we have got chilly temperatures, 40's, maybe 50 or two but generally it is just cool, and it is drippy. it is in the really raining hard anywhere, in our viewing area but it is, drippy, a little breezy. breeze out of the north east at 10 miles an hour. 47 degrees is our current
5:31 am
temperature with 80 percent relative humidity. still damp. 6:03 is your sunrise time. checking other temperatures a chilly 42 in mount pocono, reading and trenton. mid 40's. wilmington only 45 degrees. forty-six in dover. wind are generally calm to around 10 miles an hour. but that does not mean we don't see fog. we have reduced visibility in millville, atlantic city about a half a a mile. not any thick fog, but just damp. we will stay in the mid four's throughout the morning and then inch in the 50's by lunchtime. fifty-four will be your high temperatures with clouds and showers around all take long do we get rid of this in time for the weekend? we will let you know coming up. >> another good one i like when they meet new person you look so thin in person. does that mean i look fat on tv. good morning, everybody. suck it in when i turn sideways on the green screen,
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there you go. >> you are out of breath your whole traffic report. 5:31 on a friday morning. good morning, live lot bennie, up and over in downtown, everything is wet. we have had three or , 41 car spin out this is morning. not really big accidents but example of the on and off ramps are wet and damp this morning. here's 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike still a left over flare there from an earlier disable. otherwise we're good to go speedometer readings in the 50's at blue route, i-95 and schuylkill expressway but get ready for a bridge close another the burlington bristol bridge shutting down tomorrow morning through monday morning, all with weekend construction. they will throw a loop in your plans, taking the kids to travel soccer or baseball, maybe going to a wedding over the weekend you have to go down 130 to the tacony palmyra bridge and use i-95 to work your way back up or use that
5:33 am
turnpike connection bridge. penn relays will lays it up today and tomorrow, down here at franklin feel. we had big delays here, all of the exit, we have got south, university, 30th, also coming in through neighborhoods there along baltimore pike market street. so just expect that extra volume. it will be a rough friday night. we have a lot of events, two big ones in south philadelphia, pearl jam at wells fargo center and across the street the phillies game plus our normal friday evening rush hour, chris and lauren back over to you. a man was rush to the hospital after being shot three times in close range, shooting happened around 12:30 on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. philadelphia police say man was shot once in the the face in his back and his leg. he is currently in stable condition as the shooter police say was a woman who is new custody. arrests are looming this is death of the delaware teen beaten inside a bait room at her high school. >> authorities focused their investigation on a few students involved in this fight. dave kinchen a at wilmington
5:34 am
police department with the very latest, dave. >> reporter: chris and lauren good morning. we are keeping a close eye on this, investigators say charges could be filed as early as today in the have savage beat ago this killed 16 year-old amy francis joyner. three female students at howard high school of technology in wilmington have been considered persons of interest in this deadly girls bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the country and world last week. investigators had said that the girls had in the been allowed back into school because of security concerns and detective have been searching the social media accounts trying to get more on a motive in this case. police had said that the attack was over an argument about a boy, cops say that they were expecting to wrap up their investigation today and again we're hearing charges could be filed as early as today, back to you. a group of teenagers violently beat a man near temple university and it is
5:35 am
all caught on camera. >> police say four black males between age of 16 and 19 attacked a man on the 1300 block of norris street on sunday. surveillance video got a good look of the teens who allegedly ran off with the victim's shirt. the 49 three-year old victim was not hurt. if you recognize them you are asked to call police. meantime charges file in the weekend tire slashing, police say 54 year old christopher nelson damage 13 cars, on the 1700 block of christian street in the graduate hospital area on saturday and charged with 13 counts of criminal mischief. no word why he would company that. detective in delaware are looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself in the public, take a close look at a the sketch on the suspect. police say he was master bathing inside his car, in the rose hill community center parking lot in new castle. the alleged victim took a picture of the suspect's red car as he fled. if you have any information, call police.
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that is michael mccreed i, of course, guitar player with the band cold jam. they will play second of the
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two shows tonight. i hate when i talk when music was on. they crank it up. >> you have tickets? >> who thinks i have tickets, anyone. >> you listen to this stuff don't you want to go. >> no. >> sold out show again. >> on monday, world health organization will hold an emergency meet to go deciding whether or not mosquito born zika virus is a international healthy mergecy. >> the illness transcended through infected mosquitoes is linked to birth defects and neurological problems in babies. there have been some case is here in the u.s. but all from people hoff have traveled to the infect areas and come back with this. the affected areas are mostly central and south america, cdc recommend pregnant woman consider postponing travel to those areas. there is new numbers on the nation's birthrate and it is some good news, governmental statistics reveal birth of three or more babies
5:40 am
at won have fallen by 40 percent since 1998 and birthrate a monk african-american teenagers is at a all time low, also birthrates who have dropped 50 . researchers credit better access to contraception for that decline. >> 5:40. lets turn tour favorite subject. >> money, money, money. >> in your money big ruling against america's biggest on line retail their could put cash in your pocket. >> federal judge said amazon must give refunds to parents for the virtual stuff their kids bought with real money while playing games on amazon apps. amazon has put more patrols on those apps. new court needs to decide exactly how much refund parent will get. in word yet on when that money should arrive. target is going robotics, retail giant testing out robots to track inventory on store shelves. robot called tally can roll autonomously around the score
5:41 am
standing products to determine if they have been misplaced, misplaced or low on stock. the one week trial will at one of the stores in san francisco but unclear whether the company will expand tests in all stores. >> be honest with me, lauren, so you go shopping. like lets say at target. you will buy something. you walk all the way up near front and say blah, blah. do you go back to the giant box store and replace it where you got it or do you ditch it in the clothing aisle. >> i tell cash register i do not want this i change my mind. >> may is your month, subway is your restaurant. sandwich chain says during month of may if you buy a sub before 9:00 in the morning you will get a free 6-inch breakfast sandwich of your choice as part of the breakfast buy one get one campaign. you can take advantage of this deal every day in may at participating locations. >> still ahead, a a new quarterback is coming to town, big daddy graham joins us to let us know if he thinks the future looks bright for the
5:42 am
birds. >> big daddy gram.
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coastguard releasing pictures from a rescue off the coast of cape may yesterday. 42-foot fishing both collided with the tugboat and started sinking. >> the pass eveningers were well prepared and abandoned ship within ten minutes of the collision. crew from his cape may coastguard station rescued three people from the life raft. nobody was hurt. similar scene playing out off the coast of texas two. men were missing at sea for
5:45 am
two days. they were rescued on wednesday. their boat capsized two days before on they survived by clinging ton oil platforms. they spotted men on the final search of the area one more trip, and then we are he done searching. chopper was low on fuel and rescue crew necessity they didn't have much time. >> i just happened to see the guy waving his shirt at us, and make it another night. i'm glad i find you two. typically not a fortunate outcome. >> one man wasn't wearing a life jacket and said he stayed alive by using a cooler, on which to float. the men are in the hospital in stable condition. >> scary stuff. >> all right sue how is weather for this weekend. >> well, it is half and half. if you count weekend as being saturday and sunday. sunday not the good half. that is the day of the 10 miles, broad street run. now the race itself starts at eight. 7:00 is when folks a sem many
5:46 am
and they have a stretching thing at central high school. so that is about 50 degrees and then there is a 60 percent chance of the shower. the let's just say a at some point, it is a long race you will get rained on unfortunately on sunday. now today it is hit or miss. we have a few showers in cape may county. a few you north ape west of the city, drizzling every where elsewhere it continues throughout the rest of the morning. some heavier showers will roll in the afternoon as we try to get rid of the system by tomorrow, it looks like north and west especially you could have a rainy evening rush hour and then still raining around midnight tonight into about 2:00 in the morning. then things dry out after that. we have a decent day but just not a lot of sunshine. it will be in the mid 60's. we're milder. then around midnight here comes another wet are system this one with heavier rain it looks like it will be with us not only in the morning but all day and chance of thunderstorms on sunday.
5:47 am
so even through 4:00 o'clock in the a afternoon we still have rain that could linger into monday as well. as far as visibility reduced in lancaster county around millville, new jersey we have reduced visibility. no heavy thick fog out there but very damp, 47 degrees in the city. forty-two mount pocono. forty-six in dover, delaware. everybody in the the 40's. wind coming out of the northeast keeping us cloudy a and on the cool side. we sure did will cool off this week from a peak of 86 degrees on tuesday to the mid 50's on wednesday and yesterday, 53 our high today, and then mid 60's to lower 60's on sunday, still some rain on monday but then things start to improve. by next week we have sunshine on tuesday, wednesday and part of the thursday with temperatures going back down in the 70's. so yeah, kind of cool, dam top day bob kelly but at least it is friday. >> it will be a good nap day i think. >> oh, yeah. >> you know we're tired when
5:48 am
at 5:47 we are already thinking about our nap later in the day. good morning everybody. we are up and add many, it is friday, tgif we made the almost to the end of the week here. we have been live with what is left on the schuylkill and montgomery drive. everything is wet and damp. we have a couple of one car spin outs so be careful rolling out of the driveway coming in the city and 42 freeway, and you can see tarps, you see it, and that is a sign that all of the construction last night was rained out, so we're all to a good start, this morning, and as we head in the major. and, between 95 and schuylkill, 18 minute trip there. in problems to speak of. now tomorrow, busy day. we have ms walk along many events on the art museum steps. ms walk will begin on the art museum. we're proud sponsor here at fox 29. you will go out martin
5:49 am
lieutenant are king drive, flip it around and come back in. a few other walks that will originate on the steps as well, and then we have two regattas on the river and they will take over the kelly drive. so both drives will be closed, to vehicle traffic tomorrow and that puts everybody on to the schuylkill expressway. so, in matter which event you are going to or maybe coming in the city and passing on through you will have extra volume. sunday we have the ms walk, on the cooper river park banks here in the river. registration opens up at 9:00. there will be a rare a persons by steve keeley over there at coupe are river park, ms walk and also on sunday the broad street run. just remember you you park at the stadium area for free and then we all cram in the subway, and take that subway ride to broad and olney and then when you race on back to pick your car up, septa has extra service and, of course, all of the buses will be on detour along the route as well. the chris and lauren back over
5:50 am
to you. >> you know eagles have finally pick their guy, quarterback carson wentz. >> lets get to big daddy graham here to talk about the pick. >> you know what, we had to stop talking about what we gave up to get him. he is here. i like the guy. is he everything he said in last night press conferences. nothing looks that exciting but he deliver tonight a different fashion. he like the pick. you have to have a franchise quarterback. is he going to be that? i have in idea. you have no idea. nobody out there watching has any idea but you have to roll role the dice and i think eagles mailed the right move. >> super smart guy in college valedictorian in college. >> i like him better than goff and i do like him better than goff. >> why do you like him better than goff he is taller, more
5:51 am
physical, more of the pocket quarterback. the knock is he didn't play anybody because he is in the a division one football player. >> do you think he fits in with the new plan that doug pederson is creating. >> i don't know yet because people are forgetting this has never been a head coach. so we're not exactly sure what that plan is yet. i don't think doug pederson knows. he has an idea but now he has to do it. >> dave hakstol the coach of the flyers, never coached in the nhl and took them to the playoffs. >> that is in the saying pederson will do a bad job but if you asked me about the flyers coach before the season started i would have said the same thing. i don't know. paxson lynch went to denver, why is that perfect to eagles fans because that has been a rumored stop for sam bradford. >> so where is bradford going to go now. >> i predict that he wasn't going to be an eagle by the time the draft was over this weekend. the only place for him to go
5:52 am
is the jets and i think eagles at the this point would take a third round pick maybe just a fourth round pick for him. i do which is why chase daniel is here in town. >> can we have a photo of laremi continuesill, that video cost him 7.3 million-dollar. 7-pint three million-dollar. >> by the way, plus the flag over him. >> what is the back story. >> someone hack his twitter account. >> everybody always say they are hacked but when somebody comes out that you weren't expect to go come out. >> gifted athlete would have gone much higher. >> he was project to go number one for the longest time, he ended up going 13th. it is 7.3 million. i don't think he would have ended up number within but he wouldn't have went down to 13. >> text messages with his
5:53 am
coach at ole miss about getting paid. >> yes good megan, said i have to mention phillies which i don't mine doing. >> this is fun. >> it is fun. this cameron upright here, really misplaced here but we will take it. >> especially on jonathan papelbon. >> big daddy thank you for keeping an eye on that for us and go eagles. >> through go. >> have a great weekend. >> still ahead military members finally laid to rest we will take you inside the ceremony, nine military veterans.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
it was all part of the 23rd ceremony for mission of honor in new jersey. yesterday, leaders of several veterans organizations were in attendance for the services. nine veterans that served during world war two and korean war were laid to rest with full military honors at veterans memorial cemetery in wrightstown. >> my brothers a and sisters, the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon any deceased american veteran is that of a formal burial, in full military difficulties plane. >> since it was established in 2009, the new jersey mission of honor, has laid to rest
5:57 am
more than 135 veterans to rest at that cemetery. next up arrests looming in the death of the delaware teen, whom authorities are focusing on. the new eagle coming to town, good morning, welcome carson wentz. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
5:58 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. with the second pick of the 2016, nfl draft, the
6:00 am
philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> yeah, he went from fargo to philadelphia a, welcome to philadelphia carson wentz. the eagles pick that north dakota state quarterback with the second pick in the nfl draft. he will land in philadelphia a soon. three girls will be arrested anytime now in delaware, yes, arrests are looming in the death of the delaware teen beaten up at her high school. and back to that sunday church service, look at this, from a fist fight to gunfire, a church usher is now charged with killing another member of the congregation what prosecutors say the man flashed just before the shots were fired. good day, everyone it is april . the last day of our 20 year celebration. >> oh, no. >> does its have to end. >> i will miss the door. not. >> we will have people coming through the final good we have big plans for that door next


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