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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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from north to coat, to philadelphia. carson wentz now bleeding eagles green instead of the north dakota state green. when the new quarterback is expected to arrive here in philadelphia it will be today. charges looming in the death of the delaware teen. new details. what we are learning about the case. a new turn in the death of prince. did he over dose. it looks like that. who police think was on the plane, days before he died. draft day scandal did this video almost cost a player a spot in the nfl?
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the hacking nightmare this morning or what he is called a hacking nightmare. >> listen, you have to take a hit if you go to the nfl. >> oh, nice. >> yeah. >> today is final day of the 20th anniversary celebration and we have a bunch of major guests coming through our door. >> do we have to keep looking at that, it is so weird. >> we will explain why he wears a gas mask, or maybe we won't. anyway, so my favorite number is 11. >> yes. >> so carson, that is his number, number 11. >> really. >> is that what he will be. >> yes. >> i think tim tebow was 11. >> right. >> so that jersey was available. >> keep that jersey. >> we should do our duct tape. >> wentz over your tebow. >> yes. >> so what do you have in honor of our new quarterback. >> i have a gift for you. >> thank you. >> for today and today only. it is a.
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off the charge. >> an 11. >> turn it up to 11. >> do you want to see the real number. >> yeah. >> it is not enclose. >> it is pretty yucky out there. it is five out of ten. chilly start. bus stop buddy is still smiling. we have a phillies cap on him because they beat the nationals. it is drizzling, damp out there, on and off showers all morning and probably the rest of the day, a little breezy, 47 degrees right now in philadelphia, and we will in the get much warmer then that. we have only 41 in mount pocono. 47 degrees in atlantic city. forty-seven in dover as well. high of 54, mostly cloudy skies, scatter showers throughout the day and night. it will be drizzling going out tonight. make sure bob kelly, you dress appropriately for our party. >> i have a brand new hefty bag ready to go. i just have to cut the holes in it and all set. that is how we did tonight grade school.
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good morning. hello to the curve, the conshohocken curve we have headlights on, everything is still damp from all that rain last night but we're starting to pick up volume in both directions here, jammo on the bennie coming into downtown. where is everybody going so early on a friday, stacked and pack already coming into downtown. we have an accident on i-95 in wilmington southbound just south of route 202, and we will get a bridge closure coming all weekend long, this saturday morning, tomorrow morning, through monday morning, we will close the burlington bristol bridge. this will throw everybody for a loop that maybe you have the kids, doing traveling, soccer or baseball and maybe a wedding or an affair over the weekend. you have to go all the way down to the tacony palmyra or turnpike connection bridge. that will throw an extra half an hour say in your trip time, so keep that in mind through the weekend. and with the weather, this morning we could have minor weather delays checking in with the airline before you head down to the airport, mike and alex, back over to you.
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developing this morning, i am pend ago rest in the death of the delaware teen brutally beaten a at her high school. authorities are honing in on three students. >> yeah, three female students, davis on tonight wilmington, dave. >> reporter: that is right this can happen at anytime today here at the wilmington police department. that is where investigators have been working on all of this. we're hearing charges could be filed at some point today in the savage beat ago this killed 16 year-old amy francis joyner. three female students at howard high school of technology in wilmington have been considered persons of the interest in the deadly girls bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the world last week. people are still coming to terms with it in many ways. up investigators say the girls have not the been allowed back in school since the incident happened due to safety concerns. they have been interviewed by investigators several times we're told and detectives searched their social media accounts, that police chief says that is one part that is going to take a little bit longer. police say the attack was
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motivated over an argument about a boy but they have had to spend more time checking social media to see if there is anything else at play in all of this we're also hearing that at least one of the girls could be charged with the murder itself while the other two are facing charges and accomplishes but that could change also, again some point this will happen today. police have said they expect to wrap up their investigation today. we are waiting for a time to see what happens here. >> also word now that the girls didn't just use their fist and hands and used pencils and pens, stabbing going on as well. >> thanks, dave. we will, a man was rush to the hospital after being shot three times at close range. it happened 12:30 this morning on the 4700 block of frankford avenue here in philadelphia police say the man was shot once in the face, his back, and his legs, but he is in stable condition. he will pull through. the shooter, a woman is in jail. coming up at 7:06.
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high hopes for eagles fans the draft gets into full swing. >> eagles management setting their sights on a winning quarterback they believe from north dakota state university. >> he can teach, steve keeley, as we believe. >> we believe. >> you have been looking at research since the draft started. whenever you have two quarterbacks drafted first and second pick only one is successful. the let's hope is wentz. >> 50/50 chance here. >> reporter: it is usually number one guy of the two drafts because it was rick meyer number two and ryan lief leave as the other number two as i recall. donovan mcnabb was number two in between number one tim couch who was a bust for the browns and a key lie smith who was a bust for bengals. there goes my they are bye number two. two, number two's were bad. our number two was good. maybe we have a streaking. in the meantime carson wentz, media starting line up. we were first in line. that is always g carson wentz on his way to novacare but
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flying commercial despite demarco murray getting a private learjet to pick him up in dallas when he came here. for carson wentz, and he won't complain, he is on united, leaving the at 2:10. the his first philadelphia news conference here at neff a care scheduled if united is on time and they are never on time, 59:30 today. here's what he said yesterday after getting picked by the eagles and boy, was he happy. >> it was surreal. it went quick. it wases so cool. getting that phone call, talking to everybody in the the organization, hearing how excited they are and knowing what happened for them to get to this spot where they had to get to take me to know that they believe in me that much, it is exciting to walk out on that stage and everything. it is just cool. >> talking about carson and talking about a blue collar quarterback. this guy has incredible work ethic. he has, incredible passion. he fits in the personality of this city, and you see that when he plays, he play was
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that passion. he takes kind of the city and team on its back. that is what he will do the minute he steps in here and it is infect us. >> reporter: i instantly like carson went when he was proud to say he was going to wear his jc penny suit, no top designers for him. the old comedian used to say he had a french designer. but carson wentz despite great looking jc penny suit was not the fashion statement of the night. trending on twitter, on the red carpet, if you missed it, here's the dallas cowboys number one pick ezekiel elliott who had his crop top jerseys during the season at ohio state and kept the theme going last night. >> still much more to come here as we continue to walk down the red carpet. ezekiel elliott has come down red carpet and check it out, that is trending nationwide. >> half back, half shirt. >> too early to seek advice. >> no, it is no the. >> great look for ezekiel
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elliott. >> mike you were always jumping on fashion trend. i know you will be dressing tonight but i see a theme on this, but look. >> look at this. >> all right, that is it. >> here you go. >> wow. >> he cut his off. >> he didn't just roll his up. >> that is so legitimate. >> he has a show on under there. >> he has been that way for years. >> but now we have to go in the news conference press conference with other reporters. >> yes. >> by the way, did you notice this whitpain township in blue bell already has a wentz run park. >> look at that, that was fast. >> they put it together overnight. it has always been there. >> but they were really excited about someone everyone to know, if you want to celebrate went, come to our park. nfl comes with pain sometimes right, lauren. >> that is right. great job steve keeley. the montgomery county man
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facing 22 year in prison after authorities say he shot and killed a man during sunday church services. officers escorting 46 year-old mark storms in handcuffs yesterday afternoon. he hads been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of the 27 year-old robert braxton. prosecutors say he gunned town braxton after an argument over seating at keystone fellowship church in north wales. those who know both families every stunned. >> very sad for both families. very sad. >> it is surprising. both families are great. just no word. >> reporter: lawyers claim their client acted in self-defense. he has also been charged with reckless endangerment. dozens of people in jail after a series of drug raid in delaware county. darby boro police say a task force arrested 80 people in the early hours of yesterday morning. they say some are heroin dealers. they are calling the drug bust operation spring cleaning. prosecutors say they are cracking down in other towns as well to stop drug dealers in their tracks.
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>> we will keep going after you, but if you think you have a big gang, my gang is bigger than your gang. >> when you sell heroin, you are selling death. when you are selling heroin, you are selling addiction. >> authorities from several delaware county police departments carried out raid with the help of the fbi, deo and u is. marshals. chief robert smyth will join to us talk about the raid. in new jersey trenton police after rested the guy dubbed the weed man after a two month investigation a long with the arrest of ed foraton, police seized 19,000 dollars worth of marijuana and arrested ten other suspect drug dealers. mercer county narcotics task force confiscated, heroin cash and several vehicles, mike and alex. >> 7:11. law enforcement sources now saying investigators in minneapolis are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose. the source tells the associated press that authorities are also looking into whether or not a doctor was prescribing him drugs prior to his death. investigators also want to know if the doctor was on the
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plane the made a an emergency landing in illinois less than a week before prince died. a lot more information will be coming out there. 7:12. lets get a check of the the weather with sue, can we call it weather, i want to call it an 11 because wentz is coming. >> you you can call it anything you want but it is really not going to be true. actually tomorrow looks better than today. we are expecting mostly cloudy skies, main a tiny bit of sunshine and a high temperature of 36 degrees. today we don't expect to get out of the 60's and sunday, well, that is the day when he we have showers in the forecast, so that is a quick look ahead the at your weekend, and here's a look what is happening right now, on ultimate doppler radar we have plenty of rain, but it is just not heavy rain. you you can see it throughout chester county. couple showers in philadelphia as well. have the rain gear nearby even though it is not going to rain a lot this rain will be with
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us on and off throughout the rest of the kay, so keep that in mind, for your friday, high of 54. for saturday high of 63. mostly cloudy skies as we said, sunday is that rain will extend into monday and then we will dry out by tuesday of next week. it looks like we will start to get milder as well, bob kelly with temperatures finally returning to the 70's, by wednesday and thursday. apart from a perfect week but we will have have to to it anyway. we're looking live at the intersection obviate -- of, eighth and vine, traffic lights are all out of whack. they are either out of step or they are not cycling the way they should be. if you look at the folks stuck in the intersection. this is causing a major backup coming in on the ben franklin bridge. if anybody from the streets
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department up this early maybe can go out and hit reset button on that intersection there, we would greatly appreciate that. here's a live look, hello downingtown, 30 bypass, we've got to see some rain. wipers on headlights are on and roads are wet there. we still got some scattered showers rolling through this morning. accident south on i-95 right in the heart of the wilmington at 202. lays them up get your black converse and let's go, penn relays at franklin field and that will leave some jammos coming you've of south street, university, a lot of folks in tone so there is shut buses yesterday from center sit the eye, to hotels, taking folks over to the field. you'll see that again today. if you are watching us and in town, welcome to philadelphia tomorrow we have the ms walk which takes you out to martin lieutenant are king drive. then there is a regatta that takes over the kelly drive so jammo on the river all day tomorrow, mike and alex, back over to you.
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>> let's talk about the phillies. come on, what a sweep. >> they are almost the hottest team in baseball, phillies sweep the nationals. this was a big moment of the night to seal the deal, top of the ninth inning, bases loaded, cameron comes through with the deep right to right feel. bryce harper could not handle it. jonathan papelbon gave him a side eye. phillies win, they shut him out two nights in a row. nationals one of the best teams in the the major league. the last night they beat them three to nothing. so last night who is our guy, carson wentz. >> number 11, folks. >> a guy that probably should have gone number six in the draft ended up goinging 13th or 14th. here's the moment that laramy continuesillies announced, select 13th in the first round. he breathes out there. >> he shakes his head. drafted by miami dolphins.
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why is he breathing a sigh of relief because he probably should have been drafted sixth or seventh. why did he slip so far down alex? >> well, it is because of this video right here. >> oh, no. >> he admits that is him sucking on a bombing with a a gas mask on to enhance the quality of the hit. he admits it is him, this was released how many minutes before the draft. >> less than 16 minutes before the draft. it looks like he is trying to say something, occupied. >> at a party there, stars and bars are interesting. where did he go to sealed. >> ole mess. >> he admits this was him and came from his twitter account and quickly deleted afterward. he says his twitter handle was hack. >> might have been, why he ever post that minutes before the draft? it knocked him from probably sixth to the 13th. >> how much monday would i that have cost him.
7:17 am
>> according to my research, last year difference between first draft and number six and person drafted number 13 was more than seven million-dollar. seven million-dollar. >> well, i hope that bong hit was worth it. >> laramy. >> roll the eagles... >> with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select, carson wentz, quarterback north dakota state. >> carson wentz now a philadelphia eagles from fargo, to philly. apparently he has a all of the tools, a huge arm, big, athletic, tough, the type of guy doug pederson our coach was really craze -- craving.
7:18 am
>> i haven't done the whole bet yet. >> slow down. >> someone must be excited to be who are. >> first of all our guest has to get behind the door, that is one thing. just kidding. i like headlines, i like ate lot from fargo to philly. now he is from bismarck, the state capitol but he played at fargo north dakota state university. will this be a bicentennial. i'm moving. i don't want to see my crouch. thank you. i don't have abs like steve. philadelphia inquirer, wentz went number one. >> yes. >> daily news, wentz and for all, since 1999, we have a number two draft pick as a quarterback. >> here's the scary one for him, better be good, kid. >> that is the thing, we were just talking about this with two quarterbacks drafted first and second pick only one,
7:19 am
history show, goes on to be successful h will it be. >> how about this head line, hello wentz, like, hello, carson. >> what was the one i said, here's carson. >> carson. >> how about that one. >> log on this morning he said it was played out. >> yes. >> something about is wentz or something. >> he wentz present north dakota. >> yes. >> bradford got it, because he told me it wasn't funny. brett favre, really? >> okay. >> don't go back there. >> this year. the door bell ran g. >> now we are ready to abs it. >> i bet our guest will be talking about the eagles. >> let's hope so. >> look it is eagles announcer merrill reese, welcome to the show. >> hi mike, hi will alex, how are you. >> have you been practicing how to say, carson wentz.
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>> carson wentz, carson wentz, carson wentz throwing a touchdown. it is a great day in philadelphia it is a great day for eagles fans. they are excite that had carson wentz will be arriving later today, they are all set to boo him. >> here's the thing, everyone talking about demarco murray. he came here in the private jet. he is flying united. >> the guy is from north dakota, this is greatest thing that has come out of north dakota since... >> my gosh. >> okay. >> i already messed it up because his father was senior wentz. >> merrill, great to see you. >> we will see you this fall. >> that sound this fantastic. i will see you later today. >> thank you, merrill. >> that was pretty cool. >> bye. >> you get to slam the door on his face, really.
7:21 am
>> he is back he is still there. >> you are wearing sneakers. >> this door will not close. >> we need to start, it is coming off at the top. >> it is falling a part. >> we need suggestions what to do with this door, it is final day. this is it. >> 7:21. we have more guests, more fun coming on. >> forget the age 65 when you are supposed to retire. that is changing. how working longer will keep awe live longer. we will tell you why. i mean dozens of arrests, close to a hundred happening yesterday morning at this very hour, taking some big time drug dealers off the street, fox is only tv station that was there we will be joined by the police chief who oversaw the whole operation.
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let me tell you a quick story about my dad. he had forced retirement at 65, dead by 81. he was sick, immediately.
7:25 am
lauren says there is a correlation, maybe we should not retire at 65. >> we should keep working. >> yes, apparently retirement can kill you. this is results of a survey from oregon state. kind of shocking. i was trying to think why, if you retire early, you lessen your longevity. i think going to work every day keeps your mine active, gives you a sense of purpose. yes, there is stress, that is not good but that is you have been working for decade and you are used to it. these are the numbers from the survey. if you work one year past 65 and you are healthy, you have a 11 percent lower mortality rate. if you are unhealth that i goes down to 9 percent. so clearly you you are living longer if you are working longer. about 23 years ago i was in long island at nanny and pop pop's house. he said he was retiring. my nanny said, oh, no, i have to hang out with you have single day.
7:26 am
24/7. at the time i was so sad, i said, now i get it. i get it. get to work, live longer, stop stressing out. >> nobody wants to do pool aerobics, all right. nobody wants to do that, water a robe i cans. >> a lot of times you try to find something to do, sitting there, doing nothing. >> a lot of retirees are taking jobs that you would normally associate with teenagers, and they need, the income in some cases but it is also something that they can do. get them out, stay active. >> you have to do that. another thing that i'm sure your grandmother was saying they invented viagra a. >> yeah. >> that would be something to do. >> that would give you something to do. maybe you don't want to do it. >> i'm ready to go, you know what i mean. >> have have a great weekend. >> you too. >> okay. >> from the campaign trail to the basketball court did you see this presidential
7:27 am
candidate bernie sanders showing off his b-ball skills. but is he the next michael jordan. >> you be the judge. >> lets not get out of control. >> have you heard of the abu-jamal guru. >> he is in town. >> unbelievable. >> eight pack, i can't wait to see it. >> you will see it because it is going down. i have pick a fight with the guru of abs. i said they are pretty. >> they are sexy. >> the man has zero confidence issues. zero confidence issues, he will help us look pretty, get pretty for memorial day.
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phillies won last night. temperatures are in the 40's. we will see the showers around this morning as we zoom into ultimate doppler raid are a. you can see a few, drips and a few heavier showers, actually closer to the city. we have a breeze out of the north east. we have 48 degrees right now. that is pretty chilly. you can see it even chillier in mount pocono at 41, 44 in pottstown. forty-eight in dover delaware. forty-seven in atlantic city. that is what it feels like when you walk out the door this morning. we will see a peak of sunshine we will see a lot today. it is cloudy, dreary with a high temperature around.
7:31 am
54 degrees. same place we have been the past two days, bob kelly, it does improve over the weekend. that forecast is coming up. >> good morning. 7:31. tgif, what a hot mess we have here. traffic lights are out of step at seventh or eighth and vine which is that first traffic light you come to coming over ben franklin let's go for a ride. sky fox over the scene of the mess. typically on a friday morning, light volume coming in the city. however, you throw in the traffic light problem and then look at this, we are live over the bridge where we have all four lanes stacked and packed, from the new jersey side, into philadelphia. again, typically friday morning's are light but not this morning. so if you are getting ready to leave the house, typically use ben franklin, really cool shot there, hovering over in skies fox. everybody in the carries
7:32 am
wishing they had sky fox to get them over the bridge this morning. lets go back to the map camera because not only do we have that jam but it is stack from the new jersey side. so use whitman, betsy, tacony and avoid bennie for morning rush hour. penn relays will stack them into franklin field all throughout today and tomorrow. we will that have extra volume and south philadelphia jam tonight, both pearl jam and the phillies taking over the stadium area. that of course will impact our evening rush hour. i just check with the airport even though we have weather issues no issues on arrivals and departures. mike, back to you. >> pearl jam jammo. twenty-four hours ago right now darby boro was crawling with cops. authorities calling it operation spring cleaning, early morning raid end up with dozens, almost a hundred suspect drug dealers, drug buyers and handcuffs. police say some of them push heroin labels, purple rain, back to the future was another name. only our dave schratwieser was there the on the ground
7:33 am
with the police. >> reporter: more than 180 police officers from across delaware county, philadelphia and septa took part in the massive raids. fbi agents, dea and u.s. marshals were also on hand as they busted more than 80 suspects. they brought 2,000 packets of the heroin, under cover, seized an assault weapon. >> we will keep going a after you. if you think you have a big gang my gang is bigger than your gang. >> the kid are dying. you can take our streets back. >> reporter: as police helicopter hovered overhead, police raided this home on the 1100 block of chestnut. police say they purchased $13,000 in heroin from this suspected street corner dealer. >> when you sell heroin you are selling death, when you are selling heroin you are selling addiction. >> well, the the leader of this big gang, darby boro police chief robert smyth. good to sigh. >> good morning. >> you were suited up with the
7:34 am
rest have the of the guys and ladies. >> yes. >> you have to be careful out there. >> how do you keep it quiet, you know what i mean? you go in there 5:30 yesterday morning in force. how do you keep it quiet. >> it is very hard. even the boro council didn't know what was going on until it happened in the morning. it takes a lot of time, a lot of patients. i have really good people that put it together and when you reach out to philadelphia, and all of the other departments in the county, everybody is kind of together. >> you had almost 200 law enforcement personnel, where did you get them. >> got them from u.s. marshals, dea, fbi, septa, all of the department in delaware county and i hope i don't forget anybody here. we had 180 police officers. people come together. heroin is a scourge that is really a affecting all ages,
7:35 am
and. >> it is an epidemic. >> it is an epidemic. something has to happen. we know that. this was an attempt and everybody knew it, this send a clear message that we will not tolerate it. >> get out of our town. >> absolutely. >> it is dangerous work. nobody got hurt, right. >> nobody got hurt. >> but you can get killed, they can come out firing at you. >> one job in chester when the guys got inside the house, the suspect had a gun in his hand but he drop it right away. that could have happen. these are all street sales, and all sales good are they users ordealers. >> these are all dealers. >> all dealers. >> your gang is bigger than their gang, i guess it is a message to the law abiding citizens to the community. what was their reaction, thank you's. >> yes, we have got a lot of positive things from the community, people want to be able to live in their house.
7:36 am
they want to sit on the step. they want to go cook on a barbecue. they don't want this. there are areas where they have tried to take over. we took one that was almost a whole block out. those people can walk around and feel safe and they need to know they can feel safe. if we have to do it again we will keep pressure up. >> you know they will just come back. what if they come back you will come back. >> we are not leaving. >> are you more concern about the drugs or the heavy weapons >> you pick up a lot of heavy weapons. >> absolutely, the drug dealers are where the violence comes from. so absolutely. we have people that are train. we have special tactical units that can hand that will. >> anytime you have an operation of this too size, sometimes mistakes are made. apparently you busted in a house that was a mistake. awe pol guyed with them. >> i met with that lady yesterday afternoon.
7:37 am
she was a very nice women. she absolutely, we made a mistake. her children were really afraid. i have made arrangements for her and the kids to come in the police station. we will take them for a tour. we will show them what police are all about. i will have one of my officers assigned and we will have a relationship with her. >> bring them back here too if they want to see a tv station. >> she would be happy to do that. very nice woman and very into her children. >> will you replace her door. >> i have made arrangements. >> we're getting rid of our door. >> that door looks better than hers. >> nobody wants that on front of the their house. >> thanks for having me. >> keep at it. bernie sanders hit the basketball court on the campaign trail, showing off, i'm guessing basketball skills. it didn't go well. he should stick to politics. gave it a try. save you some green.
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whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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♪ bring me a higher love yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. 7:40. let's talk politics. kind of in a way bernie sanders taking sometime off the campaign trail.
7:41 am
this is still campaigning though. to show off, well, can i say basketball skills. >> i guess so. >> basketball attempts. >> per cue university, really campaigning in the state of indiana. he looked rusty at first but did manage to hit a few shots. >> it is the form. >> yeah. >> lets lose a little bit. >> okay. >> hold on. is that our door bell. >> okay. >> you better go get it. >> could it be, what? excuse my body. >> senator sanders. >> look who it is. >> hello. >> it is an honor to have you on our show. >> good morning, it is great to be here, by the way, my basketball proes, i made six shots before that, but the vice-president, it is free basketball for everyone. it is not a ring it is a hoop
7:42 am
for goodness sake. >> you should dribble before you shoot. >> coming out of the side of my mouth you just can't see it. >> how long have you you been practicing, it looks like you could use time in the gym. >> i'm tired alex, so dam tire. on the road for months. this is killing me. >> why don't you just quit. >> i may but before that i will get free health care, future wigs to our children and you know who will pay it, man sitting next to you in the cubicle, your next door neighbor, everything for free. >> bernie, i am going to tell on you. mike seems to be fascinated with your hand. he said they are extremely large. >> very large hand, bigger than donald trump and my trousers are bigger too. >> i got them for free. >> senator, sorry what happened to you here in pennsylvania. >> why, i didn't pay to get in there. >> it wasn't enclose. >> it wasn't close but it will be fine next election. i don't even know where i am. america is land of opportunity, vote for me and
7:43 am
thinks your opportunity to get everything for free. >> senator we will see you next month in the convention. >> i doubt it. >> what a guy. >> i doubt it. >> you were fascinated with his hand. >> we will take a quick break. we have more guests coming, final day of the door. >> i doubt it thanks for coming today. i want each of you to grab a 2x8 and cut it.
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good morning, everybody. hold on, i'll put the light on, boom. ben franklin bridge, jammo, coming to downtown all because of the defective traffic lights here, at eighth and vine. look at this tweet, they said they need a couple of the dancing traffic cops, to lift peoples spirits because no one is in a good mood by the time they come into philadelphia a we are jammed solid from the jersey side, look at this, ben franklin all four lanes bumper to bumper. friday mornings are always the light morning of the entire week. so folks this is hitting them like a stale bagel coming through the toll place, probably taking well over a half an hour to work their way in to downtown philadelphia a couple of dancing cops, maybe a streets department crew to hit the reset button on the traffic lights would be appreciated. we have penn relays, down here at franklin field today and
7:47 am
tomorrow. we will see extra volume exiting at university south street and at 30th street. the south philadelphia jammo jam with pearl jam tonight, pearl jam at 8:00, phillies at 7:05. both events packing in south philadelphia a i know septa is add strag services on the broad street subway and market frankford line. a lot of outdoor events this weekend, and is the rain holding off? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. less than perfect for this weekend. we're still today on the cool side of the jet stream, it is damp, cool day, below average temperatures and past two days we expect more of the same, today, very drizzly out there, and a few areas where we have seen heavier showers, delaware county it looks like here an
7:48 am
lane caster county and spot i showers and drizzle that will doesn't even show up on radar in between. so future cast has cloud cover and the occasional showers on and off the rest of the day to day, we will go in the evening hours, yes, it is still raining and may be raining when we have our big party at sugar house casino. hopefully you are registered for that. we will look forward to meeting you tonight. we have time to dry off. saturday looks like a dry day with cloud cover and sunshine here and there. not a whole lot of sunshine but you we don't expect it to rain at least not until sunday when the heavy rain rolled in and then by seven or 8:00 in the morning, 1:00 o'clock we could see a few pop up thunderstorms along with heavy downpours. late morgue early afternoon is worst of it. let summarize that. we have temperatures in the 40's. we will get up to 54 degrees today, maybe a rain delay tonight with the phillies
7:49 am
game, they play indians this weekend. saturday looks good. sunday another rain delay is possible. 62 degrees. monday, more rain but then we will dry out, and mike and alex we are back in the 07's in the middle will to next week. >> we are about to meet on the art museum steps a guy by the name of desean johnson the guru of abs. but like us magazine, who wears their abu-jamals -- desean here or our own steve keeley who showed off his abs today, dropping the lower third. there you go. >> i don't know. pretty good. >> i think guru have of abs has competition right here in philadelphia. >> jen, what is your vote. >> my vote is guru because it freaks me out that steve keeley has those abs. good morning, guru, i'm not worthy. >> yes you are. >> you call that bull steve keeley but you do this steve
7:50 am
keeley. >> for what he is doing for his age he has my respect he is hundred years old but he does is drink shakes that is in the real. >> if he drinks shakes, he has no choice but to have nothing in your stomach and your abs will show. >> here's another reason why you are my new guru. you say i can have have a little wine. >> yes. >> and still have abs. >> as long as you have have high water in take because wine, or alcoholic drink of sugar contend and cause to you retain water to prevent that make sure you stay hydrated and drink water. >> you have a i class tonight at 8:00. >> tonight fitness, with this guy tyrick and tomorrow night,. >> in the morning at 9:00 a.m. they can find fur if they e-mail me you are telling me i'm's doing this and getting abs that look like you you. >> they are doing standing abs which is safees way to work your abs without getting down on the ground. they are working their lower abs by ice heating it, side bend which is very simple by
7:51 am
controlling and using their own body weight which is toning and defining. if you use weight you can bulk it up. right now they are toning and defining it. >> now we will get to the nitty-gritty. guru. >> now we will get to the upper abs. >> thirty days before memorial day. >> thirty days. >> i'm ready to show what i have but i would like less to show. you say i can have have wine but not prime. because carbs, refined carbs bloat your stomach. eat as lean as possible. >> no hamburgers. >> no hamburgers, takes too long to digest. >> and can we see your abs live on tv. >> my goodness. >> they are there. >> you need a little bit of weight too to get like that. >> a little bit of weight, working with your abs, but doing standing ab exercises tones and defines, what i called cardio on your abs that you you can do anytime
7:52 am
anywhere. >> so, you first started to take pictures of yourself and first posting them on instagram. >> it is called my business. >> i am a business. >> see that is me. >> you said, everybody should say it, you love being a ambassador but you are a trainer but when you saw this you made t-shirts. >> yes. >> got a nice outfit bob i. >> that is good. >> you don't make your children do this but you have them eat healthy. >> kid, they do what they are follow their parents. my kids do it as exercise but i also let them live because you they are kid. they to work out like this kentucky can go out and eat what they want as a treat but i tell them what they can and cannot eat as they get older. >> you are a hand om guy. the abs are here. >> yes. >> do you see that, good bye. >> see you later. >> we have to get to this
7:53 am
breaking news car fire happening right now here at elmer, new jersey. they just put it out. fast work by them. this is new jersey route 77 near gar son road. more when we come back. >> look the at electricity pole it is down.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
all right. awe file hundreds present 8:00 r fire. this looks like it started as a auto accident, a car slamming in the pole, as you can tell the pole came down on the car. the car burst into flames. fire fighters got there quickly, thinks new jersey route 77 there, gar son road. get something really bad information out of this, bad news, we will get that to you as soon as we get that all confirm. horrible accident there in new jersey in elmer. 7:56. law enforcement sources say investigators in minneapolis say they are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose. >> doctor mike, it gets worse every day.
7:57 am
>> yeah. >> what is he hooked on percocet. >> that is what we think. it is all speculation. percocet is a narcotic, a painkiller, it is given by prescription. this is all kinds of intrigue, was there a doctor on the plane? but it comes down to this, from what i have read, prince had significant hip pain and knee pain from jumping on stages and doing all kind of things. but he was a very clean living kind of guy. he was a vegan. but, because he was afraid of blood traps fusions he had pain, started to take percocet. now, the percocet kills, and narcotic kill pain, prescription medicines, kill about 14,000 people a year. it is an embarrassment. i want to know if there was a doctor on that plane. because this is not cool. it has got to stop, folks. percocet prescription use kills people, and any kind of narcotic is a problem, unless you absolutely need it and you
7:58 am
need to take it control your dose. >> why percocet, prescribed so much in this country. anytime someone has surgery, what are you on, percocet. >> look, there was a time, back several decade ago where we were mandate todd make sure that people were not in pain. lots of people have pain. they need to be treated. the problem is that these kinds of narcotics become addictive and they have to be monitored. you cannot the just give people nature the cot innings, long, after their surgery, because it can kill them. >> what is the cue to make sure you recognize this. i am still in pain i need it. >> here's the thing, if i take the time as a physician, to say hey look, alex, you're need ago lot of perk sets lately, let's have a talk about this. let's have a contract about how much you you will take. you really need to take it a year later. forget it. >> there is a a celebrity.
7:59 am
>> i take care of some vip people and i treat them just like i do everybody else. they get critical care that is sound and based on science not because they are a vip. >> it remind you of michael jackson. >> yes. >> pitfalls that happen with that. >> yesterday my phone blew up on twitter and facebook about this spanking study that came out. >> yeah. >> spanking, not good. >> no. >> in fact, there is no good outcome from spanking, this new research that looked over decade and deck dade of science, found that there was no good outcome, increased risk of substance abuse, defying, all kind of mental health problems. don't do it. 85 percent of parents do. there are times when my wife and i want to go into the woods and have a -- >> don't strike your child. >> when will that debate ever end. a couple days ago i got a tweet, why is doctor mike when we had karaoke day choose moon
8:00 am
river. do you remember when doctor mike sang moon river. >> ♪ moon river, wider than a mile. ♪ >> it sounded like someone was getting a colonoscopy. >> i'm's a big fan of any williams. my inspiration was the following. this is one of my patients, i got permission to show this. this is one of my patients. >> roll the tape. >> moon river, thanks, doctor. you ever serve time. >> breeze easy. >> so you are down below chevy giving him a rectal contact exam. >> very important part of the examination. >> there you go. there he is. >> see, that is what is needed right there. >> boom. >> moon river. >> yes. >> i had a patient do that
8:01 am
once. >> i love you. >> see you tonight. tonight at the big party. >> yes. >> hey, it is friday april 29th, here we go. arrest any minute, charges are looming in the death of the delaware teen, beaten in her high school bathroom. disturbing details that we are now learning. with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> car somebody wentz is an eagle, when we will see him in his new hometown plus players that stole the carpet on the red carpet. will ferrell as ronald reagan. the comedian will play the former president on the big screen. but, reagan's on own sonnies so decision he is spitting mad. we will tell you why.
8:02 am
>> quincy harris tackles a famous 0-mile run. but can he make it to the finish before the show end. >> quincy is going to run it live on our air, from now until 10:00 o'clock this morning. can he do 10 miles in 2 miles. we will check it the out. we have breaking news out of new jersey and it is sad news, bob. >> good morning, everybody. the lets go back to sky fox over the scene of this nasty accident. that police have now confirmed, has turned fatal, a one vehicle crash, that left the roadway and struck a telephone pole and that pole cracked in half, felon top of the vehicles ape both pole and vehicle burst into flames. police told us they have confirmed, at least one person, killed in this accident here. this is along route 77 and gar
8:03 am
ison road in elmer, new jersey there is the accident scene right there just off of route 40 just outside of franklinville and woodstown. there are some local detours this morning. inn a, sky fox will be over the scene and bring you back more details that become available. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge just a mess this morning, all because of the traffic lights that are out of step in the philadelphia side of the bridge. right at eighth and vine. now what is troubling, it has been this way for over a hour and a half now. i don't know why we just can't hit the reset button but we are jammed solid from south jersey up and over. pick another bridge, whitman or betsy if you are work going your way in to downtown for the rest of that morning rush hour but sue,. >> do you know if they have traffic cops there. >> they don't have traffic police there yet and i wish they did because what is happening on the other side is folks are trying to squeeze
8:04 am
through the intersection, they block the intersection, and the guys cannot come other way, it is bedlam, down there, so we will try to get sky fox backup over and take a different look. but at least it the is not raining. >> that is true. >> that may be saying because we're even more because i know there is a lot of those going on in every single vehicle on that bridge. we only have a five out of ten today, how chilly it is, and cloudy and chilly, and bus stop buddy is smiling, phillies are on a nice roll there and eagles draft last night trying to pay tribute to all of that. as we look on ultimate doppler we will see a few showers and maybe a few heavier showers moving into the western part of the viewing area. we have seen a little bit of rain in philadelphia this morning. 48 degrees right now, and to the north of us, it is chillier with 42 in mount pocono. forty-seven in millville. and heading to the mid 50's today with clouds, showers, around, and pretty much mike and alex, all day long.
8:05 am
>> 8:04. >> this should be happening any hour a rests are looming in the death of the tenth grader viciously beaten in the high school bathroom. >> we have been covering this all week but they expect to have charges and arrests happen by end of this week. today is friday. dave, do you have an update for us. >> reporter: we are continuing to watch this. no exact movement yet here but we are here at wilmington police department where officials a say charges could be filed as early as today in the savage beat ago this killed 16 year-old amy francis joyner. three female students at howard high school of technology in wilmington have been considered persons of interest in this case all week. persons of interest in the deadly girls bathroom assault that sent shock waves around the world last week. investigators have said that the girls have have not been allowed back at school since this all happened due to safety concerns. they have been interviewed several times. detectives combing through their social media accounts. police say the attack was over an argument about a boy. police expect their investigation to be wrapped up today and again we're hearing
8:06 am
one person to be charged with the murder, perhaps two others as accomplices but that could change we are waiting for something to happen at some point today. >> heavy charge. >> all right. >> 8:06. >> let us know when hear. >> new era for eagles is taking shape and, well new quarterback in town. >> gunslinger in town his name is carson, he is carson wentz and is there steve, look at mize abs, keeley. >> steve ezekiel he will the yot. >> one of the best things you have ever done, it will go viral across this country, a brave man. >> mike, eagles wanted carson daily but he wouldn't let him out of the deal so he got carson wentz. we are showing you the nova a care gates because it is pouring now and hopefully it clears but if it doesn't this guy is used to north dakota weather. he is no the in town just yet. the poor guy had to fly commercial despite the fact when demarco murray getting a
8:07 am
private learjet. do you remember they took him in and landed here. they will make carson wentz get a septa token too. 2:10 is his flight leaving chicago. hopefully everything is on time. 5:30 right in the middle of the newscast is when we are supposed to see his first philadelphia news conference. here's a little bit of his first philadelphia eagles news conference in chicago last night after being pick and asked how cool that a team wanted you so bad despite having two great quarterbacks already, two veterans quarterback former number one overall they traded draft picks just to get you. >> it is awesome. for one i know in my brief time with the philadelphia eagles staff, just a bunch of awesome guys. the obviously it is a great place for a young quarterback to go learn with the knowledge that they have there. like you said, to know that they believed in me that much to go up, it is exciting and i'm looking forward to it. >> when you get a chance to meet him, in the building, one
8:08 am
on one, his tea meaner his aggressiveness and willingness to learn, sharp kid, really was a very attractive pick and good fit for us. >> couple of tweets they sent out because on the street coincidently yesterday, wonder if is there a sense of pride on wentz street up in olney. i tweeted this. suddenly wentz street signs and eagles green coincidently looked like a must have for eagles fans. i'm not advocating septa public property, i would be surprised if they are still there right now. >> i wouldn't doubt it. >> and whitpain township is there a wentz park. >> yes. >> here's my theory on the private jet, do you want to hear it. >> reporter: all right. >> professional football player being paid and free agent at some point, demarco murray. carson hasn't made any money yet. he has president signed a contract yet. >> he had to buy his own ticket he is not getting paid by eagles just yet. >> my theory is, it is a month or two ago when sam bradford
8:09 am
signed his new deal. i got on the plane. sam bradford was on the plane with me. he wases in first class and i was in coach but still trying to be even, sam bradford had to fly commercial and so does carson wentz. >> this guy is so cool, he is so likable if you watch this news conference. this guy wouldn't complain if they handed him a gray hound ticket in chicago, that is how cool he is. >> okay. >> there is a mega bus. >> bolt bus. >> okay. so this is what we will do a little bit of a stunt here on good day. quincy will do the broad street run right new and try to run 10 miles in two hours. where are you right now. >> i'm at the start, broad and somerville, right here, nobody runs like philly. we will see if i can do it. it is coal. i will start right now. what i will start doggies, i know, i will be on skype, running down broad street. if you see me honk your horn say hello, i will go down right now.
8:10 am
10 miles in less than two hours. >> yes, starting right now. >> hold on. >> he is leaving his mike behind. >> if you want a mike go to broad and somerville. he has less than two hours, hour and 40 minutes to get 10 miles run down. >> he will do it. he is in good shape. >> who says you need to have a baby to take maternity leave. >> in. >> why some parents say they deserve a me maternity leave. >> they may have a point. >> really last night, you could watch the draft, for the athletes and congratulate them or watch for the fashion. >> is that the academy award. >> that is at nfl draft. >> what has happened why do we need all that to read a man's name. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. there is quincy. at broad street. he will go around city hall. if you want to to see quincy, we want to see people cheering him out, go outside, wave to him. >> the broad street run, tell him. >> he is running. >> can you do that, bob kelly,
8:14 am
my goodness. >> now he is running. >> okay. >> all right. >> bob with an update on breaking news. >> 8:13 updating a fatal accident in elmer, new jersey along route 77 in gar son, right the at the corner we have the farm supply, larchmont farms all right there in south jersey, route 77, blocked at garison a fatal crash this morning. take a look at the benny here, the traffic light are not working properly, right at that first light at the eighth and vine. somebody tweeted out we need a couple dancing traffic cops, to kind of lift spirits until the traffic get moving and i would certainly suggest that because in one is in a good mood by the time they get over the bridge. we are jammed solid from the toll plaza up and over all the way into philadelphia. make sure you try whitman or betsy. speaking of the bridge problem they are closing burlington bristol bridge all weekend with construction, so tomorrow, through monday, if you are heading out to say
8:15 am
wedding or maybe travel soccer or baseball, you will to have use that tacony palmyra or the pennsylvania turnpike. >> al he can and mike, back to you. >> we will check with bus stop buddy. >> that is all right. it is all good. it is friday. we're smiling like bus stop buddy. we have seen though some showers here in the city. there is a few around we will check on radar, temperatures you need to know in the 40's. make sure your rain coat is warm enough and you see heavier showers moving into lancaster county heading our way from the west. even if you are in the getting any rain right now, it sure looks glummy and chilly, 49 in the city, 8-mile an hour breezes. our high temperature to take about 54 degrees with cloud, scattered showers for the rest of the day. we will see if it improving over weekend and seven day forecast mike and alex, coming up. >> have you noticed the nfl draft looks like at contacted my award.
8:16 am
they have a red carpet. >> there is a all this fashion. >> beautiful, they have fans there and everything. >> that was in chicago. guess who gets it next year, it looks like philadelphia a will get this. >> wouldn't that be something. >> we could be red carpet correspondents. >> hold on. >> let me get to this first. >> hold on. >> another excited guest. >> so we will show some of the fashion. >> i hope so. >> you know who else would like to weigh in on this because he has been a sports guy, our next special guest. wonder what he thinks of turning this thing into an academy award deal. one of our favorite, charles barkley is here. >> hey what is up, knuckle head. >> charles, what do you think of that, the academy award just to read a guy's name. >> it is crazy. i'm chewing on a piece of flavored grass, don't worry about me. the guy with the half shirt there, did you see that ezekiel. >> yes, ezekiel elliott. >> i cut my shirt off last week, my neighbor used the
8:17 am
other half. and then they have big fellow stanley, there goes the cut off guy. then they had that big guy stanley with the white suit. i thought he was selling ice cream. >> that is his mom. >> look at that. they have the shoes on too. >> yes. >> spiked shoes. >> his mom all right. he could send her over. >> but those spiked shoes, i feel like they could be dangerous. you can hurt yourself. >> you might like that, alex. >> our new guy seems much more conservative. he bought his suit at jc penny. >> when did you get the last time were you in the jc penny when i got shoes, penny loafers. that is from sears, roebuck. he got a pair of tough skins with that. >> my goodness. >> they will pull him just for that suit. >> did you hear about this laramy. >> let's see him, he has a spike shoes too. >> you mean the guy with the
8:18 am
weed. >> yes. >> yes, gas mask. >> he lost seven million-dollar on that one tweet there. i think, they say he had a smoking jacket to go with that. >> and then jaylen ramsey had some nice shoes. >> i got a hat like that but i never wear it. >> i don't know if i'm saying his name right, ashawn robbins. >> he is intense man, look at him. >> he was in college. >> there goes the smoking jacket. >> yes. >> look at those skin legs. >> look at that. >> he has sam bradford legs. >> wonder if he has wide eyes too. >> charles, thanks for joining us. >> you got it, brother. >> hold on, don't do it now. >> that is charles barkley.
8:19 am
>> joe conklin. >> happy anniversary, of course, we need to have you on to celebrate. >> you have your big event this year. >> yeah, mary kate's legacy, 11th annual golf outing at philmont country club always mother a after moth are day following monday, this monday coming. it is the honor of my, this way, in honor of my niece who passed away 11 years ago. they provide, extra money for special children with special needs, things that insurance doesn't cover, it is a great outing. >> right from your heart. >> absolutely. >> hardwere kate's for tickets. >> correct, it is fun. we have annex athlete or two, anyone we can find, ii personalities and do i a little show at the out to go. >> one of your little shows. >> one of my little shoes. >> what do you think about this, more excitement as far as eagles in years.
8:20 am
>> yeah, well, this gyros man has gone nuts, there is excitement every month. >> howie. >> you got to stand behind him at this point. we're with him. i like this move. this guy looks good. he is smart, speed, everything. i like a tall quarterback. no more passes getting blocked like we have had in the past and his legs are thicker then bradford good we were discussing do you think he is still in town, back in oklahoma. >> he was at the draft and he gave carson wentz the stink eye. >> i a saw that sam bradford face. >> my bradford. >> my goodness. >> here comes the line line. >> we need your help with another impression. >> will ferrell as ronald reagan which is fine. comedian will play the former president on the big screen. why ronald reagan's sonnies very upset over this decision.
8:21 am
>> yes. quincy, where are you right now. >> he cannot talk. as long as he is still running. >> he did she us. >> it is so blurry, i cannot see it. >> he is running on north broad street now he will run around city hall and down south street to the navy yard. so to intercept him i would suggest get in between city hall and the navy yard.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
this time out of philadelphia international airport. there is a current ground stop, for good reason, look at all of the police activity, and fire officials. >> we know that a plane made an emergency landing and they're vac wait ago this plane right now. what you said, mike, a lot of fire trucks and emergency officials on the scene. >> when there is an emergency landing like that they will let the plane come to a stop at the end of the tarmac and then, send the fire trucks to that location.
8:25 am
so we will pan around and try to find the plane because that looks more like a jet way area we are also sending a crew out there. it seems like everything is okay. we don't know what airline was involve. let's pan across. that is where most of the fire officials are, clustered around that lower side of the screen. let's pan around, as you can tell, in in or out plane traffic because the whole airport has been shut down, so if you are on your way in the next hour or so to catch a flight, you will be delayed. there is some more. is that the same emergency activity that we see from the other shot. >> or is that a different area from the airport. >> it is just a different a angle of the same thing we were just looking at. >> we will work to get more information and keep you updated. >> and if we do see the plane we will punch it up as soon as we can. people on twitter are already upset, actor will ferrell is coming under fire and so is the writer of this particular movie, for latest
8:26 am
project, on film. >> so they are storming social media about this trying to protest this because will ferrell will produce and star as president ronald reagan. the film is described as a dark comedy, and it will focus on the president's struggles with dimension during his second term in office in the late 1980's. he is an actor playing president. but everyone was not on board with this who will idea. >> ronald reagan's son, michael tweeted this. what an outrage. alzheimer's is not a joke. it kills. in fact it killed his dad. you should be ashamed, all of you. >> many others share michael's feelings about the film. alzheimer's disease is by no means funny. it kills treasures memories and robs you of your very existence. but one person is on board. will ferrell is going to play ronald reagan in a movie. i'm in as long as john c riley place gorbachev, of course,
8:27 am
john c and will ferrell have been in a number of movies, together. so ronald reagan wasn't officially diagnosed with alzheimer's disease until five years after his second term, but many believe he was starting to suffer the effects of alzheimer's disease in the last two years of his presidency. is that appropriate? i'm normally up for anything that is more inappropriate the funnier it is. i don't know, i don't see why they need to do this. >> i don't get where will ferrell is going with this. >> so many people air affect by this. ruins peoples lives. >> everyone is affected, family, people caring for the suffering from alzheimer's. >> i'm not on board with that one. >> 8:27. quincy is doing broad street run. >> he is doing it this morning. >> yes. >> how are you feeling. >> people just stopping me.
8:28 am
we're live on tv so don't say nothing crazy. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for watching fox. >> i got to go. i'm in the middle of broad street. the whole way down broad street, i'm at broad and venango, i will catch you in a second. >> he has to make it to the navy yard by 10:00 o'clock. >> and then there is jen, so much to do, so many new venue where we have views. >> quincy is running and she's looking for beer. >> every runner i ever met they are a beer drinker as well. i have a spot here in point breeze. look at the name have the the place, american sardines bar.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate. ♪ we have a situation at philadelphia international
8:32 am
airport, as we punch this up we have been trying to follow this emergency vehicles, a lot of fire trucks, emt, ambulances, and police vehicles, a at philly international airport. whoever is in the control room can you zoom out and show planes are starting, this is sky fox, planes are starting to stack up, they are in the rolling out on the main runways just stuck on the tarmac because entire philadelphia international airport is shut down right now. >> interesting thing we are trying to get more information on what is going on. airport has president tweeted anything not even about the ground stop just yet. >> you can see ground stop right in front of your face there bob kelly. >> a all these planes, american airlines planes they are all lined up, almost like stack up here, like single file in grade school all waiting to get to the runways. philly international in a ground stop which basically means in flights coming in or going out, at philly
8:33 am
international, and until this emergency has been declared under control. that is going to have a ripple effect not only here in philadelphia but, the rest of the country as well. >> let's widen out and pan to the right. we follow emergency vehicles to the other side of the vehicles. let's pan way right. reek also went way off to the right here. and out of our view. go over as far as we can. so it looks like the runway we're talking about is on the opposite side of the parking garage there. >> typically what happens when a plane lake that comes in for an emergency landing if it would land on the further runway away from the terminal. >> now as we understand it this plane was having somewhat of a problem, it is on the ground. >> yes, we are toll the plane has made it landing and right in the middle of that screen there. this is a live look from sky fox that has to stay about 8 miles away but if you look
8:34 am
real close you can see emergency vehicles all gathered, together waiting or they should be, well, waiting for that i don't know if sky fox is looking. >> normally they will evacuate the plane and put them on buses. >> so hard to see through this air space. it is philly international. you are seven or 8 miles away. >> we're on the new jersey side of the river with the zoom all the way in. >> wow. >> we don't have an airline yet. >> do you see that plane right there. >> do you see that plane off to the right by itself. >> it looks like a small private jet, not so much a commercial carrier, if that happens to be the plane but they are going to keep all that a way from the terminal. they will evacuate, give everybody a shuttle bus ride back to the terminal. >> that looks like an commercial air liner. >> if that is it. we are trying to to this
8:35 am
robotically here there. >> no emergency vehicles around it. >> we will stay on it. >> have you ever her of something call the american sardines bar. >> well, it has been on foot network shows. >> it has. >> so listed as one of the best bars in philly but have you ever been there and experienced it. >> we have to look to jen for something like this. >> this is my new favorite bar, not just in the point breeze section, but i think in all of philadelphia a, can i say that right now. it is american sardines bar. you can still have fun. it is hard to have fun so early in the morning. so explain the concept, it is like super cool outdoor space. >> yeah, you know, this is actually like the first sit down dining restaurant in this area in a very long time. >> really. >> like in decades. >> idea is we opened this will cool place to chill, relax, hang out with your friend, bring your dog, bring your kids, drink beer, ease
8:36 am
awesome, you know, casual food. >> beer is funky and so is the food. >> so chevy will in the ask you any questions i know she's whatever. sardines are a a big part of the menu. >> absolutely we serve them hup different ways. they change seasonably. every time you come, you can get something different good do you think you should try the sardines. >> these are not your regular sardines in the can. >> no, not at all. we source them specially right. >> yes. >> by the way. >> they are real bar people they are not used to being up this early. i have to say, it looks lovely, it is very pretty, with you i'm not ready for it, okay. this too, gorgeous, great presentation, it is just a little early, right. >> yes. >> you say go for it. >> yes. >> wait, hold on. >> tell me is what in the sandwich. >> my goodness. >> you will talk about the sandwich. >> the sandwich is sauce,
8:37 am
lettuce, pickled eggs, onion and czar dean. >> are sardines. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> i'm's a big fan of the sardines, i have to tell you. >> it is really good you will. >> oil, water. >> yes. >> it is a a cute place,. >> eighteenth and federal. >> yeah, 18th and federal, nice neighborhood. well, warm weather means showing off some skin, right, alex. >> we are talking about glowing skin, bikini waxes and getting your body ready for spring. >> a live bikini wax, really.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
1:40. lets get back to breaking news at philadelphia international airport. airport has officially tweeted
8:41 am
out too they are on a ground stop. you can see all of the planes lined up there, nobody is going anywhere until this they get this emergency taken care of. people mover going back and forth. so two planes, two planes have made emergency landings, what is going on here. one with smoke in the cockpit. the other with steering problems. so no one, we know, no person being evacuated from the plane as of yet, nobody injured. of course, our cameras are zeroed in on this and crew is on the way. two planes at philly international having some problems. smoke in the cockpit. never good. this week we are celebrating 20 years of "good day philadelphia". but also this week, fox news sunday, celebrating 20 years of being on the air. they have an exclusive interview you with donald trump, good get, chris wallace joins us from d.c., good to see you. >> good to be with you, mike. >> as many times as you
8:42 am
interviewed donald trump now over last year or so what are the new questions for him. >> well, i can tell you, i would have to shoot you if i did but thing about trump, he always makes news. he is coming off six straight wins on the east coast including a big win in pennsylvania. he gave a foreign policy speech from the teleprompter and he has got this race against primary in indiana on tuesday against ted cruz and a lot of people think and i'm one of them, if trump beats cruz in indiana i think it is all over. he won't have clinched it but if he can beat cruz in a state that should favor cruz, and it just seems to me that the momentum will be just overwhelming, and he will be the nominee and we will have some people looking forward to and some people dread which is a clinton trump general election. >> well, i guess you saw him in indiana when bobby knight
8:43 am
said this guy donald trump would be willing to drop the a bomb like truman did in the mid 40's. >> well, as far as bobby knight is concern, that is anytime you are standing next to bobby knight for those who don't know is famous coach of the indiana hughessers, it is a good thing. >> i guess so. >> we will be watching, chris wallace, donald trump sunday, see you you then. >> you bet. >> okay. so, i don't know if you saw it or not but bobby knight did introduce donald trump. at one point he he comes back over and interrupts him. do we have that, megan? do you have that. >> no question in my mind, that the man standing between the two of us is far and away the best person to lead america back where we all want to be led, and that is the guy that can do it right here. >> thank you. >> that is wrong clip but anyway they had a rally and
8:44 am
bobby knight interrupt donald trump and says this remind me of harry truman in the mid 40's when he made decision to drop 2a bombs, on the japanese and if there is any guy that would push the button, it is donald trump. he was so stunned he didn't even respond like my goodness, what did he just say. >> ring the door bell, will you. >> donald trump not responding. >> maybe donald trump will respond on "fox news" sunday but why doesn't he just respond on good day philadelphia what? >> it is donald trump. >> welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> good morning, guys, great to be here. my mouth is wide opened, what is happening. happy anniversary by the way, bobby knight and i we're very good friend. i have known him for about 15 or 20 minutes. i love the man. if i did drop a bomb, by the way, i just dropped a bomb in the green room to be honest with you. >> we can smell it.
8:45 am
>> it would be huging. >> bobby knight and i we will go to indiana. we will build a wall around indiana and get the indian to pay for it, okay. >> indiana or indians. >> you said indians. >> exactly. >> stay with us, mike, okay. >> my guy is very powerful. by the way, i will be out there all week, bobby knight and i will be throwing chairs at foreigners. >> well, mr. trump, thanks for being on good day. >> happy anniversary. we will strangle the competition. >> thanks, donal. >> we will change topics here to a pretty serious top being because it looks like, in the investigation, into prince death, why police officers, and officials there have a search warrant, who they think was on that plane when
8:46 am
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run, quincy run.
8:49 am
>> sue, i guess are you still on north broad. he is probably approaching city hall would i think. >> i don't know if he can talk. >> i'm on temple campus at broad and montgomery. >> right there, oh, yeah, i can see. >> i'm running behind. i got to pick up the pace. >> yes, you are so darn popular everybody wants to get a pick with you. i have to say the weather today is probably better then it will be on sunday morning for the broad street run so good choice there, quincy. looking right now what you are seeing here is what you can expect the rest of the day basically, scattered showers on and off and we will just see that for today, now it will be in the 50's today. sixty's tomorrow. sunday high temperature of 62 but rain on and off all take, including guys, sunday morning for the run. >> well, it keeps you cool. >> true. >> so just outside of minneapolis about few miles, authorities have a warrant to
8:50 am
search a prince place paisley park. >> prince siblings, they are fighting over his money. he has a lot of siblings, one full sister and several half sisters and brothers. >> dax, give us a latest. >> so this search warrant has been issued, basically authorities want to get into paisley park and look around see if they can find any evidence of drugs, correspondence between him and doctors, whether they are prescriptions, you know, anything, any influence that they can get their hand on to to see how he was getting his prescriptions for percocet and stuff. and this warrant, what is interesting, they wanted all this information in the warrant to be kept confidential because they don't want evidence tampering. they don't want anyone getting in there getting rid of anything that would help them figure out more information, as part of the death up investigation. so this is a big deal right now. i can tell you that it is very important to the minnesota a
8:51 am
pd because they have a lot of eyes watching them right now. very interested in what exactly went down the day prince died, and a lot of people want answers. >> don't mess this up this investigation because eyes of the world are on minneapolis right now. dax, have a good weekend, all right. we are busy here in philadelphia with breaking news at the airport. >> we have learn that two planes made emergency landings, one had a smoke issue in the cockpit. the other one had steering problems. we reported earlier they were evacuating the planes. we know one person is evaluated right now. of course, more information is coming out as we learn more. >> we have isolated one of the planes here don't know if this is one with the steering issue or smoke inhalation but surrounded by emergency vehicles from the airport. that does not look like a are big plane. folks, closer to the monitor can you get a tail insignia on there.
8:52 am
>> it looks like a flag. >> american. >> that looks like one of the little commuter jets. >> it is not a big jumbo one of the shorter commuter ones. we heard that within plane had smoke in the cockpit. the other had steering problems. >> we do have some movement at the a airport that is an american/u.s. airplane this ground stop has been in effect for probably, a half an hour now, and you figure how many planes either land or take off in a half an hour, still stack up at the airport. i just check philly international. >> we're hearing one person maybe was taken off in an ambulance but we will get more in just a little bit, we will be right back.
8:53 am
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we have a ground stop, report of possibly two planes, we have isolated one of them here one had a issue of smoke
8:56 am
in the cockpit. we are toll other plane if there is another plane because we have in the been able to see it on airport, had steering issues. one of our producers, aaron is trying to take off, where are you headed, aaron. >> we don't have him. now, we had him on the line and we will talk to him after the break.
8:57 am
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♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above let's get back to philadelphia a international airport ground stop it looks like the ground stop may be coming to a close fairly quickly here. at least one plane we know that plane had to make an emergency landing. there is a report two planes were in trouble one with smoke and other with steering problems trying to flush that out. we now necessity one person was taken to the hospital. now we have movement here back on one of the runways, and it looks like a plane may be just
9:00 am
possibly landed. things may be improving here. one of our co-workers was on the plane, but a plane that has been stopped waiting to take off, his name is aaron, a producer here at fox. where are you heading first of all. >> i'm headed up to boston. >> what do you see. >> right now pretty much nothing, we are hanging out at the gate. we are sitting here, door was closed ready to take off and eventually, we will see, reconnect the jet way, someone was running late, and when we asked flight attendant and he said well, we cannot go anywhere there is a ground stop, there was a plane, that needs to make an emergency landing. >> they didn't tell you about anything that might have happen. >> she didn't have the information, the pilot said there was no traffic allowed in or out and they just told us, that we're looking at 9:15 for take offs now.


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