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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: trapper took the four and a half gator away not before the deputy snapped a shots for the record. whether she's fighting crime or gators it's just another day at the office. >> it just seem likes i was doing what the cher rip department pace me to do, protect people. >> tonight at 6:00 this pennsylvania woman is in big trouble. authorities say she created a fake job to try to steal tens of thousands of dollars a scam that didn't quite work out for her. >> plus, grainy video that will make you squint but police say these guys just committed a crime. the chilling words investigators say one of them said to the victim. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 the wait for answers gets a little long longer. after the tragic beating death of a teenaged girl at a local
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high school. police saying today they have much more work to do before they can talk about arrests. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell biggest announcement from wilmington police today not what some people were expecting. let's get straight out to fox 29' bruce gordon in wilmington tonight. hi, bruce. >> reporter: the quick announcement last week that so-called persons of interest had been identified led many around here to assume that arrest boss soon follow. clear toll night that's not going to happen. earlier this week police chief bobby come cummings had predicted arrests by today in the apparent beating death of amy frances joyner now he's forced to back off that pledge. >> we're not in a position at this time to file charges. unlike tv, these things absolutely do take time. >> reporter: the 16-year-old sophomore was killed in the bathroom of howard high school of technology in wilmington last thursday. three female students were quickly described as persons of interest and were suspended from
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school. rumors suggested the beating began as a fight over a boy but amy's father told us that night she had no beefs with anyone. >> she didn't do nothing to no -- she didn't deserve this. she didn't. >> reporter: chief cummings told reporters his investigators are still pouring over phone records interviewing witnesses and friends and analyzing thousands of pages of data. he would confirm little about aim me' death except to say no weapon was involve. as for the delay in filing charges -- >> while i understand that the media is interested in the process of this case, we all have an obligation to amy's family, to her classmates at howard high school and to the community to present information to the public that is based on facts and not rumors. >> reporter: on the night of amy's death as a memorial to her life grew outside the high school, sonny frances toll us his daughter had hopes and dreams and that he simply wanted justice.
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>> i don't know who to blame. all i know is my daughter is gone and she was the love of my life. >> reporter: police chief did not answer any questions this afternoon simply made his statement updated the status of the case and left the room. it's not clear whether there is a specific hang up in the investigation or simi more work to do. dawn, we were unable to reach sonny frances this afternoon either by phone or at his home. >> all right. bruce, thank you. one man is dead after a double shooting in the city's point breeze section. one of the men was shot in the chest and died at the hospital. now police say a second man lost his finger in that shooting and it happened just before 4:30 this afternoon on wharton street. police say arrests have been made but they have not released any more dough tails about just who is in custody. a chilly wet toned your work week and fox 29 weather authority taking a live look at reading unfortunately the dreary weather will continue into the weekend and there are anoa fall
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lots of events planned in the city. let's neck with chief meteorologist scott williams to get an idea exactly what we're facing scott. >> dawn a lot of events certainly taking place this upcoming weekend it looks like we'll keep the cloud cover around but part of the weekend will be dry believe it or not. but look at the temperatures right now. 50 degrees in philadelphia. the high only 53 degrees. we should be topping out in the upper 60s for this time of year. the steadier showers now moving on off to the east and we still have the cloud cover. there will be some areas of drizzle but look at the temperatures. in the upper 40s so grab the jackets and sweater if's you're stepping outdoors. lows to night in the suburbs low 40s. mid 40s in the city. so we'll break down your weeke weekend. it will be a half and half scenario. cloudy, cooler on saturday but it looks dry and then sunday we're talking 50s for high temperatures and also some rain. so the first system pulling away we'll get that break in between for tomorrow. coming up we'll time out that rain for sunday. how it will impact the broad street run with the depth seven
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day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you, scott. in harrisburg, prosecutors say they will not appeal a ruling that tossed out some of the most serious charges against three former penn state administrators connected to the jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. the attorney general's office says an appeal has little chance for success. instead it will prepare for the trial on the remaining counts against the school's former president graham spanier, vice-president gary schultz and athletic director kim curley. back in january, a superior court throughout charges of perjury, obstruction and conspiracy. the three remain charged with failure to report suspected abuse and endangering the welfare of children. newest addition to the philadelphia eagles nest has arrived. newly drafted quarterback and number two overall pick carson wentz is now in philadelphia less than 24 hours after he was drafted. wentz landing in philly today at the airport where, of course, some fans were already there to greet him asking for autographs. then he made his way to the
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novacare complex in south philadelphia at a press conference just wrapping up a few minutes ago, wentz says he got just a little bit of sleep last night but he is ready to suit up. >> last night was crazy surreal for me. as a kid you know growing up i was kind of a dream -- it was kind of dream to finally be here and hear my name called it's unbelievable. i'm excited to be here today and real antsy to get work. >> a lot of fans want to see him on the field as well. wentz says he hasn't even been given the playbook just yet but he's ready to get back on the field and start practice. a young man in center city was roughed up by two guys. he says who rivaled through this pockets and then ran off. police now looking for those two men. they say were call caught on surveillance running from the scene. their accused of of targeting a 22-year-old man as he was wal walking along camac street last saturday. the victim tells police one of the men walk up to him and said "you i was already know what it
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is" he then pushed him against a wall and went through his pockets as the second man stood by telling the other one what to take they went through his wallet and got away with his iphone. in south philadelphia the search is on for a man who police say stole items from a parked car. they got surveillance video captured of the wanted plan. police say the guy walk up and down the 1500 block of mckeon street looking into cars and when the coast was clear, authorities say he made his move. opening up one of the cars and taking some of the things insi inside. philadelphia attorney general's office says this woman tried to steal thousands of dollars from the state money that's intended to go to crime victims. investigators say melanie bullocks submit add fake claim worth more than $38,000 to the victims compensation assistance program and she claim she had been stabbed and created a fake job to claim she lost wages from that made up crime. bullocks faces several charges
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for attempted theft, forgery and tampering with public records. well things are running smoother tonight at the philadelphia international airport after two emergency landings there this morning. officials say a piedmont airlines jet had to land after the crew noticed smoke inside the cabin and the cockpit. that plane was carrying 50 passengers and four crew members. everyone got off safely and no one was hurt. the faa is also looking into a second emergency landing of a republic airlines jet that reportedly had a steering issue. airport officials say the pilot was able to fix that problem before landing. atlantic city casinos are getting impatient. they want to vote on measures that would let the state take over the city's finances. new jersey lawmakers will consider two competing bills that will gifted to atlantic city. they're still waiting on one of them. the bills differ on when the state could seize control of the city's finances. casinos say the delay over which version should pass is hurting the gambling halls and the city
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as a whole. special guest today at the children's hospital of philadelphia. telling patients it is okay to be different. this is see era rah sanderson she's miss idaho of 2014. you may remember she gained national attention for proudly walking across the stage with an insulin pump. sanderson has type one diabetes and now uses her time turning the diagnosis into a message of hope. >> every single person has something that makes them feel different and sometimes they wish they want to change i really did it to show them like not only is it okay to be different, you should accept and tolerate the things you wish you can change about yourself but you shall also love and celebrate those things because they make you beautiful and they make you unique and they make you who you are. >> she is the keynote speaker tomorrow at chops living well with diabetes conference. new at 6:00 this local police officer is being hailed a hero. what he found in a mini van and the quick actions he took to
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heart stopping cell phone video from southern california. take a look at this. officers rescue a woman who tried to jump from that a freeway overpass. police gotten a number of calls about the woman. fortunately as you can see they did get her back up safely. she was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. quick action by mercer county officer saves woman's live. sheriffs officer conrad was working security at a hospital when an unresponsive woman was dropped off in a mini van. that officer quickly administered cpr to the 72-year-old until the emergency team arrived. well that officer had just been recertified in cpr by that same hospital where he administered it. live saving. that's great. one local school district is cracking down on bullying. >> bill anderson tells us school another straighters are keeping a close eye on what's happening
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both in and outside of school. ♪ >> reporter: after several tragic and high profile bullying cases across the country, local districts are working hard to address the problem. bristol borough is the latest to add an extensive policy that applies 24 hours day. >> we've had some problems here in bristol recently. especially at the high school. i trust the school here in bristol i think they're doing what they need to do. >> reporter: previous policy only held students accountable for actions on school grounds but the new policy covers actions on or off school grounds and online bullying 24 hours a day. >> there's no respect any more with these kids. they got to start at home. they have to have the discipline at home. >> reporter: policy similar to surrounding districts and has been viewed by some as schools over stepping their authority. but in bristol borough, parents were supportive. >> good idea. >> somebody needs to make the
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accounts accountable and to look and see what they're doing on social media and i don't think a lot of the parents are doing that. >> reporter: students who violate the bullying policy could face counseling, detenti detention, even expulsion but regardless parents seem to agree the 24 hour day policy is one way to address social media's potential for 24 hour day bullying. >> we did reach out to bristol borough school district they did not respond to our request for comment. but we do want to hear what you think. is this a good policy or stepping too far into parental responsibility? you can leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. you may order a steak if you're headed tout eat tonight and if you're in the mood to splurge you may order company baby is that what you'll really get. we talk to debra nor little about a surprising investigati investigation. there are only eight restaurants in the united states that are towarded to sell kobe beef.
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ooh knew if you go into restaurant they say they're killing kobe beef if they have golden medallion with a cow stamped on it they're not towardsed to be selling beef. good news in the dallas area there's one station -- one restaurant called nick and sam that is authorized kobe retail retailer. anybody else who says they are -- >> i just -- they're fibbing. called the people on their fibs they ran into the restaurant and wouldn't talk to us. >> you can watch that report tonight on inside edition right after this newscast. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. looking a little nasty out there. i hear it's not going to get much better. >> yeah, i mean we'll keep the clouds across the area and we do have rain unfortunately chris and dawn for a part of the upcoming weekend. we've got folks in town for the penn relays, also, the big broad street run. we'll break down the weather forecast. right now what you see is what you'll get for your friday
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evening. mostly cloudy conditions. look at the temperature only 50 degrees. the high made it up to 53. winds out of the east kind of locking in the cloud cover damp and dreary with drizzle that will continue through the rest of the evening. but most of the steadier rain moving on off to the north and east toward the new york city area but as we go hour by hour, you can see for the overnight, we're just looking at cloud cover as and some drizzle by tomorrow morning we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. there might be a couple of breaks in the clouds during the day. but temperatures tomorrow top out below average in the low 60s. then look at sunday. a slug of moisture will move in unfortunately the timing right at the start of the broad street run. we're looking at temperatures that will be chilly and also we're looking at a lot of rainfall the first half of the day by lunch noon we're still looking at clouds and showers maybe little bit of a break by the evening time frame on sunday but nonetheless we are looking at a lot of rainfall especially on sunday. but dry conditions once again
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for saturday roll the clock ahead by sunday night we're looking at about an inch on average along the i november corridor as well as north and west. maybe a little over half an inch in places like millville, toward atlantic city, lesser amounts in cape may county and sussex county there in delaware. the good news the pollen levels will be going down. take a look at sunday. in the low category. this is on a scale of zero to 12. so you can see pretty good for sunday. then moving ahead into monday and tuesday it starts to creep back up. right now, temperatures we are cool. pretty uniform upper 40 toss right around 50 degrees in many locations. 50 in millville. 49 degrees right now in trenton. so for tonight it's mostly cloudy and cool. spotty showers out there. 41 degrees in the suburbs. 45 degrees in the city. and then we'll break down your weekend weather. saturday the better of the two days. 63 degrees but once again more clouds than sun. sunday we're looking at high temperatures topping out in the upper 50's with that rainfall especially the first half of the
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day. and that broad street run forecast look at temperatures. low 50s. a good chance for that rainfall throughout the entire race. 55 degrees toward the end of the race. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you also as we move toward saturday cloud cover for the ms walk on saturday in philadelphia. lucy knoll lap, jeff cole, bruce gordon, shawnette wilson will be there. then wet conditions in pennsauken on sunday for that ms walk steve keeley will be there. temperatures finally start to hit the 70-degree mark by the middle and latter part of next week. but we also have more chances for some rainfall. the gardens need that out there right now. >> yeah. bad timing, scott. >> yeah. we like nice weekends. >> garden may. the runners don't like it. >> 50/50 weakened. >> thanks. carson wentz era has bun. we'll head out to novacare where sean bell is standing by with philadelphia's newest quarterback coming up after the break.
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♪ carson wentz is here. the number two overall pick. the guy that we think is going to be the franchise quarterback arrived today and everyone is
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excited. all the things you hear are great. legendary even upping comparisons to brett favre. i don't know if i wanted to all that to him but did he say today he takes something from everyone and wants to be his own person. today he arrived to a big fans. this is philly. everybody loves him. everybody wanted an autograph and it's a big difference from north dakota, okay, north dakota to philly. the culture will be lot different. the fans are going to attack him when he does something poorly and they're going to love him so much when he does something great. carson wentz is used to winning championships, though. that is one thing we don't have to worry about, okay. two championships as a starter okay so he's used to coming in, he used to winning games. also listen he's been put through the ringer at the combine. i know people were saying, hey, i don't know who this guy is. where did he come from? how does he go from a division one double a school to this but, hey, we knew he was going to be a champion and once we found out
6:25 pm
through the combine through all the interviews he was going to be the guy we had to get him and he sounds great. i talk to him just a few minutes ago about coming in and this whirlwind of a last couple of months. >> it's been unbelievable. this process has been long. been real anxious, i've been antsy find out. it's ban long process, but yesterday it finally came. i'm excited to call philadelphia my new home and get to work but yeah it was pretty crazy going from north dakota state kid and within a national championship to couple months later being the number two overall pick. very fortunate. very fortunate. not many people from north dakota not many people in general get this opportunity and i'm going to make the most of it. >> you're coming from north dakota. you're coming to a rabid town like philly. >> yup. >> is that a g, is that going to be culture shock for you? how are you going to be able to talk about the differs because i'm sure the media members weren't that much in north dakota. now all of a sudden, boom. philly.
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>> yeah, you know, for one you got to block out a lot of it. there's going to be positive things, negative things, all of it you just got to go to work and play ball. >> reporter: listen, everything sounds great about this guy. carson wentz is saying all the right things. he's doing all the right things. he said he was antsy right now he he just wants to get into a playbook and get the done and that's exactly what philly fans wanted to hear. guys, back to you. i was sceptic but i'm loving it. (laughter). >> tell carson i'll take him out for a cheesesteak. all right? >> all right. that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00v great night inside edition is up next. thanks for watching.
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new tension on the set. >> you've gotten divorced. >> did kelly ripa just make a dig at michael strahan? >> i think it's very important to be happy instead of being miserable together to be happy by yourself. then chaos at the donald trump rally. and look at the trump supporter that got beat up. >> you all right, buddy? >> and the untold story of donald trump's marriage to marla maples. >> the scandal that ended donald trump's marriage to marla maples started right here. >> and why this woman says it ruined her husband's life. >> this crushed him. then up in smoke, how this video cost an nfl rookie millions. >> deborah: maybe as much as


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