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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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if you're headed out tonight. and cops soon have a new way to fine out if you were texting behind the wheel. keep it here. your news straight ahead in 302nd.
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happening right now police are not ready to file charges after the death of a wilmington teen. >> unlike tv, these things absolutely do take time. >> it has been eight days since the high school student was beaten to death inside a school bathroom. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. today police explaining why no one has yet been charged with the death of 16-year-old amy frances joyner. let's get right out to fox 29's shawnette wilson live in wilmington tonight with more. shawnette? >> reporter: well, chris, this evening the police chief is saying there is still an enormous amount of information to go through. he also says they are taking time to weed out all those
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rumors so that they can focus on the facts. >> we are not in a position at this time to file charge. >> reporter: it's not the news most were waiting to hear. during this news conference this afternoon, wilmington's top cop said there are no arrests are charges yet in the death of aim knee frances joyner. >> we know that the family and the public want answers and we're working to bring this case to resolution as quickly as possible. >> reporter: we do know three female students police say are considered persons of interest have been out of school since the bathroom brawl that left the 16-year-old howard high technical student dead. but the chief said there are a number of things that still need to be reviewed. including more than 3,000 pages of print data. isn't including but not limited to scores of interviews, reinterview, review of cell date tan electronic data. and furthermore, forensic medical reports. all these peace goss into making a strong case. >> reporter: chief cummings took the time to dispel rumors
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regarding the teen's death. >> i wanted to confirm that there were no weapons used in this attack. >> reporter: we spoke to amy's father earlier this week. he's desperately waiting for answers. >> she didn't deserve this. no one deserved what happened to my daughter. >> reporter: and back here live the police continue their investigation the attorney general's office as well as the state division of forensic sciences are are a part of the investigation. dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you former new jersey mailman admits to stealing dozens of tax refund checks he was supposed to deliver earl champagne of willingboro toll federal prosecutors that he stole 72 checks in all. then sold them for $50 a piece. they say those people that illegally cashed the checks totaling more than $400,000 champagne could face 15 years in prison for stealing the checks. the fbi looking for suspects in two accept citibank robberies today. first investigators say this man
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robbed a citizens bank along 1500 block of market street by demanding money and in another robbery police say a man passed a note to the teller to hit up the pnc bank along the 1800 block of walnut street. investigators say both men should be considered armed and dangerous. ♪ >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. and you'll want to pay attention if you have any outdoors plans this weekend and keep the coat handy tonight as we take a live look at the art museum. it's not a bad night out there as long as you don't mind a damp and dreary, right, scott? >> that's certainly right. it certainly is bizarre. we're talking about the end of april, the high temperature dawn today only 53 degrees. look at the temperature right now in the upper 40s. certainly not feeling like the end of april. looking at the satellite/radar, you can see we still have mostly cloudy skies. some pockets of light showers across the area. we'll zoom in a little closer. new castle county right now just south of the wilmington area also moving back into sections
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of the lehigh valley and entering upper bucks county right now some light showers. but look at the temperatures a chilly 37 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. we have 46 in pottstown. 49 wilmington. along with dover. 47 degrees currently in atlantic city. so for tonight it's mostly cloudy cool and chilly temperatures bottom out low to mid 40s. a couple of overnight spotty showers. for tomorrow, your saturday, we've got the penn relays we have the ms walk in philadelphia. we'll call it mostly cloudy. drier for tomorrow. high temperatures in the low 60s. but we're not done with the rainfall or the below average temperatures we'll talk about a soggy sunday and also what it means for the broad street run all coming up. back to you. >> okay, scott. see you in a few minutes. one man is dead after a double shooting in point breeze second of the city. one of of the men was shot in the chest and died at the hospital. police say a second man lost his finger in the shooting. it happened just before 4:30 this afternoon on wharton stre
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street. police say arrests have been made. the suspects have not yet been identified. and philadelphia police are also investigating two different robberies in two busy sections of the city. >> both incidents have occurred near areas bustling with weekend crowds. fox 29's brad sat taken is live in old city tonight with word of a caution for that late night crowd. brad? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. no doubt that word of caution is be alert to your surroundings because it seems at bar closing time in center city the bad guys certainly are. they are crimes of opportunity and with the warmer weather back so too is that criminal element turning up once again outside some center city nighttime hot spots on the weekend. at least two incidents this month last saturday morning 2:25 a.m. just after bar closing time, two men scene running away after police say they just robbed a man of his iphone in the 300 block of camac street near many popular restaurant destinations. a couple of weeks earlier just as the bars were closing on
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friday, two men were approached by two others on bank street in old city armed with a gun. one of the victims was beaten in the head with the weapon. his wallet stolen along with $200 and a cell phone. two locations where neighbors tell us they've always felt pretty save. >> in this neighborhood, i never worry about it. >> i don't typically walk around alone late at night. but i've never really felt unsafe. >> reporter: that second robbery location is between an always busy market and chestnut street. but one turn on to bang and it gets very empty very quickly. >> you have to use common sense and not go into dark places. >> reporter: common sense like walking in groups, focusing not on your phone but who is in front of and behind you and simply put keeping up your gua guard. >> i feel like in philadelphia you kind of keep like a really -- no the a mean face but a focused face, you know, and if people feel like you got a plan they can't usually stop you with whatever -- i get my focus face, my speed walk on, i rush out of that. >> reporter: she does have it
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all figure out. based on the description of the suspects in the two cases it does appear either is related. we can tell you if you have any information on this police want to hear from you. the number to call 215686 tips. chris? >> brad, thanks. the newest philadelphia eagle has landed. newly drafted quarterback and number two overall pick carson wentz is now in philadelphia just a day after he was drafted. wentz landed earlier today at philadelphia international airport and, of course, fans were there to greet him to get some autographs. and he made his way to the novacare complex in south philadelphia for a news conference there he is arriving at the complex. wentz says he's ready to suit up and get practicing. our sean bell talk to wentz earlier tonight. hear what he had to say about his big move to the city of brotherly love that's coming up straight ahead in sports. and for the first time the zika virus is being linked to a death here in the us and its territories.
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>> centers for disease control confirms 70-year-old puerto rican man died from complications of the zika virus in february. meanwhile nasa scientists are projecting the virus could reach epidemic status in florida this summer. that prediction comes as progress failed to come to an grammy on funding bill to battle the virus. the president recently requested $1.9 billion in emergency funding to combat zika. >> our friends across the aisle have requested a $1.9 billion blank check. they haven't toll us what the man for the use of the funds is. >> there's no reason that this should get bogged down in the kind of political games man ship that republicans for some reason seem to delight in. >> the white house is urging both sides to come together on a bill as soon as possible noting zika has already been ruled a public health emergency and that time is running out to contain it. nissan announcing major recall of more than 3 million vehicles. the issue is with a sensor that disables the passenger air bags
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sometimes it won't detect there's an adult in the seat leaving that air bag disable. this list includes nine different nissan models and three infinity models. if you want to check out if your car is affected, by the recall, head to well police give breathalyzer tests when they suspect may be driving drunk but what about a textalyzer. new technology police are test to go find out if you were texting behind the wheel. and the life of a child afflicted with cancer isn't always filled with cherish moments but tonight the staff of one local hospital looks to change that. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. hey good evening everybody. we got a shut down one of the bridges for the weekend. the burlington-bristol bridge will be closed from tomorrow morning at 6am all the way through monday morning. maybe you're going to a wedding god the kids tee ball, baseball
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you'll have to go down to the p.m. bridge or the turnpike connector bridge. so keep that if mine for the detours. lace them up. we got the penn relays one more day in town tomorrow. taking over franklin field. that will bring us a lot of extra volume off the schuylkill and ms walk we're the proud sponsor here on the fox 29ms walk in philadelphia it's tomorrow that one goes out to martin luther king drive and then we have two regattas taking over the kelly drive. can you say jammo? i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪
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♪ we're getting closer look tonight at the man accused of
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threatening to blow up our fox sister station in baltimore. this is surveillance video from inside the fox 45 building yesterday. authorities say 25-year-old michael breezy was dressed as a hedge hog hadn't a fake explosive device on him when he made the threats. police later shot breezy outside. he is still in the hospital and is expected to survive. well, dozens much passengers get sick with a nasty norovirus after traveling on a cruise sh ship. >> the ship based out of uk is set to arrive in baltimore this weekend. now the cdc will evaluate the situation once the ship arrives. 159 passengers got sick on the ship but officials say conditions have improved and now only seven guests remain in isolation. norovirus can be transmitted from contaminated food or water or from an infected person. what a night for some patients at saint christopher's hospital for children tonight in north philadelphia. they will not soon forget.
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hospital and staff volunteers pulling out all the stops to bring a smile to the face of some young kids with cancer. >> tonight saint christopher's held its annual prom they look forward it to and joanne pileggi was there for the very special celebration. >> reporter: it is prom season, and here at saint christopher's hospital children with cancer and their families are getting the royal treatment. she's just five and little laney nelson is one of the shining stars at this special oncology prom at saint christopher's hospital for children. >> laney has car so many ma a soft tissue cancer. this is actually her second go around with it. and right now we have finished radiation and everything is going wonderful. every prognosis is looking great. >> reporter: laney is 155 cancer patients at this fifth annual special party. >> we wanted to make the children happy outside of the clinic, outside of the oncology unit ton see that you can enjoy families together. even though you're going through
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treatment of the. >> reporter: for this moment for tonight where they can actually just forget about pulling their iv poles and forget about being a cancer patient and just be a normal child so that's what we really get excited about. >> reporter: what do you think of the prom? do you have date? >> no. >> reporter: is your mom your date? >> no. >> can i be your date? no. >> reporter: tough kid little sander cassanova. he is being treated for leukemia right now. he's in good shape. and in good spirits. >> what makes it better the way they treat you at oncology because it's like people who treat you like family. >> reporter: dressed to the nines a lot of the fancy clothing for the kids was dona donated by hospital staff. volunteers from local high school serving the food. >> it's part of a club at hour school called snacks students against cancer i'm so excited to be here so much fun. >> it makes it better. >> because you're getting bett better? >> and it helps me. fight cancer.
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♪ >> reporter: the prom and all the fun may be temporary but it's definitely a di version from the doctors, diagnoses, medication, radiation of cancer treatment. especially for children. at st. christopher's hospital, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> a lot of smiles there. well, police have used breathalyzers for years to test drunk drivers. well now the push is on for textalyzers. to test drivers who may have been texting behind the wheel. technology not quite there yet but the idea is to give police a device that could read whether texts have been sent when it's placed close to the phone inform new york the parents of a 19-year-old killed in a crash are behind the bill named for their son that would allow officers to carry a textalyzer. defense attorneys say while that hasn't kept up with technology text lasers raise new questions about privacy. it's like something you see
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in win deck commercial unfortunately for one little bear in new york it was a lesson learned the hard way. >> ahh! >> aww. >> it's a window, mister. >> aww you can see the cub had pigged himself before making that leap hoping to get inside the house. probably hungry but instead the bear hit the glass hard and bounced back to the ground. frightening himself and also the people inside. the little bear walk away kind offed and confused before running back into the woods. hopefully he's okay. poor thing. >> cutie. it doesn't really feel like spring out there tonight. let's take live look at the shore where we looking. absecon, tonight. damp weekend could spoil your outdoor plans. chief meteorologist scott williams here to tell us more. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. of course, today's high temperature only 53 degrees. we were socked in with those clouds, spotty showers across
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the it looks like more rain in the offing at least the second half of the upcoming weekend so the good news, not a complete wash out but unfortunately more rain is going to be moving back in. 49 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. as we look at ultimate doppler, also with the satellite on top of it you can see we're still looking at mostly cloudy skies. but also a few spotty showers moving through sections of bucks county also some activity moving into new castle and also salem county but no real heavy rain and we will get that drier bre break. so tomorrow we're looking mostly cloudy, temperatures still cool below average in the low 60s and then by sunday, watch what happens. as we move toward sunday morning, look at the shield of rain across the area. so that will impact the broad street run. we're looking at a wet sunday across the area. most locations before all is said and done a half an inch to over an inch of rainfall especially north and west along the i-95 corridor likely a half an inch to about an inch or so
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in trenton. the pollen forecast will be decreasing especially on sunday. look at this. in the low category on a scale of zero to 12, that 4.0 looking pretty good especially if you've been suffering with the high tree pollen across the area. look at the temperatures. pretty uniform. mid to upper 40s out there. 48 in millville. 47 in atlantic city. 37 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. so for tonight low temperatures in the city bottom out around 45 degrees. spell out your forecast. we have the walk for ms the greater delaware valley chapter walk in philadelphia on saturd saturday. temperatures in the low 60s and it looks dry but on sunday in pennsauken, we're talking high temperatures only in the upper 50s. what about the broad street run. take a look at those temperatures. the start of the race chilly, 50 degrees. low 50s climbing into the mid 50s and a good chance for rainfall at least 50 to 60% during the and tire race. but look at those temperatures
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on monday. 66 degrees. more showers around but temperatures finally 70 degrees by the middle and latter part of next week. a lot of next town for the up coming weekend and you'll be in that race. >> i'll probably have garbage bag over me with all that rain but that's okay. >> all right. >> 20 years of this. 20 years of this. 20 more! 20 more! 20 more! "good day philadelphia"! thank you. >> that's mike jerrick big party tonight at the sugarhouse casino 20 years in the making all this month the fox 29 gang has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of our morning show "good day philadelphia" and to cap off the month long celebration hundreds of our local viewers joining members of the good day team for this awesome party. a big happy anniversary good d day. shame they don't have any fun. >> really. >> coming up in sports sean bell is in and all about the nfl
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draft. >> what else would it be about? >> it's christmastime for all those eagles fans. talking about the draft and all about that number one pick. but they do have a pick coming up in just few seconds. if that comes in i'll let you know plus we go to carson wentz. he comes to town and he's looking as smooth as the other side of the pillow. wentz said all right things in hess introduction to philly of the check out what he had to say next in sports.
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♪ nfl draft continues day two isn't very eventful. eagles only have one pick today a third round selection.
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no second rounder. thanks chip, thanks howie they traded everything away to go get carson wentz and once upon a time traded nick foles and get sam bradford. see how that work out. they did make a selection guard out of oregon state isaac sue mal la finally some help on the line. we desperately need that to descent up and protect our new guy carson wentz who came in to town flew to in from chicago this morning and fans flocked to him asking him for autographs and pictures. i'm sure nothing like this he experienced in north dakota. i mean let's face it this is a big city, big lights he's a young kid from the country. small place fargo. but he seemed to like all the attention he got and he was able to handle it pretty well looking like a professional. i talk to him earlier today about coming to philly. >> it's been unbelievable. this process has been long. been real anxious, i've been antsy to find out. it's ban long process, but, um, yesterday finally came. i'm excited to call philadelphia
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my new home and get to work but, yeah, it was pretty crazy going from north dakota state kid and winning the national championship to couple months later being number two overall pick. very fortunate. very fortunate. not many people from north dakota not many people in general get this opportunity and i'm going to paying the most of it. >> you're coming from north dakota and you're coming to a rabid town like philly. >> yup. >> is that going to be a culture shock for you? how are you going to be able to talk about the differences because i'm sure the media members weren't that much in north dac. now all of a sudden, boom, philly. >> yeah, you know, for one you got to block out a lot of it. there's going to be positive things, negative thing. you got to go to work and play ball. >> and cushion hackenberg was drafted in the second round by the jets to whole lot of boos. jets fans not liking this pick. hack cep berg terrible last two years as a penn stater. to be fair he had terrible coaching. the jury is completely out on him but the jets can get a steal
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out of the this one if they can get him back to the study he was in high school and first two years under bill o'brien. you just saw i'm 6-foot five. carson wentz is 6-foot five. maybe six to the five and three quarters and i'm 64. he look likes a big dude. >> i couldn't believe it when i saw him standing next to you. >> also he's about 235. >> you like him. >> listen, i was skeptical. but every word he said was picture perfect. what you want to hear from him. i guess i got to give him a chance. >> you just became a millionaire today. >> we're back here at 7am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> be sure to stay tuned for the fox 29 special you gotta try this followed by mega millions drawing.
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♪ good evening everyone and welcome to this fox 29 special report. i'm bill want son. >> i'm karen hepp. we know that philadelphia is a great food city and there are so many amazing restaurants with unique menu items. >> over the next half an hour we'll have some fun. we'll show you some of the things that you've gust gotta try. we begin with a chef who combines three things that we know our guys love and most women like as well cheesesteaks, fries and beer. >> sounds good. our mike jerrick says you gotta try this. ♪ okay. i've come over right across from the washington square park seventh and walnut basically the beautiful curtis building. love this building, and inside the lobby one of corners is one


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