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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it ends under caution. >> you can see blocking was going on, say shoving but the biggest thing going on is the checkered flag was waving for these drivers. see logano moved up got pushed right there and right about here is going to be the moment of caution. you see the yellow light. i'm not going to say that's right or wrong i question why we didn't let them race it to the end right there. >> nascar reviewing every angle they had ending under caution give the win to elliott sadler. to chris standing by with jeremy clements. >> jeremy clements with his best finish ever in the xfinity series. what a wild last lap. talk us through that. >> pretty exciting. i sat here watching the replay. i know i was pushing the 48, made a deal with them. i was going to push him until we got here and try to pass him. we got a good run and we kept coming and man we finished third. i have to thank kevin chevrolet,
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hope everybody checks out the race on xfinity x 1 sports app and thanks for all they do. >> congratulations. great run. >> thanks. >> impressive top five finish for brendan gaughan. could you put yourself in any better position at the end. >> we put the south point chevy in as good a spot to get a good finish and end with a top five. great job by acr and rcr. i love richard and me and elliott sadler saved each other. he saved me from going to the outside wall and i saved him from going to the inside wall. he ends up in victory lane and i end with a top five. i call that fair and head to the next one. >> fifth place finish for brendan gaughan. >> yeah. couple dnfs for gaughan coming into the day. all in all a good afternoon. the best afternoon, though, for the birthday boy, elliott sadler. >> i see two drivers in the top ten, brendan gaughan and aric almirola. they had to come to pit road early because they locked bum r bumpers and nascar made them
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come through a pass through penalty. >> big day for junior motor sports. justin allgaier, his best plate finish of second means two cars inside the top five. how about your son, brandon mcreynolds, when it was said and done kept the car in one piece came home 23rd. >> right in front of him erik jones, a rough day for him in the 20 car. >> junior motor sports now back-to-back victories. dale earnhardt, jr. brought the car to victory lane the 88 last week at richmond and now elliott sadler snaps a 65 race winless streak. >> i mean danielle, start the show. we're talking about joe gibbs racing and richard childress racing and now junior motor sports back to back races won a third of the races in 2016. >> we will be talking about this finish for some time, how will it impact tomorrow's racing. >> i think there's more to come. there's more to follow. >> tonight on fox, premier boxing champions starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow the geico 500 at talladega. our coverage begins at 12:30
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p.m. eastern. right here on fox. the xfinity series will see you in two weeks at dover. ♪ this copyrighted telecast may not be retransmitted in any form without the authorized written consent of nascar broadcasting. nascar would like to thank our fans for your support and hope you enjoyed today's broadcast.
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we are! fox sports!
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breaking news right now at 6:00 no water in site but hours ago fast moving flood watters in this texas community, took four children and their grandmother. good evening, i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans, the 64 year old woman and the children were confirmed dead, fox's laura engel looks at the widespread destruction. >> reporter: deadly storms sweeping across parts of the midwest and leaving communities picking up the pieces. in east texas, a woman and her four grandchildren, were killed, when high flood waters from a nearby creek swept through their neighborhood. at least six other families are also displace in the that area. just north of dallas, buildings were damaged, when a possible tornado ripped through the area.
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>> my brother said dude, come out here. we see this big fun em. man, my heart dropped. >> part of oklahoma also under tornado warnings, as severe storms tore through a community, displacing several families. >> i still don't think it is to sang in yet. it is hard to fathom when you see your home strung out 100 yards and everything you have. >> officials say several tornados touched down in central oklahoma, with the national weather service warning residents to take cover, from potentially life threatening flying debris, and large hail. no injuries are reported in that area. in arkansas, reporting two lightning strikes in little rock neighborhoods. >> tree out there with lightning hit originally. >> storms there warned out busy streets closing several roadways. the region isn't out of the woods yet. meteorologists say storms can continue through the weekend, as systems move east. the chances of more severe
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weather tapes ers off by monday. in new york, laura engel, fox news. dave warren here with a look at the severe weather, dave? >> one spot, right there, about six, 7 inches of rain in a short period of time, that's where the video came in, unfortunately, that's where the fatalities were. it was last night in the middle of the night where you had the flashflooding. severe weather moving through parts of louisianna and the southeast, out of texas, the storm is well up in the midwest, and this will impact our weather tomorrow. it was a fairly nice day, with a mix of sun and clouds, but as that storm bridges east, not specking severe weather, just steady rain developing, looks like by the time you are getting up tomorrow morning, a loft runs, a lot of walks out there, gray the rain gear, you will need it, solid area of rain moving through the area throughout the morning. other temperatures little cooler. right now not too bad.
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fifty's in the surrounding suburbs, dropping, into the mid 50's, overnight tonight. so as the clouds increase will keep the temperature dropping too much. sixty-four in philadelphia, light breeze out of the south, 8 miles per hour. cloudy but we have the rain coming in. now, we're looking at days of rain, start with broad street run, also, few days, temperature goes back above 70. won't be there tomorrow, but in the seven day forecast, i'll break it down day-by-day coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, dave. happening now, family and friend of a local murder victim come together to call for peace. it has been nine months since stephanie died in port richmond, and there is still no arrest in her murder. our sabina kuriakose is live in port richmond tonight, where the investigation stands exactly where, right now, sabina? >> reporter: police haven't made any arrests, and no
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leads. the march for stevely started here in front of her childhood home, where police say she was murdered with single gunshot wound to the head where her family still lives. >> family? >> nine months to this day since my daughter was murdered. nobody has said nothing yet. nobody's come forward. and i just want to know why. >> we feel like we're not safe. you know, is this person among us? is he in the crowd among us, did he come to the memorial? did he come to the funeral? we don't know. >> the neighbor who found stephanie inside of her home speaking. >> family, friends, and anti-violence advocates marched and chanted holding signs and photos of the 22 year old, marking nine months since they found the young mother shot execute style in a upstairs bedroom of her home. stephanie's two year old
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daughter was home at the time. the crime remains unsolved, and frustration within this tight-knit community continues to grow. the dental hygienist was home alone with her toddler when homicides detective say intruder enters the home, 3,000 block of aramingo avenue, late on the night of july 30th, last year, surveillance video after man in a hoodie running from the scene has yielded little information now, of course, stephanie's family is asking for anyone, with any information, as to who may have done this, to come forward. as with any homicide case in the city, there is a $20,000 reward being offered for any information again her family just wants answers, and her daughters with the child's father. >> sabina, thank you. >> everyone is expected to be okay after this ugly crash in new castle county. two cars collided this morning, at the intersection of mill creek and back endville roads in hokessing, the accident caused one of the cars to flip on its roof, two year old was taken to the
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hospital with non-life threatening injuries, woman also treated at the scene, still no word on exactly what caused the crash. >> in university sit, a man says he was stabbed by his friend because he was taking too long to go out to a party. it all started inside the embassy suites on the ben franklin parkway early this morning, the 24 year old victim telling police that he got into an argument with a suspect, identified as 24 year old tyree foulman, victim says they were prepared to head to a night club and that the two fought over how long it took to get ready. victim is said foulman used restorer cut him across the neck. the victim is expected to be okay. and foulman charged with attempted criminal homicide and related officials. >> in cherry hill, police trying to figure out what led up to deadly crash. car lost control along route 38 just before 3:00 this morning. the car came to the rest on it side, and as you can see here, it was totaled. only one car was involved in this. police have not released any information about the person who died.
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hundreds of people in chester county come together around the clock, to help put ends to world hunger. jennifer joyce has more on this meal packing marathon. >> assembly line, working on repeat for 24 hours straight. >> packaging 120,000 meals in 24 hours. >> 800 volunteers coming and going through the night. >> all ages working together it the press de tear yan church in west chester to ends hunger. >> 20,000 people die every day of hunger, 16,000 of them are children. >> richard, with the organization stop hunger now, said these packages are making a difference in many young lives. >> they consist of rice, which makes a child feel full, soy protein, which gives them protein to grow, dry vegtables, and also micro neutral re end package, the most important part of the
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meal. we packed about 58 million meals last year, and every single one of them was pack by a volunteer. >> this is making history. >> to our knowledge it has never happened ever, 24 hours straight of people coming together and packing meals for malnourished children in developing countries. >> meals packaged is a cause for celebration. >> feels really good specially when the gong banks. >> yeah! >> katie pit's mom said she is glad her two daughters putting in the work while under standing the pay off at a young age. >> i think it is really important for my children to be involved in learning about helping others, and so any time we can get them involved, and seeing what it means to really do something for someone else, we try to do that. >> al lea carson said she is amazed a few hours of charity work can help feed tens of thousands of hungary children, around the world. >> just humbles, because there are people out here that aren't fortunate enough to eat every day, and i am. >> well, packing more than 550
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boxes of food into roughly 15,000 pounds of food, all in this will be shipped out to the people in need in just a few weeks. in west chester, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". >> and as dave mentioned, the broad street run is tomorrow morning. septa is reminding runners, that they can use the transit system for free. runners must show their official race bib with their official number. septa says extra service is planned on broad street line with rides going northbound every ten minute from 4:45 in the morning to 8:30. dozens of bus routes will be altered for the 10-mile race because of road closures. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 woman who is running tomorrow says broad street is a major chapter in a ten year love story. >> yes, but it hasn't always been a pretty story. >> sometimes it stinks. like sometimes running still for me is really terrible and i don't want to do it, but stick with it and it is worth
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it. >> while the miles are racking up and paying off. >> plus, a horrifying case of child neglect. what police discovered in the backyard of this house that left them stunned and the mystery that still surroundings that case tonight. >> prankster is with lazer pointer probably never expected this. how the pilot he targeted got the last laugh. sean? >> reporter: eagles continue to get the protection forecaster on wentz, nfl draft finishes up, all about the offense. check out who the eagle got in the late rounds later in sports.
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course the broad street run is tomorrow. this is the 37th year for the annual 10-mile street race through philadelphia. new jersey native jen miller will be there. she is sharing her journey with running in a new book. >> and her hope is, dawn, to inspire other runners to stay encores when they're ready to quit. our lauren johnson has more on that. >> i hope to run until the day that i die. >> it is a love like no other, that all start wad broken heart and a few other things. >> my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. my grandfather died. and then i bought a house and the recession hit. i am self-employed, so i lost half my clients. >> so she laced up her sneakers to release some stress. >> so i found a lot of power in myself through running. >> she loved it so much, she started writing about it. >> a magazine paid me to train for a 5k and that's where it all started. >> it helped her to start
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learning more about life. >> when business is bad, you don't want to quit or do something else, you just got to keep hammering at it, eventually you will get to the finish line. >> morning. >> it is become part of my life and it has made me a better writer. running really quiets down the mind, body and i say soul. >> her soul now satisfied, it has been ten years, and five marathons. of running and racing, winning and losing. >> sometimes it stinks. like sometimes running still for me is really terrible and i don't want to do it, but stick with it and it is worth it. >> but it all started at the start line. >> my mom's first race, she finished dead last. and she was so excited that she finished. >> she started running at 58 years old. and now she is preparing for her first half marathon. >> there is a sense of accomplishment in training for 18 weeks for a marathon, then coming out on the other side on the finish line. >> thousands are expected to cross the finish line on the broad street line sunday. >> even if you finish last, who cares, you finished. >> miller remembers her very
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first one. >> i am getting in the bathroom line immediately, they can be long, and you will want to go. >> it is the sixth largest race in the country through the street of philadelphia. >> it will be crowded at the start no matter what, it is a huge race. >> race many will call their first, and jena plowed all of them forgetting out there, because, she knows just how much it can help save your life. >> you know, i've been through some dark stuff. i came out on the other side. i really hope to do it for the rest of my life. >> lauren johnson, "fox 29 news". >> and 40,000 people are registered to run tomorrow. >> all right, good luck, everybody. to tampa florida where a helicopter belonging to the sheriff's office is hit by a lazer beam. but the pilot was able to use an infrared camera to find the source and lead deputies right to it. police surrounded the car, parked at an apartment complex, and they arrested the 20 year old man, police told officer, or the man told the officers, he was playing
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around with the lazer pointer. he said it was all a joke. but the pilot says not funny at all because it is extremely dangerous. >> it causes for them to lose their situation al awareness, sometimes it causes them to lose site of the instruments in the aircraft, and they have to make evasive actions to try to get away from that source of light. >> well it, can be even more dangerous, if the pilot happens to be wearing night vision goggles. a lazer can actually damage the pilot's retina. >> crews are working to contain an outbreak of the norovirus on cruise ship sailing along the east coast right now. it is based out of glands it, docked in virginia last night after nearly 160 people were sickened. officials say only seven people are under quarantine at the moment. as the situation continues to be assessed. >> we are -- i've been in frequent communication. >> all the time?
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>> they've been fully informed about everything that's been going on on board, and we cooperated very well with them. >> the centers for disease control will evaluate further once that ship arrives in baltimore tomorrow. in the meantime, the crew has increased cleaning and disinfecting aboard the ship to prevent the virus from spreading even more. >> first u.s. citizen to die from zika virus is now on record. puerto rico's health secretary says a 07 year old man died in february due to complications from the mosquito born disease. now, the news comes as expert warn zika could reach epidemic status here on the mainlands as early as this summer. fox's fill keating reporting now. >> mosquitos, ready to sting and, in fact, don't care that we don't have a budget agreement, they're here. >> reporter: as the fight on capitol hill to fund the battle against the zika virus rages on, stunning news today south florida will most likely witness epidemic levels of the
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did i east this summer. that prediction coming from nasa. the space agency also says the mosquito, which transmits zika is expected to spread further north and live longer this summer. miami dade county already leads all counties in the nation with confirmed zika infections, 39. nasa's new map ranks the region's most at risk. these cities in red: miami, orlando, from new orleans to charleston, orange indicates moderate abundance of the zika caring mosquito, cities in yellow rang low risk. miami dade spent $1.6 million a year on mosquito control, is asking the state for more, but isn't panicking yet. >> we feel that we are prepared. and we have the resource that we need to be able to do the appropriate sprague, the appropriate surveillance, the appropriate education, and outreach. >> president obama declaring emergency found to go fight zika which causes brain defects in babies. but in the senate republicans
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say a democratic spending spree. >> they haven't told us what the plan for the use of the funds is. >> the zika failed to get a vote this week. health officials say the zika battle is extremely dependent on you the homeowner specifically removing all standing water from your property. they say all it takes is this much, a bottle cap full of water, for the disease spreading mosquito to lay eggs, and thrive. in miami dade county, phil keating, fox news. >> well, spring temperatures were just right today at penn's landing for the franklin institute's science festival. these children getting up close and personal with this bug exhibit. the event brought out huge crowds to see dozens of hands on experiment, pretty cool, and all kind of live entertainment, that looks like a lot of fun. >> well, coming up on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 a note boxes his teenage son as a form of discipline. the video blows up on the internet. but when the dad posts again, well, he got an unpleasant surprise. >> and starbucks is
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celebrating how you can get in on all of the fun, but you have to hurry up. that is ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00.
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she died short time later another team also hurt after she was ejected but she is expected to survive. in kenya, a building owner has been ordered to turn himself in after building collapse kills at least 12 people. that build diagnose not have the proper structures. rescue work verse been working around the clock trying to find any survivors. that building collapsed following heavy rains yesterday. the kenya red cross said that 150 building units and a jay end home were affected. >> very disturbing case of child abuse is unfolding in texas. police say they found a three year old tied to a door with a dog leash and the two year old chained to the grounds in the backyard of this house we're going to show you in a moment here in san antonio. six other children between the ages every ten months old and 13 years were found inside the house. police found them wednesday night, after neighbor called
6:33 pm
911 to report a child crying for a long period of time. then the mother of those six of kids who were inside the house came home, that was early friday morning, she was arrested. >> it makes you wonder what somebody is thinking. how could they do this? just hard to even imagine. and i'm just grateful that our deputies, and this neighbor, were able to give get there in time and to save these kids. >> just no words for this. all eight children were treated at a hospital. they are now in child protective custody. police are still searching for the parents of the two kids found tied down outside. >> horrible. >> new details are released about the search for two florida teenagers who disappeared after taking their boat out last summer. this is video just put out by the fish and wildlife officials. it shows the two as they left
6:34 pm
the jupiter inlet back in july. now the teens were never seen again, and the boat was found last month in bermuda. the commission has now released a report saying the pair may have been spotted twice after their disappearance, and the report sites investigators to say they were unable to follow up on some leads because of resource shortages. one of the teenagers' phones was still in the boat when it was found last month. it is now being analyzed for information. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 the healing hands of the pope. hearing from people who say his blessings during the pope's visit here to the u.s. has changed their lives. plus, tons of ivory up in flames. the dramatic statement one country is making, and what it hopes to accomplish coming up. >> getting ready for some rain coming back into the area as soon as tomorrow. all of this, and will try to bring the warm air in, maybe not getting here quite yet. warmer days in the seven day forecast, i'll have that coming up.
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the most powerful images of the pope's visit to philadelphia last fall are scenes of pope francis blessing the sick. here you see him kissing a baby, who has terminal brain cancer in center city. well, many people believe that pope francis has devine healing powers. >> yes, they say people he's touched have been miraculously cured of serious illnesses. fox's lauren green with the story for us from new york. >> leading many to believe that francis has devine healing powers. >> known as the girl in the wheelchair on the tarmac at jfk waiting for pope fran to arrive. month before her doctors couldn't explain why the healthy 12 year old suddenly fell ill, and became paralyzed. her blood work showed no evidence of suspected lyme disease. but that was before francis blessed her.
6:39 pm
>> just couple of days after meeting the pope, there was activity in my blood. and dow believe that miracles continuing. >> during the pope's visit to america last september, thousands of people held up children for the pope to bless. and this family thrilled when francis kissed their baby girl, gianna. early report show that afterward, a truck brain tumor had shrunk, but months later gianna is still in need of chemotherapy, her paren told fox news that they have a long way to go, but she is continuing to get better. they say pope francis kissing gianna was a sign that god has been with them through unimaginable times. >> monsignor jason gray, who served on the vatican investigating board says the catholic church has a very high bar for such things. >> when a miracle is considered in the zero congregation it, has to be something that is of divine origin, something independent of human action. >> julia's family is certain francis is a miracle worker. she has since regained movement in her feet.
6:40 pm
>> when i think about those months before the pope, you know, in my head, i see darkness. after the pope, so many people reached out to us, and i see god's love in everyone else's heart. >> vatican expert stress that pope francis is a humble man, and would say that any healing is ultimately god's doing. in new york, lauren green, fox news. hundreds of people were up bright and early this morning taking part in a very important walk eager walkers pounding the pavement along the parkway, for the walk and s race. hundred cents of similar events are held all around the count troy raise money for research to fight multiple schlero is, delaware valley chapter behind the event, and fox 29 was a proud sponser. lucy noland, jeff gordon, bruce coal, shawnette wilson all there today representing. >> good job. well now to your fox 29 weather authority, when are we going to see the sun again? >> it was out today. >> i didn't see it.
6:41 pm
>> it was in the morning? >> by the way another walk tomorrow in pennsauken. steve keeley will be there. >> cool. >> it is going to rain. >> oh, no. >> just grab raincoat t won't be bad. today wasn't perfect, but it was not bad considering what i am about to be talking about. there is the sun. look, nice clouds, sent to us by andrew with some blue skies there. we call them nice clouds because they are not giving us any rain, but that will be changing starting tomorrow. so, get ready for the rain. here it is. it is all in the midwest right now. and a lot of this not reaching the grounds yet watch will happen overnight is these clouds will move in. so the clouds will increase, and that will keep the temperatures from dropping too much. so right now right about 6o we hit 64, mid 50's, in the surrounding suburbs, dropping maybe mid to low 50's, very warm air is going to be trying to be pulled up by this storm, so the temperatures look like they could jump a bit tomorrow, not the case.
6:42 pm
this front will stay to our south, thanks to that. area of low pressure develops along the front, keeps the cooler air in place, that warm air is just to the south, but as this storm moves in, the rain comes in. this is the timing here. we will stop here at 8:00 in the morning, broad street run, the rain developing, start as light rain, not everyone, but it certainly continues off and on throughout the morning. here is the walk, m.s. walk there in pennsauken at 10:00. rain continues off and on. some of it briefly heavy. could see a little break between about 2:00 and say 5:00. we could see few showers developing later in the evening tomorrow. so, looks like not the entire day will be seeing the rain. but, certainly, much, most if everybody has a chance to see these passing showers or this steadier rain mainly in the morning. little brake before another area of rain comes in, on monday, but monday looks little drier than tomorrow. now, look what happens to these temperatures. >> this will be 8:00 in the morning. upper 40's, mid 50's, that
6:43 pm
warm air just stays to the south. we only climb into the 50's, this would be bit of breeze, rain coming down, certainly not pleasant day when you factor in the rain and the temperatures. monday, however, that warm air gets pulled up, we see nice rebound up into the 70s, as far north as say pottstown, and reading, at 73 degrees. so 48 to 55 down to ooh. not much of arrange tomorrow, to monday morning, jump up to 72 degrees on monday, drop to 63 on tuesday. storm passes by, just to our south. so, that could give us little more rain here. looks like we are dealing with more rain, than dry days in the seven day forecast. rain helps the allergies, though, very low pollen count tomorrow. thanks to that steady rain. but it comes up into the medium rage, and the high range by tuesday, and wednesday. so, here is how to plan. fifty-one, to 53, only to 55. rain continuing, maybe little break in the afternoon. just some light rain, cloudy skies and cool, though, clouds will linger, by 10:00 tomorrow night. the seven day forecast, maybe thunderstorm monday with a
6:44 pm
warmer temperature in the 70s, rain mainly south, on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, just few light showers here and there. looks like not a bad day thereon wednesday, up to 73 degrees. sixty-eight on thursday, and friday. and could see a completely dry day pie day seven, next weekend. >> day seven? >> little bit after wait. >> raining every day but just off and on. soggy patter. >> little late, i mean, april's over. >> here come the may flowers. >> thanks, dave. still ahead on "fox 29 news". a famous jacket, the one prince wore, it is up for sale. how you can own a piece of purple rain, and that is next. >> find it hard to relax? maybe gravity is standing in the way. coming up the work out that will sweep you off your feet.
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your money sell breaks at starbucks, the frappuccino is turning 21 years old this week, and to mark the birthday the coffee chain is bringing back its limited edition birthday cake frappuccino. it is limited. you can only get it until monday special treat, vanilla
6:48 pm
nut, hazelnut, blended together, plus pink whipped cream. sounds good. >> loft calories. if you love that jacket, that prince wore, in the 1984 film purple rain, and i do, it can be yours. it is going on the auction block this summer. the iconic black and white motorcycle jacket was worn by prince, when he rose through with happen loan ya on the back of his bike. it was reportedly gifted to a make up artist who worked on the set. the company that will auction it off says that it just got that jacket six weeks ago before prince's untimely death. >> i put a pre-sale stem of six to $8,000 on it. that was prior to his passing. and now all bets are off. i mean, i do not know of any other prince item reaching the auction block that's going to be from this time period. and i have no idea what -- it could bring six figures for
6:49 pm
all we know. >> maybe more. start saving your money up, though. the on line auction begins on june 29th. >> and african country is taking dramatic stand against poaching and animal trafficking. more than 100 tons of elephant ivory antoine of rhino horns were burned in kenya today. it is believed to be the largest stockpile ever destroyed. it represents 8,000 elephants, and more than 300 rhino's slaughtered for their horns. kenya decided to destroy the ivory instead of selling it for an estimated $150 million. late they say they want to make the point that ivory should not have any commercial value. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 life saving dumpster dive. why one man says he just had to dive in. >> plus, a father boxes his teenage son as a form of discipline. the video blew up on the internet. when the father posted it again, he got unpleasant surprise. that's next.
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>> beyonce dropping a bomb to her fans last night.
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>> story in virginia making national headlines, father posted this video of him boxing his son, he claimed he was teaching him a lesson for cutting class.
6:53 pm
the video went viral. police got involved. the teen has been removed from the home and the dad is charged with domestic assault and battery charges. >> before his arrest, the father commented on the visit to his home by child protective services, and he posted it on line. as fox's alexandra lineman reports, little did he know, agent would return with police. >> so, so, so that video of me and tank got so much publicity that cps actually knock on the door, didn't they? >> a lot of people are really upset about me and tank's video the other day. a lot of people want me to go to jail. a lot of people are saying that's child abuse, i should be locked up. how does that make you kneel. >> that's the latest controversial video posted by a man in prince william county after child protective services visited his home. because of this initial video the virginia man posted on facebook. it shows him boxing his son
6:54 pm
and caused fire storm on social media. the individual joe shows the phone's face and shirt bloodied, during the clips the teen add dad says they're a boxing family and he was trying to teach his son discipline and self-defense. after the 17 year old cut class. >> you got to move. got to move. tell your teacher you're sore. >> i i'm sorry for walking out of your class. >> it is ann prepare re at for an adult to beat a child that far nature. he wasn't boxing him. he was fighting him. his son was running. it is in black and white. and it is not fair to a kid. >> i think it is okay. i think it is okay, i don't believe he was going to hurt him. and sometimes you got to discipline them, especially after the peterson incident, the football player goes to jail for disciplining his kids, i think you got to draw the line somewhere.
6:55 pm
>> people done brought police to our house. what you want to tell them? >> it wasn't that serious. >> ya, well, in the state of virginia -- >> the way she started asking me questions, like she was stuttering, like she sound more nervous than i was. >> the way the prince william police department sees it, there is no debate. seller's actions are a crime, and seller's reasons weren't enough to keep child protective services away for long either. police say agents came back and removed the 17 year old from the home. sellers was released on unsecured bond after turning himself in. the police investigation is still ongoing, and that father could face more charges. >> tomorrow will mark an end of an era for the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus elephants have been part of the show for 145 years. after tomorrow their performances will be a thing of the past.
6:56 pm
the circus bowing to the wishes of animal rights activists, who are pushing to change how animals are treated in theme shows in parks. there has been such a change in the legislative landscape around the country. and there is also been, you know, among our consumers, as well, some of our audiences aren't comfortable with us touring elephants, and, you know, with legislation, that's come up it, makes it difficult to not have consistency week in, week out. >> well the pachyderms will be sent to an elephant conservation center owned and operated by the sick us in florida. >> officials from the arizona humane society dove into dumpster to rescue pair of baby owls. the five week old birds were spotted in a dumpster earlier this week. the gray horn owls were taken to the wild at heart raptor facility to be cared for. they've been named dumpster and diver, being fostered by older owls at the rescue facility. we are toll they are in good shape and doing very well. >> well, yoga and meditation
6:57 pm
are taken to new heights in a exercise class that's all about relaxation. and people who find it hard to meditate, well, they will specially enjoy this work out. fox's laura engel with the details. >> reporter: meditation has hit the main stream with celebrities and athletes singing it praises. but what about those people who swear they've just can't meditate? >> my minds is casino of running around. i need to do this. i need to do. that will i don't have time for it. why am i sitting here meditating? >> crunch gym in new york city might have the solution. it is called anti-gravity cacoon. >> like nap time for adult t gives you time to really let everything go, fall, let gravity take over and rest. >> the 45 minute class allowed stews toned step out of their heck tim lives, and into a hammock. weightless. the class includes stretches, and some guided meditation cents, too. but it is not just about relaxation, and recharging. >> it is post work out recovery, so if you are into
6:58 pm
lifting weights, if you are a runner, anything like that, just casino of go through series of stretches, so it helps casino of that act of recovery. >> sometimes you have to schedule down time for it to actually happen. >> to carve out that time to, you know, bring your mind, your body down. >> student agree, when you leave this class, you take the calm with you. >> when you go outside, you know go back to the rush of new york city life, which is pretty crazy. but you go at it a little slower pace where you realize you have gotten 45 minutes to casino of take it easy, take deep breath, finish tackling what you need to tackle, which is great. >> you have to be a crunch member to take the class. there are locations all over the country. for more information, check out crunch. com. i'm laura engel, fox news. "fox 29 news" at 6:00 right back. first your live lottery drawings.
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