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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  May 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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as tens of thousands of return runners are gearing up. we'll take you live to the race start. >> it's a picture taking social media by storm. a teen put to shame for wearing this dress to prom. what here teacher told her that sent her running in tears, people going off. >> are you tired of forgetting where you put your keys and phone? get ready to trigger your memory the one thing you can do to remember it all. from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. good morning, we're very happy to be here, it's a rainy day, we don't care. we'll start today in positive fashion. good morning, everyone. >> good morning to you, bill anderson, and dave, have a good
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attitude, it's the first day of may. maybe you have have celebration in your neck of the woods. although it's raining on our end. >> a lot of people probably caring about the rain. >> liquid sunshine is good. >> this rain is here, it is moved in. it's going to be here for awhile. the international airport, a live picture this morning, dreary start. temperatures in the 40's, that rain continues to come down. a number of people ready to start this broad street run. let's check in with sue and wendy. >> about 40,000 people have been waiting for months and months. the day is here. it's the day of the broad street run. weekend wendy thinks she's going to run along. it's the ten-mile run down broad street. it starts near fisher and goes all the way to the navy yard for the runners. after the finish, there's a free tailgate at fdr park starting at 9:00 and a free event at
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frankford hall at noon hosted by actc philly to help homeless pets. it starts at 8:00 a.m. dave, do you think we're going to see those runners wearing those plastic bag today's because of the rain? >> i would say so. if you could run in that. her is the rain. there's broad street. ten miles. it goes all the way down south philly, the navy yard, a lot of green on the radar: that's what we're looking at here. steady rain, maybe a little heavier at times, little farther west, there's heavy rain, 2 invest miles away. fortunately it's moving faster than the runner this morning. this area will try clear out boy 2:00, 3:00, here it is, rain heavy at times, continuing till about 9. 10:00 we have the ms walk in pennsauken. rain continues. back edge working its way into
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the area. looks like the heaviest rain is done between 2:00 and 3:00. showers linger a bit off and on but becomes cloudy with maybe some fog and drizzle continuing overnight by 9:00. it's not all day but certainly talking about a lot of rain right now. it is heaviest around noon. temperatures, well, that's the big story here, it's into the upper 40's, only climbing a degree or two maybe into the mid 50's here by this afternoon. not much of a change with our temperature. 52, 53, 55. tapering off to cloudy skies by 6:00. see if there's more rain in the seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later. traffic time now is bob kelly. good morning, everybody, come on, are you ready to run? it's the broad street run. take over the city today. just remember, you want to park at the stadium area. then you're going to get the free subway ride all the way up to broad and olney. then the runners will, of course, come down broad street. throughout the morning as this race is taking lace, you'll have
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the roll re closures. septa has extra service on the broad street subway, the market frankford line but all of the busses along the race run here, along broad street will be detoured, again, rolling detours throughout the morning, of course, jammo in south philadelphia at the end of the broad street run. and then also today, we have the ms walk we're the proud foxer, fox 29 of the ms walk. it's in cooper river park. registration kicks off at 9:00 a.m. and a rare appearance by steve keeley over at cooper river park later on today. enjoy your sunday. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, we kick it off at 4:00 a.m. my husband is running it. maybe you're running the broad street run or certainly watching and cheering on the people. it's a proud moment. it's really fun. >> i can watch and clear. i don't do the running. but it's the annual blue cross broad street run, the big race
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has something for everyone, from young children to young at heart and something for our jennifer joyce who is there at the start of the race. everyone has been training, today is the big day. >> reporter: the big day, did i hear correctly, karen, your husband is running? >> heck, yeah. >> that is awesome, good for him and i give these runners a lot of credit. it is chilly, wet. 37th annual broad street run. now we know that the run is ten miles long, we also have the director with us to fill in the blanks a little bit. this another sold-out race, 40,000 runners will be taking over broad street today. >> blue cross broad street run, happens first sunday of may, rain or shine, we're out here, looking for another great day. >> reporter: it's rainy and we talked about, what do the runners do? . >> the runners are well where it's going to be slippery. they're going to be cause,
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nobody is going to try to site personal record. they're here for the excitement of being in the event. other than elite runners taking a sprint. most will be cautious going for a leisurely ten mile jog. >> reporter: in addition to obviously fulfilling a major personal accomplishment, this also can raise money through the american cancer society. >> yes, the american cancer society is the men beneficiary of the event and have been since 1982. race 3784s old, they've been involved 35. we're happy we raise thousands of dollars for them. they're actually over three-quarters of a million already raised. it's great thing we're able to provide for them and the runners love being a part of something like that for the charity. >> reporter: anything else we need to know. >> the best thing we can tell possibly. if you're going to go to the navy yard be a spectator, bring a clear plastic bag. security is high.
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based on boston, we're still looking at that, but come out and enjoy it. have a spectator crowd. they're running. need the spectators too. >> reporter: bring the clear bag and the poncho. >> i got mine on. >> reporter: karen and bill, send it back to you. it is exactly 7:07 right now. one person is in custody when a suv crashed into another car. five cars in total were damaged around 12:00 this morning on dick end son street, that's in the point breeze section. police say they began chasing the two people in suv when they ran. jumped out of the car and ran after that crash. one person was caught. police are city hall searching for the other. no one was seriously injured new from overnight, police are investigating a robbery in northeast philadelphia. it happened just before 3:00 at
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the 7-eleven on tyson avenue. he walked in demanded cash and took off. they later learned the gun was fake and thankfully no one hurt. a man's party was found in the parking lot of a local targetly police are looking for answers. they don't think this was suspicious. yesterday evening about 6:00 they found the body of 42-year-old man from norristown in the parking garage of the target over there on the dekalb pike in king of prussia. officials say they were searching for this man reported missing earlier in the day. this time officials are investigating how the man died. they said there were no signs of foul play. 7:08. later on family and friend will gather to remember a high school teen. it's ten days now since the beating death of amy francis joiner. it happened in the building of howard technical high school and so far no charges have been filed. three female students police say are considered persons of interest have been out of school
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since the incident. investigators say there's still a lot of information to review, including more than 3,000 pages of printed data. today's public visitation will be she would held at saint mall umae church. the teen's family would like to thanking everyone for the outpouring of love during this devastate to go time. family and friend of a port richmond mother are asking justice. stephanie was killed last july execution style in her own home. police say she and her daughter were in the house on the 300 block of aramingo. her boyfriend had just gone out to get milk. that's when investigators say someone came in the house and shot stephanie in the head. we do have that surveillance video somebody running away. no arrests have been made and the victim's family extreme frustrated. lack of night dozens gathered for a vigil and a march to
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remember her and call for justice. >> nine months to the day since my daughter was murdered. nobody has come forward. i just want to know why. >> we feel like we're not safe. is this person among us? is he in a crowd among us. >> there is a $20,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of stephanie's killer. the feds launched a criminal investigation owe a listeria outbreak linked to four deaths involving packaged salads in the springfield ohio. the facility voluntarily removed the salads after the salads it produced were tide to fatal illnesses. it has been. the union doing well, we got a new sports team coming to philadelphia.
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we're going to introduce you to a member of the philadelphia force, united women's la cross league. see if they have what it takes to bring home a championship to philadelphia. a lot of people are talking. you can be the judge about this o one. skin this is just a high school girl trying to go to her prom. something happened that made her cry in the bathroom. do you think that dress is too revealing? what her teacher told her. we'll tell you. we always want to hear from you, tell us how you're spending your may day. maybe your like karen's husband at the broad street run. >> #fox29goodday and let us know if you have any celebrations in your life.
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. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. that's the kind of morning, hopefully you'll be getting off on the right foot. rainy olde city. still out and about on this day. take a look what's happening in the news, prince turns out we may be hearing new materials from him for a very long time. music legend wrote by some
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estimates 2000 songs never released. people close to him believe there could be many more than that even. all of the music was discovered in a vault at paisley park. one of his managers says we can hear a new album from him every year for the next century. >> we're all ok with all of that. we're also excited about a new sports team in philadelphia, new team ready to cheer them on. early this year, the united women's la cross league announced the name of it's first four team, baltimore ride, boston storm and our favorite, the philadelphia force. good day for the league, draft day. we want to talk a little bit about it. joining us, we got karen lupo drafted force, and one of the founders of the league. >> very nice to see you guys. >> nice. >> we'll hook you up.
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>> exciting, different teams, we talked about the union, the soul. a new team, tell us a little bit about the league and why it's going to be successful. >> so i'm a hockey coach by trade and i'm a woman's advocate, when we found out la cross didn't have a special sports league, let's do it, xts came in sponsored the league, it's about creating opportunity for these guys because they don't have it right now. we decided to do baltimore, philly, long island and boston. traditional la cross markets. really it's about these guys having an opportunity post college to make money and play sports. it's a pay equity platform. >> you mentioned opportunity. you were coaching. you had a are a great career, what's it feel like to have that opportunity to play and play here? >> i mean, honestly it's an honor. i think this is something that some of the people have been drafted and even the ones trying out today, it's been a dream since younger.
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it's truly an honor. >> speak to the importance of women's opportunity, seems like the wnba succeed. >> wormly sports only been in existence 25 years when you think about it. title line came along put some resources, we still don't have that professional element. we're calling our product the sustainable model and essentially we infuse nonprofit funds with for profit funds, so we have this play it forward is our nonprofit. essentially. karen can go around inner city schools, do speech, she gets paid for nonprofit but she's also a member of the united women la cross league. we also think other nontraditional sports even men's sports should do the model. >> for this to be successful, people have to come out and support it. tell us what they're going to see. tell us on the contempt of this professional league. >> i think you're going to see a lot of new rules, a two point
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shot and i think having the opportunity to play at some of the biggest national recruiting tournaments willing be huge. >> you do not make this your career. >> i would love to. still coaching now, playing, la cross league and the u.s. team. it's a dream come true. why not play the sport you love forever. >> carol was drafted. >> the way we did it. we picked the top 40. we did kind of a draft show on sports network kind of cool. we said why not galvanize everyone together in a draft cam, the top 40 could come be part of it. we had 250 players registered for 80 slots. the idea is get everyone there. get them energized, even if they're not part of the top 80, they can be part of this. one of the initiatives that we have in the la cross league is to have the leadership be all women. michelle is a commissioner, she's a woman. four gms that are women, four
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headcoaches that are women. now, karen some day can become a gm, a headcoach in pro league because right now, a minuscule am women are in professional sports. >> and men who respect professional athletes, we come and watch. >> my god, yes, we want you, you want to be the honorary gm? we'll hook you up. we want you on the field with us. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> we got shirts for you. >> you got to watch the action at -- where it all begins tournaments, lehigh valley, national marks don. >> we'll put it up on our website, we'll host a party there. >> absolutely. thank you so much. congratulations to all of you on the inauguration. it is a rainy day, lots of games may be cancelled. i have soccer games that can happen. about 11:00 it's tough, the kids are tough. it might be a little heavier
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throughout the morning, it gets heavier and heavier. one thing not cancelled. the broad street run, they are running in the rain here is this question. >> good morning, everyone at fox 29 good day weekend. the broad street run is today, dave, the only water that the participants want to see is the stuff on the side of the course. will there be any coming from the sky? >> there will be a lot. pretty much everywhere, the entire area seeing a light to moderate rain, the continues to 1:00. the temperatures into the 50's only climbing a degree or two and topping out in the mid 50's. a cool day with the clouds and the rain. here it is on ultimate doppler. solid area of rain. trying to see the end of rain right the western edge there, but it will take awhile to move through. it will eventually taper off to cloudy skies and maybe a few
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showers not until this afternoon. in the meantime. rain and heavier between about 10:00 and 2:00 today. a ways to go before we see that very heavy rain come in. 250 miles away, slowly its way in. upper 40's is the temperatures right now and climbing into the 50's, there's a warmer air to the south, but that storm that develops along the front just off the coast keeps the cold air in place. so we're not seeing much of a warmup today. that rain continues but there it goes, starts to clear out by about say 7:00, 8:00 tonight. then more snow showers the forecast. it's a rainy unsettled period. we do have one or two dry days in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you when coming up later. >> sounds good. here's a question. >> you're a la cross star. >> not a star but i can play. >> a new campaign by some restaurants inviting mothers to sit down and enjoy a meal.
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they're welcoming you. we didn't know the stories, reactions is not all positive, while some say mom should take care of that before they walk into the restaurant. but that is illegal. none of us can discuss. are you tired of forgetting your keys? maybe you can't remember where you parked the car or put your shoes or anything like that. if your memory needs a little work, we got one thing researches say you can do that will help you remember things. >> how about this? no one, we'll be in the pool. next drawing wednesday $348 million.
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. we have so much runners very nervous about a half hour to the big start. ten-mile run right down broad street. >> i'm going to do that one day. didn't sound believable. did it. >> not for one minute. >> let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories, unrest in iraq as protesters pressure the government for change, demanding an overhaul of iraq's corrupt and ineffective political system. yesterday was the re first time they broke into the green zone, which is home to most governm t
7:30 am
government. fired tear gas but later only standing down, chanting and waiving iraqi flag, they're calling to demonstrate peacefully. absolutely horrifying a teenage girl died another injured after thrown from a carnival ride in el paso text. that's the ride. the 16-year-old was ejected from a spinning ride called the sisler and struck a metal barricade and then died. there was a third girl on the ride who locked her arms on to a safety bar. it was part of those parking lot carnivals at a church in that area. a sea lion is recovering in california this morning after
7:31 am
being rescued by beach goer, the baby pup was stuck on top of rocks. they called in the marine and while life institute and sent a crew to check it out. they say the sea appears to be thin and possibly emaciated. the pup is now at a rescue center and will eventually be released after it's healthy. we have all stepped on them in our bare feet and couldn't stand them. i'm talking about legos. weekend wendy is so excited to re brick fest live happening at the greater philadelphia and to center in oaks. it's a fan festival for lego enthusiastics. it happens from 10:00 this morning until 5:00 this afternoon, i hope you're building a better forecast, dave. >> getting on it there, sue. i don't quite have the material for it. all we got is rain here. stick around for awhile.
7:32 am
there it is in oaks. rain coming down. some light to moderate rain. and that the pretty much the story everywhere. you start to see these peaks of yellow here. likely seeing that here, a little later this morning. right around noon. heavier rain to the south and west virginia that will continue to push east. there it is about 10:00 this morning. back edge trying to push through. say about noon. it's still coming down fairly heavy, especially to the south. but it starts to break up a little bit. now this will be a brief break in the rain. cloud and a few showers linger by about 4:00, just a cloudy sky with drizzle continuing overnight tonight, we're not drying out yet because there's more rain in the forecast tomorrow. and then again the following day. unsettled weather pattern here shaping up. temperatures today, they're into the upper 40's right now. climbing a few degrees. mid to low 50's, maybe topping out in the mid 50's, say about 55 degrees. so our forecast today, broad
7:33 am
street run 8:00, period of rain, rain continues for the walk on her at 10:00 and the phillies play this afternoon, maybe tapering off the showers, field will be wet. try to get the game in, it will be a tough one because that's the transition from the rain to the showers. there's more rain in the seven-day, i'll look at that coming up in a bit last night was president obama's final white house correspondence dinner and the president took a very light hearted approach to everything. president manners to crack several jokes about the presidential hopefuls both sides of the aisle before signing off the final time. his greatest jabs were, aimed at of course, donald trump, the billionaire decided to not attend this career's dinner. >> you got a roomful of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tack ky for the donald?
7:34 am
what could he possibly be doing instead? is he home? eating a trump steak? tweeting out insults? what's he doing? >> i want to close my final white house correspondence dinner by saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you've done. it has been an honor an privilege to work side by side with you to strength our democracy. with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out. >> look at that. >> and dropped the mic. people went wild with comments about the correspondence dinner, whoever wrote obama's would you say remark killed it, it was hilarious, this was my mood the
7:35 am
entire evening, showing a little appeal thing. thank you, barrack obama, and finally president obama and the greatest moment of all time, boom, dropped the mic. the mic heard, drop heard around the world. that's cool. sign off with the mic -- i'm going to start doing that at the end of every show here. bill, out. sports. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. i'm sean bell, howie roseman's future begins with this, the guys have to turn out to be real player, here's some notables from yesterday, he had two fifth round picks, help out we understand and took a corner in the sixth, roseman needs these late round picks to pan out. >> it was not having as many picks in the early going. as we used to. we felt like later in the draft taking shots on guys in the
7:36 am
seventh round, really having the best undrafted process we ever had became priority to us. >> phillies in another tight game with the inyens. freddy galvis with a hit. drops in the perfect place, that's the go ahead run. the phils win 4-3, fifth straight win. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. we need your opinion on. take a look at this picture, a high school senior shaped for wearing that dress to the prom. she was told it was too revealing. what do you think? use #fox 29 good day. good morning. breakfast with bob, weekend edition, i have an item so top secret. they keep it in the vault. medford, new jersey, you have to see this. when we come right back. look at this.
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congratulations, your son's first communion, we're all so proud of him. >> i'm emotional, they his communion. tell us what you're celebrating. >> here's andrew we will go on with the celebration and shout out from andrew to the prom crowd. and we'll be right back.
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. ♪ ♪ welcome back at absecon new jersey. i remember certainly dancing to that back in the day. cutting a rug. maybe you saw this one. i certainly saw it out there. people were commenting on facebook. it's trending right now. a high school student from tennessee and she thought it was so beautiful, got her hair all done, wearing the dress, the staff said it was too revealing. >> take a look. that's amy taylor. she was stopped at the door and wasn't allowed into the prom. one teacher kept telling her and i quote, us big girls got to cover up. after she spent time crying in
7:41 am
the rest room, she was told she could go in only if she wore the vice principal's tuxedo jacket over top of that dress. >> a lot of people say, shaming her for having breasts, basically. she completed that dress. you look fabulous, your idiot teach was jealous she can't pull off wearing that dress. >> tim says too revealing? to do a double take to see if i missed something. it's a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl: i felt the same way. >> this comment. what is wrong way the way she looks? that teacher should be told to keep her opinions to herself. i've seen pictures of girls in tight low cut dresses in promise. i think she looks beautiful. >> when we were talking about this upstairs i kept looking at the picture closer to see if i was missing something, i thought
7:42 am
the midsection may have been a cut-out? i think she looks good. >> when you look at prom pictures with a young girls, they do have cut-outs, this and that, i thought it was very tame. >> it wasn't even that low cut. >> you put a tuxedo jacket on and it doesn't cover anything up. still ahead on good day, if you don't have a lot of money to spend for a gift on mother's day, don't worry, karen to the rescue has ideas. >> some stuff you can do at home easily and inexpensively. big changes coming to one of our -- what will never happen again? >> elephant in the room. >> i see it.
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. ♪ . i passed my school pass revoked too many times for me to know this song. >> the last three we just did, megan trainer song. she looked great and should be dancing to that. and had a good to him.
7:46 am
we need to discuss this movement that's happening, breastfeeding welcome signs. doing eight in georgia, there's certainly people that accept it and others raise their eyebrows. >> so he fi approached a number of restaurants, one of her projects to display signs on the windows and there was a number of restaurants that agreed to do that. they said they wanted to send a message to their patron that is feeding mothers and their babies are welcome to enjoy their establishment without any fear of judgment. not everyone is on board. >> there's no need to feel shame that there are warm environment outside there for them. shows they're welcome in open place to be. >> you shouldn't do that. not unless you go in the bathroom or something. >> well, you have the right to do that, because it is basically the law. the georgia breastfeeding says although the state law does allow women to breastfeed anywhere in public, women still face backlash. >> if you or someone you know is
7:47 am
planning a wedding, how about a magical setting? disney world is introducing weddings at magic kingdom will begin hosting ceremonies near cinderella's can i say sell. the custom costs start at $75,000. re. >> do you know who did that? mariah cary. >> magic kingdom hosted weddings two years but only at 7:30 in the morning, so if you want be in the park, 75 grand. >> that is not a magical price for me. that is crazy talk. dave warren. rain. >> crazy talk today is of rain. it will continue. we need the rain because it's been so dry. you see about half the amount of rain we should be getting in the month of march and april. so it's welcome. the timing not the best. you got the walk this morning,
7:48 am
the broad street run, phillies game, weather not looking pretty good. we have the rain coming you didn't, heavy between 9:00 and 2:00. gets a little better by 8:00. by tomorrow morning, we're ok. maybe a break from the rain, more showers, not only tomorrow but the next few days, this is unsettled pattern, 40's, even 30's, below freezing but that rain makes it feel pretty uncomfortable. the temperatures climbing a few degrees into the mid 50's by this afternoon. here's the rain along the broad street run, wider view shows we have the solid area of dark greens, yellows that indicate heavier rain working its way up across the delmarva. heaviest rain between about 12:00 and 2:00. then it starts to taper off, so we are getting a little better here this afternoon. the cloud will stick around. athlete that steady rain might clear. the warmer air will stay to our south thanks to that low pressure off the coast of north carolina and virginia. that will keep the cool air in
7:49 am
place. rain clears out. cloud stick around. this is by tonight. we'll see a little break. the next few days, looks like we'll get periods of off and on rain, clouds will stick around. just looks like this rain is with us here for the next few days at least because tomorrow morning we're dry, but there's another period of showers, maybe even a little sunshine, which could kick off more showers, even a thunderstorm tomorrow. little drier tomorrow, but not completely. certainly not like today. the cooler temperatures are there, 40's and 50's. it stays in the 40's to the north, upper 50's to the south, tremendous temperature range between north and south. anymore is rain in the forecast, but the numbers jump up intoo 70's by tomorrow, a nice brief warm warmup. more steady rain, off and on showers wednesday and thursday, even friday, look at that again, but it does get cooler, dry day
7:50 am
possibly heading into mother's day weekend. 65 sunshine few clouds, maybe little more sunshine there on sunday. it's breakfast time. here's bob. >> good morning, everybody, it's breakfast with bob. the weekend edition. i have an item for you, first of all, it's so top secret, they keep it in the vault. i'm here at the pop shop in medford, new jersey. right on main street. used to be an old bank so much so they even have the vault door still here that goes back into the kitchen. they came up with an item in my honor and i'm grateful that i'm going to have named after me the jelly doughnut milk shake. i'm with kevin the general manager. it's exactly the ingredients. >> jelly doughnut milk shake. you take vanilla ice cream then you have your jelly doughnuts,
7:51 am
put them altogether in the blender. put more jelly he doughnut on top. hand spun. and check this out. >> this looks -- so there's jelly doughnuts in the mixture and pieces of the jelly doughnut on top? i love the big fat straw. which gets the pieces of the jelly doughnut up in there good. this is great. we can have this for breakfast or dessert; right? . >> any time of day. >> i should say dessert first. >> breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, whenever you want it. >> it's the jelly doughnut milk shake, only here at the pop shop in medford. if you like me to come visit your favorite spot in the
7:52 am
neighborhood with a breakfast with bob feature, all you have to do is hit me up on facebook or twitter and i can be showing up at your front door, from medford, bob kelly fox 29.
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. we're going to make great ideas for mom. good morning, how are you. >> i'm good, how are you. >> i want to make something special for my mom and you came
7:55 am
up with a pretty creative idea. >> we're going to take every day glasses and we're going to etch them. and then gather some things, rubber bands, you can do a graphic pattern with rubber bands, these are enforcements for folders and we're going to make poke dots. >> i put the reenforcements, they're sticky. you stick them all over and make sure they're nice and tight. then you need etching cream. you don't have to be neat at all: you just put it on. this is basically acting as a stencil, and your going to do that. put it all over the glass on each dot. you don't want to get this on your skin. >> do they cut into the glass. >> yes, kind of like an acid.
7:56 am
you're going to let that sit at least five minutes. you bring it over to the sink. wash it off. you peel off your labels, and tada. i like to do each glass a little bit different. we took washing tape, this is popular. you can use any kind of tape, masking tape, different sizes of the tape. you'll get different size stripes, for this one i wrapped it around, made sure it was nice and tight, you push it along the edge, then left a little bit open. you can go all the way up or do a big bulk of acid on here to etch the whole top so it's frosted. he appeal the tape off and wash. >> the tape is positive and the edging cream is negative. >> they're tiny little letters that fit perfectly on the glass,
7:57 am
maybe mom's favorite drink let it sit and it's done. >> thank you very much, you're best. mom going to lot of it. let us know what you're goinged to for your mom on mother's day. you can use #fox 29 good day
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7:59 am
. right now on good day, we're seconds away from the start of the broad street run. the ten mile run down broad street getting to see 40,000 runners take the street. >> do you have trouble remembering things for the day? you can throw away your to do list, what new method researchers say will help boost your brain power. a father boxes his teenage son. are you kidding me? what do you think of this? as a form of discipline. this video blew up on the internet after he posted it. that father got an unpleasant
8:00 am
surprise. from the fox 29 studio. this is good day philadelphia weekend. good sunday morning to you. >> good morning. first hour down so quickly. share with great information. weather, not so much. >> it's not the best. there's runners how is he doing in the rain, your husband. >> i think he's fine. >> how are they doing in the rain. >> just about to go. this is the kickoff of the broad street run right now. and three, two, one. g go. >> you know who's there? chris o'connell, jeff cole. >> and roughly 39,998 other individuals who are about to start the broad street run, none of us have ever done it.
8:01 am
dave got closest. >> i did a half marathon once, nothing like this. they're hoping for drier weather but that's the scene right now. trying to stay warm. and this is not the only event we have going on. here's sue and wendy. >> today is the day of the chestnut hill home and garden festival. it's plants, crafts, artwork from over 150 vendors all set up along germantown avenue in chestnut hill, rides for the kids, face painting. other kid friendly activities, 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., dave, rain to water the plants? >> a lot of rain, not best weather for that. maybe towards 3:00, 4:00, it won't look like this, this is the broad street run ten miles, and there's steady rain not only in philadelphia county but pretty much everywhere breaking up just a little bit here in the western suburbs. a lot has to move through before we start to see some of this
8:02 am
clearing out. a good 250 miles away. good thing it's moving faster than the runners. the rain should be breaking up by, say, 2:00, 3:00. of it won't be done completely. before that happens, it gets heavier between 9:00 and 10:00, ms walk there at cooper river park. with steve keeley is at 10:00. that's what it looks like there. heavier rain coming down. you can't get out of this, no matter where you are, what time it is until, say, about 1:00 or 2:00. there's still showers coming down and tries to clear up as far as the rain goes but the clouds stick around, 9:00 fairly dry. but there's more rain not only tomorrow but over the next too days here in the seven-day forecast. temperatures pretty much in the upper 40's now. only climbing into the 50's by
8:03 am
this afternoon. so not much of a range there. looking at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> we're going to right back out to the race to see if the race has started and the run is underway. >> 10s of thousands of runners we just saw them at the starting line. let's see if they got started. >> not yet. maybe you can describe it for us, we are live. >> reporter: good morning, guys, they have not started yet, we're not really sure what the hold-up is. supposed to start at 8:00 on the dot. earlier we did talk with some runners, despite the rain, people tell us they're very excited, not necessarily to beat any personal records but hoping to finish. once they enter the navy yard that gets a little bit tough going they still have a chunk of the race to complete. but all in all the runners seem to be in good spirits, getting ready, they're lining up now at
8:04 am
the starting line. in addition to obviously achieving a personal accomplishment today, many of the runners are also running for certain charities. we talked to some of the charities. i know it raises a lot of money for the american cancer society. how to of dollars. despite the weather, we just talked to the race director, he said every runner obviously you need to be careful on a day like this, it's certainly slippery, you need to know your limits and be careful and really pushing yourself because of the puddles that are on the roadway. he said if you ever had a race like this where it has rained throughout the duration. expecting to go a couple of hours. we will also have a camera down at the finish line. getting ready for that.
8:05 am
getting ready to start. hopefully we can bring you the start of the race. here it goes. >> and they're off. >> charging down broad street. unbelievable sight. >> obviously you know more about this than i do. you see all the people front. are they staggered so that the people who are actually going to sprint it or run it for time they get those front starting positions? >> reporter: i think you, based on your run time, you kind of know where you have to line up and where you stack against the other runners. serious runners are going to be at the beginning of the line and other people will be towards the back. tens of thousands of people here on broad street. and as we can see, everybody has a different pace. >> we're hearing lots of cheering and excitement. >> so much fun.
8:06 am
they have them by time, so you know and they also have signs up. you know how fast they're going to be running, september of, minute miles, eight-minutes miles, that's the elite runners we're talking about there. >> one of those times where people exaggerating their time. you want to be honest when you telling them your average running time. >> they know what it is from previous races. it's not like you can -- they know what it is. from previous races. >> what's the other runners for? ? go to the back? at any rate, jenny will keep us posted. thanks so much, jenny. i'm going to do that one day. one person is in custody this morning after an suv crashed into another car causing a chain reaction of accidents. officials say five cars in total were damaged, it all happened around 12:00 this morning in
8:07 am
dickinson in the point breeze section of the city. police began chasing the two people in the suv when they ran out of the vehicle. after the crash, one person caught. police still searching for the other person, luckily no one injured. police are investigating a robbery. it happened in mayfair just before 3:00. at a 7-eleven on a 3,000 block of tyson avenue. man pulls out a gun, demands cash, investigators later learned the gun was fake. a parking lot was found in the local target, now police are searching for answers, yesterday evening around 6:00 p.m., they found the body of a 42-year-old norristown man in the parking garage of target on dekalb pike in king of prussia. they were searching for the man reportedly missing earlier in the day. they're investigating how the man died and currently no sidelines of foul play. also later today, family and
8:08 am
friends are going to be gathering to remember that delaware teenager that girl that was killed during a fight inside a high school bathroom. it's been ten days since the beating death of 16-year-old amy francis joiner happened in the bathroom at the howard technical high school. so far, no charges have been filed. we know there are throw female students who are considered persons of interest. they've been out of school right now, suspended ever since this incident but investigator says there's a lot of information they need to go through before they can make a decision whether there will be charges or not. in today's public visitation will be held at the sent a paul new ama church on market street in wilmington, 5:00 to 8:00. the teen's family would like to thanking everybody for the outpouring of love during this devastating time. >> vicious fight between students. wheelchair calls it a bone
8:09 am
disease is turned around. other students pull out the phone and start recording video instead of helping. the boy's mom says her son has been bullied about his condition and was targeted with racial slurs. when you look at this video, what you see is a young man in a wheelchair being assaulted in what i consider to be a cowardly aggressive uncouldn't should believe act. his female leg was broken and he needed a pin to put it back together. in addition to that, the school wound up suspending the victim of this assault the same as the perpetrator of the assault. i think the school needs to take another look at this whole situatio situation. >> needs to take a lot of looks at that situation. coming up are you tired of forgetting your keys.
8:10 am
>> maybe you can't remember where you parked your car, that one i do. i can't remember if i parked it in the parking garage. if your memory needs a little work, there's one thing you can do experts say that will help you to remember. as you know we love hearing from you. michael, a friend of the show, asked to send a shout-out to his love, best friend, beautiful wife jen, shout out, jen. >> i love the pictures that come in. my baby girl just made her communion yesterday. >> our little man jackson went to his first game yesterday, a union game, been playing very well. i hope you had a great time. thank you for put the picture. >> we take a live picture of the elite runners right now leading the broad street run, they won't be done pretty quickly, i would say.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
. well done on the musical selectio
8:14 am
selection. in your health this morning, you know, people who cannot if you know without a to do list when it comes to remembering information, many write it down, new study shows if you really want to remember something, draw it. don't write it. researchers at the university of water loo found pictures of words, worked much better. this sounds very interesting. don't write you have the just doodle. >> it is interesting, they took these volunteers and gave them a list, pretty easy to draw words, how -- they gave them about 40 seconds and said write down or draw as many words as you can on this list and so the volunteers got to work and then they had to do another task just to distract them and throw them off. came back to the same group of volunteers and said, show me how many words you can remember off of that original list. they found the volunteers
8:15 am
remembered twice as many words that they drew than words that they wrote down, even when they wrote down the word several times or they wrote, you know, they doodled over the word or anything like that, it didn't matter. a simple drawing seemed to work twice as well at helping you remember that word. >> can it be because maybe you're so deliberate when you're drawing you kind of instinctively write things down. >> it could be a couple of things. this happened really quickly. the drawings are quick. they had about four seconds to draw an image. we're not talking about, you know, big-time talent and did i do link, it was that physical act of drawing ingrained the memory a little bit better than just writing it down. it could be a combination. they said they called it kind of the drawing effect. a combination between your visual skills, your motor skills, and and your language
8:16 am
skills combining all three together seems to form a more powerful memory than just writing it down. . >> here's a question. a lot of people are not great drawers -- you're not a good artist. you can't draw well. does it matter or can you just doodle and it doesn't matter. >> i think you can do a stick figure. you can do the most basic drawing. that's going to work better than writing the word down according to researchers. they're still trying to figure out exactly why it seems to be twice as effective to draw rather than write it when it comes to memory. they're going to do more studies and try to figure it out. it's kind of interesting. i never really thought of that and i'm a huge list maker and i always have to in order to remember something write it down and so now maybe i'm going to start drawing my things when i need to remember. >> i know, and it makes you wonder because so many of us are relying on technology's you create these lists in your phones if you should put pictures in there instead of just the words. >> maybe, i think it's the
8:17 am
physical act of actually drawing that might play in it rather than, you know, picking an i mote con or something like that. take a look at this, a 3,000 ton full scale replica of noah's arc scheduled to travel from the netherlands to brazil this summer. the five story boat was built by a du tch artist. it's scheduled to make stops along the u.s. west coast so you might be lucky enough to see it. >> i would like a time do you think it might stop? dave warren? >> let's say 3:00. we'll see this steady rain clear out. things will improve as far as the rain goes but the clouds
8:18 am
will stick around ands there's still showers in the forecast. not only today but the next few days. we have a weather question coming in. this is from new jersey. >> good morning, phone call 29. playing outside today. how is the weather? >> there's a lot of sports you can play out in a little rain like running or golf but tennis is not one of them. pick another sport. the rain will try to clear out by say, 2:00, to 3:00. there will be showers around, 50's today. the cool weather sticks around for awhile but the rain continues. it will start to get a little heavier at times. this is a solid area of rain, maybe picks up just a little bit here and there by the radar and starting to clear out in western pennsylvania. that's the clearing line that will work its with through. into the 40's, warm any of irair
8:19 am
to the south. slowing everything down and keeps it to our south. starting to break up by 3:00, 7:00, there's still a few lingering showers but the clouds will stick around overnight tonight. we'll see patchy drizzle. more showers in the forecast tomorrow. it's working its way through the area, not like today, where it's just hours of steady rain, it's off and on showers, just a few will push through. we could see a little more sunshine tomorrow especially to the south, that's where these temperatures will jump up. look what the rain does to the pollen. that's the good news. climbs back up monday, tuesday and by wednesday, we are back with the high pollen counts. you're getting brief relief here today. thanks to the rain, more rain in the seven-day forecast and even warmer temperatures those are coming up a little bit later. >> sounds good, dave. there was video going viral. it's crazy, a father and son boxing. take a look at it. dad says that this is
8:20 am
discipline. others say it's abuse. >> also anthony, shout-out. power ball number. nobody hit the big one last night. going to roll it over to wednesday. we'll be back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ . these are people still just starting the race. shows you where you may you not be. my husband thinks he's going to be home in order to take my kid to soccer at 10:30. >> he might it will help pace him. >> luckily. i believe he's in one of the first groups. >> run, brian, run. >> as in forrest gump. big changes in a circus group is drawing the final curtain for 11 remaining performing elephants in the circus. they will make their final performances today.
8:24 am
they've been performing tricks like these that you're seeing at the circus 145 years. now they're about how long to the wishes of those in animal preservation, who are shifting how they're being treated. >> the present camp in florida has been a big win for us. we're not going to stop. it does nothing for the lions, tigers and other animals on the road, and life at their prison camp isn't much better than life on the road. >> prison camp? producers of the show say the change is because of new legislation and not all audience members feel comfortable with them touring with the elephants. >> good enough on that one. this is the video we've been showing you, this father boxing with his son is a form of discipline. watch. >> you know what to do: you
8:25 am
want to play around the school. >> that dad is now facing charges. the dad's name is sellers. he posted it to his own facebook page. police got involved when they saw this one. they took the teen from that home. that dad says he's been disciplining his 17-year-old son for misbehaving in his class. >> discipline for not following my directions, secondly, teaching him how to defend him. >> so you can see him on facebook with his son, scalding him about his behavior. later the kid winds up bloody. that's not an equal fight. fight somebody your own size. the dad says it's we're a boxing family. that's what we do. please don't look at it that way. they have charge that day father with domestic assault and battery. still ahead, an eagles draft pick taking heat this morning. >> well what he said and not just one, all different, didn't
8:26 am
like philly, didn't want to come here. what he did, and what he didn't right after the eagles said, can you come no philly? >> those tweets not so good. these very good. thank you, shouting out happy 11th anniversary to her husband. i love you. congratulations, guys.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ . this is the best you can see. it is exactly the bottom of the hour, 8:30, let's get a look at some of the stories. there was a stabbing and we're learning more, in university city. we first told you about it yesterday morning at a hotel. there was a 24-year-old man who says he was stabbed by his friend. get this one, they were arguing about how long it was taking to get ready to the victim and he
8:30 am
got so mad that he stabbed him according to police. they were getting ready to go out to one of the night clubs in the city. started inside the embassy suites on the ben franklin parkway yesterday morning, the victim is expected to recover. the suspect 24-year-old tie ra s a m o n. a shooting massacre that left eight family members dead. the funeral for 20-year-old hannah gilly was held saturday. her infant was one of the three children who survived the massacre. funerals for the remaining members of the r oden family will be held this week. they were found shot to death over a week ago. investigators remain tight lipped about any suspects or a possible motive. a roman catholic police and vietnam war protester has died at an infirm ri. the former priest was once
8:31 am
imprisoned for burning draft records in protest guess the vietnam war, he and his brother were leaders of the antiwar movement in the 60's. he was 94. take a look at weather. we noticed rain. karen got you to tell us spot on the time it's going to stop. >> 3:00 we'll see rain taper off to showers. but there it is, broad street, the runners probably right about there. towards the navy yard, they're running through the rain. and pretty much everybody dealing with the rain now getting a little heavier cras the delmarva. and heavier badge west virginia that will push through. that will be 2:00, 3:00. the steady rain will be tapering off. there's still a few lingering showers by 3:00, 4:00. steady rain off the coast, no the quite completely dry. it imporoves overnight. but it will keep the
8:32 am
temperatures down, cool, we're not seeing much in the way of sunshine till tomorrow but more rain in the forecast. we're in this unsettled pattern. it will be day after day we get periods of rain or showers, not completely dry but certainly not a wash-out. 40 in pocono mountains. 50's today, not a big warmup but that's expected because you have that cooler breeze coming in. we're seeing periods of rain for the broad street run, the ms walk at 10:00. steve keeley will be there. that rain continues everybody dealing with the rain today. maybe a few lingering showers by 2:30 for the start of phillies game on the field is not too wet. you might try to get the game that because that steady rain will be clearing out. eventually we will see a completely dry day coming up in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that little bit later. here on good day philadelphia, sue serio and our dave warren always want to make sure you're prepared for the day's weather. we give you weather by the numbers. we have bus stop buddy, weekend wendy. always trying to teach our kids exactly how to dress for the
8:33 am
day. but a member of our national phone call family wants to go a step further. she has another book. one of my best friends, fox meteorologist janice dean joins us, hi, janice. >> hi, mike, i miss you. >> i miss you too. >> i'm going to kiss you face right now. ok? . >> ok. i felt it. warm and tingly. >> i felt something. >> we talked many times about your book, what is this the 45th book you have out? . >> it's the fourth but i am going for 45. me and bill riley. we're in the race for the post books. >> freddy the frog castor is at it again. what's the terrible to anned. >> what you can do with your kids to prepare in advance for tornado season, a lot of people don't realize tornados can happen anywhere. they can happen in the
8:34 am
northeast, we had scary weather in the northeast months ago. it's time now to prepare your kids before the severe weather event and freddy is here to help you with that to be able to talk to your kids about why things happen. mike, i've been out to so many schools, thousands of kids. i've got to tell you, kids are more excited about the weather than scared. if you can tap into the fact that they're excited, you can tell them why things happen. you can tell them how to put an emergency prepared kit together with their parents. that will help when a severe put weather event is upon them and they already know what to do. >> as you've been talking we've been leaping through the book, again, tremendous pictures. and words. i got to tell you, a lot of people are stationed here in philly, their kids love the series of books, janice, congratulations. >> thank you, mike. you know, it's gotten bigger than i ever imagined. thankfully and freddy has so many weather ventures he can experience. the tornado book i believe is important because like i said tornados can happen anywhere,
8:35 am
it's all about being prepared. can i tell you this? there's another big freddy event happening and i've got it right now. >> where is it. >> it is a freddy weather ap for kids and adults look. look at that, freddy gives you your forecast. it's freddy's weather station, you can get it on the ap store. you can have these little fun games, weather patterns, gives you the icons that you can match up. >> kids will love this. >> weather icons then you got the coloring book. i know you like to color in coloring book as well, you'll love this, dress freddy for the weather. so you can put his t-shirt on if it's warm outside little boots if it's wet. look at that mike, jerrick, you need to get this on your iphone and ipad. >> i will. kid will eat this up. i love that. >> i'm just excited because you know what? my main goal is to accelerate kids but also entertain them.
8:36 am
>> as you know i grew up in kansas. i was telling folk the other day, at this time of year, my family of eight people in one house, at least once a month, we would crowd into that southwest corner of the basement, huddle there together with the family. they just can't believe it. learn more about tornados because you're right. it can happen anywhere in the country. most of the time it's tornado ally but we have them here in pennsylvania. >> don't you wish you had freddy the frog catcher to help you? maybe i wouldn't have been so frightened. congratulations, janicings always great to see you. >> thank you, mike, i do love you and i love philadelphia. >> come on down and see us. get on a train, it's 99 miles. janice dean, the weather machine. janice dean, the weather machine.
8:37 am
it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:39 am
. ♪ ♪ . 25 minutes later, people still just starting. looks like there's a lot more to start. >> you can notice the big difference, you've been waiting for such a long time, it's so much colder, they're still wearing their rain coats and park can i say, the elite runners, they're just going without it. they collect that stuff and give
8:40 am
it away for charity. philadelphia is excited. the nfl draft continued yesterday and the eagles looked for more help after drafting the quarterback of the future carson wentz, one player they drafted already dealing with backlash over his twitter account. and taking criticism. >> these tweets came from the past and he has apologized. his name is wendell smallwood, he's a running back and played football from west virginia but he's from delaware and grew up as an eagles fan but his twitter account showed he may not have much love for philly as a city. fans began posting pictures of some of his tweets from about 2010. >> two of those tweets had language we can't really use on television. it references views about our women and our gay community. one pointed out that the only philly thing that is known for is a bum eagles and 76er's and
8:41 am
says rafer is are the only reason this city gets a buzz. >> i really hope i don't got to go to philly. this was years ago. he didn't even want to come to philly for a visit. 20 minutes after he was drafted, the criticism started. he deleted twitter account probably getting a call from his agent. >> he said it's really embarrassing from when he's just a kid and he's grown so much since then. >> here's the issue. he apologized for it. philly can be tough. when that gets out there. is philly going to forgive him and give him a chance to be one of us? did somebody actually go through his whole twitter account? >> they must have. >> so he answered questions about this after he was drafted instead of having the celebration, a lot of people asking him the tough questions. it also has he was arrested and
8:42 am
charged with tampering with a witness in the case. checkered past. >> those charges were dropped. he had a press conference, he said give me a chance to step in and sit in, i want to be a part of philly. it will be interesting. i think philly will judge him ultimately if he can play. he's forgiven. >> it's like the chip kelly thing about character. >> get that kid to social media training right now and welcome to philly. . it was also big night in washington, dc. >> we call it the nerd ball. president obama sharing plenty of laughs best moment, the end, he literally drops the mic. thank you for putting us in. breaking news today. pictures of princess charlotte turns one tomorrow.
8:43 am
i think they're adorable. i can't get enough of the royal babies. maybe you do too or maybe you're over it. you can let us know through twitter. flu
8:44 am
8:45 am
. the indiana primary may be tuesday but this weekend all about the great state of california.
8:46 am
indiana is a must win state on tuesday to some of the candidates but the focus is california where republican candidates ted cruz and john kasich traded some blows with donald trump. meanwhile donald trump said at his rally he doesn't need the republican party unified to win the nomination. ted cruz spoke at the california gop convention and said that donald trump and hillary clinton are just different sides of the same coin. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are flip sides of the same coin. both of them support the same policy issues. >> on the democratic side, bill clinton spoke for hillary criticizing republicans and bernie sanders is vowing he will not leave the race. >> last night, it was president obama's final white house correspondence dinner and he took a light hearted approach. he managed to crack a lot of jokes about all the different presidential hopefuls on both sides of the aisle before
8:47 am
signing off for the final time his greatest were taken at republican front runner donald trump. >> and it is surprising, you got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he home eating a trump steak? tweeting out insults? what's he doing? >> i want to close my final white house correspondence dinner by just saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you've done. tab an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. and with that i just have two more words to say. obama out.
8:48 am
>> you know what? politics aside, not going to debate people's political views he's cool. >> he always has been cool. i just like when he talks about how working together, like that's when they start democracy great, whether you agree or disagree. that's the discussion, that is what makes our country america. >> i remember two things, campaigning he brushed off the shoulders and last night, mic drop, obama out. lauren in. lauren in rain in. >> i got something now, it's pottstown box fest and go race, there's a go race at 11:00 where we have wet to get. >> when you're at a beer fest, anything can happen. wet to get, yes, wet roads out there, big events is the ms walk, broad street run happening now, steve keeley will be there, phillies game this afternoon and our scale down towards the awful
8:49 am
zone, not the best this morning, the clouds will stick around. it's just ok tomorrow morning. looks to be dry but showers remain in the forecast. off and on over the next few days. our temperatures are into the 40's. they will only climb about into the mid 50's today. not a big warmup. could be warmer to the south, much cooler to the you north, rainy raw day today with slight improving conditions this afternoon. here's the steady rain coming down, maybe getting heavier as we start to see some yellow, that will push through the philadelphia area. rain heavier at times, looks like it starts to clear off just a bit later this afternoon, from the 40's, here's the warm air stuck to the south, thanks to that low developing along the front that keeps it pushed south, that rain will move through, and here it is, cloudy skies with drizzle overnight tonight. an unsettled pattern because we
8:50 am
have showers tomorrow. maybe a steadier rain tuesday as the temperatures drop a bit, off and on showers both wednesday and thursday, again on friday. and by saturday, finally looks like we're starting to dry out just a bit. it will get a little cooler but looks like take rain out of the forecast at least for saturday. fox foodbite, we're at cake in cherry hill. >> all right. this looks delicious. classic cake in cherry hill. >> you're going to see this is a fresh pine apple upsidedown cake using a coconut pound cake. i'm going to show you start to finish how to do it. you're going to see. go ahead and prep the pan. brown sugar. when you measure brown sugar, put it right on top, right on in there. see how it pops right out. now, while i'm working on the
8:51 am
pineapple, if you want to spread that round. so much more delicious. cut off the bottom. and the top. now, sitting pretty. now with a sir raided knife preferably cutting away from you. take off just a piece of skin and the dark brown -- you don't want -- you can have just a ghost of them left behind but if you leave too much, they're kind of tough. cut it down. now, stand it up. cut it into quarters. now, get rid of the core. leave it on the side right here. cut through. you don't want the core. the core is tough and fibrous and you cut it however you want. i don't do the rings and the
8:52 am
cherries, some people do. i like a good size chunk. now, just put them in. that's it. no method to the madness. spread them out. i have one cup of butter. one three quarter cups of sugar. get this going. all right. now, while this is cleaning we're going to get the dry grants together, two and a half cups of flower. one tea spoon of baking powder. one tea spoon of salt. stir this together with a whisk. combine the did i grants before you assist them. assisting does not combine the grants. this is three eggs, vanilla extract.
8:53 am
coconut extract. i'm going to let you handle that. we're just simply going to tralt dry liquid dry liquid dry. this is butter milk. three quarters of a cup of butter milk. the remainder. very good. and the final dry. >> that's smelling good. >> this pound cake bakes beautifully by itself. you can put it in individual cupcake pans, like a cupcake. final part is the sweetened coconut, one cup. gives a little bit of texture to the pound cake. just fold it in.
8:54 am
then distribute it across the nine by 13 pans, preheat the oven to 350 fahrenheit. if it's convection, then 325, a little bit less. it settles because it lick fis a tiny bit when it gets in the oven and one hour later, let it settle down maybe 20 minutes, turn it out and serve. wala. >> i like that part and then serve. favorite word. >> cheers to our creation. >> cheers. >> amazing. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> this is fox foodbite. >> sports update brought to you
8:55 am
hershey. >> sports update brought to you hershey. ack justice.
8:56 am
8:57 am
. we've lasted 20 years because we just try to be you. it's been a good run. ♪ ♪. all the running songs, looking good. some people are done. >> the top ones have timed in, three americans won this race. they're like lightening fast. >> cleared up the rain a little bit.
8:58 am
>> a little bit. >> enjoy thank you so much for spending your weekend with us. enjoy your day. >> see you tomorrow.
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how close is donald trump to wrapping up the republican nomination? today the gop front runner, only on "fox news sunday." ♪ i consider myself the presumptive nominee. absolutely. >> but can he bring the party together? >> the biggest senators, the biggest congress people, we have unbelievable support. >> trump one-on-one. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then ted cruz makes a series of dramatic moves before this week's primary in indiana that could be make or break. >> there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. >> he even names a running mate. >> and the next vice president of the united states, carly


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