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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  WTXF  May 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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in, you can see showers toward new york, drizzle and follow developing during the late night hour, temperatures risen a few degrees, 53 in philadelphia.
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but temperatures uniform with the damp dreary north either eastly flow. as we go into the late night hour, overnight, you can see our future radar you don't have the patchy clouds, few sprinkles moving through,'s for tomorrow morning, damp and drizzly again, but there is good news in that seven-day forecast. coming up we're going to talk more about when we see warmth returning to this may forecast. more rain this week in and out of the showers and a few drier days to look forward to. i'll see you a little bit later in the broadcast with the seven-day forecast. lucy? >> we'll talk then, kathy, runners were drenched but not sweating. the slippery conditions forced the runners to take the slower than had planned. fox 29 jennifer joyce was at the race and discovered that despite the weather, the mood was still he festive. >> reporter: people packed north
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broad street for an 8:00 a.m. start to the broad street run in the rain. >> i'm just trying to make the best of it and just ignore the fact that it's freezing and raining. >> reporter: jim marina says mother nature provided an added obstacle to the ten mile course. >> they're well where it's going to be slippery. nobody is going to try to site personal record. they're going to be out here for the excitement of being in the event. >> the week thursday, my inside is turning and i cannot wait to get into it. >> reporter: alan said the rain didn't damper his spirits. in fact, he likes the weather and he loves this race. >> when i see 40,000 people run do you know broad street and it never end until you get to the navy yard, it's cool. >> reporter: despite the rain, not only did tens of thousands of runners show up but also the spectators lined the streets to cheer on these runners with their umbrellas and ponchos and
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all. you know what's harder having cancer. >> reporter: team cmmd of west chester is raising money for the american cancer society. >> we got about 1600 people on the team, 300 running broad street today in the rain, nobody backed out. raised over 2 $70,000 this year alone. >> reporter: despite men and physical challenges. >> you want it to be over and you're going more. >> reporter: personal fulfillment that comes with crossing the finish line and in many cases supporting charities is price less. at the navy yard, jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> trying to figure out why a car crashed into a building in frankford. two vehicles they're all dinged up. it happened around 6:30 this morning. a bigger mess left behind in point breeze, police say an suv smashed into a car setting off a chain reaction.
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five vehicles are damaged and the two people in the suv, well, they ran off. police caught one of them and they're looking for the other one, the crash did not hurt anyone. happening right now, a memorial service is underway for a wilmington high school girl who died following a fight on campus. loved ones are remembers 16-year-old amy francis joyner tonight. sabina kuriakose live where the memorial service is happening right now. >> reporter: lucy this is the only public service for 16 yard arm francis joyner, mourners have been following here into st. paul church about an hour now to offer condolences to amy's family. she died following a fight inside a girl's bathroom inside howard's high school of technology ten days ago on april 21st. three female classmates are considered persons of interest. so far, no charges have yet been filed. we spoke with amy's aunt. she says the family had an emotional private service
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earlier today. she tells us they are waiting and can't find peace until whoever may have hurt amy is charged. >> we're upset by this. can't believe it happened. she was a sweet girl. we miss her very much. we love her. it's unbelievable. i can't believe it still. we just want justice as well. >> reporter: amy's aunt says the family is grateful for the outpouring of support they have received from the community. family, friends tell us that amy will be laid to rest in a private ceremony following today's public service. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much. at least six people confirmed dead because of even more flooding in east texas. five were from one family. authorities say a grandmother and her four great grandchildren did make it out of their home but the fast moving water just swept them away.
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the children were ages six through nine and this happened southeast of dallas where authorities have now recovered another person, a 30-year-old man also swept away by the fast moving water. more than seven inches of rain fell in less than an hour late friday night swamping a neighborhood and forcing people on to their roofs. developing in the nation's capitol, crews cleaning up after a freight train derailment, 14 cars off at tracks spilling csx which is a had hazardous material used to make household materials. showed the overturned train on twitter. csx says the chemical leak is now plugged. >> during the process they determined that the, with the exception of the one sodium hydroxide car that was leaking, there was no other problems. at no time did we do an evacuation or shelter in place. >> no word if day of derailment will affect any travel that goes
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through at the area tomorrow. developing back here at home, neighbors are keeping an eye out for this bear. roaming around in ben salem. >> no sign of the bear at this point. i'm also making a bee line straight for the fox 29 truck, by a few accounts this is one of the locations the bear was found over the course of maybe the last 24 or so hours. this is saint charles school here, and somehow, this bear, according to some witnesses, got through a couple of these fences, on to that playground, this is one of the location at some point last night, there were others. take a look at this video. this is just a few miles to the north, this along neshaminy creek. chris gallagher driving south on route 13 headed toward street road when he says he had to do a double take, turned around, pulled over got these pictures, others stopping by doing the
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same thing, police are confirming they have gotten reports this weekend of a bear along the creek here. it's not far from i95 obviously heavily populated. it does have folks a little bit nervous. bear obviously out in search of food, bears have been spotted here in recent years in bensalem but at least it appears this one has come back. >> i noticed something off to the right. it was like black. in the midst of all the green grass. of i stopped and i made a u-turn and got in the center lane and realized that it was a bear just sitting there. eventually more and more people showed up. i think he got a little spooked. proceeded to go back into the woods. of he was out there for a good 15 minutes. >> reporter: 15 minutes or so, no sign of the bear since. we have seen facebook postings out there of folks also spotting this bear, again, this is just one of the locations, lucy, chris says it seem generally
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like a fairly small bear. he admits he's not a bear expert. but it didn't seem big. as you probably know pbears usually do not attack people. they try to avoid people. which is -- which is obviously a good thing, obviously, if you get close to a bear, you shouldn't -- you should run for safety and call 911. >> i wouldn't take any pictures of bears. you know people are trying to get pictures for facebook and twitter. bears have a much larger privacy zone than rest of us. people need to stay away from the guy. hopefully he gets back out in the woods and finds all the food he wants. for neighbors in the area, make sure put their -- secure their garbage, don't put anything out back that the bears might find, because you're going to have them on the porch otherwise. >> reporter: you're right. somehow they know about the garbage for sure. >> it's like yo gi looking for a picnic basket. >> reporter: we had a guy on
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staff who recently got a bear selfie and that's something obviously you shouldn't be doing either. >> i would say that's a big no no on this one. luckily he survived to tell the tail. straight ahead at 6:00 fly infestation, these flies are a bold. where they're coming from coming up. what are you afraid of? do you think all ofs are scared of something? coming up why researchers say they're close to curing fear. and. obama out. >> you saw him. he dropped the mic. entertaining the crowd. >> the eagles wrapped up the draft. i will look at the picks and we
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hear from howie roseman and doug pederson. and six straight for the phillies, the highlight in one strange way the score runs coming up in sports.
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30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ . news no one saw coming on an otherwise quiet sunday evening, the death of osama bin laden, tomorrow is the fifth
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anniversary of the raid that killed the mastermind. we take a look back at that day. >> reporter: it's one of those moments in history that almost everyone can remember. where they were or what they were doing when they heard we got him. tomorrow on the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden, there are no events scheduled to commemorate the mission. but we're hearing knew details from the president about that night and what went into his decision to green light the mission. in an interview with cnn, the president said it was their best chance to get osama bin laden. if they didn't, it could have been years before they were able to find him again. >> if it wasn't bin laden, probably the cost would outweigh the benefits. we would lose face internationally because there was probably going to be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started. >> reporter: the navy seals that fired the fatal shot that killed him described the very moment on the phone call news special in
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2014. >> standing two feet in front of me was the face i'd seen thousands had of times. very quickly, i recognized him and just pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: this morning on fox and friends. he said he didn't do it alone and hopes that others will come out and share their own stories of that mission. >> i'm a face of the team that did it. i hope more of the guys of the team get out and tell their stories, because there's going to be 23 different stories. >> reporter: five years after his deathings this anniversary still leads to increased terror warnings around the globe. evidence that the fight against terror rages on. in washington, fox news. georgia, friends and family are saying final good-byes at the services tonight for one of the the four university of georgia students who died in car crash. there's a funeral tonight for 19-year-old. friends and family held a vigil her last night. the teen and her friends died when their car crossed into oncoming traffic and another vehicle crashed into them head-on.
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scott's family and friends are remembering her for her faith and say they're praying for the families of all the young women. >> one other friend involved in the crash remains in critical condition. doctors have released the driver of the other vehicle from the hospital. we all know about smart phones; right? what about smart guns? president obama is pushing for more research in the smart gun technology, but as laura ingle reports not everybody is on board. >> reporter: outlining new steps to help curb gun violence which includes requirements to smart gun which would mandate sharing mental health records with federal background check system along with proposed rules for law enforcement agencies that would buy and use them. idea is similar in what we see
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with so manies. these high tech weapons can only work in the hands of their owner by using either fingerprints or hand grip identification or a ring that let's the gunnoe it's in the right hand. president obama saying these common sense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy but what if they prevented one? josh earnest spoke about the new actions being taken to get at the technology developed and says making product safer is common in many industries. >> every other industry that i can think of, that's what people do. that's what manufacturers do. that is the source of invasion and a variety of fields. i believe the best example of this is in the auto industry. >> reporter: the rifle association telling fox the nra doesn't oppose smart gun technology but any law prohibiting americans from owning firearms that don't have the smart gun technology. adding in this statement, at a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and
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abroad, this administration would rather focus the military's efforts on the president's gun control agenda. and some people have wondered what if gun doesn't fire when you need it to? technology experts say so far there is no evidence of any flaws. >> for example, in a heated moment, where you would need a gun, you mate have dirty hands or sweaty palms and would it fire? well, so far, the technology proves to be pretty accurate. >> the departments of defense, home land security and justice continue to conduct or sponsor research in the technology and expect to have a report out on requirements by october. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. president obama post presidency career could be stand-up comedy. he proved once again he can bring down the house. this was the last of his presidency and big names in the world of politics, business and hollywood turned out for the annual event.
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the president did not disappoint. >> eight years ago, i said it was time to change the tone of our politics. in hindsight i clearly should have been more specific. eight years ago, i was a young man, full of idealism and vigor and look at me now. gray, griess elled, counting down the days. >> after making wise cracks about the presidential candidates, the president thanked the crowd and made a memorable exit from the podium. >> and with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out.
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(applause). the only presidential candidate to attend was bernie sanders. a first daughter is following in her father of footsteps, malia the eldest daughter will attend harvard university. she'll begin her college career in the fall of 2017 as a member of the class of 2021. but before she starts, malia will take a year off to tour the world. president obama is a graduate of harvard law school. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, a leisurely horse ride took a terrifying turn, a witness describes the event that knocked the animal off its feet. social media meet science, the new way doctors are sharing surgery secrets in real time. and how it's cat apolting.
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page out of the old test meant plague an arizona dealing way nasty fly infestation. the flies just will not leave them alone. >> we've tried fly catchers. we've tried fly spray. they're always buzzing around you. they land on you. they won't get discouraged when you swat at them. >> where are the flies coming from? the environmental protection
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agency believes it's nearby farm did not properly bury a biosolids. a man is fighting for his life after a lightening bolt struck him as he rode his horse. witnesses say the he was riding as a storm moved in near phoenix arizona. they heard a loud boom and the man his horse went down. the bolt killed the can horse and the man badly burned. >> he was unconscious, his color bad, burns on his neck, chest on his belly. his cowboy hat was blown part when the lightening hit. >> terrible. as of last night, he was in extremely critical condition. around the would recall on this may day, workers came out to push for better wages and conditions. in turkey, angry crowds squared off with police during a may day demonstration. officers used water cannons and tear gas, one man died after a what are the cannon wielding vehicle hit him.
6:25 pm
international workers day march elsewhere in turkey went off without a hitch. still ahead a football ban, why one school board candidate wants to get rid of the sport altogether. the reason and backlash next. elephants are entertaining crowds in pennsylvania right now. but for the last time. what's next for circus elephants. >> we're stuck in a weather rut. clouds and drizzle, but we do have a warmup, we'll talk about that with the seven-day when we come back.
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ . in the in neveda, a man has a controversial idea. he wants to ban high school football because he says it's just too dangerous. fox has the story.
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>> the human brain is not built to play football. >> reporter: he's running for the clark county school board and he wants to ban high school football in the fifth largest school district in the country. he says it's just not safe. >> what we know now about the sports and the concussions and the sub concussion impacts doesn't make sense. >> he wants to put the 10s of thousands views every year put back into the classroom and has big support. the athletic fund donated nearly $1 million to his campaign. michael's brother russell played professional football 15 years. he suffered from cte and took his own life. >> i believe everyone that has a god-given task that they must perform, i believe this is mine for this point in my life. >> reporter: high schools head football coach rich believes davis's platform is just a
6:30 pm
stunt. he says would have far reaching consequences for students looking to get scholarships and for other activities involved in football like the band in cheerleading. >> there's millions of people played high school football through all the years, and they're fine with their adult life. >> reporter: on the field for liberty, coach says he doesn't see many concussions, candidate davis disagrees and says one in five players will sustain a head injury during this upcoming season. >> you don't really know what damage is going to be done. you don't know. >> a high school without football would be very did he have to. i hope i never see that happen. >> davis's proposal also calls for banning heading in soccer. back here at home, philadelphia's animal she would launch add campaign to raise half $1 million for all new kennels. i had the pleasure helping out today, 25,000 dogs and cats come through every year and the kennels are old.
6:31 pm
philadelphia's cash strap so volunteers have taken it upon themselves to raise the funds through what they call at action pack. ten dog whose represent all the amazing dogs available for adoption right now. >> we have a philly problem and we're looking for had a philly solution. and that is the overpopulation of animals but also the care of those animals while at the shelter. so the idea is to raise money and awareness and improve that how the animals give them a better chance did get adopted. >> for more information how to donate and volunteer, how to help and the for a link to the action pack. super fund today. i love those dog. >> they're so cute. there's a whole bunch. yesterday was the ms walk. i have to tell you that the weather was perfect. today, broad street run, it was great if you like rain. >> many people said it was
6:32 pm
refreshing. >> hopefully it went off without a hitch and everybody is doing good. >> the weather will get better it will take some time. if you're going out this evening, now that everything is over, we have an ms walk in pennsauken today, our steve keeley hosted that. now, the rain is gone. it's going to be a little bit of a damp evening but the rain is pretty much out of the picture. drizzle, fog. that will be just about it. you're looking at our beautiful market street. you could see the ben franklin parkway in the distance. but some fogth building in already. we have had a good deal of rain. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. atlantic city seeing most rain, this is airport, nearly an inch of's rain, philadelphia six 10th, trenton about a third, reading about a third, allentown 210s. on ultimate doppler you can see breaks in the overcast. the sun tried to get in there before setting in northern parts of chester county and also the northeastern corner of new castle county. but for the rest of us cloudy and few breaks to the west.
6:33 pm
nevertheless, few more showers, we see a dry break and month re rain, i do think during the early morning hour, even tomorrow more than's rush a few spotty showers that will be just a about it. right now, temperatures at the warmest in some location, 53 in philadelphia. that is the high for the day. wilmington, the same, millville 53. poconos it is 43 degrees and mostly cloudy. we have an area of low pressure that's sitting over erie pa, the snaking stationary front. we're going to stay in a little bit of a weather are you the in and out of the periods of rain over the next several days, you can see come tomorrow morning, spotty showers by midday, seeing drying and even breaks in the cloud. we will see a southerly wind and that will warm temperatures up nicely. 53, well below the normal of 69, wednesday above average again, many ups and downs to this forecast. overnight in the city, 50 in the suburb s46, not cold,s just patchy fogs and drizzle, during
6:34 pm
the day tomorrow, we go from a northeasterly wind to a southerly wind and allows us to warm up around 70, spotty morning drizzle and fog i think we should see breaks in the overcast. by noon, mostly cloudy and 60, sunshine peaking out in the afternoon, by dinner, 67 degrees, still a mostly cloudy sky. on the exclusive fox 29 wet weather seven-day forecast, here we go, more rain on tuesday, the high 63. which is respectful. wednesday we dry it out at 72. back in the rain on thursday, and it looks like we'll see coastal low that is going to linger. this happens a lot in may. friday lingering showers and the storm slowly rotates to the southeast. try to dry it out for saturday and sunday. right now, the weekend looks like most consistent nice stretch of weather. let's just cross our fingers.
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cross our eyes. whatever it takes to cross. >> that's good. >> i like the free watering you're giving us. everything is very green. do you have any fears? are you scar of anything? i'm claustrophobic. >> i don't like hikes. >> i don't like to fly. >> i'm a good candidate for whatever this is. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, most everybody is. what if you could overcome it with a little bit of help? would you be jumping out of airplanes? i'll believe it when i see it. imagine the cinderella castle as a backdrop to your wedding. what it's going to cost you, the price tag attached to this brand new wedding destination.
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youngest prince turns one year old. the duchess, the royals have a handful of pictures of the little girl over the past year.
6:39 pm
family says they're celebrating her birthday privately at home. princess charlotte is the fourth in line for the british thrown. all right disney lovers, your dream may have just come true. it comes with a hefty price tag. couples were hold their wedding ceremony inside the magic kingdom in the parkly east plaza garden. that's the iconic cinderella castle can be your backdrop. what will it cost you? wedding packages for 100 guests start at $75,000. those better come with staff passes. that's all i'm saying. making it good and clear, breastfeeding moms are welcome. high school seniors behind the breastfeeding welcome projects. asked dozens of establishments to let moms know they're friendly to nursing mothers. georgia state law already let's
6:40 pm
women breastfeed in public but it's still controversial. the student says she wanted moms to have no fear when nursing in public. >> women are being removed from gyms, churches and other restaurants and i found that discouraging. there's no need to feel shame that there are warm environments out there for them h. >> and the teen came up with the idea as part of her senior project but says she plans to continue the push after congratulations. coming up at 6:00, health and as soon as meets social media, the new way doctors are sharing surgery secrets in real time. and how it's catapolting at least one specialist to stardom.
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. snap chat exploded on the social media scene over the past couple years, people around the world like 7 billion people. hard for me to wrap my brain around. fox's dr. joe us us how it has catapulted one plastic surgeon into worldwide fame.
6:44 pm
>> here in this miami florida waiting room, dr. michael well comes more than just plastic surgery patients. he greets fans. >> now that we have this world wide audience, it's a hoot. it's more fun than anything i've ever done. >> reporter: selfies and souvenirs to hundreds of thousands of social media followers, the doctor is the real dr. miami. >> i'm a plastic surgeon and i make people feel better about their body. >> the atmosphere is just infectious. obviously business has boomed. >> reporter: that boom began a little over a year ago. doctor began posting full frontal surgery photos on
6:45 pm
instagram, a move that violated the company's rules. after the entire account was wiped out, his 15-year-old daughter had another idea. >> dad why don't you try snap chat? and i thought isn't that for sexting. >> reporter: turned out it was the perfect place. >> i made my cut and the next day we did it again and again. implants and correction. it grew quickly to 100,000 viewers. and now it's up to more than 800,000 viewers a day. >> reporter: it has the board-certified surgeon booked out two years in advance. >> i wanted it that bad. yes. >> reporter: courtney owns a cleaning service. she gladly waited a year, getting to know dr. miami virtually helped seal the deal. >> when you go, all you have is stitches. with him, you can see somebody live laying there on the table's
6:46 pm
and see the procedure. >> she remembers finding the snap chat consent without hesitation. >> i was so excited about the snap chat and the surgery, i'm telling all my family and friends. if it makes me -- got the money. >> reporter: does the miami doc believe his popularity goes beyond the lure. >> one of the biggest barriers is fare of the unknown, what the process is like. >> i made my pocket under the muscle. >> you have to see how people's body can transform. >> reporter: while faces are off limits, all other body parts are not. do you ever worry that people are looking at it or viewing it
6:47 pm
inappropriately? >> if you want to view naked bodies there's a lot more you can find on line. >> reporter: by unblurring those once forbidden line the self proclaimed date adapter. >> i was late getting an iphone. >> reporter: is creating connections in ways he never imagined. >> there's dozens of surveillances surgeon's. >> i get too queasy thinking about these things. they're leaving the stage last time. you can wave good-bye to the elephants at the circus. in rhode island and that's it. from here on out, they get to just be elephant had a florida sanctuary. the circus is bowing to the
6:48 pm
wishes of animal rights advocates. >> there's been a change in the legislative landscape around the country. 's some of our audiences aren't comfortable with us touring elephants, and with legislation that's come up, it makes it difficult not to have consistency week in and out. >> the elephant are heading to a conservation center. everybody is afraid of something. researcher believe they're closing in on a cure for fear. as abby huntsman explains it involves changing your memory also. >> fear can be a normal response to outside stimuli like this at a ran la or a traumatic experience. for some this fear can be debilitating, especially for those struggling with phobias or
6:49 pm
post traumatic stress. researchers say these memories are not as solid as you may think. >> every time you retrieve a memory it gives you an opportunity to rewrite or add to. >> reporter: scientists are now studying to find ways to cure fear attached to memories. >> we can try to block the storage of the old memory, the restorage with drugs or we can introduce new information that changes the way the memory feels. we can change it from something that's fearful to something neutral. >> a time they believe falls between ten minutes and six hours after recalling the memory. ultimately the goal is to erase at lasting fears attached to memories. leaving the memory but not the fear associated with it. research could be key to treating ptsd. scientist as the columbia now
6:50 pm
believe they've identified a gene that express how fear memories are processed. >> these will ultimately allow us to identify genes ultimately involved in ptsd and give a us an ability to predict whether someone might develop it, whether we can develop drugs to target the various genes. >> we're still years away from erasing fear but learns more every day about how the mind works and treatment to help. abby huntsman fox news. >> i thought lucy you were going to say something. the phillies going for the sweep against the indians today and going for six straight before going back. and the eagles picked up players cover you go all their needs, but there were issues to some of those, i will run down the picks and we'll here from howie roseman and doug pederson coming up in sports.
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. different. it was just kind of a different mindset than normal, where normally you're going in and your first round pick certainly has to be good and you're second and thirds and you're hoping we have to come out of this sixth seventh with contributors, whether that's day one or two years from now. >> the last three picks had their issues with past background. players with those issues have not been drafted by the eagles in the past. the fifth round pick, smallwood had an issue with witness tampering in a murder case, he was cleared. had issues in the past with stupidity on social media, that happens a lot with players. the final two picks also had legal issues. but cleared. what about that approach now by the eagles? >> the past is the past. history is history.
6:55 pm
you got to really dive into each person individually. we just coach them once they get here and explain to them exactly how business is run here. it starts with myself and then, you know, the assistant coaches can help in that process. we know the guys are for the most part could be flawed in their past. coach them up and put them in the writ direction. >> keep them out of jail. the phillies completed a short three-game home stent even with the rain, we're going for six straight wins, let's go to citizens bank park through the periods of game. there was rain, started pretty much on time. the ponchos kind of helped. bottom of third inning, phillies score first one freddy galvis single will score a run, pitch shut-out. the next batter, he slipped on the rubber on the mound. that is a balance, and there was a man on third. the water didn't help him. top of the fourth, score, 2-0.
6:56 pm
first and second, two outside, darin ruf makes a face catch. phillies mistake sometimes you try to score and get a little greedy. the squeeze was on, cleveland gets it out. the phillies hold on they win it 2-1 against the cleveland indians at six straight. now 15 and ten. nascar a racing a watched by many, let's be honest of the some of the most watched highlights are those crashes. let's go to florida. and at the right-hand side of your screen, yep, the geico 500. that would be lap 96. let's go to lap 180. patrick thinks he's a good driver, i disagree, drive. i don't know if she could drive on market street. she couldn't? what is she trying to do? it's just like you seen people changing lanes. find lap, kevin, i know i'll get
6:57 pm
tweets and letters, she can't drive. winner was brad kaslowski. she's won nothing. >> her bank account has wouldn't. >> that's good, she can't drive. >> usa said the eagles --. >> let me just tell you something. it is clueless for those people to say things because we don't know. tom brady was the third sixth round pick. that almost never happens but things happen with players. jason kelce, a six-round pick. brent celek, nobody knew about him. these idiot that is try to analyze the draft with their grades are dopes. >> all right, you heard it here first. your lottery drawing is next.
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(door bell tinkles) hi, everyone. hey, teddy. hi, teddy. hi, little witch. (music plays, witch chatters) aah! it has a motion sensor. it's okay, teddy. calm down. (whoops) look at her go. she's all that and a pointy hat. is it me, or is she just doing the same thing over and over again? how's it work? it's electronic. just move your hand in front of it. aah! i just explained it. turn it off! she won't stop making eye contact with me! aw, come on, teddy. tomorrow's halloween. we're trying to get into the holiday spirit. boo! yeah, we're even taking the kids to a haunted house this afternoon. it's an annual tradition. like when dad replaces all the sponges. sponge day! they last longer than you think. ugh! again with the haunted houses? i think i'll pass this year.


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