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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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what happened before the bear ran back into the woods. an historic church burst into flames. your news is next.
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. heavy rain made for a soggy broad street run moving out more wet weather on the way. good evening to you, i'm lucy nolan. iain has the night off. get used to the wet. looks like it is going to stick around. meteorologist kathy orr is also with umbrella and rain boots. >> it certainly is. also, winter coat. at some point, other points just a light rain jacket. we have a series of low pressure systems that will keep us in the rain nor most of this week, ultimate doppler this was last 12 hours wet for the broad street run and many things going
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on, drying out, a few showers you can see in northern virginia and they can impact us. raw seeing a mix of clouds and clearing. areas of fog. 52 in philadelphia, 49 in pottstown, 52 in millville, temperatures not falling that much with the clouds and the persistant northeastly flow. it will be cool night with light winds out of the northeast, as were he look ahead during the early morning hour, we're looking at patchy fog, cloudy skies and spotty showers delaware and south jersey into the early morning, a threat of rain will continue. we'll see cool temperatures and some 70's in that seven-day forecast. more rain coming up i'll show you the one dry day of the entire week. that's the day you want to be outside. lucy. >> that's something to look forward to. thank you, kathy. in bucks county residents are watching out for this bear spotted roaming through a
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bensalem neighborhood. for many, at site they'd rather not see again, at least near their homes. brad sattin tracking that bear live in bensalem. brad you've been talking with a guy who tracked the bear with his camera? >> reporter: yeah, we did. tracking is pretty good word. better that we are tracking it than it us. in fact, we can tell you there's been no sign of the bear at all in the last 24 hours. several spottings last night including behind us at this church school. people playing bingo apparently seeing the bear. to the north, in that case, a witness pulling out his cell phone and got lots of pictures. >> it was a bear. i couldn't believe it. bear just sitting there. looking at me, i'm looking at him. >> reporter: chris gallagher couldn't believe his eyes, while driving he did a u-turn and pulled over along bristol pike in bensalem. >> seemed very calm, sit up, once a while he would walk, started walking this way, walk
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back around that way. >> reporter: headed to the dumpster. >> i guess he's he's now at this point looking for food, awake for the season and hungry. >> reporter: couple dozen people stopped to watch until 15 minutes, the bear disappeared back into the woods towards neshaminy creek, making it at least the second bear sighting here in recent years. >> the other in 2014 was in may. about the same time of year. within half mile. >> reporter: her son spotted this one. >> looked like it was a dog. that was about it. >> reporter: nope, it wasn't a dog but a real bear. neshaminy state park on the other side but with dwindling green space it's hard to know where he came from. >> to find out there's one in our backyard it's scary. >> reporter: kelly gallagher put up these photos on facebook, turns out others too reported spotting a bear. >> some of our friends posted on my post that they did see that bear at our school. >> reporter: police confirming
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the report of a bear sighting along neshaminy creek. for now, as mysteriously as it came, seems to have disappeared again, hopefully governor good. >> i've been to yellowstone park didn't see a bear. in my backyard, i see put a bear. >> reporter: got pretty good video. again, police are still investigating. it goes without saying, if you see this bear, goes without saying, i should say if you see this bear, stay away, call 911. again, we haven't seen it at this point in about 24 hours. always a chance that it is still around the area looking for food. lucy? >> so i'll put your garbage bins away. thank you very much, brad sattin, fox 29 viewers shared the pictures and videos of the bear you saw. you can always submit news tips by heading to and don't forget to download the ap so you can be part of our team. in east falls tragedy struck. a 7-year-old boy died in a horrific crash. it happened right before 4:00
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this afternoon near the intersection of henry avenue and hermit lane, a car with three adults, four children crossed the center line into oncoming traffic. another car slammed into it. when medics arrived on scene they found two children partially ejected from the rear window. the 7-year-old boy died at saint christopher's. the baby is also in critical condition. police say alcohol was not a factor. family and friends said their final good-byes tonight to 16-year-old amy francis joyner little more than a week after she died in a school fight in wilmington. on friday, the teen's family learned authorities need more time before making a decision on filing charges in her death. fox 29 sabina kuriakose spoke with the family before this 18's memorial service. sabina. >> reporter: ended about an hours ago. it was even harder to say good-bye. right now, they have so few answers. >> all very upset by this.
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can't believe it happened. she was a sweet girl. >> reporter: aunt is speaking outside the public service to remember her late niece. she died by a fight in the a girl's bathroom over one week ago. as rain fell sunday, thousands of mourners filed into st. paul's uame church to offer consequences to amy's family. with no one arrested or charged in her death, teenager's ain't says peace and comfort. >> i can't believe it. we just want justice. >> reporter: friends and community members echoing the same frustration. three female classmates of amy are persons of interest in the investigation into the high schooler's death and have not returned to school. >> we're looking for answers. why would you take this young lady's life when she just wants to go to school.
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>> they could have very well been my child as well. so i wanted to make sure we came. >> reporter: despite the heartbreak, amy's family says they're grateful for the compassion of friends and strangerers. >> it's an outpouring of love and we appreciate it. >> reporter: police are still reviewing all the evidence in this case and the investigation continues, lucy. >> thank you, sabina. road work could make for tough drive for folks this week starting tonight, penndot closing one lane of i76 west and east at the i 476 interchange at montgomery county making bridge repairs, that's going to take through thursday most likely. five years ago, it was a quiet sunday when news broke that no one saw coming. a navy seal team had just killed osama bin laden.
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tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the raid that took out the mastermind of this sent 11th attacks. fox 29 joyce evans takes a look back at the historic day. that was ten years in the making. >> i was right here broadcasting live that night and it was a long night. one of those moments in history that almost everybody can remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard we got him. >> there are no events scheduleded by the obama administration to commemorate the mission but we're hearing new details from the president about that night and what went into his decision green light the operation. the president said it was the best opportunity to get osama bin laden. and if we didn't, it could have been years before our team was able to find him again. >> if it wasn't osama bin laden, probably the cost would outweigh the benefits. we would lose face
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internationally because there was probably going to be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started. >> seal team six member rob o'neill who fired the fatal shot killing osama bin laden described the moment in a fox news special two years ago. >> standing on two feet in front of me was the face i'd seen thousands of times. very quickly i recognized him and just pop, pop, pop. >> today on fox and friends, o'neill said he didn't do it alone. and he hopes others will come out and share their own stories of that mission. >> i'm a face of the team that did it. i hope more of the guys from the team get out and tell their stories because there's 23 different stories to that mission. >> while there are no public events scheduled to attend, the cia is commemorating the anniversary on twitter by live tweeting the raid as if if were happening today. >> thank you very much, joyce. in washington, dc, the clean-up is on after a freight
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train derails spilling hazardous material near a metro stop. dc fire and ems showed photos. it happened around 6:40 this morning. the train was hauling what's called sodium hydroxide. to produce various household cleaning projects, no injuries reported. officials say the chemical spill is contained. caught on camera, witnesses were stunned when they saw this guy clinging to the hood of a car driving down a busy street. plus, he was yelling at the driver. an historic church burst into flames. what people were celebrating inside just hours before it started. this guy walks in a grocery store but it wasn't after groceries. of what he did in the store that has the fbi asking you to help agents find him.
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. more than 170 of new york's city's bravest were called out to the massive church fire just before 7:00 tonight at the serbian orthodox church. hours earlier it was packed.
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investigators are now looking into what started that fire. back here at home, runners in the broad street run were drenched today not in sweat when they crossed the finish line. the nation's largest ten-mile race, the slippery conditions forced the runners to take it slower than planned. jennifer joyce was there and discovered that despite the weather, the mood was festive. >> reporter: people packed north broad street for an 8:00 a.m. start to the 37th annual broad street run in the rain. >> i'm trying to make the best of it and just ignore the fact it's freezing and raining. >> reporter: race director says mother nature provided an added obstacle to the ten-mile course. >> they're where it's going to be slippery going down broad street. nobody is going to try to set up a personal record. they're going to be out here for the excitement of being in the event. the week of the race, i decided on thursday, my inside is
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turning and i'm just, i cannot wait to get into it. >> reporter: alan says the rain didn't damper his spirits. in fact, he likes the weather and loves this race. >> when i see 40,000 people running down broad street, in a never ends until you actually get to the navy yard. it's really cool. >> reporter: despite the rain, not only did 10s of thousands of runners show up but also the spectators lined the streets to cheer on the runners with umbrellas and ponchos and all. >> you know what's harder having cancer. >> reporter: armed with signs, teams cmmd of west chester is raising money for the american cancer society. >> got about 1600 people on team, 300 running the broad street run today in the rain, nobody backed out. we raised over $270,000 this year alone. >> mile sixish when you want it
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to be over and you still have four more to go. >> the personal fulfillment that comes with crossing the finish line and in many cases supporting charities is price less. jennifer joyce fox 29 news. big surprise for one runner at mile six of the broad street run a woman's boyfriend proposed to her. she said yes, and runners just raised around her and her new fiance shared the video with us, that's so cool. near charlotte, no, a firefighter died battling a blaze, broke out at a shopping center. dozens responded to the three alarm fire: one of firefighters died. investigators are looking into what started the fire and how the two firefighters became
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trapped. donald trump is now calling on republicans to unite behind his candidacy. ahead of tuesday's primary. bernie sanders is staying in the democrat race for the white house despite tough losses. kristen fisher has more from dc. >> reporter: hillary clinton still leading bernie sanders ahead of the indiana primary. a wall street is putting ahead by four points. it's time for party to unite behind her. >> think of what we can achieve together. we can get everything done that i'm talking to you about if we worked together. >> reporter: sanders is starting to acknowledge he's facing an uphill battle against clinton saying his state now rests in the hands of those so-called super delegates. >> i would hope very much that the super delegates from those
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states where we have won with big margins to respect the wishes of the people of those states. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to use bernie sanders as an unlike asset as he inches closer to a one-on-one race saying he'll use sanders's primary attacks against clintons during the general election. he's also calling for his own party to unite behind his campaign complaining that competing against his rivals is a waste of time. >> the republican party has to come together and if it doesn't it's going to be hard. >> reporter: ted cruz says he's he can win at a contested convention. >> two people that can win the republican nomination. >> reporter: they head to the polls tuesday t83 delegates up for grabs on the democrat side and 57 for republicans. washington kristen fisher fox news. a first daughter will follow in her parents' footsteps, the white house announced today that
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malia obama the oldest daughter will attend harvard. she will begin in 2017 as a member of the of the class of 2021. both president and mrs. are graduals of harvard. britain's youngest turns one. the royal haves released a handful of pictures over the past you're, it's celebrating her birthday privately at home. princess charlotte is the fourth in line for the british thrown. making your uber driver wait could soon cost you. the ride sharing is announced two policies. paying drivers for pay thing past two minutes. that means once you get the notification that your driver has arrived, two minutes later, that meter goes on, that's that's it. the second, short cancel
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litigation window from five minutes down to two. >> any time they spend waiting on you is time money out of their pocket. you have all the time. it's all about being responsible. >> how much $2 than to wait out here ten, 15 minutes trying to get a cab. >> uber is only testingly program in four areas, new york, new jersey, dallas and phoenix. guy walks into a grocery store but wasn't after groceries. what he did that that has the fbi all over this and asking you to help find him. cheating can mean the end for many relationships. but it's not all bad news. mortality aside, apparently why new research says it can be a good thing. all right. i'll explain.
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. what a way to say thanks, a man from upstate new york just won $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket. his sister gave it to him along with a homemade card to say, hey, thank you for helping out with the kids. the two plan to go on vacation together and pay off their parents' mortgage.
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the fbi is asking for your help after something that happened in the michigan grocery store. anything but sweet. take a look at this guy. agent say he tried to contaminate food in the store. the fbi is not releasing the name of the store but it's near an arbor. you can actually see the guy look like he's sprinkling something of liquid on display carts that had unpackaged food in them. preliminary tests of that liquid came back negative for harm full of substances but the fbi detroit division wants to talk to this man. a carnival cruise ship set sail for cuba from miami after weeks of uncertainty, carnival that to convince cuba to change it's policy and let cuban born passengers back in. an american key successfully negotiated and changed cuban policy. carnival ceo says he was part of the negotiations with the cuban government and believes all of this is going to help the cuban
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people. >> the victory for cruise we have not been able to go to cuba over 50 years. >> castro's hands i think the cuban government was exposed. >> the week-long itinerary includes stops at ports that include havana. some researchers are actually saying if your significant other cheats on you maybe it isn't so bad after all. bing ton university researchers studied asking about their relationship break-up. what they found. the majority of women who lose their cheating men to other women are stronger and better off when getting into future relationships. they also came to the realization that they aren't the losers, it's the women who end up with their xs who are the real losers. caught on camera, witnesses were stunned when they saw this
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guy clinging to the hood of a car driving down a busy street. what he was yelling at the driver. a leisurely horse ride took a terrifying turn. a witness describes the details. and they are shocking. that knocked the animal off its feet. >> we're talking about a series of low pressure systems that will keep the rain in the delaware valley most of this week with the exception of one day. we'll take a look at that seven-day forecast when we come back.
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. roadways in florida ended up as one wild ride for one man. he jumped on the hood of a car after arguing of a drive of a volkswagen. the driver hit the gas, pulled a uy but the man hanging on and yelling you're going to want to fight. that attracted attention. police say despite video of what happened, all the witnesses
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still don't have enough evidence to arrest either man. they're leaving the stage forethe very last time. you can now officially wave good-bye to the elephants of the ringling brothers circus, five asian elephantses are entertaining crowds in and then gone. the circus is vowing to the wishes of animal advocates who have been pushing for the humane treatments of all animals. >> there's been such a change in the legislative landscape around the country. there's also been a mood shift among our consumers as well. some of our audiences aren't comfortable with us touring elephants with legislation come up it makes the difficult to not have consistency week in and out. >> they're heading to a conservation center owned and operated by circus in florida. a man is fighting for his life after a lightening bolt struck him as he rode his horse.
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witnesses say the man was riding with at a relatives. they heard a loud boom and the man and horse was down. the bolt killed the horse and man is badly burned. >> he was unconscious, his color was bad. of he had burns on his neck and chest down on his belly. his cowboy hat was blown apart where the lightening hit. >> terrible. as of last night, he was in extremely critical condition. powerful storms brought down a huge ok tree destroying a northwest atlanta home. his house is damage beyond repair. four rooms caved in. leaving two standing. the family was inside the home when it happened. imagine that. and somehow, some way, they're all ok. back here at home. we haven't seen any severe
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weather as we take a live look at wilmington delaware. love that shot but we don't have a lot of dry days ahead. doesn't take a whole hand to take about it. >> you see that feeling the height of the lower -- extreme low. we had fog out there and ultimate doppler you can see showers through west virginia, virginia, eastern shore of maryland, delaware, south jersey during early morning, right now expecting showers, in olde city, looking good, the roads dry, it is damp. temperatures still only in the 50's. visibility reduced in the poconos to a quarter mile. you can see this darker return here this gray color and the western part of chester county reduces ability there. careful if you're traveling. 42 in the poconos, 52 in philadelphia. 52 in millville. 48 in trenton. temperatures not changing haul that much with a persistant northeastly flow. high pressure off the coast, area of low pressure will keep
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the moisture in our region for the next couple days. as we go through town, we'll see a few scattered showers to the south during the overnight hours. by 7:00 a.m. most of us dry, part of the north towards scranton spotty shoushs after the noon hour when we dry out. we'll see sun from the south working its way towards north. philadelphia south and east seeing sunshine in the afternoon. that allows us to break out with afternoon showers or maybe a rumble of thunder. then dries out again with more rain moving in on tuesday. that's the better day of seeing a persistant rain. when you look at the temperatures, today above average, tomorrow above normal. overnight tonight, patchy fog and drizzle, 58 in the city, to 46 suburbs. during date, spotty morning drizzle and fog, chance of a spotty afternoon shower. maybe thunderstorm, philadelphia south and east where we see more sun with temperatures in the
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70's, lehigh valley we make it to around 60. as we plan your day, 7:00 a.m., 52 by lunch, 60 in the afternoon, 70. by dinner, temperature of 67 with the mostly cloudy sky. look ahead to your seven-day forecast, showers are likely on tuesday. the temperatures 63. wednesday is the only dry day in the next five days, if you have anything to do outside, make sure you make time because wednesday is the day. by thursday, a coastal storm develops and will linger into friday. right now, looks like it's going to move to the south by saturday. morning clouds saturday. afternoon sun, back to 70 and right now, the better half of the weekend looks like it's going to be sunday with partly sunny skies and a temperature of 72. there's a look at the first week of may. not looking all that great. looks like april showers still.
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the coolest video ever we got. scientists made an amazing discovery and some of the oh deepest waters. you see what that is? any guesses? this is video stun to go never before seen type of jelly fish spotted an area east of philippines with the trench that dives seven miles below the surface of the ocean. the national ocean antic and severic released this video. this jelly fish appeared to be in mode because of the way it has it's long ten ankles extended. it's so deep. it generates it's own light source. >> i scuba dive. >> do you? you'd be crushed because the pressure would be bad. that will do it for us for fox 29 news at 10:00.
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keep it right here for fox sports sunday. ♪ ♪. on sports sunday, no jelly fish but the phillies can't their roll and the picks are in or the eagles. now, what do those draft picks mean for those eagles? how it may change the scene, dave spadaro, coming up on sports sunday.


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