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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 2, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning at 4:00 traming di strikes. a 7-year-old boy died after a horrific crash. now a baby involved in the crash is fighting for her life. and saying good-bye while demanding answers the parents of a teen called during a bathroom fight want to know why the students involved have not been charged. and a bear shocks a local neighborhood and where this guy was spotted and what happened before the bear ran back into the woods. good day everyone, monday, may 2, 2016, i'm chris. she was partying too hard on friday, when he so much fun, lauren has off. >> 20 years of this 20 years of this, 20 more, 20 more, 20 more, good day, philadelphia, good day, thank you.
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>> 20 more, 20 more, 20 more, that would be 60 more years. >> let's do it. >> it was a big, fun party friday night at the sugarhouse casino we ended month-long celebration in grand style. we celebrated 20th anniversary of good day show, "good day philadelphia" to. cop off the celebration hundreds of local virz -- i'm the worst dancer in the world. so it was really neat to meet the viewers. >> dr. mike quinncy everybody was there. >> it was a fun night. >> except for steve keely. >> what's the deal with the guy. >> lots of folks asked about him. >> he was original member you joined the show what? >> a year and a half in, yeah. >> there we are. thanks for everybody who came out and all the good wishes during the whole month of celebration. and now life goes on. let's talk about what we have in the lives right now. you'll need the umbrella at
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times all week long. it looks like we have unsettled weather week ahead. we'll warn about you that off the bat. let's look more closely as we look at storms in ohio headed our way. what's going on now down in southern delaware some thunderstorms moving through around salisbury, maryland, in philadelphia a share of shower showers. they're not as heavy. but they're around. and it's damp out there. 49 degrees. easterly breeze at 7 miles an hour. 5:59 now sunrise time. things changed over the weekend that we have longer days, and visibility is an issue. we have fog down in millville. atlantic city, out in lancaster and reading, allentown, foggy in mount pocono as well. that could slow you do you remember as you get started this morning. temperatures on the chilly side. 42 mount pocono and 46 trenton and 49 in philadelphia and 48 millville. or 52 inched into the 50s in dover. winds still coming out of the east. and that means we're still
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getting on-shore flow of moisture, mean a lot of cloud cover and fog. we just showed. as you plan the day plan a lot of cloud cover with the day. maybe a little bit of sunshine after lunchtime and it will be limited. but it probably will be just enough to give is a chance of thunderstorms later in the afternoon. we'll talk about that when we bring you fox future cast. we may get close to 70 today. that is your monday forecast. so bob kelly we hope you had a good weekend. >> it was fantastic seeing everybody at the sugarhouse and kind of took to see what is going on here because of the fog this is an example of the fog out along 202, boot road chester country and ball vernech we'll give you an idea as we hold the camera up to these vehicles past. the close are you get to the city it opens up. downtown we government we're o onen the vine expressway. everything on and ready for the
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morning rush hour. a little delay here on the turnpike between delaware valley and philly bensalem interchange mainly through the construction zone. one accident up in montgomery county and ready for this one? it will be gerryville pike and hithel treer road. >> who? >> see di that with one cop of coffee, hiffletreer ready. and we're good to go for the morning rush hour. fog around 422 between royersford and collegeville. no problems 25 and market street subway. still use shuttle buses. >> call it hiff road. >> east falls, two people recovering after a car overturned during a late-night crash after 1:00 in the morning abbottsburg road and fox street. both were taken to temple
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hospital. at the moment, there's no word on what caused that car to flip. also, east falls a horrific crash claim the life of 7-year-old boy. steve quey in juniata where a baby remains hospitalized, steve, good morning. >> two months ago a baby was born at the hospital and now it's in critical and stable condition. the only good news the morning after the number one killer of kids one is 13 years old in the country. car crashes. that's why there's child restraint laws for kids under 4 and booster laws for kids 4 to 8 and all kids up to 18 even in backseats have to be speed speed limited and police trying to determine if all those laws were followed by the adult driving the car here on henry avenue with four children, and two other adults in it when investigators stay crossed double lines on the wet, winding henry avenue, crashing into another car, after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. two adults in that car. everybody was critical at one
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point. all stable now. one little boy killed and everyone else involved despite listed as critical. stabilized and hopefully that means no other lives lost in the scene of this crash which has been the scene of other fatal crashes in the past on henry avenue. >> yeah, sobering statistics as well. 4:06 the time and police are still waiting to file charges in the death of amy francis joiner the teenage girl between death inside the bathroom at the nice wilmington and meanwhile the community came together to celebrate amy's life. dave kitchen live from the wilmington police department on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you the celebration of life went on awaiting continues. it's been a long wait for answers and a lot of frustration. several days now after the deadly assault of amy francis joiner and mrepttive moments of remembrance here. they joined at a service to remember the 16-year-old that
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died after a fight inside the girl's bathroom howard high school of technology in wilmington. more than a week ago. mourners offered condolences to family at a church and everyone wondered why charge have not been filed yet. >> i'm hurt that amy lost her life because of some jealousy or stupidity. >> it really, realty hit home it could have well been my child as well. so i wanted to make sure we came to show our support. >> we're all very upset by this. and can't believe it happened. she ways sweet girl. we miss her very much. and we love her and it's unbelievable. >> how can a person get murdered in school and you got three people and nobody has been charged. >> reporter: while everyone remembers amy wilmington police chief says investigators have a
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lot of information to sort through including three thousand and pages of data long with medical findings, three female classmates of amy's are considered persons of interest and they have not been allowed back at school since all of this happened. back to you. >> all right. we'll stay on top of this story as it develops. happening today atlantic city mayor is poised to announce whether the city will mack a $2 million bond payment. if not made ac will become the first new jersey municipality to default to its deb in 78 years. tunz clear if there will be enough bond payment and cover payroll. >> there what uninvited dinner guest in bensalem over the weekend. take a look. several people reported seeing a bear looking for food on bristol pike. chris gallagher recorded this 7:00 at night. after 15 minutes he says it disappeared into the woods near neshimany creek an a bear was reported near a school a couple
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miles away. >> he seemed calm. would sit up and once in a while walk. started walking this way and then walk baca round that way. i've been to yellowstone park didn't see a bear naep my backyard i see a bear. >> see saved a trip. neighbors say another bear was spotted in the same area two years ago. i mean it's their habitat, too. fox 29 viewers shared these picture and videos of the bear. you saw the story. you can submit news by heading to and don't forget to download the fresco app to be part of the fox 29 team. . >> today is the first anniversary that took out the master mind of september 11 attacks half a decade after osama bin laden was found there's little known operation of the hunt that led up to his killing. his death, however, has not decreased threats from islamic extremists. in washington, d.c., the cleanup is on after a freight train derailed spilling hazardous material near a metro
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stop. d.c. fire and ems showed photos of the train near the rhode island metro. it was hauling sodium hydroxid hydroxide. no injuries reported and the kem spill is now contained. >> philadelphia animal shelter needs your help this morning. half a million worth of help. we'll tell you how you can pitch in for a good cause straight ahead and many presidential candidates decided to skip correspondence dinner over the weekend and it's not stopping them from making headlines this morning especially for ted cruz why a child was escorted out of one especially for ted cruz why a child was escorted out of one of his rallies, a child?
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>> starting with a look what the is happening this week. what is happening is a lot of instability and unsettled weather week with a lot of these stationary fronts just kind of hang around. we have low pressure system out to the west and went out to see cold front and various systems coming through. kind of one after the other. and sometimes lingering all week long. so as you will see in the 7-day forecast, there's not one day that we don't have a chance of rain. now that doesn't mean we'll have rain all the time. but, just have the rain gear nearby. you know how to was over the weekend unsettled there's a look of line of thunderstorms that game across the chesapeake bay dow jones industrial south and some heavy downpours skooching to southern delaware and a little heavy rain to the
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north and start with the southern view and see all this rain is heading to the delaware and maryland beaches and then we look up north and we see this area as the northern end of the chesapeake bay moving into northern delaware. you're about to get rain that is kind of heavy in middletown, delaware, wilmington, scattered showers as well and we're all going to get a little taste of it throughout the day today. and so be prepared for clouds and showers this morning. so you see as we go hour by hour. chance of rain. nromy and cloudy otherwise. now we see in the afternoon some sun breaking through. what does that do? warmingz us up and gifts us a chance of thunderstorms later on. that could be the end of your day with popup thunderstorms. you may get one, you may not. keep that in mind if kids have games tonight and stay down to the south a chance of thunderstorms as well lingering there. and tomorrow looks rainy all day lon and rainy morning and reigny afternoon and it doesn't look that much better for wednesday with clouds and popup showers throughout the morning,
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throughout the afternoon as well. sometimes a break of sunshine here and there. but that's the deal for the next couple of days. fogy out there in spots. like down in millville, new jersey, lancaster reduced visibility. reading, up in mount pocono fog dwli morning. temperatures are mostly in the 40s. upper 40s in our case in philadelphia. lower 50s in dover, delaware. and lower 40s, 42 in mount pocono and those winds coming up out of the northeast kind of keep us cloudy and we expect shift of southerly winds later on. that's why we're expecting to get warmer. so you see over the past 7 days how temperatures have gotten below average. now our average high is 70. we've been well below including yesterday with a high of 5 4 we expect toyming proof average high of 70 if we get enough sunshine this afternoon and again popup thunderstorms possible. 65 degrees tomorrow. 66 on wednesday. and 60s on thursday and friday and we could inch back to the 70s over the weekend.
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and at least a chance of rain every day this week. bob kelly your lawn will be lush. >> you know what, i finally gotta round to putting down the we'd and feed fertilizer there. so, yeah, we'll get rid -- i hope the weeds don't die and i'm left with the just dirt. the whole lawn is weeds. >> no weeds but no grass. >> let's make a basketball court out of it for the kids. no maintenance. here we go. where are you this is a live look at route 309 near welsh road and example of the fog we're dealing with today. really thick this morning as you roll out of the driveway. sue mentioned, we can see the ben franklin. it's hit and miss. patchy fog. depending where you begin and end trip this morning. probably see warm delays associated to the fog and rain and of course looks like we could be a rough weather week to travel via philly international. we all check in with the
4:17 am
airline. 95 southbound crews are working on the delaware memorial. there's one lane blocked. we saw backups over the weekend as we typically see folks use delaware memorial bridge to goat beaches and further south. no problems 95. looking good on the turnpike. slower than normal delaware valley and philly ipt change with construction and two accidents the cherryville pike and hiffletreer road and watch it all the roads wet and flipry this morning. >> thank you, 4:17, philadelphia animal campaign raised half a million for all new kennels, 25,000 dogs and cats come through every year and their kennels are old and dilapidated and volunteers have taken it upon themselves to raise the funds needed to what they call action pack. ten dogs represent all the
4:18 am
amazing dogs available for adoption right now. >> we have a philly problem and we're looking for a philly solution and that is the over population of animals. but also the care of those animals while at the shelter and so, the idea is to raise money and awareness and improve that housing for the animals. give them a better chance to get adopted. >> awe, cute dog there for information how to donate or volunteer head to for a link to act philly and the action pack. we'll talk football in a bit. the race for the whitehouse many presidential hopefuls competing in indiana tomorrow. that included ted cruz texas senator sfoing supporters at an event in indiana. cruz not letting numbers slow him down for interruptions from the crowd. one of those interruptions coming from a child who heckled cruz. >> imagine a different world it
4:19 am
would be if someone had told donald trump that years ago. you know, in my household, when a child behalves that way they get a spanking [ cheers ] indiana prime areay will be held tomorrow along with nebraska, oregon and washingto washington. meanwhile democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail, sort of. she was selected as keynote speaker for freedom fund dinne dinner. both side were fair game for president obama's final white house correspondence dinner saturday night and he spared none in his jokes saturday night including himself. >> i want to close my final white house correspondence dinner by saying thank you, i'm very proud of what you have done. it's been an honor and privr ledge to work side by side with you to strengthen our democrac
4:20 am
democracy. and with that i just have two more words to say, obama out [ [ laughter ]. >> that was great. drop the mic. bernie sanders was only can doyt attend president obama on evening by cracking jokes of hillary clinton tall call are her odd hillary and prediktd her being the successor for clinton's next dinner she didn't seem offended in a tweet she says nice job aunt hill ray proves. >> and first u.s. cruz to cuba in 50 years on its way from harrah an to miami. this is the first u.s. cruz ship to visit communist nation since restoring diplomatices last july. carnival faced criticism for initially blocking people born in cuba from booking a trip. controversy surrounding some draft picks for eagles we're
4:21 am
talking domestic violence, battery, tampering, what the front office thinks about their selections for this team. and here's a look at winning lottery numbers. and here's a look at winning lottery numbers. good luck on this monday
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>> we're getting timely hitting in clutch pitching and that continued against indians last night. freddie gal vin being fluxed in the rain and it's clutch last night giving up six scoreless innings phils win 2-1. nfl eagles took a couple risks at the end of the draft including drafting safety mills out of lsu and he had a couple issues and an arrest in 2014 and second degree battery they did the research on kid and was satisfied with the results. >> we're satisfied with the investigation that was done down there in baton rouge with the university and we think we know what kind of kid this is. he has to proof it here.
4:25 am
and we forget sometimes these kids are college kids. >> i'm shawn bell. >> you can believe the phillies six nay row the hottest team in baseball, oh, yeah. make sure you make your summer plans now. get out to the ballpark. dynamic nba duo for the 90s reunited in the eastern conference playoffs, yeah, of course we're talking about michael and scotty. jord and and kiffin seen sharing this moment. kiffin sping jordan by the way. nearly every year current players are compared to these two who won six titles back mostly in the 90s right and especially jordan owner of charlotte horn et cetera team lost to miami heat 106-73 this was fun for him during the gam game. how about jordan winning three titles playing baseball for the white sox for a year in the mine ol leagues and going and winning three more titles, still waiting family and friends of a delaware teen aim
4:26 am
girl killed in a brutal beating in a badge are demanding answers. why haven't the students involved been charged with anything? and what time your kids go to school could change. and what time your kids go to school could change. we'll tell you where,
4:27 am
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tragedy strikes a-year-old boy died after a horrific crash and a painy involved in that crash is fighting for her life. why the city must pay up today or risk big financial headaches. and listen up here your child's school could be changing what time school starts. we'll tell you where next when school is severalier. >>s is a scramble every mornin morning. i'm chris murphy and lauren has the morning offer. it's monday, may 2, 2016. friday was fun. . >> 20 years. >> 20 years of this, 20 years, 20 more, 20 more, 20 more, "good day philadelphia", thank you. >> usually smik so reserved. he was coming out of his shell at a huge party sugar house casino we ended month-long celebration in grand style. during the month of april we celebrated the 20th anniversary
4:30 am
of "good day philadelphia". hundreds of loyal viewers joined members of our good day team with a really fun party. bob did what he does, which is d.j., that's his pedigree. dr. mike looked like he wanted to make a house call. sue took 8 million selfies and shawn was fun and lauren was great. >> i danced a little bit. i did one electric slide and i was ready to die. >> no. >> our viewers were trying to teach me how to dance. it was ugly. >> it was great to see folks like you who is been with us through so many years and through so many milestones in our lives we shared a lot and so i'm glad you came out. thanks. it was fun at the sugarhouse. okay. was just informed phillys are playing st. louie tonight and there's showers headed there and hopefully they'll be gone by game time to continue that roll we're on that nice winning streak.
4:31 am
so, for us, though, get used to it. just tweeted this out. get used to radar looking like this with scattered showers, lot of clouds on it. and unsettled weather week is the way to summarize it. 49 right now and easterly wind 6 miles an hour and 6 relative humidity and sunrise time 5:59. visibility is an issue in some places like atlantic city, millville, new jersey, and lancaster reduced visibility and it's a little less in reading, pottstown, kind of foggy trenton and very foggy in the mountain valley around mount pocono this morning. right now temperatures in the 40s. so it's a jacket, waterproof jacket say good idea. 48 allentown and 46 trenton and 49 wilmington and 52 in dover, delaware. winds coming out of the east. whenever you see easterly winds you know that flow is coming off the ocean. it keeps us damp and cloudy and that's the way it is this morning. and you may need the umbrella you may not. it just depends.
4:32 am
showers around this morning. clouds and showers our possibility through this afternoon and sunshine late in the day and high of 70. we have possibility of a popup thunderstorm or two. sunset time is now 7:57 bob kelly we're getting closer to 8:00 sunset. it's a milestone. >> getting stay out late. you got. it good morning, everybody, 4:3 2. getting up and out on a monday. fog. we're driving in through. it here's a live look at route 100 near pennsylvania turnpike combination of fog, wet roads, just be careful. we're all the first ones and trail blazers out of the gate this morning here. 95 no problem at all out of northeast philadelphia coming to center city and the 42 freeway headed into new jersey. when you go over the walt whitman ram top 295 north still blocked and all because of early morning accident and there's debris and fuel spill on that ramp there. watch for possible weather delays today if you fly out of
4:33 am
philly international or dropping someone off and picking up the trip with the airline this trip had big delays because of rain throughout the day. 295 south toward the delaware memorial bridge. still working left lane blocked on southbound side. we had hit or miss delays over the course of the weekend. crews working on the turnpike between delaware valley ipt change and philly bensalem lanes are slower man normal during the actual construction zone cherryville pikeletrayer road and snowball drive an accident and mass transit everything looking good except market transit and the subway. >> developing out of the east all sections of city this morning two people recovering after a car was in a late night crash fox street and abbott avenue and both taken to templ
4:34 am
temple. at the moment there's no word whoon caused the car to flip and east falls as well horrific crash claims life of 7-year-old boy. in juniata steve is there where an instart in the hospital. >> little baby 8 to 10 weeks old critical and stable here this morning. so the staff has kept this crash from killing more. that little boy killed and another child police tell us where are partially thrown through the back window of a car when the small little vehicle they were in crossed center line on henry avenue just after 3:00 and then crashed into another car crashing opposite way. you'll notice that curve beyond the bridge where this happened it was wet. that's winding, police writing to figure out if weather conditions had a total responsibility for this or partial. four children, they adults all in that one car that crossed over the double-yellow line it's a little car with all those people in it two in the other car all stable despite both children and adults
4:35 am
critical. police are going to try to determine if any children were in child restraint seats, boostser seats or seatbeltedte and this shows why there's strict laws for that in the state. >> absolutely. steve, thank you very much. 4:35 is the time jury selection begins in the corruption trial of chaka fattah and he's accused of taking bribes and miss using campaign funds. they say he use today to miss pay debt from a failed run for mayor in 2007. he lost the democratic last tuesday to dwight evans and testimony in the trial is secretary expected to start in two weeks. >> jerry sandusky is expected to number a come today as he continues to pursue appeals of his 45 count conviction for child sex abuse. a judge while hear argument from prosecutors and sandusky attorney as the 72-year-old seeks a hearing in which he can present evidence that supports his claim that he was wrongly
4:36 am
convicted. he is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence at green state prison for abuse of ten boys. also happening today atlantic city moyer is poised to announce whether the city will mack a 2 million bond payment. if not made ac will become the first new jersey municipality in default on debt in 78 years and right now city leaders say it's unclear if there's enough cash today to make the bond payment and cover payroll. stated indicate rerz discussing whether middle and high school students should start the school day later in the morning. study have recommended they start class no earlier than 8:30 a.m. insufficient sleep is an important public health issue impacting student's academic success. first meeting will be held this afternoon camden county colleges blackwood campus. >> and most of the fire that heavily damaged historic church in new york has been knocked down and authorities are reporting one minor injury in
4:37 am
that fire that started last night serbian orthodox cathedral in manhattan. early this morning firefighters were putting out small pockets of flames. the church was built in early 18 50s and designated a city landmark in 1968. dave you're following a local story for us in wilmington. good morning. >> that's right, good morning to you. the story of assault death of amy francis joiner. we have the latest on the police investigation as family and friends remembered her this police investigation as family and friends remembered her this weekend after the break. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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almost everything. you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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>> good morning welcome back at 4:40 charges could be filed in the beating death of amy francis joiner that happened 11 days ago. yesterday friends and family came together to remember the teenager's life. dave kitchen has been on the story. chris, good morning toy friends and family have been waiting for several days charges toing filed in this case. now, about 11 days after the deadly assault of amy francis joiner. plenty of emotion and remembrance for amy as well. amy's friends and classmates joined family members at service to remember the 16-year-old that died after a fight inside the girl's bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington. more than a week ago mourners offered condolences to a family in church and everybody wondered why charges have not been filed yet. >> she was very, very sweet.
4:41 am
everything that you're hearing has been very truth full. she will be sorely maceed. >> they want to compete with who has the best facebook upload or youtube upload and we're in that society we're trying to out do one another and that's the wrong direction we're going in. so, when there's a murder in there with cell phones and they're recording it it's symptom of the problem i'm talking about. >> while people remember amy wilmington police chief said friday investigators have a lot of information to sort through including 3,000 pages of data and medical findings and three female classmates of amy's are concerned persons of interest and have not been allowed back in school since this happened. back to you. >> we'll keep an eye on this once it develops. >> a curtain call for elephants in the ringling brothers circus and where the last performance was held and what's next for
4:42 am
and where the last performance was held and what's next for the elephants
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with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> starting off damp this morning and unsettled weather week we'll summarize what we'll deal with all week long. we have low pressure system out to the west. one out to the east and we're in the middle with this stationary front that will sneak a little further north and give us milder air moving in and there's a cold front. we have a lot going on. everything this week all these
4:45 am
weather systems moving kind of slowly and unfortunately because of this low down here around texas and louisiana more flooding in those areas that certainly have seen enough. so for us this morning, we have been watching various areas of rain move through. right now it looks like northern delaware, looks like cumberland -- not cumberland county i would say gloucester country in new jersey getting rain as well. delaware beaches rain clearing there and there's just south of wilmington looks like we have one heavy downpour there near gloucester county where we also have rain. this is it, on or off hit or miss, in and out and you get the ready the rain is with us and not constantly and when it's not raining at least this morning it will look like it will rain. this afternoon, we see a little bit of clearing from south to north. that warmer air moves in. but as we warm up it increases in stability and gives us possibility of popup showers and thunderstorms. that could happen in through
4:46 am
the afternoon, the rest of the day looks okay. then we move into tomorrow morning here we are 4, 5:00 in the morning with more rain lasting on and off throughout the day. get the idea it's just one system after another and that's the way it will go for most of the week. there will be times when we see sunshine in the afternoon on wednesday which will start as another rainy day and then you have the popup showers and thunderstorms as well. so that's kind of the way it will go. watch-out if you're up in the mountains for fog. quarter mile visibility in mount pocono and millville, atlantic city, pots up to, trenton and reading. reduced visibilities there this morning. all that moisture in the air. it's 49 in philadelphia and in lancaster and in reading and little chillier in mount pocon pocono. 52 in dover, delaware. winds out of east 6 miles an hour in philadelphia and now our average high where we should be is up to 70 degrees. we have been way below average most of this week after that
4:47 am
peak of 86 last tuesday. yesterday we made it to 54 with all the rainy don't know about you but pajama day yesterday was delightful with all the rain outside i hope you got a chance to relax. 70 monday, that's today. 65 tomorrow. 66 wednesday. just a chance of rain every single day in the forecast. even through the weekend, though it improves a little with the temperature, but that's the kind of week we got. just kind of damp bob kelly. >> damp, grilled cheese every day and that's what i say, good morning, everybody, 4:47 a live look at what you're dealing with. roads damp. moisture in the area leaving us with fog. painters crossing, just be careful as you roll out drive way and head to work or school. socked in with fog here i 5 highland avenue in delaware
4:48 am
country. so rough start this morning. market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses till 5:00. otherwise warminster, patco, new jersey, transit off to a good start and burlington bristol bridge opened traffic they have been working at all morning long and ready for the morning rush hour they finished that project early. we're good to go. and if you head into new jersey over the walt whitman on to freeway south 42 ram top 295 watch it there's a lane blockage because of tractor-trailer accidents and fuel spill juan for weather delays this morning in and out of philly international. otherwise mass transit look going with no delays. . >> the battle over how to
4:49 am
differ i'd prince's estate gets underway today. they are expected at the first court hearing designed to sort out his fortune. thousands of unreleased songs reportedly were kept in a vault in his home in minnesota and they could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. prince's sister believes he did not leave a will. what a mess that will be, 4:49 the time final vow the beloved elephants of barnum and balely did well. the last female elephants toured and took final bow yesterday in frov dense, rhode island it's a tradition after yesterday's show the elephants will retire to permanent home ringling center for conservation in florida. >> one of the biggest headaches living in philly, parking. starting to get easier. a new app launched to help find
4:50 am
better parking in city called spot hero. it allows drivers to make reservations to park and include 55 parking facilities and ones to the airport and 3 30th street station and art museum and independence hall. >> sporingt goods retailer sports authority are closing all their stores. it indicated when it would close. 140 stores and distribution centers they are carrying a billion in debt. they notified it would not reorganize and pursue a sale. they will liquidate all stores and close down operations in the months ahead. >> hershey isn't just about chocolate kiss and candy bars it's making healthy snacks. in august the company will sell crave pro ten bars made from dried meats and fruits. it also developed a line of fruit flavored smoothies and squeezable pouches hershey is
4:51 am
trying to keep up with changing taste. >> grab ticket the lottery poweller ball is up and going up. no one took home the prize. the jackpot is expected to grow for the next drawing, wednesday, so you can do a lot with $348 million i'm told but you only get that amount if you take annuity money paid out over 30 years. lump sum has $226 million valu value. still come on that's plenty six that's beyonce money. >> speaking of beyonce she definitely runs the music worl world. what record beyonce just broke world. what record beyonce just broke with latest album.
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>> beyonce holding down the top billboard charts for the sixth time. beyonce officially scored her sixth number oneal bull on the billboard 100 charts.
4:55 am
lemonade earned 653,000 units all six of her projects including dangerously in love and 2013 self titled surprise visual item hit number one making her only artist to do so with first six studio albums. man, she is gold. no pun intend. and from one super star to another. janet jackson fans furious over musician canceling latest tour and rumors are swriling that she is returning to the stage♪ first the sing area announces she's coming back with a new album called unbreakable and subsequent tour and then cancels a ton of shows. and then she cancels the entire tour to have a baby with her husband. and now she has a video in the works at the crack of down on friday the 49-year-old singer
4:56 am
tweeted from sox background dancers with the caption coming soon. so does this mean the tour is back on? well, for now it's eye mystery. we'll keep an eye on that four. you have seen it taking social media by storm, the running man challenge♪ two basketball players from the university of maryland made the challenge popular when they did a modified version of original running dance to the song my bo from the 0s and other college sports teams are doing the running man challenge even members of our own ncaa champions the villanova wildcats♪ . >> all right a bear shocks the local neighborhood where this guy was spotted and what happened before the bear ran
4:57 am
book into the woods and the secret is out, here it is. what a patent filed by apple revowels about the new future that may come to your iphone we'll tell about you that that may come to your iphone we'll tell about you that coming up.
4:58 am
we don't decorate in one color. we don't stick to one fabric. or one shape. so why use traditional aerosols that are one-dimensional? new air wick room mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance, just like scents in real life. our homes are rich, varied, and pleasantly surprising. and air wick room mist is, too. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air.
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sglv he deadly crash claims life of a 7-year-old boy and leaves a baby in critical condition and the investigation
5:00 am
on what happened on this road. >> demanding answers the parents of a teen want to know why students involved were not charged with anything and it's decision day in ac how the cas cash-strapped town could become the first new jersey mun is pa pamty to default to debt in 78 years and we'll take a look at those implications coming up. first, good day, everyone, may 2, 2016 i'm chris murphy and lauren johnson has the day off. how about the phillies? out in the mist and rain for sixth straight win. >> watching the end of the game and carlos santana hit a homer for the other team in ninth inning and oh, no there goes the streak and we held on. that was great. that was great. it's exciting to watch our team win. some excitement ultimate doppler radar may not be desirable for you because it means rain. there's action. not a lot of it. we see showers


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