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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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on what happened on this road. >> demanding answers the parents of a teen want to know why students involved were not charged with anything and it's decision day in ac how the cas cash-strapped town could become the first new jersey mun is pa pamty to default to debt in 78 years and we'll take a look at those implications coming up. first, good day, everyone, may 2, 2016 i'm chris murphy and lauren johnson has the day off. how about the phillies? out in the mist and rain for sixth straight win. >> watching the end of the game and carlos santana hit a homer for the other team in ninth inning and oh, no there goes the streak and we held on. that was great. that was great. it's exciting to watch our team win. some excitement ultimate doppler radar may not be desirable for you because it means rain. there's action. not a lot of it. we see showers in northern new
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castle county and salem county new jersey and little bit in delco and camden county up to the north around allentown to the south around the delaware beaches you had rain and there's more to come on and off throughout not only today but the rest of the week. really, 48 right now with 8 mile an hour winds out of east, northeast. sunrise submitted before 6 this morning. visibility not great in a lot of places. two miles in millville. mile in atlantic city. reduced visibility in wilmington. lancaster, trenton, allentown, mount pocono. my earring just fell off. how does that happen. temperatures in the 40s to the north of us and the south of us and it's 51 degrees in dover, delaware. 48 as you saw is our current temperatures in philadelphia. not much of a win. what we have is blowing out of the east, knowledge east which means it will keep us cloudy. at least with the early pat of the day. and we could see sunshine break through in the afternoon and it's so humid that if we get to the 70 degrees we could see
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popup thunderstorms and a little later on in the day. 7:57 is sunset time. that is your monday. so, you said it earlier, bob kelly you're in a fog monday, anyway and now the weather kind of matches that. >> it does, it does kind of match that and kind of looks like it will be one of those yucky weeks along with it. so let's get started here's an example of 202 we can barely see the roadway here 202 near boot road and coming up from west chester headed to malvern through chester county and watch it. poor visibility all around the board. here's eye look at i-95 lucky headlights on here i-95 near highland avenue. fogy, wet start to monday morning. lookout because the little ones will be out there shortly waiting for the school buses and 55 on blue route. no problems on schuylkill. looking good i-95 through south philadelphia however we'll pull that parachute cord and drop
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down into belmar new jersey where if you come over the walt whitman and head south on freeway into new jersey there's an accident on ramp to go north on 295 and then this whole stretch here where they're doing reconstruction be careful it's tough to see painted lines when the roads are wet. the bridge reopened burlington bristol bridge reopened to vehicle traffic and was closed all weekend long for a construction project and we're good to go for a monday morning. however this morning, and through the day, watch for possible weather delays. combination of the rain and fog down here at philly international and mass transit and subway and market frankford trains rolling with no delays. chris back to you. >> bob we had terrible traffic issues over the weekend in fact let's begin in east falls where a horrific crash claimed life of 7-year-old boy. steve is in juniata where another kid is in the hospital, steve, good morning. >> the great doctors here and children's hospital have kept this crash from claiming any
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more young victims. survivors include 8 week old baby here critical and stable we're told by police. two others at children's hospital also now stable one of them and little boy partially thrown out of back window of this small car that 7 people were piled in. four children were three adults when it crossed double yellow center line on wiped curve part right before the bridge you see here on henry avenue and then crashed into another car coming opposite way. distracted driving, wet weathe weather, just past 3 yesterday afternoon when it happened and speed all investigated as likely factors contributing to this chris a factor in the deal of that little boy and critical injuries to the other kids may be lack of having the children properly restrained also being looked into by the investigators here. >> all right. steve keely live for us. developing in east falls this morning. two people recovering after a car overturned during a late
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night crash this happened 1:00 in the morning abbotsford avenue and both were taken to temple. no word what caused that car to flip and more developing news out of south philadelphia this morning. fire crews were working to put a fire in south lambert street out. and firefighters got to under control in 20 minute. no report of cause at this point. so we'll keep an rye on that one for you and this morning police getting more information before file charges in the death of amy francis joiner. that's the teenage girl, of course, beaten to deathed in the bathroom at her high school in wilmington. meanwhile the community came together to celebrate amy's life yesterday. dave kitchen is in wilmington with the latest. good morning. >> crews good morning to you family and friends came together to share their grief and shock. it still feels very raw for them. all the while wondering why police do not have charges filed in this case.
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and plenty of emotion for amy as well. name write's friend and classmates joined family members at a public service actually a private service to remember the 16-year-old who died after a fighted in the girl's bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington more than a week ago. mourners offered condolences to family in a church and everyone wondered why these charges have not been filed yet. >> this has really hit home and it's a very fragile situation and i don't know i know the community is very upset nothing has been done so far. they said by end of week, which was friday, but even then nothing. so that's very disturbing. >> somebody needs to tell us answers we don't know why nobody has been charged yet and they need to be charged as adult. if you do adult crimes you need to be charged as an adult. that's a serious sentence. she was look a niece for me.
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you gave her a life sentence. you need to get life. >> wilmington police chief said friday that investigators still have to sort through a lot of information, including 3,000 payments of data long with medical findings and keep in mind there's also looking at social media posts that could be a lot of the reason there's data to look at, too, meantime there's three female classmates of amy's that are considered perpetrates of interest and they have not been back at school since this whole thing happened. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. we'll stay on top of that story for you and how about this jury selection begins today in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah the veteran congressman is accused of taking bribes and misusing campaign fund they say he used money to repay debt if a failed run in 2007 and fatah lost the democratic primary last tuesday to state representative dwight evans and testimony in the trial is expected to start in two weeks. >> former penn state assistant
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football coach jerry sandusky is expected to be in a courtroom as he peruses appeal of 45 count cop vision for child sex abuse and the judge will hear argument from prosecutor and sandusky attorney as the 72-year-old seeks a hearing where he can support his claim he was wrongly convicted he's serving a 30 to 60 year sentence green state prison for abuse of ten boys. and also happening today, atlantic city mayor poised to announce whether city will mack a 2 million bond payment f not paid it will become the first new jersey municipality to default to debt in 78 years. it's unclear if there will be enough cash to make the bond payment today and cover payrol payroll. >> staying in new jersey where stated indicate rerz launching a series of hearing to discuss whether middle and high school student should start the school day later in the morning. legislature passed law last year to consider that proposal. and studies in the past
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recommended that students start class no earlier than 8:30 in the morning and researchers say insufficient sleep is important public healthy issue impacking student success. the first meeting will be held this afternoon camden county blackwood campus. >> that wet weather over the weekend didn't keep the crowds away from the broad street run. 40,000 laced up sneakers for the biggest ten mile race this is 37th year for event which raises money for charity. >> 40,000 people running down broad street, and it never ends until you actually get to the naval yard. it's really cool. >> one team raised more than 2 270,000 and that rain could not dampen their spirits. >> major surprise for one runner, mile six of broad street run a woman's boyfriend proposed to her. paula bart says yes as runners
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race add around her and her new fiancee michael. paula's proud brother shared that with us. coming up at 8:00 on good day crystal better nick female winner of broad street run will joins us to talk about her big win. congratulations to crystal. still ahead a bear drops in on a local neighborhood and where this guy was spotted, of cours course, looking for food. and historic church burst into flames where people were and historic church burst into flames where people were celebrated before it started in look at 'em!
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>> how about first storms sweeping across the south texas to georgia along with the storms came damaging wind and heavy rain. in palestine texas four kids and grandmother were killed in flooding and heavy rain in lafayette county arkansas stranded people in a home and left cars damaged as water continue to rise and whole area saw record amounts of rain with roads absolutely flooded there. and let's take you to atlanta. high winds brought down large these and the downed trees knocked out power lines and danaged homes and emergency crew he's to help a family out after their home was crushed by a tree. in oklahoma, storm chasers spotted tornado which briefly touched down. forecasters say more storms are possible in the south through tuesday. sue, you've been looking at national radar and it's pretty active. >> it is.
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and along the gulf coast once again we see thunderstorms as we kind of show you what's the mess in our part of the country and you see extending down towards eastern texas into louisiana into parts of arkansas all places you just heard about that were hit yesterday getting more storm activity today. and then you move up to ohio, it's pretty active there and you see it's drippy around our area this morning. lot of thunderstorms moving through pittsburgh right now. we'll see if any of that makes its way here. right now we have a sdeebt amount of cloud cover. few showers here and there. it's umbrella weather. you won't need it all the time. rain has cleared and delaware beaches and there's just a little in let's take say delco. salem county, gloucester coun county. cam didn't county. not a lot. you probably will run into rain at some point today. all the western thunderstorms looks like host of that activity will move towards the northeast and not necessarily make it here. in fact we see in our future
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cast possibility of sunshine this afternoon. if we get enough we can see popup storms. with nearby weather systems, all week long, kind of meandering up and down around us looks like a chance of more rain tomorrow morning and afternoon a few thunderstorms popping up as well and now we're into wednesday and it's cloudy and more rain around. not every minute. that's why we call it unsettled. because you will have times of sunshine. so that's when you have to kind of run out and enjoy. it in the meantime watch for fog. fogy in millville. down in dover, delaware, atlantic city, lancaster, reading, reduced visibility there and foggy up in the moun as as well. lots of places the fog could show you down. 52 dover. that's the warm spot this morning. upper 40s in philadelphia and almost everywhere else. if we get that sunshine and enough of it, we could get to 70 degrees today. watch out for the showers this morning. 65 tomorrow. chance of rain. chance of sunshine. wednesday, but also popup
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storms. thursday chance of rain in 6 0 0s. friday chance of rain 62 and saturday, chance of showers in the 70s the at least it warms up over the weekend and really don't think it will rain every minute and it's only monday bob kelly so maybe we'll clear the mess out of hereby the weekend. >> exactly you've on been here a couple of hours you work on that later this morning maybe we'll have to cleared out. 5:16 monday sue we mentioned rain, fog, i have drizzle. it's a yucky start to beginning of week. live look at 309 example of fog and that poor visibility. so be careful as you roll out of the driveway. we can see the ben franklin bridge. looks like it's getting foggier as we go through the last hour or so. everything is wet. we have a patco high speed line train coping across the span here and if you head into new jersey, south on the 42 freeway watch outch the ramp to north 295 blocked. they had overnight accident
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involving a tractor-trailer. they're making repairs. guardrail there is damaged and there was also a fuel spill. anyone that needs to go north on 295 you have to go to next exit and flip u-turn lavern to work your way back. one accident hatfield this will be with us most of the morning because it involves a downed pole and wires. koffel road and snowball drive and burlington bristol reopened after the construction project over the weekend. >> bob kelly thank you sir. let's turn to this. there was uninvited dinner gift in bensalem emover the weekend. people saw this little buy or big guy a bear. chris gallagher recorded this 7:00 is it a night after 50 minutes it disappeared in the woods near neshimany creek and a bear was seen reported by a school couple miles away.
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>> seemed calm, would sit up. then walk this way and then walk baca round that way. >> i've been to joel owe stone park and didn't see a bear there. >> bobo what's in the picnic basket. another bear was spotted in the same area about two years ago. philadelphia's animal shelter launched a campaign to raise half a million dollars for all new kennels 25,000 dogs and cats come through act aphilly every year and kennels are old and dilapidated and philadelphia is cash-strapped and volunteered took it upon themselves to raise fund through the action pack. ten dogs that represent all the amazing dogs available for adoption right now. >> we have a fellly problem and we're looking for a philly solution and that is the over population of an mamz and care of animals while at the shelter and so the idea is to raise money and awareness and improve that housing for the animals, give them a better chance to
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get adopted. >> awe who want want it adopt that little guy look at him take me home for more information how to donate or volunteer for that matter head to for a lincoln the action. >> happening now washington d.c. cleanup is on after a freight train derailed spilling hazardous materials near a metro stop. d.c. fire and ems shared photos on twitter. it happened 6:40 this morning near the rhode island metro stop. the train was using sodium hydorxide and no injuries reported and officials state chemical spill is now in fact contained. >> first u.s. cruise to cuba in more than 50 years is now on its way to havana from miami carnivals adonia first u.s. cruise ship to visit communist islands sin the u.s. restored
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since july. it blocked people from cuba for booking a cruise. >> more than 170 new york city bravest were called out to fight this massive church fire. these flames broke out syrian orthodox khur. in manhattan hours earlier it was packed for celebrating easter holiday. church is a total loss. no injuries reported. investigators are looking how this fire started and what a loss. this church built way back in the mid 1800s. >> battle over how to divide princess estate get underway today. the late sister and five half sibling are expected in court to figure ow how to differ i'd his fortune at stake is not only his estate but songs that were kept in a vault in minnesota. they could be worth hundred of millions of dollars and prince's sister believes he did not have a will. >> prince's jacket by the way
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from the 1984 film purple rain will be up for auction. it was worn by prince when he road through the woods. and it was reportedly gifted to a makeup artist who orktd on the set. the company that will auction it says it just got the jacket six weeks ago before prince's untimely deathch the jacket could fetch more than 100,000. >> still ahead the secret is out what a patent filed by apple reveals about a new feature that may be coming to your iphone and later stars of the circumstance us take a final bow. where the elephants from rin ringling brothers circus will head. and here are your winning head. and here are your winning lottery numbers.
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average length of time spent on any given diet 4 weeks three days and that time significantly goes down when women are old erin femor more comfortable in their bodies. >> are you often tired and grumpy in the morning. there are certain foods to boost energy and reduce irritability. sweet potatoes and rice instead of sugar and pasta. it releases blooding is ar slower and bananas covered in almond but rear rich in potassium and almond butter which boost mood and prevent fatigue. >> air fares are at lowest in six years since 2010. they say average cost of domestic flights dropped 363 dollars in last months of 2015 mainly due to cheaper oil and this allowed the airlines to add flight routes and buy better air planes. department of transportation officials say philly international is one of the airports with the lowest fares
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and low cost carriers such as spirit will expand to new cities and have bigger airlines with cheaper tickets right you can soon unlock your iphone with just your voice computer scientist helped bring siri to light and has it about a method for locking your iphone just by talking to it. according to apple patent application users would be identified by their voice when they ask siri to perform a task. ultimately unlocking iphone. no specific word will be required for unlocking the device according to paperwork and no word on when or if the tech giant apple will move forward on this invention. why don't they right. still ahead a big night for country music and it all went down on "fox". we'll take you inside american country countdown awards for a touching tribute to the late, great meryl haggerty and next up indiana for the race for the whitehouse and could it be end up indiana for the race for the whitehouse and could it be end of line for the under dogs.
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>> good morning thanks for wai waibing up us with a crash
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killed a boy and lvrz a baby in critical condition. >> and a teen killed during a bathroom fight want to know why students involved have not been charged well have a live report. it's may 2, 2016, no baseball weather here and that's a good thing because the phillies headed out of town and boy, sue, speaking of the phillies, 15-10 won six sglaiingt crazy i know. it's been fun to watch them lately. so, and the rain didn't dampen any games over the weekend too. so we did okay. for the most part. anyway showers and fog throughout this morning. you can see bus stop buddy with rain gear on and phillies cap and red umbrella today and most temperatures in the 40s. lots of rain around. more looks like it's headed our way. we'll watch the system to the west and see a few little showers here and there. and on our ultimate doppler radar map. 48 degrees as you walk out the door at philly international.
5:31 am
that's our airport temperature. 8 mile an hour winds and just before 6:00 is when the sunrises. so we're coming up to that tim time. 5:30 now. watch out for the fog. allow extra time especially if down in say cumberland county or atlantic county in new jersey and trenton area seeing fog. allentown, mount pocono. bob has more to show you on traffic cameras and temperatures in the 40s. 42 mount pocono close to 50 reading and lancaster and atlantic city winds out of the east and northeast as we get started this morning. today we'll get to high, 70, 71 degrees. when we get sunshine we'll have some we think in afternoon. that means scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up as well. eye on the sky later showers around tonight as well. 55 degrees. getting used to it we'll tell you about a unsettled 7 day forecast. bob kelly.
5:32 am
>> okay feeling like london this morning. coming up on 5:32 a live look at route 100 out of exton a combination of fog and wet roads slirn making it yuck dwri morning rush hour and slower than normal this morning. i-95 out of northeast philadelphia again everything wet and slippery we had a call of fender bend therz morning nothing major all the major are on and we're look going along the 42 freeway and they just opened the ramp from 42 to 295. we had overnight accident in the construction zone there. if you watch us down the shore today for the next ten days closing the atlantic city brigatine connector that will be closed for construction project and watch for the detour signs and give yourself extra time to and from the shore towns for next two weeks and accident hatfield with downed pole and wires, koffel road and snowball drive and good news for the burlington
5:33 am
bristol closed for constructio construction. it's back on and back in business. chris back to you. >> east falls, tragedy strikes. a 7-year-old boy died after a terrible crash. this happened before 4:00 yesterday. near intersection of henry avenue and hermit lane a car with three adults and four kids crossed center line in on coming traffic and another car slammed into it. when medics arrived on scene they found two kids partially ejected from rear window and 7-year-old died at st. st. christopher's and baby in critical condition and alcohol is not a factor. >> developing news of east falls section of city this morning two recovering after a car overturned during a late night crash abbotsford avenue and fox street. both people were taken to temple. no word on what cause the car to flip. out of south philadelphia fire crews working to put out a house fire tasker street and self lambert area the fire
5:34 am
broke out 2:00 in the morning and firefighters got it under control in 20 minute and no injuries reported and no word yet on a cause. >> let take a look at top story this morning. no charges in the high school beating daeling this girl. amy francis joiner this happened 11 days ago and yesterday friend and family came together to remember the theerror's life. dive with the charges now. >> dave, no charges right yet? >> no charges yet and that's something friend and family have been waiting for. and putting a lot of pressure on investigators here as they sort through this case. the deadly assault of amy francis joiner. plenty of emotion at a remembrance for amy as well. amy's friends and classmates joined family members as a service to remember the 1 16-year-old who died after a fighted in the girl's bathroom at howard high school of technology wilmington more than a week ago. mourners offered con doleens to a family at a church and everyone wondered why kharn where not filed yet.
5:35 am
>> i'm hurt that amy lost her life because of jealousy or stupidity. >> it really, rally hit home it could have very well been my child as well. so i wanted to make sure we came to show our support. >> we're all very upset by this and can't believe it happened. she was a sweet girl. we miss her very much and we love her and it's unbelievable. >> how can i person get murdered and school app you got three people and nobody has been charged. >> while people remember amy wilmington police chief said friday investigators have a lot of information to sort through including get this, 3,000 pages of data long with medical findings and classmates of am amy's have been considered pepz of interest and they have got
5:36 am
been allowed in school since this whole thing happened, back to you. >> keep an eye on that dave. jury selection begins today in corruption trial of chaka fattahch the congressman is accused of taking bribes and missing campaign funds. they say he used that to bay debt of a failed ruin in 2007 and he log the democratic primary last tuesday to dwight evans. testimony in the trial is expected to start in two weeks. >> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expected to be a courtroom today as he continues to pursue appeal of 45 count conviction of child sex abuse. the judge will hearing arguments as the 72-year-old seeks a hearing in which he can present evident that support his claim he was wrongly convicted. right now he's serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for abusing ten boys. >> also happening today
5:37 am
atlantic city mayor poised to announce whether city will mack a 2 million dollar bond paymen payment. if not made ac will become the first new jersey municipality to default to its death in 78 years. right now city leaders say it's unclear if there's enough cash today to make that bond payment and cover payroll. >> all right let's turn to good news. how about the phillies? nothing can dampen spirits of their fans and they're on a role. six straight highlights role. six straight highlights yesterday straight ahead.
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>> good morning i'm shawn the eagles took a couple late round risk in the nfl draft. mills was arrest ford second degree battery in 2014 ray guy with tremendous talent and questionable background. eagles still felt confident in their decision. >> we're satisfied with the investigation that was done down there and in baton rouge and with the university. and we think we know what kind of kid this is. again he gets here and he's going to have to proffer it here. and we forget sometimes he's guys are college kids. >> phillies continue to surprise us all. they're now 15-10 on him-day winning streak and coming up offer a sweep of indians. yesterday they came through in the clutch in the rain and it was freddie galvas getting it done in the third inning and
5:41 am
hit up the middle and that's all they need. shut down the inians with six scoreless innings and phils win 2-1. that's sports in a minute i'm shawn bell. >> this is the last chance you will know that name. what a good young pitcher we've got in him. and who likes to go to the races. it was race day, yeah, in the geico 500 yesterday in the 98 lap spin-off by jimmie johnson led to this chris bush goes into spin cycle after getting hit in back and 7 cars involved in the wreck with eight laps left danika patrick bumps and he goes airborne. damage. you can imagine doing this for a living? final lap, kevin harvick crashings into the wall and brad kev lou ski won.
5:42 am
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>> "good day philadelphia", thank you. >> 20 more, 20 more, 20 more.
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>> twhoot put us as 2076 right? >> i'll still be here. >> and the 300th an versus wrist country. huge party friday night at the sugarhouse casino we ended month long celebration. during the month of april we celebrated 20th anniversary of good day launch and took was april fool's day 1996 guys wasn't it fun? >> it really was i have to say sugar house did a fantastic job it was a fun parties and bob kelly was blowing my mind. you were really mr. d.j.. >> see that d.j. asked me to come up and handed me the micorphone and it was flashback to my days. and we did the electric slide and all that good stuff. he asked you up. >> i thought i heard him ask me up. >> you know what was great all the folks there watch us every morning and mentioned earlier
5:46 am
you know they watch because they know the little things. they know about the kids and family and how i say good morning everyone. >> and everybody remembers my daughter's first day of school. >> you know they're watching those little things to keep them going. >> yucky kind of day. there's a monday trough get started and showers around and showing ultimate radar and houston texas into louisiana seeing reports of flooding and now we get back to our area and it's drippy this morning and we've seen showers would have seen seen thunderstorms roll through and we're watching this area out to the west to see if that keeps east ward track and makes it here before end of morning and best advice is to
5:47 am
just wear that waterproof jacket and have rain gear nearby. and some point we'll need. it for us now things seem to be not actively raining at the moment and that rain will be back. and most of the thunderstorms move up to north east and unsettled and rain this afternoon and overnight there's a chance of showers when we get started again tomorrow morning, 4:00. it looks like rainy morning. we got a break in the afternoon. more rain comes in and there's a lot of systems ingingin throughout the week and keeps us in the rainy mood. that's future cast. here's all of it in the 7 day. with enough sunshine we can get to 70 today. which is good. at least it's warmer than the weekend. but it also means we could see popup thunderstorms in the afternoon. tomorrow, clouds, showers, on wednesday, cloud and maybe some
5:48 am
sunshine and looks like we could have a popup storm or two wednesday. thursday, friday, chance of showers. highs in 6 0s gets a little brighter over the weekend and still we had that chance of showers both saturday and on sunday. we'll work on that bob kelly. >> you got. it should be good. 5:48 on this monday morning a live look at the fog out along route 202. this is 202 down here in chester county as you roll up from chester county west chester up to malvern and not only do you have the fog but we also have the wet roads to go with it. sockton here along the roosevelt boulevard coming out of northeast philly past broad street across the twin bridges hit and miss and yucky start to a monday morning. east on 422 fog and slower than normal speeds this morning because of wet roads. oaks into 202 about a 7 minute trip and no problems yet on 95 woodhaven to downtown and still have the one lane blocked on
5:49 am
delaware memorial bridge as you leave south jersey headed to delaware and when he some delays over the weekend during the late friday and late last night rush hours. otherwise it's been quiet. for the gang headed to new jersey into towards philadelphia no problems on the freeway. and that ramp to 295 is on and if you watch us down the shore today for the next two weeks atlantic city bringentine connector goes into shut down mode and shut down the tunnel there due to construction. otherwise mass transit looking good. chris back to you. >> turning to politics at 5:49 and child is carried out of a ted cruz rally yes a child and hillary clinton meeting with the naacp gala in detroit. fox news correspondent kelly wrists has a look at the campaign trail ahead of indiana prime areay. >> cruz struggles to keep up with trump and indian a a child heckler interrupt his rally sunday night. >> one of the things hopefully
5:50 am
somebody told you children should speak with respect and imagine what a different rorld it would be if someone told donald trump that years ago. >> trump continues to criticize the texas senator for picking carly fiorina as his running mate which has not given cruz the boost in the polls he was look are for in haser state. >> he has no road to victory. he cannot win. he's the first person in the history of the united states who pkd a running mate, carly, who pkd a running mate, even though he has no chance to win. >> on the democrat side hillary clinton is trying to appeal to african-american voters speaking at naacp meeting in detroit. >> i want to you hold me accountable and know what i intend to do and keep saying, well, how are you doing, how are you doing president? are are we getting it done. >> meantime senator bern write sanders urnls super delegates
5:51 am
to switch vote from hillary clinton. >> we believe super delegate should reflect wishes of people of state and secretary clinton. >> and republicans will hold a primary gli nebraska and both parties will hold a primary in west virginia next tuesday in new york kelly wright fox news. >> and saturday night was president obama final white house correspondence dinner after his speech he signed off in a great way. watch this. >> it's been an honor and privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy and with that i have two more words to say. obama out. >> what other president gets away with dropping mic. >> math fin george w. bush did that. big names in business and politics handled holiday event.
5:52 am
larry will more was host for this year's dinner. he raised controversy with some of the words he used. fox host with country biggest night and american country countdown awards taking place in loss ankle less last night and some of the biggest female stars on the show♪ marina medical bride and jennifer nelson all took the stage to perform one of the mc bride timeless contacts and then the resisting moments♪
5:53 am
and to by keith hobb order the late meryl hagarrd. >> chris staple ton also one of the night's big winners love the song tennessee whisky took home award for album of the year for chart stopping album traveler and carrie underwood leads track for ladies taking home awards for feel voklist of the year. >> time 5:53 ahead stars of the circus took a final bow and elephants from the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus are headed for their brothers and barnum and bailey circus are headed for their retirement.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> favorite james taylor song, 5:56 david beckham 41 years oiled today elephants at the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus elephants are done today. they're entertaining crowds in rhode island and from here out they get to just be elephants down in florida sanctuary and the circus is saying the final farewell to animals as animal
5:57 am
rights add dprats pushing for this for a long time. next on good day a deadly crash claims life of 7-year-old boy and levers a baby in critical condition and investigation into what happened on the road ahead and demanding answers parents of teen killed during a bathroom fight and want to know why the students involved have not been kharped with anything why the students involved have not been kharped with anything as of yet introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> i need to know whoa screwed
6:00 am
up it's supposed to be april showers bring may flowers and we have the opposite. i need to know. expect drizzle and fog and many days this week. >> all right. >> 7-year-old boy and baby ejected from the rear window. tragedy strikes in east falls after a child is killed in a horrific crash and the deadly move that put three children three adults and four children in harm's way and this. >> she was a sweet girl. i can't believe it still. we want justice as well. . >> still dealing with this a week an a half later. charges are not filed in the daeling of this teen aim girl inside of her delaware high school. >> wait, what the phillies are the hottest team in baseball? six game winning streak, nine of last, 15 of last


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