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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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others nrs critical and what happenedthon very well traveled stretch of road. and a final good-bye to a tina tacked and killed after school. >> we just want justice as well. >> why more than a week later no one still has been charmed. new developments in the jerry sandusky case. why some charges are being dropped against some top penn state officials. >> and don't look now but we have the hottest team in baseball and phillies continue winning ways. the historic start to this season. >>. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> there you go. >> this remind me of a great moment at the good day bhaert bob kelly walked up and said you guys know what i'm going to
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say and say it with me the whole room. the crowd said just the way you said it. >> must have been 6, 700 people there and we have footage of i it. >> we're having a great time hope you had a great rest of your weekend. >> it was damp over the weeken weekend. but as we pointed out a little earlier we actually need the rain. so we're going to get it this week. including today six out of ten and we'll rain all day and it is this morning and showers around and fog 40s and temperatures buing bus stop buddy waterproof jacket a good idea and phillies cap because he's happy about the sweep yesterday and catching area of rain out to west. thunderstorms to the northwest. it looks like most of those storms will miss us. but that rain you see around hagerstown, maryland that may hold together and get here before the morning is through. right now just damp and dreary, 49 and we're looking at 70 possibly for a high temperature if we get enough sunshine and we expect some this afternoon
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and also a popup thunderstorm here and there. tonight more showers are around and we'll tell you if there any dryness in the 7 day forecast coming up. bob kelly. >> good thing at least the phillys are away the next couple days this week or otherwise we'd have rain delays out there. 7:02 good day monday live look here you have a bad start to the day when you're sideways across 309. one of the doesn't we've had here northbound 309 right near paper mill road. watch for delays. fogy conditions this morning. roads wet from all the rain we had. yesterday and on the overnight. we're stacked up on vine expressway headed to 30th street and not bad on benny. again with the fog and rain expect slower than normal speeds this morning and already accident east on 422 approaching trooper road interest change and that's causing delay collegeville on in and northbound lanes 25 watch for crash near route 561
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as you roll northbound into moorestown new jersey and good news they did work over the weekend on burlington bristol breath and all traffic moving again after that construction project and there's speedometer readings on schuylkill and i-95 and so far so good on mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> back to this horrible accident east falls at the scene. >> amaezing there are not more accidents here because we saw amazing near miss we'll show you video of in a second. when you look at the curve here it's blind. you don't know what you'll see when you turn here and you'll see how fast the cars are going. posted speed limit is 35 miles an hour. it's like kelly drive. if you ever been along kelly drive you know it's winding like this and you know the cars are flying around curves and it always feels like most of the them are going over 35 miles an hour. good thing about this time of day is traffic is bunched up a lot closer and it looks like
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people can't do 75 like they were doing earlier today. you can see as we spin around they're going over a lot of them there's double-yellow line you can see why there's two sets of yellow lines here with a little room for error here and because a lot of people like that vehicle did they go over that yellow line and there's reflecttors in the road and maybe there's a little bump like a rumble strip that tells you to get back to where you are. problem no guardrail or concrete median and that's why you see the flowered cross on other side of the street where the yellow reflective arrow is where somebody was killed before and we s have second fatality. yesterday's crash, 3:00 in the afternoon and road was wet at the time and weather conditions was it distracted driving and was speed a factor and as we look up we have a little boy killed. look at this pacifier in the street. we had one of four children infant, maybe two months old
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critical and stable we're told by doctors at st. christopher's and sad you see that pacifier there in a baby's mouth one minute and baby critical the other. now i want to show you this video. we're out shooting after last live shot the same small mazda these four kids and three adults were in are driving by and the guy's hood flew up and the guy was able to pull over and you can see in the video he had trouble putting it back down. i don't know how a hood flies up. bob kelly you could imagine what a hood flying up and blimding you while you're driving right on this curb he pulled over and put flasher on and had trouble getting hood to should. i don't know why he felt confident to drive after that. i thought it was strange coincidence this guy driving same kind of small mazda involved the same model car involved these people he people were in when they crashed into
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the on coming traffic with adults and another car coming the opposite way. >> my goodness. >> we'll check back. >> let's stay in sat name area east falls 1:00 this morning and two people are recovering after a car overturned during a late night crash. it happened like you said mike after 1 a.m. fox street and both people were taken to temple hospital. at the moment there's no word on what caused the car to flip. >> sitting on the top of suv.. >> all right this next story out of south philly fire crews were working to put a house fire on tasker and south lambert street out and we're told the fire broke out and firefighters got it under control. no injuries railroad reported and there'sthere's no word on a cause as of yet. a community comes together to celebrate the life of amy francis joiner the teen that died after beaten to death in a bathroom.
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>> this came at a difficult time this is after a couple days friday when police said they are not ready to file charges yet. >> it was a big talker for a lot of family members and friends mourning amy francis joiner here and they're wonde wondering how all this could happen and how they could not have any charges at this point. amy's friend and classmates join family members at a service to remember the 16-year-old who died after a fight inside the girl's bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington more than a week ago now. 11 days ago and mourners offered condolences to family at a church where everybody openederd how the charges were not filed yet. >> she was very, very sweet. it's everything you're hearing has been very truth full and you know she's -- she will be sorely missed. >> they want to compete with who has the best facebook upload or youtube upload we're
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in that society we're trying to out do one another and that's the wrong direction. when there's a murder in there with cellphone and recording it that's a sim potential of the problem i'm talking about. >> yes the times we're in right now. while people remembering amy, friday, investigators said they still have more information to go through including 3,000 payments of social media data and medical findings and there's three classmates of amy's considered persons of interesting at the time and they have not been allowed back in the school for savory reasons. >> back to you. >> keep us informed on that. something has to happen this week my goodness. >> a lot of people upset friday afternoon saying what's taking so long. 3,000 pages of data that's a lot to go through you. >> want to get it right. >> 7:08. >> atlantic city mayor poised to anouns where they'll make a 2 million bond payment.
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they could become the first municipality to default on debt in 87 years. >> it is unclear if there's enough cash to make the bond payment and cover payroll. >> we shall see. jury selection begins today in corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. >> he is accused of taking bribes and misusing campaign funds. prosecutors sea he used money to pay dealt from failed run for mayor of philadelphia in 2007. testimony in the trial is expected to start in two weeks. >> how about this former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expect in court this morning after he continues to pursue appeals of 45 count cop vision for child sexual abecause bus and a jm will hear argument from prosecutors and own attorneys at the 72-year-old sookz a hearing in which he can present evidence that supports his claim that he was wrongly con vipingted. he is serving up to 60 years at green state prison for the
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abuse in ten different cases. . >> and okay coming up on 7:10 let's get to the chris murphy. >> go morning, alex, mike, two missionary from pennsylvania based religious groups found brought alley murdered in jamaica the men were found in a rural area known for violent crime. they were with teens and building house and doing medical word. >> 7 were arrested after a may day march go out of control in seattle. authorities say protesters threw rock anesthesia bottles at police and broke several business and car windows. police used pepper spray to break up the crowds. at least two officers were huvt in those clashes and violence came after peaceful may day march earlier in the day. >> and detroit school teachers are upping members to call in sick today. district says more than 20 schools will be closed and move was announced by detroit federation of teachers and it
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comes after school district officials said they will have no money to continue paying teachers this summer without more funding from the state. and michigan governor rick snyder signed into law emergency funding that is keeping the district operating through the end of the school year. and in less than two weeks after death of prince the complicated job of divvying up his estate heads to court and first hearing is set for today in probate court in minneapolis and pop icon sister nelson says prince had no known will under minnesota law and that means his estate would be divided among surviving siblings in addition to the money he made from recordings and concerts prince owned about 27 million property. mike and alex back to you. >> got have a will i guess. >> absolutely. >> guilty. >> 7:11. >> critics say president obama delivered his best performance yet for white house dinner. >> he spared no one and joking around.
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he gave a one of a kind closer this is his last dinner ever. go out big. way tonight close my final white house correspondence dip are by saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you have done and it's been an honor and privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. and with that i just have two more words to say. obama out. [ laughter ] so all the presidential candidates were fair game for sure and bernie sapder in the room there president obama opened by cracking jokes about hillary clinton at one point calling her aunty hillary. >> because when relatives signs up for facebook and know what they're doing. >> and trump. he mentioned that. >> they mentioned republican party saying on the menu tonight here at the correspondence dinner you have
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a choice between meat and fish and that's your only choice you cannot bring in he said people were writing in on menu paul ryan. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have to stick with the two choices. >> everyone said it was good. >> ted cruz or trump. >> it was really good here comes sue. >> may favorite when he heard about the person jumping fence at white house good thing the secret service caught michelle before she got too far. just a couple more months. anyway, we're actually at a deficit of rainfall own though it feels like we had a lot of rain it the past couple days we need about 2" of rain and we actually got a little speak to in the month of april and we're down. so, this rain is good. and though it's annoying especially monday morning and it's not as bad as it has been. eastern texas, louisiana and all the places we've been watching day after day with all that flooding from all that rain. and so we're not in any flooding danger because the
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rain is coming in small bos doyss and we're watching this area to the west and western maryland kind of hugging that border with pennsylvania to see if it makes it here before the morning is through. but in the meantime it's damp and cloudy out here. here's your 7 day forecast with a little bet rain in the core fast or every day. today, 70 degrees. because we also have sunshine in the forecast. and tomorrow, looks like a pretty rainy day. high of of 664. we stay in mid 60s on wednesday and it looks like we also have a chance of sunshine and popup thunderstorm, fun ship, yes, thursday, friday, rainy days, but it does bright ebb up over the weekend and chance of showers on saturday and sunday. and but also chance of sunshin sunshine. so it's whether the glass is half full or empty bob kelly. >> that's right a full packed up skill kill expressway now 7:14 and live look at the westbound delays from schuylkill heavy approaching boulevard and pretty much all the way out to gulph mills and earlier accident that took us
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down to one lane in a little while and coming in from financial energy some of the fog clearing off our camera scene here and we're heavy from atlantic city expressway up towards the walt whitman. again all the roads are wet and damp from the rain yesterday and we're dealing with fog and mist in the year and yucky start and workweek and 422 and jammeded from collegeville toll trooper road as you work your way through that construction zone into king of prussia and then 25 northbound you will find an accident right near route 561 north of that 42 freeway and no problems opt new jersey turnpike and with the crazy weather today watch for delays to pop up and at philly international. it's a big delay here yesterday with all of the rain and good news for the the folks that use burlington bristol it's closed all weekend but it's back in business this morning. so that's good for vehicle travelers there and north on 2 202 watch for fog from approaching 30 up through malvern and then pennsylvania
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turnpike slow going from philly bensalem to valley forge. mike and alex back over to you. >> i'm going to say something that might shock you. in major league baseball right now they won six in a row and they won nine out ten and they've won 15 out 21. >> they're doing well. >> it was rainy mess against the indians yesterday. >> and in the third gal vas with a hit up the middle to bring in a run and phillies add one more from later on. >> and this is valesquez and six scoreless innings and man he's on fire the phils win 2-1, shawp brace from philly is here. shawn. so surprising. >> good morning. >> it's pitching. >> yes, it is. >> phillies 8-2 and 1-run ball games this year. >> three game series with the indians scored 8 runs but enough to hold up because of
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pitching. >> and it was fun against national when's you can beat those guys it's a good ball club. they're getting unbelievable starting pitching. problem i'm having i don't want to be that guy and early in may it's a long season and i know it's fun this is what it's about winning trade now building it the right way getting pieces in place look at rekuts for aa. >> they're not only 5 0 but 6 600. >> it's been a fun ride so far and hopefully they continue to stay out like i said when you have the starting pitching they've been able to get anything is possible. >> you think they've been able to keep it up. >> no. >> no. >> come on now. >> let's talk about the major league stink. ing record that the pitchers broke in april. >> they have struck out more people than any other april team. >> well it starts with vinny valesquez like you said vinny from philly he has unbelievable
7:18 am
sizzle on fast ball and popping hem in 96, 7 miles an hour late in the game and great control and he was one piece in the trade they got back. if he can stay healthy he'll be a difference maker. >> what trade. >> cole hamels deal. >> they got a number of players back and everybody knows around here in philly they said if he is able to stay healthy he is top of rotation. >> guess where they go now. >> st. louis cardinals in st. louis this will be a test. >> few, fun, fun. >> if they have handle nationals though. . >> that's true nationals on a role. >> good point am alex great point. >> thank you. >> let's talk football. >> great weekend mike. . >> i'm ahappy with carson wentz. >> what about the rest of the draft. >> it was interesting to say the lest. it was something along the lines people are saying howie
7:19 am
rosen wants to stick it in chip kelly's -- there's a snub of guys they drafted that have a background let's say this. >> some incident. >> what did you think of see this little doov us in the middle in the background. >> carson wentz. >> i know who he s some of these doov uses are business mep that like to sell autograf autografts. >> that's unfortunate there's people out there saying philadelphia fans were booing them because he don't sign autografts and those were aka loser out there at the airport waiting for can son wentz to come in because he to to get to nev acare complex to do the conference and on time constraint. he's not on your time autograft seekers. >> they're going to tell. >> here's a headline in the back of the paper. in dicey draft birds bet big on wentz and then ignore red flags
7:20 am
in late round is twhat you're talking about. >> i'll go to seventh round 233 overall pick mills safety out of lsu charged with domestic violence and pleaded down to simple assault i want to say that's correct in 2014 ended up costing him a couple rounds. he's phenomenal talent. he was second or third round tall ep and the went in 7th round. alex mcalister eagles took a shot on him out from florida us is spended from final game last year. >> small running back? >> small is a whole different can of worms seemed like he was involved if a murder charge now but look it was dropped. it was dropped in 2014 as well. something along the lines he put out there wrong place wrong time. >> it's interesting howie said remember these guys are in college they're still getting older and maturing i was like chip kelly would have not made these. >> because when i was in
7:21 am
college i was involved in murdzers and slapping girls and that's dwhu in college. >> we have for given you. >> no, no, it was a joke. >> that was a joke. >> yeah. i know what do you think of those picks. >> was there someone we could have gone for. >> there was a go running back from note are came we could have had in the third round. >> i have a problem we go crazy of greg hardy and do this. i don't know. >> did you have to put trigger on that one? >> don't say pull the trigger. >> yeah. >> good call. >> that has nothing to do with it. >> shawn thank you. >> thank you. >> philly a growing web site. pretty good. never lose your lug annual again the 50 million solution delta airlines is unveiling allowing flyers to have a sechbs peace when you fly. my bag will be there. it will be there. . >> no, it won't. . >> no, it won't. >> okay.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> welcome back, everybody, 7: 7:24. >> you have ever lost your lug aming or and i line lost yours when flying. >> yes.
7:25 am
>> it's worst feel and so inconvenine. >> apparently there's technology to let you track your bag with an app to always know where it is. >> do it yourself. >> i like this lauren. >> hi, lauren. >> it's cool you can do everything with an app. the way you check tat status of flight, gate, you can do so with your luggage. will he get it in time? and rolling out this 50 million technology you will see this by end of year you can track exactly where your bag is from the moment you check in to the time aarrives on baggage carrier itself. is it 100% your bag will never be misplaced but lessening khans of having baggage lost and then you don't sit there for an hour at the baggage car sell and then you can do what you do to say my bag is here. >> it's the worst feeling when you are like where's my baggie hope it's not lost.
7:26 am
>> agreed. >> i never discussed this with the two of you. are you what do they call a car sell are you a car sell hugger it drives me nuts. >> no, i stand back. >> i stand back. >> so you got the circle there the oval. >> yeah. >> people get right up here and stand right here and block all the bags so you cannot see them instead of everybody standing back. >> so annoying. >> when you see the bag you walk up and get it. >> i'm a uing hader. >> oh, no i'm a hugger. >> it's because you're anxious to get on the road and get to it right? >> yes i'm ready to go. >> when is swirts out from underneath you're right here. >> i'm not that close i'm at the end. >> either had this side or that side. >> i get intimidated when i have several bags and i'm solo and i have to get them all myself. people look at you that's how i feel. >> when i get somewhere i'm excited i don't want to go sit there a want to government let's bet the gaingz and go. >> what's an extra 09 seconds. >> it's more than that. >> maybe 15 minutes.
7:27 am
>> you foe it's longer. >> i don't want to carry bags through an airport. >> this is why i don't check bags i stuff it all on carry on and make it work. >> she's one of those. >> can did i tell you the story my father was there for work and they stole his carry on bag jetblue. >> stole it. >> no stole it carry on bag was stolen from the airplane. >> someone stole it. >> not airline people. >> yeah. >> no not airline sorry. >> someone on the plane. someone on the plane stole his carry on. >> that's terrible. >> lauren you wanted to -- were you at the correspondence. >> no. >> how do i see pictures are they on social media? >> i have pictures i'll accepted them to you. 7:27, bye see you tomorrow. jerry sandusky will be back in court why legal troubles for three other big time penn state lead rz may be history, poof. three other big time penn state lead rz may be history, poof. everybody go home.
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sfwlvr spending a lot of time and money trying to look gx the insane number of years the average room is on a diet. >> in the next hour melanoma monday a heartbreaking story of young new jersey woman's battle with skin cancer how you can
7:31 am
help continue her legacy. and also listen to this, former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky back in the news and back in a courtroom and cameras there and continue to get appeals and child abuse con sglix meanwhile the state won't appeal a ruling that throughout some of the serious charges against former penn state administrators for handling of the scandal. >> you get what you pay for. >> good to see you fred. >> thank for having me. >> try explain this to us. >> tim curley and gary schultz. they were in big trouble. >> they were. >> and still big trouble not so much anymore. >> they were originally convicted or changed with conspiracy with perjury in front of grand jury and ultimately the woman who was former lawyer a former pennsylvania supreme court justice cynthia baldwin would testify for this commonwealth
7:32 am
to support contention these guys lied in front of grand your write and trial judge said it can go forward and superior reversed and then they asked store the court to hear the thing charges are dismissed they said. >> hold on. >> like a technicality. >> it's a technicality in the sense that what they ruled was that cynthia baldwin these four people three people said they thought she was their lawyer and she says i made it very clear to them i represented university and i did not represent them. >> but they worked for the university. >> they did work port university and high ranking university officials and she did take them down to the grand jury and did go with them when they went to testify. it was a little. >> murky. >> smart woman. >> smart woman. >> and smart guys. >> this is why we have lawyer jokes. >> right. >> and lawyers being lawyers and it has nothing to do with evidence whether they covered
7:33 am
it up or not it's a technicality. >> i hear you i ails tell people your lawyer is lying to you when the lips are moving and bottom line is this, it's a technicality but these men are accused and irrespective of their status they have a right towing have their rights protected. ultimately the court found they thought she was their lawyer and it would violate attorney/client privyage. it goes to anybody who dealt with a lawyer. if you came to me for legal advice and i said i was not a lawyer for him. >> but what about the evidence? >> well,. >> and stupid stuff. >> interesting when it comes to whether or not to appeal. if you go to the supreme court and appeal it? >> interestingly bruce castor now works for attorney general wrote a memo and advised the state attorney general office should not appeal this because he was worried about bigger ramifications in other case. >> like what.
7:34 am
>> quite frankly discretion is the other part of valor. charges against these guys were difficult. put yourself bang in time and there's this whole thing --. >> what are you doing now. >> live their lives --. >> no they still have charges against them pendzing now endangering welfare of a minor and failure to report. i don't know how serious the charges are. >> and not as serious as the others. >> didn't penn state get fiend a ton of money. >> 60 million. >> should they get that back. >> i they have thought they should be find that in the first place i think ncaa over stepped bounds. >> trying to make a statement. >> i get it trying to mack a statement. but you know there's a lot of kind of knee jerk reaction and running around and doing all this stuff at the time and you know looking back on it if women were more circumspect in thinking the whole thing could have ban voided. >> good toe see you, fred. >> tharng for having me. >> 7:34. >> bus stop buddy can you see him?
7:35 am
it's foggy out there still with moisture in the air and one night will be rain repellant at some point today because they do have rain not only will they resnum to the ultimate doppler radar and area of showers moving through that borderline between maryland and pennsylvania headed towards lancaster county and eventually here. before the morning is through i see more rain. 49 degrees right now. 70 should be our high. because there's also sunshine in the forecast for later until the day. that could touch off a few thunderstorms later on in the afternoon and in the overnight hours. tonight, showers around. 54 degrees and get used to feeling drippy bob kelly. more rain in the forecast. >> yucky, first one out of the house gets best umbrella and write your name on it so you can use it the rest of the week. accident, 95 northbound cottman avenue. now this is just one of the five vehicles involved and two
7:36 am
tractor-trailers involved and it's right here at cottman avenue rove ramp and 95 north and penndot moves camera around hopefully to see the other vehicles involved ape put a picture up on my twitter page and facebook bob kelly traffic there and northbound i-95 ja jammed from bridge street all the way to cottman avenue and there's four cars in the left lane. you have two tractor trail nertz mile and this one guy here off to what would be the right lanes. if are you headed northbound this morning expect delays from approaching bridge street all the way to cottman and you also have southbound delay coming in from new jersey even school buses stuck in the delay here as you work your way to 25. early morning fog you can see the roads are wet. and just take it easy. martin luther king drive to slippery drive here sdaept at street briar drive and mass transit looking good. alex back to you. >> 7:36 it's a major problem facing or city.
7:37 am
and people born in iraq or syria have a longer life expectancy than those born here in philadelphia. we'll talk about why this is in philadelphia. we'll talk about why this is happening
7:38 am
7:39 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> there's a new app to find better parking in the city. we need to get a demo on our show about this afternoon the app is called spot hero. it allows drivers to make reservations to park. it includes 55 parking facilit facilities including ones near the airport. 30th street station and art mu i'm and here near inside hall. >> reserving spots we'll have to talk about this more. >> powerball has gotten to big it's time to play again. $348 million and counting. may get to 400 million by the drawing. what is that wednesday night? wednesday night. and no one took on the grand
7:41 am
prize saturday night and drawing and jackpot is expected to grow and the next drawing is wednesday. do you think we can hit 400 million i think so. >> yeah for sure. >> all right wow ever go on a diet for six years. >> i don't know that i would. >> getting on the diet is the first step. >> i've been on the same diet since the 70s i'm not id askin asking. >> there's alarming studies with women and struggling and dieting. >> women spend throughout their lifetime six years of that life on a deet. >> this is based on survey of 1,000 women of different ages and found women are most unhappy about their weight in 20s. afternoon time on any given diet. four weeks, three days. that time goes down significan significantly though as women get older and feel more comfortable with their bodies. >> listen you married me and
7:42 am
that works both ways for guys too. >> accept yourself this is how it is. >> she married me and now i've given up. >> they say, though, that you gain weight after you get married. >> of course. >> because you get comfortable. >> and then you make up excuse excuses. there's more of me to love. why do they call it love handles right? >> and so we found this survey get ready for this people born in part of iraq and syria have a longer life expectancy than some of the zip codes in philadelphia i'll it will you those zip codes if you want to get on will iter or facebook and ask me about the zip code i'll tell what you your life expectancy is. and many zip codes in aarr other you'll live less years than syria and iraq. >> jess is here with one of our favorite chefs. >> farms to kitchen.
7:43 am
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>> and this is north 95 in the
7:46 am
kruk zone at cottman avenue you have about four cars in the left lane here. look at the concrete barrier see how that is kind of knocked out of wack. there's a tractor-trailer that came into play here too. so there's two tractor-trailers in the september are lane. one smacked that barrier out of wack. that will become an issue. look how close the mirrors are coming to the concrete barrier. it's northbound 95 at cottman avenue rove ramp. we're bumper to bumper for pretty much bridge street north to cottman and slow go typically southbound and hopefully nobody kicks this one here or you have a nice little racing stripe on the side of the car there and normal lies on schuylkill expressway into town looks like fog lifts here which is good news. but, philly international now experiencing some delays on arrivals and departures and best bet is to check with airline before you head down to
7:47 am
airport and how long is yucky weather going to hang around. up in 15 seconds with an answe weather going to hang around. up in 15 seconds with an answe answer. >> we have and i around not a lot of active rain but to the north plenty of thunderstorms towards the pocono mountains and we have this area of rain we think will hold together as it continues moving from west to east. and now you see a little rain just west of salisbury, maryland headed to southern delaware and not too much except for cloud cover here and as we look quickly at the future cast for the rest of the day you see sunshine about 3:00 and also see rain. that's the deal with till be sunny one minute and raining next and warmer it get the more chance we have of thunderstorms
7:48 am
not only in the afternoon but in the overnight hours as well. looks like we'll wake up to more rain tomz and on and off throughout the rest of the day guess what wednesday is same deal we wake up to scattered showers and cloudy otherwise and we also have a chance of sunshine on wednesday. but not much. that takes us through the foreseeable future. yeah we have reduced visibility in a loft klais mrs. morning and seem to be getter better. sunshine he american this afternoon and could get to 70 today. we stay in the 60s with a chance of rain each and every day the rest of the workweek and yes for the weekend as well. good news about the weekend mike and alex we're back in the 70s. >> all right 7:48 let's get into this you may find this interesting i found this study here it breaks down life expectancy per zip dmod philadelphia and startling thing it gave zip code -- well life expectancy of other countries and city as roun the world listen to this.
7:49 am
in some zip codes in philadelphia you have less of a chance of liveing a long life than do you in country of iraq or syria. let me give you example. looking good here in old city. our zip code 19106 you live to 88 average life 88 that's one of the highest. some people have asked for zip codes. >> 19145. >> 45? 76 years of age. >> okay and 19137? >> 37, 74 years of age. look at this one. look at this. 19132 that's basically strawberry mansion, it's only 68 years. like ten years less than syria. so i go everything in strawberry mansion we doe so many negative -- we do so many good things.
7:50 am
so i walked down 24 street to talk to the people. . >> we do a lot of stories on our show. >> yes. >> and tell me something good. >> one thing about this place i can say with this neighborhood being the way it is i find that the blocks and some of the neighborhoods stick together. >> tell me something good♪ . >> markets for the elderly to come and new doctors in here. >> we're starting daycare centers and things on block and providing luvrpchs for children. there's a lot of things in this area trying to transform and takeover. we can speak often but the negative things going on those things will happen. >> but. >> tell me something good♪ . >> this here has been a tradition when the late cecil b. moore north philadelphia is backbone of philadelphia. >> we do a lot of story about
7:51 am
trouble in this part of town. >> yes. >> and how you know a lot of bad stories we do. tell me something good about strawberry mansion. >> per says something good about strawberry manningment we're independent mission school and been here for a lot of schools serving neighborhood and our kids are fantastic. >> what's good about this. >> -- she's the best in the city. >> is she the best. >> yes. >> there's great things in north philly. great areas, nice homes and people cop ten trait on the bad so that's all you get. >> so i see the sign reverend henry t walks. he epz the drug adiingted and women and children and hemz people through the city if they need help he will get them
7:52 am
social skills, housing and everything. >> tell me something about about this area. . >> i like the way they clean is up an a lot of street work and i see a lot of houses that need -- you know that are being cleaned out. >> yeah saw quite a bit of renovation. >> yeah. they need to knock do you remember houses actually. >> we constantly hear bad stories about this section of the city. tell me something good. >> what's good we have great cuts going on and cutting up and sharpen you up real nice come check this out. >> they know how to remote. >> we see fights and calm it down. a little girl came through with the nose bleed. and they kicked her in the face and voice today and mom wanted to go around we stopped her and called the cops and it went well instead of stuff going on in the system. >> i mom lived around the corner 35 years. >> would she move if she could.
7:53 am
>> she's been here forever you know and she comes from dwsh my mom was born in '40s they believe in cold stool life and mom was born in '40s they believe in cold stool life and was talking to her . >> so, tell me about your neighborhood. invite me to come over. i'll walk through your neighborhood and tell me something good. keep the zip codes coming up and i'll tell you your life expectancy. >> positive, we need to show the positive. >> please. >> let's do this challenge. to my favorite people. we got chef versus jess. >> starting on the farm. >> we're on a farm. there's real live chickens in there. we have to go in and get the eggs. we're about to do this. after break. i'm not coming in until i'm ready to steal your eggs i'm not coming in until i'm ready to steal your eggs chickens, okay?
7:54 am
7:55 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
7:56 am
>> i know it's a local chef but
7:57 am
getting national attention to this day after being on the food network. >> jersey on timothy witcher. >> you can't eat the outside. >> oh, no. >> i think mip of beans and crispy bacon and pig snout and pour this around it. >> that's clock as as cruel as you remember chef, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. time is up. please step back. . >> and he won it all. but can he beat jen fred in farm to table. >> i know you're afraid of chickens. >> i'm afraid of all animals. chef is here good morning. >> we have far win farm in williamstown and you've seen how much i'm excited to go in there. >> yes, jen is thrilled.
7:58 am
>> the deal we have to go in and get the eggs from them. >> and put them in the box. >> you're not going to help us. >> no i'll hold the box. >> who do you think is more afraid me or chef. >> you. >> okay now you said tina come with me you said they wore run away from me is that true. >> they should. >> lead the way. >> i'm behind tina you do what you need to do but i'm with tina. >> i'm not scared of chickens i am getting my rocky on. >> are they okay with us taking their eggs. this is furthest we've gone in. and this is like all organic situation. >> this is not bad. >> this is not bad how are we doing so far. >> good. >> how about camera guy mike. >> doing good. >> i'll take the chicken out and get eggs. watch. >> oh, my gosh, you're taking the chicken out and there's her eggs. >> great. >> this is my side. chef your side is over there.
7:59 am
>> i think i can do it. >> i'll take an egg out but where are the chick sglenz no, i don't want to oh, my goodness did you see that. >> she left some of them will just come out on their own. >> i want to do it here where there's no chick sglenz when about this guy what's he doing. >> nothing he won't bodily injury are you. >> i feel weird you sure this is fine. >> it's fine there's no chick anyone there they can't get from the other side. >> it's weird there are chickens on the other side. >> i'm good it go. >> look at this. >> what how is he doing better than me. >> chickens love me. >> go away buddy go away. >> they're not going to hurt you. >> are you sure? >> what kind of chickens are these. >> nrim ouj chickens. >> what do they eat. >> the pasture outside as you can see and that's mostly it. >> we should be real the reason
8:00 am
we're here we want people to know where the food comes from. >> if there a local farm in your area he'll find it there's nothing like local experience. by way i have one advantage tina i'm the only one that can stand ul at we up in here. >> i can't walk when i'm in the middle. >> far win farm william town come up here because it's cool. >> bye guys. >> yank one of those chickens out of there i want to see it. >> i'm not going to do that. >> going get her chicken scratched. >> well, okay, she choked. with the chicken. 8:00 good day, monday, may 2, 2016. >> they're calling it melanoma monday a heartbreaking story of a young, local woman's battle with skin cancer and signs you
8:01 am
should be searching for yourself as we approach the summer months. >> malia obama going to harvard and not right away. what she's doing 1st and should your kids be doing the same? . >> and red hot at the white house. and glitz and glamour to the nation's capital and fashion hits from the white house correspondence dinner. . >> 40,000 runners and the winner, crystal clear. hometown girl battles elements of the broad street run and how hometown girl battles elements of the broad street run and how she did it in the pouring rain. still kid of rain and she's still kind of running congratulations crystal. she's still running that's a live shot old city market street in front of the wpi studios and coming to us she's strong, too. >> she's looking both ways.
8:02 am
>> really. >> she as a fiancee and he was running too. >> she won the whole darn thing ladies and gentlemen. and she's from our area. it's so great to have a local person win our race. >> yeah. >> go crystal. >> 40,000 people. >> not used to stopping at red lights when she ran the marathon. >> that's true. >> coming running in. >> beautiful. >> she ran ten miles faster --. >> she has to get through the crazy security guards there. >> faster than any woman in the race and strong enough to come in today, ten miles in the rain and in the chill. >> did she have a hefty bag over her. >> we'll find out in a minute. >> you ask her. >> not much better today not actively raining for crystal at the moment like it was 24 hours ago. and 6 out of 10 in weather by numbers and make sure you have the rair rain gear with you and phillies cap on bus stop buddy today because they won three in a row. temperatures in the 40s.
8:03 am
and it's skill chilly out there and we're looking at rain. that's close by. down in southern tell delaware rain and cloudy skies in the city. 49 degrees right now. we have i ahigh temperature if we get enough sunshine of 70 degrees later with a chance of showers can't rule it out all day long and popup thunderstorms as well. that takes care of monday. we have more rain in the 7 day forecast. we'll at the you what's going on when we bring that to you. bob kelly. >> i was running back and forth getting my clicker. woo, you got it 8:03 good morning everybody a live look at i-95 northbound as you work your way up -- look here comes the runner there she goes she's here right on -- northbound just knowledge of that cottman avenue interchange here and accident only looks like left lane blocked, police are out
8:04 am
there and smacked the barrier out of wack here when the tractor-trailer hit into the. it north 95 bumper to bumper now approaching bridge all the way up to cottman avenue. double janet floresly donut delay big jam and we have a 30 minute delay on septa west trenton regional rail line because of equipment problems and weather delays now official weather delays both philly and la guardia and la guardia says they're running with delays on arrivals and departures and we'll have a domino ooek effect on philly. approaching deptford interchange 42 slower than normal coming into city and accident on martin luther king drive at sbeet brier drive back to you. >> couple head lines former penn state football coach is sxeminged in the courtroom we'll have cameras today as he continues to appeal the 45 counts of child sexual abuse.
8:05 am
the judge will hear argument from his prosecutors and attorneys athat they should -- what they're anesthetic seeking is to produce evidence to support his claim he was wrongly convicted. this probably is not going anywhere. he is erving 60 years at green state prison for sex abuse of young boys. >> your ray lex will number the trial and ak afatah. and they lost the democratic party to state rvttive dwight avenue apz. testimony is expected to begin if two yeekz. >> atlantic city mayor will announce whether the city will make that 2 million basement a bond payment and if it's not made ac will become the first new jersey municipality to default on its debt in 78 year years. right now, city lee leaders say
8:06 am
it's unclear if there will be enough cash today to make the bond payment and cover the payroll or will we make histor history. >> battle over how to divide princess state is underway two the late sister and five half siblings are go to court to see if they sort it out. >> and they've talked to siblings and said they had seep the vault he did not leave a will. this is very big what happens today. >> it would be first showing up today. a little rain deposit keep 40,000 p.m. and friend and family he lining broad street -- from running ten miles through philadelphia and the winner opt women's side is a
8:07 am
local woman i loved when this happens. she is crystal clear. >> and she's crystal ver nick and she's female winner of broad street run she ran the race in 57-0 12k3w4r-7 i couldn't drive it that fast. >> 5:42 per mile.she' >> this is her fifth top ten finish. >> chris call become to good day. >> and her fiancee is here who is also a runner, bob bacon. >> how was your time bob. >> 59:45. >> fantastic. >> personal best for me. >> good for you. >> wonderful. >> what is winning male do it in. >> 48 something. >> wow. >> did the rain did it hrt you at all? it seems if i'm going to run that i don't want rain full pulling me down. >> it was refreshing if the race right before the start it was on the cold on the back
8:08 am
hitting you once you started and warmed it up fell nition. >> you want cooler temperature don't you. >> you don't want it to be super hot obviously for de hydration purposes and everything too it was refres refreshing racy felt. >> so how did you two meet? was it about running? >> yeah we actually met through a running company they have group runs they put on. and so we both went to the run and there was a local race we both decided to do and it's always like hottest day of the year and. >> did you decide to do it because you knew crystal was in it. >> no it was fortunate. >> but when you saw her -- i i knewfy lost to her she would not respect me. so what i -- so what i did i kept going and didn't feel great that day and i actually ended up getting heat exhaustion and had to go to the hospital. >> did you check on him. >> that's exactly what happene happened. >> next day she texted me and to see how i was and rest is history. >> that's one way to get a
8:09 am
girl's attention. >> where are you from. >> collegeville, pa. obviously we live in skippack now. >> high school. >> methacton. >> college. >> slippery rock university. >> you. >> north penn high school and desales university. >> who is coach here? >> i coach right now ursinus college. >> very nice i love it. >> you guys train together too then. >> yes every opportunity we can actually he came off he's accountant and came off tax season i didn't see him much the last few months we're able to run a lot together. >> be honest, she beat you by two minutes. >> she did yeah. >> rub it in mike. >> it's okay isn't it. >> i love it. >> did you want to beat her though. >> i want to see her succeed. >> good answer. >> he knows how to work it. >> did you sprint at the end to try to beat her. >> i did sprint at the end i knew i did not have a chance. >> do you ever rub in his face
8:10 am
and say well you know i beelt you. >> well we have the saying that about the 5 k distance evenlyer one of us could win. anything shorter than five k he can actually outrun me then. >> you haven sglurns anything more than 5 k i'm able to beat him that way. >> cool trophies guys. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> wonderful. >> when is the wedding. >> november 5. >> november 5 it's coming up. >> get planning. >> don't be a runaway bride. >> yeah, really. >> thank you. nice to meet you guys. >> thank you. >> 8:10 the jokes were plying at the white house correspondence center sent dinner adid one joke go too far he called the president -- they were saying is that appropriat appropriate. >> he's president of the united states after all. >> okay so folks are calling this melanoma monday. it's a heartbreaking story of young new jersey woman's battle with skin cancer and her family is here trying to continue her
8:11 am
with skin cancer and her family is here trying to continue her legacy.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
sdwlv just sew know we do need the rain. during the month of april we is 1.75" of rain and snow .3" and monthly def sift 1.81" and we're almost 2" short in our rainfall for the year. let's try to make up for it. here you see rain moving into lancaster county and some of that hold together and make it here to the city and that line of rain starts down in washington d.c.. let's put it altogether in the 7 day forecast and to let you know that even though there's a chance of sunshine almost every day this week there's also a chance of rain almost avenue day this week bob kelly. >> grab that umbrella and hold on to. it good morning, everybody, coming up on 8:14 a live look at 95 northbound accident cottman avenue. left lane is taken out in the work zone. just north of the cottman avenue off ramp and watch for delays between bridge and cottman and again if you leave
8:15 am
st. northeast philly backed up from petcy all the way to cot map and three minute delays on equipment problems and aernl delays at philadelphia international and looking at 45 minute dliz on la guardia and new york on the freeway you find mike back to you. >> thank you. >> i think it was back in july of 2014 we first introduced you to tar after miller. of 2014 we first introduced you to tar after miller. here's an update. . >> i assumed it was something easy to be cane care of. >> sadly tara miller was wrong about the bump she discovered behind her ear. >> it was starting to hurt to eat i thought it was my earrin earring. >> instead of lump was something more serious than
8:16 am
9-year-old would have ever believed. >> i went to a doctor. who ordered ct and came back something suspicious they did a needle biopsy that was bell no a. >> sglun. >> one of most serious forms of skin cancer affecting young adults 25 to 29. diagnosis was a shock to the longport new jersey resident that always made a point of getting yearly skin checks and applying and reapplying sun screen whenever she was at the beach. >> i kind of thought how did i get melanoma it felt look a lump isn't it in the skin? but later down the road they figured it was actually a mole that started to appear. >> equally surprised was her twin sister lauren. >> what started as a mole in the past 11 months has also turned into 14 brain tumors and
8:17 am
you know four shots in her lungs and this per sechtion melanoma is that it's on the skin and you can have it removed or do this and but it is not. it say much more serious and deadly form of cancer. >> sadly, tara miller lost her battle with melanoma in october of 2014. >> and tara's family is here and parents jorming and debbie and sister christie on the end and her twin lauren here in the middle. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> still hard to believe isn't it? very. >> up believable. >> how do you explain to yourself every day? >> tara would want us to put one foot forward and make the best of the situation that's why we've done the foundation. she was. >> she started. >> she was wanting to make sure
8:18 am
this distant happen to anyone else. i our mission is to carry on her liingcy. >> and what you were saying in that story there is that there is a misconception oh, i have a little skin cancer if i have it removed it's fine. but it can go deep into your body. >> quickly. >> and that's why you need to spread awareness about this. >> did you have the same routine with your twin sirt you go to beach together and aarr out in the sun the same. >> yeah we went to college together and we did most things together. so, you know it's hard that this happened to her and you know she had to go through thi this. but i think she was so up spir spireing about it and she encouraged so many people to even you know get checked and go to the doctor and more so than that to live differently with her positivety and how she handled everything. >> changed the way you behaved. >> i might be a little more hypocon degree ak now other
8:19 am
than that we try to remember what she taught us. >> tell me about tara. how do you describe her when people ask who was your sister. >> i mean i guess the best example is for each surgery she had she went out and found a different hirm us tee shirt like first rodeo for third surgery or i would rather be shopping all she watched to do was make the best of it and i think -- she was really lucky in that she's best backers in the entire world but i don't know that i would have if i only had six months left to spend it -- what she watched to do is make sure no one else went through what she did. >> incredibly brave woman. >> i don't know where she got the strength from. >> mom and dad don't you think debbie? >> i'm not so brave right now. >> i think you are. look at her legacy now. raising so much money. how much is the foundation raised over the years? >> we have raised over a
8:20 am
million dollars and donated just short of 950,000 and we're fortunate enough that every dollar raised goes directly to researchment the family decided to fund all expenses and so anybody who gives us any dollar in goes out to research. >> i heard louis cat before his death helped you. >> louis took a liking to tara and helped us go to doctors all over the world and jill has continued that legacy with their asit answer and rachel and jill have tan a different path to help us. >> tell us about how we raise awareness and raise money that's what it takes. june 17 what are we going to d do. >> so tara wanted this event to do two things funny vept and fun party for everybody at the shore. >> like herself. >> like herself she never want today to be cancer event but a fun party and wanted to raise a ton of money for research.
8:21 am
she understood that melanoma especially growing up at the shore is a huge problem and we need to solve it and that's with research because when she went through it she realized there was not enough good treatment openings and that's her goal to provide better treatment openings so the next person it happens to has options available. >> is there any thing that tara is saving people's lives. >> still missing your daughter. >> very much. >> thank you all. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> see you all on the 17th. >> definitely. >> thank you. >> in the 9:00 hour of this program here a young boy with cerebral palsy hits the track and how he find the strength to compete and by the way, he just announced a new goal he'll tell compete and by the way, he just announced a new goal he'll tell you about on our show. and jokes were playing at the white house correspondence dip erin did one joke go too far. he called the president and it
8:22 am
has a lot of people saying really should you have done has a lot of people saying really should you have done that?
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> malia obama will follow in parent got staepz and attend harvard university and begin in the fall of 2017 as a member of the class of 20 21. so the reason why she is starting 2017 fall is because she's going to take a year off. now both president and mrs. obama are graduates of harvard law school and this gap year that's what they're calling it that malia will take a lot of people are talking about this more and more kids are doing this. coming up at nine we'll discuss gap years and if your kid should take one. what are your thoughts about that taking a year offer before college you have done it or know someone who has, tweet us. >> chance to get centered a little instead of three months later boom you're in ledge and boom you have a job. >> tweet us. >> thank you, alex. >> and saturday night was the president obama's final white house correspondence dinner and president took a light heart the approach as he does every
8:26 am
year. >> that's the thought of it right. >> yes. it's a joke. >> so he managed to crack several jokes about presidential hopefuls on democrat ibic and republican side and host for the evening comedian larry willmore that people are talking about. >> he went on for 15, 20 minutes legthy which i thought was funny routine. ripping on the media especiall especially. there's don lemon in the middl middle. >> he said something to don and don's response. >> he said a fake journalist and don flipped him the bird and it was caught on camera and went all over the internet. >> but, he closed out larry closed out his monolog again of 15, 20 minutes with a direct message to the president "words alone do me no justice. so mr. president, i'm going to keep 100 and you'll -- you [bleep] did it.
8:27 am
did it. >> and the president stopped to shake hands with larry saying he was not offended. some people like al sharpton i saw him at a party afterwards he was not pleased. was the line in poor taste. >> there was a big discussion on cnn afterwards and had a panel talking about is it appropriate to use, who use it's and can't use it should you use it in that manner and can you call the president that. >> president of the united states. >> uh-huh. >> here we go again. we'll make this attempt again. it's home runs for hearts and quinncy and chris are challenging themselves and they'll explain the event. hey, guys. >> here's the things, remember last year, quinncy and i went at it and he could not even have a pitch and i don't see quincy anywhere yet. oh, my goodness. i'm here ready to go. i'll take batter's box after the break. i'll take batter's box after the break. quinncy, where are you
8:28 am
pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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>> it's 8:31 alex. >> cheating can mean the end for many relationpships but apparently not all bad news why newry search says it can be good for women. >> hey we get to cheat on loved ones. >> hod on now. >> and attacked for this ad, what? some people on social media had an issue. old navy twitter post featuring interracial family what is this 9 a55. >> we're still going back and form about this. >> and how support rerz respond together criticism. >> i didn't see that over the weekend. >> i must have missed that ad. >> my only problem they're smoking ot and i look like heck. >> i feel the same way. >> jesus monday was a long
8:32 am
weekend. >> it was a lot of good things happened we had big party friday night and now we're in a fog literally with temperatures in the 40s. bus stop buddy making sure he has the waterproof gear on today. we are starting to see showers roll into our area. most of the thunderstorms are well to the north around scranton but we have down in sussex country delaware and lancaster county and part of berks county showers rolling through. so if you think you're finished with rain no not even close there's going to be more. not only today but tomorrow and next day as well. but we've reached 50 and we expect high of 70 if we get enough sunshine and when that happens we get warm enough to have popup thunderstorms this afternoon and one thing at a time. tonight we're down to 54 degrees with showers around and we'll talk about that 7 day forecast which has a few more raindrops in it bob kelly. >> we'll be going -- my grass
8:33 am
will be growing like crazy. good morning to the schuylkill here and looks like an accident involving septa bus everything off to the shoulder here this is eastbound right near the curve so that's causing delays coming in toshd the city. jammed on 95. normal delay southbound to girard and deal with an accident all morning northbound just north of cottman avenue off ramp. we're bumper to bumper on the betsy on up and septa on west trenton regional rail line and delays both philly and la guardia all weather related relate in the air and on groun ground. >> and richie ashburn memorial home runs for heart derby is happening at citizens bank par park. >> and they partner with the heart associationtion in honor of baseball great richie ashburn. >> baseball fans all over the area get to take swings there at home plate and that's where chris murphy was told to meet
8:34 am
up with quinncy harris and last year quinncy had a tough time batter's box he didn't want to do it again this year he said please don't make he do it and chris shaimd him to show up this morning. >> chris played in college. >> he played in college he knows how to hit the ball. >> quinncy did show up. >> hi guys. >> i did not want to come. i was in the car giving myself a pep talk. >> honest to goodness are you nervous yeah i am because you're over there showing off like guys you can make it faster make it a little faster. >> i had them turn up the machine it was too slow. 19th annual home runs for heart and we'll raise money today. >> let's do it. >> we'll have fun as well. this is continuing quinncy murphy challenge at citizens bank park in philadelphia. >> i'm not good at this. this is third year. chris will go first. he'll show off look at me watch this guy.
8:35 am
>> hold my hat, please. >> how fast is that going. >> ready? >> it's about -- it's about -- 60, 65 miles an hour chris is getting ready. he's a show off, guys. oh, boy. here we go. look at chris. show off. college stud too. high. was that too high. oh, oh, e. they're trying to hit chrisic like this. oh, okay foul. okay. foul. okay. chris is in a little slump. oh, boy, okay. ut, oh, chris is warming up guys, whoa, oh, pressure, pressure, okay. those are ground-outs. you -- he has about five mover
8:36 am
balls. oh, come on you cannot take a ball. we're on tv. all right. that was cool. he did better previous years guys. i think pressure is getting hi him. oh, my goodness look at that. wow. >> that's good. >> oh, any gosh, ork my gosh. look at that ball. oh, my goodness. >> it hit the wall. >> all right it's your turn. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> wait on it he's way ahead. >> wait on it chris. >> oh,. >> how many balls to you get. >> 20 oh, my goodness. >> that's solid. >> he's warld up. >> maybe if we get behind the back stop we could see where they're going.
8:37 am
anyway, wendy williams called she's on at 10 and she needs us to speed this up. >> listen. >> seriously your turn. >> listen no -- next hour, next hour they have a batting -- look at the ball and where he's hitting. oh, my gosh, wow, and as apt hitting. oh, my gosh, wow, and as apt land mark shots look at 'em!
8:38 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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8:40 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! >> youngest bring turns one today. these will pits of princess charlotte and they have released only a handful of pictures of her over the past year. they're celebrating privately at home.
8:41 am
how do they get the children to look distinguished in all these shots. >> they yell at them. >> boy she's a come boy of the two of them september she. >> she is. >> she's cute. >> duchess is now a cover girl making her debut on british vogue. >> it's first photo shoot in fashion magazine. look at her. >> wow. >> looks like she wants to ride a horse or something. >> she posed for 100 edition and will appear at june cover girl. they collaborated on series of port ranz. >> she has no upper lip. >> she show duchess dressed down in casual and relaxed on the country side. >> she seems very pleasant. >> vogue will feature 76 the portraits. two other willing displayed at the national portrait gallery following in footsteps of princess eye doon acould graitioned cover of vogue three times. >> i didn't have cover until i was three. >> it was field and stream magazine.
8:42 am
>> i see. >> and now you're in out to pasture magazine. >> that's go-to joke september it. >> list tob you. >> older folks that watch this probably don't appreciate it. >> why do you have to make me feel bad. >> al sharpton deposit like it. >> i do short jokes and big feet jokes. >> why is that i. mook. >> you're only five feet tall which is really rude of me i apologize. oom. >> i'm sure the short people don't appreciate your jokes. >>er was on the cover of spitle magazine when i was 2 1/2 and vomit. >> were i a geshy babe jury. >> total a. >> jen how is the challenge you took eggs and robbed chicken of eggs and will make something. >> we're back camden county technical school good morning. >> good morning. >> look bring it on, jen.
8:43 am
as you may recall, mr. big winner he went down, down chef. >> i want a rematch. >> it was in my home court. >> we'll tell what you we're >> it was in my home court. >> we'll tell what you we're making.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> so you may be sick of rain aft weekend and fog like we're seeing in the pocono mountains this morning. they've been socked in all morning long. but we actually do need the rain. for april 2016 we ended up with deficit of close to 2" of rain. remember we had snow in april, too. almost forgot about that didn't you april 9 so now we're seeing rain. and the reason we're not getting any flooding like you see down to the south in texas and places that had a lot of flooding is because we're getting it in small bos doses and we have another around of rain moving through the area now. let's put it altogether and see if we got any relief in the 7 day forecast. well, you'll see little areas of sunshine in the 7 day forecast and including today when we could get up to 7 0. mid 60s tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and little cooler on friday. basically we say chance of sun but also chance of showers.
8:47 am
but by the weekend alex, holly, it will warm into the 7 0s again. >> at least we have that. >> monday and we're thinking about the weekend. i love it. >> farm to kitchen challenge continues in south jersey. in one corner winner of chopped and other corner jen fred. you have the eggs and now it's on to next step. >> yes, we really were brave and got chickens from the help helps. where were you when you gathered chickens -- or eggs, where were you. >> we were here prepping. >> chef if people don't know you won chopd i won chopped. >> last time you were here we competed and who won. >> jen won good and now you're ready to lose again. >> well i had to bring you back in. but these farm fresh eggs will set us apart now. >> let's begin what will you
8:48 am
make. >> trudos. >> it's close to cinco de mayo. >> and we're going make tequila carmel to go with it. if you're partying you have to do it up. >> we heard you are making francheros. >> he did all this prep for you and you're switching it up. >> he did it to throw us off. that's all right. >> do you your thing you will make rancheros for us. >> are there eggs in chirros. first we make this --. >> don't speak chef start working. >> i'll add eggs and it's beautiful. >> you admit when you first saw him on chopped you thought, he might win for one simple reaso reason. >> well, i looked at the competition and said man they must have dug these guys out i don't know where but chef say talented khiv. >> you have been slave ago way making sure he had all the prep
8:49 am
work done and he took a left turn to chirro town and they're prepping clearly for ranchero. >> he comes up on a fly you cannot get a glass of water without a science experiment sgle this is the first you're hearing it because we thought you were making rancheros we're staying with what we picked. eggs, more bacon than america's ever seen because everything is better with bacon. >> quadruple cheese. >> puff pastery. >> topped with raspberry hall piano chutney. >> who came one that. >> yen. >> look at that face. i came up with that. look at that face. >> that sounds pretty good. >> it's so good. >> you'll need every bit of it. >> what? >> are you guys ready for that? they so -- i forget that
8:50 am
they're -- focused. >> just to be clear it's big barry and jen against the word you can have all those carrots and chop until chopping done but right here team sxy will bring it down. are you married. >> yes. >> me too, it's cold. good-bye. >> well it sound like it will be good, though, look area her, victory, imagine sinned rel cinderella castle as a back drop to the wedding photos. the price tag attached to the drop to the wedding photos. the price tag attached to the brand new wedding destination.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
8:54 am
>>:53 good morning a live look at the schuylkill eastbound near the conche curve and a bus was not involved in an accident it actually broke down on schuylkill. we saw the next septa bus in line here stop. we transferred all the passengers and on we go. so just kind of attracting attention on that eastbound side and an accident southbound on new jersey turnpike and right at exit 7 a and still looking at 30 minute delays on west trenton regional rail line due to equipment problems and if you're flying today expect delays both at philly and la guardia because of early morning rain and fog. mike and alex become to you. >> if you or someone know is planing a weddinging,. >> i know someone plan ago wed. >> who. >> you should be. >> yeah. >> let me tell you about the last place i'll have my wedding disneyworld introducing weddings at the magic kingdom during park hours it whim host
8:55 am
ceremonies near cinderella castle and receptions will take place other parts of resort. the smell of chirros in the air custom wedding package for 100 guests start at 75,000 magic kingdom hosted for two years bit only at 7:30 in the morning that's the plan for you before the park opens. i can't think of anything better get up real early go to the park before it opens like walk down and get your you know shoes stuck on gum from the night before. >> and walk down the aisle to it's a small world after all. >> it's a small world after all♪ it's a small world after all♪ but think about it if you do it during park hours won't there be people in the picture. >> yes. >> why would you want a picture with all the people in it. wouldn't you want it to be just you. >> haven't you grown up isn't it time to leave mickey behind.
8:56 am
>> no, i admit the last time i went to disneyworld which was not long ago there were people there who had matching mickey mouse groom and bride mini mouse with veil and tee shirt. >> and tee shirts with stupid and arrow. >> no just the hats. >> malia obama is going to harvard i wonder if she had a good letter of recommendation i wouldn't you how she got it. >> can your parents write your letter of recommendation. >> she's taking something called a gap year she'll be selling tee shirts at the local gap in d.c.. >> stop. >> she's taking a year off and going to school a year from fall. why, we'll explain. >> attack for ad. some on social xwleed had issue with old navy switer and they featured this interracial family and how supporters of the ad are we spond together family and how supporters of the ad are we spond together criticism.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
. >> i've glad sue it here good to i have here on this monday. at the white house correspondence dinner there was good looking people there. >> you were there is that what you were telling us. what did you think about michelle's outfit. she looked fantastic to me. celebrities bringing glitz and glawm or to the nation's capital and fun and fashion from the correspondence dip frer saturday night we have a special guest. >> and young boy with cerebral palsy hits the track and how he finds the strength to compete and what he's workingen now. he's amazing story. >> quinncy and dmris another battle of the home runs. okay, sin


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