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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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happening right now, heavy rain is already falling in parts of our area. severe weather is moving in. it could make for a rough morning drive. the radar oh, my goodness lit up right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we'll start tonight with meteorologist kathy orr. kathy? >> it's coming in like a freight train and this train is a little bit ahead of schedule. suing he all the lightning associated with a frontal boundary that is slowly moving toward the east. an area of low pressure to the north. all of this is moving toward the northeast with a lot of lightning and very heavy downpours associated with it. you can see heavy rain already falling in chester county, in through delaware county heading right into philadelphia. over our studios in a matter of minutes. moving through montgomery county and into bucks. so lightning associated with this as we continue to count about 100 to 120 lightning strikes in this area alone. so frequent downpours, also, lightning, the possibility of small hail but nothing severe at
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this point. you can see it's tredyffrin, aston, abington heading into philadelphia. already northeast philadelphia. it will continue toward the i-95 corridor as you head up toward trenton. forecast rate rain amounts in the next 12 hours will total about one to 3-inches in philadelphia. over the next 24 hours possibly a little bit more than that. so coming up some thunderstorms developing during the early morning hours. heavy rain right through the morning rush. and of course we're talking about ponding on area roads and maybe some localized need flooding with one to 3-inches. coming i'll let you know what comes after this and unfortunately it's more rain. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that. >> all right. kathy, thank you. remember when you wake up check in with bob kelly and sue sr. yo they'll have you covered with any lingering weather problems or traffic troubles. fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" starts at 4:00 a.m. tonight investigators are trying to piece together what happened in devastating crash in east fall. >> we know now know the entities of the two who died.
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this is on the victim of the crash remain in the hospital. chris o'connell is live tonight outside saint christopher's hospital for children tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, iain, a heartbreaking story for any parent to hear. a seven week old infant baby girl remains here at saint christopher's hospital tonight still she's still listed in critical condition. she is one of nine victims of yesterday' east malls crash that claimed two lives including a six-year-old boy. police say the deaths may have been prevented. balloons mark the spot in east falls where police say a nasty two-car wreck claim the lives of a six-year-old boy and a 20 year old man. police say a mazda six carrying three adults and four children slid out of control sunday night on the rain slicked road of henry avenue and t boned another car. >> it looked like the vehicle just lost control. we don't know how. went into the other lane, and
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then they collided. so it was a horrick crash. >> reporter: dead 20-year-old see eighty three ross wilson along with zero-year-old eric barks tell perez. sunday's rain played major factor in the crash but the extent of the injuries could have been minimized. police say the only one in a car seat or even wearing a seat belt was the seven week old girl who suffered severe brain and abdominal injuries. two adults in the front seat were ejected. >> less severe injuries for sure. maybe not anyone killed we really don't gnome you can still get an up term injury for from a crash like that. >> reporter: a total of nine people were taken to area hospitals. police say there's no indication either of the drivers were impaired saying it appears to be a horrible accident. >> family friend tells fox 29 tonight that the mother of the six-year-old boy who was killed
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and the seven week old infant girl was among one of those victims. iain. >> chris, thank you. no word tonight when wilmington police could make an announcement about charges in the death of a girl who died after a fight at school. memorial outside of howard high school of technology continues to grow in honor of 16-year-old amy france zen joyner. bathroom brawl was nearly two weeks ago. hundreds turn out for church memorial service for amy. police have nor evidence to sift through before announcing any charges. three other female students are persons of interest in the case and have been suspended from school. montgomery county teacher is in jail tonight charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. rose, taught english at upper dublin high school. she faces 12 counts of institutional sexual assault for what authorities say she did with a boy. a judge set her bail at $50,000. she's due back in court in two weeks. meanwhile the upper dublin
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school week suspend the tee which are pending out come of the investigation. >> jerry sandusky awaiting a judge's decision about whether he'll be grant add new trial. former penn state assistant football coach showed up in court today in his orange jumpsuit in bellefont. his defense team argues his former counsel was inn effective. the convicted child molester did have not an active role in today' hearing but his attorney read this statement from sandusky. >> "just like the rest of the world, i am imperfect. however, i stand firm in knowing my slate is clean of these alleged heinous crimes. i have not been one to turn my back on injustice. this is an opportunity for all to realize and separate from the far rays cease who disguised and masked their motives and actions ". >> sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 years sentence for child sexual abuse. no word when the judge will make
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a decision about an appeal. jury selection is now underway in the corruption trial of chaka if a t he appeared in federal court in center city today. prosecutors say fattah misused campaign funds and grants as well as septembered bribes. he made no comment as he left court this afternoon. opening statements in the trial are set for may 16th. congressman fattah has held office for more than 20 years but he just lost the primary election last week. his son chaka fattah, jr., is now serving time in federal prison on attacks conviction. u.s. attorney tells us no jurors were selected today. selection will continue tomorrow. right now investigators trying to figure out what left an oily sheen along the schuylkill riv river. sky fox over it right around 6:00 tonight near chestnut street. you can see the sheen stretching down the river for what would amount to several blocks. now comes the task of figuring out what's behind i the fire department and coast guard tells us they are working to do just that. they say crews are heading back
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out in the morning if they can't figure it out tonight. she couldn't wait for prom night. she had the perfect dress, but when she post the the pictures the haters came out after a magical prom night some comments on social media have one pottsgrove high school junior wishing she never went. those comments may have ruin the night but others are chiming in to save the day. let's get right out to shawnette wilson who spoke to the girl at the center of this heartbreaking story. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, it is heartbreaking. jones tell me she went to bed saturday night happy that she had gone to prom because initially she wasn't going to go. but what she woke up to the next morning on social media change all of that. cell phone video shows 17-year-old asia jones walking out of her house looking and feeling like a rock star. it was her first prom and she was excited. >> i was happy. >> reporter: this is a picture of asia at prom saturday night.
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when she got home, she posted this beautiful picture of herself. >> i made a status when i came home and i enjoyed myself and happy i had fun. >> reporter: the next morning, her friends called to say the picture had gone viral. but not for the reason asia thought. >> people i didn't know just like that dress is not for her. she looked like fat something. >> most of the comments are so demeaning they're hard to read. tasia updated her status to say she shouldn't have gone to prom or posted the picture. >> i was so confident the day before and changed my view on myself. >> her mother is heart broken. >> she was just really depressed and sad like she don't want to go out the house. >> reporter: others began to stand with her. >> this is beautiful baby girl.
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she's cute as ever. she is gorgeous as her own unique style and we're all god's creatures and perfect in his image. my twitter so many messages of like people all over the world different states, different countries. >> she says she's struggling to believe in herself again but she has message for others being bullied. >> you're note the only person and you should know who you are inside. outside shouldn't affect the inner you. just stay strong. >> reporter: and back here live, she says that right now she does not think she wants to go to her senior prom but her mother and closest friends say she hope to change her mind by this time next year. lucy? >> i got a message for tasia she's absolutely gorgeous inside and out and those pictures beautiful. parents of some students at the academy in montgomery county are happy to finally have
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children of their eighth grade graduation it took a year and the help of the state attorney general's office to make it happen, though. prosecutors say videographer steven, failed to turn over 60dvd's he had agreed to produce of the ceremony. ag's bureau of consumer protect got involved and now those dvd's are finally done. >> pleased to see how happy parents were to receive these cd's finally. it makes the job very worthwhi worthwhile. ag's office says the school did not hear from the videographer for more than 10 months. atlantic city will not default on its debt thanks to large payment made this morning. mayor don guardian says the cash strapped shore town made the large bond payment today. the mayor says things are so bad the city is quote running on fumes, but he doesn't think a full state takeover is the answer to the city's problems. >> we have made the decision to pay our bond payments as of 10:00 o'clock this morning of
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$1.8 million. if i believed that a full state takeover would help save atlantic city i'd quickly conceded as the right path to follow and fully support its pass but i don't. >> bipartisan takeover plan has passed the state senate but assembly speaker is not putting it up for a vote. he claims it would allow the state to break union contracts. a stick up at a local convenience store but the guy cops say tried to hold people up wasn't using a gun. he was using a finger. asked the clerk for just before it all happened. >> racy photo the woman on a back of her patrol car but her pose isn't the only thing that has the officer in pot water. what some say that officer is doing with his hand that has many outraged. the acting president of the hell's angels murdered. his killer still on the loose. now, a recent arrest is fueling new interest in the case but could it reignite a fire storm?
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bear breaks into an apartment makes himself right at home. what the homeowner did while the bear was raiding his fridge. >> disaster during cycling race. the mistake at the front of the
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♪ caught on camera a robbery in hunting park. it happened friday and police are now hoping you can find this guy. a woman was in her car in the 4400 block of north fifth street when that teen came up to her. he originally asked for a light but then pointed a gun demanding her purse. he probably between 17 and 19 years old african-american with thin build.
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standing about 5-foot 4-inches tall. you see what he was wearing.. if you have any information call police. after two attempts police say man pulled off a robbery using his fingers as a weapon. >> the actual scheme was caught on camera as he target add couple of victims with his point. dave schratwieser following the investigation live tonight in philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: iain, this bizarre pair of robberies has customers and police shaking their heads investigators in fact tell us tonight that this crime could have easily backfired on the suspect. >> either way it's still rob bro at the end of the day we want to get this guy in custody. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling as the suspect armed with nothing more than his finger approached a customer inside a north philadelphia b-p gas station jammed his finger in the guy's back and ordered -- utter the three simple words. >> yeah give me everything. again, indicate egg has a weapon but he's using his finger. >> reporter: it happened last wednesday around 1:30 in the morning as customers filtered in
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and out at the of the gas staying at ridge are girard. >> he came in and asked to use the phone he came up behind his first victim and stuck his finger in his back. the co owner watched the video with us. >> that funny. everybody scared he had a gun. >> it was no laughing matter the suspect grabbed 130 bucks from one unsuspecting victim. then tried it again at on another customer who was in no mood to cooperate. the 5-foot 10 suspect took off down 19th street by that time surveillance cameras had captured the whole thing. >> pretty good video. hoping somebody out there can department if i this guy and give us a call with some information. >> they need better security. >> reporter: customers were not amused by the suspect's scheme to rob people at the station. >> i think it's crazy and people need to be more alert. >> reporter: police say simulated gun or not this is still a robbery a potential felony and still a very dangerous crime.
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investigators say it's also very risky. >> he's lucky that somebody wasn't armed and didn't do some harm to him. >> reporter: now the suspect did not get any money from the second customer. the store owner tells us, he's had a couple of robberies before but nothing like this. if you recognize this guy, you can call central detectives. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. big milestone today for a philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty. officer edward davies was shot in a feltonville minute me mart in august of 2013. the bullet hit him ums below his bullet proof vest. police arrested the shooter. officer davies survived but had serious injuries and today we are happy to tell you that after 993 days he's back on the job. the department posted this picture on social media. went say welcome back, officer davies. >> yup. it's a shooting that sparked outrage in one northampton community. an officer shot and killed a cat. >> and today the officer received simply a citation. many tonight are saying that's
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not enough. fox 29's bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: late last year in northampton county, sugar a6-year-old orange haired cat escaped from her home. hours later, a neighbor called the police when he saw the cat in his backyard. what happened next is disputed. but we do know that sugar was shot and killed by north cat sack what police. >> officer pruzell made a decision to in his judgment humanely end the ends life and suffering. officer pruzell fired a single shot from his department issued 38 caliber revolver instantly killing the cat. >> reporter: the incident caused huge backlash a petition calling for justice for sugar got over 200,000 signatures and today nortnorthampton county da annoue the results of the -- >> i think perhaps the officer could have extended other efforts to capture the cat and
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get to some vet or at least to assess it before the cat's life was terminated. >> reporter: the police officer says that sugar was severely injured when he arrived and therefore was humanely euthanized. the autopsy report seems to dispute that but either way da morganelli doesn't believe the officer should face serious charges because he doesn't believe the officer acted with malice. >> charge the summary citation which basically indicates that you cannot ill treat an animal by failure to provide veterinary care and i think what his fail your was, that he should have gotten the animal to a vet. >> reporter: the attorney for sugar's owner said they appreciated the investigation, but were disappointed by the results and believed officer facing real discipline would have been the only way to truly receive justice for sugar. >> somebody will fire their or discharge their firearm, without getting all the facts, it begs to question whether or not he should be in the job that he's in. >> reporter: dye reach out to
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the police. they did not respond to my requests for comment and just for collar rat, the law did does allow police officers to euthanize an animal but only after its confirmed that the animal is severely injured. that didn't happen in this case leading many to question if the officer saying it was a humane act was really a criminal act. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> racy feet tomorrow a woman on a back of her patrol car but her pose is not the only thing that has the officer in pot hot water watch some say the officer is doing with his hand that has many up credibly upset. burglars break into gun store swipe dozens of weapons. the tricky maneuver theofed to get around the store's security system. this teen was beaten, suspended and put in the hospital after a fight at school but his problems do not end there. how you can help him. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
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watch for work crews tomorrow if you'll be out bound. they'll be out westbound on the schuylkill expressway between girard heading out towards city of a f you're watching us down the shore, the atlantic city brigantine connector closed for the next 10 days. so follow the detours if you're heading into or out of atlantic city. and they're still doing that emergency work on the delaware memorial bridge. the left lane blocked between new jersey and delaware. have a great night. we'll check the jam cams and what you need to know before you get
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your -- i would respect it. >> it's your turn. pick your own words. time to drop out. >> he is change in indiana between ted cruz and some donald trump supporters. a couple of men toll the texas senator to drop out of the race. indiana's primary is tomorrow. outrage tonight in atlanta. woman says an officer mocked the horrors of gangs through a social media post. >> decide for yourself here. here's the feet that could have the officer in trouble. a woman sprawled out on patrol car while someone wearing an officer's uniform is throwing up a gang sign. atlanta spokesperson says the
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image breaks protocol. citizen who brought attention to the photo says it's dismiss seive of the seriousness of gang violence in the city. she wants to stay anonymous. >> i was like, this is very up appropriate. you're held to a higher level and for to you take picture throwing up a gang sign you don't value your job or your badge. because gang violence is real. people lose their life over it every day. >> the police opened an internal affairs investigation. a bill that will allow faculty and staff to carry guns at tennessee public colleges became law today. the law limits campus carry to only faculty and staff with state issued handgun carry permits still be a ban on guns in stadiums and gym gyms where school sponsored events are going on. men known by as philly jesus ended up in handcuffs tonight. someone who saw it happen posted this picture on instagram. police say the manager of the apple store on 16 andth and wall net called them regarding
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someone who would not leave when asked. police tell fox 29 they arrested him for defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. journalist and author jenn miller who took the picture says they kicked him out because he wouldn't move his cross. too good to be true? a doctor strikes up an online relationship with a man who found her on linked in. while the police are now involved. the acting president of the hell's angels murdered his killer still on the loose. a recent arrest is now fueling new interest in the case but could it reignite a fire storm? speaking of storms, kathy. >> um-hmm. hundreds of lightning strikes noun a severe thunderstorm in the southern part of kent counsel terek the northern part of sussex county, delaware. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:15 for this ar area. the storms are moving northeast at about 30 miles an hour and at this speed that severe storm with a history of ping-pong sized hail will be near felton at 10:31 and riverview
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♪ right now at 10:30 coming down out there. heavy rain falling across much
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of the area. be careful if you're headed out on the roads tonight. that heavy rain could cause flooding in certain areas. kathy' forecast still ahead. school days a struggle at your house? do your kids have trouble getting out of bed? >> that question of course does school start too early? the new jersey department of education held a hearing today the camden county college blackwood campus to discuss whether middle behind schoolers should start classes later in the morning. the legislation pass add law last 84 to consider the propos proposal. the students should start class no earlier than 8:30 a.m. of the insufficient sleep can hurt students academic success. >> 70 miles an hour about to become the new posted speed limit on more highways across pennsylvania. if you can't drive 55 while as of tomorrow you'll be able to hit 70 miles nearly 800 miles including on parts of the turnpike and five state highwa
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highways. officials crash history and work zones. >> police are warning people about dating exams tonight. the trick people out of their hard earned money. florida dr. says she was catfish beside someone who reached out to had he ever over lynned in. they struck up online relationship but after while the long distance romancing seemed to be too good to be true. the man told bush he was kidnapped in north carolina and needed some money. she was suspicious and flew to the state and work with officer there is that confirmed it was a scam. police say the biggest red flag is when the other person can't find an opportunity to meet in person. >> and then i'll come and meet you. there's some disaster. something has happened where they themselves have been injured or they get stuck in country they're doing a work project in. and all of a sudden they need money. >> police say people are often lured by perfect dating profiles and the scammers also pose as younger people luring older victims.
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take live look at wilmington, delaware. because we've got big old storm rolling through our area f you're hitting the road soon be aware you can be driving through heavy downpours and lightning. meteorologist kathy orr, you had me when you said ping-pong sized hail. >> i haven't said that in a really long time. i can't remember the last time i said that. on ultimate doppler you can see the yellows and the reds along the mainline of philadelphia through chester county extenting westward an lot of lightning associated with these storms. i'm counseling them just on this screen 110 new lightning strik strikes. as we take a zoom in you can see through philadelphia extending toward aston, tredyffrin, pottsgrove now into bucks and heading toward trenton. we are seeing some very heavy rain about quarter of an tomorrow half an inch in hour at this point. severe thunderstorm warning continues for the southern part of the kent county northern part of the sussex county delaware until 11:15 this is a long duration for thunder form warning. the reason why you can see the severe cell highlighted right now in that magenta color.
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it is the western part of southern sussex county i should say kent county moving toward the northeast at about 35 miles an hour. there is some rotation. this is upper level rotation, it is not lowering to the ground. so i'm not expecting a tornado with this. but we'll let you know if anything changes. and this rate moving toward the northeast at 35 miles an hour. it is in the vicinity of harrington, it is going to be moving toward frederica by 10:48. once again severe thunderstorm warning here's the system cell it's moving toward the northeast at 35 miles an hour. that's pretty fast. it is located in the southwestern corner of kent county, delaware, and once again racing toward the northeast. we will continue to watch this heavy rain move along the i-95 corridor through delaware and south jersey during the early morning hours a few rumbles of thunder overnight and even during the morning rush, still seeing some rain through the noon hour some spotty showers and finally in the afternoon beginning to dry out but really
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no big breaks in the clouds before the sun sets. when we look at all of the accumulating rain with the next 12 to 18 hours, 2.6-inches projected in dover where we have the heavy cell now and between one and 2-inches everywhere else. overnight tonight, overnight soaking, ponding on area roads, be careful during the early morning hours it had stay mild in the 50s. the high tomorrow 63. with scattered showers. allergies not so bad. because of the rain low for tuesday. medium for wednesday, thursday and friday. on your seven day forecast, wednesday a chance of a scattered shower but a coastal low develops and keeps us wet. thursday and friday by saturday we turn the corner looking much better. i'll continue posting on facebook and twitter with severe weather if anything new develops i'll have it for you during the broadcast. >> appreciate it, kathy. thank you. this teen was beaten, suspended and put in the hospital after fight at school. his problems do not end there.
3:34 am
why he needs help right now. a bare breaks into an apartment and makes himself right at home. what the guy who lived there today while the bear was raiding his fridge. a disaster during a cycling race. miss tack at the front of the pack that accept people to the hospital. >> remember to wake up with good day. they'll have all the red hot fashion hits and unfortunate misses from the met gala and we're seeing star, star jones
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♪ ninth greater in michigan is out of the hospital tonight after this fight inside his high school. but his wheelchair is broken. jordan has brittle bone disease he got tired of one of his classmates bullying him. so last week he says yeah did he throw the first punch. the other kid struck back tipping over the wheelchair and throwing jordan on to the ground breaking his femur. the school suspended both boys for two days. during the raucous his wheelchair broke. >> now some generous people are donating some money online to help buy him a new one. >> i'd like to say to the people at home, thank you for caring. thank you for looking out for me. i appreciate that a lot. because this is kind of a tough time and i'm going to need support from everyone around me.
3:38 am
>> jordan as we mentioned has brittle bone disease and had to have emergency surgery on one much his legs after the fight people have already donate add couple hundred bucks towards that new chair. tonight in your money, do you like iced coffee? one woman in illinois says starbucks has been putting too much ice in her iced coffee so she's suing. her 29 page complaint claims starbucks is misleading customers because the ice makes up more than half the drink. it's a class action lawsuit on behalf of anyone who ordered an iced beverage from starbucks in the past decade. in a statement star buck says... soon every sports authority store could be closed for good. the chain first said it would only close 143 of its stores now the company says it will close all 450 locations. according to forbes the company is more than $1 billion in debt
3:39 am
and they won't be able to reorganize. the report says most of the companies assets will go up for auction by may 16. the company has more than 14,000 employees nationwide. so there's no word yet on from sports authority on closing da date. small bear in one colorado town decide the to look for an early morning saturday snack. he was smart. found the man's refrigerator. >> come on. go on. >> come on. >> go on. get. >> come on. >> go on. >> come on little bear. the man locked himself in his bedroom and called 911 while the bear helped itself firefighters and sheriffs depth tuesday rushed over you heard them coaxed the bear out of the apartment and chased it off. >> burglars break no gun store and swipe dozens of weapons. the tricky maneuver they used to get around the store security system. >> and the acting president of the hell's angels murdered. his killer still on the loose. a recent arrest is now fueling new interest in the case but could it r
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♪ check out this video captured by cyclist in new york city. the red hook criterion race had barely gotten under way when a motorcycle that was leading the race stalled. it ended in a huge pile up of
3:43 am
athletes seven of them are hurt. officials had to restart the race. deputes in in order say bad guys went to great lengths to steal guns. >> it's all caught on camera. first authorities in pasco county say three men in hoodies busted through this concrete wall to get inside a gun store. once they were inside you can see the guys crawling around. the store owner believes they didn't trip the motion detectors inside. the men crawled around on the floor and got away with more than 30 guns including a sniper arrival. there was a high profile murder on the highway in south philadelphia that left the vice-president of the notorious hell's angels motorcycle club dead. the killing let tendon to touch off biker war here in the steam the case has gone unsolved for more than decade the arrest avenue high ranking member of the pagan's motorcycle club kidnapping for ransom charges has fueled renewed interest in the cold case. >> dave stratt wise sr. goes inside the investigation of tom wood's murder in tonight's fox 29 investigates report.
3:44 am
>> reporter: the guy hyped the camera watching fox 29 cameras watching him is pagan motorcycle club vice-president robert gray. he was standing in his driveway at his folsom home two days after being released on $200,000 bail in a bizarre kidnapping toran psalm case that has phil philly's biker underground on edge. >> it's very serious. the investigative world when you have some charges that significant there's always a good thing to have a reverse. >> you see this kind of stuff you start to wonder. >> reporter: he was charged with along with charles oakley police say they kidnapped former pagan's treasurer vincent pit-stop pezzano right off the corner at alder and oregon in march. pisano lives right up the block. >> that kind of play noose what we saw back in '05 where you had pagan's and guys patching over to the hell's angels a lot of bad blood. >> reporter: police sources say gray and oakley lured pisano
3:45 am
to a vehicle claim they can wanted to speak with him. he sat down in the front seat police say one of the men seated in the back allegedly placed a belt around his neck and began to choke him. investigators say gray and oakley then drove pezzano around south philadelphia before threatening him and dumping him out on the street. >> talking about rival motorcycle gangs. serious concerns of ours that violence is go on and on and get out of control. >> at the epp of the day we're satisfied that when the evidence is presenterred that my client will be exonerated. >> reporter: gray's arrest on the kidnapping charges has the outlaw motorcycle gang underworld buzzing because at one point gray was questioned in connection with the murder of hell's angels vice-president tom wood back in 2005. that murder is still unsolved. and some are wondering if federal and local authorities will attempt to pressure gray to provide information on wood's
3:46 am
murder. >> you think you have this kind of cloak of secrecy and people will not tell on each other you'll find out that's not the case. >> one little piece of information can mushroom into solving the case. >> reporter: ed rocks is a retired philadelphia homicide detective with 44 years on the force. 28 years in the homicide unit. he says investigators are always looking for someone to give up information on unsolved murders. >> you're also looking for a person who may have been involved in the case or new about the case to be jammed up, facing charges themselves. and they're holding the ace in the hole. they have the information on the homicide. never come forward until they need it. once they're arrested, they need it and out comes the ace. >> if you got leverage on guy and he's got problem and he knows he's going down you go to him and say, look, what else do you know to help yourself. >> we have not been approached by anyone so we're not aware of anything at this point.
3:47 am
>> reporter: wood was gunned down in his pickup truck on i-76 in south philadelphia in janua january 2005. police believe wood attempted to stop a pair of gunmen in a white suburban at as they tried to gun down fellow biker byron evans who was riding a motorcycle next to wood. wood and evans had just left a south philly gentleman's club police believe they were followed by two or three hit m men. possibly tied to the arrival pagan's motorcycle club. >> constantly they're looking for ways to open that case and get back in that case. a lot of times you know who the doer is. you know people who know who the doer is and know the facts of the case. but it's not enough to make an arrest. >> reporter: wood's murder rock the hell's angels chapter in philly just months after it was established. his funeral drew hundreds of bikers from across the country including the leaders of the hell's angels mother club. it also sparked concerns about a biker war. >> i remember distinctly saying that we were going to lay the law down and we were going to
3:48 am
stave off any retaliatory shootings that may result. >> reporter: within days of wood's murder gray and another pagan were questioned by homicide detectives. only fox 29 was there as they left homicide headquarters. >> can i ask you about the murder. >> reporter: neither man wanted to answer questions. detectives new then this would be a tough case to crack. >> wait for that time to come when information comes in on the case. >> reporter: steven gorilla the former president of the philadelphia chapter of the pagan's was also questioned about wood's murder weeks after the homicide. law enforcement sources say federal authorities began taking a closer look at wood's unsolved murder over a year ago. now there's hope gray' kidnapping arrest could finally generate the kind of heat and information that would lead the fbi or homicide detectives to tommy woods killers. >> whole biker code exists but i think we've seen that start to fray a little bit. biker culture there's fringes
3:49 am
guys have said, you know w limbly. to be good witness. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> prosecutors have not charged anyone with the murder of tom wood. robert gray and charles okay val a court hearing on the kidnapping charges later this week. >> they could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the charges. gray's attorney says his client will plead not guilty. did he not comment further. tom now for sports with howard eskin. >> all right. it may be the best series in the playoffs. either nba or nhl. i've got the highlights. phillies are on a role. fans in the ballpark -- see if
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♪ okay. the phillies took to the road with a six game winning streak the pitching has been terrific but the offense, well the phillies have scored the fewest number of runs in baseball history through the first 25 games. and they have a winning streak. to st. louis. that guy he has to lose the hat, bro. that is just brutal.
3:53 am
phillies scoreless in the third but freddie galvis way two-run single. all right. they score against adam wayne white and they made it three to nothing after that. but the bottom of the fourth adam wayne white the pitcher two outs work on, oh, my gosh against alex. crush it over 400 feet tied at three but it got worse in the fifth. after an adam's homerun, the next batter diaz with a homerun. that made it, oh, my gosh, it was -- it makes it nine-thee in the seventh inning st. louis beating the phillies. the chicago cubs have the best record in baseball and they are keeping it up and those fans in pittsburgh are nuts. i don't even -- i know they're the pirates but come on. double steal bite cubs much cubs are so aggressive cubs are good. and pittsburgh forcing mistake on the double steal and chicago within the game over the pirates who are a good team. seven-two. i never thought i would say the national hockey league stanley cup playoffs are better than the inform ba but it's not even lows. nba is a joke and nhl has been
3:54 am
terrific. the best series tonight washington at pittsburgh. let's go to pittsburgh. clearly best series and toughe toughest. monster hit against johannson. gets crushed. but pittsburgh was on fire. really on fire in this game. and watch this -- this is what the flyers can't do. the stick happened link the puck movement the score. look at between the legs and carl, scores. it was three-zero and pittsburgh wins three hiv wolf they lead the series two games to one. nhl draft in the books. we won't know how good or how bad in some cases for a few years. sam bradford still unhappy, too bad. he better get over it because he's getting at least 22 million this year. he'll be back. but demarco murray was excited when he got traded by the eagles to tennessee. but now he can't be very happy with a ties tans they picked the heisman trophy winning running back derek hen reach despite what his coach says, he told him murray wants lots of carries
3:55 am
here with the eagles, but he's not going to get a whole lot in tennessee. he's too slow. he's not good enough but he supposedly said he's great with the titans pick. through his coach murray apparently told mike mullarkey he's going to make me better and i'm going to do the same for h him. i'm going to do what whatever i can to make him a great player. that's boloney. that's the end of the quote. not the boloney part. i don't believe demarco recovery said that. >> he met this girl at a children's hospital. if she was healthy enough to go to his prom he would take her. >> well she made it out and dwayne allen kept his promise took her to the prom at north rip high school in fort wayne indiana. >> awesome. >> some football players are nice. >> wonderful. >> how about a quick final check. >> all right. now we have a flash flood warning in effect for sussex county and southern kent county until the early morning hours.
3:56 am
town 2-inches of rain have already fallen additional rain coming and look at this large hail trail into delaware. ping-pong sized hail. >> my goodness. >> thanks for watching v a good one.
3:57 am
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♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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so, did the thunder wake you up overnight? yeah, we have some violent then are storms moved through the area and there is still rain around. we will tell you how long it will hang around coming up in your weather authority forecast. the chris? >> sue, thank you. breaking news overnight two cousins rushed to the hospital after being shot early this morning. why officials believe this shooting may have been random. plus, more breaking news two men taken to the hospital in two different times, reason police believe they are connect. good morning, everyone at 4:00 y morning and it is all about the weather on this may third, 2016. sue serio boy, what an active radar. >> i know, did you get woken up. >> i took some cough syrup, because i'm fighting a cold so i didn't hear


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