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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 3, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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so, did the thunder wake you up overnight? yeah, we have some violent then are storms moved through the area and there is still rain around. we will tell you how long it will hang around coming up in your weather authority forecast. the chris? >> sue, thank you. breaking news overnight two cousins rushed to the hospital after being shot early this morning. why officials believe this shooting may have been random. plus, more breaking news two men taken to the hospital in two different times, reason police believe they are connect. good morning, everyone at 4:00 y morning and it is all about the weather on this may third, 2016. sue serio boy, what an active radar. >> i know, did you get woken up. >> i took some cough syrup, because i'm fighting a cold so i didn't hear a thing.
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>> and there is still plenty of rain around our area as well as you can see in lightening popping up on radar right now, so all of the loud thunderstorms seem to be out of here but we have heavy rain in sussex county in delaware, in montgomery county in pennsylvania, bucks as well, some steady rain, through delco, philadelphia, across the river in camden, and gloucester and burlington counties. let's just say hardly anybody is being spared the rain, this morning. and as we look here we will see that we have probably some flooding rains down in sussex county, delaware, there was a flash flood warning in effect earlier. much milder then it was yesterday with 57 degrees in the city, visibility is a bit of an issue in some places it a peers to be in our western counties, chester county, lancaster, pottstown, and trenton with reduced visability because, again all that moisture in the air.
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so we have 50's throughout the region. mid 50's to the north in trenton and pottstown and lancaster 567895 in atlantic city. fifty-seven in wilmington. fifty-nine in dover. these are temperatures as much as five, seven, 9 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. so, it is not quite as chilly but it is yucky and we have got rain outside the door, we have rain by lunchtime, we still have rain around through this afternoon, yeah, temperatures probably remaining in the lower 60's, throughout the afternoon as well. so we will talk more about rain, and lots of it, in the seven day forecast, coming up. so a little dance this morning, um, bob kelly. >> today is one of those let's plug the lap top in and work from home today if you can. good morning everybody. 4:02. live look at april accident already on i-95. this is southbound i-95 near naamans road. only the far left lane gets by, if you are look close you can see that the heavier rain the ponding on the roadway,
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look the a the tractor trailer just rolling through, the puddles that are, created in the the travel lanes as we get so much rain in such a short period of time. now there is the crash, again, southbound heading in to naamans road. here's a live look at 42 freeway, factor in some extra time. i know it is easier said then done. look at that first appointment this morning, find that umbrella first one out of the door gets the best umbrella ben franklin bridge looking g we have problems on the pennsy turnpike westbound, an accident at the fort washington interchange with delays. a water main break just what we need over here in millville if the shower pressure isn't what it should this be morning, route 47, south all lanes are block at broad street. right there in the heart of millville, we're going to have weather delays this morning at philly international. i will bet you a jelly doughnut on that one. check with the airline and again, factor in that extra time, heading on down there if you are watching us down the
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shore, the atlantic city brigantine connection, closed for the next ten days here, all part of the construction project, so just follow the detours. otherwise all of the major roadways are just going to be slower than normal this morning so just factor in extra time. don't wear your good shoes. it will be a bad hair day, 202, and the turnpike other than that accident, westbound at fort washington, we're in good shape and so far so good on mass transit. chris, back to you. we're following breaking news out of north philadelphia, police are on the hunt for a man who walk up and shot a teenage boy, and woman around 1:00 in the morning. steve keeley live at police headquarters with the very latest on this, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: it just happened three hours ago around 1:00 a.m. the. it has already been a dangerous and deadly spring for 16 years olds in our area we had 16 year-old's kill in wilmington and trenton just days ago and now a 16 year-old boy here shot in philly, fortunate that whoever tried to kill him just three hours ago was not the such a good
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shot. four bullets did hit him but all in the legs and arm. he was just one of the two young people hit by gunfire here on west glennwood avenue. >> what is unusual about it, both of these victims are related. they are cousins. they live in the same home in the area of somerset and park avenue. why they would run two blocks away as opposed to running home after being shot, it is a concern to us. so we don't know how truthful they are being with their story. we know that the area at park and somerset is a well known for street sales, illegal narcotics. >> reporter: or victim in this case is a woman, 20 years old we're toll. so how can parents keep their 16 years old from being shot? they can start by making sure they are not out on the streets at 1h a.m. on a school
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night. >> absolutely. all right. at 4:05. we're following more breaking news this morning out of the frankford. philadelphia police investigating another double shooting this shooting happened around 10:00 o'clock last night in the 4900 block of charles street. police tell us that a 20 year-old man was dropped off at aria frankford hospital with gunshot wound to his arm and leg. while investigating that shooting a 22-year old man was dropped off at temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back but when he was shot he stated the frankford area police believe these shootings are connect. both victims are expect to survive. a female schoolteacher high school teacher at that under arrest accused of having sex with the male student that she teaches english in upper dublin high school. dave kinchen has latest on this investigation. >> dave what do we know about this teacher. >> reporter: very disturbing allegations involving a teacher who according to police is popular with student here at upper dublin high school.
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investigators say 39 year-old rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with, 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault after an allege relationship with an 18 year-old student, male student that began last december. investigators say student and others hung out in the classroom where she gave them school from time to time. limuli exchanged racey messages with the students over snap chat. conversation as allegedly led to sex at the student's home when his mom was gone. sex in the nearby dog park and sexual contact in the back of their classroom while class was going on. investigators say she would whisper sexual remarks to him in class. initially police say the teach are bought him gifts, dirt bike, clothes, shoes and grand in cash. pennsylvania law forbid a relationship between a teacher and a student even though this student was of legal age. couple other notes, we know school district says that the the teacher has been suspended
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pending the outcome of the case, and she was released on $50,000 bail, and ordered not to have any contact, with students. she is due back in court may 16th. back to you good we will check back in on this case. thanks, dave. investigators are working to figure out what caused a deadly crash in east falls sunday night. and we now know the identities of the two people died. police say a car carrying three adults and four kid slid out of control on henry avenue and t bone another car. crash killed, zaire ross wilson and eric barksdale per hose were eject from the front seat. only person in the car in the seat wearing a seat belt, was a seven year-old girl. she suffered severe brain and abdominal injuries. >> everyone that was restrain, there would clearly be less severe injuries for sure and maybe not anybody killed but we really don't know because you can still get an internal injury from a crash like that. it is always better to wear a
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seat belt. >> investigators say sunday's rain could have played a major factor in this. a total of nine people were taken to the hospital, three are still in critical condition. no word when wilmington police could make an announcement about the charges in the death of the girl who died after a fight at school. memorial outside of howard high school of technology continues to grow, to honor of amy joyner francis. the bathroom brawl was nearly two weeks ago. the last week police say they still had more evidence to sift through before announcing charges. three other female students are persons of interest in the case. they are suspended from school right news. investigators trying to figure out what left an oil sheen on the schuylkill river. this is what the mess looked like last night around 6:00 o'clock right here at chestnut street. the sheen stretching down the river for what would amount for several blocks. now comes task of figuring out what it is. the fire department and kes gar tell us that they are working to do just that. they say crews are heading
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back out this morning. if they cannot fine the source, well, now. the phillies hoping to extend their winning streak to seven games in st. louis last night. earl will i on it looked like this is looking good. great pitching and big hitting. this is freddie galvis driving in two runs with the double in the third. phillies fans in st. louis. thanks for your support. three to nothing would be the lead, thanks to mr. galvis. however, the cardinals bats would come alive and boy, did they ever. adam winewright, the pitcher? he hits a long three run home run in the fourth to tie the game. one of the five home runs cardinals hit last night. they beat the phillies ten-three. all right. four game series and they will play again tonight, game to, first pitch at 8:05. aaron nola with the start for phillies. a sick out for a local convenient store but guy cops say tried to hold people up
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using his finger. what he asked the clerk before this all started. she could in the wait for prom night. she showed up in a gorgeous gown and posted pictures. now she says she wishes she had never gone at all. cruel thing that happened to ruin her big night. bob kelly, wet road out there. >> rain will ruin our morning rush hour, already a slow go here on the schuylkill expressway, we've got an accident on i-95, we will check with mass transit and airport, stay there we will be right back.
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so yah, here we are with soaking rains, continuing today. i rolled in yesterday. at least we did see some sunshine. we have thunderstorms that could still pop up. we are in the seeing anymore this morning. we had loud ones last night. heavy rain through the morning rush on and off. it will be heavy at times. we could have a inch to 3 inches on have rain when all is said and done. all that green on ultimate doppler radar, where ever you see yellow is a heavy downpour like this one in montgomery county stretching over into bucks county and some steady rain down to the south as well and even more on the way as you can see it streaming from the south and west. we will zoom in. it looks like rain around licensingneck and rehoboth beach, cape may, atlantic city, millville getting a break right now. wilmington steady rain here as well as in the city, out to the west in chester county and in the mountains it seems like this area of heavier rain is to our northern bucks and
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montgomery counties this morning. that is what is going on. be prepared for this to last on and off throughout the rush hour. we will have breaks in the action here and there and then probably a dry spell around the middle will of the day. it doesn't look like we will get sunny like we did yesterday. we look socked in from included with the future cast but it may stay dry a little bit but rain is never far off because by tomorrow morning we have in other showers around. they linger into the afternoon on and off, all they, wednesday has our best chance of being a largely, dry day. and then thursday, we see more rain, returning. so that is the deal, it stays unsettled for the rest of the week but this may end up being the worst what we're experiencing from last night into this morning. 5 miles visibility at philly international, 3 miles in lancaster, reduced visibility in pot pot town and trenton as well. temperatures are much milder then they were yesterday, 57 degrees here in the city 53 in allentown. forty-seven in mount pocono.
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fifty-nine, almost 60 in dover, delaware as we get started. wind every coming out of the north east, again, that is where we will get that warm, that i should say, moist air, coming in off the ocean, that damp, damp air that we had outside right the now. 70 degrees is our average high. we have gotten closer to average yesterday with a high temperature of 65 but it has been a cool trend. what about the future? well, is there once again a lit built of rain in the forecast about every single will day, the temperatures in the lower 60's through thursday and friday and it does look like we will warm up over the weekend. the slight chance of showers on saturday and then gannon sunday but our temperatures at least will be in the mid 70's's we could rise in the upper 70's by monday, of next week. so yes, everything the flowers, and all get a nice, soaking but hopefully in time for mothers day, it will get a little break for part of the
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day. >> your flowers will be bought full, huge. from all this rain we're having. good morning. 4:17. up and adam already a problem here on i-95. this is i-95 southbound, right at naamans road here right at the i-95, 495 split, so if you are heading south look at emergency crew is here out, only the left lane is getting on through as you roll south on i-95. we are jammo heading south down toward wilmington. rest of the major roadways, the vine expressway is opened, they do not do any construction last night. mostly all of the construction was pretty much rained out from the heavy rain, south on i-95, looking good at the moment. be careful in the work zones, again, the deal as you are rolling southbound on i-95 in the condition trucks zone look at this guy without his headlights on. look at this knuckle head. >> what? >> it looks like he doesn't have his headlights on, he
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just has his what do you call them the lower lights, fog lights, yeah, westbound on pennsylvania turnpike, an accident right here near fort washington. what i was saying about the construction is like i-95 where they go down to three lanes because they have all those lanes shifts, the drainage grates are located in one of those travel lanes. so all of that roadway is kind of, curved, so the water initial to the drains. so you are driving through those puddles, and we see that hydroplaning happen, when the speeds are a little higher then they should be and that leads to the accidents. just kind of painting a picture. i guarantee that is what will happen here this morning. mass transit, everybody is off to a good start but watch out all of the platforms will be slippery, boarding and exiting the buses, the steps will be slippery both market frankford and broad street subway lines they are still using shuttle buses until 5:00. water main break in south
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jersey route 47 at broad street. so far so good at the airport but we are going to see delays during the morning rush hour, chris, back over to you. thanks, bob. jerry sandusky is awaiting a judge's decision about whether he will be granted a new trial. former penn state assistant football coach showed up in court in his orange jump suit, they is, getting ready for court. his defense team argues that sandusky's former council was ineffective and failed to advise him of available options. the convictions of being a child molester did not have an active role in the hearing but the attorney read this statement from jerry sandusky himself. >> just like the rest of the world, i am imperfect. however, i stand firm in knowing my slate is clean of these alleged heinous crimes. i have not been one to turn my back on in justice. this is an opportunity for all to realize and separate from the people hoff disguised and masked their motives in
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action. >> again, an attorney reading jerry sandusky's statement. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years for child sex abuse. no word when the judge will make his decision about his appeal. jury selection continues in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah. he appeared in the federal court in center city yesterday. prosecutors say fattah misused campaign fund and grants, as well as accepted bribes, opening statements in the trial are set for may 16th, congressman fattah has held office since 1983 but just lost primary election last week. his son chaka fattah junior is serving time in federal prison on a tax conviction. guilty is verdict jurors handed a man after little will more than an hour of deliberations, they say he told his girl friend in her dorm room in millersville university. orrostieta now stand guilty of third degree murder in the death of the 18 year-old carli hall. orrostieta told police, that they had been drinking, when
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they got in the fight over spilled noodles and she hit her head last year. but prosecutors say he beat and strangled her. the convictions carry a maximum sentence of 40 years. atlantic city will not default on the debt thanks to the large payment made. mayor don guardian says cash strapped shore town made the large one payment yesterday. mayor says things are so bad that the city is quote, running on fumes. but it doesn't think a full state take over is an answer to the city's problems. >> we have made a decision to paid our bond payment as of 10:00 o'clock this morning, of 1.8 million-dollar. if i believed that a full state take over would help save atlantic city, i would takely conceded ape would i surely support its passage but i don't. >> bipartisan take over plan has passed state senate but vincent preto is not putting it up for a vote.
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he claims it will allow the state to break union contracts. after two attempts police say a man pulled off a robbery using his fingers as a weapon. actual scheme was caught on camera as they targeted two victims, with his finger this morning police are searching for a man whom they say approached two customers inside bp gas station in north philadelphia last wednesday on ridge and girard avenue, police say man jumped, or jammed his finger inside unsuspecting customer's back and pretended to have a gun. customers from the gas station they are not amused by this. >> it is crazy and people need to be more alert, with their surroundings. >> looking at video hoping somebody can identify this guy and give us a call with some information good police say the robber was able to getaway with 130 bucks, from one victim at that gas station. police officer advoids animal cruelty charges for killing a california and dumping the body in the dumpster. instead officer layton
4:23 am
parcells received a citation for shooting the six year-old tab i. that decision was handed down by northampton county district attorney's office. the officer found the cat badly injured last december and euthanized him by firing a single shot with his service revolver. the d.a. says there was no malicious intent. >> i believe he made a judgment call many would moth agree with and i think perhaps the officer could have extended other efforts to capture the cat and get to some vet or at least to assess it before the cat's life was terminated. >> authorities launch investigation after receiving a petition with more than 212,000 signatures, the tern for sugar's owner says that they are disappointed with the ruling and feel the officer should have been at least discipline. here's something you do not hear very often, there are currently better playoff games right now and they are not happening in the nba. why howard thinks if you want to see some great games, watch some hockey. here are your winning lottery numbers.
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chicago cubs, they have the best record in baseball and they are keeping it up, too. to pittsburgh where the fans are, there is nothing to do in pittsburgh. you can watch the game but come on now.
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double steal by the cubs, they are so aggressive and they are so good and they are forced pittsburgh into this mistake. wow, bad throw. cubs win it. they keep on winning. pittsburgh is a good team, seven-two. penguins and washington caps just might be the best series they will have in the stanley cup playoffs. nhl playoffs had been terrific and penguins are on fire. lets go to pittsburgh. tough game. tough hit. johansen gets crushed. the caps goes down, by the penguin, wow, he might get suspended or get find but penguins were playing great hockey. watch this pass and shot. between the legs. pittsburgh went up three to nothing. they hang on to win three-two over washington an lead two-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:27. we are tracking this what an active radar, sue will have more after i clear my throat.
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plenty on have green on this ultimate doppler radar picture, wet red ways and thunderstorms that were pretty loud overnight. are they coming back in when will we get rid of this? we will have the answers in the weather authority forecast. breaking news overnight the two cousins rush to the hospital after being shot
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early this morning, why officials believe that this shooting may have been random. plus more breaking news two men taken to the hospital in two different times, reason police believe these shootings are connect. good day everyone it is a busy tuesday may third, 2016. lets get back to sue serio because boy it was active last night. it looks like it will rain most of the day, sue. >> we have rain coming through during the morning rush. you can see this rain extending through new england down to the carolinas and beyond, even rain around atlanta this morning. all part of the same weather system that is very slowly moving through. we will zoom in and she you where heaviest rain is just south of maryland and then we have steady rain in sussex county delaware. now another round heading into kent county, so all of delaware affect. little dry right now in cumberland county, new jersey but heavier rain, also up in bucks county here in pennsylvania, and some showers that are pretty steady in the mountains as well. that is what is going on the
4:32 am
at the moment. we have 57 degrees in philadelphia you can see how wet it is, very drippy, raining right new relative humidity at 87 percent. 7 miles an hour wind. reduced visibility in spots because of all of this moisture around. 3 miles in lancaster and pottstown, reduced visibility in trenton as well. 53 degrees in allentown. fifty-five in trenton. it is chillier 47 in mount pocono. fifty-five in atlantic city. fifty-seven in wilmington. these are milder then yesterday but we don't expect temperatures to rise too much because we're really not expecting much if any sunshine, clouds and showers throughout lunchtime at least. it may dry out for the afternoon with a high of 62 degrees but again, cloud, persist, sunset times 7:58. that is your very damp, tuesday forecast, we will see the sun again, we will tell you when, coming up, bob kelly. >> mentioned those thunder boom their came through last night. i did not the hear a thing, however austin was in bed, in
4:33 am
the middle will when i got up. so i sense that they did hit us and i was sweet dreams but all of the kid were in the bed this morning. good morning, everybody 4:33. live look at i-95 southbound an accident right here near naamans road only one lane getting by. look real close here you can see heavy rain hitting puddles already in the roadway, cars rolling through that. we call that ponding where road just kind of or rain becomes a upon the on the road surface. we have got cones down, southbound, again coming to a crawl here, heading in to naamans road. another accident this is southbound on the roosevelt boulevard right before the schuylkill expressway, so again watch for the ponding, the puddles, slower than normal traffic this morning, give yourself plenty of extra time. in problems on the bennie. pennsy turnpike westbound an accident at fort washington. it will be one of those kind of days, as sue mentioned bad
4:34 am
hair day, don't wear your good shoes, make sure the kid have the the rain slickers and their boots and everything ready to go here. market frankford line and subway still using shuttle will buses until 5:00 a.m. as if we need more water a water main break in millville route 47 closed southbound right at broad street right there in the heart of the town. so trying to stay with 55, as the alternate. we will have have weather delays, no doubt about it, down here at philly international today. if you have a flight scheduled out or dropping somebody off stay close to the airline and check with the travel times there mass transit regionals patco and new jersey transit, so far so good. >> we have breaking news out of north philadelphia, police say a teenage boy and female cuss written shot overnight, even after being shot in the leg, several times, this 16 year-old was still able to run, two blocks, to safety. steve keeley live, with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: he was shot four times, three times in the leg once in the arm. twenty year-old cousin shot
4:35 am
with the grazed wound to the back and when you are out on the streets of 1:00 a.m. on the school night police oner if the 16 year-old either didn't plan to go in school or is still in school and likely won't be in school today if he is. police say he and his cousin say they were shot two blocks from where they lived together. no motive. in crime scene, that means in blood, no bullet casings where they were shot and in witnesses. we have more breaking news, out of frank for this time, where philadelphia police are investigating another double shooting this shooting happened around 10:00 0 block of charles street. police tell fox 29 that a 20 year-old man was dropped off at aria frankford hospital with gunshot wound to his arm and legals. while investigating that shooting a 22-year old man was dropped off at temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back. when asked where he was shot? he said in the frankford area police believe they are
4:36 am
connect. both victims are expect to survive. 4:36. new jersey governor chris chris toty says he is making all of the states test for lead in their the water starting next school year. governor yesterday said in the last legislature for ten million-dollar to pay for testing in about 300 schools starting in the fall. he says that the states education department will publicly, test the results and notify parent immediately if the detection of the lead. federal law requires testing only in schools that run their own water systems. a man who was a loud to leave a correctional center to work has gone missing. search is underway delaware for brian cooper, the 49 year-old left the suspect's work release center in georgetown yesterday and then never return. the corrections center where he was staying, allowed the prisoners to work as as transition back in the community. cooper was serving for violation of the probation related to a original charge of robbery. let's go to dave kinchen. a local teacher has been
4:37 am
arrested, dave. >> reporter: that is right arrested on charges of sexual assault after what police are calling an improper relationship. after the break we will tell you how long police say this relationship lasted, bob? hey, dave good morning everybody. 4:37. we have a heavy rain, wipers on and headlights on and be extra careful in the work zones like right along route 202. we will check mass transit and airport when we come right back.
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we had loud thunderstorms overnight but guess what, there is more rain out there and more rain you will encounter if you are leaving anytime soon. you can see it is raining just about every where. even if you have a dry spot right now, sorry, the rain is coming back. we will have the entire seven day forecast coming up, chris movie any just a few. >> see new a bit. in montgomery county high school english teacher accused of having sex with the student. the teacher is a woman. student a male. dave kinchen is on it from upper dublin high school. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. teacher is a popular english teacher here at upper dublin high school, that is what investigators are saying here. thirty-nine year-old rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault after an alleged relationship with a 18 year-old male student that began last december, reportedly to authorities on march 31st, reported by school
4:41 am
administrators after rumors started circulating. investigators say student and others hung out in her classroom where she would often give them food and limuli exchanged racey messages with the student on snap chat and exchanged more than 200 phone calls over several months have the the conversations led to sex in the student's home when his mother was home, sex in the nearby dog park and even sexual contact allegedly in the back of her classroom while class was going on. additionally limuli brought the teen gifts, including a dirt bike, clothes, shoes and a grand in cash. police say that pennsylvania law forbids such a relationship between a teacher and a student even though this student was of legal age. will school district says she has been suspended pending the outcome of the case. she has been released on unsecured, $50,000 bail, and has been ordered not have to have any contact with this student or other students as well. back to you. >> well, that last order makes sense. dave, thanks, sir.
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it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. we had wild thunderstorms but worse of it was in the washington d.c. northern virginia area with the local storm reports. we had some reports of wind damage, in washington d.c. a lot of cars also damaged by hail.
4:45 am
there were reports of the hail in harrington delaware and georgetown delaware in kent and sussex counties. respectively. no report of wet it was baseball size or dime sized but it was hail and it was loud. thunder was loud. and, we will see as we look the at radar that there isn't any more lightening on radar. that is a good thing but we still have soaking rains from pretty much the entire region. we will see a dry air in berks, lancaster county but there is more rain on the way and that is how we will be at least for the rest of the morning rush, if it is raining, cape may, raining in atlantic city, raining in wilmington delaware and here in philadelphia it is a steady rain, looking out window and think oh, i have to go out there yeah, we all do so we have to try to make the best of it and if you are in bucks county, it seems you are getting heavy rain as well. watch out for ponding on the roadways. if you see a completely covered roadway we say it a all the time but it is important, turnaround, don't
4:46 am
drawn. now, throughout the rest of the morning you'll see spotty showers continuing, the occasional heavy downpours but after lunchtime i think we will see a dry period of time, maybe a sprinkle or two. it will stay cloudy it looks like for the rest of the day to day but that is the deal. rain is not that far away. it comes back tomorrow morning. it is a little will more spotty on wednesday and not as heavy as rain we're seeing right now but it is still very unsettled for the rest of the workweek, visability is reduced in many places only 2 miles in wilmington, delaware. it is a milder morning then yesterday. 57 degrees in philadelphia, 47, in mount pocono, upper 50's in dover, mid 50's in reading, and winds are still coming out of the north east that on shore flow. so 07 degrees is our average. will we ever get back to average? we didn't yesterday but we will get closer with 65. we will stay in the lower 60's for rest of the week because of a lot of cloud cover. we may see breaks of sunshine like we did briefly yesterday but as we head into the
4:47 am
weekend, mothers day actually on sunday. what am i doing? well, it should be every day, isn't it true? but anyway, temperatures improve this weekend into the weekend. now i'll get my act together. >> that is just a reminder for folks to buy flowers on saturday, for mom on sunday is what you're doing there. 4:47. it is early. we're up and some folks are already out here. live look at i-95 southbound. an accident right here near naamans road as you head south right at the split there for i-95 and 495. a ton of emergency equipment and only the left lane gets by. now they are blocking traffic again they are intermittently. heading south this morning be ready for a stoppage right here as you get to that naamans road split at 495. an accident southbound on the roosevelt boulevard right here before you get to the
4:48 am
schuylkill expressway, again it looks like all lanes block here, probably to get a tow truck hook up to the vehicle. otherwise coming from south jersey slower than normal, all of the road will be slow this morning because of the heavy rain, going along witt. forty-two, 55, new jersey turnpike, an accident, west, on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is out near, fort washington, which is route 309, there. expect weather delays at philly interest the national today, but i will bet you a jelly doughnut we will see delays not only departing flights but arriving flights. so check with your airline. market frankford broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning and over in south injuries any millville we have a the water main break that is all southbound lanes of route 47 blocked, writ here at broad street. heading south, i would use 55 out of vineland to save yourself sometime there. the regional rails, patco, new jersey transit, all, off to a good start but everything will be wet, slippery this morning. chris, back over to you.
4:49 am
ready to talk politics. >> let's do it at 4:49. race for white house voters head to the polls in their big primaries, those states include oregon, nebraska, indiana and washington. republican front runner donald trump is leading by big numbers in most of those states. he has stated if he wins indiana and there are 57 delegates he should become the republican nominee. as for democratic side hillary clinton also holding a big lead in indiana. many experts say this may be the end for bernie sanders. a man known by philly jesus ended up in handcuffs some one posted this picture on instagram. police say the manager of the apple store on 16th and walnut called them regarding someone who would not leave when asked yesterday. police tell fox 29 they arrested him for defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. journalist and author jen miller who took the picture said they kick him out because he wouldn't move his cross.
4:50 am
community rallying around a pottsgrove high school junior after a flurry of nasty comments on social media nearly ruined her prom experience. seventeen year-old taja jones posted pictures from her prom saturday night and she said she had a great time. her photos went viral. she woke up the next morning to dozens of cruel and demeaning comments on line, many of those remarks from strangers. >> people i didn't know just like, that dress is not for her. she looked like a fat something. it just was really hurtful because i was so confident, the day before and it just change my view on myself. >> but negative comments spread others began to stand with taja posting comments of praise and support. she said she is struggling to believe in herself again but has a message for others being bullied. coming up hear her message and her mother join us in the studio at 8:00.
4:51 am
looking forward to that. meantime at 4:51. in your money, boat house row will soon shine brighter then ever. all of the lights that illuminate the 19th century boat houses are planned to be replaced with led lights by the end of july. according to an official at parks and recreation department, the changes will be made before the democratic national convention which is in july. the cost of the renovation is estimated a at $500,000. today is teacher appreciation day and to celebrate a number of places are offering free byes to those who educate others. chick-fil-a will give away a chicken biscuit or sandwich. chipotle has buy one get one free deal, on burritos and salad. there is free coffee at mcdonald's. all you have to do is show your employee id, thank you for your services, teachers. boy, did the stars show up for fashions big's night, the met gala, this morning we have got all of the outrageous
4:52 am
costumes. mystery beauty treatment.
4:53 am
what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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it is pouring now at fourth and market and on the ben franklin parkway. give your some extra time.
4:55 am
biggest celebrity in the world attended monday night's super bowl of fashion at the met gala in new york. this years theme, fashion in an age of technology. beyonce stepped out, on the multi colored red carpet, without husband jay-z wearing a latex dress. dang. taylor swift co hosted invitation only party for stars, designers and sponsors. there she is looking stunning in the silver mini. complete with cut outs. you go, taylor. plus, black heels and uncharacteristically dark lipstick. look at those. what do those cost like $9,000 per boot. one of of the biggest jaw droppers came from singer rita orr, check out her feather cut out dress. >> wow. >> okay. >> reality star turned model ken dell jenner, really stood out. lady gaga was there, she also
4:56 am
haddon a metallic jack wet a coat to match. none of that looks comfortable. then we have kim and kanye, lets see kim and kanye, do we really care about kim and kanye, wow, there they are, look at kanye's jacket. that is cool. metallic body arm or, kim dressed in a dress and kanye in a jacket and jeans but it was the context that had people talking. take a look at his eyes, have you seen his eyes. they are blue contacts. okay. all right. we have more on the fashion's biggest night coming up around 9:45. we will see kanye's eye. 07 miles an hour is about to be the new posted speed limit on more highways across pennsylvania starting to day. if you cannot drive 55, sammy hage air, you can get to 07 on parts of the turnpike and five state highways.
4:57 am
officials weighed factors such as crash histories and work zone. all eyes on the radar this week. a lot of green out there sue will let us know when this will hopefully move out and been has your morning commute straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
it is heavy rain moving into parts of our area this is
5:00 am
live radar of the left ape olde city the on the right. keep your umbrella handy. sue serio is tracking the storm and bob kelly has a eye on the roads. two relatives rush to the hospital after an overnight shooting, one a 16 year-old boy. why police believe it was a random attack. high school teacher charged with having sex, with one of her students. what police say happened at a dog park and in a classroom, while class was going on. good day everybody it is may third, 2016. i'm chris murphy. hopefully lauren is somewhere dry, nice drink on the beach somewhere. >> well, that is not dry, but... >> yes. >> it is just ative rent way. >> yes. >> weather by the numbers, you know what, based on what it is like right now we will go with a four out of ten and probably rest of the day. even when it stops raining we will see cloud cover and it will be


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