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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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live radar of the left ape olde city the on the right. keep your umbrella handy. sue serio is tracking the storm and bob kelly has a eye on the roads. two relatives rush to the hospital after an overnight shooting, one a 16 year-old boy. why police believe it was a random attack. high school teacher charged with having sex, with one of her students. what police say happened at a dog park and in a classroom, while class was going on. good day everybody it is may third, 2016. i'm chris murphy. hopefully lauren is somewhere dry, nice drink on the beach somewhere. >> well, that is not dry, but... >> yes. >> it is just ative rent way. >> yes. >> weather by the numbers, you know what, based on what it is like right now we will go with a four out of ten and probably rest of the day. even when it stops raining we will see cloud cover and it will be damp, drippy.
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we have got plenty of rain on radar. a few areas where it is dry, lancaster county, berks county but rain is coming back to the west of there. you can see around salisbury maryland some heavier rain. we had seen heavier downpours in bucks county and they have moved to the north. you can see how steady it is in the city. yuck. pull covers over your head and go back to sleep. 57 degrees right now with poor visibility in spots. so that along with the ponds on the roadways and hydroplaning that can all slow you down. as one mentioned a little will extra time is a good idea, only 3 miles wrist built at philly international. it is warmer then yesterday though with 57 in the city. forty-seven mount pocono. fifty-five trenton and atlantic city toy get you started. these temperatures as 9 degrees warmer then it was, yesterday at this time. so here's your summary of the day, plenty of cloud cover, we may ease up on the rain just after lunchtime but the cloud will still persist and we will
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get a high temperature of 62 degrees. not the best looking tuesday, bob kelly, but there is a lot to do on a rainy day. >> you are right, lot of indoor activity, grilled cheese for lunch, something i'm looking forward to, maybe a little tomato soup in there. >> really. >> yes. >> and then more grilled cheese. >> 5:02. good morning, everybody. great example of the road and what we are dealing w you can see the rain coming down heavily here on i-95. you will see that spray being kick up. they just opened up the lanes on i-95 south right here near naamans road where they have been dealing with the crash. just watch for the delays heading south into wilmington. hello, to the shaders, a live look at route 73, just off of right near the old pennsauken mart to give you a location here. here's an example of the 42 freeway just ayuky tuesday morning. check your personal day count.
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use cash today, otherwise, plug in that lap top and work from home. no problems here the on the turnpike, in problems along route 30. i hope we will not be testing out that 07-mile an hour speed limit here this morning on these roadways because the speeds have to be kept down. you'll see delays. factor in extra wiggle room, extra room for your timetable here today, weather delays, expect the at philly international. if you are watching us down the shore atlantic city, brigantine connection closed for ten days. just follow detours down at the shore towns and then in millville, new jersey just what we need a water main break route 47 south blocked at broad street. heading south out of vineland this morning use 55 to play it safe. chris back to you. lets get to our developing story this morning out of north philadelphia, police on the the hunt for a man who walk up and shot a teenage boy and woman around 1:00 in the morning. steve keeley live at police headquarters with the story that happened less than four
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hours ago, steve. >> reporter: most 16 years old are home asleep at 1:00 a.m. but not this one who tells police maybe he wishes he was. instead he and his 20 year-old cousin a female were outside at park and somerset, just innocently minding their own business, standing there when an unknown guy for an unknown reason started shooting them. in robberies or no motive but no crime scene either because police went to park and somerset found no blood, no bullet casings and nobody who heard any gunshots. the two ran two blocks from their home at 12th and glenwood where police found them sitting on the steps. he shot four times. she's grazed in the back. the both stable at temple, chris. their story, unstable with police. steve keeley live, thank you. at 5:04. police in frankford are investigating a double shooting that happened around 10:00 in the 4900 block of charles street. police tell fox 29 that a 20 year-old man was dropped off at aria frankford hospital
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with gunshot wounds to to his arm and legs. while investigating that scene a 22-year old man was dropped off at temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back. he said he was shot in the frankford area police believe those shootings are connect. high school edge establish teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students. dave kinchen on this one from upper dublin high school, dave. >> reporter: chris, investigators are working on this story, and as the details have come in, and the allegations are pretty disturbing for a lot of people here at upper dublin high school. investigators say rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault after an alleged relationship with an 18 year-old male student that began last december and lasted several months. investigators said the student and others hung out in her classroom where she gave them food at times. limuli a electrically
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exchanged racey text messages on snap chat, conversations allegedly leading to sex at the student's house when his mother was there, sex in the nearby dog park and even sexual contact in the the back of her classroom, when class was going on. again these are allegations here. now additionally police say that she bought the teen gifts including a dirt bike, clothes, shoes and a grand in cash. police say pennsylvania law forbids such a relationship between the teacher and a student even though the student was of legal age. school district says she has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. police say that she has been released on, $50,000 bail and as a condition, she's required not to have any contact with this student or any others at this time. she's back in court later this month. back to you. >> thanks, dave. 5:06. investigators are working to figure out what caused a deadly crash in east falls sunday night. we now know identities of the two people that died. car carrying three adults and
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four children slipped out out control and t boned another car. the crash killed, 20 year-old zaire ross wilson and six year-old eric barksdale perez who were both eject from the car's front seat. the only person in the car seat or wearing a seat belt was a seven week old girl. she suffered severe brain and abdominal injuries. >> if everyone was restrained there would less severe injuries for sure. maybe not anybody killed. but we really don't know. you can still get an internal injury from a crash like that. but it is always positive to wear a seat belt. >> investigators say sunday's rain could have played a major factor in that accident. three people involved in the crash are still in critical condition. no word when wilmington police could make an announcement about charges in the death of the girl who died, after a fight, at school. a memorial outside of howard high school of technology, continues to grow in honor of 16 year-old amy francis joyner. the bathroom brawl was nearly two weeks ago and over the weekend hundreds turnout for a
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church memorial service for amy. the last week police say they still have have more evidence, to sift through before announcing any charges. three other female students are persons of interest in this case and they are suspended for school. guilty, that is the verdict jurors handed down on a man after a little will more than an hour of deliberating. they say he killed his girlfriend in his dorm room at millersville university which is just south of lancaster. gregorio orrostieta now stand guilty of third degree murder in the death of the 18 year-old carli hall. orrostieta told police they had been drinking when they got in the fight over spilled noodles and she hit her head last year. but prosecutors say he beat and strangled her. the convictions, carries a maximum sentence of 40 years. jury selection continues today in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah. he appeared in the federal court in center city yesterday. prosecutors say fattah misused campaign fund and grants and as well as accepted bribes. he made no comments when he
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left court. opening statements set for may 16th. congressman fattah has held office since 1983, but just last the primary election last week. his son chaka fattah junior is serving time in federal prison on tax convictions. jerry sandusky awaiting a a judge's decision about whether he will be granted a new trial, former penn state assistant football coach showed up in court yesterday in his orange jump suit. he is currently going through a defense team and issuing a statement and letting them defend, and then he read the statement to the public. he and his counsel was ineffective and failed to advice him of his available options in his first trial. it means that he is serving as much as 60 years in prison. the convicted child molester did not have an act i have role in the hearing but his attorneys did read this statement. >> just like the rest of the world, i am imperfect, however, i stand firm in knowing my slate is clean of these alleged happy us crimes.
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i have in the been one to turn my back on injustice, this is an opportunity for all to realize and separate from the fair sees hoff disguised and, mask their motive in action. >> no word when the judge will make a decision about sandusky's appeal. all right. 5:10. they say all good things must come to an end and that is exactly what happened with the phillies winning streak. darn it. early on it looked like phillies would win their seventh straight, with freddie galvis driving in two runs. this was a double in the third inning. as phillies would go up at this point. three to nothing. look good, right. the pitching has been so good. you think they would win their seventh straight. then that is the pitcher, for the cardinals. his name is adam wainwright and then he can hit and pitch. that is a three run home run. to the fourth now, what a five of home runs cardinals hit
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last night. >> gone. >> cardinals beat phillies ten -three. that was first of the four game series. they will play again tonight at 8:05. aaron necessity lah gets the ball for the phillies. still ahead philly jesus under arrest, why he was putting handcuffs at an apple store. check out the radar right now, it is going to be a really wet morning for you, sue has your full forecast next.
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so, expect milder temperatures this morning then we had yesterday when all of the temperatures were in the 40's. we are in the upper 50's in a lot of places to start your day. heavy rain continues through the morning rush. i think this will be the worst of it that we will experience today is now, and over the next couple of hours. we could end up to an inch or 3 inches of rain when all is said and done. so, right now we have a few areas of heavier rain, it looks like right across the river in new jersey, almost all of delaware, south jersey, the shore may be getting a tiny break but you you will get more. this area of heavy rain just popped up in gloucester and parts of the camden county, just to the east of 295. then we will look up to north of trenton there is heavy rain in the poconos mountains as
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well. you can see it comes, goes it is with us for the rest of the morning. now as we get into lunchtime still a few showers around by noon, have after that we will see a break for many of us but then you just cannot rule out another shower south of us as this persistent weather pattern continues. we will see some rain tomorrow morning as well. no, sir as heavy as what we're experiencing right now but still damp, drippy and we will maybe dry off a little bit on thursday. things are looking better though i have to say as we get closer to the weekend, at least for now. 3-mile visibility at philly international and areas with some fog. it is 55 degrees in pottstown. fifty-nine in dover. forty-seven in mount pocono. with that northeasterly flow that keeps us cloudy even when it is in the raining. 70 degrees is our average high. we hoped to get closer. it was a week ago we got to 86 n temperatures took a big plunge after that. well, for the rest of the
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workweek it does look like temperatures will stay in the lower 60's with a chance of rain each and every day but partly sunny skies for saturday and for mothers day on sunday, if this forecast holds up, mix of sun and cloud, maybe more included then sun but a high temperature of 73 degrees. perfect for mom. bob kill i. >> perfect. >> you have got flowers on the right day, we are good to go. good morning everybody. wow, take a look at this one it is being men. >> there you go. >> it is a song, weather girls, we will play that in just a couple minutes good play it right now. >> hold on, i put requests into megan p in the control room. she will handle that for us. here's a live look at aramingo and somerset in the neighborhood an example of what is going to hit you when you step out that front door. kid need their umbrellas and rain slickers. don't wear your good shoes this morning. it will be a bad hair day. here's an example of the 42
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freeway we have got that spray kicking up off cars and trucks in front of you there. just watch the speed, factor in some extra time, and just one of those yucky starts to a tuesday morning. here's the folks coming in toward philadelphia, there. we had that overturn tractor trailer is what it turns out to be, southbound i-95 right here near naamans road. lanes are opened, probably still going to lay there until after the morning rush hour, hopefully but just expect delays heading down toward naamans road, slower than normal speeds expected across the board this morning on all of our major roadways and also delays expected today at philly international because of the heavy rain. if you are watching us down the shore this is a new detour that went into effect yesterday, atlantic city brigantine connection bridge closed through next week went construction, water main break in millville route 47 southbound block at broad street, and if you are heading south out of vineland i would stick with 55. as far as mass transit, no big delays but keep in mind all of
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the platforms, especially those metal stairs, they will be wet for regional rails. same deal for patco, new jersey transit, all of the buses, things could be slippery. you may have to jump over the puddle from the curb to get to that bus this morning. so just use some caution as you roll out and head for mass transit this morning. chris, back over to you. investigators are trying to figure out what left an oil sheen along the schuylkill river. sky fox over it around 6:00 o'clock last night, so take a look for yourself, you make this out? this is right here near chestnut street. the sheen is stretching down the river, what would be a several blocks. now comes the task of figuring out what this is. the fire department and coastguard tell us they are working to do just that. they say crews may head back out there this morning but sky fox over the scene last night, a little after the dinner hour. atlantic city will not default on the debt thanks to the large payment just made. mayor don guardian says the
5:19 am
cash strapped shore town made a large bond payment yesterday. the mayor says things are so bad that the city is quote running on fumes but he doesn't think a full state take over is the answer to the cities woes. >> we have made the decision to pay our one payments as of 10:00 o'clock this morning, of 1.8 million-dollar. if i believed that a full state take over would help save atlantic city, would i say quickly, conceded as the right path to follow and i would truly support its passage but i don't. >> bipartisan take over flap has passed state senate but vincent pre to is not the putting it up for a vote. he claims it will allow the state to break union contracts. a police officer in northampton avoid animal cruelty charges for killing a cat and then dumping the cat in the dumpster. instead officer parcells received a citation for shooting sugar this six year-old tab i, that is the decision handed down by the
5:20 am
northampton county d.a.'s office. the officer said he found the the cat badly injured last december and euthanized him by firing a single shot with his service revolver. d.a. says there was no million establish us intent. >> i believe he made a judgment call which folks may not agree with and i think perhaps the officer could have extended other efforts to capture the cat and get to some vet to assess it before the cats life was terminated. >> investigators launched the investigation after receiving a petition with more than 212,000 signatures. not 212 signatures, 212,000 signatures. the as you saw nearly 13,000. attorney for the own are says they are disappointed with the ruling and feel that officer should have been discipline. a man was allowed to leave a correctional center to work is now missing. a search is underway in delaware for brian cooper the 49 year-old left sus second work release center in
5:21 am
georgetown after being let out during that work release program and then he never came back. the corrections center where he is staying allows offenders to go out and try to transition in the community. cooper was serving for a violation of probation related to a original charge of robbery. the search is on for this guy. man known as philly jesus ended up in handcuffs last night some one who saw it happen posted this picture on instagram. police say the manager at the apple store at 16th an walnut called them regarding someone who would not leave when asked. police tell fox 29 they have arrested him for defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. journalist and author jen miller said they king him out because he would not move his cross. still ahead, costing more to netflix and chill, the new rate plan for some of the streaming services, but first customers, but is there a genetic component to happiness? find out what researchers have discovered about how people perceive their well-being. live look at ben franklin parkway for you, on this rainy
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cooperate not stopped the weather is the song and it ace pope eighth for today. look at that radar just dumping and it has for hours now. lets turn tour health this morning. researchers have located genes linked to happiness. an international team studied hundreds of thousands of people, and they found three genetic barriers associated with how happy a person thinks their life is. these genes were mainly elected in the central nervous systems. adrenal and pancreatic tissue. study only found association, they did in the prove these genes are totally responsible for how happy you are. dieting can do more than improve your health but it can help your mood as well as you, help sleep as well. researchers did a two year study where some people were asked to limit their calories and other people company ruled whatever they wanted. people who had limited calories lost close to 17-pound on average but also had improved mood and they slept better. in your money, netflix
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subscribers see a 25 percent increase, two years ago netflix started to describe new subscribers 9.99 for access to the streaming service. the existing subscribers paid 7.99. they were grandfathered in. well that party has ended. starting in may subscribers who paid $7.99 have to pay now an extra two bucks, 9.99. it is estimated that the hike will result in 4 percent of the subscribers ditching the service. still ahead a stick up at a local convenient store, a man tried to hold people up but he wasn't using a gun, his weapon of choice straight ahead. sue, good morning.
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hey, it is copping down pretty good. this is a live look at city hall for you. the rapist moving through. that was city hall just moments ago. it looks like a whole different story there in it is just raining every where. sue, we will have a look -- we have cameras all over the place. so, two relatives rush to the hospital after an overnight shooting. one a 16 year-old boy. why police believe it was a random attack. a high school teacher charged with having sex with the student what police say happened at a dog park and in the classroom while class was
5:30 am
going on? seriously. good day, it is may third, 2016. lauren has the morning off. the big story right now is from sue serio, my goodness this rain. >> soaking rains, out there this morning. for some of us thunderstorms that woke us up in the middle of the night. that might have happened. even with a little sleep deprivation, bus stop buddy is smiling. we have showers, fog out there, temperatures are milder though then they were yesterday. we are in the 50's this morning. we can see a whole lot of rain heading our way, the rain is stretching from new england down to the carolinas and beyond, but for us, it is raining, just about every where in our viewing area, if you are in a dry slot right now like they are in berks county you can see out to the west is there even more rain on the way. that is the deal for the rest of the morning rush. take your time out there, 57 degrees, 7-mile an her breeze out of the east/north east and you you can see it in the streetlights there how it is raining just steadily, yucky this morning, reduced
5:31 am
visibility in some places due to all this moisture in the air. including philadelphia international where we have 3 miles visibility this morning 567892 degrees in allentown. lancaster is milder at 57. fifty-five atlantic city. fifty-nine in dover. temperatures are as much as 9 degrees milder then they were yesterday at this time, so we will plan on cloud, all day long even when it is in the raining and maybe dryer this afternoon for the drive home then it is right now. high temperature is 62 degrees as included persist, all day long, bob kelly, yuck. >> yuck. >> there you go with a capital y. 5:31. here's a live look at state road and academy up there in northeast philadelphia i believe that would be the tacony palmyra bridge there in the background. old fish hatcheries off linden avenue out there on the river. but we have a steady heavy rain here as you can see in the puddles, looking close in the overhead street ramps.
5:32 am
hopefully you have good wiper blades, probably good way to invest ten bucks today if you don't because it sound like you will need wipers all week long doing a lionel rich there i for us. here's a live look at the 42 freeway. we have spray off the cars in front of you. be careful in the work zones here like 42, heading in to 295, drainage greats are all moved around, even in the right spot, so you will quickly be hitting those puddles w that rain coming down so fast in such a short period of time we are finding the puddles and we are finding them quickly. you'll get splashed standing on the bus corner there be careful with the little will ones sending them out the with the rain jacket and umbrella north bound 295 an accident at route 47, slower than normal speeds expected all across the board this morning. so, just pack your patients, give yourself some extra time especially heading to the airport, weather delays are expected today at philly international. chris, back over to you. bob, thank you. meantime the at 5:33. police are on the hunt for a man that they say walk up and
5:33 am
shot a teenage boy multiple times, along with his female cousin. somehow the two were still able to run to safety. steve keeley has the very latest on this for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: both cousins. she's 16. he is 20. she is shot four times. she's grazed in the back. and they now tell police that they live at park and somerset but they did in the run home where they were shot, at park and somerset but they ran one blocks the opposite way to 12th and glenwood where police found them sitting on steps at the another house. police did not find any proof of their story. no blood, no bullet casings, in word on any gunshot we they were shot. this may be a news item that viewers will likely ask, where were the parents and why is a 16 year-old even out on the street at 1c a.m. on a school night? two answers police just don't have here. they wonder how the other answers they have are really true or not. >> nothing good happens at that hour, typically.
5:34 am
5:33. after two attempts a man pulled off a robbery using his finger as a weapon. actual scene caught on camera as he targeted two victims. police are searching for a man who approached two customers inside a bp gas station? north philadelphia at ridge and girard avenue. officials a say that the man jammed his index finger in to the unsuspecting customer's back pretending it was a gun. meanwhile other customers at the gas station well, they are not amused by this. >> it is crazy, and people need to be more alert around their surroundings. >> we have video hoping they can identify this guy and give us a call with some information. >> officials believe that the robber was able to get 130 bucks off the victim at that gas station. if you have any information or recognize the guy, of course, call police. montgomery county teacher is in charge charged with having a inappropriate sexual relationship with the student. she faces 12 counts of
5:35 am
institutional sexual assault for what authorities say she did with an 18 year-old. a judge set lumly's bail at $50,000, and she's due in court in two weeks. the upper dublin school district says it has suspended that teacher pending the outcome of the investigation and she was ordered not to talk to the 18 year-old boy. next up in sports there are better playoff games right now and they are not happening in the nba, why you should be watching hockey, if you want to see some great games. and a live look at the wilmington area right new where the rain is coming down. limuli
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good morning, i'm he howard eskin. new york mets are hot. they have won 12 of their last four including a blow out of the braves last night. let's get to citi field. this was unbelievable. first inning, three home runs, david wright, solo shot. and lucas duda just piles on this team scored 12 runs in the inning last week. they beat atlanta four-one. the those pittsburgh penguins and washington capitols might be the best series they will have in the playoffs. nhl playoffs have been terrific. penguins are really hot. lets get to pittsburgh and take a look tough game and tough for the caps. johansen gets crushed. caps in white, penguins in the dark uniform. that might require some kind of suspension or penalty? nonetheless pittsburgh goes up three to nothing in the game. right between the legs what great passing but they held on
5:39 am
to win three-two over caps and they lead two games to one. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. eagles fans now, of course, have been fired up since the team drafted carson wentz last week as quarterback. pretty soon one area restaurant, will let you eat your feelings about this. yes, tomorrow levittown's big q barbecue will introduce sam bradford sandwich that consists of fried chicken, pulled pork, spicy philadelphia cream cheese, cheddar spread and deep fried jalapenos. that sound delicious. that looks good. owner hopes it will commemorate the end of the sam bradford nightmare. sandwich is free to the first 150 people, and then it will be priced at five bucks until bradford is traded from the eagles. the eagles, however have repeatedly stated they won't trade bradford, they want him there. so will it be bradford traded and then chase daniel the starter and then carson wentz
5:40 am
on the sidelines until he gets ready to take the helm? >> $5. >> after 150 people get it the for free, then it the is five bucks. >> how about this, give a shout out to shane gostisbehere the ghost, who was nominated for caldor cup this year which goes out to the top nhl rookie. good for him. we made playoffs this year. so there you go, the ghost, hopefully a main stain for the flyers. still ahead another round of primaries in the race for white house. candidates polling ahead in indiana and bob kelly how do the roads look. >> i'll tell you here's an example of the blue route 476 right here near saint david/villanova. look the a the spray and rain coming down heavy. we were taking requests for your favorite rain song this morning, and megan the on the turntable. >> ♪ >> it's raining men ♪ good weather girls. here's a live lot at platt
5:41 am
bridge. we will check with the airport and mass transit when we come right back.
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hall of the fame with the four seasons, get this, born in newark, new jersey. how about that. mike jerrick, frankie valley. he has the big broadway hit, and how about that, sue serio. >> have you ever seen that show? it is fantastic. >> yes. >> they name the four seasons after a lounge in new jersey. that is how that happened. there was a lot of severe weather last night. the worst of it around washington d.c. area. we have a few local storm reports of hail, that fell in harrington, delaware and kent county and georgetown down in sussex county a and around washington d.c. we had very high wind, thunderstorm wyndam age, right there in the nation's capitol. we're all getting rain in d.c. down here it is lighter. we are seeing steady toy heavy
5:45 am
rain in the fail and down to the south and north. few dry areas. they don't last for long because rain comes back and that is the deal. so around the delaware beaches, it is raining heavily. we have a break around atlantic city for the moment, wilmington, delaware, philadelphia, still raining, up in the mountains, still raining. it looks like this will persist, for the rest of the morning. now have after run have much time we do see some tapering off, and that is just widely scattered, light showers, throughout the rest of the afternoon. by later on tonight, it looks like maybe just a few stray showers, unless you are down south and then you can see a then are storm or two but not as loud as necessarily it was last night. temperatures will in the change that much, we will start off tomorrow morning, with some widely scattered showers and it stays cloudy the rest of the day, and then, on thursday, it is pretty much the same deal, with all of these days we see temperatures below average in the lower 60's but then things do look a little better as we get
5:46 am
towards the weekend. visibility not great, down to 5 miles an hour at the airport. temperatures are milder then they were yesterday at this time. 57 degrees in philadelphia. forty-seven in mount pocono. fifty-nine in dover, delaware. wind are coming out of the north east, keeping us cloudy even when it is in the rainy, 70 is our average high. we got to 65 yesterday and it will be cooler, actually then that today, starting off in the upper 50's. but with all of these cloud if we get sunshine those temperatures will zoom up, higher. but plan on 60's, lower 60's, throughout the rest of the workweek, and then just in time for the weekend and hopefully this will, time out just right, and we will get a little bit more sunshine that dries out a little bit for saturday, and for mothers day, on sunday. we are expecting a cold front in the morning, but hopefully it will not do too much. that is your seven day forecast, looking better by the weekend. >> yes, we are, not good right now 567:89:46. live lot a the blue route,
5:47 am
just look at the yucky mess, we have spray coming off cars and trucks there. if you have extra zero bucks invest in a good set of wiper blade, they will be the one thing you will use every day, through the weekend here, expect slower than normal speeds as we say good morning to moorestown, new jersey, main street, main and church in the heart of the moorestown. starting to see delays here the on the vine expressway across town trying to exit there for 30th street station. north on 295 an accident at route 47 right before you get in the condition trucks zone. look out in all of the work zones like 295, 42, lane shuffles. tough to see lane markers and drainage grates are all knocked out of the whack. southbound 295 going over delaware memorial bridge that left lane still block with that long term construction, we are starting to see minor delays popping up, on some of the departures down at philly international. that will be the start here, of the rest of the morning so check with the airline before you head down to the a airport.
5:48 am
if you are watching us down the shore the the atlantic city, brigantine connection tunnel there closed for the next ten days all due to construction. mass transit, regionals, patco, new jersey transit all looking good. just watch it could be slippery on all of the platforms this morning. chris and look who came in early today. >> bob, we will get to mike in just a minute. >> you guys make a great team. >> more on me, right. >> but first, in new jersey, yeah, talking about frankie valley turning 82. also the governor, chris christie has rejected, legislation, do you want to take this. >> that would actually have tighten requirements that state employees, pay workers doing the same job and they would have to pay them equally. >> regardless of gender. >> christie conditionally vetoed the measure saying the state has a law that bans gender based pay discrimination. details comes after he earlier vetoed two bills that contain similar provisions. >> that will be a talker for our show.
5:49 am
>> we have chris christie saying that he is making allstate public schools test for lead in their water starting next school year. >> good. >> christie is planning to ask legislature for ten million-dollar to pay for testing in about 300 schools starting in the fall. he says the states education department will publicized the test results and notified parents immediately if the test positive for lead. the state requires them to test for lead only if they run their own system. >> flint, michigan changed everything. >> oh, yeah, for years to come. you are entitle to your opinion. >> you should drop out, it is your turn. take your own word. time to tropical out. >> this is getting embarrassing and ugly. heat exchange in indian between g.o.p. presidential candidate ted cruz and trump supporters. a couple of men told the texas
5:50 am
senator to drop out of the race. donald trump says, he will clinch the republican nomination by winning today's primary in indiana, 57 delegates up for grabs in indiana alone. latest poles have him in a strong lead over cruz in the state. senator cruz campaigned there heavily over last several days. remember he left pennsylvania early and headed over to indiana, and he attended five rallies. ohio governor john case he can is sitting this one out to garner more votes for cruz in indiana. instead he is focusing on the primaries in oregon, nebraska and washington. >> trump and cruz. bernie sanders continue to have a contested convention in philadelphia in july, in matter the outcome, vermont senator plans to campaign and lobby super delegates to support him over hillary clinton. she secured 91 percent of the delegates needed to win the nomination and maintains a wide lead over sanders in the latest poles.
5:51 am
>> 2338 the magic number on the democratic side. mr. jerrick, there is a lot going on this tuesday. >> i have a question right off the top here we will answer this in the 6:00 o'clock hour of good day philadelphia what do joe biden and donald trump have in common? wellably them here to the city of philadelphia to the same event. they will get the same area. >> soon. >> soon. >> in the next few days. >> has nothing to do with their hair because they have similar hair. plus if you want to see something really special we are live at trenton mercer airport this morning before 7:00 o'clock as terminally ill children are heading to disney world this morning, what a special day for them. by the way our bruce gor on is going with them to or land owe. did you see chris jenner a at met gala in new york city last night. >> what is that. >> is that is what i'm asking. we will recap the biggest hits and misses and explain that picture, with chris jenner. >> is that a hat or her hair.
5:52 am
>> it is a horny night. if you need a job, there is a huge jobs fair happening at pennsylvania convention center, it is going to be at noon time today, so guess who is in town to lead this job fair? somebody you have not seen in a while. she got her start on the view, star jones. >> wow. >> star jones is back and she will be back on tv too. she will be live with us to take. >> i like her on the view good i did too. >> she was on there almost ten years. >> one of the original cast members. >> within of the originals. >> see you at 7:00 about eight minutes away. >> 6:00 o'clock. >> what is it 8:00 o'clock. >> maybe 9:00. >> we will see you at ten good we love you. >> still ahead a local girl couldn't wait for prom night. she wishes she never had gone at all. cruel thing that happened that ruined her big night. a live look at the pocono mountains and the beatles, rain.
5:53 am
5:54 am
our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... by colgate.
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new optic white high impact white toothpaste with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter teeth. the designer smile by new colgate optic white high impact white. community record a high school junior after a flurry of nasty comments nearly ruin her prom experience. come on. seventeen year-old, tajia
5:56 am
jones posted pictures from her prom saturday night. she had a great time. her post went viral when she woke up next morning to dozens of cruel, demeaning comments, on line. many remarks, from strangers. >> people i didn't even know just like, that dress is in the for her, you know, she looked like a fat something, it just was really hurtful because i was so confident the day before and it just changed my view on myself. >> but as negative comment spread others began to stand with tajia posting comments of praise and support. she is struggling to believe in herself again but message for others being bullied, coming up on good day hear her message as she and her mother join us in studio coming up at 8:00. next up on good day two relatives rush to the hospital after an overnight shooting, one a 16 year-old boy why police believe it may have been a random attack. high school teacher charged with having sex with a
5:57 am
student, what police say happened at a dog park and in a classroom, while class was going on. a rainy start if you like this weather, stick around sue will have your full forecast straight ahead. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ good day, seattle. the temperature right now at space needle is 46 degrees.
6:00 am
welcome to the great northwest. why is it still raining? when will it clear up in philadelphia. we had a touch of sun yesterday afternoon, it was so pleasant and now the rain is back. sue's on it and so is bob. happening right now... >> a double shooting investigation at least two relatives are hospitalized, who police are looking for and where. plus, stop or i won't shoot. what? a man holds up a local convenient store with his finger. what he has asked the clerk for just before it all went down. it wasn't a ring. good day everybody it is is tuesday may third, 2016. welcome to the program here. it is my daughter, my new granddaughter teddy's birthday. five years ago i was than the even here i was out in the bay area. >> did you get her something. >> we will talk about that later. >> yes. >> yeah,


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