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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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welcome to the great northwest. why is it still raining? when will it clear up in philadelphia. we had a touch of sun yesterday afternoon, it was so pleasant and now the rain is back. sue's on it and so is bob. happening right now... >> a double shooting investigation at least two relatives are hospitalized, who police are looking for and where. plus, stop or i won't shoot. what? a man holds up a local convenient store with his finger. what he has asked the clerk for just before it all went down. it wasn't a ring. good day everybody it is is tuesday may third, 2016. welcome to the program here. it is my daughter, my new granddaughter teddy's birthday. five years ago i was than the even here i was out in the bay area. >> did you get her something. >> we will talk about that later. >> yes. >> yeah, really.
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>> okay. well, it shouldn't surprise you that our number of the day is, well, it is a four out of ten. after the morning rush, things may slow down with this rain a little bit but right new we are dealing with showers, little bit of following, temperatures in the 50's, bus stop buddy a reminder to bring your umbrella, you'll need it at some point today, and as we zoom in on our local area it looks like yeah, rain continues, especially to the philadelphia and points south all through delaware, southern new jersey, looks like central burlington county you are getting heavier rain and heavier rain moving in lancaster county as well. we will keep an eye on that with you throughout the morning. look the at how yucky it is in our neighborhood. 57 degrees. east northeasterly win at 5 miles an hour. we have had a sunrise but you no sunshine. visability are getting better out there. we don't see a lot of fog but rain makes up for that. forty-seven in mount pocono.
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fifty-six in lancaster. fifty-seven in dover, delaware. as we go through rest of the the day we will expect lit follow any sunshine persistent cloud cover, the evening rush, should be a little will better than morning rush with less rain but bob kelly, it is in fun right now. >> definitely ayuky morning and give yourself some extra time, don't wear good shoes, bad hair day, we will get the spray, yucky look here at the schuylkill coming around that conshohocken curve. we will fine puddles around your drains and we will find out which ones are clogged this morning as well. look out in the work zones like on i9, 422, here's route 70 in cherry hill new jersey right by cherry hill mall, a live look downtown on the vine street expressway. it looks like an accident here in the background. this is westbound vine approaching the schuylkill expressway. we have had fender benders here this morning and now flooding in pottstown, high street at college drive. that roadway blocked with high
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water, 422 eastbound there is an accident right at arm and hammer boulevard on ramp as you come out of pottstown and head in toward king of prussia and north on 295 an accident at route 47. mass transit looking good but we will have delays this morning at the airport, mike and alex, back to you. two cussens out and about in north philadelphia just after midnight. both of them shot. >> police are on the hunt for a man they say randomly walk up and did this. it happened around 1:00 in the morning, steve. >> most viewers will wonder why a 16 year-old is even outside on the street on a school night at 1:00 in the morning. he was shot four times and his cousin shot 20 years old shot ones. they will be okay. sixteen year-old won't be in school today but when he is out at 1:00 a a.m. on a school night police wonder if he is planning to go to school or even in school. police say he and his female cousin say they were shot two blocks away from where this video we shot and where police found them on glenwood and 12th street. they said they live at park
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and somerset but police do not have any crime scene evidence from park and somerset no blood, no bullet casings and in witnesses saying they heard any gunshots. they don't have a motive. they say they were shot for an unknown reason by an unknown man. the rather than studying and staying in school, investigators say because this area park and somerset is a very well known street sales market for drugs, and because they are very skeptical about these two peoples store business how and why they were shot they wonder if the 16 year-old is instead of going to school may be major in street economics. we have breaking news just in the news room. this happened a little while ago. our defense secretary ash carter says that a u.s. serviceman was killed in iraq and apparently during a battle. >> so, secretary carter says that the serviceman was killed in combat, like you said. details of what happened during the combat or what it was for has not been released. >> it has been a while.
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coming up at 6:05. >> also developing in frankford philadelphia police are investigating two shootings they believed to be connected. shots were fired around 10:00 last night on the 4900 block of charles street. police tell us that the 20 year-old man was dropped off at aria frankford hospital, shot in the arm and leg, while investigating that shooting detectives say a 22-year old was taken to temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back. here we go again, police say some of the alleged encounters, happened during class with other students, nearby. unreal. upper dublin high school that is where davis, hi there, dave. >> hi mike and alex, good morning to you. students coming back to class in a little bit they will be likely talking about these disturbing allegations against a popular teacher here in upper dublin high school. investigators say rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault have after an alleged relation
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ship with a 18 year-old male student that began last december. investigators say that the student and others hung out in her classroom from time to time where she gave them food. limuli had racey text messages with the student, snap chat and conversations led to sex at the student's house when his mother was gone, sex in the nearby park and even sexual contact in the back of her classroom while class was going on allegedly. now additionally police say the teacher brought gifts to the student, including a dirt bike, clothes, shoes and a grand in cash. police say pennsylvania law forbid such a relationship between a teacher and student even if the student is of legal age. the school district says that she has been suspended pending outcome of the case. investigators say she has been released on unsecured $50,000 bail and ordered in the to be in any contact with this student or any other student, back to you. >> my god. 6:06. coming up on 6:07.
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we are learning more about the new jersey institute of technology student who was shot and killed during a burglary inside a frat house. twenty-three year-old joseph was a mechanical engineering major. he was killed just before 3:30 in the morning on monday. the school's offering a $10,000 reward leading to the successful prosecution of the person or persons responsible for his killing, at that fraternity house. we now know that identities of the two people passed away from sunday's deadly crash in east falls. police say a car carrying three adults and four children slid out of control on henry avenue and t boned another car. the crash killed, 20 year-old size air ross wilson and six year-old eric barksdale perez. they were eject from the front seat. the only person strapped in was a seven week old girl, she suffered severe brain and abdominal head injuries. >> if everyone was restrain there would clearly be less severe injuries. maybe not anybody killed.
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but we really don't necessity because you can still get an internal injury from a crash like that. it is always good thing to wear a seat belt. >> investigators believe sunday's rain could have played a major factor in the accident. three people involved in the crash are still in critical condition. phillies were hoping to extend their winning streak to seven games. early on they looked lick they would do it. >> they had them for a while, three to nothing. freddie galvis driving in two runs with the double in the third, the phillies would lead three to knock. and then, cardinals bats came alive. listen to this, adam wainwright, the pitcher, he hits a three run home run, here in the fourth to tie the game. look at that. that was a blast. one of five home runs cardinals hit last night. they beat our phillies ten-three. we will get them tonight the again, right. first pitch 8:05.
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aaron necessity lah gets the start for the phillies as we bounce back and start another winning streak. cardinals are really good. >> yes, they are. by the way, cardinals made history last night first time in major league history that the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth place hitters all hit home runs and they had two, back to back in that game the cardinals did. >> good for them. >> good for you. >> well, a big moment for a local children, we are live at trenton mercer airport this morning before 7:00 o'clock, as terminally ill children head to disney world for maybe the day of their lives. we will go a long. plus bill allowing staff to carry guns at public colleges is now a law where you you may see people packing on campus. >> all right lets check radar one more time here. one more screen. 90 percent green.
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white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient... ...for four shades visibly whiter teeth. and...a buzz-worthy smile! get your designer smile from new colgate optic white high impact white. investigators are trying to figure out what left oil sheen along the schuylkill river. we will show you what it looked like around 6:00, split is last night. >> this is right near chestnut street. it is stretching down the river for what amounts for several blocks. >> i jumped in for a while but man. >> you were a little dirty there. >> now, they are trying to figure out is what behind this. they tell us that they are working on it.
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>> was charlie involved? >> charlie sheen. >> oh, my god. >> yes. >> 6:13. >> hi there, sue. >> there are better ways to moisturize. >> oh, my gosh. >> the soaking rain, continues today, we have milder temperatures then we did yesterday at this time in the morning. heavy rain though, continues through the morning, rush and we could end up, when you add up last night's rain and today with one to 3 inches when all is said and done and this is why, lots of green on ultimate doppler radar, and in delaware, and across the river from frustrates here in philadelphia a it continues to rain steadily. men places where it has dried off, there is more on the way. we have heavy rain along the delaware beach, cape may, raining there, millville, new jersey, dover delaware, areas of heavy rain there. wilmington, philadelphia, around chester county it is
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lighter, and it looks like in upper dublin you have got a break for now. pocono mountains has been steady rain all morning long. you can see from the radar picture this continues throughout the rest of the morning rush and then we think after lunchtime we might ease up a little bit but still see scattered showers around. you will need rain gear at some point, throughout the day-to-day, as we mentioned earlier the evening rush is not as rainy as it is right now just depend where you are right now but rain with us overnight tonight into tomorrow morning as we check wednesday morning, and yeah, is there still more rain around and even when it is not raining those cloud persist, it looks like wednesday afternoon maybe a break of sun or two but not a chance of. that thursday looked socked in with clouds even they there is not as much rain on this future cast as there is today. so this is pattern with system after system kind of heading our way that we expect and continue throughout the rest of the morning. upper 50's in philadelphia 47 degrees in mount pocono.
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fifty's every where else. milder then yesterday. and we have 70 now as our average high. you will remember it was one week ago we got 2086 degrees. will we get close to 70? of course, we will. yesterday we get to 65. we have low to mid 60's throughout the rest of the workweek and then here comes the weekend, partly sunny skies on saturday, high of 70 degrees. by mothers day on sunday we are in the lower 70's, mix of cloud and sun, so far, so good, would be kelly, we will work on. >> and, by the time weekend gets here we have to cut the grass. vine street expressway we have a couple accidents here, drain blocked as we come around from the eastbound side coming into the city. stack up here heading westbound over to 30th street. just watch the speed. this is that magic hour where we don't have volume yet so speeds are, folks are going pretty good we a heavy rain
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that dry with us. here's ben franklin starting to see volume coming in toward downtown, philadelphia south on i-95, bumper to bumper from academy through cottman into girard avenue. flooding in pottstown high street and college drive. so all that heavy rain we have had overnight impacting our road out there eastbound 422, an accident at arm and hammer boulevard on ramp heading east towards king of prussia crash on 295 northbound heading in toward route 47. was we have 295, 42 interchange. blue route so far so good northbound from 95 up to saint david. no problems yet coming out of the west chester on 202. mike and alex, back to you. 6:15. police say a man pulled off a robbery using his fingers as a weapon. he was caught on camera as he targeted two victims with his finkers in north philadelphia police are searching for the man that they say approached
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two customers inside the bp gas station, last week at ridge and girard avenue. officials say the man jammed his finger to the customer's back. pretending that it was a gun, suspect managed to get more than $100 from one of his victims. >> it is crazy. people need to be more alert with their surroundings. >> really hoping somebody can identify this guy and give us a call with some information. >> if you know who this man is, police are urging you to give them a call. >> in the to make light of it but when i was a kiddy used to use two fingers. >> he might have used two. >> no, it look like just one. >> today jerry sandusky ace waiting a a judge's decision about whether he will be granted a new trial. doesn't look good. former penn state assistant football coach showed up in court in his patented orange jump suit, his current defense team argues that sandusky's former counsel was ineffective and failed to advise him of
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several options. sandusky is serving a 60 year sentence for child sexual abuse. no word on whether the judge will make the decision, when the judge does that, we will tell you. jury selection will continue this morning, in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka a fattah. prosecutors say fattah has misused campaign fund, grants, as well as accepted bribes. he made no comment leaving court yesterday afternoon, opening statements in this trial are set for monday, may 16th. congressman fattah has held office for more than 20 years, well, 33 years to be exact but just lost the primary election last week as you know. atlantic city will not default on the debt thanks to a large payment made, they came through. mayor don guardian says cash strapped shore town made large bond payment on time. the mayor says that the things are so bad that the city's quote running on fumes but despite that he doesn't think a full state take over is answer to the cities problem.
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bipartisan take over plan has passed state senate but assembly speaker vincent preto has not put it up for a vote. he claims it would allow the state to break union contracts. >> they did find two million-dollar, now they only need 238 million more, okay. in power tea rico debt crisis reached new milestone as island missed 370 million-dollar one payment this week. officials are warning of worse to come if the u.s. congress does not help it dig out from a mountain of debt. it was largest in the series of missed payments by struggling u.s. territory since last year. a report is expected today explaining why charges will not be brought against officers who used stun guns repeatedly on a handcuffed man before his 2013 death. police in south austin, virginia used the stun guns on linwood lambert outside an emergency room door and then in a squad car, again, he is
6:20 am
handcuffed. lambert's death was blamed on cocaine intoxication. governor of tennessee has granted the guns on campus bill to be law, without his signature. >> new lay allows faculty and staff to carry guns at state and public colleges. it does not let students even though if they have permits to carry on campus. but there are some states that do. there will still be ban on guns in stadium and gymnasiums or school sponsored events when they are going on. the future is now and this next story proves that fact a solar powered plane headed around the world landed in arizona. look at this thing. >> it is called solar impulse two that touched down last night. the swiss pilot began its global journey last year. wings are equipped with 17,000 solar cells that power pre pullers and change batteries. they will make two stops in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic. >> i have not check out the web site, to. v stationness arizona but i
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will, they must have had tons of reports have of ufo's, don't you think. >> people trying to figure out what it was. >> did you see the line lights moving in the sky. we will look into it. we are following a developing story, a teacher is charged this morning the arrest shocking parents and staff, at upper dub plane high school. there she is what was she up to allegedly. let's roll around the delaware val in our little car what do you say. >> there is a lot of rain, mike. >> this looks like old city to me, i'm trying, right by the station. >> yeah, second and market. >> they have only been gone about 30 seconds. >> but you they are going towards the station. >> maybe they are coming back.
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chicago cubs have the best record in baseball. they are in pittsburgh where there is nothing to do in pittsburgh, you can watch the game but come on now. that is wild. double steel by the cubs. they are so aggressive and they are so good. they forced pittsburgh into this mistake. wow, bad throw. cubs win, they keep winning, pittsburgh is a good team, seven-two. pitberg penguins and washington caps might be the best series they will have in the stanley cup playoffs. nhl playoffs have been
6:25 am
terrific and penguins are on fire. lets get to pittsburgh. tough game. tough hit. johansen gets crushed. the caps go down by the penguin. he might get suspended for that or the a least get find but penguins were playing great hockey. watch this pass and watch this shot, between the legs. the penguins went on three to nothing. they lead two-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> i want them both to lose but that is not possible. >> 6:25. >> lets get to steve keeley. >> we will look at radar one more time because you know what you will see 90 percent rain.
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would i say yes. a double shooting leaves two cousins, hospitalized. police are looking for right now. where they are looking. then jen with a special moment. >> this is most ridiculous a nation thing i have ever seen. elsa, woody, they are all here because they have a special send off for an amazing group of kid. we are in west trenton this morning where a story you just
6:29 am
to have see to believe. >> when life deals you lemons, what do you do? you go to disney world. >> it is an experience of magic king tomorrow. we will there been live as they board the plane. good day, it is tuesday may third, 2016. i have a new alarm clock. do you want to hear it. >> time to get up. >> beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. >> i can do this all morning. >> beep, beep, beep, beep. >> that is the rock, dwayne johnson. >> that is your alarm clock. >> that is in the what i was looking for. can days, can you fine the one with the sledge hammer, that is the one i use. good night, everybody. i believe it is dwayne's birthday today. >> it is. >> happy birthday. >> he is one of the best athletes whoever became an anchor. >> how much do you think he got paid to stand in front of the microphone to say beep. >> a hundred you this dollars and he probably owns the app.
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>> probably. >> what are we doing? >> showers and fog. good for him. bus stop buddy smiling even in the rain and it is pretty yucky. we have rain from new england all the way down to the carolina and for us in philadelphia it looks like the worst of it is south of philadelphia, meaning across the river in new jersey, central parts of the burlington, and camden and gloucester counties, salem county all of delaware but there is a little bit the more moving into lancaster county moving in right now. that is what the situation the at the moment. it is still raining in the city, it is 57 degrees at the moment, 47 in mount pocono, mid 50's in trenton, 54 atlantic city. fifty-six in millville. right now. we don't expect temperatures to rise a whole lot because even when it stops raining at times the cloud will persist and so we are thinking high temperature of 62. now if we managed to get some sunshine at some point we will see slightly higher
6:31 am
temperatures, yesterday was 65 . it was briefly lovely before all that thunder rolled in overnight. we will give you that seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly, yucky. >> i didn't hear a thing, what thunder? austin was in the bed this morning so i would assume he heard it and came running n this morning as you are getting up and out at 6:31, i just check with the airport a how some extra time getting to the airport. all of the roadways will be slower than normal this morning. probably bet on some weather delays down in philly international. just check for airline throughout the day. accident over here in medford, new jersey route 70 at trough road just east of route 73 there the old marlton circle. high water from all of the rain shutting down high street at college drive in the heart of pottstown. as we go for a ride eastbound 422 starting to see volume build in harm and hammer. crash there, slow working your way in toward king of prussia a northbound 29 five an accident at route 47, right here before you get into
6:32 am
bellmawr and that construction zone, again, blue route north bound, slower than normal heading in to saint david, all of the roadways will be slower than normal so factor in some extra time to your morning commute. look at the the work zones at 202 and traffic pattern changes coming into play. a lot of times those drainage grates are right in the travel lane and that is where all of this water is trying to get into. no problems just yet on september, patco or new jersey transit, however, just be careful all of those platforms and bus steps will be slippery, when wet. mike and alex, about a do you. >> what do you think of the 07-t now on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> i don't like it. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i'm not comfortable with it. >> okay, all right. i know what they are trying to do at 07 miles an hour in areas where they don't normally have have backups, and where the accident counties lower than normal. >> oz today bob you will be able to hit 70 on 800 miles of the pennsylvania turnpike,
6:33 am
including on parts of the turnpike, in five state highways, alex. >> officials say they weighed factors such as crash history as bob mentioned and work zones when making decision to up the speed limit. >> if you get around towns though you have to go back down, slow down. >> and perfect to make sure you you know when it goes down because that is how they get you. >> that is a lot of the pennsylvania turnpike will now be 70. >> 800 miles. >> yes. >> i can drive 70. that is fine good yeah. >> a lot of the speed limits are 70 in some it is 80 in montana. >> in wyoming, montana you can get up to 80. across the country back when i was a kid. >> yes. >> i thought you were walking to school. >> we get our horses up to 80 miles an hour? okay. >> police are on the hunt this morning for a man whom they say walked up to two cousin and shot them a lot of times. >> the boy is a teenager and woman he was with was somehow
6:34 am
manager to go run to safety. steve, tell us inner about what happened. >> reporter: most 16 years olds are home in bed asleep at 1:00 a.m. on a school night. this 16 year-old now wishes he was too instead he tells he and his 20 year-old cousin were outside at park avenue at somerset just innocently standing there around when a unknown man for an unknown reason just started shooting them. no robberies. no motive. no crime scene either. police went to park and somerset. they found no blood, bullet casing or nobody that heard gunshots. twenty-nine ran not to their home where you think they would go but two blocks away to 12th and glenwood where police found them sitting on the steps of another person's home. he is shot four times. two times in the legs. she's graced in the back once. both are stable at temple but alex and mining their story is very unstable with investigators here at headquarters. >> all right, let us know, 6:34. also in frankford section of the city, cops are
6:35 am
investigating two shootings they believed to be connect. the shots were fired around 10:00 last night on the 4900 block of charles street, police tell us that a 20 year-old man was dropped off at the hospital there in frankford shot in the arm and leg. while investigating that shooting a 22-year old was taken to temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back. come on, people. right the now in montgomery county a teacher is charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. >> yes. teacher from upper dublin high school. she faces 12 counts of institutional sexual assault for what authorities say she did with a boy, a judge has set bail at $50,000. she's due in court in two weeks. meanwhile upper dublin school district says it has suspended the teacher, of course, pending the outcome of the investigation. we will keep you posted. new jersey governor chris christie is rejecting an equal pay legislation, if passed it
6:36 am
would require you to pay workers doing the same job, equally regardless of gender. >> ladies what do you think of that. >> christie veto the measure saying state has law that bans gender based pay discrimination. move comes after he vetoed two bills that contained similar positions. >> he says it already exists. lets get back to the roving car. i believe we have made it from olde city to the kensington section of the city, it is raining every where, just everybody slow down pet moments are beautiful,
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it is 6:39. >> it is primary day in indiana. it is a crucial day, the g.o.p. presidential candidates towed cruz. >> yes, his future is hanging in the balance. we will necessity by 9:00 tonight the texas senator, put everything in the indiana state. over the past few days. ohio governor john kasich dropped out of today's race, in an effort to garner more delegate votes for ted cruz, kind of working together, donald trump calls it collusion. the voters of inn yan a hated this idea. the original goal was it is mano mano, it is cruz verse
6:40 am
trump, the last stan, the alamo. all right, somebody stop me. >> please stop. >> latest polls show donald trump with a double digit lead. >> a lot of these people are saying if i win in indiana, that would be, that is the end for, lyin ted cruz. >> geese we should have a sound bite from ted cruz there. >> anyway, today's contest does not mean as much for the democrats. hillary clinton has received 91 percent of the delegates so far needed for nomination come july in philadelphia. still bernie sanders is promising a contested convention in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> so today could be bigot campaign trail. >> you mean it could be end of the road for one of the candidates or maybe two. >> it could be, mike. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> we will, we will necessity by tonight. >> you think he will play this for his campaign workers. >> i don't think anybody will. that is not music they will use. >> what will they use? can't think of anything better than. that. >> that is perfect good bye song. >> they will all get for contest todd conventionness cleveland and philadelphia. >> it is just natural. >> voters belong to them. >> i'll tell what you is really special? i will tell you this, something that is happening called operation dream lift, tell us bit, the best story of the day. >> it is right here you will get the plane and get to disney world and you are very excited. >> yes. >> and it is an amazing thing, and sunshine fun days, hear more bit, all morning long.
6:42 am
we're going to disney world. [ soft music ] e.t. phone home. when you find something you love,
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you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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a little tango there, good morning, everybody. good morning trenton, new jersey. a gray sky, and no wind, flags are in the blowing at all but we had that heavy rain, joining us for the morning rush hour, here's a live will at the schuylkill expressway, bumper to bumper leaving town from the boulevard out toward belmont avenue. no one will get anywhere fast today. so take your time. factor in that extra time. we have 95 south already jam, from approaching academy all the way down in toward girard avenue. backed up, not really backed up but again it has been hit and miss in the last hour on the ben franklin bridge with all four lanes opened coming into downtown. i check with the airport, they say give yourself extra time getting there to navigate the red which is slower then normal.
6:46 am
expect weather delays through the rest of the morning and check on the airline depending where you are flying to and from there could be delays throughout the rest of the day. really next couple days with all this rain. in medford, new jersey route 70 at troth road just off of route 73 an accident. all on the rain from the overnight high water blocking high street at college drive, in the heart of the pottstown, otherwise, blue route northbound, 95 to the schuylkill a 22 minute trip there starting to see delays north on 202 out of west chester. how long will this rain hang around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. less than sensational weather, especially thunderstorms that held through last night. it looks like they were worse around washington d.c.
6:47 am
this is a map of the local storm reports of high wind, and heavy rain, and hail, and it looks like we had hail, in harrington, delaware and georgetown delaware the reports were there last night. some high wind along the delaware bay as well. and we're still seeing rain just steady rain, no more thunderstorm activity but it is still just nasty out there, cape may it is still raining, atlantic city, delaware beaches, wilmington, it is on an off here. lightened up here in the city, look to the north of us, it is lightening up in allentown but still heavy rain in mount pocono. there is more on the way as you cane from the future cast as the heaviest rain moves off shore, now once that happens, by the end of the morning we will see things easing up but rain isn't gone, it is still with us as this future cast shows just real spotty, with the showers, around and there could even be a few places where we see a tiny bit of sunshine before the end of the
6:48 am
day, if we do, temperatures will get higher then what we're predicting and tomorrow rain comes back and it looks like raining in the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow morning and then when it stops raining it is still cloudy. you know the drill by now. this continues today, tomorrow, thursday and friday with temperatures in the lower 60's, just in time for the first full weekend of may and mothers day on sunday, mike and alex, it looks like the rain may ease up, a little bit. >> good, good good this is really good. >> so many outdoor events, mothers day. >> want to take mom to brunch a and all that stuff. by the way, dwayne johnson who is an anchor now. >> the rock. >> his birthday was yesterday. >> yes. >> sorry, i apologize. i found a better version of his alarm clock app. >> this is what you want to wake you up in the morning. >> yeah. >> this is it.
6:49 am
>> time to get up, get after it. no excuses. >> it is time to get up, people, get out of bed, get after it. >> how do you see that, project it on the wall. >> that is on the phone and you hear it. >> yes. >> he says there are no excuses, all right. >> it is a good thing or you might need this a alarm clock. you can make goals and he can set an alarm based on your goals. the a the that time you can say did you pay your bills today? get it done. >> we have some kid, their goal, it is to to go to disney world and they will get it done today. trenton mercer airport getting ready to board, um. >> this is special. >> they are literally getting ready to board, it is sunshine foundation, they will go to disney world in florida for about five hours, so good morning. >> good morning. >> you will go with our friend here haley, five years old.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> are you excited to go disney world. you are leaving daddy and sister behind. will you bring them back a souvenir. >> it is all about you. did you see elsa already. >> yes. >> it is kind of loud. how did you find out about this, how is she doing. >> she's doing great. she was diagnosis with cancer about a year ago and sunshine foundation actually contacted us and say hey, we heard about haley do you want to come. >> it is a lot. you woke her up early. there is a marching ban. every disney character men to man is in the room. turf say she's managing it all well. >> she is, she's being shy. she could not sleep last night. >> she will sleep on the plane. >> we want to see everyone here. here's how it works, we have miss new jersey america here how are you. >> good how are you. >> you have been mingling with the kid. >> right. >> some of them are super shy. it is overwhelming. >> it is, they will be gone for the whole day, they will have a good time, come back
6:51 am
with a great experience. >> one of the things we heard about is state troopers obviously are a big part of what happens here today and they literally help kid get on this flight because many of them, it is very difficult for them to travel, we know that state troopers if the kiddies in the wheelchair will pick people up and transport them on to the plane to make sure that everyone gets on has an amazing time. pretty special. i'm jen fredrick from fox. >> nice to meet you. >> so, logistics involved in this, it is really a major operation. >> it is, it is a special event, all agencies and volunteers coming together for a good cause. >> at the even of the day why is it important for new jersey state police to be involved in it. >> it is more important for kid. state police have access to the the resources, to make something like this come together. it is huge. >> you guys get it done. >> yes.
6:52 am
>> absolutely. >> even in the weather. >> are you excited to go to florida. >> yeah good what are you mess looking forward to. >> souvenirs. >> you? >> i really don't know. >> pretty special. >> do you get to go. >> no. >> you are supporting someone who is here. >> yes. >> you have to feel proud to be here. >> yes. >> it is just amazing. kathy, i know you put this together. >> not loan. >> sunshine foundation 90 percent of the western you get, a wish to go to disney world. logistics and many physical issues. >> yes good but you know what they are all smiling today, everybody is happy, everybody is full of sunshine. that is what it is all about. >> how does someone get on your list? there is a waiting list. >> we get referrals, we get referrals from the state police, we get them from schools, we get them from individual civic organizations, people that know us, different civic groups and they necessity of a child that is deserving and
6:53 am
that is how it works. probably two or three planes but we need raise money and it is tough. >> we see a lot of physical disabilities but you handle children dealing with mental disabilities and victims of abuse. >> absolutely, there are some on this trip. >> thanks. >> lou awake, i'm proud of you. i don't want to see you at midnight. >> they will go up, or down, they are there for five hours and they will be back here with a big police escort at 11:00 o'clock tonight. >> pretty cool. >> bruce gordon is on the flight, so watch the 10:00 o'clock news. >> we will check back with you so we can see airplane and them getting on and all that. >> they will have sunshine hopefully when they land in orlando. now back to the bad news double shooting leaves two cousins hospitalized whom police are looking for right now and where they are looking.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
in new york city at met gallon, last night. it is a fundraiser for the arts, costume institute there at the museum on fifth avenue knew. this years theme, passion in an age of technology. so some of the dresses, lit up. jennifer hudson opt go to wear an h and m outfit proving that she shops, just like us. >> i represent every girl today, you know,. >> make sure to stay with us here on good day philadelphia, we will give you a complete fashion preview, in our 9:00 o'clock hour. was that megyn.
6:57 am
>> look at her. >> people were talking about the beyonce, gigi hadid, take already swift has a new look. >> yeah. >> i want to show you that i love claire danes, her dress lit up the room. it was electric. we are following this a teacher is charged this morning at rest shocking parent and staff at upper dublin high school there she is what did she do? we will tell you.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, seattle. the temperature at space needle is, okay, same joke as an hour ago but when will it stop raining? and breaking overnight a teen and his cousin shot, what police say happened, and why they think this was random. it was supposed to be the biggest night of her life. now one teen wishes that she had never gone to her prom. >> it was hurtful because i was so confident the day before. >> what she said happened that ruined her big night. i was so than expired by her story, i called her last night to come on. i said come on into good day philadelphia we just want


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