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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, seattle. the temperature at space needle is, okay, same joke as an hour ago but when will it stop raining? and breaking overnight a teen and his cousin shot, what police say happened, and why they think this was random. it was supposed to be the biggest night of her life. now one teen wishes that she had never gone to her prom. >> it was hurtful because i was so confident the day before. >> what she said happened that ruined her big night. i was so than expired by her story, i called her last night to come on. i said come on into good day philadelphia we just want to
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give you a hug. she will be here in an hour or so they are coming through the rain. i think they live in the king of prussia area. this is typical good day philadelphia we will do this quickly. james beard award were last night in new york city and a lot of philadelphia restaurants and chefs are up and james beard award is basically the academy award, the oscars of the restaurant business. we will tell you results from last night. but in our meeting, our mind start wondering, james beard award is that for the best beards in the area? no. but you we could not stop thinking bit. we will send chris murphy out. now my inspiration i went to the padres game not long ago and one of their pitchers, andrew cashner look at the size of that beard. music has good beard. >> i was thinking of the rapper rick ross. >> chris, you're looking for good beards here in philadelphia. >> we are driving around north
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philadelphia i found a good beard right here, photographer and driver jared vol, that is pretty good. >> yeah. >> not bad. >> so we will find the best beards in philly, and then maybe we will line up some guys and let you vote, best beards in philadelphia. >> yes. >> that sound good. >> by the way, get on twitter, facebook, send in good pictures of your beard that you have in the house. it is national teacher appreciation. do you have a teacher that has a beard? send pictures in. >> that within great. >> let's get back on track, we will show you the number of the day. you may not want to see it. it is not that great. it is four out of ten. yucky out there, showers, fog, drippy, drizzly, damp and 50's, bus stop buddy though he never stops smiling even on a rainy day, so rain persists as you can see from new england down to the carolinas, and we are seeing more rain coming through our area.
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it will keep up like this probably for another couple have of hours. it eases up. but still not gone. fifty-seven in philadelphia as we look to the north it is cooler, allentown 52. cooler in mount pocono, of course, 47. 56 degrees in wilmington. fifty-four in atlantic city. expect cloud to persist through the rest of the day. high temperature have of 62 degrees. sunshine, presidentially in the forecast, we will show you eventually when, bob kelly. >> 7:03. we will get there eventually but big delays out there this morning on the majors. the here's a live look at route 202 where we are stack from route 30 up in through the construction zone, again, hit and miss depending where you begin and end your trip right now. we have had heavy rain all morning long, stacked up on the boulevard, southbound from broad street all the way down to the schuykill, steady crawl on the freeway from the expressway, all the way up through 295.
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422 heavy from collegeville route 29, stacked all the way in through king of prussia so this crowd is already ahead of you as you head out the front door, factor in some extra time. maybe check that first appointment that you have to hit, maybe adjust the schedule if you can. high street at college drive, high water in pottstown as a result of the heavy rain we had. i check with the airport hit and miss minor delays, give yourself extra time getting there. weather delays will be with us throughout the day. your best bet check with the individual airline, as far as the flight status. a crash along route 70 in medford at troth road. otherwise mass transit looking good at the moment. mike and alex back to you. no teacher appreciation here. >> local high school english teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students. >> police say some of the alleged encounters happen during school hours. dave got the short straw on this one. >> dave. >> reporter: well, school is starting upright now, school hours set to begin, students coming to upper dublin high
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school and will likely talk about these disturbing allegations. investigators say 39 year-old rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault after an alleged relationship with an 18 year-old student, male student that began last december. investigators say student and others hung out in her classroom where she would give them food and limuli is accused of exchanging racey messages with the one student in particular here, messages via snap chat, that led to sex at student's house with his moth's way. sex in the nearby dog park and sexual contact allegedly in the back of her classroom while class was going on. police say she would whisper sexual remarks to her in class. and she up bought the teen gifts including a dirt bike, clothes and shoes and also a grand in cash. investigators say that pennsylvania law for bid such a relationship between a teacher and a student even though the student was at the age of consent or was an adult
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at age 18. the school district has suspended her pending the outcome of the investigation and rose limuli the teacher has been released on unsecured $50,000.01. she has been ordered not to have any contact with the victim in this case or any other students, back to you. >> until they figure out what happened. 7:06. police are on the hunt for a man who randomly walk up to cousins and shot them both in north philadelphia. >> but now officials are questioning the details of their stories, steve? >> reporter: if we have the announce their comes on before the 5:00 o'clock news asking viewers it is 5:00 o'clock did your kids play today? later on we say at ten do you know where your kids are? maybe before we run the 1:00 a.m. infomercial we should say with our announcer it is 1:00 a.m., folks do you know fur kids are home safe in bed where they should be on a school night? because one parent or maybe two, cannot answer that because he was out for some reason and school night last night and maybe that is why he
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was shot four times, lucky he is okay, shot three times in the legs, once in the arm. his 20 year-old cousin was out with him grazed in the back, both are stable at temple will and both say it happened near where they live at park and somerset. they did not run home like anybody else and called for help but they ran to this home at 12th and glenwood where police found them just sitting on the steps. police did not find any proof of this story, back at park and somerset. no blood stains, no bullet casings and nobody who heard any gunshots. this may be a news item where viewers of good day are asking where were the parents and why ace a 16 year-old out on the street at 1:00 a.m. on a school night. twos police do not have and they wonder how true other answers they do have are true. >> all right. we don't necessity why they were out. >> i have no idea. 7:07. philadelphia police are investigating another double
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shooting, this one in the cities frankford section. >> it happened around ten on the 4900 block of charles street. twenty year-old man was dropped off at aria frankford hospital with gunshot wound to his arm and legs. then a 22-year old man was dropped off at temple hospital with three gunshot wound to his back, a short time later. he said he was shot and he stated it was around frankford area where it happen. police believe these shootings are connect and both victims are expect to survive. horrible news out of iraq, our defense secretary from philadelphia, ash carter, says a u.s. servicemen was killed in iraq. >> secretary carter says that the servicemen was killed in combat by enemy fire. details of what happened during the combat or what it was for has in the yet been released. >> still very dangerous over there. no matter how many troops we have there. >> true. 7:08. right now investigators are working to figure out what left an oil sheen along the schuylkill river. sky fox over the scene
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yesterday right here near chestnut street. the sheen is just stretching down the river, for what would amount for several blocks. fire department and coastguard they tell us that they are working on trying to figure out what caused this. crews are expect back out there this morning to check on it. >> i bet it is fairly easy to figure that one out, follow to the source. police say a man pulled off a robbery using just his finger as a weapon. actual scheme was targeted this guy targeted, could you not ever write this copy down because i cannot refuse it to say it, he targeted two victims with his pointer, let's say, index finger in north philadelphia police are searching for a man whom they say approached, two customers inside that bp gas station last week at ridge and girard avenue. officials say that the man jammed his index finger in to the the customer's back, and pretending to have a gun, the suspect managed to get money from one victim.
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>> it is crazy, and people need to be more alert with their surroundings. >> we are hoping somebody can identify this guy and give us a call with some information. >> officials say that the robber was able to get $130 from one unsuspecting customer at the gas station before taking off down 19th street. jury selection continues today in the corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah. prosecutors say that fattah misused campaign funds and grants as well as accepted bribes. fattah made no comment as he left court yesterday. there he is right there. opening statements in the trial are set for may 16th and congressman fattah has held office for more than 20 years but just lost primary election last week. his son chaka fattah junior is serving time in federal prison, on a tax convictions. jerry sandusky is awaiting a judge's decision about whether he will be grant aid new trial. during a hearing yesterday, sandusky's current defense team argued his former council was ineffective and failed to
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advise him of available options. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years sentence for child sexual abuse. no word when a judge will make a decision about an appeal. >> i wondered why they have to carry his own materials, couldn't someone car that i in. >> maybe he deserves to carry it. >> true. community is rallying around a pottstown high school junior after a flurry of nasty comments on social media nearly ruined her prom. >> seventeen year-old tajia jones posted pictures from sat the day night and said she had a great time but when she woke up the next morning there were dozens of cruel, demeaning comments, posted on her pictures. many of the remarks from strangers that didn't even necessity her ruining her good vibes from her big night. >> people i didn't even know just said that dress is not for her. she looked like a fat something. it is really hurtful because i was so confident the day before and it change my view
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on myself. >> but negative comment spread others began to stand with tajia posting comments of the praise, support, and she said that she struggled to believe in herself again but she has a message for others being bullied. she will share that message with us. she and her mother will come, join us in the studio and she will talk to us. >> if you have a message for her i will read some of those to her right in front of her. >> i love her dress good because last night in our facebook page and also on our web site fox, outpouring of support for this young lady. we want to read your comments. indiana voters heading to the polls in about an hour there in inn yan a a. >> this is a primary where ted cruz and john kasich are working to stop donald trum president from nomination. if he gets this indiana and wins by a certain percentage it is done. >> pretty much. >> that is what they are saying. >> it would be hard to stop him. john kasich has not campaigned in indiana.
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but that is to give ted cruz a one on one competition with donald trump. ted, his wife, and would be running mate carli fiorina making ten indiana campaign stops over the past two days. meeting some hostile trump supporters yesterday along the way. now watch this. >> you'll find out tomorrow. indiana don't want you. >> you are entitled to have your opinion. >> wow. >> sir, america is a better country. >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. i have treated you respectfully the entire time. >> this guy, ted cruz, kept pausing and stating the obvious, jumped right in with the one liners. i don't know why people in his campaign didn't grab him and move him away. polls show donald trump leading ted cruz in indiana by double digits. >> he was saying hey donald trump he wouldn't stan here to
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talk to people. at least i'm standing here talking to you. >> i agree with ted on that because donald trump normally says get them out of here, get them out of here. i don't do it good. it was huge. >> that now meanwhile though, potential running mate carli fiorina did you see this happen? i was shock. she fell. it was in a weird way. >> here's ted cruz, bye. >> wow. >> it is like she got suck in the ground. >> it didn't look like she walk to far to the front of the stage. >> it was like a trapdoor. >> black hole or something. >> on sunday she bounced right backup. carli was introducing the senator. >> she's fine. >> donald trump criticized cruz for not rushing to help her after she fell. >> there is no indication that ted cruz even saw her fall. >> well, she was right in
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front of him. >> he is looking off to the right. >> it just get sucked in. >> he looked to his right, shaking hands; >> her wife was fey ago this one. >> well, she doesn't like her. in, i'm kidding she's just fine. maybe a concert, musicians and wrappers will go down to the floor. >> yes. >> yes. >> did you see madonna at met gala last night. >> did you hear her interview. >> no. >> we will play that and show you. she was channeling cher. she had, have you even shore that term chaps. >> yes. >> pretty draft i too. >> and as heated as this campaign season has. >> very draft i. >> it noise where near as bad as what happens in governments around the world especially in turkey. they like to brawl, man. >> this was their parliament meeting yesterday. >> look at that.
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>> look at that. >> fists are flying. >> it happened as a parliament debated a proposal to strip immunity from prosecution. in wonder they are upset. wild scene just days after a fist fight broke out during another parliament meeting in which five lawmakers were taken to the hospital. >> you sure this isn't footage from one of our good day morning meetings. >> that is true you. >> okay, megan and kitkat kline. >> there is mike in the mid. >> they are throwing stuff water bottles and things. >> i think they were all venting. >> were there hockey players in another life. >> turkey. >> my goodness, wow. it is tough to follow that but here we go, with milder temperatures, and soaking rain continuing through the morning, rush we have pockets of heavy rain we will see on radar and when all said and
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done for today, combine with last night we will have an inch to 3 inches of rain, that has fallen, and you see heavy rain in the poconos mountains. lighter as you go further south so i think by the even of the morning rush we will see an end the to the intensity of the rain but nod an even of the rain. we see a few pockets north of the delaware maryland border down by the ocean, philadelphia, we have lighter rain, but it is already raining and there you can see heavy rain we just talk about in mount pocono. so this is it for rest of the morning, raining, raining, raining and then gets lighter but still very cloudy. as we get to about noon you you can see the cloud a few of them thinning out a bit. we are not predicting any sunshine but it could, burn through maybe a couple of those cloud here and there but believe me it is not a bright sunny day once this rain eases up because there is still showers on and off through the night into tomorrow and into the next day as well. we can head right to that
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seven day forecast and show you what we're talking about. through the end of the workweek temperatures remain in the lower 60's. we have a four today, six tomorrow and six on thursday with lighter rain. friday is another rainy day, saturday and sunday, could it that be it gets brighter just in time for the weekend. oh, bob kill that i timing would be just too perfect. >> that would be perfect, no outdoor recess today, gang. 7:18. good morning, everybody. live look at the blue route 476 right here near route one interest change in delaware county slow go in both directions, setting the tone here for the rest of the rush hour. everything is pretty much a jammo mode, here in the bennie coming from downtown stack up from the mid span into center city at eighth and vine. coming from south jersey same deal freeway north bound heavy from the expressway all the way up in toward 295. we had an early morning overturn tractor trailer. this was with us when we kick it off at 4:00 o'clock.
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right lane blocked now southbound i-95 at naamans road. they will wait until after rush hour to upright this by and clean it out. if you are heading down toward wilmington after the morning, just watch for delays. slow go on the freeway, center point drive just off of 295, watch for an accident, over medford, route 07 and from theh road a crash and 422, slow go from pretty much approaching collegeville all the way in true ding of prussia i check with the airline no big delays but there are scattered delays on arrivals and departures so give yourself extra time heading down to the airport. schuylkill eastbound 30 minutes from conshohocken to center city. north bound 202 heavy from malvern up through kop, mike and alex, back over to you. hey, hey alex, give mike some help he seems cranky. >> yes. >> i like milky way better
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though. >> i love those commercials where they have angry people and they turn up happy when they eat a snickers. >> is this mike jerrick and you will turn into. >> i will turn into alex holley somebody nice and sweet. phillies hoping to extend their winning streak that have would have made it seven games in a row. it was in st. louis last night. it looked good early on. freddie galvis with this hit right here. phillies were up three to nothing. i was feeling. good watch. watch this. i didn't see that good cardinals bats came alive. >> boom. >> adam wainwright hits a long home up here in the fourth to tie the game. >> did you say the pitcher. >> um-hmm. >> hit a home run. >> one of the five cardinals hit last night. they beat phillies ten-three. teams play again tonight first pitch at 8:05. aaron necessity lah gets the start for phillies. hey, the ghost, shane gostisbehere is among the players nominated for nhl's, caldor award. you in he what that is, right.
7:21 am
>> it goes to the league's top rookie. i think ghost should get it. he led rookie defenseman with 17 goals, 29 assistness 64 games. he scored four overtime goals, which tied a single season record for defenseman. i say, it should go to the ghost. >> and then went silent in the playoffs. just kidding. heading forward, connor mcdavid and also, black hawks got a new player too we only care about the ghost. johnson and johnson ordered to pay millions of dollars, again alex. >> risk the company is accused of failing to warn customers about when it comes to one of its most popular products. >> i will need talc today, i'm moist all over. pet moments are beautiful,
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unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that
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cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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it is raining this much. >> get an umbrella because you need one. >> thank you, rihanna. >> but i would go to fishtown,
7:25 am
yes. >> that was girard around fifth, sixth, somewhere in there. >> johnson and johnson ordered to pay millions of dollars, part of the court ruling, and it could be just the beginning. here we go again for johnson and johnson. >> this is the second time, lauren for baby powder. >> so issues with the powder that does conn tame talc. talc is magnesium, silica hydrogen, absorbs moisture. you use it on your own body part, armpits, on a baby's butt, for that diaper rash and big no, no among parents right now because there are these lawsuits for johnson and johnson is ordered to pay 72 million-dollar back in february, now 55 million-dollar because in the latest case woman said that she used talc powder for years and she developed ovarian cancer as a result. she says j and j, they are not warning people, even though they necessity about this health risk. the lets talk about the health
7:26 am
risk. johnson and johnson says there is none. they say talc powder is a cosmetic product and not reviewed by f.d.a. american cancer society says there is in clear evidence linking use of talc to an increase in cancer risk. >> thinks number two. aren't there other cases popping up too. >> yes. >> 1200 other ones. >> 1200. >> so what do you do. >> j and j will appeal this verdict. >> lauren, what are you doing with your baby. >> i don't use talc powder. >> what do you do. >> i have in the past. >> corn starch. >> best thing to do per my doctor, no i have tried that. it is just make sure you air dry before you slap on the vaseline or whatever you are using for the cream, so make sure everything is dry. >> that is what i do too but i have been arrested a couple times walking in to work walking without pants on.
7:27 am
>> you can whip out a hair dry it. >> at least it will be warm air. >> i'm just saying. >> all right, lauren. >> i won't be able to get that image out of my mind. >> i don't want to say but i keep to it myself. >> thanks, lauren. >> what was i supposed to whip out a hair dryer, right. >> okay. >> 7:22. >> in the worse transition in television history a teacher is charged this morning the arrest, shocking parents and staff at upper dublin high school. we will take you there. also here's sue. >> i just remembered that scene in mr. mom where he held the baby in front of the hand dryer in the bathroom. we should fine that. >> yes. >> there you go. >> we have got rain and plenty of it, persisting throughout the area, we will let you know when we come back.
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she's here. >> on line bullies ruined her big night but then the unexpected happened. at 8:00 o'clock we are going to talk to tajia a local teen who received a outpouring of kindness from strangers. >> we talk to her in the green room. she's ready to go. if you have remarks for her send them in.
7:31 am
send them on twitter and facebook. >> use the #fox 29 good day to see them. >> sue, seriously. >> kindness, can we just be kind? that was mother nature would be kind enough to stop this rain for a few minutes. >> crank it up a little bit. >> it will ease up over the next couple of hours but interest won't be gone. you will still need to dress like bus stop buddy and have the umbrella and water repellant, on. temperatures in the 50's to get us started this morning. we've got rain all the way from new england, down through north carolina right now but not as much here. we had big thunderstorms overnight and you can see maybe over the next hour or so we will see a more easing up of the rain. we have a few dry slots to the north of philadelphia but umbrellas still up here in olde city. 56 degrees with 8 miles an hour wind and we have temperatures pretty much in the 50's every where except mountains where it is chillier, 59 degrees in
7:32 am
wildwood. we don't expect temperatures to rise very much at all because we are not expecting sunshine if any. so 62 degrees, and if we get sun, sunset regardless of sunshine, it is 7:58 this evening. seven day forecast has brighter days, bob kelly, they are coming up. >> mike and i are singing sunrise, sunset. good morning, everybody. seven -- 7:32. we have new accidents at north bound lanes of 295 right here near rancocas wood delran interchange. we have an accident on the northbound freeway, right at the black horse pike and then we're pretty much bumper to bumper to bumper heading in to that walt whitman bridge. all major roadways are pretty much in jammo mode. passion your patients take a keep breath. we hand an sterile i morning overturn tractor trailer. traffic gets by but slower than normal heading in toward, in a man's in that right lane.
7:33 am
grab your umbrella jammed upcoming out of the downtown. here's a live look at the atlantic city expressway. it looks like the rain is on its way out. no problems heading down to the shore. but look at the benny stack up from the tolls, up and over, into downtown. that is south on i-95, heavy as well from academy all the way into girard. over a half an hour there. coming from the suburbs, 422, slow go from collegeville, all the way into kop, mike and alex, back over to you. 7:33. a local high school english teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students. now we are getting reaction from the kids heading to the school, upper dublin high will school. dave, what are you hearing. >> reporter: that is right, lot of students just telling us minutes ago that they are really shock by these allegations here at upper dublin high school. investigators say 39 year-old rose limuli of lansdale has been charged with 12 counts of the institutional sexual assault after an alleged relationship with a 18 year-old male student that began last december. now apparently this all
7:34 am
started with an exchange of a race hiy messages on snap the chat. conversations led to sex when his mother wasn't there. sex in a near by dog park. sexual contact in the back of the classroom while class was still going on. students we talk with are shocked. >> my first reaction was a lit built, i was a little bit confused. limuli was such a nice teacher. i really had no idea that she would be the one. of all of the teachers in the school, she would be the last personally would think that. >> allegedly of course. >> allegedly of course to go through something like this. >> it is really sad because it was we don't know how to take it because pictures makes me feel bad for her but it is uncomfortable situation for everybody. >> i believe they are calling it a mystery or administrative suspension right now and, yeah i mean i had honestly thought it would be fake but now it is
7:35 am
snowballed into something different different. >> reporter: additionally police say limuli allegedly bought the teen gifts including a dirt bike, clothes, and shoes, along with the thousand dollars in cash. police say that pa law forbid such a relationship between a teacher and student even though this student is 18 and was 18 at the time this all took place. the school district says that she is hats been suspended pending outcome of the case. she has been released on $50,000 unsecured bail. as a stipulation she cannot have any contact with the alleged victim in this case or any other students, now back to you. >> all right. oh, man. it is hard to react for students to react to something like this 7:35. it the is so soggy out today, we have talked about talc powder and what people use now. lauren simoneti says air dry or use a hair dryer. this ace good technique to use it on your child. >> yes, it is warm air. >> that is right. >> i love those big dryers in bathrooms. they just blow your face off.
7:36 am
>> have you seen new ones where you can put your hand in like this. >> yes. >> they are much faster. >> much faster. >> it is also we're celebrating, we're celebrating teach's appreciation month. >> well, after creepy stories we just did lets get back to ther even of the spectrum here. quincy, what are you doing surprise. >> i'm surprising a couple teachers at a school in philadelphia that is all i can say, a school in philadelphia will be surprised with a couple teachers this hour, okay. we appreciate you. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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congratulations to all of the nominees from philadelphia at the james beard awards, the academy award, of the culinary industry. total of five chefs from our area were up for awards. in of them came in the top spotty lie culp my friend at fork in olde city who is dealing with a horrible situation when he was in that
7:40 am
amtrak derailment wreck. richlandau, and they were up for best chef in mid-atlantic region. there is jose garces, within of the presenters last night. >> very nice. >> james beard award inspired to us give awards, we're not willing to go win in the foot category let's win in the hair category. >> i think philly can win here. >> chris murphy, outlooking for good beards. we have examples. i was watching nfl. >> you mean basketball. >> james harden has a good beard. >> he does. >> he is men for his beard. >> now lets get to chris. >> yes. >> hi, guys. we have a gentlemen not from philadelphia, you you are from colorado. >> that is right. >> welcome to philly. >> do you see beard around philadelphia. >> i am today, with the craft beer conference here good is that what this is craft beer conference, every dude has a beard. >> that is right. >> what is it about beards these days. >> they are warm, fuzzy, you
7:41 am
don't get cold, in this weather. >> is yours warm and fuzzy. >> can i touch it. >> sure. >> i is kind have of soft. >> yes. >> do chicks dig it. >> absolutely. >> how long have you you had a beard. >> since i was 25, when i was able to grow one. >> you have had it the whole time. it is your identity. you are one of the first guys with the beard in your clan your group, your friends. >> main, i don't know. >> everyone has a beard out west. >> is it catching up on the east coast. you see more beard in the west then the east. >> i'm not sure i don't spent a whole lot of time in the east coast. i'll let you know later. >> we were in fishtown earlier. it is to the north and east of here. >> okay. >> it is history, cool, cool coffee shops, there is a lot of beard, 20 something year-old crowd out there. our photographer jared has quite the beard. i wish we could show that. hey, man, welcome. >> appreciate it. >> pretty cool beard, right. >> hey chris, where are you.
7:42 am
>> in case you want to show off the beer. >> we are at jfk and 15th, right by city hall. >> yes. >> basically by the clothespin opinion. >> yes, right at city hall. >> right by the clothespin about a block away. i will try to find more beard here on what we have dubbed the fox 29 james beard awards. >> for sure you'll find some. >> yes. >> is that a beard right there. >> this gentlemen has a beard. >> hi, how are you. >> i like your beard. how long have you had facial hair going. >> about ten years. >> chicks did it. >> yeah. >> just like philly style beard. >> philly style. >> what is a philly style beard. >> if it is not looking like a philly style beard i ain't from filly what do new york beard. >> they go with the chin strap. >> chin strap. >> what about a dallas beard. >> like your face.
7:43 am
>> don't shave. >> i see how you are. >> clean shave even. >> that is so great. >> you cannot top that. >> yes. >> i noticed that all of the guys they have beards. >> close crop. >> philly beard. >> sometimes they have the james harden thing going too. >> yeah. >> hey do you need a job? this is so cool today. there is a giant job fair and billing corporations are involved in different categories. what are we showing the view? because that woman star jones is leading this job fair and she will tell us all bit. >> she will help us fine a job judge lets get to quincy because we are celebrating national teacher appreciation day. >> surprise. >> we have these balloons and we will surprise teachers coming up now in philadelphia
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7:46 am
7:46. good morning everybody. we have an accident on the walt whitman bridge, mid span, involving two or three vehicles, heading in towards philadelphia. so we're already jammed up from the freeway, heading in towards ben franklin. now walt whitman is a mess. a lot of folks will try to use that bennie as the option so coming into philadelphia a rough go.
7:47 am
coming from the opposite way east on the schuylkill a 31 minute trip from conshohocken to downtown. pennsy turnpike bumped up from bensalem to valley forge a 48 minute trip there. northbound 295 ab accident at rancocas woods dell rap interchange, again, that is northbound side in new jersey. an accident at four 2a the black horse pike but slow go toward the whitman. we have an accident on the walt whitman and ben franklin is jammed solid coming into philadelphia we had an early morning overturn tractor trail their pushed it off to the shoulder, southbound i-95 at naamans road. the right lane is block but after the rush hour they will upright that and that will cause delays for anybody heading down towards wilmington, after 9:00 o'clock. 422, slow go, coming in from collegeville, live look at i-95 heading north and south through commodore barry bridge area, rain drops on the windshield and a live lot the boulevard southbound towards the schuylkill.
7:48 am
when will this rain end. sue you has the answer in 15 seconds. well, even after it ends,ish, it will still be drippy. what do i mean by that? you can see a dry area, as we watch precipitation moving through. it is not, in a lot of spots as heavy as it was especially overnight with thunderstorms, but it is still thunder, heavy downpours and sussex county near delaware beaches, still steady rain at new jersey shore, yucky day there. it is lighter, that rain here in philadelphia but umbrellas are still up here in the city as well as heavier in mount pocono, and heavy rain moves away, and then it is just crib i for rest of the day.
7:49 am
mostly cloudy. we don't expect temperatures to rise a whole lot from where we are right now which is in the mid to upper 50's. you can see the spotty showers continuing through the afternoon but it will in the rain as heavily as it the has been all morning long. drippy day to day. 62 degrees. maybe a peak of sunshine. sixty tomorrow. twenty-six on thursday. still rain in the forecast on friday, but... the as we get to the weekend mike and alex it looks like it inches in the 70's gannon saturday. >> are you in bald more. >> yes, i will be with my mother. >> that is nice. >> weather, saturday and sunday. we are combining two things best beard in the city with the best teachers in the city because it is national teach's appreciation day. here's a teacher with a beard, perfect. >> his twitter name is clark kent 25 but he says my brother and which our beards and i'm a teacher with a beard as well so it is putting those two together. >> quincy harris has a surprise at wagner middle school west oak lane. they have good teachers there
7:50 am
the principal, organized this thing for us, hi there quincy. >> well, the principal johnstone, she nominated all of her teachers. we have students what do your teachers mean to you. >> they are always helping me when i struggle, help with my home work, class work. >> he comes through. >> yes. >> we will surprise the teachers, who are in an emergency meeting right now. we have balloons, we have fellow to come early, weird seeing the cake. >> so we goal in who here hain surprise the teachers. they don't even know that we're coming. >> happy teacher appreciation day.
7:51 am
>> how is everybody. >> here's the cake right here. how are you doing, sir. >> fine, fine. >> what do you teach. >> life skills, support. >> are you a good teacher here. >> yes, i am how are you doing. >> susan. >> okay. now what do you teach here. >> eighth grade math. >> were you guys surprised. >> yes. >> you guys in trouble or something. >> well, no, students here appreciate you, principal johnstone wanted to many in nate you guys because she thinks you guys do a wonderful job. lets give it up for the teachers, guy. >> yeah, teachers. >> yeah. >> who thought they were getting fired. >> why did you think were you getting fired. >> i really can't discuss that on tv. >> all right. >> we thank you guys.
7:52 am
>> let's give it up for teachers a the wagner middle school. >> beautifully done. >> very well done. >> i love it. >> do you want to say hello. >> hello. >> i don't teach, i work in the main office. >> we appreciate you. give them the balloons, guys. >> that was great. >> principal called all the teacher in and said we have a issue to discuss this morning. like an emergency issue. >> they had to come earlier. >> you all get in that room and they're like what is going on. >> it was a perfect prom night, until it was ruin by on line bullies, meet this local teen was bullied over her prom picture. she joins us in about five or six or seven minutes. show support for her. man, we have received dozens
7:53 am
of messages for her. we will read them, or some. one of the biggest night for celebrities to show i have their style and creativity? we will show you can't miss look from last night's met gala. >> kim always shows up.
7:54 am
7:55 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
7:56 am
heavy rain continues to fall in our area how about that lightening last night and thunder, did it wake you up? little will bit of a rough commute. sue is on it, bobbies on it. breaking down, this bad morning rush hour. >> 7:56. we have learn that the mother of rap legend tupack shaker has died. >> yes,. >> the sheriff's office said she passed away last night. they have in the released the cause of death. >> she has lived there a long time in marin, tupack was subject of her, son's 19 -- well, she was the son of her 1995 song, dream momma, that
7:57 am
was a good song. >> yes. >> she had like is respect for his mother a after her son's death, she would speak for him and talk about violence and accept award. >> she wasn't very old either. >> sixty-nine years old. >> yeah. only 37 percent of high school seniors are ready for college course work. >> parents are concerned that their child isn't on path for underground success. we should watch out for following warning signs. >> here we go, number one. >> your teen consistently struggles on key skills, maybe performing overall well but only takes one subject to lead to a poor performance though. number two, your teen is lack nothing non-academic skills that are critical for under grad success. and important for them to portraits like independent, responsibility. >> do you want to necessity number three. >> your teen is not reading, enough. man you see that a lot today. students do a ton of reading and writing in college. so you will fall behind, okay.
7:58 am
you have to read, to go to college. readers, are leaders. >> reading is fundamental. >> thank you. >> parents are being ordered to pay up, if their children, bully another child, at a school, or on line. what do you think of this moms and dads will be ticketed and find this they don't put a stop to a child's behavior. >> this is a new ordinance, this happens to be in a town in wisconsin. the school district will be working with police to enforce this. how about that. first offense, parents will receive a letter, and have 90 days to stop the bullying. if it continues, they will be find almost $400. if there is a second offense, within one year, the fine will jump to $700. on first glance, because i'm first learning about this, i love it. because i still think bullying starts at home. >> learning from their parents. >> yes. >> if they don't get their
7:59 am
parents to starting pro active with their kids and stopping this behavior from happening, yeah. >> i'm up for it. >> couple of you on twitter and facebook why is there a pile of hair next to your arm there mike. >> you forgot to put it into day. >> my bun. >> my man bun. >> it is man bun tuesday. >> or tupee. >> in. >> i'll explain what this is, coming up, and why it is here. >> good day, it is tuesday, may the third, 2016. heavy rain is hammering our region. what you can expect when you walk out the door. but will we please dry out for the weekend. and it was a perfect prom night, yes. >> i was happy. >> later ruined by haters. >> i don't feel comfortable. you know.
8:00 am
>> why this local teen says, wishes she never had gone to the prom at all. >> the futuristic fashions fit for technology theme. the glowing gown on the red carpet. >> star jones, we know her as star, will be live in the studio. do you need a job. that is why she's in philadelphia. the she's leading a huge job fair. >> do you want to get some work. star jones will help you out. i haven't seen her in a long time. she will be in our studio. >> is this recommended interview a tire. >> yes, we turn into international beard day, and chris murphy is over by the clothespin trying to find good beards. >> i vote for mike, crest.
8:01 am
>> hi, how are you. >> so you just cut, you had a lot of growth and you made it tight. >> yes, i cut it off. >> why did you cut it off. >> for spring and summer to make it clean, flat. the bigger beard, it is for wintertime. >> did it really keep your chin and cheeks warm. >> nice and warm. i didn't to have wear no scarves or nothing. >> you should have waited another week with this weather. >> but spring it will be nice this week. maybe it will come out right. >> how you about you. >> not only do i have beard going on but you have all kind of dreads working. >> since i have dreads i should have a shorter beard. that is mize whole thing with the beard. >> you keep fingernails tight too. >> you guys are all polished up and clean. >> yes. >> have you ever her of the james beard awards. >> no. >> well, these are our fox
8:02 am
versions of james beard award. >> you are rocking it. >> we have two recipient of the fox 29 james beard award. >> good morning, mike and alex. >> yes. >> don't freak out, we know what the james beard award is. >> it is just a different. >> you look good. >> what will you eat. >> it need to be like feathered out a little bit. >> yes. >> they call this crumb catchers. >> crumb catcher. >> you like you are ready to cut down some trees in fair mount park. >> lets get to this. >> today's number is, four out of ten. it is lucky out there. it is easy to stay bed on a morning like this even though the heaviest rain left us, it will be glummy, cloudy and drippy the rest of the day. so showers and fog with bus stop buddy and temperatures in
8:03 am
the 50's. yeah, so, there you see umbrellas still up there in olde city. it is 57 degrees and we have temperatures in the mid 50's. we have 54 in trenton, pottstown, atlantic city. wilmington 56. sixty-two is all we get for a high temperature, mostly cloudy skies. the sun comes out and put us back to 55 where we were yesterday. and the rest of the night. when will we get rid of this. we will let you know in the seven day forecast. 8:03 on this tuesday morning. pack a snack heading to the airport, philly international now officially running with delays on arrival and departure. give yourself time to get down there check with the airline before, you put the bags in the trunk. couple new accidents. worn on lincoln drive southbound, right at the kelly drive. we're jammed up on the boulevard, we're jammed up on
8:04 am
the schuylkill expressway. southbound on the boulevard, in northeast philadelphia, right at borbeck avenue outer drive a three car crash and there is also an accident on the walt whitman bridge mid span coming in toward philadelphia. so that is leaving a lot of extra volume there on that freeway. even more so than normal the 42 freeway bumper to bumper from pretty much the black horse pike all the way into the walt whitman. ben franklin bridge its jam as well. blue route 43 minutes from 95 up to the schuylkill. there is your delay on the freeway, just under a half an hour, heading in toward the walt whitman, and then again, we are jam up from the black horse pike all the way in so just a rough go all together. mass transit, so far, so good. >> do you remember how important your junior and senior prom was. >> yes. >> it was magical. something you will remember for the rest of your life. >> yes. >> one local girl's picture goes viral on social media as fox 29's shawnette wilson find out the comment posted on the
8:05 am
pick may have ruined what would have a great night. >> cell phone video shows video of the tajia jones walking out of her house looking and feeling like a rock star. it wases her first prom and she was excited. >> i was happy. >> this is a picture of her at prom saturday night, and, beautiful picture of herself. >> when i came, home from the prom that night and i enjoyed myself and happy i had fun. >> next morning her friend called to say that the picture had gone viral but not for reason that tajia thought. >> people i didn't know, that dress is not for her. she was like a fat something. >> reporter: most of the comments are soaked in meaning and hard to read. she updated her status saying she shouldn't have gone to prom or posted the innings tour. >> it is really hurtful because i was so confident the
8:06 am
day before and just changed my view. >> reporter: her mother is heart broken. >> she was so depressed and sad like she don't want to go out of the house. >> reporter: negative comments spread others began to stand with tajia. >> beautiful, baby girl. sleigh prom. she's cute as ever. she is gorgeous, has her own unique style and we are all god's creature and perfect in his image. it is like my twitter, so many messages, of people all over the world, from different countries. >> reporter: she says she's struggling, to believe in herself again and she has a message for others being bullied. >> you are not the only person. you should know how are inside. the outside shouldn't affect your inner you. you have to stay strong. >> tajia and her mom are in studio now. welcome to good day philadelphia when i saw the
8:07 am
story last night and her mom said she doesn't want to leave the house. you have to leave the house. we want to you leave the house and be our guest. >> good to have you here. >> thank you nice to meet you. >> let's just hug. here we go. the whole city of philadelphia and delaware valley want to give your daughter a hug. the response on our web site race night overwhelming and positive responses. >> make you feel better. >> it still effects me but i'm here to support her and be by her side. >> i have two daughters. it is all about them. it makes you so mad. >> yes. >> there is not much you can do. >> just encourage her and let her know that she has worth. >> it is important to know when people on social media, they say anything because you cannot see them. and there is some tough people. >> they san say what they want to say to make themselves feel
8:08 am
good. >> lou gorgeous that dress, her hair. >> yes. >> your hair is fabulous. >> so, if you do not mind because our good day viewers, they are so cool. they just wanted to have some response and tell thaw they love you. can i read some to you. alex is a better reader. so sad this had to happen. i think she's beautiful and looks great. people are so mean. >> then we have tony. >> you look beautiful, i think your dress compliment had you very well, you look classy. you had a good time all that matter, don't mind ignorant people. >> that dress is so beautiful. be pride of yourself. you are a better person then they are. >> tell us what the response has been in school, back yesterday. >> i would have attended a program the at college, around
8:09 am
there. >> but you went to their prom. >> yes. >> even though you live in pottsgrove. >> you live in pottsgrove. >> yes. >> the school did it trick is pottstown and then a pottstown school district. >> how were the responses when were in. >> will you go to next years prom. >> i hope so. >> is that a yes. >> yes. >> you changed your mine from sunday morning a little bit. >> happen bye that. >> i think the key is because we are getting so many comment on twitter and they say don't let anyone break your spirit. beauty starts from within. you should not let people how you should look like or how you should feel. >> you are beautiful. >> do you go to school now. >> yes. >> here's the thing. we're encouraging others to go to the facebook page. we are getting tweets. go to the facebook page and leave a positive comment something you want to say to
8:10 am
her and so we can see it. we want to see your dress next year. weep in touch with us. thanks for following up. >> thanks for coming in the rain. i know it was a drive. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> yes, i will. >> so speaking of beautiful dresses, the stars, they let up the met gala but before we go to the style we will break down magic moment on and off the red carpet. >> quincy, what are you doing. >> this is me ape this is nate, remember wake up wednesday. you are fine now. >> yes. >> we are here at tinicum school, we're going to go surprise his teacher, one of the best teacher, his name is mr. shift, coming up next, we will surprise him. we have a cake. trying to make me eat my greens?low.
8:11 am
no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
8:12 am
8:13 am
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ loud last night with all those thunderstorms ape it is still raining in many place these morning. the good news is probably the worst of the morning rush hour rain is over, and yes, for mess of us even up in the poconos mountains it seems to
8:14 am
be easing up a little bit. now you can see the beginning of the even of the heavy rain and heavier rain has moved up to new england but it is not the end of the rain. the it is just not as intense. do you see how light green is? that indicates light rain. the it is easing up in philadelphia but now it just gets drippy and annoying for the rest of the day. that is indicated here in the fox future cast. we see cloud cover. maybe a smidge of sunshine here and there not real likely though. we will see it staying cloudy which why is temperatures went get much higher then they are right now. we will see on and off rain for the rest of the day to day. tomorrow has the best chance of being a largely dry dau but we still see rain, in the early morning hours, of wednesday, and then we are seeing rain through the afternoon on and off but it was a deal. different system. we have a series months through. series have low pressure systems and another one arrives on thursday.
8:15 am
hopefully with the cloud we can keep things dry throughout the day on thursday. probably not. visibility getting better. fog any lancaster. temperatures in the 50's. we have reached 61 in wildwood. as we mentioned we will stay in the lower 60's the rest of the day depending on if we get any sunshine at all. tomorrow lower 60's. same for thursday, same for friday. there is a chance for rain every day except for the weekend. this would work out great, wouldn't it if we could dry things out just in time for mothers day weekend, and that would be my gift to myself for mothers day. >> there you go. >> little treat yourself there, wrap it up, put a bow on it. 8:15. good morning. two separate accidents on the schuylkill. this accident happened first, these guys safely working their way over to the shoulder and then bam, another crash happened same spot 30 police are in the even here yet. this is westbound schuylkill expressway approaching king of prussia we're basically down to one lane. we have what looks like five
8:16 am
cars all together here. so we are bumper to bumper from conshohocken heading west out toward kop and that will cause chase out toward king of prussia turnpike heavy from philadelphia, all the way over to valley forge. no one will get there any time soon because the major roadways are just backup here south on i-95, bumper to bumper from the betsy ross bridge on down to girard avenue. we will zoom into lincoln drive. the lincoln drive an accident at the base of the kelly drive, causing a backup there trying to get on the schuylkill. average delays from 15 to 45 minutes on arrival and departures so be ready for. that we said that would happen with the weather, check with the airline, make sure your flights is on asks schedule or hasn't been delayed more than 45 minutes. southbound on the boulevard an subsequent at borbeck in the out are drive. this has turned into one of the biggest event of the
8:17 am
year. you must go if you are a celebrity. >> yes. >> we don't get invited. >> the celebrities love this. >> met gala. >> i don't get to go to the met gala i'm just a failing another. the event was last night. it is a fundraiser for metropolitan museum of arts costume institute on fifth avenue knew. >> who announced their new spring collection. >> yes. >> this years theme was menace, fashion in the age of technology. and some celebrities they managed to rock some great outfits that played in the theme while others they missed it. >> there is amy schumer. >> she had a unconventional dress on as she was getting ready. shows's showings some here. >> she's this is doing that for her crouch, thinks deodorant so her thighs won't chap. >> and she had had #no thigh gap, no problem. >> and then i was watching e news they had their coverage yesterday for the first time they did the met gala live. >> and kim and kanye came up.
8:18 am
one of their new correspondents was asking questions and kanye's eyes looked different. she decided to ask him about them and there was this response. >> i love that. >> but his response is what people will be talking about now. >> kanye, loving your eyes. wases this part of the look or something you wanted to do tonight. >> hi. >> you are like a kid in the candy store. >> i can't see what are they blue. >> yes, they are. >> grayish, i will show you. >> does it go with his outfit. >> i think so. >> funny thing. then they get back to julie yan a ransic. >> he said within word and now it is spreading all over. >> vibe. >> thank me i just shared it with you. >> yes. >> ask me how i'm feeling. >> how are you feeling. >> vibes. >> i have to ask you something. >> what will do you later. >> vibes. >> you can't smile you have to be serious.
8:19 am
>> i'm so cool. i'm kanye. i'm cool. vibes. kate up ton was there. >> yes, she breaking news on the red carpet. look at that ring. baseball player justin verlander. >> they have talk about trying to hide it, before they were able to finally be able to say it. >> smoking hot. >> he's a lucky guy. >> beyonce arrived and apparently they squash their lemonade beef. have been looking for beck which good hair. people thought it was rita. but rita posted this snap chap, because i'm on it so i know who to say that. >> snap. >> yes. they are together and fans are speculatedd that rita, okay, this is what i was saying earlier. there were rumors she was on rock nation and then she left and then sued her and all sort of stuff and people said they were too close together. >> now they have family love. >> yes. >> now they are just familiar. >> yes. >> i'll tell what you they
8:20 am
are. >> they are vibe. >> you beat me to it. >> i was about to do it. >> i saw this was real, chris jenner was there. >> is that from maleficent. >> yes, basically. >> maleficent. >> yes. >> she's all horny there. >> she was there with her boyfriend. >> well, she was. >> yes, she was. >> she really didn't even have that on. >> no. >> that was photo shopped. >> i'm so country, i love it. i didn't know that. >> it, tell you what it really is. >> exactly. >> crying babies can make for a miserable flight on a airplane, but not for passengers on one jet blue plane why they were begging, begging for kids to start crying. chris is on beard watch.
8:21 am
>> finding more philly beards. >> be hold the beards. all right, how are you sir. your name. >> jason. >> you're studying fine art. i just stopped you in the street. how long have but than growing that. >> two weeks. >> very good. >> we will talk more beards with these gentlemen right now. justin you are from bristol. >> yes. >> i love it, what about brewing that brings out the beard in the man. >> it is just part of the industry. >> jason. >> i'm loving it. >> we have a gentlemen all the way from munich germany, what is happening. >> i'm fine, i think in terms of beard and beer it is part of our faith. >> these are tasteful beard. we will send it back to you. >> we will be right back with more beards.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
that would be a long flight. flying with a baby is challenging for the mothers and dads, and, often a nightmare for the people,
8:25 am
sitting around the baby, if the baby starts crying. >> in honor of mothers day jet blue created a promotion that gives everyone a reason to be happy when an infant is on board. >> every time a baby on this plane cries, you will receive 25 percent off your next flight, in other word, witt equal a free round trip ticket. the latest weather in long beach right now... >> unaudible. >> give it up. >> 100 percent off every time a baby cries they get a
8:26 am
discount. i happened to be on this flight i leaned over across the aisle and slapped a couple kid. >> yes. >> yes. >> boom. >> okay, teacher appreciation week but today specifically teacher appreciation day. >> quincy is doing special things for teachers, surprise. >> the pe teacher has been here for 39 years, mr. shift. we want to surprise him. he is not even here. where is your teacher. we are going around tinicum school to find mr. shift. we cannot find him. he is not in the gym but we will fine him next. it is teacher appreciation day. we will surprise him with this cake.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
i would say it is famous star. >> because star jones will be
8:30 am
with us in studio this morning. she will help get you hired today. we will tell but big job fair that is cool. metallic night at the met gala. the theme was technology. look at this, that dress is lit up, on the red carpet. i will tell us whose body is in that dress. >> um-hmm. >> so james beard award last night but of course we have screwed this all up. we thought it was about beards in the about food. now that is a beer. >> he said beard gang. that is a a good one. >> nice. >> all right. tameika says i love my hubby curtis gray beard. >> that is suffice kateed. >> this guy says, well, you can go corporate with it, got the tayoun. >> i lake this one, thinks colleen, love my husband's beard, i would be very unhappy if he took it off without consulting me. >> she's a beard girl. >> he is happy. >> yes. >> thanks for. that. >> sue serio has been my beard
8:31 am
for years. >> oh, mike. >> and she lost it. >> why do you do that to me. >> you know what i mean, i'm supposed to be at an event, yes. >> it is raining. >> yes. >> temperatures in the 50's, okay. yeah, there is fog out there but not much, it is 57 degrees and we will not get that much more warmer before the end of the day. the mostly cloudy skies, high of 62. and yeah, on and off showers, we just don't expect this rain as hard as it did this morning, 50 degrees overnight with you guessed it bob kelly, showers around. >> more showers and more showers. two separate accidents here on the schuylkill expressway, bet all lane temporary block here. what started out as a three
8:32 am
car accident, those guys moved off to the shoulder and that quickly bam another accident happened in the same spot so state troopers, trying to push everybody off to the scene. they are kicking off, brushing off the roadway but west bun schuylkill expressway bumper to bumper from pretty much belmont out through conshohocken. it comes to a stan still from the blue route out toward kop this morning. here's the ben franklin bridge probably walking across then taking care. southbound i-95 heavy from academy to girard. delays on on from the betsy on n turnpike heavy from philly over to valley forge. we are looking at 15 to 45 minutes at philly international because of the weather. mike and alex, back to you. >> it is national teacher appreciation day. this morning our quincy harris is saying thank you. >> to etch tooers really throughout the area including a very special one at tinicum school in essington, pennsylvania. >> go quincy. >> this is teacher appreciation day, for 39 years at tinicum school. mr. shift. he has been pe teacher.
8:33 am
this is when he first started in 19 something. >> okay. >> mr. shift is not here. i don't know where he is. let's just try to show you around and try to find him. >> let's try to find him. come on. >> okay. >> so, no listen, listen, it is teacher appreciation day. this is mr. shift. how are you doing. >> tremendous. >> now, dawn. >> do you see that up there. >> yes. >> such an amazing teacher. >> i am amazing, thank you how long have you been here. >> too long. you have been here too long. thirty-nine years. >> that isn't old. >> you are live on tv. >> this is it, you he had it
8:34 am
it. >> look at everyone right here. >> come on over here, dawn. >> now you nominated mr. ship. why. >> it was like the school, and parents, and have been nominated him for teacher of the year for franklin mint credit union. >> what does he mean to this community. >> he is awesome. he takes care of the kids, he does jump-a-thons, diabetes walks. he was my teacher when i went to school here. he has taught all four of my kids. >> he is a great gentlemen. >> mr. shift, come on over here, this is for you. >> thank you, very nice. >> we appreciate you. >> don't drop the cake. >> i got it. >> we appreciate i you. this is and you'll i teach's appreciation day and we hear you are to go work for her. >> i'm going down there tomorrow, i will shag some
8:35 am
balls. mrs. farmer our assistant principal is coming with us, and we will spend the day down at citizens bank park. >> okay. i was there yesterday. >> did you hit one out. >> not at all. >> you look a little weak in the arms. >> wow, okay. >> i would fix you up. >> take care of you. >> i will let him help me and we appreciate it. we appreciate you here. any last, you know, word to anybody out there. you taught the whole community here. >> i have been here 39 years, the oldest, student i have now is 51 if you can believe it. it is hard to believe because i'm only 52. i don't understand that. it is the greatest place to work. the best district. the best school right here. best kid. and i love being here. i may retire next year, i don't know, we will see. >> he will be here another 39 years. >> yes good back to you guys in the studio. >> that is beautiful.
8:36 am
>> ahh. >> guy has been there almost 40 years at the same school. what a man. >> he loves what he does. >> you the man. his students, oldest student now is 51 years old. >> wow. >> here's a shoppinger, bernie sanders, he has joined the cast of seinfeld. >> you know, george basically and larry sanders, not larry zappedders. bye no more george. bernie sanners has join the cast of seinfeld and i'll explain after the break. look to the cookie.
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8:39 am
8:40 am
it is 8:40. my favorite sitcom of all time. >> seinfeld. >> that would be seinfeld. and bernie sanders sometimes remind people of the george stein brenner character larry david plays. no, he is like george. so after all this, some cool put together this real, that puts bernie sanders, into seinfeld. >> i think the vast majority of this country who want to dot right thing and i intend to lead the country. >> what do you think. >> i love a good caper. >> if i went walking, that rib object of highway. >> hillary clinton, i'm running for president. >> hello. >> who is this. >> people attack me and just saw my record we will respond.
8:41 am
>> that guy name david put that together and entertainment web site, put it all together with that guy named david. >> okay, very nice. >> cool. >> very cool good it goes on and on. >> did you stay up watching these. >> i watched it over and over again. those are real episodes with just his head stuck on george's head. >> yes. >> it is cool though. >> it is just seem less facebook friend are not as important as you think. mine are. they are my life blood every day talking to my fans. >> you have so much. >> yeah. >> new research says our brain can only deal with the fraction on of the friend we have. mike what do you have 60,000. >> yeah, i have a fraction on of a brain. >> it will tell us how many true friend we actually have. >> yes good how many are true. >> i don't know 95 percent of
8:42 am
them, for real, not in person. but i love them.
8:43 am
narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan
8:44 am
support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics. than playing whapennsylvania millions,ing with top prizes of one million dollars? winning, ...on the spot. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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it is 8:45. there is blue mountain, kind of glummy there as we wait for transition from skiing season to summer time there. it is getting better out there with the rain but it is still going to stay drippy even after the rain end. it will really not end because there will be showers around. we added cloud cover to this picture here and we are sock in still, and scattered showers around southern delaware, jersey shore, actual rain has ended but it is still drippy and drizzly here in philadelphia. around allentown we will see heavyish showers and we expect for the rest of the day this situation, to continue. occasional light showers, when it is in the raining, it looks like it will rain, mostly cloudy, if you see sunshine count yourself lucky because we will not get many today and that is why we expect a high of only 62 degrees. sixty tomorrow and we could see a peak of sunshine but still showers in the forecast, shores in the forecast for
8:46 am
thursday and friday, and hope this works out because just in time for mothers day weekend, we will get some sunshine and we do not see rain in the forecast for either saturday, up day and temperatures in the 07's. >> sounds good and good timing. bring on the stars, because a parentally, lebron james will star in space jam two. they are bringing it back. just it is 20 years ago, 1996. he direct the fast and furious films. original space jams starring michael jordan is highest grossing basketball movie ever. no word when movie will hit theaters what do you think, space jam two. >> and lebron. >> people were saying what about step h curry. >> he would be great. >> he would be. >> will they make michael jordan come back with a cameo. >> i would put shack into it. >> i would get nervous too, because they are usually not.
8:47 am
>> yes. >> so yesterday, we talk about this, they were saying there are some good ones. toy story or godfather. >> yes. >> go name some good movies that have good sequels. >> godfather two better than godfather one even though godfather one is fantastic. >> that made more money than love in basketball. >> that is another one. >> true. >> a big congrats to one of our favorites, kerry washington. wasn't kerry just at the. >> she was at met gala. >> yes. >> last night. >> she was at correspondent dinner saturday night. >> busy girl. >> she's pregnant did you see that. >> i didn't notice. she wasn't drinking when i saw her. she is not -- >> nnamdi asomugha, former philadelphia eagle of core. >> kerry wases there last night. >> their daughter, who i don't think she has ever showed her daughter yes. >> her daughter is two years
8:48 am
old. so, in word when the new baby will arrive, whether it is boy or girl but congratulations to them. this is interesting people thought they were going to go get divorce. >> yes. >> no, they are good and they are having a baby. >> would you look good in those gloves. >> yes. >> fashion from the met gala, do you like this look for kerry. >> we are wrapping our searching for the best beer. >> wrapping it up. >> this is it. >> okay. >> i didn't know there was a time limit but beardless chris murphy is out. hi there, chris. >> weakish cake to fishtown an figured there is a ton of beard here. the it is hi try, cool and mark was in getting coffee and has's beard. >> how are you you. >> good ratio his out of five men have beard. >> you ara zooming. >> i went in and check it out. >> yes. >> if you looked through window, i don't know if you can see is there a gentlemen in the meeting with longer hair and a beard. if you pan to the right is
8:49 am
there beard all over the place. what is it about fishtown and clean up beards, mark. >> i don't know fit is fishtown or whatever, it is just trend. it is the way it is right new. >> how long have you you had this thing. >> since new years. >> it is clean, good. >> yes. >> do you like it. >> yes. >> what do you think of our photographer jared's beard. what do you think. >> you have to bring in, grow it out a bit, it is options, that is nice thing, you don't need a giant epic beard but tight, trim. >> excuse me, what do you think of mark's beer, do you like it. >> do you like beards. >> i like them. >> as long as you shaved up. >> there you have it from fishtown in philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> yes. >> i love fishtown. >> eight will 29. hey parents, are you a thief. half of the moms and dad admit
8:50 am
to contradicting open their moms piggy tan. tomorrow note's power ball. lottery numbers. close to 400 million. we have to play. >> are you playing good i'll play.
8:51 am
8:52 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. still jammed up here because of an accident on the westbound schuylkill expressway. everybody off the in the shoulder, five cars, right before, the king of prussia interchange. they are swapping their license and registrations here we are jammo from center city out and around that conshohocken curve. real tight through the blue route because we are jammed up
8:54 am
both direction there is anyone trying to get out to king of prussia has to go to the turnpike. the delays of 15 to 45 minutes. all because of the weather. check with the airline. here's a live look, at the benny, stacked up from the toll place autopsy and over the downtown. rape drops here. thinks i-95 in delaware county, and, jammed up on the turnpike from philly, and valley forge. even on into kop. >> i have been saying, seeing stars. soft star in the green room. star jones is leading a job fair and i mean a lot of coast are looking to hire. >> do you need a job. she will tell you how you can get hired. >> okay judge there she is right there. >> we are tracking this weather. >> yes. >> come on. >> stupid.
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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8:58 am
good day. the one on the right is kitkat kline. we're talking about beard today. this is when i had a beard. i had one when i was very young and then older. >> why can you let it go it is itchy, nuts. >> it is my granddaughter teddy's birthday, it is may third. >> happy birthday, teddy. >> i'm sure kitkat and milky will fine pictures of her. >> did you get a gift for her. >> that was may plan yesterday afternoon to fedex a gift. >> what happened. >> i screwed up. >> i will get it done today. >> she will have two birthdays, one today, one tomorrow. >> fedex. >> yes. >> by the end of the today.
8:59 am
>> tomorrow. >> to second birthdays. birthdays today and tomorrow. >> you will miss it. >> no question bit, because i'm a horrible human being. >> don't say that. >> parents, are you a thief. let me explain. half of the moms and dads admit to cracking open their kid piggy banks. here's the question, do you ever pay them back? >> metallic magic, future fashions, fit for the technology theme they had going on. everyone sewed up in silver. they were dazzling and glowing gowns on the red carpet. we will discuss and go over them. >> we will tell you who had that electric dress on last night. >> i think she won. for sure. >> celebrity weddings are not only expensive. they carry a hefty price tag as well for the guest. for the guest. how much will it cost to you watch your friend, say i do. >> yes. bride made. >> yes, um-hmm.
9:00 am
>> all right. >> talk about celebrities. i bet many times, star jones, who for nine seasons was on the view. >> one of the original hosts as a matter of fact. >> yes, um-hmm. >> executive producer of something new called satan sisters. wow. >> based off of her book. it will air on vh-1. exited to see it. >> that is not all. >> what? >> it stars the president of the professional diversity network which is holding a giant jobs fair today. let's say hello to our friend star jones. welcome to philadelphia, star. >> i feel like i'm back home. i was raised off 8a off the turnpike, trenton new jersey. >> trenton. >> trenton makes the world takes. >> how long did you live there. >> i lived in trenton from the time i was eight years old until i was 16 and went to college. >> where did you go to high school. >> note are dame academy you are one of of us. >> 100 percent. as soon as i landed,


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