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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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fight. the ugly seen that sent two philly school officers to the hospital. backlash over an event that's supposed to be all about family. why so many people got a problem with the sign. your news is next.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity. right now at 10:00 local school resource officers rushed to the hospital. this video shows why. they were trying to protect children. when authorities say adults attacked them. one of the officers left that fight with a broken jaw. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. tonight police are looking to catch those attackers. let's get right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser life at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain. , that one officer underwent surgery overnight for the broken jaw. a second officer released from the hospital after he suffered an injury to his leg tonight police trying to identify and arrest the three adults involved in this attack. >> all of a sudden, everybody turning into the couldn't and start beating him.
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>> reporter: this man couldn't believe what he saw monday when he look out the front door of his pizza shop and saw this. two philadelphia school police officers trying to break up a fight between two students. within seconds the officers were being brutally attacked by three adults. >> i went out to help them out. he said no, no, no, just call 911. some students were supposed tonight. adults were there to spectate or make sure it's a fair one, and officers diffused it and adults weren't happy about it. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the fight at this bus stop at castor and cottman around 3:30. two students one from northeast high, the other from woodrow wilson middle school were fighting as the officers intervened to stop the fight. then suddenly they became targets. >> one squares up and swings on the officer. second male comes in to the shop with a green shirt. tackles another officer and meanwhile a guy comes in and kicks an officer on the ground. >> our officers were proactive. every day our officers do great
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job. it was unfortunate they got hurt this time. >> reporter: 48-year-old veteran school officer suffered a broken jaw and underwent surgery at temple hospital monday night. a 53-year-old school officer suffered a leg injury. >> they willy pillar of the community our police officers. they help us, protect us. it shouldn't that be way. >> reporter: witness turned over the cell phone video to school officials. surveillance cameras on several businesses also picked up the fight. the two adults were apparently related to the student from wilson. the fight stemmed from a prior incident between the two students. >> they should be prosecuted. you can't hit a cop. you cannot hit a cop. this cop is here to protect you. >> reporter: now the two students involved in the original fight were not injured. police have recovered more surveillance video of the fight. they may release that tomorrow. if you want to get another look at the video you can go to fox if you recognize these guys, you should call northeast detectives
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much these suspects police tell us will face aggravated assault charges. iain. >> dave, thank you. breaking news tonight on the presidential campaign trail. senator ted cruz drops out of the race after losing the indiana primary to donald trump. trump's win makes it virtually impossible for cruz to block the businessman from clinching the republican party nomination. governor john kasich remains in the race but before tonight, cruz had vowed to stay in the race through the final primaries but now reality has set in. >> from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say, new york city! -- >> it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> no! >> together we left it all on the field in indiana. >> no! >> meanwhile, democratic side
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bernie sanders wins that party's nomination over hillary clinton. he told fox 29 last week that he is staying with his campaign through california's primary next month. on your radar tonight latest round of rain ultimate doppler radar shows the situation man it's getting overtime pay tell you what. we're about to get a break from the rain but don't get used to i let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> yeah, those storms to the south tonight. you can see them through virginia and also southern parts of maryland with a few sprinkles through southern delaware. but more rain is moving in from the west severe weather, severe thunderstorm watches stay to the south tonight. overnight some patchy drizzle and fog lows in the city around 51. the suburbs 47. but the rain will be making a come back. you saw it on ultimate doppler to the west during the early morning hours it moves into our suburbs and it will be in the region for the morning rush. so coming up we'll be timing that rain because more is on the way. cool for now but better weather for mom. we'll talk more about that in the seven day later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank you.
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police are hoping that new video release dad will help them catch the man who as sill add teenager in south philadelphia. police say this guy attempted to rape a 19-year-old woman on the 1300 block of wharton street two weeks ago. the victim was able to mace the attacker who then ran away. the suspect is described as a blackmail in his mid to late 30s around 5 feet seven. if you've got any information please call police. a traffic stop turned into a traffic crash in north philadelphia earlier this evening. it happened at 25th and diamond streets. authorities say an officer was trying to stop a driver when a van hit his cruiser from behind the force of that impact pushed the officer patrol car into the car he was trying to stop. we're told the officer officersn stable condition and in good spirits. other drivers are not hurt. happening right now, a meet up to buy a gun ends up being a gun point rob breach the man posted his weapon for sale online. >> he thought he was meeting up with someone who was going to buy the gun but that buyer apparently had other plans. the story you'll see only on
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fox. let's get right out to chris o'connell who's is live outside southwest detectives to night. chris? >> reporter: well iain, i can tell you there's one more assault weapon on the streets of philadelphia and in the hands of criminals tonight. ak47 was snatched right from the hands of its owner during a robbery. now police want that gun back and they want the guy who stole it behind bars. philadelphia police called the site the craigslist for guns. arms is an online super store for firearms. getting a semi automatic is as easy as ordering a peas sam it's the website where delaware county man listed in ak47 assault rifle for sale for about 600 bucks. >> shows him the ak47. second male arrives obviously we know this is a set up rob breach pulls out gun tell him to gives him the weapon. he takes the ak47 and fleece and
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foot. >> reporter: we spoke with the 24-year-old victim over the phone. >> just anger and confusion. i never expected this happen to me,. >> reporter: victim says he arrived saturday afternoon to meet his customer named justin at 54th and burkes to show him the gun not knowing that meeting was a setup. >> before i even get a chance to open up the case he has the gun in his pocket and goes get the bleep back in your car. i am going to shoot you. >> reporter: he tells me he's an avid gun collector and has sold guns before but this is the first time he didn't meet a customer inside a gun shop as police suggest. and since it's not a handgun, it's perfectly legal to privately sell rivals without any background checks in pennsylvania. but if that gun was used in a crime or sold to a felon the seller could be charged. coming into an area unfamiliar with a weapon like that, just not the wisest thing to do. we're fortunate the person didn't get injured but we're asking people who are using the site to just be wary of your
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surroundings and do the right thing. >> reporter: police say they have no concrete descriptions of those suspects but they warn if you are selling a gun, make sure do you it in the presence of law enforcement or a gun shop owner. iain? >> chris, thank you. a burlington, new jersey, man facing charges to night after police say he stole from charity. 37-year-old samuel bar was arrested today. he allegedly entered a locked safe at a catholic charities in burlington city. police say he took nearly $900. developing right now cleaning up a big mess. some people in olney spent their morning cleaning up shattered glass because somebody busted through their car windows. police say the guy broke into as many a a dozen cars. surveillance video captured him at two of them in the 5300 block of howard street. he's throwing rocks or bricks at windows and some of the glass just wouldn't break but he eventually got inside. the victims tell fox 29 he didn't steal a whole lot but the damage to each car was in the
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hundreds of dollars. one man had two of his car windows smashed on saturday. then again this morning. a woman tells us she was recently talking to police about one break in while the guy struck again. >> i'm talking to the cops about somebody breaking into the car and at the same time the same guy goes up the street right in front of us where you could see and breaks into another car. >> can you imagine? police are still looking for the man. he's out of jail now but a trip to the apple store ended with handcuffs for philly jesus last night. philly jesus whose real name is michael grant tweeted in part this morning, i am free, i'm free at last. he was arrested at the apple store on 16th and walnut after allegedly refusing to leave despite being asked multiple times. police say his cross was blocking an aisle. grant was charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. he was released after an arraignment early this morning when we caught up with him he told us he was too tired to tell
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us his side of the story and he needed a nap. it remains controversial but for families dealing with drug addiction they have a life saving tool that can now help. delaware county acme pharmacies are now carrying narcan nasal spray. the drug can reverse drug overdose. the 10 act police in delaware county the first to carry it in the state. last fall state officials announced they were making narcan more available through a doctor's prescription. some law enforcement agencies already use narcan and supporters say families of drug abusers need to have access to it as well. backlash tonight over an event that is all about famili families. why so many people have a problem with the sign promoting the event. a local man is already faced a lot of obstacles including loss of his mother. now he's trying to chase his dream. the special way he's frying to honor her memory. >> a local father takes desperate measures in desperate times.
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>> it's not a cup of sugar. it's huge. somebody is giving me live. >> he needs a kidney. the surprise group that's stepping up to help save his life. plus a high school senior in big trouble over scandalous pose in yearbook photo. he says he meant no harm. but he's facing dozens of indecent exposure charges. the one thing that could help get him out of hot water. >> just in time for summer, it's the brush that promises to leave you with straight hair in just one pass, oh, no, i cannot believe this. it is too good to be true? we're putting it to the deal or dud test. pet moments are beautiful,
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>> local man with special needs is showing everyone tonight how hard work and persons perseverance pays off. he's been studying martial arts since he was just little guy. >> he stuck with it and now he's heading to the world championships thanks to lot people who have his back. shawnette wilson live in northeast philadelphia tonight with this incredible story. shawnette? >> reporter: well, eric cohen's coach says when he steps inside the gym behind me that he is equal to if not above others, and now he is head to do world championship. >> that's my dream to go to world championship. >> reporter: 30-year-old eric cohen spends several hours almost every day here at read tiger tae kwon do in the northeast. >> he's been honing his skills for the past 26 years. he started when he was four years old. his coach says he's exceptional. >> he's achieved the level of
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fifth degree black belt which most people can only dream of. >> reporter: what makes that even more incredible the coach says is that eric has had rough life. he special needs an cancer survivor in march he lost his mother to ms and cancer. >> regardless of whatever mental and intellectual challenges he might have he applies himself a million%. >> that has led eric to the opportunity of a lifetime. in july, he will travel to england to compete in the open world championships. for the first time there will be a special needs division. >> literally his first chance ever to step up to what he seen other people do for 10, 20 yea years. so he's gearing himself towards this. >> on the mat eric shows why he's been chosen to go. (applause). >> when he goes through those doors and puts on one of these uniforms, he's everybody and
10:16 pm
ahead of many. >> reporter: the competition even more important it's a promise he made to his parents he would go and compete. he's doing this event for his mom. >> back here live, eric's trip is made possible by jim hero's they're dedicating to helping athletes with challenge as chief their goals. they started a fundraising campaign for him. eric will compete in england july 30th. back to you. >> good luck to him, shawnette, thank you. in light of flint water crisis and news that some schools in newark, new jersey, have found lead in their drinking water, experts are talking about water safety tonight in center city. the academy natural sciences hosting tonight's panel discussion called what's in our water? speakers talked about aging infrastructures effects on public water supply. experts talked about what steps can be taken to make sure drin drinking water stays clean and safe. >> an event aimed at bringing families together is stirring up some controversy. the issue is not the event itself. but the name of it. black family day. as bill anderson explains, some
10:17 pm
believe it segregates people. >> they're segregating themselves. they're setting us back years. >> ashley was driving near willingboro when she saw a sign for the black family day in mill creek park. she said she immediately struck by how the name and event would impact her son. >> if my son had seen it and he asked, you know, hey, mom, it's a family fun day why can't we go? what am i going to tell my six-year-old baby? >> ashley post add picture to facebook to see how others felt. she said the picture struck a nerve with many of her friends who think the event sets a bad precedent. >> if white people did that, we would be considered kkk members or some kind of arian brotherhood people. >> reporter: black family day was created nearly 30 years ago by jack and jill an organization dedicated to developing african-american leaders. one of this year' co sponsors told me the event doesn't exclude anyone and black family doesn't speak to the audience, it speaks to the mission. >> i don't think that anyone is turned away from coming to this
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event. it's a good opportunity for folks to see the african-american culture in the light that's not depicted by what some in the media may portray those of us of color. >> i feel like it back tracks us. >> reporter: ashley understands the message, but still believes that if the goal is unity and education, then changing the name is a good place to start. >> why do we have to be so separated? it doesn't matter what you are or who you are, where you came from, why does this have to happen? like i don't believe in this at all. >> reporter: for clarity, the event is actually named by the national organization and has the same name in all of the cities. assemblyman singleton told me he's proud to be associated with this event, and people who think it's divisive don't know the event. he invites them to come out and all are a part of the family on black family day. in the newsroom bill anderson fox 29 news. >> the religious order founded by st. katharine drexel is
10:19 pm
selling the bensalem estate that is home to its main house and the shrine with the saint's to tomb. st. katharine established sisters of the blowe blowed sacy in 1891. she died in 1955. her remains are moving to the basil lay today of saints peter and paul in center city. u.s. homeland security secretary jay johnson makes a stop in our area today. johnson met with mayor kenney to focus on a range of security concerns for the city including the democratic national convention and he also met with community leaders to talk about violent extremism. he says the homeland security agency is focused on building bridges with communities across the u.s. >> i believe that this mission is as search as any of our other homeland security missions given the global terrorist threat environment that we face right now. >> johnson says in this environment it's important not to vilify muslim communities.
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unique mug shot that even crazier story behind this one. what police said this woman did to an officer that had them comparing her to the karate kid. a true display of grit and determination video that's going viral. what a disabled marine managed to pull off and how he hopes it will help save lives. >> animal lovers know when your pet is sick it's hard to think of anything else. where people are getting paid to stay home with their furry family members. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for work zone wednesday tomorrow penndot is coming to work on the schuylkill expressway in both directions. pretty much from south philly all the way out to city line avenue. combination of some pothole patrols and cleaning up the shoulders along the schuylkill and then look out in south jersey tomorrow. there's new lane changes along both 42 and 295 and crews will be working tomorrow through belmar. what you need to know before you
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get on the go. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ tonight we know the identity of a u.s. navy seal killed in iraq. he's been identified as
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31-year-old charlie keating originally from phoenix picture here with his fiance'. he attended u.s. naval academy before becoming a seal. he was killed during a fire fight in mosul. the pentagon ramp the fight against isis. those who knew keating remember him as a hero. >> he would live the good life without doing anything for his country. he gave the ultimate sacrifice. anybody who can't respect that doesn't have a heart. >> he served in combat since the us coalition lost its campaign against isis in 2014. >> high school senior is facing indecent exposure charges. >> 19-year-old hunter osbourne exposed himself in the red mountain high school's varsity football team photograph. now the picture was used for months and game programs and even the school yearbook without anybody noticing anything. recently the school saw what
10:25 pm
osbourne had done and called police. an attorney says things may still turn out okay for osbourne, though. >> if the prosecutor's office can't find a victim who says, i offended by this, then there might not be a case against this kid. >> police say osbourne admits he exposed himself on a dare from another player. a woman allegedly attacks a police officer in texas but it's how she did it that's got a lot of people talking to night police say the 22-year-old sarah pierce got into a verbal altercation with officers then started hitting the patrol car's window. when officers got out, pierce allegedly quote karate kid crane kicked an officer in the stomach and she was arrested and now being held on $10,000 bail. she's alive, she's well but proving it is turning out to be pretty tough for this woman. why the government doesn't want to believe she's not dead. and a local dad takes desperate measures and desperate times posing a crucial question
10:26 pm
on a roadside sign. he needs a kidney. the surprise group that is stepping up to help save his life. >> kathy? >> east coast is stuck in the showers. the west is stuck in the sunshine. when will this twitch? we'll take a look with the seven day coming up. ♪
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♪ funeral arrangements now set for former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. williams became police commissioner in 1988 and stayed with the department until 1992 when he moved to los angeles to become the chief of police there. public viewing will be held at baker funeral home in north philadelphia this friday from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. a viewing and service will then be held the next morning at zion baptist church on north broad street. it has been eight years since philadelphia police sergeant steven list bin ski was shot and killed. sergeant died in 2008 after authorities say he confronted three robbers who held up a bank inside a port richmond shop rite grocery store. police shot and killed one of the men arrested the other two. the sergeant had served 12 years
10:30 pm
on the force. a delaware man is in the fight of his life tonight and this billboard might be his saving grace. a single father is hoping the bold idea to search for a kidney using the billboard will lead to a donor. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke with the dad about his public plea. >> i didn't really think he was going to do it. >> reporter: 46-year-old dave, dad of 14-year-old anna and 12-year-old twin sons, new he had to do something to save his life. >> two sundays ago i went to my union hall and me and my sons matthew and leo we put on the billboard asking for a kidney. >> reporter: that's right. this ibew local 313 electrician is hoping someone driving along route 202 in new castle, delaware, will see this billboard and his desperate plea for kidney. >> when he approached us, i mean, there wasn't a second thought, you know, anything we can do to help you and hopefully it work. >> reporter: dave has a her
10:31 pm
read tower called ,2 polycystic kidney disease. >> clusters of cysts grow constantly grow on my kidneys and just wipes them out it puts me in renal failure. >> reporter: dave recently took a turn for the worst after developing an infection that landed him in the hospital. >> the been hard. like seeing him sick like that. 'cause there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: the single father knows he could wait four to five years for a kid feature his children were his inspiration to try something a little crazy to find a donor like this unique appeal. >> i would be -- it would be unbelievable. it would be great, you know. just to get moving on. you know and i can just get going again. >> reporter: dave says he snows nose what he's asking a big deal but overwhelmed with the response already. >> it's not like i'm asking for a cup of sugar. it's huge, you know. somebody is giving me life. they're donating a part of them to me to give me a gift of life.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: so you can see dave's phone number right there on the bottom of the billboard it's area code 302 which he couldn't fit because his last name is so long. dave says if this doesn't work, he plans on renting an airplane and a banner and flying along the beach. stool still has his sense of humor. dawn testimony knee fox 29 news. we first introduced to this young lady last night. she couldn't wait for prom night. she had the perfect dress but when she posted pictures online, the haters came out. some comments on social media the pottsgrove high school junior wishing she never went. >> those comments may have ruined her night but fox 29 viewers are chiming in to save the day. tasia jones appeared on good day this morning with her mom to talk about the online bullying. they told mike and alex the response to her story is overwhelming. >> i'm still in mommy mode. still affects me a little bit but i'm just here to support her and be right by her side.
10:33 pm
>> i know what you meantime have two daughters when i saw that story i thought about them. it makes you so mad. didn't it mom? >> yes. >> there's not much you can do about it. >> no, just keep encouraging her and let her know she heard worse in she was not going to go to seep your prom after this overwhelming response she says she has changed hermine. >> good job, fox 29 viewers. helping her out. love that. good job. we want to see what you'll wear next year, too. right now we are looking at dry conditions but the rain is moving in and it is not that far away. you can see lancaster county, some spotty showers all of this moving in with, yes, another area of low pressure. so we're stuck in this rut for the next couple of days and then things will begin to change. just hold on few more days we can do it. 54 in the city. 48 in the poconos. 55 in wilmington. 52 in millville and temperatures not varying that much from north to south with persistent easterly flow. voorhees the same as camden, cinnaminson 52, avalon 52 and the boardwalk in ac it is
10:34 pm
49 degrees. one area of low pressure that is moving offshore but with this counterclockwise flow going to be pulling moisture back toward the shore. so i expect heavy rain down the shore tomorrow afternoon. high temperature only 59. and then another low waiting in the wings to move in this actual l redevelop off the coast we're talking about a coastal low developing by thursday. but don't worry it's not going to linger all that long as we go hour by hour, i've had some tweets asking me got an early tee time, will i make it? depends where you're going to be golfing tomorrow. you can see spotty showers to the north and west of philadelphia. at 7:00 a.m. it is going to be today. and and drizzly as we go through the morning you'll be in and out of these showers especially philadelphia, north and west. the heavier rain coming in along the i-95 corridor and south jersey in the afternoon. being pulled back. moving on shore from the south and the east and then we slowly dry the out when you look at all the precipitation you can see varying between a couple tenths of an inch to half an inch or
10:35 pm
more depending on where we get those heavier cells. you can see this blocking pattern we are in. it is shaped like the green omega letter that's why we call it the omega block. cool, along the east, warm in the center part of the country and cool off the pacific there but this pattern is going to change as the jet stream shifts eastward but it's going to take a couple of days to get back into the warmth. overnight, lows in the 50s in the city. 40s in the suburbs. drizzle more steady rain toward the morning rush. 59 degrees for the day tomorrow with scattered showers and as we look ahead on the seven day forecast, you can see in and out of the showers thursday and friday. looking better on saturday. great for mother's day and then we change the pattern looking really nice and warm next week. good tee times over the week glenn that will be good. that's good. >> good day for mother's day as well. >> yes. >> all right, exactly. thank you kathy. it's nightmare for many traveling. crying babies on a plane fussy little ones were actually quite welcome on recent fly.
10:36 pm
how one airline got passengers cheering after a child's outburst. >> i love that story. one of moo favorite of the day. animal lovers know when your pet is sick it's so hard to think of anything else. where people are getting paid to stay home with their furry family members. to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself.
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but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry.
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>> day at beach will longer require cash or credit cards in hand. some towns have a new way for sisters to buy the beach tags this summer. longport, sea isle and vent for will let beach goers use a app. city officials say the apps great alternative for those who don't always remember to carry cash or credit cards in their beach bags. >> you want garlic fries with that? that option could soon appear on mcdonald's menu near you. fast food giant currently testing out garlic fries in san francisco. they are made to order and tossed with chopped garlic, olive oil, parm meson cheese, parsley and salt. that sounds delicious. if all goes well mcdonald's says it will start rolling them out at other locations. hoping that means philly too could knowing somebody's credit score decide whether you get a second date? a new survey from bank rate says nearly four in 10
10:40 pm
adults say knowing somebody's credit score would affect their willness to go for date two. 43% of women say learning a person's score would have either a major or minor impact on their dating interest. just 32% of men say the same thing. all right. you know most parents have to call in sick to work now and then when they have a little one who doesn't feel very good. >> what if your child has four legs and fur? well, in the uk, more and more companies are offering what's being called paw tenrity believes. pet owners get paid time off to tear for your animals. >> i think it's a great idea. >> i think it's great. i can also understand people would find it a little bit ridiculous. but like i'm very lucky my job is pretty flexible when he has been sick. >> do you wish kearn tee paternity leave was a possibility at your job here in
10:41 pm
the us? don't hold your breath. us is the only advanced country in the world that doesn't guaranteed paid maternity leave. >> me knowing that three times over. true display of grit and determination in video that's going viral. what a disable marine managed to pull off and how he hope it will save lives. and she's alive and well but proving it is turning out to be pretty tough for this lady. why the government does not want to believe she's not dead. and just in time for summer, it's the brush that promise toss leave you with straight hair in just one pass. again i'm thinking this is too good to be true. we're putting this to the deal or dud test. pet moments are beautiful,
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unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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♪ california woman fighting the government to prove that she's still alive. the social security administration mistake mistakent elizabeth graham on list of dead people. she even has a letter from them that shows what she d graham has a whole bunch of paper work she's got to do to simply prove she's not dead yet and restoring social security benefits is just the beginning of her battle. >> you know i'm getting letters of condolences. my discover credit card was canceled.
10:45 pm
my american express, my costco i'm trying to get gas and the costco line and that was denied because -- they notify all these people. >> graham is still not getting her social security checks and she's still trying to prove to medicare that she's alive. it has stopped paying her medical bills. like mark twain. the reports of her did he mice greatly exaggerated. birthday tradition for a couple in florida took a surprising turn. >> the two end up finding a dog and it happened over the weekend as the couple was boating on sunday in the gulf of mexico. 5 miles offshore when they noticed something in the water. turns out it was a small jack russell terrier wearing a tiny orange animal live vest. just floating in the waves. they brought the little guy on board and radioed the coast guard they learn the pup's owner reported him overboard almost three hours earlier. >> wow ! >> when the owner came in was screaming the dog's name -- >> which weigh was yeager meister. >> he had tears. he said i had given up. i had searched as long as i
10:46 pm
could and we just couldn't see him and we thought we lost him. >> pup is doing just fine after his three hours at sea and that couple says they'll never forget this past weekend's birthday boat ride. >> i love the ending. good. a viral video is turning retired marine into an online sensation. this video also amazing shows the marine trekking 1 mile up a steep hill on his hands and one leg exhibiting incredible grit, incredible determination. but baron is familiar with extraordinary challenges. six years ago he lost his left leg and an eye while fighting in afghanistan. his passion, to overcome obstacles is one of the reasons he went up this hill. this was part of a reunion for marines deployed to afghanistan in 2010. >> on top of that hill there's crosses that represent, upping, the guy that is didn't come back home. i had told myself, i want to see those crosses, you know. it took me five years, you know,
10:47 pm
to get up there. but i had to get up there some way, somehow. >> he did. baron says he hopes video provides a little inspiration and motivation for fellow marines who may be contemplating taking their own lives. jet blew just had its passengers cheering to sound of crying babies. on recent cross country flight from jfk to long beach, california, it offered each passenger 25% off their next jet blue flight every time a baby cried. >> brilliant. >> passengers cheered each time a baby cried. >> awesome. >> the stunt is part of an ad aimed at reminding people to be kinder to parents flying with small kids. jet blee though not expected to offer the deal again any time soon. >> i just love that. if you've ever tried to straighten your hair at home i'm right there you know the struggle to wrestle with the blow driers and the flat irons and sometimes even to resort to smelly chemicals now a simple little hair brush promise toss make the process a whole lot easier. consumer reporter steve noviello is putting simply straight to
10:48 pm
the deal or dud test. >> this is the groovy hair shack. ♪ >> but it's cute. >> reporter: if there's anyon anyone -- >> make my nature. >> reporter: it's miss -- i'm happy to see you. >> reporter: we first met -- >> it's been seven years ago. about 20 pounds ago. i got fine now. >> reporter: when called on cotton. >> this looks freak tee. >> reporter: to put the hotty hoodie to the deal or dud test. the cover stays cool and where cotton came from. >> i used to wear my hair in teeny white fro pick out it look like a q-tip. >> reporter: these days. >> my name is cotton means concentrating on trying to overcome negativity. >> reporter: miss cotton credits her positive outlook with helping her beat her battle with lupus. >> i didn't want to stay sick. i had some things i needed to do. >> reporter: her positive vibe with keeping the customers coming. >> we don't gossip in this room. we try to up lift and shed lig
10:49 pm
light. >> reporter: today we're shedding light on simply straight. >> everybody wants to know if it really works or not. >> reporter: device which combines the power of a flat iron and the styling ability of a brush. unlike -- >> i'm using tradition flat iron. >> reporter: her cotton tress which uses heat and search oils. >> if she doesn't wash her hair it will stay up for a month. i wouldn't suggest that she probably lose friends. >> reporter: simply straight is meant to be used only on clean dry hair. >> we going to have to see about this, steve. >> reporter: plug it in. >> it's going up. >> reporter: heat it up. >> 450-degree right here. >> reporter: and brush. >> now that's pretty good for a brush. especially for the first pass through. >> reporter: what's not so great are the ends. >> there's no way i can pass it through without burning myself. >> reporter: miss cotton makes note. >> but i don't have the same tension that i would have with the flat iron. >> reporter: and without a heat protectant like oil which the instructions foraged.
10:50 pm
>> the hair while straight isn't silky adding oil after the fact she's to help the hair and reduce the risk. >> i burnt myself way flat iron. put too much oil. it was like chicken it was pop, pop, it was sizzling and next thing you know it hit my hasn't. >> reporter: what we can't hit is the base of her roots. not ideal for style but certainly good for safety. >> for home users that's good because it keeps you from burning your scalp. >> reporter: with ease of use even when our model tries it on her own hair, cotton can make only one call -- >> call this simi straight, deal or dud? >> it's a deal. >> reporter: with just one catch. >> if i'm sitting up here twiddling my thumbs they may not be simply straightening their hair. ♪ >> that is a deal or dud all star right there. we saved on shipping and happened link for 40 bucks locally at walgreens by the way it is designed to be used on a
10:51 pm
variety of hair textures. see something you want us to test. sign up on my facebook fan page me sleeve. i'm steve noviello. that's my 2 cents. spend it wisely. >> i'd have barbequed hair. talk about chicken. >> can i find a 24 hour walgreens for that. >> i'm sure you can. let's go, howard you and me. >> i'm out of here. see you guys later. >> the agent for sam bradford is out there again with his damage control for the bad advice to his client. still makes no sense we'll hear from the fraud. and the phillies needed a good pitching dean fence tonight because it was another close one. all that coming up in sports. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf
10:52 pm
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roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot®. better together™.
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♪ still trying to figure out why we showed that. phillies need a well pitched game every night if they're going to win. they don't score many runs. aaron nola had to try and hold the cardinals down tonight. he did. let's go to st. louis. aaron nola seven innings, two hits and one of his seven strike outs right here. no runs but the phillies have to score. and they have to play defense. and they did so in the fourth inning. man on with two outs this would have scored a run that peter bore joyce may not be able to hit but he can play defense. top of the sixth one out the first pitch to ryan howard right down the middle of the plate you're supposed to hit it. he struck out nine of his last 12 at bats hits a homerun right here and the phillies scored the
10:55 pm
only run and they win the one to nothing. may as well have the cubs within the world series already pittsburgh the pirates are having a good time. i don't know what they're doing but they're having a good time. they didn't have a good time against this guy. that is the pitcher who got a hit two starts ago has not lost since last july. he knocks in run and the cubbies win it, seven-one. all right. nfh stanley cup playoffs have been terrific. another great game tonight. the islanders in tampa let's go to brooklyn. all right. 38.4 seconds left. and the tampa bay lightning pull goaltender so they have the extra attacker and they score. four-four. let's go to overtime. 2:48 in the overtime this always happens when you score late. they score brian boil. five-four tampa wins it and lead the series now two games to one. the eagles player continue with voluntary mini cam and no sam bradford for a few reasons much his agent tom condon is giving bradford bad advice and sam is foolish enough to listen to that bad advice. bradford is not in and won't be
10:56 pm
until it's mandatory but it makes no sense for a lot of reasons. to use the eagles moving up to take a quarterback carson wentz says the reason bradford wants out is ridiculous. it's a joke. players at many positions are drafted to possibly take spots from the others. what's bradford different? bradford has to man up. come on, big guy. there is no interest by other teams and now with the draft over, there is nothing that would work for the eagles for this season. his agent was out again on damage control with andrew brant on a pod cast. >> if you're the quarterback, and they traded draft picks in order to get up to pick number two then take a quarterback then there's not really a competiti competition. i mean you're holding the card until uri placed. i'd like to have sam go some place where they've got a good supporting cast and value him. i know people say, well, why doesn't he just compete within the job and, you know, there is no real competition.
10:57 pm
>> i just shook my head. value him. nobody wanted to sign him. nobody want to do trade for him. how they going to value -- i'm done. >> i feel sorry for him making 22 million. >> we're done. we're back at 4am for fox 29 philadelphia".less y >> speaking of money, your mega. million drawings is up next.l sp >> speaking of money, your mega. million drawings is up next.l sp good luck! both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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