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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 4, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. breaking overnight, two separate police-involved shootings, the first happening in overbrook, ending with a suspect being killed. we have a live report straight ahead. >> we're getting more information on another officer involved shooting in our area there is one napped southwest philadelphia, what police say the suspect was doing moments before officers started shooting. >> another day of rain, just when is this going to let up. sue is tracking your forecast, plus bob with a look at your morning commute. >> good day, it is wednesday, may fourth, 2016. chris just toll me -- >> may fourth, may the fourth be with you. >> did i miss some rain? >> yes, you probably are not happy, go on this exotic vacation, somebody tropical and warm. where did you go? >> cancun mexico. >> then you come back to this. >> the most important thing i
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missed yesterday our producer sonia's birthday. >> i know. i missed her birthday. >> as did i. sorry. >> what were you guys doing yesterday? >> good news, while you were off to cancun, sue, how is the weather now in cancun? >> do you think i care? >> ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> phillies won again, aaron nola, what a game. >> that's why i wore red. phillies red today. sure, i thought that out. did you see my smashing i e-mail i sent out, guys, that said, important reminders, if you don't want to get wet, bring an umbrella. and if you're driving, use your windshield wipers. >> oh,. >> that's right. me, master of the obvious, baby. we've got rain. we do have some heavy rain, few areas in chester county, showing some heavy downpours around parks berg, west goshen, east nottingham, down
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there in mushroom country, reading pa up in berks county, heavy rain right now, not headed toward us but damp, drizzly in old city. even when it is not raining the general rule of thumb damp and drizzly the past couple of days, that continues today. 52 degrees with 5:57 your sunrise time, other temperatures, not that much different than yesterday when we were in the 50's, i've got 49 for in you pottstown, i've got a 47 up in mount pocono, 49 millville, 49 atlantic city maybe smidge cooler than yesterday, but not that much. easterly flow, see the arrow moving that way, which means, we are getting the flow off the ocean, which continues with the humid air, moist, humid air. that's the words i was looking for, moist air, continues, so we stay in the 50's pretty much all day long. we may reach 06 degrees, but the clouds persist, even when it is not raining. and your sunset time is 7:59. so getting very close to that 8:00 sunset time.
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it is casino of milestone as we look forward to even longer days. but the question is can we look forward to sunshine? we'll answer that coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, good morning. >> how did you not know it was sony play station's birthday yesterday? i would have baked a cake, got my easy bake oven, got my lull light bull be in there, ready to go. they're working here along the blue route, right near mcdade boulevard. so come off of 95, head north, bamm, you got the roads are wet this morning, just another one of those yucky starts to a morning rush hour, as we get ready here on this wednesday. now, they are paving on the kelly drive. what a hot mess this was last night. very disorganized, everybody, was coming out of the city after an event last night, and they're out here paving along the kelly. now, still out there this morning, so just watch yourself. there is the uneven surface, the crews probably will be
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wrapping things up by 5:00, 5:30 or so, in and out of the city. also, working north on 202, right in the area of route 401. the big white spotlights will hit you as you come up from west chester, philadelphia international airport, we had delays off and on, all throughout the day yesterday, probably going to see it happen again this morning, do check with the airline if you are flying out of town this morning, here is a example what's ahead of us, the 42 freeway again, see the spray kicking up. so it is a wiper wednesday, as i like to call it, and probably would have been a good investment this week, with the new set of wiper blades, one thing looks like we will be using every single day, the ben franklin, expected to be wet and slow again this morning, no problems coming in from the suburbs, looking good on the northeast extension, and so far so good on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, following breaking news this morning, two police officers involved in shootings overnight, happening within two hours. >> so, the other, around 1:00 in the morning, overbrook section of the city shall suspect died in the shooting.
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steve keeley now with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, we're at at lan kasparaitis tarrant overbrook, 12:48 a.m. precisely, police pull over a car, or at least attempt to. during the car stop the driver, police tell us, tried to run down a police officer, a lot of times the biggest danger cops face isn't havanas bullet but 2-ton vehicle. so, in a becomes a lethal weapon when you are trying to kill a cop with a car tee-off ten gives them the trite fire in self-defense, the case was here, according to police officers we talked to. the officer fired at least six shots, shooting the driver, the car you see smashed up there, and that is where it ended up. there were evidence markers about 100 yards away, probably indicating where the bullet casings from the officers, semi auto. gun, fired those shots from.
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and where this all began back on the other side of the intersection. and so this is where the driver ends up. they rush him to pen presbyterian, pronounced dead short time later. still waiting for official comments from police, but homicide crew just arrived on the scene and they're just getting briefed themselves. and when we hear anything new we will get back to you. another dangerous night for philly police. this was the second of the two shootings overnight. >> steve keeley, thank you very much. >> 4:06. philadelphia police telling "fox 29 news" it all started with the report of a shooting around 11:00 last night southwest philly. this is the other shooting. when police arrived at the 6300 block every grays avenue they say a -- saw a man with a gun, police asked him to drop the gun, he refused, instead, firing at police. those officers of course returned fire, one bullet hitting the suspect in both legs, no police officer was injured in the shooting. the suspect was taken to the hospital after a short chase.
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>> 4:07, two school resource officers are recovering this morning after police say they were attacked by not student but adults. >> the men that attacked the school workers still on the loose this morning, dave kinchen live at northeast high school with the lay he is on this story, hi, dave. >> good morning, lauren, chris. we know one officer suffering from a broken leg, the other broken jaw. both officers actually were leaving northeast high school here. they were escort ago student out in a different situation when we're told by police that they saw a fight that broke out and they became the targets after fight they were trying to break up. cell phone video recorded the fight, and a bus stop at castor and cottman, around 3:00 p.m. near northeast high school, couple of blocks away actually, and two philadelphia school police officers tried to break up the fight between a student from northeast hi, another from woodrow wilson middle school, when three adults started viciously attacking the officers. we spoke to a witness who said he tried to help the officers?
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i went to help them out. no, no, no, just call 911, let them come out. >> you know, these fight are the pillar of the community, these police officers, help us, protect us, shouldn't than way. >> officers were pro-active. everyday our officers do a great job. it is unfortunate they got hurt this time. >> we are told by investigators the attackers took off. but philadelphia police say they are looking for two of the men pictured in the video. take a good look at the still images here, if you recognize them at all, give police a call, meantime we are told that the witness who recorded this video turned it over to school officials, and we also know that surveillance cameras on several buses reported the fight. as for motive to what started this fight, we're told it stemmed from another incident involving the student previously, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you very much. a big shake up in the race for the white house, senator ted cruz drops out of the gop race
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after losing to indianna primary to donald trump last night. trump's victory made it virtually impossible for cruz to block the businessman from chin chipping the republican nomination. trump spoke about his big win in moving forward in his campaign. >> i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. and what ted did is real a very brave thing to do. and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we're going after hillary clinton. she will not and great president. she will not and good president. she will be a poor president. >> governor john kasich remains in the race, before last night, cruz had vowed to stay in the race through the final primaries, but now, reality has set in. >> from the beginning, i've said that i will continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say it
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appears that path has been for closed. together we left it all on the field in indianna. >> meanwhile the democratic side bernie sanders continues to hang in there. he told fox 29 last week he is staying in through california's primary next month. >> there is still one more as salt weapon, in the hands of a criminal. ak47 rifle stolen out of the hands every its owner during robbery saturday, on 54th and berks streets. philadelphia police say a man used a firearms classified website called arms list. com to sell the gun to a man he met on line. but the deal was a set up. a second suspect pulled a gun on the man, and stole the weapon instead of buying it. the 24 year old victim from delaware county explains what happened. >> before i even get a chance to open up -- he has a gun in his pocket and he goes get the (beep) back in your car.
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or i'm going to shoot you. >> police say they have no concrete description of the suspect, if you are selling it a gun, best to bring it to a gun shop. >> jury selected in the trial of chaka fattah. they say fattah misused campaign funds and grand as well as accepted bribes. opening statements in the trial set for may 16th. congressman fattah has held office for more than 30 years, but, lost his chance at re-election last week. his son, chaka fattah, jr., now serving time in federal prison on attacks conviction. a requirement that makes philadelphia police recruits have two years of college credits under their belts could soon be tossed out as a result of the department having trouble hiring enough officers. the department would get rid of the college requirement. richard rot also look to go raise the age requirement from 19 to 22 years old, right now the city about 400 officers short of it target number. mayor jim kenney reportedly supports both proposals. >> brazen crime caught on
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camera. a local neighborhood set up after their cars are broken into. now that community is trying to fight back. but first, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, it is a wiper wednesday, and we got the work crews coming our way later on today. they're set to set up shop on the schuylkill expressway. but the rainy morning commute still has some construction crews out on 95, we will check in with mass transit, as well, when we come right back. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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>> another day of rain, with day after day, what's this day, three, four of rain, we're starting to see it pile up little bit in place that is are near bodies of water. so, for evening high tide, between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m., coastal flood advisory, all of the areas you see he lighted in green here, kent, sussex, cumberland, cape may, atlantic, ocean and half of burlington, so what this means is when it is high tide those back base, especially at the shore, could flood little bit. not specking major flooding but you need to know about it, remember these three words, we showed them to you, unsettled weather week, it is proving to be true, because we have a stationary system that's, remember, we told you would be meandering up and down through our area, well, it is down right now, but there is low pressure system moving along that front keeping us damp and dreary, another cold front after that, a lot going on with with heather, see there is another low that will ride up that front, and probably
4:16 am
another one before the work week is through. >> as we zoom into couple of areas, as we see heavier rain use the storm tracker tool because it is cool. areas of chester county, probably heavier rain. and here is a cell off dewey beach. if it holds together, and sometimes they don't over the water. >> more rain, more clouds, when it is not raining, not seeing too much of thinning of these clouds throughout the day, you see, rain specially north and west of the city, throughout the rest of the morning. and more rolling in this afternoon, as another pressure comes to visit us, showers off on and off throughout the rest
4:17 am
of the day, can't rule out thunderstorm later in the day. if you get one of those probably be at the shore or down in the delaware beaches again it, stays rainy overnight tonight. now, we move into tomorrow. it is cloudy, it is rainy on and off. casino of drizzly, damp day as well throughout the afternoon on thursday. it just persists, and persists, this rain, through friday, it looks like there are areas of heavy rain on friday, especially in the afternoon, hoping to get rid of this by the weekend and still looks like that might happen. to fine tune the forecast, 52 degrees in philadelphia, 50 in dover, 52 lancaster. little bit, just little bit cooler than yesterday. there are the words, damp, dreary, we like owe literation, but don't necessarily like this werth. 59 degrees was our high yesterday. today we expect around the same, with a high temperature of 57 degrees.
4:18 am
>> down to the mid 50's, not too much chillier with some drizzle, some rain, and still working on the seven day forecast, bob kelly, i'll make you wait for it, just little bit, because i want to make sure it is right. >> i'll deduct little bit out of your check then if i have to wait until 4:30. all right, call it even, coffee and a donut. good morning, live look at 95 in delco, crews are still working out here, the northbound 95 ramp to the blue route remains closed, closed on the overnight. you have to go up to the next exit, flip the u-turn laverne, one lane open, coming southbound. again, this is all part of the mess of construction that the crews have been doing on the overnight. so you got it thereon 95, your typical normal construction zones here, 95, between cottman avenue and girard avenue. we are looking live at the roosevelt boulevard here as you head southbound down toward the schuylkill expressway. again, all of the roads are
4:19 am
wet, kind of the same, same deal as yesterday, just give yourselves some extra time. we had a lot of fender-benders throughout the day. and as sue mentioned, get ready. if you are waking up, downingtown, west chester, chester county, you get the heavy downpour that will work along with you this morning. now, if you are watching us down the shore, atlantic city, brigantine tunnel still closed all part of construction project. both the market frankford and the broad street subway, using shuttle buses until 5:00. that pattern change over here, along the 42 freeway, 295, again, on the overnight, moved lane changes around, and of course, when it is raining and we don't have the daylight yet it is you have to see those lane markers, when the roads are wet. so, just one of those yucky starts to the morning. again, casino of starting out my day, i had the heavy downpour, when i got out to get my cup of coffee when i started just little drizzle by the time we made it into downtown, working with the rain slickers here along the kelly drive all last night, so
4:20 am
just watch yourself until about 5:00, 5:30, if you are using the drive into or out of the city. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you will, 4:20 the time, funeral arrangements now set for farm -- former phillie, willie williams, became, stayed with the department in the 1992 when he moved to los angeles to become the chief of police there. public viewing will be held at baker funeral home in north philly, this friday, from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. viewing and service will then be held the next morning, zion baptist church broad street. >> police are hoping new video will help them. take a good look. police say this manna tell topped rape 19 year old woman the 1300 block of wharton street two weeks ago, the victim was able to mace her attacker who then ran away from the scene, the suspect is described as a black male in his mid to late 30's, around 5-foot seven. if you have any information or you recognize him philadelphia this video you are asked to call police. >> cleaning up a big mess there is morning, people in
4:21 am
olney want to know who broke into their cars. police say the guy broke into as many as dozen cars yesterday morning, surveillance video shows him at two of the cars on the 5300 block of howard street. he is throwing rocks and bricks at windows, and some of the glass just wouldn't break. but he eventually got inside. he tells it, i should say, the victims tell fox 29 he didn't steel much, but the damage to each car is in the hundreds of dollars. one man had two of his car windows shark on saturday, then again, yesterday morning, and a woman tells us she was recently talking to police about one break-in when the guy struck again. >> i'm talking to the cops about somebody breaking into the car. and at the same time the same guy goes in front the street where you can see and breaks in another car. >> police are still looking for this guy. >> it remains controversial, but for families dealing with drug addiction, the difference between life and death, talking narcan, delaware county acmes covering the drug
4:22 am
spray. it can reverse the drug overdose. ten are the first in the state to car at this. last fall state officials announced they were making in a con more available with a doctors prescription. some law enforcement agencies already use narcan and supporters say families of drug abusers need to have access to it, as well. >> 4:22, how about those fighting's phils, right? so they won six straight, lost the first game of the four game series in st. louis, it was game two last night, and it came down to the wire. let's just say one of the hometown prodigies, from st. louis, playing for the phillies made the big difference in this game. >> that's good to know. here is a check of your winning lottery numbers, and of course, sue will have more on your rainy forecast, what you need to know, and what you need to wear, we'll tell you walking out the door. >> welcome back, lauren. >> thank you.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies need a well pitched game every night if they want to win. just don't score many runs. aaron nola had to do it, and did he. seven innings, shut out ball, only two hits, and one every his seven strikeouts, right there. and in the sixth inning, no runs have been scored yet. the first pitch in this at bat to ryan howard with one out. he had struck out nine of his last 12 at bats. hits a homerun, only run of the game. phillies win it one to nothing. nhl stanley playoffs have been terrific, another great one,
4:26 am
islands nerves tampa. going to brooklyn it, came down to second left in regulation. tampa pulls the goaltenders, they have six attackers, five, they score the goal. makes it four-four, with 382nd left. so they go to over time. 2:48 left in the over time, actually into the over time, tampa scores, they win it five-four, that's brian boil, lead the series two games to one. that my friends, sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and we are covering breaking news for this morning, two police-involved shootings happening at two separate times this morning. we'll have the latest on both. >> and all eyes are on the radar this morning, tracking more rain. sue has a look at your forecast. bob has a look at your roads coming up next. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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>> we'll have a live report on this breaking news coming up. >> nor information on another officer involved shooting in this area. this one happening in southwest philadelphia. what police say the suspect was doing moments before officers opened fire. >> good day everyone, may the fourth be with you, yes, wednesday may fourth, 2016. all of the star wars fans having more with that date. >> i'm more after cinco de mayo girl, which is tomorrow. i am i haven't seen not a
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single one. >> we'll do maybe little cinco de mayo celebration in here, how is that? let's have little blunder with margarita's going. >> let's do it. >> sue serio, good morning. >> morning, here we go again. we may not like it, but at least we're getting used to it, and this is the same weather pattern we have, here we, are waking up another morning, look atmore rain on ultimate doppler radar. zooming in chester county, seems like they are getting most of the rain. then moving to the north into part of berks and montgomery and into part of bucks county, as well. so, if that's where you live, that's where you might get the heavy downpours, for the rest of us, still drippy, drizzly, like it has been inbetween bouts of rain. 52 degrees, another umbrella day. 5:57 is your sunrise time. just thinking if it is making up for all of the rain we didn't get in april. we've got slightly cooler temperatures than yesterday, 49 degrees in pottstown, and trenton, 47 mount pocono, we have 52 in lancaster, 49 atlantic city, 50 in dover,
4:31 am
delaware, wind still mostly coming out of the east or the southeast, and that means, we still have that on-shore flow, more moisture in the air, so, damp, dreary, drizzly, if we see little sunshine, it will be a great cause of celebration, but probably won't last, clouds and showers throughout most of the day, high temperature around 58 degrees, that's all we can expect, we're supposed to be at 70. when will we get there? we will let you know because we will have the seven day forecast for you next time. bob kelly? >> the only sunshine we will see here today is di, our floor director. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody, 43:00; you think you're having a bad start to the day? look at this mess, tractor trail he accident now downtown here on the vine street expressway. it is the -- it would be the westbound schuylkill expressway ramp to come into center city. it is a tight squeeze to begin with. and now weaver a crash here.
4:32 am
so the tractor-trailer blocking the entire ramp, and these folks here are basically stuck now. see them backing up, trying to go around the concrete barrier? because this is one of those, what they call, the cattle shoot. once you pass that concrete median there, you are kind of stuck. so, access to the vine expressway right now, blocked, from the schuylkill, anybody leaving south philadelphia, coming over the walt walt, and trying to get into center city, you're not going to be able to do so on the vine. you will have to exit at south street is going to be your best bet. we'll see how that will all turn out. because they have to back up a tow truck, even to try to pull him out of there. sue just showed us on the radar getting hit with heavy downpours rolling through chester county. that will impact the speedometers on the bypass, the pennsylvania turnpike, 202, all the way up toward king of prussia. north on i9 # a, penndot crews are still working out here on
4:33 am
the ramps to the blue route. so the 95 northbound ramp to 476 remains blocked, for, say, another half hour or so. market frankford line, broad street subway, still using shuttle buses until about 5:00 this morning. outside we go, live look here, watch as the cars come by. you'll get that spray kicking up. just one of those, again, i like to call it the wiper wednesday, actually it is a wiper week here, using the wipers all week long, so it is casino of carbon copy what we had to deal with yesterday. the ben franklin, wet, at the moment. no big delays but we had huge delay yesterday. i think with the weather, everybody just needs to slow it down, and of course we'll see the delays pick up a little quicker. possible weather delays down at the airport, do check with the airline if you have a flight scheduled there today, chris, lauren, back to you. >> following breaking news for you. two police-involved shootings overnight happening within two hours. >> let's back that second shooting first, which was deadly. steve keeley live on the scene in overbrook with more on. >> this hi, steve.
4:34 am
>> reporter: well the if i cuase 12:48, overbrook and lancaster avenue, pretty big intersection, part of it, re-opens after the first police on the scene have just left. so, lancaster is reopened. overbrook is shut. now apparently it happened on that side, and what we are talking about it looks like car stop with a van. police are telling us in the preliminary report to us that the van driver did not stop, and follow commands, but instead, kept going at the officer who fired his gun in self-defense fearing his life was in jeopardy and about to be run over by this van. fired at least six shots that we know of. you can see the aftermath. the van driver was shot and crashed into all of the parallel parked cars here next to this church which caused the chain reaction accident. you see the passenger driver door, we have internal affairs, also the philadelphia
4:35 am
homicide detectives on there is as well, and again, only three and a half hours old but right now the word is that the van driver for whatever reason during a normal car stop around 12:30, refused to follow the command and refuse to completely stop. and started going toward one of the officers on the scene that far car stop. chris, lauren? >> steve, thanks so much. now to the first officer-shoved shooting, philadelphia police telling it is all started with a report after man shooting a gun in the air around 11:00 last night in southwest philadelphia. when police arrived to the 5300 block of grays avenue, they saw a man with a gun, police asked the man to drop the weapon. he refused and said firing at officers, those officers returned fire, one bullet hitting the suspect in both legs. no officers were injured in that shooting. the suspect was taken to the hospital after a short chase. >> big development in politics. in the race for the white house, senator ted cruz has dropped out of the race after losing to the indianna primary to donald trump last night. trump's victory made it
4:36 am
virtually impossible for cruz to block the businessman from clinic clinic the republican party nominationment trump spoke about his big win in moving forward. >> i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. and what ted did is real a very brave thing to do. and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we're going after hillary clinton. she will not and great president. she will not and good president. she will be a poor president. >> there is john kasich. he remains in the race. but before last night, cruz had vowed to stay in the race through the final primaries. but now reality has set in for cruz. >> from the beginning i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been for
4:37 am
closed. together we left it all on the field in indianna. >> meanwhile the democratic side how about this? bernie sanders wins the democratic primary in indianna and 57 delegates there. he told fox 29 last weakest's staying with his campaign through california's primary next month. >> okay, we will wait and see what happens. dave kinchen with more on two philly school officers caught in the middle of a fight. >> that's right. they were trying to break up this fight. and they're dragged into it, two officers injured, we'll tell you how they're doing after the break. but first, bob kelly? >> dave, you're out in the rain, and the rape impacting the -- the rain impacting the roadways, construction crews still out on i-95. and a tractor-trailer accident on the schuylkill expressway. we'll have all of the details, sue has the forecast whether we come right back.
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
4:40 this morning, philadelphia resource officer recovering from broken jaw this morning after being attacked while trying to break up a fight. >> he wasn't attacked by students, but adult. dave kinchen on this now from northeast philly. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. three adults had jumped into this whole situation. let's lay all of this out for you. >> this all started, we're told, when two officers were dealing with a different situation here at northeast high school, when they saw a fight. they went over to try to break it up. they were dragged into that very fight they were trying to break up. cell phone video recorded the fight at a bus stop at castor
4:41 am
and cottman, near northeast high school. couple of blocks away. investigators say two philadelphia school police officers tried to break up that fight between a student from northeast high and another from woodrow wilson middle school when three adults came up and started viciously attacking the officers. we spoke to a witness who says he tried to help the officers. >> all the sudden he was rushing me, all the sudden everybody turning to the cop and start beating him. and i don't know what's going on. this is a really nice neighborhood. and i never encounter stuff like this before, i have no idea. >> so he said that the officers actually told him no, no, no, don't help, call 911, that's when he did, and philadelphia police say they're looking for two men in the video. take a good look at these still images here. if you recognize them, give investigators a call. meantime we're told the person who record that video turned the video over to school, authorities say they can investigate additionally
4:42 am
several septa buses actually have that video, because they were driving by, they have cameras and recorded the fight. we're told this all stemmed from previous incident relate to go flag football. hopefully these officers recover okay. >> let's hope so, dave kinchen, thank you. local dad takes desperate measures, desperate times, posing critical question on road sign side. he needs a kidney. surprise group that's stepping in to help save his life.
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>> we have below average temperatures, we should be at 70, staying in the 50's today. mostly cloudy skies, with scattered shower chances on and off at any time. and, additional amount of half inch to an inch, maybe little more, some isolated areas, now that we've built up couple of days of rain, times of high tide, coastal flood advisory, means, back base, and some small streams and creeks could flood. but only expecting minor flooding, if anything, but you still need to be aware of t so this is our stalled weather pattern. we've got a frontal system stalled along the coast, and we keep seeing low pressure significance tells, and a ride up that front. and keep affecting us. then, we have cold front that will come through, this one, set for mothers day, but in the morning, so it may not mess up the whole day. here's what's happening right now. we're seeing an area of showers, moving through, north and west of the city, and then
4:46 am
another little pocket down here at the shore. so let's zoom in, and see here in philadelphia, there is a little bit of rain. one little area of heavy rain, right in the border with montgomery county, we are seeing northern montgomery county around pottstown you have some rain, allentown some heavy rain moving through that part of the lehigh valley. and then, down here, around east nottingham, chester county, weaver some heavier rain. that area we were showing you, that moved out of delaware, and into across the bay, almost the route of the cape may lewis ferry, raining heavily in the southern tip of cape may county. this is the deem. looking at the future cast, kind of looks the same old same old, day after day after day. that's how we continue through the rest of the day today. few pockets of heavy rain maybe this afternoon, we can't rule out a thunderstorm south of us. you see some possible thunderstorms there. at the jersey shore, and the delaware beaches, then just cloudy, drizzly everywhere else. so, even into thursday morning, looks like thursday
4:47 am
afternoon, we've got some lighter rain, by evening, maybe some heavier rain, that's friday. now, we've got more rain in the morning, some heavier rain in the afternoon, i'm telling you, just keeps going on and on. we have more weather systems just moving through, one after the other, so that takes us through friday night. we'll show you in the seven day forecast what we are thinking for the weekends. 52 degrees in philadelphia, near 50 in millville, atlantic city, 47 in mount pocono. our average high is 70 degrees. we've been below, below, below average, we stayed there yesterday, 59 was our high, we were hoping to get to the mid 60s, but we didn't get any sunshine at all. clouds, showers today, up ear's. tomorrow, upper 50's, around 60 on friday. mostly cloudy on saturday, i think we will end up with a dry day on saturday, but it will be slow to clear. so woe may not see a lot of sun. then, another cold front, zipping through, sunday morning, so, we will have showers, maybe in the morning mothers day, but we are hoping
4:48 am
by afternoon to get rid of them, and bring you some sunshine and high of 70 degrees, which is where we are supposed to be, then staying in the 70s, monday, tuesday, of next week. so, eventually, gets brighter, bob kelly, just not today. >> you know, today is national bike to school day. >> oh? >> i don't think that will be a good idea today with all of the rain. we got up a date here. here we go. we had the tractor-trailer accident, that was blocking this ramp to the vine street expressway. looks like they just pulled them out of there. so yahoo, good to go. as you leave center city, south philadelphia, again, gee for a ride here, westbound on the schuylkill, tractor-trailer accident, just cleared out of the way. so, we will take that off of our list. sue mentioned, heavy rain moving through chester county, we can pick up the instant drop in the speedometer readings, right here, down to 45. this is 202, in the area of the bypass, to up route 401, so if you are getting ready to head out the front door, be
4:49 am
ready for that ponding and that heavy rain, rolling through chester county. up in toward the king of prussia area. they are still working on 95. the northbound 95 ramps to the blue route, remain closed, maybe another 15 minute or so here, all part of the overnight construction, the market frankford, the broad street subway, they're using shuttle buses until 5:00 with overnight road work. and here is a live look at the vine st. expressway, where again, traffic is starting to flow again, coming into downtown, but everything is wet, slippery, so just give yourself some extra time, more importantly, little extra wiggle room between you and that bumper in front of you. you know the drill, once the kids are out there this morning waiting for the school buses all of this rain creating some puddles on the corner, we got to do some puddle jumping today. ben franklin bridge looking good, watch for possible weather delays throughout the day. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. religious order founded by st. katherine drexel selling the bensalem estate housing, main
4:50 am
house, shrine with the saints too many, saint st. katherine established religious on in 1851, canonized in 2,000, st. katherine remains are moving to the basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. religious orders plans to use the proceeds from the sales for its ministry work and to support retired sisters. >> some towns at the jersey sharp, chris murphy, have a new way for visitors to buy their beach tags this summer. >> so longport, sea isle, ventnor, will now let beach-goers use an app to buy their beach tags. >> that's convenient. >> yes, as you know, beach tags are essential of course to get on to the warm sands every those beaches during the summer month. officials say the app is great alternative for those who don't always remember to bring cash or credit cards in their beach bags. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
4:51 am
>> forbes has released a list for the forbes five hip hop wealthiest artists of 2016. ditty took the top spot earning seven ooh million. the bulk of the mogel's wealth comes from his agreement with vodka, other businesses, and recently announced he's retiring from music to focus only on films. coming in at two, chris murphy, doctor dray. $710 million. jay-z, at 610 million, birdman, with 110 million, then drake rounds out the top five earning $60 million. >> all right, so, in the education of chris, the hip hop world, the only one i did not know was birdman. >> i knew you would say. that will i'm not too familiar with birdman. i know that's producer. >> yes? >> i think he has some affiliation with lil wayne, though. you know him. >> well, i know big bird, but not lil wayne or birdman. >> i know. >> i'm learning. >> birdman has toking do with cash money records, which is a lil wayne affiliation, just know that. >> now, cash money records sounds like a redundant title.
4:52 am
>> no. >> it is not cash records on money records, it is cash money records? >> cash money records. >> most parents have to call in sick to work now and then when they have a little, you know, tough time with a little one, right? >> that's right. >> so i have lived this world. >> but you haven't lived it in my world, because what if you don't have a child-child, you have a four legged friends, right? >> okay. so in the uk more and more companies are offering what's being called pawterniy leave. gives them several days off to pair for their animals, use the days when your pet is sick or when you bring a new one home. >> i think it is a great idea. >> i think it is great, but coy also understanded maybe people would finds it a little bit ridiculous. but like i'm very lucky, my job is pretty flexible, when he has been sick. >> all right. >> what's wrong?
4:53 am
>> pawtenity leave, wouldn't that be great? don't hold your breath. in the u.s. only advanced country in the world that doesn't guarantee paid maternity leave altogether. >> so so you definitely won't get that pawternity leave. >> so, birds man, he is not a producer, the owner of cash money records. >> oh, is that what it is? >> i guess. i don't know. >> we're learning. no wonder he is so rich, right, he owns it. >> ya. >> breaking news for this morning. two police involved shootings happening in two separate times this morning. we have the latest on both.
4:54 am
today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo,
4:55 am
prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
4:56 am
>> building clams, row home at 06 ' and chancellor. >> man was trapped in the home. they were able to get him out. no word on his condition at this point. we have a crew head today that scene in cobbs creek. we'll have a report for you coming up in just a bit. >> 4:56 this morning, covering breaking news from overnight. two police involved shootings happening, at two separate times. we'll have the he is on both. >> all eyes on the radar this morning, as we are tracking more rain, you can see it moving from washington up into pennsylvanian philadelphia up into new york. ♪
4:57 am
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>> trying to protect children when authorities say adults attack them. the ugly fight that sent two philly school officers to the hospital. >> and, it is another rainy start, as we take a live look outside our studios in old city. sue, keeping an eye on the radar this morning, as another round of showers move in. will this weather move out in time for the weekend? we'll find out.
5:00 am
>> brian williams, born february 15th, 1969, also known as birds man, or baby, american rapper, record produce end entrepreneur founded cash records in one half of the duo big timers. >> cash money records. good day everybody, it is, what is it, may fourth? >> may the fourth. >> 2016. >> star wars day. >> reading more? >> according to forbes still dollars net worth of $165 million? >> how did i not know about birdman before this? sue, good morning. >> if i was getting cash money for raindrops, i would be very wealthy today. wouldn't i? after all of this rain we've had this week, and guess what? get ready for another one. only a four out of ten today because it is rainy, and when it is not actively raining, it is damp, drizzly, and you she is the case, spotty showers, all up and down the east coast, but we've been watching some areas of heavy rain, moving in a north-northeasterly direction, through chester county, into


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