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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> brian williams, born february 15th, 1969, also known as birds man, or baby, american rapper, record produce end entrepreneur founded cash records in one half of the duo big timers. >> cash money records. good day everybody, it is, what is it, may fourth? >> may the fourth. >> 2016. >> star wars day. >> reading more? >> according to forbes still dollars net worth of $165 million? >> how did i not know about birdman before this? sue, good morning. >> if i was getting cash money for raindrops, i would be very wealthy today. wouldn't i? after all of this rain we've had this week, and guess what? get ready for another one. only a four out of ten today because it is rainy, and when it is not actively raining, it is damp, drizzly, and you she is the case, spotty showers, all up and down the east coast, but we've been watching some areas of heavy rain, moving in a north-northeasterly direction, through chester county, into
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montgomery and bucks. it seems like these northern and western areas have been getting it worse. little bit of delco, little bit of new castle county, getting some of the heavier rain, as well, for the rest of us, damp, dreary, drizzly, 3d's to remember today. 51 degrees right now. with 5:57 as your sunrise time, getting earlier and earlier, we have 47 degrees in mount pocono, 49 in trenton, 52 in reading, 51 in wilmington, 49 degrees in atlantic city, easterly flow for most of us means more moisture coming in off the atlantic ocean, keeping us damp. now, this particular computer model, that made that little graphic there, consists of one of those that's automatic, they're calling for some sunshine today. i'm not feeling so optimistic today. thinking temperatures in the 50's all day long, and if you do see a little break of sunshine, it will be a treat, because it is going to be mostly cloudy and kind of drizzly day, sunset time 7:59. getting ever closer to that
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8:00 sunset, at least, and we do have sunshine in the seven day forecast. bob kelly tell were you. >> i can't wait for that party. 5:02 on a wiper wednesday. here is a live look at i-95, the crews are still out here working from last night. this is northbound lanes of 95. the ramp to the blue route is still blocked part of the overnight construction, go up to the next exit, flip the u-turn laverne, work your way back to 47 #. hopefully these guys will be out of here in the next 15 minutes, we will cut off our coffee and donut supply if they're not. live look at the 42 freeway, just yucky mess to start again today, same deal, driving in the rain, you got the wipers on, you got the ponding, you got the spray, and got so much rain we've had over here, there is puddles everywhere. so if the kids are going out to school, even yourself, crossing the street, we will be doing some puddle jumping if the drains are clogged, and watch it in all of the work zones, like 95, 202, where you
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get that heavy rain, those drains could be clogged, or at least that potential for hydroplaning, no problems coming into or out of center city here on the vine street expressway. sue mentioned, that heavy pocket of rain working it way along that 202 turnpike corridor, coming in through villanova, saint david's across the schuylkill, the turnpike, so whole bunch of major roadways, being impacted right now, by that heavy storm and that dumping of bucket of rain on top of us here. we got some weather delays possible today at philadelphia international airport. so if you are headed down to the airport, just allow some extra time or check in with the airline, and then, coming in from new jersey the overnight construction, they always make some lane changes here, there, so just be careful as you work your way out of south jersey, and heading in toward the walt whitman bridge. now all of the bridges are looking fine and mass transit at the moment running with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. following breaking news right now. emergency crews called out to building collapse in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. that will call came in just
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after 4:15, at row home at sixo and chancellor. >> man trapped in that home, but they were table get him out. no word on the condition at this point. we have crew headed to the scene, we'll have live report for you coming up. and more breaking news, from overnight, philadelphia police involved in two separate shootings. >> one of them officers shot and killed a man, let guess to steve keeley now in overbrook with more on. >> this steve, good morning. >> reporter: this was the second shooting in the deadly shooting and it is right at major intersection here, overbrook and lancaster avenue, lancaster reopened, overbrook still shut down, and it happened on the left side of your viewing screen there at home. two car, broken glass, some evidence markers were, earlier. what we're told in a preliminary report from police, which is very little, and often very wrong sometimes, but at least we're told that around 12:3, there was a car stop. we will go to our right now. and it was a van, a mini-van, and the driver did not obey
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the officer's during the stop. and tried to run down the officer, and that's why the officer fired his gun, we're told at least six times in self-defense fearing that this guy was going to run him over, shooting the driver of that van. we don't know how many times he was hit. but hit enough to be pronounced dead soon after being returned to pen presbyterian hospital. now how the car turned around, if it happened on that side of the street, facing the other way, but looks like it is one way this way. so perhaps the driver still kept going this way, even though the cars are facing the either way on the other side of lancaster avenue where it may be a two-way street, but somehow the driver got turned around, drove down here and crashed into all of the parallel parked cars at least four of them maybe five, and you see the passenger door open right there. what we don't know from police, here are the key questions, what was the stop for to begin with, and then how often and how long was it between the officer's telling
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him just to stop and obey, maybe didn't even produce a license, maybe they thought they saw a weapon. we don't know any of those answers just yet. and nobody's talking here at the scene. first answers we will likely get will be from commissioner richard ross when he arrives for work this morning, at police headquarters, because, when you have a deadly police shooting like this, you can bet he's been briefed, told at home, woken up in the middle the night to be told about this for sure, and this comes just after that raucous meeting friday, where the commissioner and the mayor were at a meeting about the stop and frisk policy, and that meeting got so crazy, that they had to stop the meeting and cancel it as the mayor and the police commissioner were shouted down. this could be another certainly controversial police shooting like we've seen here in recent years here in philadelphia. chris, lauren? >> steve keeley, thanks for up that date. now to the third officer involved shooting, philadelphia police telling fox 29, this one all started with report of a man shooting a gun in the air around 11:00 last night in southwest philadelphia. when police arrived to the 5300 block of grays avenue,
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they saw that man with the gun, police asked the man to drop the weapon. he refused, instead, started shooting at officers. officers returned fire. one bullet hitting the suspect in both legs, no officers were injured in that shooting. the suspect was taken to the hospital after a short chase. there is one more assault women on on the streets of philadelphia, and in the hands of a criminal this morning. >> ak47 was stolen right out of the hands of its owner during robbery saturday on 54th and berks streets, philadelphia police say a man used a firearms classified website called arms list. com to sell the gun to a man he met on line. but the deal was a set-up. a second suspect pulled a begin on the man, and stole the rifle instead of buying it. the 24 year old victim from delaware county explains the robbery. >> before i even get a chance to open up, he has a gun in his pocket, and goes get the (beep) back in your car or i'm going to shoot you. >> what you can see him talking to our reporter chris o'connell there. police say they really have no
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concrete description of the suspect. and they warned if you're selling a gun, it is best to do it by brinking it to a gun shop. >> philadelphia school police officer dealing with a broken jaw after being dragged into a fight he was just trying to break up. cell phone video recorded the fight at a bus stop at castor avenue and cottman monday afternoon near northeast high school. investigators say two philadelphia school police officers were trying to break up a fight, between a student from northeast hi, and another from woodrow wilson middle school. that is when three adults started attacking the officers. we spoke to a witness who says he tried to help the officers. i went out to help him out. said no, no, no, just call 911. but, you know, pillar of the community, our police officers, and they help us, protect us, it shouldn't be that way. >> our officers are pro-active, every day our officers do a great job. it is unfortunate they got hurt this time. >> police say if you recognize the two men in the video, you are asked to give
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investigators a call. 5:09. you decide coverage continues with a big announcement. coming from ted cruz, as he now bows out of the race. texas senator made the call after losing to donald trump in the indianna primary. cruz's campaign said he was planning to stay in right through the gop convention in july, after the loss in indianna cruz said just no path to victory. >> and so with a heavy heart, but with bound less optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> trump, donald trump, wins in indianna, and this comes after five state sweep last week here in the northeast after, you know, another lost. john kasich says i'm staying in. so right now, it is between trump and kasich. trump way ahead in the
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delegate count, but no mathematical way for kasich to win this, so that leaves the gop nomination in trump's hands at this point. >> i didn't expect this. i didn't expect it. and what ted did is a really very brave thing to do. and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> so a different story on the democratic side. bernie sanders wins in indianna. putting a end to her recent winning streak. >> we understand, and dow not deny it for one second, that we have an uphill battle in front of us, but i think we have a path to a victory. >> told fox 29 last weakest staying with his campaign through california's primary next month, the next state to holds a primary election will be kentucky may 17th. a jury has been selected in the corruption trial of us representative chaka fattah. they say he misused campaign funds and grants as well as
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bribes. opening statements in the trial are set for may the 16th. congressman, fattah has held office for more than 30 years. but just lost the primary election last week. his son, chaka fattah, jr., now serving time in federal prison on attacks conviction. the new jersey assembly speaker says he will put his own rescue plan for atlantic city up for vote tomorrow. vincent's bill would establish benchmarks that ac would have to meet over two years before full state take-over could happen. the senate has proposed aver sean that far bill, that would give the city just 130 days to get its finances in order. >> look at this video. you just hope it is not your car, right? watch this guy walk up to it and try to smash a window. it is all caught on camera. and a local neighborhood's really fed up. much more on this search for this guy. >> and check out the radar, if you're just waking up. we're headed for another rainy day. sue serio will have more on the forecast coming up.
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>> the same weather pattern looks little different. we used these words monday, un settle weather week, and it is coming truement frontal system draped around our area. then we see low pressure systems that keep riding along the front. giving us more areas of rain, and inbetween, the front is close enough, that it stays
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cloudy for most of the time, and drizzly for most of the time, as well. another cold front that will come through, probably over the weekends, maybe in the morning on mothers day. still little if-ee, but be prepared for that anyway. it looks like the same old same old. specially if you're north and west of philadelphia, where we are getting the bulk of our rain, then the area that we see near the shore, in the city itself, we have a few dry slots, but around delco, around upper darby, we have some steady rain falling, and pocket of very heavy rain right around easton right now, rich land, down in bucks county, as we move down into chester county. we see around west bradford and tredyffrin, we also have some heavy rain. and then this area from atlantic city all the way down to cape may, one little cell there. so it is spotty. it is on and off. it is with us for the rest of the day. that's why we have a coastal flood advisory in effect for evening high tide between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. for most of these counties you see highlight in the green there. that's when we expect maybe
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some minor flooding in the back bays, some of the streams and creeks. 58 degrees our high temperature today. fifty-nine tomorrow, so we stay on the chilly side. at least chillier than it is supposed to be, it is supposed to be around 70. i don't see us getting there until maybe mothers day. we will be close on saturday, with some clearing, a chance of a shower in the morning, on mothers day, but it does definitely warm up after that. bob kelly? >> let's hope moms gets chance to sleep in on sunday, in the rain, good morning, everybody, 5:16. on this wednesday, just another yucky start. if you already used your two personal days, two days for the rain, kick the covers off, let's g here is a example of the wet and kind of yucky schuylkill expressway, right near montgomery drive. you got the spray coming up off the cars and the trucks there in front of you, the northbound ramps from 95 through the blue route remain closed with overnight construction. they say they should be out of
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there in the next five, ten minute or so. but until then, folks have to head northbound, slower than normal, go up to that next exit, and flip the u-turn, to gain access to the blue route. here is a live look at the 42 freeway, so, everything is going to be slower than normal. factor in some extra time, little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of you, invest in set of wiper blades, according to the forecast something we'll probably use every day all the way through the weekends, vine street expressway opened up. slow going on the turnpike between valley forge and philly, mainly because of the heavy rain sue showed us moving through. watch for delays today, at the airport. chris, back over to you. >> bob, speaking of cars ... this is hard to watch. right? this is the olney neighborhood. watch this guy. just walking by, this mini-van, you can see, casino of looks in, he look over. and he's going to come back, okay? boom. throws a rock or a brick right at this window. police say the guy broke into
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as many as dozen cars in this surveillance video, this is on the 5300 block of howard street. and some of the glass just wouldn't break. he eventually would get inside some of these cars, he didn't steel much, but the damage to each carve course and the hundreds of dollars one man had two every his car windows smashed, a woman tells us, she has recently talk to police about all of the break-in's, and then the man struck again. >> i'm talking to the cops about somebody breaking in the car. and at the same time the same guy goes up the street, right in front of us, where you can see, and breaks in another car. >> oh, how frustrating? look, big giant hurl at the window and bus that window right there. of course still looking for this guy, lauren? burlington new jersey man, police say he stole from charity, 37 year old samuel bar was arrested yesterday. he allegedly entered locked safe at cafe cherry's in burlington city and took nearly $900 of the burlington county police looking foreman
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they think knock off two banks there. here is a guy they are after. he walked into the bb and t bank on lincoln drive in evesham township yesterday morning. handed a tell area note. it was handwritten. threatening to hurt her if she did not hand over money. police think that same man hit a citizens bank in evesham just few days before. how nervous that tell we are have been read that note? remains controversial, where for families with drug addiction, life saving tool can now help. delaware county acme pharmacies now caring narcan nasal spray. can reverse drug overdose, the ten acne's in delaware county are the first to carry this. last fall state officials announce they were making narcan more available with a doctors prescription. from law enforcement agencies already use narcan, and supporters say families every drug abusers need to have access to this, as well. >> police hoping that new video released will help them catch the man who assault add teenage girl in south philadelphia. take a good look at him. police say this manna tempted to rape 19 year old woman, on
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the 1300 block of wharton street two weeks ago. the victim was able to mace that attacker and he ran away from the scene. the suspect is described as a male in his mid to late three's, around 5 feet 7 inches tall, if you have any information, contact police. a traffic stop turns into crash in north philadelphia this happened last night at 25th and diamond street. authority say an officer was trying to stop a driver when a van hit his cruiser from behind. the force of that impact pushed the officers patrol car into the car he was trying to stop. we're told the officer is in stable condition and in good spirits. the other drivers were not hurt. >> tonight a very special night for local college athlete. just over a year ago, rachael hall was given a 20% chance to live after hit-and-run accident. after a year of therapy and rehab the temple student will walk at graduation. >> this is a photo from this past weekend of rachael in her cap and gown with her lacrosse teammate, tonight the first of three ceremonies in which she will walk including tomorrow night's college of liberal
5:21 am
arts commencement at the liacouras center. hall, a goalie for the lacrosse team, just weeks a which from graduation last year when she was hit on her bike near temple's campus. since then, she has been going to therapy and rehab five days a week. her mother was on stage to except rachael's degree last year, she received a standing ovation. tonight she will finally reach her own goal of walking at her graduation. >> good for her, all of that hard work and rehab, has really work. that's fantastic. >> 5:21, still ahead, we continue to follow some breaking news this morning two, separate police involved shootings happening overnight. one of them turning deadly. what led the officers to pull the tryinger. >> also ahead, local dad takes desperate measures to save his own life. the crucial question he's posing on a roadside sign.
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good morning, welcome back, time 5:24. and we are looking at your weather this morning, and also this, delaware man's in the fight for his life. and this billboard might be his saving grace. >> single father hoping the bold idea to search for a kidney using the billboard will lead to his donor, so is 46 year old, his name is dave, and he knew he had to do
5:25 am
something to save his life. he is hoping someone driving along route 202 in new castle, delaware, will see this billboard, and while you just saw it, and his desperate plea for a kidney. dave has hereditary condition called poliosis particular kidney disease or pkd. so he recently took a turn for the worse after developing an infection that landed him right in the hospital. the single father of three, right, he knows that he would, you know, wait four, five years for a kidney and his children were his inspiration to try to save his life by doing something kind of crazy. >> unbelievable, great, you know, just get moving on, you know. i can just get going again. >> you know that he's really emotional, not necessarily just for himself, but the need to raise his kids, right? dave says he knows that he's
5:26 am
got a big, big uphill battle in front of him, but he's overwelmed with the response already, so woe cross our fingers for dave and his recovery. >> philadelphia media network says they're raising the apply cents of the inquirer and the daily news. >> both papers going up from 1 dollar to 1.50, starting may 23rd. spokesman for the paper said price hike is necessary to cover contents, design enhancement, the cost of the sunday edition and home delivery subscription will stay the same. this is first price increase for the daily news and the queen err since january 2011. >> if you love politics, what a day it was yesterday. as we wake up to the news that cruz is out, kasich is hanging in, there and bernie sanders beats hillary in indianna. we will break it all down for you coming up. >> and if politics isn't your thing, well the weather probably is so you know what to wear, what to grab going out the door, and bob is taking a long hard look at the roads. >> i think he is taking long hard break somewhere.
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>> i'm over here.
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>> building collapse, a man trapped inside, we're headed to the scene and will bring you live report. >> two separate police involved shootings happened overnight, one turning deadly. what happened when police
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attempt topped pull a man over. >> it is another rainy start to a day, chris murphy. we take live look into trenton, this morning. sue has been looking at the radar, when will this weather move out is our big question? >> on this may the fourth, 2016 by the way may has been very rainy so far. good thing phillies playing on the road for ten straight games, this is terrible baseball weather here, but the phillies are brightening our spirits. >> true. what you said about may, i think we're making up for april. >> we kind of need the rain, sometimes best to get it all at ones instead of dragging it out day after day. here it is, we can't do anything about it except be prepared for it. just like bus stop buddy, the phillies cap back on, feel casino of guilty just being fair weather fan. anyway, the umbrella, waterproof jacket, good idea, temperatures in the 40's and 50's this morning.
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>> rain up and down the east coast shall watch this area moving out of the chesapeake bay to see if it makes in into our area. head dollars toward montgomery, bucks, lancaster reading, but the heaviest of the rain this morning now to the north of us up toward the pocono mountains and the lehigh valley, just north of easton there. nef yes, sir rain and when that is gone still left with drizzle, clouds. 51 degrees in philadelphia, a northeasterly breeze at 5 miles an hour, sunrise is at 5:57. mentioned slightly cooler than yesterday, 49 pottstown, 47 degrees in mount pocono, 49 atlantic city, 50 in dover. so being slightly cooler, we won't warm up with all of the clouds, 58 degrees, should be our high temperature today. with a chance of showers, all day long, you know how it was yesterday. bob kelly, when it wasn't really raining, you still needed that intermittent
5:32 am
windshield wiper. >> you know what? it is craze think morning, because there was like you can never really find the right level. it is like first one, then the second one too fast. >> like goldilocks. >> then realize the wipers aren't even on and it is raining. good morning, everybody, 5:32 on wiper win. here is a live look at route 202. between the bypass, and 401. now, this is one of the areas you want to look out for, because when you are getting the heavy rain like seeing right now in chester, and montgomery county watch it. >> we have the quick chance of hydroplaning, all of the drainage great here, located in the actual travel lanes, no problems at all this morning yet coming over the ben franklin. so far so good, but another example, of the construction zones, you want to look out for with the heavy rain. seeing the heavy rain, sue just showed us moving in, to bucks and montgomery counties,
5:33 am
so the road conditions driving conditions will change by the time you lever the house and get to the office, as we plop on down on to the kelly drove here, repaving on the overnight. this morning uneven surface, back before the morning rush hour, to hopefully finish that up. downtown center city 22nd street block between walnut over to locust, that is a project until about 7:00 this morning. philly international, expect some weather delays, just like we saw yesterday. around that 7:00 time period, when we started to see the delays pop. not just here, but also in new york, leg guard y then of course that kind of domino down for the rest of the day. and if you are coming in from south jersey, slower than normal on the freeway, and just watch for those lane changes, that come into play in the construction zone. chris, lauren, back over to you.
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>> breaking news out of overbrook, two police involved shootings overnight just within two hours. >> second shooting first deadly. steve keeley live in overbrook with more on. >> this hi, steve. >> no on the record comment from philadelphia police, not surprise. got internal affairs to deal with and homicide. we did just talk to a witness, and this happened right outside the witnesses' home. what you are going to see first here, in our live picture, you see that last car parked there, that white jeep cherokee and the dark car in front of it, where the evidence markers were. you will see the evidence markers and the broken glass in the video when we play some of the witnessesment that's on the other side of lancaster avenue. now, we're going to move little bit. show you where the car valve ended up, police fired four shots at the driver of this van. and those shots ended up being lethal, after they returned him to the hospital, the van driver pronounced dead, and then the van crashed into at least four parallel parked cars here on this side of lancaster on overbrook.
5:35 am
now, the witness says right around 12:30, she heard some commotion. she heard who she believes is the driver of the van yelling to police i'm stopping, i'm stopping, then she heard four gunshots. >> i heard the kid yelling i'm stopping, i'm stopping. then it was pow, pow, pow, pow. nothing else the ran down the steps, did you hear the gunshots? yep. >> you didn't hear any commands from the police yelling at him. >> no, i heard the kid. >> i'm stopping, i'm stopping. >> i yelled out real loud i'm stopping, i'm stopping. four gunshot. then we hear -- you hear police sirens. >> reporter: that's what she heard, she has little more to say, then husband also has more to say on there is she was awake at the time. this didn't wake her up. just got back from traveling. so was awake, still on different time zone time. so that's why she was awake after midnight when this
5:36 am
happened. she pointed out to me that there is a surveillance camera right here at overbrook and lancaster. she says that's for traffic reasons because there is a lot of traffic accidents here. but this is one of the nicest sections of philadelphia, never hear any gunshots or very little crime, they say, so that's why this really stood out both the yelling and the gunshots. chris, lauren? >> steve, thank you. >> let's go back to the first officer shoved shooting. >> this one happening with report of a man, shooting a gun in the air, southwest philadelphia, police arrived at the 5300 block of graze avenue. they saw the man with the gun. police asked him to drop the weapon. he refused, instead, he started shooting at officers. the officer returned fire. one bullet hit that suspect, in both of his legs. no officers were injured in the shooting. the suspect was taken to the hospital after a short time. we do have more breaking news for you, happening right now, emergency crews called out to a building collapse in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. the call came in just after 4:15 at row home at sixo and
5:37 am
chancellor. >> crews say man was trapped in the home but they were able to get him out safely. no word on his condition right now. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we'll have you a live update shortly. >> okay, we talked about the phillies in about seven minutes ago. what an exciting season this has been so far. a lot of people say the phillies will lose 100 games this year. not with the way they're playing right now. much more, from last night's game.
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>> phillies had a well pitched game, need it every day. they just doesn't score runs. aaron nola had to try and hold the cards nance down last night. let's go to st. louis. he got good fence behind him. man on first there is would have scored a run. peter can play some defense, with the game scoreless in the sixth, ryan howard, who had struck out nine of his last 12 at bats, hits homerun. first pitch at his at bat. phillies go onto win it one to nothing. nhl stanley cup playoffs have been terrific. another great one last night. islanders in tampa. lets guess to brooklyn. 38th left in the game. tampa pulls the goaltender. they have the extra attacker. they score. nakita makes it four-four, in over time, 2:48 into the over time, and brian boil will score. tampa wins it five-four, lead the series two games to one. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
5:41 am
>> still standing in the spotlight. one of the eagles newest players. >> from fargo to the center of the sports world, eagles rookie quarterback carson wentz is getting some time in the national spotlight. he's featured on one of three covers for the latest issue of sport illustrated, the cover says, the qb along with headline the bulls eye. >> feature injury odd, overall pick went to the rams, and packs ton lynch the number 26 overall pick ended to the broncos. >> we got the best guy. >> that's true. >> oh, ya. >> let's take a look at up decide coverage come up. so much happened over night in the race for the white house. we'll break it all down for you straight ahead.
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>> 5:44, emergency crews called out for building collapse. this is philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood, and it happened just about an hour and a half ago. >> they were able to rescue a man trapped inside. dave kinchen live on the scene, dave, what can you tell us? >> here's what the scene looks like. let me step out of the way here, on the corner of 65o and chancellor, here in cobbs creek, you can see, police on the scene with this building, taped off, this building clearly abandoned, what we know from authorities is that a man had apparently fallen from the first floor, into the basement, that man was able to be rescued from the building, he was hospitalized, or transport today a hospital for injuries. we're told his injuries are non-life threatening,
5:45 am
thankfully. the collapse apparently happened toward the back of the building. nothing on the outside. as you can see, no visible damage on the outside, all apparently took place on the inside from what we understand here, in this building, abandoned, and l & i has been notified the billing needs to come down, that's what our sources are telling us, again, one man, with minor injuries, falling from the first floor, down to the basement, we're told. hospitalized, for non-life threatening injuries, this building apparently have to come down, as l & i social security notified. but police are just going to hold this scene and make sure that no one sells near this building, just for safety purposes. back to you. >> sounds like he was this there trying to escape the rain and cold from overnight perhaps. >> could have been, yes. >> dave, grace hut he will getting there, thank you. >> sue serio, all eyes on the skies today. as it continues to rain. >> yes. now, we're seeing, we have seen our share of heavy downpours this morning, but it looks like most of the heavy rain is moving up past the pocono mountains, through the lehigh valley, and the next
5:46 am
15, 20 minute, won't be seeing any that far yellow or red any more but still seeing dark green. just depends on your color. wife ' got nothing going on in the city right now, little bit of rain in delaware couldn't, we move up to the north, there is your heavier rain, around easton, just east of allentown, around clinton up there. charlestown, you have got some steady rain in chester county, honeybrook, as well. and then we head down to the shore, that one little cell that we were watching, looks like it is raining in sea isle city, but, the northern part of it moving off shore, off atlantic sit, so we have this coastal flood advisory in effect, evening high tide, along the ocean, is between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. and then it is a little later than, that along the back bays. this evening, after this many days of rain, we could see minor flooding, and back base, streams, creeks, as a result of day after day of rain. soap the future cast is showing that we have a loft cloud cover. the rest of the day. here we go again with occasional rain by this afternoon, you will see a
5:47 am
downpour or two. but it is drizzly, damp inbetween. you see we're socked in with clouds through tomorrow morning, through tomorrow afternoon, there you see, a lot of rain, in the evening on thursday, we think it is gone by friday, nope, here comes some more. with another coastal storm that's going to be moving up the coast by friday, into friday night, hopefully gone by saturday. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. little chillier in some other places where we're seeing temperatures in the 40's, so just a little chillier than yesterday. and 58 degrees is all we are expecting for a high temperature today. up ear's for tomorrow, as well, with clouds and showers around. and now that we're used to this, you know the drill, it is not every single minute that it is raining, but it is just kind of damp inbetween. now, looks like saturday will be clearing out. it will be slow to clear, hang onto some clouds for awhile, but saturday looks to be a dry day, by sunday, few showers in the morning, for mothers day, giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. and warmer after that, so
5:48 am
that's your seven day forecast, still some good foreign door activities, bob kelly. >> definitely, sounds good, another good grilled cheese kind of day. 5:48. good morning, everybody, live look at the blue route, 476, where again, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, you got to be using the wipers. here is a live look the blue route right near ridge pike, speaking of wipers. >> oh, oh? >> having trouble with your wipers? check it out. look at this, guys wipers were broken, so they used some string and connected them to the wiper blades. >> oh, my -- >> and the guy in the passenger seat is using the string to make the wipers go. >> that's got to be miss your. >> i i don't know, we found that on line there, just, you know, a solution to maybe those 20, 25-dollar wiper blades that you will have to invest in today. ninety-five, southbound, starting to see some pocket here, through cottman avenue. the boulevard, everything is going to be running slower than normal this morning. almost the same deal as yesterday. new accident, just popped up
5:49 am
on 55. this is southbound, right near the depford interchange there, just south of the 42 freeway. and of course, if you are headed to the air part just like yesterday, watch for possible delays down at philly international. chris, lauren, mike, back over to you. >> requirement that makes philadelphia police recruits have at least two years worth of college credits rounds their belt could soon be tossed out. as a result the department having trouble hiring enough officers, the department would get rid of the college requirement. commissioner richard ross is also look to go raise the age requirement from 19 to 22 years old, right now the sit bye 400 officers short of it target number, mayor kenney reportedly support both proposals. >> funeral arrangement are set for former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams, became police commissioner in 1988, stayed with the department until 1992, when he moved to los angeles, to become the chief of police there. >> a public viewing will be held baker funeral home in north philadelphia, this friday, from 5:00 in the 9:00 p.m. viewing and service will then be held the next morning at
5:50 am
zion baptist church north broad street. >> what a night in politics. ready for this? frontrunner donald trump comes out on top in indianna winning his sixth straight. so, his win leading to big shake-up on the campaign trail. last night, ted cruz made it official. he's dropping out. cruz's campaign said he was planning to stay in the race through the gop convention in july, but after the loss in indianna, cruz said just no viable way to win. john kasich of ohio is the only remaining republican candidate in the race, but no mathematical way can he win. and that unofficially leaves the gop nomination real any trump's hands at this point. different story on the democratic side. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in indianna. putting a end to her recent winning streak. stand ers told fox 29 last weakest staying with his campaign through california's primary on june 7th. the next primary will be kentucky, that's on may 17th. >> so much more ahead in the
5:51 am
fox morning news. >> hi everybody, good day. >> mike jerrick. >> can you run that for me? >> of course. >> you know, yesterday, i had some people on twitter say, you know, another local station in town, it was raining, so they had this little car driving around. one of the tips they gave it is, it is raining, turn on your wiper. >> okay. >> it helps. >> so what team are you on, team bike riders in the city of philadelphia or team cars and buses? are there two teams? >> there are two teams. oh, i hate those bikers. oh, i love my bike. so anyway, septa's going to bring big bus by fourth and market today good day philadelphia. they have new warning system on the side of the bus that let bike riders know when they'll make a right turn. they go err, right turn, err, right turn. i think will help. >> i think it is good. >> so you don't go right into a bus or get cut off. plus, danger on a monkey bars. listen to this, more kids in our area, the delaware valley, are getting hurt on playground. would you think things would improve with softer landings,
5:52 am
you know, wood chips, and the spongy -- >> rubber surfaces in. >> no, more brain injuries. why is that? doctor mike in to talk about that. and oh, man, are we proud. from fill toy broadway, a local young man nominated for tony award, leslie odom, jr., from east oaklane, went onto masterman high school. he's now nominated for a tony for his role in hamilton. how about that? we'll talk about how growing up from philly to broadway and now to the tony stage, let's hope he wins. >> can he get us some tickets? you can't get tickets to that show. >> get him in here. >> and i heard hamilton tickets like 1200 bucks. >> oh, ya. >> if you can even get one. >> could you score us some tickets? >> why is it always me? >> because you're so connected. >> because it is mike, i'll tell you why, it is because it is. >> ya, what is your rsvp? this is my rsvp. >> i'll call mike last minute. can you get us to the flyers playoff game? of course. how are we getting in? >> this is my rsvp.
5:53 am
see you in about eight minutes. >> go get aling. >> all right. >> still ahead man with special needs is not letting his challenges get in the way. how he's defying the odds by competing in a world championship. >> ♪
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> looking live at the rain moving through the northeast right now from philadelphia, up into new york right now. hey, a man with special needs isn't letting had i challenges get in the way of compete nag world championship. thirty year old eric cohen trains at red tiger kai kwon dough in the northeast almost every day, hoping his skills for the past 26 years, since he's been four years old, been his dream to compete in a world championship n july he'll get that chance for the first time the open world championship in brighten, glands will have special needs division, he's also a cancer survivor. his coach says going to the competition will be a dream come true. >> he goes through those doors and puts on one of these uniforms, he will will everybody. >> gym heroes started fundraising campaign to cover eric's trip to compete. good for himment next on good day, two separate police offed shootings happening overnight,
5:57 am
one turning deadly. what happened when police attempted topped pull a man over. plus they were trying to protect kids, when authorities say, adults attacked them. ugly fight that sent two philly school officers to the hospital. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> this is good day philadelphia. we are following three major breaking news stories, at this hour, first, shots fired in two philadelphia
6:00 am
neighborhoods, as police are involved in both these shootings. less than two hours apart. one of them, deadly. alex? >> plus, a man trapped after building collapse, what they're doing right now. >> every day our officers to a great job. unfortunate they got hurt this time. >> yep, why, stunning video shows the moments adult, these are parent, getting involved in after school fight. the ugly scene sent two philly school officers to the hospital. at it againment look at the radar, for example, but look at the heavy stuff, yellow stuff. moving on out. and moving on out just like the jeff sons. >> god day, wednesday, may the fourth. >> yes, may the fourth be with you, mike. >> lit's go. >> i should have a light sake their turns into an


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