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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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students killing student on campus, always sticks? my head. crosby sticks nash and young had a song, i'm quite sure, may fourth, 1970. now in this day and age with younger people it is may the force be with you because star wars. >> may the force. >> i think, yes, i saw is it bob kelly, yes, he shared light sake war umbrella a lot of people are showing those on the facebook, i do remember kent state, it was a time you couldn't believe the police involved in shooting college kids just trying to fight for peace. >> protesting the viet nam war. want a relationship with passion, like this? oh, that notebook. >> still haven't seen it, have you? >> no, and i'm not. >> going to force to you watch it one day. >> may the force be with you. well it, all starts in the bedroom, but not how you think. there is a pre-bed time ritual to put the spark back into your marriage.
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>> i do all of them wrong, seven of them,. >> and yet you have three children. >> and empire night tonight. saraya is on the show. coming up we'll talk to her, she on the show, about the two superstars that she calls on for inspiration on her role. >> em smear. >> empire. >> or good day philadelphia? >> empire. >> also on good day philadelphia. >> yes. >> today. but her role in the show is empire. >> but she is on our show. >> all right, i see. >> you know her last performance? show was wearing like a see-through thing. we'll talk about that. twerking and stuff. so i see your star, i'll raise you another star, somebody else that will be on the show today. i have middle name basil. >> i say basal. >> stars in i had underground. what he says about taking this epic journey through history. >> i love this show. and actually turn some people
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onto it here at the station, it is so good. so well done. >> and you know what else was also straight out of compton. >> he was. >> mc ren. >> he was really good in. that will he'll be -- is he live? >> he's live. >> oh, wow. new twitter campaign that has to do with the sequel to disney's hit frozen. >> let it go, let it go. this is taken off on social media. i saw a lot of this yesterday. many are calling on the animated film's producers to give elsa a girlfriend. >> so twitter users they claim that frozen, was progressive, including having the story focused on the love between two sisters, instead of just focus on the princess trying to find her prince charming. so supporters also say elsa the can date for first lgbt princess, her powers already interpreted some met a for for coming out. except her for who she is. >> so the twitter account, posted they, hey, hey, disney,
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give us a gay elsa. young, year kids need someone to look up to. another user says: positive year role models are needed from a young age, early exposure leads to better understanding and acceptance. >> and then this one says: give elsa a girlfriend because gay girls are princesses, too. >> so why don't you get on your twitter account or on on facebook, how do you feel about that? >> i think it is a great idea, for different character, i think disney could do it, think franchise, like you don't mess with something that's been their biggest franchise something they've done in the lack decade, so could not possibly be happening with this story about growing empowerment. >> new character never. >> last couple of movies, girls have been their own heroes, don't need a prince to save you, so one of those where you can determine your own -- >> aren't they doing another one? >> you don't mess with success in terms of something like we totally mix it up. >> all right, again, i have to
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admit, i'm embarrased by there is i've never seen frozen. is elsa the prince, princess, right? >> yes. >> is she a (. >> she becomes a queen? so she is casino of considered in her 20's or something? she is an adult? >> elsa and anna, so two sisters, so what they are saying really focus on the sisters love. >> does elsa ever get involved with anyone else? >> that's jim ' thinking, they are probably talking about if another one eventually she will find love. why not let that love be with a woman? probably going to happen f they're doing another one. possible they could not let her have love. she doesn't need love. but, well, i'm sure the critics will say these are children going to see this movie, exposing them to adult relationships, is that a prepare row at. they that with cinderella. she was an adult. she an adult relationship. >> in every story they finds the man, instead brave, the character where she doesn't have to fine a man. >> anyway. >> oh, what about a disney character who is a cougar.
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>> in. >> oh, my goodness. >> there you go. they we go, everybody. >> like a queen, like hitting 06 years of age going after a prince? you know, 25. >> all right, let's talk about grown up relationships. >> i'll decide whether we move on. >> i've had enough of that one, cougar. >> what if i want done? >> karen is done. go. >> is this the way it works, you just push bill around? >> relationships say there are few bed time store that's could change your marriage. for the better. >> okay, here comes jenn fred. >> stuck in a pond. >> the cougar, disney world theme, does helen get to play the voice over character because she looked amazing at the correspondance dinner. >> she real did i. >> then they would give women no lines. because we will do a story when they get older they don't get any lines. >> that couldn't and story that you write. >> karen, you and mr. sullivan, pay attention to this, okay? a few pre bed time habit that
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you should be adding to your routine. number one, this is what the expert say. leave your smart phone out of the bedroom. >> jen, you really needed an expert to say that. >> look, this is so rad i can i can lust, text the person you're -- okay, like, that's dumb. one, dumb. two, also dumb. create a before bed ritual. like i'm done enough rituals for the united states of everywhere we already read book to the kids, give them lavender oil to knock them out fatly, and what am i supposed to do? am i supposed to be like washing the feet? >> this is a ritual between you and steve, right? like you get on both sides of the bed and you stare at each other. no, i mean, get some insense going. >> or maybe you tuck him in, he helps put the covers over you? >> ain't nobody got time for that. >> let's just get it on. >> i mean, they are talking about sleeping.
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here's one you guys know that i never will do. put your clothes away before you go into bed. you've seen the hoard conditions. >> nobody wants to be stepping on your clothes as you're moving toward the bed. >> oh, unless it is a high heal pump or something. >> the only one i get right. >> you clean up? >> i put my clothe away. >> the alpha type a cleaning up. you're surprised? i love you karen but you know you are the one. she is i can't, i am. here is something that i always do avoid having to be with my husband. >> ya? >> we never go to bed at the same time. i do this i go to work in the morning thing, bye, baby. and then you're safe. >> normally if you are going to get it on with steve, your husband. >> oh, my goodness. >> and it is not keeley. >> this time. >> what night of the week? >> oh, that's a saturday situation. >> it has got to be. >> i like a morning situation, too, but then the kids. >> your morning is a lot earlier than probably his morning.
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>> well, you know, he is on pail yo, so he wakes up earl. >> i like saturday morning. >> oh, saturday, i'm thinking during the week. >> then you get this. brody? what are you doing? what is she doing in there, you okay? >> mom? mom in? >> how about this one, cuddle and kiss before drifting off. drifting off. you're like is the phone move did i put my clothe away? did we do this? did we do our routine? and then this one. >> this is, i agree with, get the tv out of the bedroom. i agree. that's the one i do agree. do you guys watch this show together? have favorite show, you can lay in bed, cuddle and watch and discuss as you're watching it. >> that's fantasy. >> no. >> that's fantasy. don't get too relaxed around your spouse. i don't even know what that means. >> what is it? >> i have a brother-in-law that farther dollars his way out of his marriage. >> that's what we are talking about. >> i agree with that. >> and mike is really private with, you know.
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>> poo talk. >> so my husband has a bathroom in the basement that he uses for the poo. so i've never really heard him fart and never really smelled. >> how long have you two been married? >> fourteen years. >> never? >> that's why. >> never? >> no see. >> for better or worse? >> no seeing. >> you keep some of the magic, because the mystery goes away fast enough anyway. so you don't need to de-miss few. >> will you use the facilities while the man is in the bathroom? >> i guess not. i think when you're married though? >> no. >> no. >> i think a lot of people do. >> he's there all the time. >> yes? >> so -- >> what happens when you go on trips and you travel? >> you have no choice. >> lobby bathroom. >> so you ruin it for everybody else? use it with your spouse? >> no one else is in there other than the other people downstairs. >> but it is a public
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bathroom. other people need to use it. >> i will take a cab down to a gas station before i use the bathroom. i don't know them. i am not having sex with them. at the bp station. >> i don't care. >> the only people in the lonnie bathrooms at 10:00 a.m. in the hotel are the other people staying in the hotel. >> okay, i need you actual tweet me on this. all of the married couple, you know i am a single girl, still learning about this, so you're really not using the rest room? >> no. >> a lot of people do. >> tweet me, alex whom i fox 29. i don't believe this. >> tuck the kids into their own beds. that's code for shut the kids in their beds, give them the lavender oil, knock them out, just love them. last thing, dow do this. say i love you before falling asleep. steve and i always say, you know what, you always have to mean it. >> just say it. >> get it done. light out little quicker if you just i love you. >> hey i love you. see you in the morning. >> love you.
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>> i will say. >> this you know, of marriages, relationship, most need work, so dot work. >> thanks, jen. that was nice, fun. >> she said she agrees, she has been with her husband for 15 years, and i guess they've never -- >> do that. >> as much as you can try, good thing to try to do. all of the other stuff will fall away, but this is the one don't be mice philadelphia international airport earl. >> i did i have exception the other night when i had diarrhea a no time to get to the other room. >> what about when you had your children, want he in the room for that? >> that's why you try cut out the other extra stuff. >> thinking this. >> well, you shouldn't, but don't need to make it, like pushing someone away. >> i can tell this when i had my first child jessica, joy my wife, was in the delivery room. >> yes? >> i went out to scrub up, put my gown on. for some reason the door, when i walk through the door, there she was in the stirrups right in my face.
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so i come through the door boom. there was all sort of stuff coming out oh, yeast. >> did it change your look? >> i tried to block it out of my mind for cup many of years. >> that happened to elvis, never wanted to have revelations with priscilla after. >> steve: twenty years, everything should not be shared. someone else says married 25 years, we pea in front of each other and fart too, when it comes to two, separate rooms. >> i'll just look at these on myself. >> some boarders you can't cross. i forgot to give you your paul ball ticket for tonight. $350 million aling. >> thank you, mike. >> i keep going. >> it is great news for new parent, it may be possible to train your baby to sleep at night, when they are as young as two months old. train them? >> so pediatrician frost new
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york and los angeles who say the key is to let the babies cry it out. whole debate no cry sleep solution, or letting them cry it out. these experts say, do not intervene when your baby cries after bed time. it is obviously getting a lot of attention, because two month old seems a bit young to a lot of doctors who recommend at least waiting until the child is four to six month olds to start the sleep training process. >> this is dopy. crying because they need something. >> exactly. >> and if it is attention, i'll give them the attention. >> milky way, could you just fine out where that study was done, was that uk or the university of florida? >> new york, los angeles? you. >> won't look or -- >> new york and los angeles. >> so here is the thing, is that, yes, meanwhile. >> people worry about like why their child is like, you know, has all every these anxiety issues or later has all of these other complaint, part of it they just got pick up and loved, bonning. >> they're hungry, they poo, or just want to be held.
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isn't that what our responsibility is having them? take care of them. easy for me to say because i don't have any kids any more. >> exactly. >> all right, go ahead, you're fascinated. >> everybody is tweet being it. here is the last one since you guys are board with it. >> not at all. >> angela says if you can't take that around your spouse, and you aren't in a comfortable relationship. i fart freely on mine. >> thank you, what's her name? >> angela rosa. and then someone said the rule is never let them hear you poo, however, they must except that poo happens. >> i get that. >> ya, ya, ya. >> true. >> that's what faucets are for. turn them on. >> i don't like people hearing, you know, when you go, probably too much. you know number one, i don't like people listening to that. so whenever i go to the bathroom, i always turn on the faucet and let it run, then dow my thing. >> do you think you're the first person that ever thought of it? >> saws saying i'm one of the people doing that it is that.
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>> you're going to be -- >> once i get married you better except it, not that i ever do it. >> no. >> if i were to ever one day. >> but we all know do you it. so when you turn on the faucet we know what you are doing in there. >> real silent, someone goes -- >> you can also time the flush. whoosh. >> we did do without that. >> all right, get ready. >> oh, my gosh. >> get ready to zip some lemonade. >> is this beyonce again? >> yes. >> i think they're trying to be -- do you think, say hello to the powerful women. because we all know who runs the world, beyonce. >> moms. >> so, working mother magazine released it ooh most powerful moms list. , yeah, beyonce, she made the list. >> why wouldn't she? >> highlighted for releasing top charted albumns touring while having kids. you know everyone talking about the recent video from
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her formation tour, with jay-z back stage, channing can blue ivy. >> that belief is he cute. i have to tell you. >> adele also chosen for ruling the charts and having organic power in her charm and down to other demeanor. >> she is a british star. >> and a mom. >> adele is a mom? >> a mom. >> the difference is she's not going away and i'm not going away in two weeks. >> so we're stuck together. okay? >> how exciting. >> no guarantee i'm not going away in two weeks, if this persists. i know it is a list of moms. i just, i don't know where i have been. i didn't realize she had a kid. >> so that's on my. >> is this also a mom? other on the list, of viola davis, is that show still on?
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>> yes. >> we can talk about it. >> how to get away with murder. >> carrie underwood, melissa mccarthy have kids? i guess she does. >> a mom. >> someone just sent us picture in, so this remind me, yes, did you ever see the movie eyes wide shut? did you see that? >> was that tom crust? >> and nicole kidman, last movie they made married. at the beginning of the movie, all dressed to go out, nicole kidman on the toilet. and it was so shocking because she was like -- he's there, and filming, we almost never see. that will so that's one of the element so disturbing. >> says ya, getting ready to work, i'm on the toilet better or worse, married for years. this happens, guys. >> see, it says, bill married, you shouldn't hide anything your significant other, pea or poo. >> women don't poo. >> you're right. we don't, right, knew.
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>> what's the question. >> how about you and billy, do you er in front of him? >> one word answer yes. >> really? >> twenty-one years. >> really? >> that's a long time to hold it in, guys. >> get your big head out of there. >> let's look at the forecast, i look better out of focus, i can promise you. this forecast actually let me get it up, because i don't have it ready to go. yes, see how goody look? i literally look better. >> like that barbara walters lighting. >> ya, ya, my favorite. fuzzy. >> best friend's mom. >> i think my mike might be on for some reason. >> still on. >> out in the hallway. >> now you know what mike does while i do the weather? he leaves the room. anyway, more of the same until the weekend it, looks better for mother day. now, i want to show you where i was yesterday. because this was a very uplifting experience, and i had a great time. it was northeast philadelphia,
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the triple a out standing safety patrol awards. it was great. we saw kids from schools all over the delaware valley, who were safety patrol leaders who were nominated for these awards by their teachers, all of the proud parent were there. these are kids who not only ex he will in leadership, but they exit in sports and in school as well. it makes you excited about the future. so that was a great timement thanks to triple a. mid-atlantic for insiting me to be part that far awards ceremony. now do you remember yesterday when i had my pin this segment. and remember, alex and bring trying to recreate the picture on the left, we had holy disaster on the right? alexi want you to know that i have ' been working and working on improving my skills. >> no. >> wow. >> cupcakes baby. and if you think i made these. >> right? exactly. >> these are cupcakes, look how gorgeous they are, and i want to thank kyle from kingdom cupcakes, 2k's, in the
9:20 am
great northeast. he has a service, cupcake service he runs out of his house and we can get in you touch with. that will i'll be posting the information on my facebook page, sue serio, fox 29. >> love it. leave it to the professionals. >> what's that for mother day? >> yes, you can. >> perfect. mom, you know what you are getting? >> really. >> okay, 9:20. parent if you can't be home with your kids at bed time, may be a solution. the device to change the way you read them a story. it sounds horrible, but, put the pause button. may actually like this idea. we'll explain. pet moments are beautiful,
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unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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>> the other day my son-in-law ross sent me a photograph with virtual reality head set on laying in bed. >> oh,. >> new way of doing bed time stories. >> yes? >> just in there.
9:24 am
in their head set. >> now, that too advance in the what about the relationship between the mom and dad? >> the perfect example is this. he has the head set. and you you have it, and then you can read the story together. >> oh, that's correct high tech. here it is. >> shall we go on magical ride? >> yes. >> across lannan sea together we'll visit. >> can you read the last? >> the most wonderful places to be. >> okay, hold my hand. >> we're flying. >> ah. >> can you believe it? >> oh, look at all of the penguin. >> how many? >> one, two, three, four, five. >> can you reach them? >> now the weird thing about it, you don't actually see your child, and she doesn't see you, or he doesn't see
9:25 am
you. >> but they jump into the story. >> but you hold hands, you can hold each other, stuff lining that, what do youy? >> this is for people traveling. the set up on this the mom is going away on a trip, like jenn fred going away on a trip, not back, going to do her movie junk it, so not there it read your kid a story. so a lot of people travel. what do you do when you can have the shared experience? initially i thought it sounded terrible but i casino of like the idea, a lot of par rent traveling and doing stuff. >> karen put it that way i like t so would you take the head set on your trip with you. >> hopefully not too expensive. maybe i know some of the pope francis gave out google glass, i don't know if you saw it, cardboard, you take your own phone do it three days, so not super expensive kind of neat idea. >> yes, but then thinking back to what the cuddling with them, turn the page. >> or just using your imagination. >> but do that the rest of the time, dow, that read a brazilian books, you know, i don't travel very much. but if you do that might be something nice because actually there with your kids.
9:26 am
>> mom, you skipped. >> skip. >> all of this guy on good day philadelphia. >> mow a. >> noah. >> underground. played straight out of compton. well, straight into good day philadelphia. at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> testing.
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after four years she has a new single and new sound, i cannot wait to hear it all, it is call in common.
9:30 am
>> love her i went to her 21st birthday at tower theater years ago. >> did you give her a first drink. >> i had a front row seat. she had white leather pant on sitting at the piano good was she still working corn rows. >> i never saw her from the waist up. no, she had corn rows. >> underground, a huge hit, i mean big timey love this show. >> portrayal of the revolutionary of the under ground railroad. >> is tonight the looks clip. >> welshing no, it is next week. >> next week. >> okay, cool. >> i will be watching. >> i'll than watching it. >> it was a warning shot. >> stay behind us too. >> i will get through it. >> breathe. >> never make it.
9:31 am
>> it is so well done, good history lesson too, aldis hodge, aka noah joins us to the show. welcome to philadelphia. >> what is happening. >> you. >> yes, good morning. >> can you had hear me okay. >> we can hear you, good morning. >> i love this show. did you ever think that people would be this excited about the the show when you first joined the cast? >> well, we had hoped but we didn't anticipate it would be what it became. this is awesome. absolutely fantastic. >> what are you hearing from the fans when they see you out in public. >> mess consistent i hear is that people are just emotionally tied in.
9:32 am
thermos surprised about howie motionly invested they are and we do live tweets every single wednesday night. we will live tweet tonight as well, and it is just awesome to see conversation that goes on and conversation that is people are starting, it is just, crazy. >> now, aldis when i describe to people how this show is and why it gets you, i also started j lo unchained kind of but in a show about the underground railroad, what do you think about that. >> yeah, yeah, i appreciate that. it is weird. yes, it is. they have seen it this show is an action thriller first and foremost and it is a psychological thriller. and now you never necessity what they will do. and, most people think that by the time frame, in the sense
9:33 am
of it being an occupation but revolution. we are fighting back. >> true. >> we are in war. so, you know, for us this is about the up rise, and it is just an experience all its own. you just got to jump on the train and see for yourself. >> oh, yes. that is for sure. i think that for a lot of people and even for me, i have to admit when i heard about this oh, goodness, you get worried about another show about slavery but you guys put them in a power position. they are getting their power back. >> yes, well, here's what i think the defining factor lies and i found this with myself because i had speculation at first as well but it is about slaved people as opposed to slaves. slaves is an owner thing. enslaved means is there a accountability and you humanized these people, you give them people, story, souls, ambition and see them from people from a completely different perspective as opposed to these servants who are in this terrible time
9:34 am
frame. >> now, i apologize i feel will like i'm taking over the interview. i really do watch the show. >> she loves is. >> my only thing is you guys are not killing everybody else. i'm following these characters. they are dying. you got renewed for another season. who is going to be left. i'm hurt. >> you will to have watch tonight when it comes on, i cannot tell thaw. >> you are not going anywhere. >> watch the season finally. >> i cannot tell you, i can't confirm or deny. >> do i in the like how that sound aldis and or noah. >> i love that jacket you have on today. >> thank you, brother. go on and snatch it up. >> meisha green and grover cats cat got creative in writing and do a great job keeping you on the the toes. they don't want audience to anticipate what is going on, and that means nobody is safe. that is the fun. you are sitting there hoping that the person you love makes it to the end but you are not guarantied. >> like watching this show. >> yes. >> i have two quick questions
9:35 am
this is karen. you have an unusual middle name and curious about where it comes from? >> which one, i have two middle names. >> basil or basil. >> yeah, yeah, my full name is aldis basil hodge. my father aldis basil hodge. it is a lineage thing. they have basil in the name. >> is that haitian. >> like my brother evan. >> no, dominican by way of saint thomas. >> okay. >> so, my grandfather is named basil hodge. all of the boys have basil in the the name. >> okay. >> yes. >> still am upset, you know, thanks for asking about my name. >> you do such a great job. come on. >> thank you, thank you. i will say this, man, i will say this, when the a ward season came around, we felt -- we didn't feel lake we got robbed because we set out to make a great film, that the
9:36 am
audience appreciated. we wanted to really service the fans, of nwa and we felt like we accomplished that like ten fold because so many people showed us love in the way that we could not anticipate. so, by the time the award came around we weren't even phased because we already won our award, you know, with the audience. everybody showed love, and it blew blue us away. we were like all right. but the the fact that people wanted us to be nominated, says so much. >> yes. >> rather than actually get nomination and fact that we were part of the getting conversation started to integrate more, diversity, within hollywood, i am much prouder being part of that movement then standing on stage with an award because that effects change for more people then just ourselves. >> okay. >> do you need another reason is there a picture you put seven on your instagram. not just this one but another one with your shirt off. ladies, you are welcome. >> not this one.
9:37 am
>> lord have mercy. >> loved have mercy. >> yes. >> i don't know which one you are talking about. >> it says, get back. >> you are with your dog. >> in the photo shoot. >> yes, yes. >> when are you coming to philly and can you come in. >> yes, please come say hi. >> i'll come through, definitely come through. >> yes, we will be watching underground, seriously wonderful show. so great. i can't stop talking about it. turn some people on to it here the at the station. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. >> great guy, um. >> yes. >> do you hear his voice too. >> yes. >> saint thomas. >> is he single. >> i think he is, i was googling that. >> karen says that he is. >> i'm on it, yeah. >> so he has a wife. >> no, i don't know. >> okay. >> all right. now let's talk about helen
9:38 am
miren. >> she's so fascinating and hot and has these great rolls but older women do not have many word. if you count the word, they cut them out. >> you have been counting word for movies for older women. >> base it on age, doing a lot of study for show. >> have you ever seen hill even moreen in the bikini. >> we will show those picks after the break.
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9:41 am
what's popping? you know, it is 9:41. philly's own meek mill is still under house arrest. >> that hasn't stopped guests from stopping by. get the latest house guest to drop in. he is in town, for his tour.
9:42 am
you can see they are counting money. if it ain't about money, you know. >> he also paid a visit they showed off their matching house arrest bracelets. so that was fun. >> yes. >> rick ross. >> rick ross. >> rick ross. >> he has one of the best beards in the business. i would show it to you if i could it is almost like a philly beard. >> oh, yeah. >> crop top. cropped close. >> yes. >> they say, it is really just, lined up really well. that makes a good philly beard. >> yes. >> just let it go. >> here we go. >> there we go. >> okay. >> yes. >> rick ross. >> rick ross. >> one hit oner what was his big song. >> he is not the a one hit wonder, rick ross. he is every where. >> what is the famous song he did. >> he has had so many, diced pine apples. >> there is so many. >> what are some other ones. >> i cannot think of it. >> serious radio right now, which is for is what called
9:43 am
one hit wonder. >> every day i'm husseling. >> husseling, husseling. >> and there is so many. >> now i'm hungry, diced pine apples. >> well, you know. >> okay, mike. >> okay. >> lets get into hill even miren old are actresses may have a hard time fining work. this is not new footage and new information but a brand new study find older women do get fewer lines. actually word in movies, karen. >> you will let me say this right here, because you are saying researchers, have 2,000 different movie crypts and they found only 20 percent of the lines were spoken by women over the age of 40. so apparently over 40 is old. in fact when it came to female parts, most of the words were spoken by women 22, 31 years old. alex. however older men, between 42 and 65, mike, have a large percentage of lines in script. >> as we should because we have a lot the to get out of
9:44 am
here, into consciousness of the world. i have no idea. >> okay. >> i asked about helen miren in the bikini because she hangs out in them all over the world. but stinking attorneys are threatening to sue us for using paparazzi footage so i made it myself. here's hill even on the beach. >> beautiful. >> hi helen. >> that is wonderful. >> yes. >> i like her hair, that is just perfect. >> thank you. >> her body. >> yes. >> it is interesting. >> she doesn't have hand though. >> i'm not an artist. >> she needs hand. >> i have to hand it to her. >> empire tonight. >> so, we have to talk to some people about her role as tiana and the blues. the there is two superstars she called on for, inspiration for her role on empire and for her own music. >> she's only 20 year-old and she's on fox. sir use.
9:45 am
9:46 am
i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend!
9:47 am
rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. look, nobody gave me special treatment when we were dating we always kept it profession willal. >> we love this show. but, of course, we get ready for tonight's episode we will talk to one of the big stars from it, seraya, also known as tiana. good morning. >> good morning, what is up. >> i have to say, girl, this for part two of season two i'm
9:48 am
loving what they are bringing on the stage. you can perform, girl. >> thank you so much. >> so how do you get those moves. >> oh, my gosh i have been dancing forever. it is something i love to do. it is second nature. >> and then the body suits, you are bringing it all, do you have any influence over what you wear when you are performing as tiana. >> yes, as for myself, i love before it the any spears, i love janet jackson, beyonce, madonna, these huge performers. so for those i wanted to do inspiration, and it was so glad we pulled it off. >> lets talk about the fact you were also a cover girl, how amazing is that? >> oh, my gosh it was so amazing to be part of the cover girl was amazing but to do it with my cast is even better. i'm just glad we were able to do it and it is a huge milestone for me. >> are you working on a album
9:49 am
at all? we want to see some of your music. >> i am working on my very first album that i'm so excited. i mean i'm in the studio, a lot and i get to see myself out and that is the most important part for me in the creative process. i'm just really excited, and to see all of the success. >> will there be vocals from taylor swift maybe, girl squad. >> i don't know, i don't know, maybe. >> i know you have been on the red carpet, has she given you any advice for releasing your first album. >> so much advice. she has done it so many times. she's very successful at it. i just watch and take everything into consideration and she's a really good friend. >> lets get back to empire then. i have to say at the start of the season two i know you had a premiere in new york. but in the after party i got
9:50 am
to meet you. you were so gracious. your mother was there. you always when you do empire events are traveling. are you close tour mom do you bring her around. >> yah, she's usually there for big events, definitely for red carpets and things like that. she was my manager. so she's always nearby. >> so, is she still in love with hakim or what is going on here, really. >> i think tiana, i think maybe she's developing a love for him because as we see in last season she didn't really care too much about what he was doing but now i think she sees that he likes someone else. starting to get jealous about that. she might be realizing, you know, her own feelings so she's starting to develop for them. >> you have empire, you have music, you are a cover girl, hair care line, we will be following you all the way, thanks so much for talking with me this morning. >> thanks so much. >> of course we will tune into empire another episode tonight
9:51 am
at 9:00 right here on fox 29. that song that they were playing in the background, they are playing that out and about in the clubs. don't ask me why i know, i don't know, someone told me. how about these serious accusation about priest? what they are saying, someone supplied him with drugs. >> really serious accusation from his a major star about another star. we will discuss that. lets take a look at winning lottery numbers. big lottery numbers.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
♪ >> that is one of the new songs you will hear on empire tonight, that is jesse you are hearing but it will be a busy night. it starts with rosewood
9:55 am
followed by empire at 9:00, then fox 29 news at ten. tweet me alex holley fox 29 live tweeting at our empire wrap tomorrow. >> that is part of the show when you live tweet. >> thank you. >> also go to my snap chat because we are a discussion about rick ross. people are talking about the comments. >> coolest white girl. coolest white people to back me up on this. >> we will settle this. >> okay. >> so lets get to this because this was a big deal. >> i will go out and give way power ball tickets while you talk to porsche. i love you, porsche. >> there is controversy surrounding prince death. >> um-hmm. >> so, sinead o'connor is accusing air send yes hall, of supplying prince with drugs. huge allegations. prince death has in the been released, officials are looking into a possible drug overdose. >> so lets talk about this with porsche williams. really these accusations.
9:56 am
>> i know, it is so much going on, and i have no idea why we're all listening to sinead o'connor. she has had her sorted past but any who she has started this big conversation. she went on facebook accusing former talk show host arsenio hall, of allegedly supplying prince with drugs, for years. she even threw in eddie murphy's name saying that eddie murphy was also a drug supplier of prince. she even went back and accused arsenio of drugging her, the at eddie murphy's house years ago. so, i mean she's opening up a vault of memories or things that she has dealt with. >> she was close with prince though. >> she was very close with prince. >> they work together on songs and they were close and so she might know. >> they were close but i saw an interview with her yesterday and she said that prince punch her and real violent with her. it is a love/hate
9:57 am
relationship. she's asserting herself in prince business after death. she's also saying that the unreleased music should be cremated and should not be released out of respect for prince. now let me go back, and statements, absolutely absurd, ridiculous and absolutely false. so we will find out, what is going on, later on, with miss sinead o'connor. >> we will to have see. >> porsche, thank you. that was a head line. >> all right. >> we appreciate it. >> we are running out of the show. we will check with mike. >> he is passing out lottery tickets. >> there he is. >> yes. >> talking to the the truck driver. >> here we go. it is worth 350 million-dollar tonight. >> okay. >> good luck to you, okay. >> mike you are just so giving. >> yeah, pretty much. >> just when you need a clear shot. >> we see you. >> don't forget to give me
9:58 am
mine i didn't get mine yet. >> here you go. >> 350 million-dollar. have a good day everybody. >> do you suffer from constipation. >> you may be he will
9:59 am
10:00 am
it's "hot topics" live on "the wendy witness show." >> >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all "hot topics," all week long, all week. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] yes! yes! ♪ thank you for watching! say hello to my co-hosts, my studio


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