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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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happens. >> plus a major protest in center city delivery truck circling city hall protesters make noise about proposed tax on sugary drinks. we are live as a public hearing on the hot button issue gets started. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. a lot happening right now including in the weather department. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. >> lots going on lucy and iain. we're talking about a break in the action right now. the clouds hanging up but another round of rain will be moving in. on ultimate doppler heavy rain moving out of the shore and drying conditions right now across the delaware valley. but more rain to the west and then this area of low pressure that's going to move to the south and become a coastal storm of all things. we knew it was coming. but it's coming in a little bit quicker now on ultimate doppler we have dry conditions and that's good news because if you have anything you have to do this afternoon you will have dry conditions for that. right now in philadelphia, 53. temperatures not moving all that much with that persistent northeasterly flow.
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43 in the poconos. wrightstown at 50 and 51 in atlantic city in the wake of that rain. we also have a coastal flood advisory with the new moon and also that persistent northeasterly flow there will be coastal flooding at times of high tide. high tied between 6:00 and 7:00 o'clock this evening. so if you live anywhere down the shore, you know the usual suspects. there is some minor flooding did s going to occur in the prone areas and some roads will be closed. through this evening we are going to be seeing those dry conditions. so if you have any plans any games to attend, game on. you'll be able to get those in because it will be drying out now through 8:00 p.m. that's the very latest from the weather sent we are going to see heavy rain moving back in this week and we'll talk about our next dry day in the seven day forecast. >> all right. talk to you then kathy. happening right now, traffic easing around city hall after protesters complete with the convoy of trucks head inside this was the scene just about an hour ago. dozens of protesters upset a
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proposed grocery tax on sugary drinks. it's only going to hurt struggling families and busine businesses. dawn timmeney is live outside of city hall. inside a public hearing, dawn. >> reporter: we are live outside city hall right now, lucy, and quieted down quite bit from about 3:00 o'clock this afternoon when there were thousands of people here distribution trucks were circling city hall. hundreds of people carrying signs in opposition of this 3-cent an ounce tax on sugary drinks. we're talking a all kinds of drinks, apple cidar, lemonade, tea, soda, you name it and that's why a lot of people are so upset. more than a thousand businesses and 13,000 ordinary zips citizens according to the union leader who addressed the crowd turned out this afternoon to say no to this tax. businesses, elected officials also speaking out against this tax. now mayor jim kenney is
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proposing this tax to fund universal pre k and other programs. 400,000 -- $400 million could be raised over five years. super market owners spoke out. union leaders saying it would really hurt them. it would cripple small businesses, the corner stores. as mu innings the there is a public hearing going on right now. two previous attempts failed. we did speak to coca-cola truck driver who said that this will absolutely hurt him. >> the mayor has to come up with a better way to find revenue for the schools. it's been 20 years since they invest the in the schools, into the parks of this city and you can do it on the backs of the hard-working citizens of philadelphia. >> reporter: city council will make a final decision on this in june. we did hear from three separate council members this afternoon who said they were against it.
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there is a public hearing going on right now inside of city ha hall. mayor jim kenney he says if this tax doesn't go through, he does not know how expanded pre k will be funded. he says there is no plan b. so we'll have to wait and see what happens. but again thousands thousands of people turning out this afternoon to say no to that sugary tax. iain and lucy, back to you. >> dawn, thank you. developing news tonight out of the city's overbrook second. a man is dead after inn of investigators say he tried to run down officers with a van overnight. authorities say those officers opened fire killing the driver. let's get out to karen hepp who is live in overbrook tonight. karen? >> reporter: iain, first of all, the driver was unarmed and he was driving a mini van. this is the scene where he wound up he was actually shot across the street of lancaster avenue. this is where he wound up and that's just one of about five parked cars that was hit in this chain reaction. you can see right there, that witnesses say is the victim's shoe. the man driving this mini van was fatally shot early this
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morning by an undercover officer trying to stop him police say. >> you can see the driver's window is shattered and a bullet hole in the front quarter panel right by the door. >> i heard somebody yelling i'm stopping, i'm stopping! and then there was four gunshots in succession. >> all i heard was freeze, stop, pow pop pop pop pop and that's when everything froze. the streets were blocked off. and they were a around search wig flashlights looking for the shells. >> reporter: it all happen in the overbrook farms neighborhood where there are several st. joseph university dorms and housing. police say a student called to report a suspicious mini van casing the neighborhood. >> got some plane clothed units on scene. they decided to go around the corner and cut the mal off with the vehicle. they got out and told him to stop. apparently he attempts to flee from them trapping one of the officers between the car and some other area where he didn't feel like he could escape, and he discharged his weapon. >> reporter: mortally wounded
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man's car continued on overbrook crashing -- crossing lancaster until it crashed into parked cars. crime scene investigator it's marked shell casings detectives gathered surveillance video from nearby cameras. both homicide and internal affairs are investigating. current police policy says, officers shall not discharge their firearms at a vehicle unless the person in the vehicle is immediately threatening the officer or another person with deadly force by means other than the vehicle. >> this officer is now off the street right now, and the case after it is properly reviewed will go to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: fox 29's dave schratwieser just spoke with the mother of the driver that was involved in this who was shot and she says we are deeply troubled by what happened. we are waiting for answers. he was just sitting in his car and they shot him. we are not happy. our attorney will be doing further investigation. and that is the very latest from out here in overbrook. iain and lucy, back to you.
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>> karen, thank you very much. now back to breaking news in the race for president. governor john kasich is speak right now in columbus, ohio. let's listen in. (applause). >> thank you all for coming. >> well, of course, the first thing i have to do is to thank migrate wife karen for the fact that she has -- (applause). >> i mean she has endured my political career and also of course extenuated it. there's nobody like karen. she's charismatic. she walks into a room and people fall in love with her. you know when she appeared on anderson cooper, john weaver
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commented and beth hanson commented if we only run karen we would have been a lot more successful. i happen to agree with that and emma reece showed up and i mean they're unbelievable. they're just so beautiful and they've been so supportive. (applause). >> and they've traveled with me around the country as well and it was always such a delight to have the family on the road and as their principal had said, don't let education get in the way of learning and i think that they learned a great deal and of course i want to thank the worthington christian staff for their patience and willingness to kind of look after our fami family. it was -- it was terrific. >> our staff nobody has ever done more with less in the
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history of politics than what this staff has done. i mean, it's kind of always been this way. it's been a mystery to me other than to say that i like to think that they think that they've been part of something bigger than themselves. and we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and i think we do it with honesty and integrity and as a result i think i know and i sure hope and pray that they -- that they feel that this experience that they have had in this -- in this campaign has improved and in some way changed their lives for the better, and so i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time with them. the volunteers just amazing. i don't know how many, 800 people we had. is it 800 people that went to
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new hampshire? people who went to michigan. people were in south carolina. i mean i would show up places and there were like people i knew and i'm like why are you here? and but they were -- they were believers and i can never thank them enough for the long car rides and in the snows of new hampshire they knocked on doors and in the rain of south carolina they knocked on doors. really gave of themselves. my mother used to always say, never forget the volunteers, johnny. they were always the ones that have given me the octane, the fuel, to be able to carry out my purpose and i want to thank the people who gave the money. the financial resources. we never had all the money we wanted. we were probably out spent by 50 to one but we were never ever
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daunted in that and we just got up every day and did the best we can and of course a big thank you goes to beth hanson who was the campaign manager -- (applause). >> -- did everything that she could possibly do. (applause). >> and my dear, dear friend doug price who -- (applause). >> whoo! >> well, we start getting into these names, but as i mentioned, i think emma said, well mr. dug, didn't you travel with my daddy for like a year and a half and reece look at him and said, how did you ever do that? >> but we had a great time and we're going to have a lot more fun in the future and of course the kitchen cabinet i look at joanne davidson and bob laugh key and tim trip peppy the only guy i know that carried more luggage than an entire circus
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crew. i mean it was just unbelievable. so -- i know i'm leaving some people out but i want to thank everyone of you. you know, i visited these beautiful, beautiful towns in new hampshire and people really counted me out in new hampshire, but when we hit our 100th town hall, it was -- it was remarkable. those beautiful towns. i will never forget the people of new hampshire. we moved from new hampshire, you know, in the far east all the way to the excitement of california. even being able to sit in traffic in los angeles. it was a big part of -- i just love california and what it means to our country and the excitement that it breeds. i remember we were in the upper penn nine sewell laugh michigan never knew where it was, heard about it all my lifetime. i never knew it was actually located above wisconsin, and we
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landed and i remember everybody was looking at their phones even said would you i wasn't please put down your phone because this is a winter wonderland. this is magical what we're seeing here. what the good lord has given us. to the energy of miami beach, florida, for one of the last debates and, you know, it was interesting. they didn't think i can make any debate and i made all 13 of them. in fact, won a couple of them. as for my beloved ohio, the people here, i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the opportunity that you've given me to a leader in this state. the people of ohio have given me the greatest professional experience of my lifetime. i've tried to pay them back and last night in cleveland a woman
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african-american woman said, you made promises and you kept them and that's why i'm here tonight because i believe in you. that you brought our people together. well, it only happened because the people gave me a chance and everywhere i went in america, everywhere i went in america, i told the people about our beautiful beloved state and held ohio high. and i think gave people an impression from one end of america to the other that ohio is a special place and i expect we're going to have more visits as a result. i marveled at my colleagues who held public office. they knocked on doors. they made phone calls, and i mean these were people who came from the legislature. i mean when you're an executive and you have to deal with the legislature, it's not always -- it's not always peaches and
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cream. but yet these legislators, the leaders, the speaker of the house, the president of the senate, some of my statewide colleagues like the attorney general, just incredible that they would have come out and honored me. frankly i was so so humbled by the fact that they, n they came and they -- and they loved me. they encouraged me. the people of our country chan changed me. they changed me with the stories of their lives. we all remember that hug in south carolina from that young man who had found despair and then found hope somehow and he just wanted to give me a hug, and the country marveled.
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but you know that was one of a series of these things that had happened. gentleman showed up in new hampshire. he said i don't think i warned myself about the dangers -- >> here's the deal. john kasich has suspended his campaign for the gop nomination for president. he is supposed to bow out during this news conference. which would leave donald trump all alone in the race for the gop nomination. >> big surprise given the claims made just days ago by both cruz and kasich that they would fight trump all the way to the gop convention. trump was quoted today as saying i think john is doing the right thing. so what happens next and is trump's path to the nomination now as clear as it seems? let's head to bruce gordon live in the newsroom with more. bruce? >> reporter: iain, so much for that contested convention in cleveland this summer. so much for the deal between ted cruz and john kasich to work in concert to deny trump the
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nomination. it all disappeared with donald trump's blow out within in indiana yesterday much for the ohio governor, the hand writing was really on the wall by late last month. remember kasich can come early to pennsylvania to campaign in a state that should have been fertile ground for him. northeast, pennsylvania, neighbor of ohio where he earn his only primary victory. of course, pennsylvania the state where he was actually born. but when the votes were cast, kasich finished third in pennsylvania and it was hard to see him winning any of the remaining states. more pot point kasich's only hope to team with cruz to deny trump the nomination on first ballot and then in the chaos that might follow, emerge as a compromised nominee. well, when cruz bailed out last night kasich had no path of victory new york city amount of convention chaos was going to make him the party's choice. interestingly now that kasich is out of the race and we assume he will get to that actual announcement sometime in the next half hour or thereabouts, trump had words of praise for him today. even indicated he would consider
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the governor of ohio as a ru running mate. donald trump now gets to work trying to repair the rift in the republican party he's got till, oh, mid july or so in cleveland to do that. >> bruce, thank you. what were they thinking? a couple hanging out in the top of a bridge and when they came down they had quite a story to tell. how an early morning rendezvous stopped track. >> medical mistakes are killing an alarming number of americans every year. new research shows it's the third leading cause of death in the u.s. what experts say needs to happen right now to stop it. and look who is coming to visit. looks like this gator is trying to ring the doorbell. what the shock homeowner says the creature left behind. coming up new at 6:00. forget meet ball and be a pell pie. how a woman's touch is changin g the craft peer business.
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♪ the manhunt continues tonight for a couple of masked robbers who held up a family dollar store in olney. police say men threatened several employees with a handgun demanding cash from the registers. the heist all played not front of surveillance cameras much this happen at the store on north front street just before closing on monday night around 10:00. the staff did as they were told and the crooks got away with cash. never firing a shot. the leaders avenue local diocese opened an investigation after fox 29 investigates asked questions about the actions of one of its priests. jeff cole in the newsroom with a look ahead at the report coming up tonight at 10:00, jeff. >> we were urged to take a look at the priest by the papa rush they are of an area church and
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that's exactly what we did. we saw him spending week after week at the home of his former church secretary. his car was parked behind the home and he was seen leaving her back door in the morning. we questioned the local diocese which opened its investigation and approached the priest. >> that's you, correct? >> that's you. >> it's me. >> that's you. >> you're going into the house. that's you. >> but she's my friend. >> why did you leave her -- >> i don't like to tell you. >> you left her hope this morning, father. >> we saw you. >> can i show you? >> no. whatever. >> reporter: now tonight we'll also report on what the local diocese has to tell us about this. that's as fox 29 investigates tonight at 10:00. lucy. >> thank you very much, jeff. see you then still ahead on fox 29 amazing video shot off the coast of florida. teens got up close and very personal with great white shark.
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they're not talking about how all of this unfolded. >> new details surrounding prince's death. the singer was scheduled to meet with someone the day he died. who it is could shed some light on why his life came to a sudden end. >> and this is one lucky pup. he was stranded on the high seas for hours. his miraculous rescue next.
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>> enormous wildfires continue to burn through alberta can in a today. the entire city of fort mcmurray smack dash in the heart of the canada's oil sands region is evacuating. that is almost 90,000 people. officials are asking for help from all across canada to help fight the fire and airlift people to safety. >> it's been the worst day of my career. and i am -- the whole -- the people here are devastated. everyone is devastated. community is going to be devastated. this is going to go on. this is going to take us awhile to come back from. >> the images are amazing. the fire has burned more than 6500 acres since sunday. new details about the death of music icon prince. the day before his death an addiction specialist from california was called to help with what prince's representatives called a grave medical emergency. law enforcement officials say investigators are looking into whether prince died from an
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overdose of painkillers. an official cause of death has not yet been released. new conference today an attorney for dr. howard corn field told the reporters that dr. corn field never met or spoke to prince before his representatives reached out to him. corn field was not able to immediately travel to minnesota so he zen his son andrew to evaluate prince. he went to paisley park the day prince died. >> when he arrived, prince was not available. they went looking for prince. couldn't initially find him. they saw the staff representatives apparently found him in an elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> it's expected to be several more weeks before the singer's autopsy results are announced. it could take weeks for those results to come back.
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kathy? we are watching an area of low pressure. our next storm system that will be formed off the coast into a coastal storm. that's the next threat of heavy rain. details coming up when we come back.
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♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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>> fbi and local authorities in michigan say they have caught the man who messed with some food in several grocery stores. >> they're now trying to figure out just how many stores he may have struck. they released these images over the weekend the guy shown here sprayed a combination of mice
5:31 pm
poison i guess rat poison, right, hand cleaner and water on food at least three grocery stores in an arbor over the past two weeks. the fbi says agents caught the guy yesterday with the help of tips from the public. people in the an arbor area are feeling uneasy about everything here. >> what if he's been doing it for weeks or months or years? we're just study suddenly someone saw him end makes you think about everything you by all the time. >> the fbi is working to determine if he targeted any other stores. it has not yet released the man's identity nor a motive. >> nissan is recalling more than 100,000 rogues because the rear hatch door could fall without any warning. recall covers rogues from 2014 to 2016 model years. the company says salt water can get into the rear lift gate cause rust. the supports can lose gas pressure and break. rogue owners will be notified by mid june. nissan says it will fix the hatch support at no cost.
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all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. have you seen the sun lately? >> no, but i do see wind out there on market street. when was the last time you saw the sun. >> 22 days ago. >> it was at 5:23. >> right. >> p.m. >> exactly. >> so funny. let's try to see it for more than like a minute. >> exactly. >> it will take little time. we've asked you to be very patient, and we appreciate your patience. i wish i can do something about this we're getting used to this seattle like weather perhaps. >> yes. ultimate doppler showing the rain that moved through the shore earlier this afternoon it was really heavy. right along the expressway. and also the garden state parkway. a quick inch or two falling late this afternoon. that has dried out and moved on a few spotty showers making their way toward cumberland and western part of the cape may county. elsewhere you can see relatively dry. so if the soccer field lacrosse field in decent condition
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practice, right? game on tonight. why not? right now we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. 40s in the poconos. 52 in wilmington not much of a temperature dives shall with a northeasterly wind and cloud cover. cinnaminson 51 the same in wildwood. 52 in camden and ocean city the temperature is 52 degrees. we have a coastal storm that's going to develop. we have been planning on this we talk about it for about a week. and this is the last part of this stormy unsettled pattern that's taking shape. the good news it's getting toward the end of the this weather rut. we have one area of low pressure off the coast that moves on and during the day tomorrow we have spotty showers. we watch this second lowry developed offshore and it is pulling all this moisture back on shore and that means heavy rain. with temperatures that will be staying in the 50s. so as we look at the fox future cast we start the clock this evening. no weather issues. so pretty quiet through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's rush just clouds. go for a jog, take the dog for a walk. most of the day relatively dry with a few spotty showers.
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but wait for that coastal storm. it's thursday night into friday afternoon. look at the rain. that on shore flow of persistence east northeasterly winds possibly additional coastal flooding at times of high tide and just waves of rain moving in friday will be a bit of a wash out. so no early tee times but possibly tomorrow morning. overnight, in the city, 48. in the suburbs 46. so cloudy and cool. some spotty drizzle or mist but that's really about it. winds out of the northeast at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. not a lot of rain tomorrow. a spotty shower here or there really no big deal. the high temperatures around 59 degrees. still in that persistent north northeasterly wind 10 to 15 miles an hour. keeping it cool, keeping it cloudy but then we begin to turn the corner after friday. friday is the rainy, rainy day. it is -- there's no doubt about it i don't think we're getting out of this one. watching the development that coastal lohan developed yet but occasional showers, periods of heavy rain, on shore flow so
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there will be some wind. saturday there is a threat of a shower still keeping it in the forecast notice i had to knock down that temperature. i know you're watching that iain. from the 70s to the execs. mother's day we're going for dry, partly sunny 73. and then the pattern really begins to change next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday close to 80 degrees. i'll tell you, it's been a long time. it's ban rough may. >> it has been. >> rough april. >> i've enjoyed it. i have to tell you i enjoy weather like this. i revel in this and then i anticipate fun sun and all that other instead of stuff. >> coming. >> i can't wait. >> thank you. >> check this out kathy. could you imagine this at your front door. that's gator, baby! >> oh, my gosh. >> looks like it was trying to ring the doorbell, too. that's not avon calling. what the family -- sorry. what the family says the creature left behind next. and the third leading cause of death blamed on medical mistakes. what's going wrong in hospitals across america taking lives. fired up about proposed soda
5:36 pm
tax in philadelphia, a public hearing is happening right now at city hall and protesters are making sure they're heard loud and clear. continuing live coverage at 6:00.
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>> in your health, medical errors are killing hundreds of thousands of americans every single year. says a new report. researchers say few new about this because of the way death certificates are filed. let's get to fox 29's joyce evans with details on these stunning findings. >> reporter: it is stunning lucy. right. the findings show that medical errors in hospitals or health care facilities are now the third leading cause of death in this country right behind cancer and heart disease. more than a quarter million death as year according to researchers at johns hopkins who took a close look at kinds of preventible medical mistakes
5:40 pm
that are made nationwide. now the report came out today accompanied by a list of recommendations like including medical error as a contributing factor to the cause of death on death certificates. an expert at the cdc reportedly says it's an epidemic. people dieing from the care they receive instead of the illness they sought to treat. in other health news, introducing small doses of food that a child is allergic to may make them less likely to have a severe reaction over time. much like getting a flu shot. dr. eric williams of allergy partners in north carolina is suggesting giving small doses of nuts to kids who are allergic to, say, peanuts. >> there's a protocol that's referred to as peanut oil inn moon know therapy that actually start in the academic setting where patients are exposed to increasing amounts of peanut protein. you start with really small dose of peanut protein.
5:41 pm
>> now the doctor says that about 85% of his patients will become desensitized to peanuts but they have to continue eating them regularly or they run a risk of becoming allergic to them all over again. of course, you want to talk with your own doctor before you try this out for yourself or your child at home. lucy? >> wise advice, thank you very much, joyce it's going to be a very special mother's day for janet jackson. why 2016 is expecting to be a live changing year for the assume per star coming up. >> just in time for summer it's the brush that promised to leave you with straight hair in just one pass. too good to be true we'll put it to the deal or dud test. >> howard? >> in sports some really interesting stuff today. one of them a wild play in baseball. then we have a fight in hock keen it normally doesn't happen in the stanley cup. then we have the draw fort kentucky derby which is coming up on saturday. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ can you imagine seeing this at front door? that is an alligator trying to ring the doorbell of a home in south carolina. it happened monday in the town of monks corner about 45 minutes from charleston. the gator then moves around to the side yard just hung out there for about an hour before finally crawling away. homeowner says the gator didn't actually ring the doorbell but left a few scratches behind on the door. a major traffic tie up on phoenix highway this morning after a couple spotted hanging out in top of a bridge. they were bridging the gap. there they are just hanging out multiple calls to 911. some drivers feared the couple was going to jump but it turns out the two, they had something else in mind and the woman didn't mind talking about it. >> spenting time with each oth other. >> were you having sex.
5:46 pm
>> no but we were going to. but, no. >> i mean embarrassed so what's going through your head right now. >> i think it's pretty saw awesome. >> you think it's awesome. >> yeah. this isn't i was m the traffic had to stop is awesome. what we were going to do was going to be awesome. >> the couple sight cited fortress passing. >> singer janet jackson making had he lines again the 49 year old is reportedly pregnant. last month jackson delayed the second leg of her world tour saying she was going to start a family with her husband. and now close sources are telling entertainment tonight she is in fact expecting. this will be her first child jackson turns 50 in two weeks. >> some fans of hit movie disney movie frozen have a request. they want elsa to have a girlfriend in the sequel. some on twitter are making the suggestion and using the hash tag, give elsa a girlfriend. it became a trending topic. lgbt supporters say this is a perfect opportunity to show
5:47 pm
children that love comes in many forms. some viewers think the first movie had hints that she's a lesbian. at least one conservative talk radio host called the first movie evil. to for pushing a gay agenda. if you've ever tried to straighten your home at home, that would be me, you know the struggle of wrestling with blow dryers and flat irons and even, you know, going chemical sometimes but now a simple hair brush promises to make the process a whole lot easier. consumer reporter steve noviello is putting simply straight to the deal or dud test. >> this is groovy hair shack. but it's cute. >> reporter: if there's anyone -- >> make my nature ride. >> reporter: you're meant to meet twice. it's miss cotton. >> i'm happy to see you. >> reporter: we first met -- >> i think it's almost been seven years ago about 20 pounds ago. i done got fine now. >> reporter: when we called on cotton -- >> this looks freaky. >> reporter: to put the hotty
5:48 pm
hoodie to the deal or dud test. >> i used to wear my hair in a little teeny white fro and look like a q-tip. >> today my name is cotton trying to concentrate on overcoming negativity. >> i didn't want to -- i had things i needed to do. >> her positive vibe with using the customers coming. >> we don't gossip in this room. we try to up lift and shed light. >> reporter: today we're she shedding light on simply straight. >> everybody wants to know if it really works or not. >> reporter: device which combines the power of a flat iron and the stylingable of a brush. unlike -- >> i'm using a traditional flat iron. >> hers that uses heat and search oils. >> if she doesn't wash her hair it will stay up for a month. i wouldn't suggest that. simply straight is meant to be used only on clean dry hair.
5:49 pm
>> we going to have to see about this, steve. >> plug it in. >> see it's going up. >> heat it up. >> 450-degree right here and. >> brush. that's pretty good for brush. especially for the first pal pass through. >> what's not so great are the ends. there's no way i can pass it through without burning myself. >> miss cotton makes note -- >> but i don't have the same tension that i would have with a flat iron. >> and without a heat protect at that particular time like oil which the instructions for bid. >> this looks like some hay right here. >> the hair while straight isn't silky adding oil after the fact seems to help the hair and reduce the risk. >> i burned myself before with a flat iron. put too much oil. it was like chicken. it was pop, pop, it was sizzling and next thing you know it hit me hand. >> what we can't fit is the base of her root because of the style of the price not ideal for safety. >> for home users that's good it
5:50 pm
keeps from you burning your scalp. >> for he's of use when our model tries it on her hair cotton can make only one call -- >> it's called the simply straight. what do you think, deal or dud? >> it's a deal. >> which just one catch. >> if i'm sitting up here twiddling my thumbs it may not be simply straighting their hair. ♪ >> that is deal or dud all star right there. we shaved on and happened link when we picked it up at walgreens. it is designed to be used on variety of hair textures. see something you want to us test sign up on my facebook fan page me steve. i'm steve noviello. that's my 2 cents. spend it wisely. >> john lennon fans listen up. if you have more than thee hundred thousand bucks stashed away you can be the owner of handwritten lyrics by the late singer. there's always guitar owned by elvis presley a jackets worn by
5:51 pm
freddie mercury and lady gaga's first piano. so who does buy things like this for hundreds of thousands of dollars? >> they're in the stage of their life they have disposable income and the they want to earn something that's really cool and great conversation piece. show your friends. display in museum or hedge fund them. these items are cool but really great opportunities to increase your investment because overtime chances are appreciate in value. >> if that's you, in that stage much your life the auction begins on may 21. >> huge milestone for graceland. home of the late elvis presley has received its 20th million made visitor that visitor got private tour of elvis' memphis, tennessee home and spoke by phone with priscilla presley his former wife. elvis lived at graceland for 20 years before he died. and tours of graceland began in 1982. the world's biggest diamond is up for sale wait until you see how big it is. check it out.
5:52 pm
check it out. do you see that thing? it's a size of a tennis ball. 1,109 carats in case you were counting. miners unearth he had last november. experts believe it's possibly 3 billion years old. that's up for controversial. but anyhow the enormous diamond is on the auction block at sotheby' in new york city. the price is only $70 million. just 70 million. still ahead this little dog is so lucky to be alive. he was stranded on the high seas. his miraculous rescue next. >> new at 6:00, fired up about a proposed soda tax public hearing is happening right now and protesters are making sure they are heard. we got live coverage coming up at 6:00. >> new exhibit at philadelphia, energy philadelphia taking a cold hard look at crime and punish in many america. the message organizers are trying to send aimed at getting folks to think about.
5:53 pm
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check this out. up close and personal with ocean's toughest predators a great white shark. 18-year-old from florida caught the video while out on fishing trip near tampa. he was 30 miles from shore when he spotted the shark. >> just swam straight up bee line right to the boat. when it came up i got my go pro out and got awesome pictures of it. >> the shark circled their boater for about 20 minutes before swimming off. he posted this video on his facebook page and it's already gotten more than 1,000 views. survival at sea little jack
5:57 pm
russell terrier fell overboard in the gulf of mccompany off of florida with only a live vest keeping his head above water. >> then a miraculous rescue. fox's erin, talk to the curls couples who were in the right place at the right time and saved that little pup's life. >> reporter: these are pictures of a birthday tradition that took surprising twist. it's all about the unexpected gift they gave. >> miraculous day. >> reporter: two couples were celebrating a pair of birthdays in the gulf of mexico. they were boating near of 5 miles off the shore of fernando beach bruce spotted something in the water. >> i thought it was bowie. and i said oh my gosh there's something moving. >> reporter: as they got closer -- >> you just saw his little nose sticking up out of the water. >> there he was a small jack russell terrier wearing a tiny orange animal life vest floating in the waves. >> if we weren't as close as we were within five to 10 feet we wouldn't have seen him. >> as soon as the dog sees the boat he starts paddling again. >> michael pulled the dog up on to the boat. then they radioed the coast
5:58 pm
guard and learned the pup's owner reported him overboard almost three hours earlier. >> had to go down into the bilge to check something when he came back up the dog was gone. >> the they took the dog to the nearest coast guard station and then the elated owner ran in. >> when the own are in came in was screaming the dog's name -- >> which was yeager meister. >> he had tears he said i had given up. i had searched as long as i could and we just couldn't see him. and we just thought we lost him. >> that's why this birthday was about those unexpected gifts. for a man who had lost hope only to be reunited with his best friend. and for a little dog lost at sea who received the best present of all, the gift of life. >> that was his baby, you know that was probably his life was that dog and so it was just -- it was a blessing that we can be a part of that. ♪ next at 6:00 sugar at the center
5:59 pm
of a conflict at city hall. there's nothing sweet about it. the public hearing happening right now that has hundreds of people taking a stand. and women cooking up a tasty brew. i like to really experiment in different styles and different tastes. why they say they're just going back to the basics when it comes to beer. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, hundreds of protesters gather at city hall making their voices heard. the issue, they're upset about proposed tax on sugary drinks and they want city officials to know about it thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. public hearing on the hot button circumstance underway right now. those against the tax say it will hurt struggling families and businesses.
6:00 pm
let's get right out to fox 29's dawn timmeney live at city hall. >> it's pretty quiet now compared to the way it was three hours ago. it's estimated that a thousand businesses and 13,000 citizens gathered here at city hall to say no to this sugary tax. a huge crowd with one very simple message. >> headlights start making noise send that message to counsel that we are not going to take a third attempt at the soda tax. >> reporter: members of the philadelphians against the grocery tax coalition were certainly making noise outside of city hall. soda distribution trucks with horns honking circling by as hundreds of demonstrators waived signs. >> let's be clear on what the city is proposing. attacks of 3-cents an ounce on any beverage that contains sug sugar. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney proposing the soda tax to help fund


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